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i U/etc. jo, -Hfc cahc- o
ITO MY oPnce TO see
J 'I ^
-PlTTSgPRGH. April 4.?On tlv
B&PIttsburgh Stock Exchange there war.
R?llttle increase in the volume or l>u
Hess and with a few exceptions price
Krtitnro were unimportant.
[glfltr|iir'*rrr Light and Heat declined t .
wand closed offered at 50. a loss or
Br dollar's share compared wtili the la
close. Ohio Fuel Sujoly a.
Oklahoma Gas at 24 were
4U aw*"* "**/& *- ??(,?.
fiuTii ii rice. There "were 110 sales of
HESeetric in the local market. Inde^Bpenilent
Brewing common was It lovI
er at 11%, and the preferred. sold unKsfianged
at 7- The bonds of this ccnrHgBngf.were
not quoted, but Pittsburgh
H| Brewing 6s closed offered at ."2. no
KltS;: '.Mining shares were quieter than
BSmal iad prices averaged lower.
W. Pittsburgh-Jeronie declining from
I 300 Gold Bar 11 11
Kg: 60 lnd?-Brewlng .... IVi ' : ,.
100 Bo preferred 7 7
P l? Stfrs L. & H "!>
glSOO Mt Shasta 4'J
20 Ohio. Fuel Sup .. -i 1: j
if-15 Oklahoma Gas .. 2:
BbmOO P-J Copper TO GT>
H^ SOO. Saa Toy 11 11
^<y,S7" West Airbrake .. 06% 35%
IpOOO Liberty Loan S'-is 9SS6 9S9S
M\ New York
t hfBW YOJtK,?April 4-For all pracI
leal purposes today's stock market'
IjiaiB. little more than a duplicate of the
awTlotus Say. Trading -was a time
tore active and diversified, bat the
*ne was hesitant on the further abHue
of decisive advices from abroad.
BP""* "were conspicuous for tlicir exnme
backwardness. Canadian PauOc
"being the only important issue
^w.aai? so much as a point.
IgBTOB mam ice irena 01 mac aivis-1
Mr was downward, coalers losing sub-1
nmtial fractions, but hardening toWards
the close.
: " $'
H''" f.
I a Stick
y,.-S~?r--'- \
- ''.: *
-?-'' 1"': " '* .
1^^ IUM-Q*- HAS
M<? *
OiJ and Gas. |
The Eastern fields show an increase
: iu development work but the volume
is much less than it should be, con,
r-idering the favorable conditions. Opi
orators are rather slow about takins
up the search for new producing ter
ritory. Many operators who in tne
past have been inclined to wildcat
' during the early spring months are
; doing very little of that kind of work,
i When questioned as to the cause for
; rot. '.inking a greater effort they near;
'y all claim that there is no money in
' eying for new producing territory at
I i he preset.t market price of crnoo.
Another advance in the market would
j no doubt stimulate the search and
i there are few who will make a detcr:
mined effort until after it has adI
van fed.
flefltiers say the demand for leer|
crone has fallen off but the consnntn:
::i of gasoline is increasing rapidly
>1: ny owners of automobiles do not
drive in she vim t months, but now
: .-re bringing the cars out. maker
: creator demand for gasoline.
At ;> ''-r :.t there is no indication of
t-horUtge in the supply during the
current year. The crude oil market
lints advanced three'times since there
ha : ho .1 an advance in the price of
1 ct.-e'ine. Another advance in the
i < ": 1 in -.'-Prer will likely cause the
CGotrr' for gasoline io advance,
j C:i 1' - -1 Hun. McClelland district.
I Dead ' > . :n;y AY Va. the Carnegie
; A : Company's No on the
j Mar.r.rl Ash ft.rnt. a gasser in the
i 015 injun ?3II(| urmeu-iu mat . < member.
is turning to oil. -The wen is
spraying oil at the rate of three barrels
a day and increasing. Oil Dents
Run. Mannington district. Marion
county, the Hope Natural Gas Company's
Xo 3 011 the Ella Kinsey farm
is producing 160 barrels a day.
