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flRF JfSTS i
Eastrgwrfert firs drills lteld in ail the
{schools 'yesterday by Chief 0.3.
Idas, of the city lire department,
.response on the pert of the pupils
jsrrtrtwg oat of thetraildin* ices sices
record time was made in jetthe
children from the buildings.
re schools Tjslted. the number of
i~ pupils ana time or exit 10r i
school is given u fallows:
Blaming school, comer Virginia weSjB>
one and Tenth street; enrollment. 260;
5 ; -time of exit, 48 seconds.
Httjh school?Enrollment. 515; time
fife of exit, 1 minute 47 seconds.
school, Fourth street: sumenrolled.
275: time of exit. 63 secWhite
school, Locust avenue; enroll-'
ment, 32(1; time of exit. 1 minute 12
| Bmbh school, Bimstown; enroll?? .
- meat; 190; time of exit, 67 seconds.
Miller school. Maple avenue; enrolljgy
"? , 580; time of exit, 1 minute 43
Dtxnbxr school Colored); enroll-1
s?l"~ ment. 130; time of exit. 3d seconds,
gfc- East Side Central school. Columbia
- street; enrollment. 540; time of exit,
East Side State street school; engg,
_ s zoOment, 110; time of exit. 40 seconds.
- East Side East Park school; enrollpiy
. ment, 300; time of exit, 54 seconds,
f&f " Catholic school; enrollment. 250;
?|p" ttas of exit, 1 minute, 47 seconds.
Had Whitkey.
^ Charles Stodlc. a foreigner. -was ar$>"
' rested by Chief E. "Wilcox in from
" of the Hartley store Monday ever, in;:
r;i; ' "while carrying a grip containing eight
53S'.'.. quart* of -whiskey which be had
'??- * * brought in on an east bound train1
' . last before his arrest At yesterday's !
? bearing, Justice Baniclc gave him the
usual treatment of ore hundred dollark
ffae and sixty days in jail..
j?V v'j - Has Mumps.
' -C. I*. Richardson, the Main street
p.-.. grocer. Is laid oj> at his home in Sy >
amore suffering from an attack 01
I;. Leaves for Kansas,
"i. 6?e Morris, of Glorer Gap- will.
Alter a social arternoon a coarse dinner
-was served. The gueia* from out
v eft the city were Mrs. H. S. Kldell. ot
Chicago. m.; and Mrs. Jennie Hess,
- j / of Fairmont.
Goes to Camp Lee.
>'' Haymond Broadwater, who has been
employed in tbe Hess Hardware store
/>, for the past year- left Monday for a
? ' ' 'Visit with his parents in Harrisville.
iy before leaving for Camp Lee. Vlrglna,
to enter the V. S. Army service.
Ill; ^ " Hotel Arrivals.
?: Bartlett: J. T. JlcKean, W. F.
jfc- Wnpflton. Partsersburg; C- A- Turrey,
jgf? McMechen: C. C. Cole. W. R. StevSb.
enson, Harry O. Ott, Wheeling; H.
? -Shock. Brownsville, Pa."; Wm. Mar;
tin. D. 0. Booth. Mart McCatm.
E&r Oarlcsbnrg; Frank Swindler. Sepul??'
pa, Okla.; IX C. Jenkins, Pittsburg;
Wi. H. S. Stone. Marietta.
(' , Wells: J. R- Combs, Cambridge,
?? W- 0. Carpenter, T. C. Fahey, Milt
Santee, Hundred; Frank L. Martin, r
?3 Marietta, O.; Harrison Gomey, Cam-]
eron; B. O. Storm. "Worthington; Mrs. J
'*). X Lyle, Wheeling; Wm. Haogbt, Glo-j
t?B> I3ft?k* r * _ PalTumnc^ Tafrrf#* I
Mrs. George Botcher, of Hnndred,
speet yeeterday -with Mrs. T. V. Morcm
is Locust street.
