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-{PITTSB'CTtGH, March 21.?The local
market ras a little broader yesterSK-dasr..
with much irregularity to the
Jp- price movement. American Window
SKfrV -Chssg Machine common was weakest,
|p:??' declining 24 to 47%, closing at the low-;
. ..est. Pittsburgh Coal common sold at
j.;?/&?: a decline ot 4% from the last pre-1
|KP& : Ttous sale on the local hoard.
Wfcstmghoose Air Brake was the [
strongest of the regular dividend-'
?& - t^payiers. advances to 9??A. a net gain {
Bgi.; c.'^i?MgS? points. Klectric closed J.i lower, j
[p;; ;, ^ Independent Bretring issues were |
ft". ' acre active than for some time past.,
9C The common tola unchanged at Ira. }|
|?ij; . the preferred 7i lotrer r.t <. :
i ?r lo-sr record, Pittsburgh Brew- j
ifig^preferred fas SI lower at 9.
: Soles? High. Low. I
i ." 240 A V." C- ilacb... 50 4"% I
V S30 Ind Brewing ... 1% 1% !
' 215 Bo preferred.. ?',? *7
?.V 4? ?t Shasta ? .41 i
-i i 19 Ohio Fact Oil.. 15 15 I
" 10. Ohio Fuel Sup.. 42 42
35 Oklahoma Cas.. 24 24
100 Fgh Brow pfd... 0 9
.: 490 Pitt-burgh Coal 55 63 j
f; . &250 PJ Copper 04 .S3 J
100 Pgh O & G 7 7 r
20 P StI Car pfd.. 9* 94 !
25 Sewer Pipe 141-* 14*i :
90 West Airbrake. 95% 95
230 West Else com'.. 41% 41
*1.000 Dfb t, 2d is SG.50 9C.50 ;
l.OCO FhOa Co olC. oz -i to
New low record.
New York [
NEW TORK, March 21. ? Trading ;
on the sto^h excharfgc yesterday, aside !
from the relatively heavy dealings in |
Liberty boads. was dull almost to the ;
point of extinction. Hourly sales after >
11 o'clock barely averaged 25.000 :
Jhare3. the day's turnover amounting
to the meager total of 225,000 shares. ,
. Bullish incentive was again lacking.
chiefly by reason oZ the so-calle.-I
Holland-American situation and the j
uncertain status of the iron and steel ;
industry in connection with the new i
schedule to he fixed bv the War In-!
tins tries Beard. j
| Grain and Produce ||
CHICAGO, March 21.?Cora aver-;
: aged lower in price yesterday, infra-'
?nced by the reinstatement of an em-:
Ja. hargo against Western cars loaded i
with grain for shipment cast or Chi-:
r,. cage. The close was unsettled at
Spr, 327% March and 125Hi May, with the;
final range as a whole varying rruiu !
%@3/sC off to He advance, compared [
ith 24 hours before. Oats lost 1c
>&f- t~ td'lHc. Previsions finished unchan-1
S? ' ged to 7c higher.
v . Articles? Open Close
y- * Corn?
March 327% 127% j
Ms? 126% 125 U J
Cats? :
March 90% S9'=!
May S6 S5%
fork? !
May 4S50 4S5fi
(* 1 OiJ and Gas, jl
| - Dusters are prominent in the list j
| of late completions in the West VL-- j
|' . ' ginia fields. On Middle Island Creek. |
Ellsworth district. Tyler county, thej
' Middle Island Oil and Ga3 Company;
2ns drilled its Xo 4 on the Maud K:
Conway farm through the Gordon;
and. It Is dry in that and all upper'
. formations. In Ciay district, Ritchie,'
county, the Imperial Oil and Gas Pro- i
duct's Company's No 4. on the A V/j
Keith farm is a duster in the Big;
Injun sand.
On Dents Run. Mannington district, j
Marion county the Hope Natural Gas
Company's No ; on the Ella Kinsey
fann and the Blacks h ere Oil and Gas
., Company's No 3 on the W S Straight
farm continue to decline. The production
of the first-named is row
down to 400 barrels s day and the last
*ijther Tells How Her Daugrl
ions liver Complaint 1
. Cod, the Great I
)E %'/ -My daughter suffered from liver
. complaints for more than two years."
si lays Mrs. ^Math. Kren. of Bridgeport.
Pgr Oils, jostTgicross from Wheeling. W.
