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i Daily AvcfB^ j w | ft/! I ^n| I ^ I A ^L Bl i ^'p *n^ wuwcr. |
I Feb. 1918... -^'5** r^BST* - '^' ^ ' '
1 a ?l^jo?j umwMiwT *? ^ Horn? j Vmm? F?ptfinia9j Bfttf Mmiirfirnr - * v<w V t ' \ *>^.
H| \ PARIS, Ma
Psince eight o'clo
I at intervals of ]
p fifteen wounded
1- If The official armour
I :&ve been received. T
lp TOO kilometres indicate;
r %inging up guns to wi
| Unless the German
| guns in action heretof
l win
Ill LINE j
' i
American Batteries I;
Busy Today Get- j:
ting Even forit |
- (By Associated Press) !:
| FRANCE, March 23?The Germans j1
I launched a heavy gas atiact against.
a eertain town In oor line northwest
of Tool last night. No wind was blow
ins and the fames of mustard gas 1
from the shells bung low over the lines
for several hours. The batteries '
firing the shells were located to the ,
right of Richecourt and our artillery j
was busy all morning with a retalia- ,
tpry firing. j
The Germans again have been given :
an example of the accuracy of our )
fire of our 37 millimetre guns, and an
enemy machine gun's emplacement
N -which has been annoying Americans
forthe last two days was located and
? fttllnTTB" !
K IDQB xjjjo uaCS5CJ53 v* J5LJ &??* ,
.as they are known along the front;
H. . .gotinto action.'firing rapidly. They se- j
I eared a number of direct hits and put ;
. the emplacement gun's cretc out of!
H commission. The small guns -which
are about the size of a 1 pounder are
W easily moved from place to place even
H in the trenches.
-They also secured direct hits on the
H " Junction of the communication trenchee
as men -were passing and Into the
K entrance to the dng out which a numJjer
of the enemy were seen to enter 1
and from which smoke was rising.
' Our-infantry discovered one enemy
K patrol inside our wires. These Germans
were driven off and ijt is be- ;
lieved they suffered casualties. There
Increased aerial activity today.
ferman People are
ilii Full of Confidence J
" ~ ?
Hs.'iJsf.:. CBr Associated Press)
%.v LONDON. March 23.?German nates- ,
B ^Bapers reflect a feling of confidence ;
concerning the present operations In
B%&sfbe -west, althongh the seriousness of <
B^pOte morement is recognized, according 1
Dutch sews agencies, says an Exchange
Telegraph dispatch from Am- 1
German newspapers insist that
s uminT <rea political leaders of the 1
HOstnl powers have left nothing nnrShto_spare
their people "this terrf- i
" The City of Barcelona, the largest 1
Br tojgpein. has a permameat population '
rch 23?German
ck this morning
a quarter of ai
. The shortest
nemftnt that. Paris is \
'he statement in the d
s that there has been x
ithin what has been pe:
s had some ne w indent
ore have able to hurl t
Pittsburgh District Selling;
Price Fixed at Last j
Year's Figures. I
Tbe advance in selling price requestid
by tbe coal operators of tbe Fairmont
district is believed to have been
"While operators have private advices
from representatives in "Washington
to the effect that the matter,
has not been finally acted upon from
advices which have reached J. Walter
Barnes. Federal Fuel Administrator for
West Virginia, it is reasonable to conclude
that the advance has been refused.
ft has been felt all along that conditions
in the Fairmont district were
about the same as in the Pittsburgh
district. A telegram to Mr. Barnes
from L. V. Xims, of the Fuel Adminls-1
tratiou at Washington, gives an ad- j
rancc :n the price of prepared coal in '
that district hut it is feared that this j
is an error in transmission of the tele-1
gram. In the event that this advance j
had been granted it might mean that f
Fairmont district operators -would get j
the same advance.
Ti-? telegram to Mr. Barnes is be- j
(Continued on Page Ten.)
(By Associated Press)
IN FRANCE. 11 a. m.. March 23?The
British gallantly lighting are still presenting
a solid front to the fiercely attacking
Germans although the defensive
troops have withdrawn their lines
in certain places for strategic rea- i
sons. i j
All day yesterday and much of last
night the conflict continued to rage
with increasing violence as fresh 1
German divisions were hnrled is to 1
*>ict frav AftamTtt frt smajlls thm
British defenses. More intense fighting
is expected. .
Forty nine German division have ,
been identified so far on the battle j
front and prisoners have been taken
from IS of them. Some estimate place <
the jgunber of German divisions ensageffas
high as 90. bat It Is impoesi- 1
Me to say whether this is accurate. '
The most intense fighting appears
to have been around Roisel and Trtn- >
court. The slaughter was appalling. .
