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iyy ,j
^'ia%ctinstrul show is which M'Ji
';' yauin bm and young women paxdcli^POtad
was an event last night at the !
; Y^. K. C- A. which was under the di-i
!"> faction of the losing tam is the "V" !
~~!jBmartinnnf nr which Miss Nel! l?u r
| tih was captain and at which tre '
Jg .mates of the winning team, cap-i
tatasd by Miss sain Hunt, were guests I
- slpllllfiaini men of the dormitory ana '
* class cf nea in the T. M -C. A. Cm.?
"he minstrel show was held :n the,
gSft auditorium aad was participated in
hjrMrs. Mildred Matthews, the Mistes '
f Blanche Harry, Mary Ford. Slascce I
'/ EHm. Marie Fruni. Phyllis Lrtt, |
-? Maasrs. Bobsrt Smith. James nad for
rest Knight. Aat>rey "Wilson an J K It '
p.v IKsdUngtoe. All participants were.
; hlacfcsd aad tbo girls *ere attired in i
^^jj*ft^*ir<^elt^yaiiov.iacWers cir.a
2 ted is biish unttou. ;
program opened with
t * ehorus including 'he ;
Irs. Matthews. Ji-.sses i
ar.ti Robert Smith sad
o mat iT Miss Price j
? program which -etc
red. the guests were
T~ reception hs.1- ;
t* wre is attendac??
rJten-FkT d
if Bsmckviiie, wt j
Charlton, son of Mr.
S. Charlton, oZ Manaited
in marriage last ;
tome of the officiating i
bv. C. E. Goodwin, of
church. Mr., and Mrs.
jsalde in Maoeington
or holds a position j
. Perm On Company, j
sra of prominent JIa-1
I n??
Ri" WASHINGTON. D. C.. April 5.?:
I' Blabep of York has taken his dc- |
parte rs leaving pleasant memories, ;
R> it aJiBtfcm to a persistent recollec- j
tfaa of his knee breeches, cape and
trick Seattle hat. That was new for 1
. thefolk of this town notwithstanding!
* they <n used to cosmopolitan cele-\
y- brfties dropping in on them from the 1
? ,<0ttr comers of the earth frequently of!
IStei Six thousands of us jostled into
G.y~ the 'Corcoran Gallery to give the Most
' .Eminent the casual once over, hear '
W what be had to say. and to shake his ;
Iv . hod. The Bishop is a good mixer and
ho. left a good impression everywhere :
Ss?? hs went here. He is also a good talk-:
er, and his line about the unity of the ;
gy. : Anglo-Saxon race in theiuture listen-!
etfgood. As they are coddling up pret-',
RS:.". Inclose, to each other right now for
aeg-pteseiration, the Bishop's pro-:
m?:. phetic vision appears clear enough.'
I NOW that England's great preiaio is,
gait*, the town is not altogether un- j
happy. Indeed..It Is most happy: joy-j
oca and Joshing for. we have with usi
new, three Individuals who are as emi-f
neat la their respective lines as the
*)4rltnal4oolting Bishop is in his. and
Store widely knows and advertised
wherever the cinema flashes than is
the good man in hie sphere. They are
Charley Chaplin. Douglas Fairbanks
asd Mary Pickford. Not since the
visit of Papa Joffre has the Capital
in its entirety felt such interest as it
: does in these three screen celebrities.
3Jn trio came in direct from 'Frisco
to,start, their tour as Liberty bond
PSBPB8 from the Nation's Capital.
While that^s their business, it may oe
ditt Song can he induced to climb the
Mii.in.fMt and jump off the top of it on
tothe hade of a horse, as a free ex
and advertisement for the
mart Bond show .and Charley prevail d.npon
'to show a few tricks with a
ewtard pie.and bis fanny feet. "Our
Mary" wfOr do an that any of u= exnm
oc her. if she will just be her
?WS sweet self. Mary's Ma did not
diga east with her, and Brother Jack
has departed from the lot" to take
a? training at s& army aviation school.!
