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Daily Average -> / & j pj IB BT^ y? B A, IB B M. B B BB Jt B* I ??oudy.r 100
i feb 191.8 . i ^ b at cj-. * w*| c- rj? |
a Quality NUllwj^ir^At? Ho?e j P ?u Vum^BestBm*paper
"r '' ^r^\. _v 7"rr.cv^-" _ - "- - - '. . . .
ia^=?=i= 1 -. wrer TTtpr.TOT 4 THTTCSDAY EVENIKG. MARCH 28,1918. ' tooav^ ?iw. today PBICE THKBE CEj&ai
^\ ' ^
^ _--_- - - ~ ~
Eiinu luuAi
of Vital ImporRegion
y tneeuBg o? the Ceclia
Coal Operators' As
socfation Is being held this afternoon. ;
Theplan outlined at the meeting of '
-tbe Fairmont Coal club yesterday was
Kv bavo this meeting in the near ru-:
jture but there have been developments
: ?ewar might which led to a meeting this
afternoon. which was much earlier j
than anyone dreamed of having it.1
The-xetura. of George T. Watson from j
i-7-..Waahington is said *o hare figured in j
' thisJdsterminntlon on the part of tho j
' ?. ^executive committee as he is said to .
have information of vital Importance '
; to the operators of this district.
-;.*?> Coal Scarce at'Curtis Bay.
' .There is not enough coal in transit.
Curtis Say at Baltimore to supply
the tide-trater Remands and 130 loads
\effi. likely De diverted from Cumberiaai
and Keyser today. This fact cmphasizes
the'often beard statement
that the Baltimore and Ohio is not in :
. a healthy 'condition. Shippers want
-to load coal for Curtis Bay and the
railroads can't get it there to supply,
the demand. I
. Zone System Blanks. !
j - . When a consumer west of Fairmont
ryir^wiahes coal from this district under
gK-^the zoning regulations going into ef- j
K^'fect next Monday be must make appli
?.'*?cation to, the Fuel administration for.
The blanks for this purpose
;i?.. 5stre. available in most important cen-'
-s and a bunch ot' them arrived at j
?; -V District Representative's office j
^<S?y'The Orr Case.
t rial\itt J -^M.- Ore, of-darks'j
??g, first: coal man indicted for sell
; *coal' above the regulation price.
' ' .-was- to have come up at Harrisburg.
-2?m?thls week. Mr. Orr is said to lay ,
the trouble on Charles T. Scbectman.!
t; formerly Philadelphia representative
>>K.onmi?iiT whn enmnlained to the !
_ wt buy ?government
following his severance of
-"relations -with the Orr Coal Mining
: - The Coal Age says: "Tbe first in?
dictments for alleged profiteering in
eastern district of Pennsylvania i
ware returned by tbe Federal grand I
joey on March 9. They charge the
Coal Mining company, of Claries- J
ft lag, W. Va., and James M. Orr. presi-;
|:-y^i3ent of the company, with asking '
gv~vpiices In excess ot those fixed by j
% ".-President Wilson. The government |
5 - '.alleges that the company billed bitnrn.-:
?5? fnons coal to consumers inPennsylva-,
-5 sin at the prices fixed by the Federal i
regulations, bnt under secret arrange- i
| meat -with certain customers an additionai
sum of 73 cents to 31-09 a ton |
\ was collected by Charles T. Schect-1
fnan. the Philadelphia representative. '
- ; :-The technical charge against the com- 1
?nwt'/?Ae tTian
; ^ .;jJBUXy 40 OSAlU(j UJ^U&i jJi ?.?? 1
tboise fixed by the regulation and
against Orr of conspiracy to ask bigh:
: prices. The method used, it Is |
said, was to baTe an understanding'
" (Continued on Page Four.)
pi % THIS m
, idtss of between SO ant 95 pupils
[ l.r 'Wtll -be graduated this yetr from rbe
- Fairmont High school, the largest
.; class to complete toe high school
r. -. X. course in the history of the school,
j'i'/l:-^Hy class to be graduated is known
-the E. B. Moore class and is comi
pbspd of numbers of bright and ener^,~:
-getfc young men and women.
ggrThe commencement date has been
H^^BfctOr June 6 but so far no definite
ggyftogram has been outlined fer the
l&gbsnitenceeiont eaercises though it is
^probable that a commencement ad-,
d??? zo oe cenverea oy some ytviu?*)
nent citizen of the state -trill feature
commenceme*v a?? exercise*.
