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5 V ' ~ West VirgmaTs Best Newspaper ^ ? % Jj
kz^CAJILISiIErLlg68. member associated press. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 4,1918. -topats news todav PRICE TFTRT^fSgW*^^
g5i^ ; 11^._ . . 1 i.i ?. ? ' * ? \^'-?*^=858^3
- Have 609 Cars to " '
wm ordebj
Another Piece of the Empire
Tract Has Changed
i. There axe 717 cars In the Fairmont
Hsr district today and 108 of the number
Bmy ." are surplus cars for the New Englauu
E?j Fuel end Transportation company
ichlch reduces the actual number of;
; s cars on the Monongah division of the j
y -_. Baltimore & Ohio to 609. as the 108 j
E;'. _ rurplus cars are not available to oth- [fife
>r mines under the assigned car policy
HeV . which is in effect.
U. B Williams, representative of;
ihe railroads in the Fairmont coal dis-:
Itrict, who works with the District Representative
of the Fuel Administration '
located at Fairmont, is spending the
iaS' at- the headquarters of the Fuel
administration. Mr. Williams came
.'.from Wheeling to Grafton \\ ednesday
night and back to Fairmont this moruaverage
daily load1 tig in the
'.flilrtiicut district as reported at the!
neeting o? the Coal club yesterday,
arfcs 53'.' for January. 571 for Febru- j
ary and 713 Tor March. I
Begin Zoning Here April 15.
- The zoning - system, which was to
have gone into .effect on April 1. w il!
hot rt/ulate" the Fairmont district until
April 15 at least. The Zone Permit
'Bureau of the United States Fuel Administration.
at.Wasn ington, D. C-. bus '
^retted7 the District Representative a'tj
. "Owing to short notice Bituminous j
Coal Zone embargoes effect .April 1st.,
Director General of Railroads has is-.'
sued notice to all coal carrying rail-)
toads to the following effect 'Until j
April fifteenth coal for by product.;
lokiug, gas mak'v-g and tnetalurgical !
/trades may be billed beyond zone
KJuaduiies without specific permit,
Jrom'Fuel admiulstratiou."" :
The zoning system provides that
toal cannot be shipped to consumers
outside of .the zone unless the buyer i
gets u permit from the Fuel Admiuis- j
Coal Notes.
, A transfer of real estate lecorded. at i
Morgan town is from the .New England j
Fuel and Transportation company to '
John F. Phillips and Clarence D. Rob-'
inson. All the Pittsburgh or Nine
Foot vein of coal, with mining privileges
necessary and convenient for
he removal of same, in aDd uuderiyins i
t- surea ui isxuu, is cucucu. I
' Joe Lehman has an article in last *.
week's issue of The Black Diamond, a '
Chicago coal trade journal.
Yesterday new prices for coal at the
v nines in sections of Virginia. Kenncky
and Iowa, and the entire states
' (Continued oc Page i4> j
Expected to Have a Speech
. in Their "System"
S*>ur Minute Men will meet at the
pp."' ifty building on Saturday afternoon at
||Sfe r,o'clock to participate in the Marion ;
V bounty Liberty bond parade. Every
Four. Minute Man is expected to pro- j
..- .gare a megaphone. At the city build
fip&sijg:the members will entrain in auto '
L,iAJbert X Kern, chairman of the Four
Minute Men of Marion county, an-!
iv-fc$r'. ",'!?f?imces the following: "No formal'
vaotkes will be issued. Members art j
^V urged to observe the mention made
r|* i.-" through the daily press. Have a^peecli j
&?. ' b? "your 'system* and be prepared to;
deliver it at the proper point. Let >
Es'O ;' ?rbry nan do his doty." |
J Fewer Substitutes
p| ? For Wheat Flour Now ,
Under a nc ;ilng of the food ad-!
I. & ministration. .-!i went into effect;
I.; i?? yesterday locr - rccers will in future ;
tjlj 'T refuse to sell puffed rice, corn flake-, j
Hg|. and canned hominy as wheat substi- -J'
tales. This agreement was leached ! <
Br--- yesterday between Marion county j l
ggf food administrator Joseph Rosier and .:
S : local 'grocerymen. 11
i When You
Thousands Will C?me to
. Fairmont on Saturasy
Tb'.tv. per5?:c from : twits
M - will pa.-i.o',.;o in?
toe big parsuu to be fccid here on .