[g Vt -Shi won Id have such severe!
Kp>. attacks that she would turn yellow in
- the face. I tried several different .
Bf' . doctors for her hot none of them seemBaGfc:
rJ- to help her fn the least."
"Her appetite was pracucan^ gone j
W. . and she would lay around the house
K; . V ifbr weeks sit a time with no energy
Br.; ,Yxcr ambition to do anything so bad was
E':s^wr' liver trouble, a neighbor lady
i recommended that i give her some
E:""SfflCrpo-Ccc nod oa her good recommen.v
Catltw I got a bottle lor my daughter."
"so Sar she has takes one bottle
ef-Hvpo^od and I can see the ImprovIpmttCt
already. ITer appetite has im- :
ES. proved wonderfully in fact she never
Kjjgl had a better appetite in all her life.
wants to be eating all the time
??t?MEjcm hardly trait until she gets
BS??-" Yrioo front school so she can get a
bittf.to oat. She cays she wishes she
tR&cfeknll the time so that she could i
- tahy'-'Hypo-Cod. she likes it that well. 1
x-^gegaij^catrte I^kaow how good it is."
*' ? - - " ' if
seined Is producing 73 iarzals x day.
Is Spencer'district, Bcsne county,
the 0W0 Fuel on Company has pot
its second test on the 1 C Wines tans
to jruSOtng- It is producing J9 barrels
a day from the Big Injun sand.
The ssibe company Is drilling x second
test on the M M Greenleaf farm.
In the Sams locality the Pore Gas
Company is drilling a second test on
the John II Greenleaf farm. The
South Pens Oil Company is doe in
the salt sand at Mo Z on the R*^le7
B Wright farm.
In Ten-Mile district, Harrison county,
the Carnegie Natural Gas Company
i3 drilling a second test on the Ann
Springer farm and it is do-wn 1.100
feet at a test on the M E Copenhaver
farm. The South Penn OH Company
is drilling tests on the Rosa Sturm
and Belinda Miller farms.
The Goco-coia Bottling Works, located
at Norgaoto-s-a and Alta. Vista avenues
a"c busy, bottling the popular
think. "lost ot the heavy syrup comes
from Atlanta- Ga.. ready prepared and
is dilated her*-. A certain percentage
of vrjf-r r.iiich is carbonated must be
added Tiiis va-er is added by machinery
About four hundred cases or ,
e'ght lt'-'?drcd dozen bottles a day are j
It is interesting to note bow the bot-; i
ties arc handled. A sterilizer first in- (1
cures healthful cleanliness and after 1
the bottles arc plunged in this machine i
they cothe out into a receptacle of j
rinsing Water. Then there is still an-:,!
other f'nsing process used- Convey- j"
ors carry die bottles standing mouth:
down along a runway and underneath i I
a hear;-" spray of water shoots up into j
the bottles?washing them again both; t
inside thad out. As 'he bottles emerge j
frr.ffi this process they are lifted out, !
and a lUartity of the prepared syrup ' 1
having been placed within the flavor- I
i-l? ..ml r"jniiftimir,r\ wnler is nrtrted. ! I
The toco-colu Bot'lin Works make t
tj?eir o'vu flaforins and their own pop. t
Al! flavors of pop are made. While i
the BotUing Works employ but a few
men and require but small space, they
are feU> equipped to handle their work 1
efficiently and well. They sell as far
as NShinbston. our Beechwood way?ij
in the Riveeville direction ar.d toward 1
? i
Kr?rer Bros- Eumhcr company bare 1 i
a contract to build a store on Pennsyl-1 1
vania avenue this side of Barnstown. ! j
for the Consolidation Coal Co. It is j
to be a two story frame building. 1
Eario Davis is having a six-room'
house built by Kisner Brothers at i
KdgwaJ*- Th-e foundation is already j 1
started- It'.; be a very pretty bun-1
galov.-. >Tr. Davis is buying his doors I and
windows from Chicago.
l>r. I>- N". Yost is to have a new house ! 1
at Edgomont?next to Dr. Fitch's new '
house. I>r. Satterfleld. the denist. has ! r
just purchased a $6,500 home on the |1
Country' Club road?an exceptionally j c
fine looking house.