In the old districts there is quite a
little -work starting. On Trace Fork.
DeKalb district. Gilmer county, the
; Hope Natural Gas Company is placing
: rig timbers on the ground for a test
! on the W H Otto farm. On Back
I Run, Cnion district, Ritchie county,
i R E L Frymier has finished rigging
[ up op the S Keith farm. On Burton
I Run. Clay district, the Philadelphia
Run David McGregor has started to J
drill on the Minnie Livingston farm.
The Philadelphia Company has a rig 1
completed oa the J S Elder farm loca- 2
ted oa Bees on Ran. j
On Bush Kan. Meade district. Tyler' '
county. Herbert Wagner is doe ia the!1
sand at a test on the J E Morgan 1
farm. On Indian Creek. McElroy dis-!1
trict. the American Oil Envelopment i1
Company is drilling a second test on 1
the Susan Taggart farm. The Hope i'
Natural Gas Company has the rig!'
completed for a test oa the P K East- '
man farm. On Little Creek. Greene1 1
district. Wetzel county, the Benedun:- <
rAmrwnv is due in the Gor-! 1
a ms \/<? r~?_ ?
don at a test on the Mary C Snod-; <
grass farm. , 1
I Grain and Produce |j!
_______??? ?? J ; <
CHICAGO, April 4.?Freezing: v.ta-! '
.ther north'west had a decided bullish '
effect today on cats and indirectly sI-(,
so on corn. Prices closed unsettled.j
with oats to lit net higher, j'
and corn up J.ic at 1.25% May. Pro- '1
visions gained 12c to 62c. ' 1
Open Close.'
! Corn?
May 125li 125%
ssa SO is '
May S<V
Pork? |.
May 4775 4521 ;
mm mk
LPLI Lima, uuiiiku
i *
I i:
| Chairman Barnes Tells Hew
County Councils are to
t ~ ' i
T .T. Walter Barnes, chairman of the 1
Marion County Council of Defence, '
when lie returned from Charleston last ; i
night brought with him an outline of .
j the plan for the reorganization of the
| County Defense bodies so that they ;
| will be able to take care of every : '
I form of war work and penetrate to 1
j every corner of the counties.
I In each county there shall be a
j chairman and a secretary of the
? - > a ? ;
j l_?OUXliy l.uuiirn \jl i/riciiov. ou
i utive committee with full power shall 1
| consist of the chairman, secretary and :
; the chairmen of eight general com- '
, mittees. The eight general commit- 1
| tees are: i'
; General committee on food. j'
General committee on finahce.
! General committee on war charities
General committee on labor.
General committee on fuel.
General committee on patriotic pub
; iicity.
j General committee on defense. ! c
| General committee on -woman's de-' <
It is not plea-va
telephone with a pers
tion is so indistinct '
have to ask him to re
ant to be asked to
interruptions mar the
Careful attention
in hand and proper c
and directly into the ti
inate most of this trc
Concentration ai
tion given to a tele]
are marks of resp
/ . ? ; . -5
Tel. 12000
Saturday, A;
at one o'ch
Ail the land and build
I Henry planing mill prop*
consisting of about one and
2-story planing mill build i
room cottage, lot of machi
ing, hangers, pulleys, 12 hoi
one 8 horse power boiler, 01
hold and kitchen furniturt
water supply. The right is
sale of the above property,
day of sale.