Saturday afternoon as a means of
simulating the sale of Liberty bonds :
of the third issue for three billions '
of dollars.
Charles W. Evans, secretary of the I
Parade committee .today stated that
he had received very encouraging re
oris from all over the county. Big
Iclegatione are expected from the
Woodmen of the World, the Boy
Scours and the Loyal Order of Moose.
AU lodges that have not yet signified
their intention of participating in tue j
parade are i:rg<*d to make that report j
to Henry F. .Smith, the marshal of'
the parade, v. ithont delay. It is hoped J
that not a fraternal organization In j
the entire connty will overlook this I
patriotic demonstration. Lodges front j
Mannington. Fanning.on. Fairvie*.1
Barrackvilic. Ulve^ville. Monongsa. J
Grant Tow it. Baxter. Watson. Booths-1
vitie. Norwood. Winfield and other;
points have lined un already. Every
person is it rood to parade with a flag. .
The committees in charge urge cv-;
er; body to decorate their homes lot
the occasion.
Tonight at 7:30 o'clock there sviii .
be a meeting of the committees in .
charge at the rooms of the Chamber
of Commerce in the Watson building.
The Boy Scouts last evening held
v. inciting and decided to parade In
t:\Tbrm. Scoutmaster W. E. Buekey*
>\ til notify Marshal Smith and get an ,
- -ignmcnt in the place of parade, j
After the big demonstration the Boy f
Scouts Trill have a public meeinng an
the front of the court house where
forty boys who have earned medals in
the second Liberty loan, drive
will receive them during the
campaign ministers of the
preach appropriate Mrmtras. The
chuTch is a fertile source to instill
KM win
Aiong the British Front last
Night It Was Quiet.
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, April 4.?There was little
activity iu the battle area last
night v. ith the exception .of hostile 1
artillery fire at various points, the War)
o.'fice s-nnounced today. A few pris-f
oners were taken by British parties.I
Tue statement reads: j
'L)u;.:ng the night a German ma-|
? * -t -.r'
chine sun pot in tne umgiiDorxi-jou ui,
Ilebuume was rushed by our troops
and tiio machine guti captured. A few
prisoner, were brought iu from other j
prrts ot ;> battle front.
"Beyond hostile artillery activitv at!
different points 0:1 the battle front'
and also the Mernia road and Pas-i
sehcndae'o sector there is nothing!
further to report."
__________ I
PAR!?. April t. ? Heavy artillery i
fighting occurred last night on the1
front north of Montdidier. the War of-!
fice announces Tn raids in the Chain-,
tctgne and on the Verdun front thej
Trench took prisoners and also captr.red
two machine guns. The state
nient follows:
"The artillery fighting became very
violent duriu=- last nigbt in the r-e-1
eion o-" Montdldicr
"Northwest of fcticnus -in the Cham
nagne and on the left bank of the
."Ieuse 'Verdun front) French troops
penetrated German trenches at several
pen:'* bringing hack SO prisoners
ar.d two machine puns.
"German raid'- cast of Rheums -n
Avoen'.irr wood and north of St. Die
were without success." i
^ ^ I
Mrs. S. D. Montgomery
Dies at Tunnelton
Mrs. Si. legman Montgomery.!
mother of ?.]' ;. T'.onn. Myers, of this
city. ar.'J ot Sain E. Montgomery, stato
abor commissioner tor West Virginia.!
died last night at the home of hsr j
daughter. Mrs. II. TT. Boartifield. in |
Tunne'.ton. She was the widow of|
."dam Montgomery and was aged 13 ,
years. She is survived by several chil- i
dree, naseiy. V\'. T. Montgomery, of
Clarksburg; John r. Montgomery, or
Pittsburgh: Mrs. Nancy Harrington,
of New York: Sam B. Montgomery.
Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Bonnifield.
The Fairmont Public Health Nurs
ing Service will tr.ee: tbls evening a;
tight o'clock a: the home of M-s.
Sert S. Leopold on Fairmont avenue.
Several important matters will come i
ip for consideration. I
r Want Ad is in 1
: ' ? ' ' v- M.V ?K-.
But Other Things are of Im-!
? . i
portance He Assures ?
Rotarians. j
Three New Members - Were
Introduced at Today's
Club Meeting.
A Roast to the Kaiser. J
Capt. Frank A. Hunter concluded
l-.-s only too brief remarks at the j
Rotary club today with a "roast" !
to ue natser, tnsteaa or tne customary
toast of peace time ban- i
Here's to the Kaiser?