It Is interesting to note where Kis-1 .
ner Brothers obtain some of the lum- 1
ber piled jn sheds lrack of (lie main 'of- j T
tire. The p|ne comes from South Car- j *'
olina and Georgia?some of the hem- iJ
lock from pjjiis back of Elktns. Some 1
far coiJJ?s from Oregon and some Poplar
from Belington. \Y: Va. A small ^
amount ?f or.fc comes from Iowa.
The shop making glass electric '
plates?managed by Mr. Auerbach? .
located m East Park at the foot of the "
hill neat the Columbia Glass company,
lias been closed for several weeks- Mr.
Atierbach is working on some new machinery
The Marion Products company has
changed hands and is now called the
T.farion l?e company. The stockholders
arc tve]i known Fairmont people.
The Marion Ice company Is going to
use the building for the making of Ice
and for cold storage purposes. The Armour
people are storing meat there.
Rooms there are already equipped for
soch putPosesThe
entire plant Is being overhauled.
New tanks have been installed and re- ,
pairing necessary has been done. Much
of the old equipment has been dispos- ed
of. There is still, however, some
remaining equipment which will be
sold.?such as tanks, vats. etc.. which
some one yiil find useful. Farmers
iter Found Relief From Ser-1
Ttroug'h Taking Hypolealth
There's nothing that Trill upset or'
break UP a person's health than a :
sluggish liver. It upsets the digestion,
causes yellow splotches on your face,
kills appetite and makes yon feel had
generally- Instead of doping the system
with sotoo severe cathartic or
other disrupting elements you would
do well to take this lady's advice and
try Hypo-Cod.
Hypo-Cod is not a laxitire. K is a'
scientific combination of the very vaiuable
extractives from fresh cod liv-j
era. Iron- malt, wid cherry toark,mag-;
anese J?ypopbosphates. lime, uuiniae,;
aromatic and a dash of sherry wine. |
a Preparation that is powerful in its.
action y?t harmless to the-most deli-!
cata-system. Ask your doctor.
Jtxst ??t a bottle of -Hypo-Cod from ;
your drdSkist today. It costs but 9\-~0 1
for a larKo sir0 bottle which contains
enough of this splendid tonic to treat
the average ismiy for weeks.
Hypo-Cod ja sold here by Fairmont
Pharmacy. Crane's Drug Store. Mar.
tin's Dr?S Co-. Mountain City Drug
Co.. and Hall's Drug; Co., in Shinnstou
by Johnson's Pharmacy; in Farmington
by P. Jforan; in Monongab by
Windsor t?m; Co.; in Falrvtew by
f,^ : .,. . y-r ..^
' \
' "
Vv*A5:iIX(3To:;. March 15. ? Miss
lane Mart 10- the first woman caaatlate
for the United States Senate, has
arge Irish gray eyes, a clear eonspiex01:.
a girlish figure and a sentie voice.
In dress and manner she in diotiacty
Her home 'sin Reno. Nev.
She tvas once tennis champion of
She is ra'^or Ions pn education as
his summary will prove:
After her graduation at Ixjlaud otanortl
she too** a course in art in New
fork: then "Went t? Cambridge. Khgand.
the University of .Londcu and
.eipzig: tl'cnce back to Nevada to
ake t&e chs"" or history m uia s^ie
iniversity. From there she emerged
ato the suffrage fight.
Oh, yes, tl'e cand'-ate's age:
"I am 43," she Sa>d- "You couid
lave found that out in Who's Wi-o."
Anne Martin calls herself an intlelendent
Republican- She inlierx'.s her
lepublicaniftu fro"1 her father
She is a Roman's Party suffragist,
rhieh mean? that she was a picket,
the mas. iH fact, in the first group of
>> pickets scut. to the workhouse and
'anioned by the president. For two
ears she has beet1 in charge of the
obby work ?t this suffrage organ izaaight
find g'ood water tanks.
Mr. Anwyf bought the pasteurizer
nd will have an fee cream deptrtmcut
t the Mario" Ice 'plar.t. He will use
'is old Place for storage.
The Mario"-Ice company will cotnnenee
making ice the first of the
nonth. Ray Harden is to bo manager
if the plant.
The Columbia Glass factory is workng
with a force of about twenty-two
rorkers-?sir's, boy5 and men. They
re turning out some fine cold-cream
ars of opaq?e glass- They make ointal!
George Mc>"alle;.', of W'ellsburg. TV.