& - ~ t
Sufficient toads should be provided for,
if expense of maintaining the organ*-1
The eight general committees are to ]
be comprised ot the chairmen of -carious
other committees. j
Under the head ot a general com- j
mlttee os Toed, tor Instance there are |
three committees. The first on food
production, naturally would be headed
bv the county agricultural agent and
chat official should be required to
cnaVe nn tl.e personnel of his commit-!
rce -which wculd have in charge the
-aanaiCTi for Increased production on
farms ?"d war gardens The second
? that nu food conservation
:umiuit'.c? to ?
x> be headed by the county food ad- j
mlnistrator. The third committee is
on demonstration work, to be headed
by the home demonstration agent. Tt
has a wide field of usefulness. The
chairmen of these three committees
make on the general committee on
food. I
The general committee -elf finance
would consist of the chairmen of the
committees on the Liberty Loan. War j
Savings Stamps and support of the i
County Council. It wojild bo the duty i
of the latter committee to provide the I
funds for the support of the county |
council. i
The general committee on war
charities would consist of the county j
chairmen on Red Cross. Y. M. C. A.,
Knights of Columbus. Y. 31. H. A.. !
War Camp Community and Salvation i
The general committee on labor '
would consist of chairmen of commit- i
tees on employment bureaus, boys* j
working reserve. the United States ;
Public Service Reserve and Farm ;
The general committee on fuel :
would consist of-chairmen of commit- j
tees on fuel production, fuel conser- j
ration aud administration and explo-,
The general committee on patriotic '
publicity would consist of chairmen '
of committees on newspapers, churches.
schools, four minute men and theatres.
The committee on newspapers
would handle local publicity, the con-I.-,--x?-<-?uld
work under
[illi ie<_: i/?i viiu? V..VM -???
:hc direction of a chairman wlio would j
he in touch with all the churches of
liis coun'y. while the county and city
superintendents of schools are availa-,
ble for the schools.
The general committee on defense 1
would consist of chairmen from vari- :
ous business, commercial, labor, fraternal
and patriotic organizations
from which assistance can be secured
when properly organized in any war .
activity. For instance, the chairmen ;
of the committee on fraternal organization
should have a chairman in each
iodce in the county who would present j
to his lodge any war problem suggest-.
ed by the chairman of the committee
on fraternal organizations. Through
this method practically every organization
or association existing can be .
The eighth general committee is on
woman's defense work and would con-;
slst of the chairman of the woman's
division in each county, the chairman
of the federated woman's clubs and
???????????? * ?
nt to talk over the
011 whose conversathat
you frequently
peat, nor is it pleasrepeat.
pleasure of any talk. '
to the conversation
are to speak plainly
ransmitter will elini>uble.
id courteous altenphone
ect that will be
RPNACK, Local Manager.
214 Monrqf Street. Fairmont, W. Va.
ril 6.19181
>ck P.M. |
[ings known as the T. F.
erty on Hickman's Rim,
one fourth acres of land,
ng 30x60 feet, one fournery
consisting of shaftrsepower
gasoline engine,
le lot of tools, also houseProperty
has its own
reserved tdknake private^
Terms maue known on
tRINGEN, Auctioneer.
[ H? letter outlining the reorgani|
zation ptana, which is signed 'try Gov,
ernor Corn well and Jesse W. Sullivan
! secretary of the advisory council, con- J
! defies as follows:
Following the meeting of yoor j
County Council of Defense and a reor- {
gant zation along the lines suggested j
i by the war council please forward with j
j out delay the following information: j
1. Name and addres of chairman. j
J 5. Name and address oCsecretary. J
3. Names and addresses of chair- j
j men of eight general committees.
I Following this when you have com- i
: pleted your organization with the
i names and addresses of all the com!
mltteemen serving under the general
j committees so that they may be plac:
ed on our mailing list for copies of
i w?at Virginia War Bulletin.
Also. forward names and addresses
of all chairmen and secretaries of com
munity councils organized in the counties
under the County Council of Defense.
In some of the counties it trill be remembered,
in your efforts to comply
i with the suggested program of the war
; council that it will only be necessary
| to rearrange the county council as1
j the Liberty Loan -chairman, the Red
| Cross chairman, the War Savings
chairman, the county fuel administrai
tor are at present members of the
county Council of Defense. j
When the organization is completed
West "Virginia will have the most
: complete defense organization of any
state in the union. It should be completed
immediately. Permit me to :
urge haste.