& Biffis Hall left Monday for a short
r. fcwlnwiii visit in Wheeling.
?i; Mm ODSe Lancaster has returned
t- * tram s visit with friends is Wheelm
rrsarte C. Sturm fees returned ?rtar
* fsv dacrs visit in WoodsflOld, o. [
K: Mrs. WnMam Kendall and daughter.)
Miss Helen, have retimed from a vie-1
Itwfth relatives 111 Salem,
it Dr. R S. Itowwt has letwaea tram
|v- ft Mnen iMt la Glorer Gcp.
" Say^fraa retarned^yester.,
Miss Lacy Pilchard egsgt yeetartUy
. jifitk frinads in lUzxioiit.
Sr. mad Mrs. X" Fred Rex bare rt^
- Irnnead after a short rtsK with relag??:
r UmmaJa fflorer Gait.
s'V;": - "Wesley Scott, of "Wheeling, Is here
Jor+fMt witb^la areata, Mr,
I leave soon for "Wichita, Kansas, triicre '
"he -will be engaged In the oil irn!:sMaehlnes
"Walter Story, driving a Maxwell4
ear, and a Syrian named Zig Zag..
- driving a large motor taxi met in a 4
head-on collision near town a few |
days ago. While the men sustained <
.only minor "bruises, both machine-.;!
were badly smashed.
Mr. Masters 111.
T. Lindsay Masters has been quite
: 311 at his home In Brookdale for the
past several days.
I Harry Nay I If.
Harry R. Xay. a clerk at the Long !
clothing store, .is suffering from a se- i
vere attack of grip at bis home in!
Monroe street.
Crty Water Safe.
SaCb month a sample of the city
water is sent to the IF. V- TJ. laboratory
at Morgan town for analysis as
to it's purity. A report received last |
week pronounces tho -water safe for
domestic use. Samples sent from the
Eureka pipe Line Company's well on
Main street and the soring at IIamatom
hill are also reported safe.
Entertained club.
Mrs. Si. A. Beatty entertained the
members of the Ladles iBrthdav club
at a very pleasant affair at ber home
in Pleasant street Monday afternoon.
Harvey '?. Titter baa son* to Charleston
for a business trip.
Richard Miller has *one to Parkwrtwn
for * short -visit "with relatives.
George Hop-rood, Jr.. has accepted
-the position at the Hsse Hardwarde
store which was made vacant by the
enlistment of Haymond Broadwater
f Id the TT. S. Army.
Benjamin F- Cartwright was a business
visitor to Fairmont yesterday.
John Morris, of Jacksonburg. has
accepted a position with the Blacksbere
Oil ad Gas Company here.
. William Cunningham. of Wheeling
was a business visitor In the city yesterday.
4 -HP
E. S. Wilcox has returned from a
i short business visit in Fairmont.
\ "MVo -Tnhn "Flnlr returned from
a short visit with friends in Wheeling.
and will leave soon for an extended
visit with relatives in Tiffin.
Max Jatfe and Charles C. Wells left
I yesterday for a visit irith friends in
r Pittsburgh. Pa.
f Mrs. Jennie Hess, of Fairmont, spent
! yesterday with friends In the city.
Frank Swindler has returned here
F after spending the past several
. months in the oil fields near SepnlI
pa. Okla.
S. J. Dinger and A. L. Taylor hare
gone to Pittsburg, Pa., on a business
I visit.
j ?? ,
j Evening Chat
; Is it December again? Yesterday
[ morning at 10:30 -we had a full sized
I snow and gardeners about the city
| stopped and gazed skyward hardly
believing they saw correctly, a namber
of buds about tacked small heads
back :n again. Hens in renovated
chicken houses stopped clucking vociferously
and postponed domestic
plans. One fine wbit? Orpington in
my neighborhood got oft her nest of
I em and refused to go back. There
| waen't any use in tryins to hatch
! chickens if it hud gone hack to snowI
ing again.