The Limburger cheese;
May the swell in his head
Go down to his knees!
May be break his damn neck
On the Hindeoburg line,
And po to Hell croaking
"The Watch on the Rhine."
The slogan that "coal is going to!
win the war" was relegated to the j
rear today when Capt. Frank A. Han-1
ter, of Camp Sherman at Chillicothe.
Ohio, assured the Fairmont Rotary
Club, that it was 6teel that will win ;
the war.
Fairmont coal will have its pari to
play in the making of the steel wbicl' i
is going to win this war. Fairmont'
manhood will figure importantly iu i
the winning of the war and Faincnn- '
ters who remain at home will do thu'.r
full share after they hear the Inspiring
remarks of this splendid soldier
at the Presbyterian church.
"Steel will win the war!!" That
was the declaration Capt Hunter who
wonders what influence was exerted
by Paul IV. L,ange and the Fairmont
Rotary club to get him here for this
fos Is ?c iinitcttal fnr nr.
auuicas, iwt i*, J uuuuuui ,
officer to get away- from a cauion-l
ment during this season of intensive j
The steel which Capt Hunter fig-;
ures will win the war is the steel
bayonets In the hands of American
youths, who are admitted by English 1
and French officers to be more agii.
and more athletic than the men of
foreign nations. The steel bayonet J
and the will to use the bayonet will ,
be the factors which will win the war .
in the opinion of Capt. Hunter, who j
points out that the Germans are afraid ,
of cold steel when it comes to them ,
at the end of an American rifle. / j
Ninety percent of war is psychology
.according ot Capt. Hunter, who ;
places but ten percent of war as ac- ]
tual fighting. "Everyman in the mil- ,
itary service fs confident that we I
eventually will win the war" was the .
assurance of Capt. Hunter which J
brought the heartiest applause from (
Rotarians. j
Any talk about a possible peace, any t
idea that the tide has been stemmed (
is ridiculous .according to Capt. Hun-) ter
.who points out that it Is time to.
get down to "brass tacks." He con- ..
: Inned in this connection: "Everyone
can't earn- a rifle. It would not do
cy good if they could." Arguing j >
tiong fhu Una he emphasized the i j
Jury jf '.he people who remain atjl
home ami made it possible for the i
boys in ice front line to accomplish,
what American spirit wills.
Capt. Ilurtter fears that ihc Arner:-; 1
can peo-oic do not realize what actu.-.i j
, ouditions in Europe are and promises
* ? ?1\A_0 >
:5 talk at greater leasts a:oas
i:nes tonight when !t is expected that;
lite capacity of the Presbyterian!'
church will be tested, for it is going; '
to be an addrc-i..: which those who fail)
to hear it will have ample cause to
sincerely regret.
At the conclusion of his brief remarks
prominent Rotarians gathered
around Capt. Kucter and expressed
as best they could the appreciation of
Ins com is g to aFirmont. Capt. Hun-I!
ter is a splendid type of American j I
manhood, a flee looking young chap. '
intelligent, admirable in every way, 1
patriotic and it Teas'I ho ocuseiirus of <
opinion that democracy is safe In the !
hands of such men as he.
Fanl \V. bange and Scary 3. Lire- <
ly. who had beard Capt. Hunter at i
Zanesville. Ohio, are the center of i
attraction this afternoon lor those ]
who cannot get near to the young j
soldier. II. E. Eagle, secretary of j j
the Fairmont Rotary club, in au-|
noancins tbo price of tickets as being i<
but fifty coats made it clear that the!,
price was placed low i:; order that I
a?i might attend and not but wfcat j
the talk would be worth t&u times L
that amount. W. Kenneth Barnes and .
fl. A- Sburtlefr. who are active ia the] '
arrangements for the meeting tonight. |
guests at the Ftotary cittb today andwere
introduced by jarnes C. Weiton.i
Mr. Barnes took occasion in private}
'.Ccr.tr.uod on Pajrr Four.> 11
he West Virginian i
j C&
Clarksburg Publisher Says '
And There Should be
tion Betw
iE. E. Meredith Press Bureaul
J. J. Devine. directing genius of
Tbe Clarksburg Telegram, was one of
the large number of Clarksburg Elk->
who attended the opening of the new
Elks quarters in Fairmont the other
night and knowing that every news
paperman had his troubles with the
shortage of mechanical and editorial
iclp and the cost of paper and everything
else -which goes to make up a
publication, surprise was expressed
that be could get away from his work.