Editor West Virginian:
To: are authorized to announce that i
Davis Elkins, of Morgantown, Monon- j
gaiia county, a candidate for nomination.
by the Republican party, for the I
United States Senate for West Virginia.
subject to all the rules of the
Republican party, and the laws of the
state governing the primary election
to be held August. /91S.
J. H. McDERMDTT. Chairman.
Morgantown, West Virginia.
P. 0. drawer SSI. Telephone 100.
You are authorized to announce
I am a candidate for nomination by
the Republican party, for the United
states Senate for West Virginia, subject
to all the rules of the Republican
party, and the laws of the state i
governing the primary to be held in j
August, 191S.
Huntington. W. Va.
WANTED?Two light housekeeping i
rooms. Phone 3S1. 4-l-3t-3642 j
Women of W. Va. Suffer at Horn*. |
CnAEKSurttG. W. Va. ? "A few year j
ago 1 developed woman's weakness anc j
,r lgr _ had ulcers. Through
^isaMh this X became very
fgLrf WS \ > weak and nervous
SgBr K could not eat noi ,
sleep. I had severe
\ n??fr?< fri mv Laoii I
/3=.iand head. als) bear
\ ~^t ' ins-down pains. J
/? ? ?-A-? >, was continually ir
..< distress when J
* -- '// - began talc i n s
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vvj\l'rescriptfon and
'*"* v Golden Medical Discovery
and they gave me great relief. I
was in much better health after their use.
? found them both excellent medicines.'
?Mes.C. L. YKEiaE, till Kelly Hill.
Fawsiomt. W. V.\. ? "Doctor Pierce's
Favorite prescription helped me when I
nost needed help and X am clad to recommend
it. When X was going through
middle age I became all run-down, weak
and nervous, could not sleep, had severe
pains In my back and kips so X could
hardly walk. I took six bottles of the
Favorite Prescription' and it brought
mo throngh this critical period in a good,
strong, healthy condition. Women'who
are going through this critical time should
not suffer, but take "Favorite Prescrip- j
tion.'r?SIbs. A. A. Atua, 3u0 Grafton St. j
Moo'dsvtlle, W. Va.?" When I was a
girl, just coming into womanhood. I used
to suner from suppression and pain. I became
very nervous and weak. I was sick
this way for one whole winter. My sister
had been so wonderfully benefited by the
use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
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it began to help me and two bottles completely
regulated me and cured me of all
my sickness and built mo up in a good,
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ilss. J. vv. Baddox, 403 Baker Avenue.
"Favorite Prescription." the ever-famous
friend to ailing women, is sold by
druggists, liquid or tablets. Has enjoyed
an immense sale for 50 years, which
proves its merit as well as the above}
statements. If you desire a trial pack-?
a;t of the tablets, send 10 cents tc I
Dr. V. M. Fierce, isuaaio, as. x.
Get |
tige From _your Bank- \
ing Connection. . 4 '
Banking plays an all im- J
portant part in securely ce- > :
dentins the bond of cooperation
and business relation- %
s The Xational Bank of Fair- ; ~ |
? ; mont has the distinction of 5:J j
( being the financial factor in j<*S !
" , many of Fairmont's chief en- ; 3 j
! terprises. f* j
Ours 1? an Individual bankJ
ing service?your account jUj?
"i will recf/ve the attention i !]S
characteristic of its require- feS
ments- - .... ffl
3^ jr Wr,
Fairmont $st0sv".
WfifT 1
WANTED?Kitchen maid. Coot's
Hospital. S-lS-tT-3567.
WANTED?A. chambermaid. Apply
Tucker Hotel. Jackson street. Phone
i:ss. C-30-3t 3635.
WANTED?Maid for general housework.