'a.. now- -working at tba Columbia
lass factor?* bas been notified of an
PpointTOent as (njgrd around the War
ind Navy department in Wasll'aston,
HoVs This?
tTie offer Ooe Bundrea Dollars Reward
Or any case of Catarrh that cannot be
Wed by Hall'* Catarrh Medietas.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken
<y catarrh auff^rers f?r the past thlrtyIve
years, and his become known as the
nost reliable reiBcdy for Catarrh. Half's
-atarrti Sfedic'he acts thru the Blood ?<x
he Mucous surfaces, expelling: the Pot.
ton from the ?lood healing the dialed
Ton pave ts^en Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for s short time you will see a
treat improvement in your general
lealth. Start taking fall's Catarrh Medline
at once ?o4 ret fid of catarrh. Send
tor testimonial?- treef.
j. chen?T ?= CO.. Toledo, owe.
- Sold by all ptuigjstt. 75c. . -Jii,
Experience tea
talking face to fact
ctf^Tersation ig more
It is the same
tiofis o^er die teleph<
user should be conn
and to the person at
line Irritation only
The operators a
ticnt and courteou
8t?ice6 and to give
tension to all calls, ]
to do better vork i
tiptoe and potitsnes
The voice -frith
THE Cg?8^
(f?' "t
- ^swS^tTej. vsm ?y
.' % ,N % ^JljpSlflfl^^^^flH Ml
j* v^?&!?&%?iranM?SS^HHHBH:&<?!
. v:^^qmmWH|MW^BMMM ;.JI
l %'
IbSHB^' ; >' ^
:---.v' ;r V gzfc^SfiE
W^W^gMKy.: : : *..
^ * ' K4RTOT.
Miss Martin is an announced canfii'
date for the seat left vacant by the
' death of the late Senator New-lands of
Nevada. Her first ciaim to the office
: rests on the fact that she won the state
j for suffrage. Her announced reason.
' however, is that "the voting women of
! the country should have a voice and
: vote in legislative matters."
i It was as a suffrage campaigner that ;
i Miss Martin first achieved fame. She j
; wont to the p'eople of Nevada by train. |
| by auto, on Uorsebaclc and on foot, j
| W hen a mining camp was so high up 1
i among the hiils that there remained {
j only a footpath to it, she took the patii. i
j She spoke in halls, on street corners. I
! And she got to the people and won. j
: against the united opposition of both I
parties. J
She i.; for government ownership of ;
' railroads.
'What particular things would you
' work Tor in your state?" she was ask-;
j cd. i
j "For further reclamation of desert
j lands by government works. For the j
j abolition of the long and short haul J
j railroad rate. And for a more intellifent
solution of the problem of seaj
sonal employment, the failure to solve
' which is largely responsible for socalled
1. W- W. troubles."
, D. C. Sir. McXalley had experience in ;
; the Spanish-American -war. He says
, after he has been guard six months?
j if satisfactory he will get a permanent
appointment, with increase of pay aft;
or the first year. The position pays
?SOO in the beginning.
i * i
"? ?~? ?;
( Hew to Mafca Hair Grow Strong. Thick
and Lustrous on Thin Spots.
T f your hair is falling out don't wait '
i another day but get from your drug- j
j gist a package of Parisian sage, the
; really efficient hair invjgorator. Don't
! say?"It's the same old story?I have
r i 1 - * '. v..f . ?fTo
j "cam il ucivic, uui. uj ? WI.IMV
j out risking a penny.
I Parisian Sage is guaranteed to grow
j hair, to stop falling hair, cure dandruff
' and scalp itch or money refunded.
It's a scientific preparation that sapplies
all hair needs. There is nothing
: better.
Parisian Sage is hi great demand by
discriminating -women because it is;
delicately perfumed, not stick or gracy
and makes the hair soft, lustrous
and seem twice as heavy and attrac '
If you want to save your hair and
' caiitify it by all means use Parisian j
age?vcu will not be disappointed.
Mountain City Drug Store will supply
you and guarantee money refunded
if not satisfied.
ch.es us that when
; -with a person, the
: smooth and satisfyre
pleasant and cour
t way with conrersame.
Every telephone
teoiM to the operator
the other end of the
adds to difficulties.
re trained to Be pas
under ail circumthe
tame careful atjut
they will be able
if they meet with pa0
en die pert of telethe
. smile wasia.
J li -? r.:fJry.Vsr'
1 _ ?.