A number of people who discarded
1 warm clothing were glad to get back
to it again, it was a big temptation
after a long, cold winter, to pretend
summer had arrived at last. But aJl
'.he straw hats, low shoes and lack
of coats can't make a summer. Nature
lakes her own sweet time, and until
she has all the chill cut of ber system
we'll find just such unexpected happenings
58 snow near April.
Yesterday was so windy that one
lost both bat and breath when rounding
a corner A group of men in front
/of Martin's book score stood?faces
!c.-:e and heads low?discussing war
news. Occasionally one of them dashc
i out tcto the street after a refracto:y
lis!. People on the street cars
talked war. Conductors forgot to stop
the car for passengers to alight?so
engrossed were they in the news of
the dar.
Nearly everywhere we go now.
some one has the bad lasic to remark
upon some of Gormany^s fine traits.
TV1-I on tr.1 Y?-W>r? T f n rtnrl soinn
one had something we thought was
better than our own ? we kept still
about it. Why do we now speak of
Germany's better food control for in- i
stance? Just the other day a gentle-:
man here made a speech and remarked:
"Two weeks after the war. Germany
liad her food situation well under
control. Shall we use the German :
card system?" Every day we hear: i
"Germany knows how to fight because !
she has a better military service."!
"Will Prussianism solve our prob-j
Don't wo know yet that our own j
way of doing everything is the way j
??? f k <.m <??piri ?r 1
ih& %
ItSLilbxi.. V
v> f aio ivi *110 ?" nrf ; ?
to defeat a country whose traits we
are considering copying? Don't we
yet believe in a government for the
people and by the people or are w-e
coming to believe that the masses as
a whole hare so little intelligence that
all questions of importance must he
decided tor them? That's what Germany
believes- If we think Germany
does a few tilings better than we do?
no doubt she would be glad to come
over here and show os how to do
them. As long as the war lasts anyway,
it might not he a bad idea to keep
quiet. A certain verse runs as follows:
"A wise old owiiiTed in an oak.
the-more he saw the less he spoke,
the less he spoke the more he heard."
Everybody should imitate that old
bird. This verse is posted on sign
f Pure Chev
a Stick
2 i ^
I want to tell yon my It
A little romsnee o:
I hare a soldier so mow!
Who Is fighting: to.
Tho crown of a woman*
Anrf the throne of
That each may last In 1
. And befool them, i
I do not know who my i
Nor does be know
But he knows fall well
And he'll win for 1
So I hark to hit battles
As It echoes from
"For the crown of a wo
And the throne of
< Copyright. 29
| confession;
I can't help thinking. little book,
that I. too. hare been quite as great j
a disappointment to Dick as he has
been to me.
Sometimes. I have thought lately;
j that bad 1 been Dick 1 would have j
: wanted to annihilate Margie tVaverly j
i when sometimes she got on iter high
I l.neer. on/1 irOhf tilting Ylf>V 1ST5Ce '
j ? ? ?
against the whole world and ye??
j Yes, little book, there i? always
i a "yet." I did love Dick with my
i whole heart. I trusted Uiru as l did
j niy God. My faith in him was as
j firm as the everlasting rack. I en:
(lowed him "with all the virtues my!
i mind coultl conceive and tny heart
desire" and then 1 awoke to find he
! was just a very human man.
Little book. I think 1 hare asked
i you this before. 1 know I hare asked j
: it of myself a thousand times. Why (
; bus the Great Power that has the fas-j
; hioning of our souls been so cruel asi
to endow us with a capacity to con- j
j" ceive an idea that -wo can never hope |
J to attain? No man or woman canj
j reach in fact the height which apj
pears Just beyond in the d reams that
come to all humanity.
That, is the great sorrow, the great
tragr-dv of all the world.