B!i quite much Interested
lean Morris. ol the meathe
merry army of 91 per
rjolaad.witli the hospital
ts make street life in the
voce. There ore some I
n? on the Hill who are {
to see if Morris settles i
nnh-proof Job at If he inITS
that the organization i
ttxit in bis direction. This :
(be also and likewise no- J
it is within the draft age. I
temptton before an e?E-'
It home on the ground'?;
senee a; the packing;
wsential ft the highest;
> continued operation or i
On that plea, the board
Alter ward, it Is reporttOTed
him to the eligible
scerd that be had come
Etoa to take a job in the
Mot yet has it been as what
sort'of trork the :
lillioaaire is to be sot!
er it Is at the filing case ;
or spmetning more im- j
[ually as safe. Newspa-1,
e trying to get that In-!
- * r-nT* in-oee. t J
Mte Kho have it in mind to make anfl|
npyancs -and notoriety for the youth- ;
- fy '-Ctperoa have Joined in the chase, j
tretta Jewel: as she wae kuo-tvn on i
rv- . tbdatkge. has bought a handsome resi- j
.^>^'d^ce in an exclusive neighborhood i
F an&J^rill settle down in Washington j;
?' - , to omke this her future home. Miss i
BSjf; JewW i? no other than Mrs. William \
Gatr/Jtoown, 3r~ the widow of the con- 1
???, gieeeinan of that name who reprc'
seated the Second West Virginia dis-la
?' trie! in the- 5fonse at the time his a
death, and for several ~;ars prior I
;* . thereto. The new home Is opposite s
thpold Jestise Harlan mansion, in the i r
Easter Tea Tonight.
Aa Easier tea win be as event at
the M. ? Temple this evening under
the direction of the Hope Mission
Band. The proceeds of the tea are
to be used to support a Chinese girt
and to purchase v.col for aa ambulance
robe for the Red Cross. A program
will be rendered and refreshments
served. A silver offering wiil
be taken.
Woman's Club Tea.
Interest among r'airmont women today
centers in the meeting of the
Woman's club which convened at J
o'clock in the Masonic Assembly Halt.
This is the last regular meeting of
the year and foHowiug an address on
Current Events by Sirs. George Doboit.
a tea vrfl! be held which is under
the direction of Mrs. George
Alexander acting ciiairru.ua of the Social
commit >.ee.
m ? m
A piano recital va3 an event yesterday
afternoon at the Parochial
t-i Uc^ in which the following sturii.r.is
part:-, pa tad: Margaret and
Mary Cioti.--a.dUck, Elizabeth Robinson.
Dorothy Clelfand, Virginia McDouald,
Graze Karris, Mary McAtcer,
Madeline Waltz. Sophia Doman, Edith
Sutnpter, Rosalie Skiles, Mary Walter.
Miw:ed McKaia, Brownie Harrison.
Charleston Events.
Mrs. Ben Brown entertained the
members of Company C club, at their
regular meeting at her home on Alderson
street yesterday afternoon. Her
guests of honor were her sisters. Miss
Avis Newhall, and Miss Frances Xewhall,
of Lynn, Massachusetts. Miss
Kelen Miller, of Fairmont, who is the
guest of Miss Caroline Ward, was also
a guest of Mrs. Brown's at this meeting.
Governor and Mrs. John J. Cornwell
have as their guests Mrs. \V. D.
Cornwell and daughter. Miss Marion
Cornweli. of Winchester. Va. and their
granddaughter. Edna Jane Ailes, of
Washington, D. C.?Charleston Mail.
? oaaivu I
J By CHARLES Blttwro omi ...j ..
center of large, fashionable apartment
buildings and not far distant from the
Washington residence of no one other
than the illustrious William Jennings
Brown. Mrs. Broxvn has a secure social
position in the Capital, which she
won for herself when she was leading
woman for a stock company at Poll's
previous to her marriage . She is an
attractive and brilliant woman, possessed
of remarkable tact. Her tirst
social entertainment of any formal
size to be given in her new home will
be during the D. A. R. convention
which convenes April 15. She will be
amember of the?convention with credentials
from the King-wood. \V. Va..
chapter. King-wood having been her
home since the death of her husband.