"I could not really get away." he
said. "I broke away, i am an enthusastic
Elk and was anxious t> attend
- ?v. Kn? T
ne opening <jl ma uul *
vcs impelled to come to Fairmont by
1 still deeper motive. 1 *m oue' of
hose who believe that the interests
>f the cities of the Upper Mouongaboa
Valley are practically Identical and
:iat there should be the heartiest co>pera*ion
to bring about the p.-osperty
not of one particular point but
>f the entire region. Wherever there
Is anything on which serves to ceiliillT
Murder Occurred at Office
of Public Information
<Ey ."-stociatea Pr?rs>
WASHINGTON. April 4. ? Jaxes
ciSht wutcbmen at tbe office of
:he Committee on Public Information
was toumi dead early today -with a
ouTlet Lole through bis head. Ofti;ia!s
of tbe committee thought be bad
jeen murdered.
Examination of King's ptstol iaiiaated
tiathe had tried to fire it aad
that the cartridge failed to explode.
Officials said no valuable papers are
iept at the committee offices and that
ihpy could find oottnag to scow ma;
be place had been ransacked.
The police arrested a negro employ;d
at tbe committee, offices. They said
:hat King and the negro had quarreled.
Suggestions that King was
tilled by some one in search of papers
containing war secrets were made bat
be pcl.ee after an examination of the
olace said they did not believe this
was the cise.
Prtt out your flags early Saturday;
corning for the big parade.
^retty Nearly Even
rheir Interests Are Identical j
the Heartiest Cooperaeen
t meat the goori feeir.i- '-c -tea Clarks|
burg and Fairmont i wilt be present,
j even though I am compelled to break
! a way from my buisnese.'-'
| .Mr. Devine expressed himself as
> gratified at the cordial relations ex-1
! 1st in g among businessmen of Clarks- j
t burg and Fairmont. He thinks thai
I the gatherings of coal man at both
cities, the exchange of visits by the
Rotary clobs and the good-fellowship
developed at the' Elks" meeting Tues;
day night contribute toward making
I the Upper Monongahela Valley a bet!
ter place to live and a better place
to make a living. Mr. Devine is a
! Rotarian also:
j Mr. Devibe is one of the most proi
gressive and able newspapermen in
; West Virginia having been president
it the West Virginia Daily Xewspa;
per Association during its first year.
He is making the Clarksburg' Tele- J
i gram a profitable investment, which i
i is an attainment almost out of ques-!
I tion under the old newspaper regime j
i 1X1 W est > lrgiaia.
| Loan Campaign
* To Last a Month
! 'By Associated Biessi
| WASHINGTON. April 4.?1 he third
Liberty loan campaign. vill last four j
: weeits beginning Saturday and end- !
! i?S May < the Treasury department!
j anaounrad' oaay.
j Banks wiil be given five days after :
! the campaign cioses to tabulate and
report subscriptions.
Instead of requiring two. per cent.' j
["cash payments with tbe subscriptions ;
; as in the second loan 5 per cent, -will ;
be ashed for the third loan. Twenty '
| per cent, then will be due May 2Sth. 35 '
! per en:. July IS. and 40 per cent. '
j Angus- -V # ' j
Mrs. Josie Copen
Dies at Johntown
Mrs. Josie Copen, wife of . Lafe
*' * ? * iw
; C Open. aiea ai uci uuus*s > |
this morning of septicemia. She was
J 41 year? of age and leaves her hus|
band and several children.
The funeral will beheld on Friday,
j the funeral party leaving the residence
' at 1:30 p. ro. and driving to the Brum- '
age cemetery on Ice's run where inter-.
meat will be made by Undertaker Mas- (
grave and Son.
It would be a shame to let a Parade j
for so worthy a cause pass your home j
Saturday and no flags. Its np to you. <
/body in Town is Si
? nt t
Mayor Bowen Says There is;
No Need for Such an
Because he thinks the excellent |
work which is being accomplished br
the large land owners ard individual !
land holders toward enconraging food ;
cultivation, makes a municipal garden
league unnecessary in Fairmont this '
year Mayor Bowen has abandoned hi j ;
plan to formjone. Mayor Bowen has
made a cardkil study of the garden
situation in Fairmont, aside from his
own experience as a gardener, and is J
of tile opinion teat a municipal jar-1
den league or some other organization.
such as -eras carried out in Fairmont
last year, might conflict with
the -work of the land owners, who.
already have made careful plans for
the cultivation of every available acre
of land.