Ig^ne Wood Waiting
^te.;Zop Physical Test
"'(By Ass-TCiited
WASHECGTOX. March 28.?Major
Efjitfiiiiiinl Tin nilnl Wood still is here
Jbr the physical examination
KnHe hands of an army board T.hich
B TriHidetermine whether he shall return
G&g*c*nce in command of fighting
Kxopa: or remain in the United States
BBtoitUt e duty. Today there was no
Billlfi I liijj of when.he would be ex-!
^ (mined. Son? of the sencral's friends |
MCMBtK *?w
If - '
mM "?x-^ '
Gen. OtTo vcnSeLcv :
Gcscral Otto von Below, once in
fbarjz' o- The Gcimar defense at
Monaster and recently directing the !
German offensive in tialy. commands j
an .irmy iu the Bapautue region in
the present German offensive. Bclovv's
army is one of those in the army
group of Crown Prince Rupprccht of
iiinuru nr rmiuTV
VMM in buunn
Farmington Club Writes
Hope That It Wi ! Ho
Nothing has bcert done lot u:? I
past few days regarding the movement
of the Woman's cluo to secure the
room in the court house now used as
-a berber shop-aa-a-rest-room for women
but Interest in the matter Is beginning
to reach fever heat out in the
county and before long tbe member.;
of the county court arc apt to find
'hat they have tiie women of the en-'
tire com;lv arrayed against them {
Today Mrs. B. L. Butcher, who i- ;!
chairman of the committee which hav
t'lis movement in charge received ,
the following letter which explain. '
Iitsflf :
Farmingion, West Virginia.
March 27. ISIS.
Mrs. B. Tj. Butcher,
j Chairman Civics Committee,
i Woman's Club, Fairaion:. W. Va
My dear Mrs. Butcher:
The Woman's Club of Farmingtou
are very glad to hear ot the
plans you are making lor the rest
room in the Court House, and j
hope you will be able to carry j
tbem out. Such a room is cer- i
taiulv much needed and will be ,
a blessing to the many women, cs
pecially tnosp vua cuuunu, nUU ,
come to Fairmont to do their '
I shopping. The old rest room is
i too inconveniently located to co
the good it might do. and comparI
atively few women who have
: need of such a room know of its
The proposed room in the Court i
House will he especially good as '
it is so near the car station and j
the shopping center with no !
stairs to climb.
Hoping you may he successful
is securing it. f remain.
Yours sincerely.
President Woman's Club.
Mrs. Butcher has also been in receipt
of a number of telephone messages
which she thinks wuuld interest J
the business men of the community.^
Women living in towns near by and;
on farms, who naturally would comei
to Fairmont to do their shopping, have J
told Mrs. Batcher that because of the Jluck
of accommodations for visiting;
women they prefer doing their shop
ping by mail. These women point oat
that only one store in the city provides
toilet facilities for women. Even
the traction company has neglected
the woman traveler in this respect.
14 Americans Win j
French War Crosses \
Associated Press)
PARIS, March 28.?Three officers
and 11 men of the United States army
ambulance corps hare been decorated ,
with the war cross by the French government.
The met; to receive the honor
are Lieut. Jos. Greenwood, of Section
633; Lieut. Alan E> Kinsley. Lieut.
Otka F. Dober, Privates Louis E. Timson.
Arthur C. Crosby. John S. Fltzpatrick.
Robert E. Gaf. C. Z. Tomp- ]
kins. J. T. Jones, ^phn S. Wood. Richard
Baker. Peter U. Mnir of Section '
516. and Privates Richard T. Bad and :
George Repley Butler, of Section 642. <
Six states now have anti-tlpplng
laws, Illinos. Iowa. South Carolina. <
rennessee. Mississippi and ** > ? "??? <
;:,-LVs; 'n
n am i
mianr or mn fl
fmt or sib}
Arras Movement Mi
at the Channel Poi
Dunkirk Wi
British ]
Desperate 'Attack on French :
1 - -- 4 /l
I".CI!litV." v u
City of J
CBv Associ?t<
LONDON, March 28?Pi
have been captured by the Bri1
es. The fighting continues fi<
Repeated attacks were m
valley of the Sonime in the r
Hamel and Tulsieux and 1M
This morning the enemy
rrent on th*? British defenses <
developing in tins sector.