1 !
. wr?r. .. ' . .. ,
p- - |WMl I,', a^ney *^**|]
Uteris Enrtiwt ot Xoamtam. Manor]
gxUt camtr. ? capdtfsfe for nomrfrar*?n.
by the Republican petty, tor the
United Senate tor 'West Virginia.
subject to an tie roles of the
Republican petty, end the lews of the
state jorerning the pilsner? fill! i I
to he held August. 19IS.
J. H. McDERMOTT. Chairman.
Morgan town, "West Virginia.
P. O. drawer ESI. Telephone 100.
Ten are authorized to announce
I ant a candidate for nomination by
the Republican party. Cor the United
States Senate tor West Virginia, subject
to all the rules of the RepnbllTO"^r
??d the towa of the stats
govern toe the primary to be held la 1
August, 1918.
Huntington, W. Va.
FOR SALE?186 acre farm 30 mile*
East of Cleveland, 2 miles from
county seat. B. & O. B. R. Interurban '
and brick road to Cleveland. Modern '
10 room bouse with furnace. bath, hot 1
and cold water, acetylene lights, bard- 1
wood finish. Modern cow barn, ce- 1
ment floor, steel stanchions, new silo i
.modern horse barn, granary, chicken :
house, etc. Land gently slopes from ;
buildings, and Is in good state of cultivation.
Price 91OC.00 per acre, half .
cash. Write owner, G. O. Farquhar- j
son. 410 Arcade. Cleveland. Ohio.
150-Acre Farm ? Frceport coal; 8- j
room brick, slate roof mansard house j
with bath: barn and other outbuild-!
ing; tenement house; situated on a
rolling plateau overlooking 5 miles of :
Ohio ri7er. adjoining the city limits of
a thriving little city 50 miies from
Pittsburgh and 16 miles from Wheeling.
on the Penna. railroad; 12 daily
trains; 5 minutes* walk to good school,
churches, business center. 3 trolley
lines, depot, wharf and ferry; magnifi- !
cent summer home, suitable for gardening
and dairy; splendid local market;
will grow into high-class residence
property; a bargain at 516.5C0. one-. _
half cash; deferred payments secured,"
by first mortgage. Pan-Handle Ab/
struct Company. Weilsburg. W. Va. / ;
FOR SALE?one of best farms / in
State; 266 acres on macadam /oad
And two miles from State roajf; 11
miles from Baltimore; used /as a ;
stock" farm; buildings large .and in
fine condition. Further Information
on application. C. J. Moore. Fallston. .
Md? agent for owner.- a.rti.ut-a.'St :
for sale; good old Chester and Lancaster
county farms along the main ;
line of the Pennsylvania railroad. 3S .
miles from Philadelphia. Pa., within
dose proximity of Coatesvllle's large
market, the hustling steel city of the
East. It is worth your while to stop
and look these over, as they are selling
fast. Can arrange a large first
mortgage. Possession at once. For
an all-round square deal, see me.
Every customer a satisfied one. :
Harry A. Nichols. Farms Everywhere. 3
Real Estate, C'oatesville, Pa.
OPPORTUNITY?Blacksmith -wagon
maker. Good 10-room house, bam,
granary, shop, half-acre, fine shade,
private gas well, fine basement;
stores, churches, school. 52.750: another
new 7-room house, barn, large
hen house, half-acre, natural gas. cement
walks, close to pavement, county.seat
The town has electric lights,
water, sewer; $l,7t50 for quick sale.
Also two farms, small and large.
Write M. M- Coon, Bos 185. Jefferson,
Ohio. 3-lS-6t-3563.
FOR SALE?One hundred and fifty
acres of the Smith Creek, Greene
county, Pa., coal at an attractive
price. Address "coal." 1113 Penna
Station, Pittsburgh, pa.
FOR SALE ? 22 acres, located near .
nAl,,mu?n&. s-nftH buildings, con-11
sisting of large 9-room house -with
large cellar and laundry room. Barn
30x44. large garage and other out- =
buildings, all in good condition; land
can all be farmed and is in good shape for
a truck Tanner. Z. P. Johnston.
Route No. 1, Columbiana O- 3-21-3t-3575
- 1
Skin Sufferers
Yea win dsb with relief it the first magic
touch of ah D_tbe soothing wash of oUs.