600 Benoni Ave. phone 594.
WANTED ? Slaid for general housework.
Ap|>lv 422 Fairmont Ave. or
call Bell phone 177. 42-3t-3645
WANTED ? At once, competent
_ _ mail for general house work
Must" be KtMd cook. References required.
CaJl phone 777 or 616 Benoni
Ave. 4v-3t-3S56.
WANTED?Man and woman on suburban
place, soman to do general
housework. Man to take cara of lawn
U? fiu{,a i u aiixix
tenants. Four desirable rooms
located on the 5tli floor of the new
Professional building. May be rented
singly or as communicating oifices.
Apply room 501. 4-2-3t-3648
FOR SALE?Birgaia, new Overland
4-cvlinder touring car. Call 80-R
Ring 2. Fairvier. S-26-lit-3Sll
FOR SALE?Three chair barber outlit.
consisting of chairs, wall case, tools,
etc. Will sell cheap to quick buyer.
Call phone 1212 J. S-25-6t S60C
FOR SALE?Visible typewriter, good
as new and roll top desk. Apply Dr.
Tracli. Professional Bids. 3-2g-.1t SGOS
FOR SALE?<lood horse. Applv
Greater Fairmont Bakery. 4-3-3t-3651
20 acres adjoining village. Splendid
buildings. 2ich soil, price $1,300.
half cash. Write for details. J. E.
Moore, Princess Anne, Md.
As my wife, Oma Wade, has left my
bed and board I will not be responsible
for any debts she may contract.
March 21. 191?. Adv.?3580
WANTED?Reliable -woman ' wlshej
clerical position. Knowledge of
bookkeeping. At>ply Box 365S, \Test
Virginian. 4-4-3t-3<5ii.
WANTED?Posillon as saleslady. Experienced.
Stave salary. Address
Box 3659, West Tirginian.
S * V fires, whatsov
S whatsoever developet
0 fires or fire breeding
any vorth of manho
you, think of these th
8 F. E. NI
fS Es7su:
Masonic Temple1
even to youself that you
ly?you brand yourself 2
Instead, start a Savi
ings Account at Our 1
TRY to deposit weeldy,
you will T>ecome a .?UC(
4 per cent Interest {
Fairmont Tr
9 .Lil ^ X JDk^U W ^-| It
II FOR REXT?Rooms and -board. 4 I
Qnincy street. J4Mt-3Sl? . ^?jg|
I bpsiness oppogroamgs
j FOR SALE?Paying rural tare and v?
dcrtnfcing business to good locality' " ' 'ijt+B
70 acre tars: at bargain. Poor beaitt
only reason for selling. Box 43. Ken ; ??|
sington. O. 3-5-26t-34S9 a?
Don't matter If broken. I pay SC.OO
to S 15.00 per set. also cash for old - .-..as
gold, silver, platinum, dental gold and '
all gold jewelry. Will send cash by return
mail and will hold goods 10 days - ^
for seeder's approval of my price. Mala -- 'a^
to L. Mazer, COOT S. 5th St. Phfladel- s >*i|g
phla. Pa
French poodle pug. His whereabouts
will be appreciated. Call 9U-W. v
FOR SALE ? Come and see before
buying. One new Chalmers fivepassenger
car. Extra tire, bumpers,
set ot chairs. Save $300. C. B. Ken- ' i
FOR SALE?S-room house, all mod- < _ v?"^^S|
J era conveniences. 521 Walnut Ave. " - ^
j FOR SALE?1 seven room house and
j 1 fire room bouse. Both close in. - 2
! All modem conveniences. Address v^la
| Box 3556 West Virginian office.
! FOR SALE?6-room house, between
l 5th and 6th street. Fairmont Ave.