Twelre times .every available gtm la
the area was concentrated on the solid
massed bodies of enemy troops while
the airmen grew weary with emptying
machine g^ drums and dropping the
bombs into the dense grey crowds of
troops and returning for mars am- 1
nun Iffrm, ,rv t
;t Virginian is Knoi&i
-r.-L' r- ... ^
is are firing a
f. Heavy shell
i hour. Ten ]
; distance to fn
jeing bombarded must
ispatch that the shorl
10 breech in the batth
rviously regarded as h<
ion no such range as 6
heir projectiles only 2
'"V- 1-1^
< ~'
LUNE.VTLIA to > 'Pfi
25,0900 PHI
BBRUN. March 58.?Between Foi
nan forces penetrated into the secon<
lages. Army headquarters announced
The two Tillages taken on the Fon
fraucourt and Marchies. The former
inilea and the latter abont two and oni
So far, the statement annonnces,
thine guns have been taken.
A crossing over the-Oise west of
w forced by Jaeger battalions, it la ant
mans broke through the hostile lines
ment drove the enemy over the Croa
The announcement says the Germ!
amy position.
It reports that the British evaeu*
it Cambria and were pursued by the
piierea and Ribeeourt.
French Airmen "
Drive Back" Invaders
Or Associated >i n?
PARIS, March 22.?At nine a'e(odk
/might a group of enemy aeroplanes
massed the Base sad a certain nunvn
as the Want Ad F
r?.. .
in Paris with loi
[shave been res
persons have be
>nt about sixty 1
remain unexplained u
test distance irom fans
5 lines about Paris such
3 extreme range of heav
10 miles is conceivable.
10 miles or the^abouts.
< <
M3T?8 <tc
LJ\ (
IN j <
^ gjjiltl. ^
'^S _ , **
VfcXLHjn^ ?
M CC Us tonKSE'v
- .'"J* - ? -*-+y
^13 ?Smiles
J?IS 75miles
RIS I35airi2es
iRIS iTOjofLftS
illOF" '
1 AND 400 GUNS;
ited Press.) '
itatne Us Croisilles and Moetrrree G+r- j
? ansntv nncitinn and CftDtUTfld tWO Til- .
today. British counter Attacks failed. J
taine Moeuveres frost -were Vaulxvillage
is about three and one-half
s-half aides behind the former British |
35.000 prisoners. 400 guns and 800 maLafert,
12 miles south of St. Qusntia,
rounced. South of the Somme the Gerand
in an interrupted forward moveit
canal towards the west,
ma art standing before the third en- 1
ited their positions is the bend eoeth
Germans through Demi court. Fleebee
ot bombs were dropped on Comtetgnal
end different Uiwit in that re: i
glen. Several machines advanced fin ,
thee to tf-.a south but were forced to i
tun hack by the fire of our artOlery. <
Apparently the Germans had intended
to raid Puis Itself but Trench air
men rose to meet the onoomers and i
not ana enemy machine sueeeeded in (
reaching the capital. 3
*aper of Fabmont one
tig range guns
iching the city
>a*? killed and
two miles.
ntil further details
j to the front is over
l as would permit of i
y pieces.
The most powerful
IPW ~>
Cf tZtrannrar
J* ^
< ^
xiWEvaijP Vs.
- 14
SrhIEa% >
- X
xboiua <\
j J
il I
3-ermaii Transports
Blown Up by Mines
(By Associated Press)
STOCKHOLM, March 23.?Another
Herman tnuuport has bean, blown ap
i>? mines near the Aland Island at the
same point where the transport Hit
ienburg ?u sank, It la reported hen.
Shortly afterward the transport
PrawVland came up-ar % rescued the
nen on the traaport, but srxs damaged
severely by another explosion.
Chemical Plant at *
Cleveland has a Fire
<By Aaeodatid Pzeae)
CLEVELAND, March 22?Large anp
pHes of eeii and gae being made tor
the government and the Red Cross
srere destroyed In tore which eaaaad
[ota eg 2iot,MO at the plant of tha
Lennox Chemical company here today.
Officials of the company and (ha
Ore department believe the work wis
of incendiary origin. The company
hem a contract -with (ha Hed Ooaa to
npp? * nation mum worta oi sq*
aesthetics. It also furnished th? jot.
RVBMt -with acetylene nt.
> ?
As appaj*la?. which in aetaal tsatt
has been prered to transmit over a
dagte arrocad wire 6.000 words a
mlanto, has been ertslrad.