The statfe*ne)^rfoflovrs:
"Severe figh.ing took pla
and during the night astride
from Albert to Koyeiles. Kep'
the enemy ?] en a the valley of 1
hcrhood of Boaimont-Hamel,
We capture-3. a number of prif
ehine guns.
"The fighting is continuir
the Somme "'
Tlie reference :n the official state
ccntly means that the German have wtd
.sring a new stroke on the north.
The battle was began last week <
the river Scaroe. tha junction of which
west of Arras Xo t:gluing north or the
The attacks which are developing
second phase of the battle. German ml
surprises were in store lor the British ai
'lie possibility of a German drive for tbi
a is and Dunkirk us the objectives.
French Givt
(By Associati
PART*5. March 28?Block <
f V* r\ Irt-pf T-?0 T
' JJl HUIlt T C..U v/li liiC u VIA*
last night threw forward impo
Montdidier. the "War office an:
Here the fighting rapidly
French regiments fought
my and indicted heavy losses.
Finally the French fell ha
3y to the west of Montdidier.
British Have Siti:
March 28?Hard fighting oecu
the battle front during the nig
attacks. The latest reports in
kept the situation well in hand
Near Beaumont-Hamel t3
severe fighting followed. This
morning it appear*
was no man's land with the c<
on either side. *
News received from extr
allies are holding welL (This
tor where the French have to
Germans Made No I
Gains During Today *
{By ijgorlttid Froat) ?
LONDON. March 2S.?In the last M n
bonrs the Germa.na have made bat one ^
x>mparattrelT trifling gain as the re- a
nxlt of numerous massed attacks along a
the whole front, says Beater's correspondent
at British headquarters. p
Tot the British there may he claim- ti
xl Mvertl distant local successes, i a
si tier In completely repelling enemy id
Is Reading The Wes
... ?* *
mil i ii nnmr
itHM univt
ght Mean Threat
rts of Calais and
tiich are in
it Montdidier Indicates Imf
the Germans is
id Prtis.)
risoners and machine guns
:ish jthe War office announcjrcely
on both banks of the
ade by the enemy along the
Leighborhood of Beaumont oyenneville.
They were
opened a heavy bombard;ast
of Arras. Ail attack is
- j . .... y-r
ce again yesterday evening
the Somme and northward
eated attacks were made by
:he Somme and in the neighTuisieux
and Moyennville.
soners and a number of maig
fiercely on both banks of
merit to an attack east of Arras evi-.
.ened their battle front and t."e deiivya
a front extending as far north as
with the batUe lines is almost due
river has been reported,
today may mark the beginning of a
litary writers have been hinting that
ad there has been ;nnch discussion of
i coast, with th.- .fcasnol port of Cal;
2d Press.)
?d on the Lassigny and Noylk
of the Oise the Germans
rtant forces in tne region of
- - -I1 j . .1
nouncea toaay.
took on extraordinary fehand
to hand with the enezk
to the heights immedatetatioti
in Hand.
rred at several points along
ht in conseqner.ee of enemy
dicate that the British have
fie enemy attacked heavily,
5 that the village virfoally
intending lines drawn close
atvia iinn.v ic tliot. Hio
1 v k k iiiv?iv
refers to the southern secsen
falling back.).
Bows or imUH botic rround yreo br
mmti# attaelrc.
Although the German* ooattaua to
ue their infantry with ruthleeg prodlalky
the German pressure along the
rant la ior the moment leaa deterilneiS.
TUa may be attributed In part to
be enemy waiting to bring up heavy
roll cry preparatory to another great
Sort and In part to eahanattoo.
Nothing can be learned of the abearance
of enemy tanks on the Brltih
front while those left by the relating
British ware systematically
eetxoyed the correspondent reports.
;t Virginian Now ?
v . . ?;*
> -35^*;', i- v * ?V - . _ * - V*
! ^9^
yjy CftAONNE t
. V
^ ' V?
