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- - * '
I Wdfefiito* - - ' -
Igjpiisigy basketball aggregation
jafrtf^^bashetball eeaaon in this
tasaajf team -will not even try to
p XeverthelesB the Normal floor
fose observer o? basketball who
i at all surprised to see the locals
St. of' the, twenty-three teams de^by/the
Collegians this year will
tee ?ty basketball flan of their
a?i?w 'R- ttwwer. Jl.
IJpgstera Maryland College, 26; Key7j%2~
|yoytfriirg Collegians, 20; Keyser, 62.
^.V./C. Inforxnals, 31; Keyser, 34. I
T M G A AUejs
|p :wo . interesting bowling matches
yeeterd^y veiling. The first match
BBfev:- 'Wj?iv*J big Yfctory for the Monongah
&? ;; GMBs.'teasi' which defeated the Mining
; 1 SajSwiery team in three straight
KJ pj',.; v gimmes. The Gardner-Steele-Whipple
p^.V; -cbi^yTiallon was going to perfection.
second match the Hartley
Vjfiwe'toqfctwo out otthree games from
' the' "Consolidation Coal Company
team- "-The scores' for both matches
Steele, . ? ss lo3 119
?Mining Machinery?
^nsustt 106 120 95
Eefe;'. ' .Second Match.
Xytgaae 151 129 93
"WBson^ 146 98 136
TftflTlV J...; S3 105 90
Iionary meenns*
a*s Missionary society of
3xptist cirorcb -prill meet
moon at 2:30 o'clock at
Mrs.' Rosetta. Msple. A
st M. P. Church,
id requests that all the '
he First M. P. Sunday .
ling tor Easter practice. j
riend faa G^ejrstrcet.
n. who -was here to' see
Is is Cook hospital, has
is home at Rlchwooi
: 9
Tyras Raymond Cobb -will begin his
fourteenth year as a major league
ballplayer in April. He is now in
his thirty first year. For many years
he has reigned supreme as the greatest
player in baseball. For years he
has been the super-ballplayer. He
has had so serious rivals in his many
fields of endeavor. Now and then
some star has come along and chal!
Ienged him. hut in the end Ty has i
always emerged at tne top. r.ven
when Trls Speaker took the hatting
lead from him. he remained ahead In
so many other lines that his supremacy
was not questioned.
But the time has come to seriously
contemplate the day when Cobb can
no longer outdistance all his teammates.
The super-star has not yet begun
to fade but it has passed the
meridian and must gradually grow
Will there be another super-ballplayer
to step into Cobb's shoes as
the idol and wonder of all ball fans ?
Before going into this let's analyze [
the .qualities a super-ballplayer must'
He must be young. He must have
baseball brains, and be a lightning
quick thinker. He must possess a
great throwing arm and must be fast
on his feet. - He must have an accurate
batting eye.
But he must have more .than this.
He must have the ambition to push
cousin, Mrs. A. P. Harr, in State street.
Guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Wells. '
Mr. and Airs. Howard B. Atha, of'
Washington, D. C.. were guests of Rev.
and Mrs. J. E. Wells in Market street
Tuesday and Wednesday.
m At Clarksburg,
j Marshall Prunty left the city WedI
nesday morning for Clarksburg where j
j he has accepted a position, mr. rrun-1
J ty whose home is at Pullman, near j
| Parkersburg, was employed by the Con
; solldation Coal company while in Fair-1
| most.
Visiting Her Sister.
Miss Jack Virginia Furbee. ot Middlebeurne.
arrived in the city last evening
and will spend a month with her
sister. Mrs. J. E. Wells, in Market
street. ?
Birthday Party,
j Mrs. Iiuther Steele, of Haymond
street, gave a party Wednesday afternoon
for her son and daughter. Dale
and Dorothy, in celebration of their
birthday anniversaries. The little
folks spent a very pleasant interval
from 3:30 until five o'clock and delicious
refreshments were served. Those
i. ' Try Musterole. See How
Qmckly it Relieves
You just rub Musterole is bristly, and
usually the pain is gone?a delicious,
soothing comfort comes to take its place.