I?Margie Warerly?have dreamed
I or a love that I have never ooon ame
! to inspire?in fact. I myself have nev
er felt that great one-power, all cm|
bracing love that I wish weio mine,
i I believe if I could have had it, it
{ would have been joy enough. There
would be in a love so much o fbliss
; that even though this love was not
returned in the measure it was given.
' yet the fact that one wav big enough
; i ? have this great emotion in all its
i ideality, would suffice.
I was thinking ail this when 1 saw
j Dick coming back 'across the lawn'
hoards at certain railway stations near '
1 the western fronL
I spent a pleasant afternoon at the j
1 Fleming Greenhouse yesterday after-,
i noon and w&? impressed with the fact
| that with so many .beautiful flowers j
i growing directly in the city, we need 1
| not travel out o? the city for what we |'
' need. Whatever we can grow here? ;
ia any line?is bound to be fresher ;
' and more valuable on that account. '
Mr. I.eaman also has a well equipped :
greenhouse ? with all manner of :
flowers just ready to bloom for Easter.
The Fleming Creenhouse is located ;
at Seventh street and Locust avenue
though very soon the new street run- ;
aing from Oakwood road to Tenth j]
street to Field street will be paved
and put in good condition. Mr. Flem- '
ins has moved back fifty-six feet This j
new road will be directly in front of j
Mr. Fleming's greenhouse.
Flowers here are just at the stage i
to bloom' profusely for Easter. Hya- <
clnths in cream, pink, old rose, purple i
and white stand in pots. Tulips in all
colors grow charmingly now after a j
long winter in the ground. The bulbs ]
were put outside under ground the ;
first of December and covered with t
a layer of straw and then of soil to t
keep them from freezing. i
Charles Wilson raised some tobacco i
last season in his own garden and has
it hanging at the greenhouse for use in
destroying bugs about the Dowers.
Carnations now' are in their height j
ot glojw at Flemings. Five thousand {
seven hundred plants there will pro- j
ving Gum $
,..3L dciy
!A'?> THRONE ,t
?* >
tam ?m?M?. *. " _
f my own; /
her* In Frame*,
r crown end throns,
* fearless smile
baby's chair
he world their whlj'
so Hun shall dare*
soldier Is,
who im 1,
that my faith H his
Ihst faith, or die!
:rys.a!l the while,
over there:
iman'i fearless smile!
a. baby's chair I**
1$, M E. A.
c r\rr a vr/itnr 3 i!
D \si A Wirt.
with Mr. Trent.
I was quite surprised t<? see how
terribly Mr. Trent had chacked in the
last few months.
I had cot seen bin tor a Tons Hec
and. little book. I was shocked at
his shrunken form and his gray face, j
I was thinking so intently about |
this that I was still lying on the sofa j
in the sun room when Dick and Mr. J
Trent came into the library and he- i
fore I could make myself known Mr. j
Trent said abruptly to Dick:
"Mr boy. I am going to confide In j
you the most momentous secret of i
tv.v T if** an li lif.fY?ra T fin tr t want to t .
ask von to look oa my confidences i
as those of a doootned man."
I heard icl; interrupt in a sliockeel :
voice. "1 Con't understand, my dear.
Mr. Trent " j:
"I have been il! for a Ion? time ana
I know that 1 eaatut live but a few >
months longer at be"." j
"Oh surely you are mistaken." said
Dick. j,
"Mo. my dear bay. 3 know this to],
be so as I bare canter of the stotn- j,
ach." {;
"Are you sure. Mr. Trent?. ?]
"Ves. t have bad consultation with .
a number of physicians and they I
have made examinations which have !
made the diagnosis sure."
"Does mother know this?"