Many of oar easterners think as Tor ftn
advice. YonvOltoo. TryD.D.Dl today.. Wo
vaarattieeit - - ? "
<Uie Liqcuid *Wash :
Mountain City Drug Co. and Hall's '
Drug Store. j
A Connection Here Is a^il \
Big Step in the Right if j
Direction. J J j
^^^3elng connected with this i
1' big strong bask alone means < !
Jl prestige to any individual or ! J
1J business bouse and our many i . {
j success helps are sure to be 1
j| appreciated. j
1 We have never refused to j '
, | do a favor that did not en- "
! croacb upon the methods of |
;;;! reasonable and intelligent jH
;i banking, for any ot our da- ?
i| posltors. t
It always affords as great J a
J< pleasure to help vheret. and fj9
Eg when we can. i||
jmbc ASD wamT
LOST Betwaeg Bfct street and bop
Ton and Hartley's a small blade
pars*. Under can 1574-B.
WTET-T* y ft TJTFgT>--F^nW A TVK
WANTED?Waitress or iralter. Address
Box 3459. West Virginian.
WANTED?Giil tor general house
work. 616 Fairmont avenue. Phone
>60. 3-U-6t 3519.
WANTED ? Worsen to do general
housework. Apply Mrs. J. F. Straight.
309 Coleman Are. 3-12-tf-353?
WANTED?Kitchen maid. Cooks
Hospital- S-19-tf-3567.
WANTED?A waitress. Must have
experience. Apply B. & O. Rest
House. Mr. Donaldson.
WANTED?Young -women nnr-ses In
wards ot the Hospital. Most come
well recommended. Co 3d training
school. Three years* course, including
12 months at Bellevne and Allied
hospitals of New "York City. For particulars
apply to the Superintendent,
the Dixmont Hospital, for the Insane,
Oixmont. Fa.
FOR SALE?Standard make of piano
In good condition. Mahogany case,
light action, good tone, and a bargain
if taken at once. Apply 324 Jefferson
St. or call 517 Bell phone. 3-14-tf-35S9
FOR SALE?750 acres, one mile to
traction and K. R. on pike; good
buildings. 250 A. level, cultivated, coal
and timber. Pay for It 550.00 per acre.
Henry Edmister, Ironton, Ohio.
FOR SALE?Baby "chicks, guaranteed
any breed, prompt delivery, 10c up.
Write your wants. El-wood Pusey, East
Liverpool, Ohio. 3-lS-6t-3557
WANTED?Shoe salesman for West
Virginia and Ohio. Excellent salary.
Mast have experienced man
knowing trade, especially inJEalrmnnt._
district. Pine opportunity for man
willing to work. H. C. & Co.. 813 Penn
We.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 3-21-6t-3576
WANTED?Linemen and helpers for
linemen. Good wages; steady work.
Free transportation. Apply First
street. Monongahela Valley Traction
Co. 3-21-6t-3577
U I I i ?.i. Vi1 | |i 11 itil" railway mail
clerics (ages 1S-35) needed: Fairmont
examination April 13; thorough correspondence
instruction $15; ample preparation
time remains; enroll immedir*totv
Federal Civil Service School.
Kellogg Building, Washington, D. C.
WANTED?Driver for furniture
truck. Apply J. H. Snider Furniture
Co. 3-20-6t-3570.
WANTED?Young man as assistant
bookkeeper with large coal company
near Fairmont. Experience unnecessary.
Excellent opportunity for
wide awake man.- Address Box 3574 i
West Virginian. 3-21-3t-3574 i
WANTED?Two men. One for day J
work and one for night work. Ap- 1
ply Fairmont Grain & Milling Co. i
3-20-lt-357S. j
FOR SALE ? Eggs for hatching. J
Anconas, $1.00 per setting. J. J.
Thorn Xowesville, W. Va.
_ S-ll-52t-347S. j
?OR SALE?1 seven room honse and j
1 five room house. Both close in. ]
ill modern conveniences. Address J
Sox 3556 West Virginian, office.
3-16-tf-3556 j
?OR RENT?Desk room, phone and j
girl in office. Phone 71-J. 2-12-tf-3398
SPE&AJ. notices
As my wife, oma Wade, has left my j
led and board i -will not be responsi- (
lie for any debts she may contract.