A bargain. M. J. Lantz. 3-3M>?-3634
i \V-\.\ l ?.L>?I o sen sman conase ? iui
modern improvements and garden;
close in. Address box 3G33 West VIr- 'yjSSS
ginian. 3-30-6t-3633
FOR SALE ? Six-room frame housed
seven room brick, eight room brick
house. All large lots. Close in. Desirable
community. Address Postoffice
Box 250. 4-2tf-3643
SALE?5-rcom bouse. Inquire .
C20 Oliver Ave. 4-3-6t-3654
. v* *
WANTED ? Miners wanted veto are
studying for examinations, to get
the best mining book published, "Mlni;:g
in a Nutshell." by James Waj-dlaw,
Pcottdale. Pa. Price S2.25. 20-20t-3377.
poultryInd supplies ^
FOR SALE ? Fine Buff Orpington
Cockerel. Phone 1316-J. 4-3-2t-365?>
FOR BENT?Modern five room flat
over Kerns & Harris store, Mer- '
chant street. G. C. PowelL 4-3-3t-3653
Professional Cards
stfSa^A. B. SCOTT,
JKEBSX^ Optometrist and
a years practical M
experience. Glasses furnished In
A. B. ScottJ^Coinpanyi
-_-.-.u-.-.-u-.-_ i._ - /I"
Glasses of all Kinds correctly
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hall Block crer Martin's Drug
? ??????????????????
- . . , , - - - - -|
| Dr. D. L. L. YOST
| Practice limited to office and ?v2^B
I Ne? Location 310 Main St . 3
{ Hours 9 'a. m. to 8 p. m. dally.
{ and 1 to 4 p. m. Sunday by appoint- :
{ ment uhone?New Directory 273; ;
Residence Phone 1295 J.
Repairing and rebuilding automobile
radiators a. specialty.
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt
and Sold.
Practical Tinner and Sheet
Metal Worker. 328?lWonroe St
Lafceth for safety from Is ?JIm
erer preventeth fires, S
h care in handling
materials; if there be g .
od or womanhod in g
C^pLS . I if
- - I, -* jO
: Z'SsM
admit h
cannot save money weekis
a FAILURE if yoa do. * ngs
Accoimt at Our SavSavings
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^ESS instead of a FAIL- |
flowed 'iH^I
[ y ." j-^r H
and garden. House furnished. Call
phone 333 orKTitc Box 472. 3-2S-tf-361G
"WANTED ? Laborers for concrete
work. Apply Hntchinson Pocrcr
Plant. S-26-tf-2615
WANTED?Good strong man as assistant
shipper. Reference required.
"Write slating salary expected.
Armour & Co., Bel1 phone 1212.
S-30-kt 3G37.
WANTED?Skilled laborers for tenil- j
ing brick layers. 50c per hour. <
Frank Roush.chimney builder. B. & O.
Round House, Fairmont. 4-2-3t-3G43 ,
WANTED ?Experienced drivers, j
tPrtflr ->nH cfrftlffht T1Q.V. A3
ply to Howard Nuzum. 206 Merchant
street. Fairmont. \V. Va.
WANTED?Porter. Apply B. & <71
Itest house. Call Manager, phone i
4S. 4-3-tf.
WANTED?Div clerk. Apply Mauley
Hotel 4-3^-3657
W.1NTEU?Men handy with too to to
set machinery- Apply bct Linn
Producing Plant. Tenth' street and
Belt Line Hallway. 4-4-4t-JCS0.
WANTED ? 1'oung married man of
Jlannington. w. Va., desires to lo-j
catc good employment In or near Fair-;
mont. Is not subject to draft and can j
give good reference. Just completed
over four years honorable service in j
regular army. Call Bell phone 1S-R. '
Manaington, V. Va 3-2S-5t-3612 ,
WANTED?5 or 6 room house by relia-!
hie family. Will give good refer-1
ence. Call 36GW 4-2-2t-3644 |
WANTED?To buy two or three small j
houses. Write P. A. S. Box 100,!
City. 4-2-2t-3647 '
? ?Ttrr>.h.r. TkTTVTTfl J

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