I That Gives Its Wc
British are Falling I
To Positions in th
During the 1
(By Associa
LONDON. March 23.?Po^
ered with great weight of i
broken through the British <
Quentin, the War office anno
The British troops on the r
field are holding their positio
The British west of St. Que
order to positions further 1
with fresh enemy forces is in
The War office states that
behind the British to which 1
The statement follows:
"Heavy fighting continued unt
hole battle front.
Tliiri-n thA flftprnonn nower
great weight of infantry and artii
system -west of St. Quentin.
"Oar troops on this part of th
rood order across tb? devastated
west. Our troops on the norther
holding their positions. Verjf hea
forces is in progress."
For the first time in the war on
army established themselves in their
has been broken through.
Is other great attacks the British
to bead hack the line, hut not to stri
Many military critics had reached
strength of the lines it would be imp
or the other had been worn down to
er able to man it strongly.
Unless tbe British are able to rest
a withdrawal on a wide front may he
The point at which the British lin
end of the German attacking front wh
miles below St. Quentin. Below this a
where the line approaching nearest to
The German offensive has devel
ity. One reason for this is indicated
lng that the Germans are constantly
British Falling Back in
Good Order, Correspond- j
JlT i. C
en on uie opui oajs
<sy Associated P??i>
LONDON, Mch. 23.?The
Germans "forced their way'
into Mory, but a dashing:
counter attack drove them'j
out, Reuters' correspondent:
at British headquarters tel-|
egraphs. A. large party was
surrounded and probably
was captured.
There is reason to beKeve
that 50 German divisions
are flowing into the strug?I?
Igle (U1U piuuautj uau uu
many more are in close reserve.
Under this tremendous onslaught
the British troops
are falling back very slowly
and in excellent order.
At many places they are
withdrawing voluntarily so
as to .maintain an unbroken
The immi o* aetiV!tr tehtnd the
tattle Craot taffie description but
eee? pliers tiers V the suit wen ordered
orcanltstlon ml quiet conflfffHf*
Tin weather 2s "wonderfully
8n altboaab the -rlslhfltty is handicspped
by loetl mists,
t TSs Osraaas- this mora tag -vers
ipiSMbC tarf the British forces defending
-Hermies. about two end onent
Ads Added Pullin
. v-* ".. - :
S~~ ,
V- ' 11
iimi) iviuuniflB |
- j. ' " "'J
Back in Good Ordcy '-^IIB
e Rear Prepared I
3ast Winter
??? '
t d Pres >
verful enemy attacks, deliv- .
hfantrv and artillery, have
iefensive system west of Sfc \
torthern section of the battle;
mtin are falling back in good :;^||
wrest. Very heavy fighting 3?M
there are prepared position* ;*||
;hey are falling back. . '
f -v
: 2
il late hours last night on the -;*J||j
fnl hostile attacks delivered with :
lery broke through our defensive ii^
< ' " j
e battle front are falling back in';
area to prepared positions
n portion of the battle front are.;- ' ""BB
vy fighting with fresh hostS* '-vys^
the western front, since the opposing ' .MS
trench systems the defensive
. French and Germans have beenable<I^&]?
ike through the zone of defense.'"
the opinion that on account .of the^ ^
ossible to hreak them until one' eMi'^-PsM
1 such a point that it would be no laajE?&?H
. w 3ks9BS^I
ore the situation, by a counter.
! necessary witn open rieia ; ^;V*?S
e has been broken is near the southern . j
ich extends from Arras to La Flare,
:ector is the great arc in the ttaa?jfs
> Paris turns sharply to the east. ;
oped with almost unparalleled rapid- -J
i in Field Marshal Haig*s report Shirr '
bringing up fresh bodies of troops. Sag
halt miles back of the old line* in the ,':"l
region southwest of Cambrai.
Throughout the night the hattteC^3S|
front extended southward and it wS?>s~,#H
reported this morning that the Franch^j^jgfl
army was now engaged. '^cKSb
J a rx-wTirz-in
The Monongah Glass Company,}
beginning Monday. March 2Sth | _ ^
; will return to their usual hours of-< ?
operation. First tiirn starting
7:15 a. m. Boys or girls 18 years i 'vj
or overscan he given steady employment.
Boys or--girls 1*- years'-fciSyS
or over can he given day lightentvi?i
ployment. White or cofcred. Good Swages.
Apply at Factory.
^ ^ ^ - jltV_- ? ??
there will be a meeting at the j
Fairmont District Coal Ssrirtrgvg
tion in the office ot Trersy NuttSsn?}
in the Jacobs building, Mondgy j ,
evening at S o'clock. All tMmsjjm
track loaders urged to attend. ! *-?{
portant. '
ij-i-r _ u-u-j-ii-u-i -uTj-.rLn_in_n_ru-LrLn. .i_n
Delivered to [')*%
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