March 21, 1918. Adv.?3580 j
Children Cry FOR
?? 1*7" HATSOEVER m
? V fires, whatsove
K whatsoever developed
S fires or fire breeding:
S any worth of manhoc
you, thirds of these thi
p F. E. INK
5 Masonic Tei&ple- figgg
Not a One!
This company, authoj
of a series of department
- It can render yoti ass
r of 3ny nature, Real Estat
j I*t ns do business wi1
* Fairmont T?
4 .pq.
v i . . .^- v-^.'??wJBctII
FOR BENT?Two ftitntobefl
iis&c jKHmgccpiag. oa ?%vpuiiM.
FOR RKXT?TTCO furnished rocsugfOisE
light housekeeping. 324 le#6SS|fl|
street. yttjOHpa
FOR RSXT-Xhree basement -srxwns.'^
Tost Fists. Geo. H. Brohst.'VwaoSis
Bids- S-lC-CfcaSgjSB
FOR RKXT?1 furnished roont- ?iQem *jj[
tleman dreferred. Call 12SX-J v
419 Qulncy St. '
MARYLAKDmoaeymaking f. tl tii^Sl?5g|
sale. Mild climate, prodocttra
stock, feed, implements included. OQpjfcj^
session st once, good' buildings.
acres. $4000; rS acres. $S500;
acres. $7500; 279 acres. $S599Sjj||i&j?H
acres, $3000 ; 20 acres, $1600. "*l>rnnifra
to snit. These are choice hwislnit^
For toll description -write J. JL Jones.. !
Salisbury. Md. M-tSS4!B84ff<ga
FOR SALE?Paring furniture
dertaking business In good locality.
70 acre farm at bargain. Poor SheaMi^^S
only reason for selling. Box 41, Ken-.
sington. O.
WE X E E D a large number ot ?kflle4ri^
and unskilled people, betweea-'itwe^
ages of IS and 45. both male and.^$e^i^?
male, to fill vacancies in' *prcidaetioa&#*|
departments of our plant. We amej^B<l>^
ins 8,1 enormous business both ihgcn??%
eminent mo regular oomiuenjai
necessitating exceptional demand ta^
labor. Physical examination reQuired/v
Apply in person or comn?mleate "wStl*:"
Factory Employment Office, The Goodes ' 'S&
year Tire and Rubber Co- Akron. Oldof
Don't matter If broken. I payj^k;'
gold, silver, platinum, dental gold prnid
all gold Jewelry. Will send caah. by \Vlpj
return mail and win bold goddsTO days
for sender's approval of my piteeiLMW^;
SNAP ? Ninety acres Freeporfc-coal$3.500.00.
on Elk creek nearly
mile*, from railroad. Ingoing
WAIfTED? Miners wanted whb:
studying for examinations, |
the best mining: book published- 3
ing Sn a Nutshell." by James Waj?**r,
Sco'ttdale. Pa Price $2.25. 20-2St-3g3Si.
Jaimch. Address replies to box; |?H
35P9. West Virginian. 3-2(Mt>3S6a. ;Vv^
family near business district^hg-^g
yogng man. Phone 1428. 3-?l-8t-357&
wtXTFin?Tnhnr v^r.t>ig nr Iwea-fEaaM
valid -wheel chair.Call
experience.~ Glasses turalthed la
one hoar. With - ^
-" ~ ~ "" . - ~.
Glasses ot all -rinds camcay, ] i
fitted. Satisfaction guarantosQ. J |
Store. ? ~
_ !*___ _ *' !'.^Cvv^ySS
~"~mJ ^ LnjanjTjnj ~
Practice limited to office and.' |%f||
New Location 310 Main St. ,>.
Hoars 9 a. xn. to 8 p. m 4^brtl ' . ?j
and 1 to 4 p. m. Sunday by appoint^ ~' CiA
tnent phone?New Directory.. 273;.; ''--:-3
; Residence Phone 1295 J. ' -v;; ffijaM
Repairing and rebuilding an^'i]
tomobile radiators a specialty. feffl
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt ri
and Sold. ^ ^
Practical Tinner and SheeC^
Metal Worker. 328^Monroe St. .c ?3
- -'.vxSSCSsmsH
aEeth for safety from Sp
rer preventeth fires, ,
i care in handling
materials; if there be
d or womanhod in ? g.
ngs?Fire Pacta, f
?? *
R^dn Affair
ized by law, is ggSt^irol
j each headed by a spec- 1
stance on Trust matters
e or Investments.
- " ? n H

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