"Vos. your mother knew it over a '
year ago. When wc went to California
last' year I wanted to have an operation.
as the doctor said there was
a chance it I had the knife used at j
that time that I would at least have i
some yearn of comfort *"
"Why did you not have it?" asked j
Dick in horrified accents. ;
"Because your mother, my boy. j
said she couM not stand the suspense j
of waiting while I was under the.
knife. j
due? about two hundred thousand! |
blooms a year. The large plants arr- j
broken at a joint and placed in good !
soil and the tinr slins constantly in- !
crease. Just hot. under sixteen thou-'
sand feet of glass, these tall, stvayiug i
flowers iu different shades of pink, j
white, red and even yellow, are von-.
derfully beautiful. With the sun shin- j
Ing brightly on a dazzling glass roof j
and no sound inside, they bend id all i
directions, their toll, silvery-green
stems crossing and recrossing. I sat
and watched them a long time. A !
very faint air?redolent with their j
fragrance?moves gently among them.? ,
Xhev are growing eo profusely that ,
nothing can be seen but green a^d
bloom as far as you look on all sides. <
rhey are so exceptionally graceful? >
10 two heads bendins in the same direction?that
one cannot help hut en- 1
ioy visiting where they grow. i
The Fleming Greenhouse has a coal :
nine underneath and the coal is need J
iirectly into the boilers. The house *
s heated by hot water. '
At present vegetable plants are ,
started in boxes everywhere. Egg- ,
plant, cabbage, tomato, cauliflower, ]
tnd peppers will soon be tall enough
0 set out In the ground. I even dis- ,
:overed some corn and beans set out .
n pots and somebody is going to have <
1 good start on then. These. I be
E lisijlsffi
m: Fori prospects, if
1 j ?
I] rora car, come in,
; known. We are goii
; a good number of ca:
from .Columbus and
Now, this draft 1
number of our me na
siderable time away
for tiie ones left her<
son wiU kindly ask yc
K- early as possible wh
k want a Ford car.
ij Central Ante
" ' ,
TENING, MARCH 27, 1918.
Crsatly to the beaotr oltht^place.
tA heliotrope and salria. are comics
p. TaB Sjor are In bloom. These
grow from feulbe which constantly
produce saw ones, to he split and set
oat. They are pat oat ebotrt the first
of September and come op quickly.
Some per'" *>?*"* the 10r has no odor.
bat bending etome. it baa the sweetest
fragrance In the world.
Soft, feathery ferns are growing np
and down tall sticks?to be used for
boqnets and designs. The primrose
is about gone. Set it away and keep
it watered through the year and It will
come oat again. The cyclomon season
is almost over.
Jerusalem cherry treat are an oddity
at the Fleming Greenhouse. They
stand in pots?not higher than any
other piant?bat full of round orangecolored
balls. '
Narcissus are about gone. Sara the
bulhe and plant them again next year.
Table ferns ere especially fine and
feathery now. Red begonia, everbloom
and hydrangea trill be ready in
bloom for Easter. The pink sultana
always stays in bloom, they say.
Flemings have thirty-six hundred
geraniums in a smaller greenhouse.
A few passies are in bloom. Many oi
ille p<uiM? ?ere but vu. vbbauso uio i
city will build their new road, taking
off the comer of the greenhouse where
they grew. There will be plenty ol
them later.
I discovered something about ferns
?the prettiest house plant and the
hardest to grow?for some people. One
often notices runners growing from J
the fern and usually pulls them off1
thinking tiiem dried pieces of stalk, j
It ie on this runner that the new fern j
grows which the Corist sets out again '
for a rev plant. Dont cut it off.
When it appears it is time to repot j
the fern. ;
The nzalr-a?from Holland?nrowinc
like a small tree ami loaded down with j
bloom, appears la gala dress at East-j
er time . Flemings will have many ol:
31 r. Fleming has about sixty acres,
of ground at Ice's run where ho grows j
vegetables, etc. Kc soils to grocervj
stores. Some of the flower plants arp
taken lliere. also during their non-i
blooming season. j
. One corner of the Fleming Green-!
house is devoted to growing slips and [
cuts. A long sandy tray holds bun-!
dreds of tiny shoots?all to be trans-;
planted larc-r . Every two weeks the
entire greenhouse is smoked with tobacco
to kill all bugs. One is impressed
especially with the genius j
back of all successful plant and flower:
crowing and often the thought comes
that working in the midst of them
must he a pleasure Indeed.