Musterole is a clean, white ointment
made wah ofl of mustard. Use it instead
of mustard piaster. Win not blister.
Many doctors and muses use Master-1
oleand recommend it to their patients. |
They will gladly ten yea what rehef it
gives from acre throat; bronchitis; croup,
stiff asthma, "?"i congestion,
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains and
aches of the bade or joints,, sprains, sore
muscles; braise?, rhiltilftTnu. frosted feet;
coMa or^fee^cfeest ^(i^aften ^peevema
. *^M
himself ahead. He must have the tenaciousness
which will not admit defeat
in. spite of obstacles. He must
have self-confidence enough to know
he is the greatest ballplayer in the
world without being egotistical about
There is one young ballplayer who
has most of these requirements and
is rapidly developing others.
George Sisler, pitcher, first baseman.
outfielder, baserunner. .350 batter,
is the future super-ballplayer. If
he retains his ambition and if he gdt
more fire into his play.
Cobb Is the most dangerous uaserunner
In baseball, not because he is
the speediest runner, but because he
has the determination to steal bases.
Cobb is the greatest hitter in baseball
not because he is the greatest natural
hitter, nor because he has the best
batting eye, but because he uses
brains and determination with Ms natural
and-'physical assets.
eGorge Sisler has everything Cobb
has physically. He is a better fielder
than Cobb. He has not yet developed
the determination and fire that has
made Cobb the most wonderful of all
ballplayers. Perhaps he will never develop
it to the extent Ty has.
But watch Sisler.
He is on Cobb's trail as a batter, as
a ba3erunner. as a collector of extra
base hits. He's the next super-ball
player if he wants to be; if be cares
to work as Cobb has worked to get
where he Is.
present Were Margaret Sayers, Carlos
and Clifton Travis. Percy and Elton
Satterfield, Ruby Stanley, Lillian McGianis,
Reva Austin, Charles aud EI- >
don Hall, John Hess, Ladie and Londo
Brown, Charles Shaw, Olive and Mary :
Holt, Bruce Rumble. Velma and Mildred
Morgan, Virginia and Ralph Ma-1
lone, Lila Brovn, Denzel. Bale, Dor"4t*"
en/1 T vTlfan CJleplp \Trs. |
UIUV , X/Ai iCli CXUU ... ,
Steele was assisted in entertaining by
Mrs. Prank Tichnell and Mrs. Russell |
M alone.
The McElfresh class of the Diamond j
Street M. E. Sunday school haTe con-'
# Pure Che\
a Stick
traded with Bev. job Jtaries.and cbH-l
dren to give a. concert at the"chnrcli on
Tuesday evening, March 26. Tte Janes
family need bo introdncttan to East
Side residents as they feave bees here
before and will so doubt have a large
attendance. ?
Moving Here..
Sir. and Mrs. X>. T. Gregory, of Web-1
ater Springs, are moving Into apart-1
meats In Mrs. Belle Haggerty*s house, j
Mr. Gregory Is employed In the audit- !
L*?? ?* *v ~ ttGn I
ing Q^P&ruucuk vi utc wuww4.v
Coal company.
Mr. and Mrs. Keener of Powell, are
! visiting their daughters, Mrs. C. F.
i Malone and Mrs. J. C. Stiles, in State
I street.
Mrs. Lynn Little and son, Raymond,
of State street, are visiting relatives
at Stlnpston.
I Mrs. William Hendricks, of State
street. Is recovering from' a two weeks'
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ratcllff are moving
from Haymond street to a farm
near IVinfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McEIroy are mov-1
ing from Haymond street to the Sann
ders property in Jacobs street.
Miss Edna Powell, of Haymond
[Street, is nursing Miss Rose Watson
at Smithtown. Miss Watson is very
i Mrs. Anna Westiall, of Clarksburg.
[is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Wll- j
! Iiam Selby in Market street..