Despite the fact that plowers have
been unusually scarce this spring, j
Mayor Bowen estimates that there are
fully ten times as many acres of land
(Continued on Pago (4)
Dr. Stoetzer Will j
Repeat Sermon
Rev. H. G. Stoetter. D. D.. pastor of :
First Presbyterian church, wilt preach
on the theme. "What We Are Fight-'
ing?the Political and Religious Philosophy
of Germany and Why We Are i
Fighting It," on Sunday evening at i
7:30 o'clock.
Tb'i.i is a'powerful war sermon which
Dr. Stoetzer preached several weeks
ago and the clergyman put it so forcibly
that many persons requested him
to repeat it. Dr. Stoetzer has been
an earnest apd deep student along
these lines while at Princeton.
Put out vonr flats early Saturday j
morning for the big parade. j
Hear Cap
The Brilliant i
First Presbyt
General Admission 50<
ire to Read It~Cer
won LAST i
German Rinnan Chased '.-ifil
One Red Cross Unit Foor
Army Work That Came Vg
Their Way Was Gad- ^j?9H
(By Askcialed Pressl : ?v. ;
PARIS. April 4.?As the excitement -ftiJS
incident to the first rev days of the
German offensive dies down. report!
come iu cf the bravery in face or dsn
iter of various women workers in th<
American Red Cross who were aidinf
civilians in reconstruction and reli?l ' i y"f3B
work ?t the Iilequicr near the rH? .'^rasS
Soramc. left their posts just two hours ''. friffsaM
before the Germans arrived in the ,
town. 'With their automobiles they
aided it. removing the civilians and
pickin.t up many wounded along the
road. The women were the last. civH- . ~s3
'*??? ?Un t n-vrn <n?t Tir<S<*^vtrT?W -:V~;^g95
Another Red Cross unit stationed in
a hospital just hick of the lines was -gggSM
ordered to evacuate in two hours. Tfafcy- left
at C o'clock in the morning .and _^3gS
were chased four mites by a German
aviator before reaching a pout of safety.
1 he next day the unit vent
town rear the ifstiting 11ms and. es- ?-J38
tablished soup kitchens for^be trpops
and fit st aid stations for sick refugee* >?;
and wounded stragglers. \ "ji;y^;'vfe?8SSm
The town was under conitnuoossheK^i
fire and the units answered ?eHE*4*K3r,->- -al;
hours to site first aid .to- i
wound ea by the enemy shells. The ~ j|j51
unit then look over complete charge'
of the operation work in a hospital- N'tSsj
The nr.rscr working in 12 hour shifts ;i.<3|
in attendiBK to a dozen wounded,sol- .?'>2?
diers too seriously injured to be cmr-~?g*
Four .American medical officers art- '"fjjlal
inched to a Red Cross hospital behind '<SS3g
the Franco-British front declared tiieir j.'.t-Jjflj
tH??r? ?*irrrH?~>3aW
hell froze" despite the removal of the
patient? to a point of safety by auto- . Tral
Daughters of Rehekati i|
To Parade Saturday; ||
__________ ?- '
Interest la the Liberty Loan'parade
an event scheduled for Saturday"''
grows daily. Another organization, ol -'itSagi
women, the Daughters of Rebekah'
No. 60 through their chairman Mtea...-7-iM
Ivetta Merrifield last nigfct not|tod;'-;v3
Airs. L. X. Yost, bead of. the execstire
committee of the desire of that %
organization to participate in' the- pa* :
rade. The executive committee, wish- g
es to impress on members of variotts .'.Sp
organizations in the city that no- faF
vitations has been made to any. or-.;"<<e?H
ganization specially to participate and
that any organisation, reltgoua ot'-. Sj
otherwise will be welcomed and will
be assigned some special work on apLaborers.
Good wages to. good:
; men. Machine work. Apply . -?> ^
American Valve & Tank:
Laborers in sWppfn^ 4ep*rtMnfci?*&
APP*y l_2s^3??2SHB
)t? I Iunter *
Soldier Orator
01*13X1 ChureK
:. Students 25b M
-< -G~ >>1 >

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