Funeral services ovy- the body ol
Dorothy May Hawkinberry whose
death occurred yesterday were held
this afternoon from the residence of
her parents" Mr. and Jlrs. Goff Hawkinberry
on Buffalo avenue. The
bodv was Interred in the Jones ceme
tery by Undertaker Musgrave and
Philadelphia, Pa.?"I was overworked.
run down, nervous, could rot eat
or sleep. I felt like crying all the
time. I tried different remedies without
benefit. The doctor said it was a
wonder I was alive, and when Vinol
nri?r mVo?i T KAO>OH /% imnwwft T
has called a good
ad it requires con
from this office
iy and for this rea- fl
a to let us know as I
en yon decide yon fl
tmoBile Co. H
Fairmont, W. ysL H
**<M ^I'bU UID A wvocm tv 44uyiv W. i
have taken eight bottles and am now
strong and perfectly healthy in every
respect, and have gained in weight,
t can not praise Vinol enough."?Mrs.
>arah A. Jones, 1023 Nevada St, Philadelphia.
We guarantee Vinol to make overworked.
weak women strong or re:uni
your money. Formula on every
jottle. This is your protection.
Crane's Drug Store. Fairmont Vinol
is sold in Mannlngton by the Prescription
Pharmacy and at the hest
Jrug store in every town and city in
;he country. *
jmrKrrrz..aasacmmmmmammamM H
yon are wanting a M
let your wants be
ig to be able to get
re by driving then |H I
Cleveland, Ohio.
Yes. and in about ev
are simply made, others a
crepe and many have ov
tuck?, flounce, folds or <
touches of charm.
^ WhitsT
at $5.00, $7.
"Wnite net. crisp anc
rnfHpri and tucked and cri
to the prettiest and mostj
children's dresses.
$1.00 t<
Book c
United W?
Is Just off the pi
It contains our <
summer styles, that a
times, reflecting the mil
of economy.
The beautiful fro
near the Government
and Powder Plants, at C
is one of the most Imp
Just now, making: the
and worthy of preserv
1 If you have not i
one at any of our store
it to you, together
measurement blank.
Main Street, Comei
(At tlM
vwiBfiP s
tfOTf 1
:t .%y,va?-?> r; 1.v*'
S $25.90 I
eiy Spring color, too. Smn 14
re combined with georgette I
erskirts. A bit of cortlitt& i |
embroidery add finishing- ,
Dresses "I
50 and $9.00 1 ]
I fresh in its snowlineas ?. *
ithered and just coaxed in-r *
girlish dresses. Other white |
J $10.00 I
:)RTH? I
>r*yCoflNBK" 'HSjr I
>f Styles . > ||
olen Clothes
f A1 A
I, 1?10 v|
ess and now being <Hf?~
rwn special spring aid
11* fully*abreast of tbf. "
litary trend and the spirit
ni cover shows a scent
Armor Plate, Projectile
Charleston, W. Va. g S &
m+ant snots in America - 3^
book of nnusuaf vatlar ' ^
ation for future generacceived
a copy, add fof
5s, or a postal wffl bring J|
with samples and self Slftl
-"0,i . '^"^jslsIS
'^Cleveland Avenue
at whra la iinnil nf T) until orrlco,
e Union Dentists are reedytcrSgjMH
m tlx* bumflti ot aS tb* letar Jm9
vvements at * nuiiliiBT i ?t to yon.
ember, sold ?tmwns amdMOcework
at b* bad tor only $S at tec
MMatsad 1* year*. - T*etb ?r&*atajfc3

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