Mr. and Mrs. Conner moved Tuesday
from Locust avenue to Mrs. Re- [
becca Knight's property in Guffey j
Mrs. George Shomaker and Mrs. :
Frank Cox went to Morgantown this
morning to spend the day -with relatives.
Boydoh In Town.
I Bale Boydon, one of the young men
from Monongah who have been drafted
into the national army arrived in
| Monongah this morning wo spend a
several day furlough with his pa!
rents and local friends. Boydoh was
j drafted from the county board going
! direct to Camp Lee. He was later
transferred to Camp Greene, Charlotte,
N". C., where be is now stationed.
Protecting Gardens.
In an effort to protect every war
garden in Monongah this summer.
Mayor T. G. Price has made an an'nouncement
of a new ordinance which
was recently passed by the town
council, the regulations of which compel
owners of chickens, ducks, geese,
cows and gots to keep such animals
on their own premises from April 1
until November 1.
The announcement made by Mayor
Price reads as follows: "Beginning
April 1 all chickens, duqks, geese,
cows and goats must be kept on the
premises of their owner until November
1, 191S. Violators of the above
ordinance will certainly he punished.
Returns Home.
n?? rvwteiio who has been at
: Camp Shelby. Miss., for the past sev!
eral months, is home on his first furI
lough. Costello enlisted in the old
! First West Virginia regiment while
it was stationed at Camp Cornwell.
After a furlough of several days la
Monongah with friends and relatives
he will return to the southern cantonment.
Ralph Gaskins. was in Fairmont
for a short while this morning attending
to buisness.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Voder were in
Fairmont yesterday evening calling
on friends.
H. B. Rose, of Pittsburg, was In
: Monongah this morning as a husjness
j transactor.
Leonard Harden was in Fairmont
! for a short while yesterday evening.
Marvin Morris was among the Ic
cal callers in Fairmont yesterday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Davis, ot near
Monongah. -were in Fairmont yesterday
Mrs. W. G. Swager, of Fairmont,
ving Gum #
v>? rr
. ' v.' *
'v Srfei;"?J::r " y^V- *?' " ;
." 1; ;;.7: >?
was in Monoosah yesterday itteraoon \
attending to 'shopping. J
Mrs. Wright Karrifng. .of Clari?.j
bare, was among the recent Easiness j
callers In MhaongahMiss
K.uth Swlger, or Fairmont, was
an out or town, business caller yesterday.
Mrs. H. F. Modlfrt. of Clarksburg,
was in Mononsah yesterday as an ont
ot town shopper.
Miss Bessie Judy, who is visiting:
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jndy. ot Bethle-.
hem. was In Monongah for a short
while yesterday afternoon.
Factory Building- Will Not'
Interfere With Athletic
South Side Park will Hkoly be thc\
scene of many more interesting ath-1
letic events this summer. Because of ;
the construction of the large factory!
by the Interwoven Mills Company,'
which was to have begun' enwly this'
spring, it was thought that the big i
W. & J.-W. V. U. football game played
here last fall would be the final ath-1
letic eTent to he played at South Side. |
There has been quite a bit of delay 1
in the construction of the factory and
from prospects now it is very proba- j
ble that South Side Park will be open i
the entire summer^for any baseball;
and track events that might be sched-:
uled. As yet the Interwoven Company I
has taken no steps whatever toward '
the actual construction of their fac-!
tory. Evpn after the company has be-1
gun the construction of tho building }
it will be some time before it will j
interfere witb games that might be
plavsd on the mam part of the field.
The big W. V. TJ.-W. & J. football
game for nest fall is scheduled for :!
Fairmont. According to authorities : I
there is certain to be an athlectic ; j
field somewhere in Fairmont for the : j
big game, should the construction of j j
the Interwoven building at South Side |
interfere writ the game, a field in e
some other part of the town will be i
provided. It is believed, however th~t
the big 19IS football game will take
place at South Side Park.