^ Otscx-ES
I ^ * <
? i
I Germans Indulging in Cus-'
tomary Exaggeration
Gen. Maurice Says.
f E5r Associated Frsss)
, LOXDOX, Mch. 28.?England in coa|
sideling Iter losses in the lighting in
' France most take into consideration
"the usual German exaggeration" Mai
jor General Frederick B. Maurice.
] chief ot military operations at Tvar of!
fice said today.
("in the past" he declared, the Germans
bare usually given the captured
of prisoners and guns in round num- ,
I berg, sot as actually counted but as
anticipated from the general situation.
It Is reasonable to assume that the
same thins is being done now.
"Our total loss of guns either from
fulling Into bands of the enemy or by
being knocked out is about 600. according
to our best information. Tbis
I compares with tbe German claims of
950. We have lost probably about 100
, tanks which we used extensively in
i the counter attacks.
Was Daughter of the Late;
Dr. C. F. Boyers of this j
Mrs. V. X. Jones, of Sistersville. a
I dough tor of Dr. and Mrs. C. F- Boyegj,
of this city, died this morning at her
home at 5 o'clock after a two yean
j illness from a cancerous
j For several weeks it bad been known
i that she would survive but a short
' time and her. mother baa been with
(-her tor several days. This morulas
Dr. Will Boyers and son. Frank, and
'.daughter, Lou. and sister. Miss Kath:
arm Boyers. and Sirs. James Boyers
; left for Slstersvme but did not reach
! there until several hours after Mn.
| Jones had died.
The deceased was formerly Htm
'.ily'Boytra and resided here with her
m rents nntxl her marriage with Mr.
Jones when she went to Sistersville
io reside. She Is survived by her husband
and two daughters, the Mis see
j1 Hazel and Pauline, her parents, and
several brothers and sisters, namely
Dr. Cyrus Boyers. Jr., Do. Will Boyers,
Dr. Lee Boyers. James and Lawrence
Boyers, Mrs. James Justlss and Miss
Katharyn Boyers, all-of this city, and
Br. Charley Boyers. of Ellen bo ro, W.
- Dr. Boyers, Sr.. Br. Boyers. Jr., Dr.
Lee Boyers and Mrs. Justisa will leave
tomorrow for Slstersvflle to attend the
funeral leyless. arrangements for
which hare not been completed.
la honor of Maundy Tlrarsday tonight
at s o'clock sixty member* el
the Rose Croix. Scottish Rite Masons,
will bold thsir axmoal spread la Masonic
Han. An excellent luncheon
kept within Hoorerfeed ltaes will be
Better Give That W
. . , * -
t' * ('
fCRBt&k Y
U3-LE-OWC ? o ^e^..
^ i_ S
.^ ESoul ;/
? ecuFo^x^S
flu CQEUPU [flflllT
(Ill IiiLifuii muni
Red Cross Chapter Notified
of Receipt of Two Cases
of Them.
A latter received this morulas from
American Red Cross headquarters ia
Paris at local headquarters of the
American Red Cross announced the;
arrival at the Paris section of dona-i
tions o- two cases of surgical dressling*
which have been shipped to some <
point on the front. The letter which j
caused a stir at headquarters espe-l
dally among -workers in the Surgical j
dressings department reads as follows:
The Secretary.
Fairmont Chapter " j
American Red Cross.
Fairmont, W. Va.
Dear Sir:?It gives me great j
pleasure to advise you that two j
esses of surgical dressings have ,
reached our warehouse in Paris.
Contents have been received in
splendid condition and are very
much appreciated. We are shipping
same to some point in the
Thanking yoa for these shipmeats.
Tears Tory sincerely.
Germans Bringing
Un Their Artillery
~ i
'By Associated Press "> . :
IN FRANCE March 28.?The German
artillery this morning pot down as intense
bombardment along the line between
Acheviile and the Soachez river
(south jf Lens) bnt up to the time
of the filing of this dispatch (ten a
m->. no infantry action has been reported.
The Germans made several assaults
near Rossignol woods but on each occasion
were driven back.
Near FalUy-Lanrette another sharp
eOgHgQlSQUL 1.1U KUU oo^-utcu ytMoners.