9 9
Advisors Named For
Explosives Chief
E. M. Gilkeson. "Explosives Inspector"
for West Virginia, has been ad- I
vised by the Bureau orf Mines, Wash- j
ington, D. C.. that the following gen- !
tlemen have been named as his Ad- !
visdry committee:
J. W. Reed, National Safety Coun- |
cil and Director Department of Saf^
ty, Consolidation Ccal company, Fai^ ;
mont, West Virginia; k. f. ue van. i
State Agent. Casualty Insurance com-!
pany, Charleston. West Virginia: Earl j
A. Henry. Council National ^Defense :
and Chief Mine Inspector, Charleston.
West Virginia: F. W. Shirer, The National
Board of Fire Underwriters and
States Agent. Springfield Insurance
company, Wheeling. West Virginia;
F. O. Harris. General Superintendent.
Cannelton Coal and Coke company,
Cannelton, West Virginia; Samuel
Davis. Chief ot Police. Huntington.
West Virginia; C. R. Titlow, Director
Agricultural Extension Department,
West Virginia University, Morgantown.
West Virginia; M. E. Kent.
General Superintendent, The N'etr River
Colleries company, Eccles. West
A' wooden soled, zinc protected
shoe, designed for use in the truck
patch or garden,-may be found of service
for soldiers in trenches.
1 Rheumatic Aches
Drive then oat with Stem's I
Liniment, the quick-acting.j!
soothing liniment that penetrates
without rubbing and relieves the
pain. So nuch cleaner then
tmissy plasters or ointments: at
does not stain the skin or dog
the pores. Always have a bottle
in rite boose for tie aches and
pains of rheumatism, gout.^lumbago,
strains, sprains, stiff Joints
end all muscle soreness.
. Gnetou. jiu bottles at aflJ-uuisle.
~ j
Sloan's prices not increases. 25c, '
50c and $1.00.
Flower Store
Monroe St, Opposite PoatoOTce
Phone 1554 J.
Cut flowers J of all
kinds for all occasions.
Come in and see us. i
n -"p n nn -J
The Men's St
Wil Be Op
Ccme in and Give U
Copyrfgbt H
Mem It's 1
Sprisig C
And we are in complete r<
Come in and try on so:
penheimer and Fashion P<
cently arrived.
New Hats, Shi
Everything fc
I this*!
1 S.
Perhaps you've ;
Fels-Naptha Soap w|
[ Of coarse, it gives spj
| ; Bnfc next fine yacTt
piieqs to clean, try
| with Fe3s-Naptha fei
: fortable temperatorg.
| | The rest^t w?B asfd
; vtaabUngOs perfect. And"!
easier sfciE wfcea yen do"
i S ! Fda-gapflia" way. . '" '
i ir- '*' - *
jjft^^^Cj^^Jj Ae TTJ
nB^OEBQl yon tl
5? w*tf
i -
After Easter Come
Determine now what <
Blinds, Laee Curtains, Drap
will want cleaned, freshened
Superior Methods.
'*: *- '; *? ' II
'OF? J^^SXXi^sE;
?^|' I
s the Once Over; /'-^>>-f*
u A
^ ||
B w >/ $
IK fl 11 .
fl || |
1 flf II
wEBBBgr ~ II |
rime for I
diii sciV "5 II
me of the snappy Knp- If '
irk suits that havere-'
k 3
M-T uTi/1
n^riV^irrih ..^
mflU'lVUBt- s * J "
N - 1 |
. : :
.- .y~> EMEMBER
h?t? in need of "? ?* 7?1 'R^^i", J
lion Dentists are ready to gt>s
:e benefits of all the la**, tinlents
at a nomfnal cost to yon.
$8. guaranteed 10 yesrs.Be- I
r, gold crowns and bridgesoaV;
s bad for only 9S~ a tooth, and
teed 10 years. Teeth extracted
;;- " j- -frfXTffjMfi
over McCrory'a 5 and 10c Stora
Oppoilte Court HousetJ'fe^
Bell Phone 921 J. -
eries, Covgi^ete.. you

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