The Germans we .aentlnuta* to brtnt
op artillery and mb la new troopi
from various parts of the line la prep
araticm far the cteitlnnance of the
Tentative Income
Returns Accepted
Deputy Revenue Collector J. L.
Blochejy today received a telegram
from Internal Revenne Collector Hays
urging him to have all individuals and
corporations who have not done so
make tentative retains of Income taaces
before the first of April if they find
turns. Extensions will bo granted
only to those who can prove that the?
have been ill or s*ay from their pines
of business. This means that practically
all who do not have some kind
of an-income statement in by the end
of thin week will be penalised.
As part of melalppl's drive for a
100 per cent Increase In hog production
during 1918, efforts are under
way to enroll a total of 90.000 boys
la com and pis clnbe.
ant Ad A Trial
1 SoMlers Will be Sent to En*
rope If Workers Bade rj -; ji
Up Government. ^
OBt luaorm*^
WA SH1KGTON". March 28.?Th?*W
i in American troop movemeat? to
! Franco read tn New York lost Uttflt ?" 'Ja
i by Lord Reading, British ambassador* .
was ' :ewed here today as a call to th* v ^
' American people.
British offtci<? are Already
; advised as to tlia sitratioa here and
i know that the Axjertcan goTernmerifc ^fgjm
' is straining every resource to get men ' <
j to the front and has confident hope at . g:
j ^.acins ? force of a million or nose |!
i year. The uitiring enthusiasm of the \1*
American people as a whole, officials -i
'point out. must hack these effbrts.
? however, if they are to be successful. ^
j The task of moving the men nsts tf V-'-al
; much with ship builders, employer* iggS?
and employes, as with any government.
[ agency. It was regarded as probable
that Lloyd George's message warn cat- ,:>?S
eulated to reach the men ia the ship
yards and munitions plants and
ture for them the urgent need of test*...
with their part of the great task. . -. jjai
The rate at which troops are expect* r?M
ed to go forward cannot be staled for viS?
military reasons but it is largely do- ^
i pendent upon the speed with wfcidl \.ys
1 ships ere turned out. .
^ . -iVjVSj
March 2S.?AJfterl.
can officers studying closely the war
m-ips and tat?at dispatches from the--..;V|^
battle front are of the opinion that de?'
elopseects or momorit lis the allied.-< J.-g
counter- attack wilt hcs5n to iWSe.''
'themselves on the bnttlo held
| uiuii
PARIS, March 28.?"Entirely
in this war Care, the Americans mrlced'
like the best veterans in the battle of
I the So name," says a wounded French
captain who taas been brought rbaflt
from the front, according to' ".^':?Sj?S
j Liberie.
Two of the American officer* 'wh?./
were wounded were bronght back' 5
with the French captain, a member at
the dragoons. Each American
a French war cross conferred" an,
battle field. The French captain re-r ^
fused to receive attention tmtfl.theiSfg
?-?- ? *-?- ? w^aaaai
QnlllSil UtSitlllT ' m
lilBKISH arm! m
^ j>.;SSS8B
Three Thousand Prisoner#
Have Been Taken in ' '
Turkish force in tie Hit area in Mes- ; ".-"jljaB
opotamla baa been captured or -de-"
h? the British, the War office . .14*3Kb!
Three thousand prisoners w*rm
en. ^
Wounded French Offic&:||
Pays Marked CwnpSf^
mont (a rtiir Men. -
Amenvuu aiuui siue upbbb^bwwi^m
been nursed.
"They are the ones'who lhoaM^Tyg
congratulated." he said, callins on;.tbes|
-women of the Red Cross to loohfaffergj^jj
the Ameritjins.
?>? . . $2^j?3
Hon. BL M. Sbowalter, of Otis
Trill go to Grafton, late this.afterficd? S
where he wOl address" the members of
the Rose Croix In
honor of Maundy Thursday. Thin^is* jj
the annual gathering of the memhera 1
o tthe Rose Croix chapter ItftogjjSaBa
(hat city, and the adjoining wrt^nBSg
Chase county (Kansas) etc
Just off pasture .gained <5 poandeJisSs
24 hours the first day It was^ot -
hm^wm^o^wmmmhmw rnmam&mc^

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