Some of the members of Congress
are repeat'ng a couplet based on a
classic -with which most folk are familiar.
It runs:
"Count that day last whose low descending
See no. new job fixed tip for McAdoa
to run."
Congressman Bowers clipped from
some unremembered sheet, a cleverer
bit than that yclept Muchtodo McAdoo
which he showed to colleagues in the
Republican cloakroom. It reads:
"Poor Mr. McAdoo!
Think of the jobs he's hitched up to?
tvooOtirr* rn'Trrio^
The income tax. and then a fete.
Each week they hand him something
To tax his time and temper, too.
He has to know when loans are due.
What source to get his millions
What fund to pass each dollar to.
Which tax is what, and who is who;
What bonds to sell and what renew.
Which "trust" coax and which to sue.,
He 6tretches out each day to two.
To do the things be has to do.
The job would flounder me or you.
But it's a cinch for McAdoo!"
Harry Sands, of Wheeling, was a;
visitor in the city yesterday the guest j
of his sister. Mrs. W. T. Hartman anil i
his brother. Dr. W. H. Sands.
Frar.fc Crawford, who has been con-'
tinea -to r.is home for a -week from \
tonsSIItfs. Is recovering.
Xcws lias >cr. received here of the]
Mr:ii of a (Wjoiier. on Sunday. Marca
51th. to Sir. r.::d Sirs. Itoger "Wilson,
at the State Hospital, Hazeiton. Pa.
Mrs. Wilson was formerly Miss Xelle
Cascade? of this city. The child has
been named Mary Clara Wilton.
Mrs. A- Rishtinire. of Morgantown.
vr.r. hi ire ?es:crday en route to Web-U
r. where site -was called by tr.e
heath of her brother, Curtis Sinsei.
Miss Merle VCiiilams, of Clariesbur?.
has been the guest for several
days of Miss Gene MrDouough. She
accompanied Miss McDonough home,
from a brif visit in Clarksbarz.
Mrs. M. C. Lough, who has been a
patient for six weeks at Johns Hop-'
iics Hospital in Baltimore, is insprov
Ing slowly. She may reach horre the '
latter part of next week if she con
iini:e3 to improve.
Mr. and Mrs. A .D. Gilbert end '
laushter. Miss Elizabeth, will move
trcm this city to Van Vert, O.. in the
ie.tr fntute.
Born. ro Mr. sr.d Mrs. James Galla- j
5er. cf 3Ionongab. a son. Mr. Galla-'
;er was formerly Miss Kathleen Hicnand
Mr. Gallager is salesman for:
he Elack Diamond Products Com- j
Miss Florence Arnert ts ill of ton-;
a'it is at her home on Mala street- j
Mrs. 31. 31- JCeely was the guest on |
Vednesday of her sister, Mrs. Homer:
Yilhams, in Clarksburg.
Dent Powell, of the Ea.-t Side, has j
c.epted a position in th? women's
hie department at Hartleys. Mr.
oaell was for a number of ytn.-t.
hoe salesman at Boogs act Buhl in
'ittsbuiih, P?b
I > - " '
|| G R d B
j Your Liberty Bonds jj
For All The Family=
There are the new fashio
Girls* and Babies* Store, the Mei
the accessories?Gloves, Hosien
Late Arrivals Have Greatfy
Increased Suit Selection at
r-r-ii . / >
1 his 25tore
The styles we show arc distinctively dif
ferent. They appeal irresistibly to wome:
seeking individuality in combination wit
elegance and refinement.
And you may be certain of finding here
choice that admits perfect satisfaction i:
style, material, shade" and price.
Eton, Bolero, Pony and up to finger-ti
lengths in jackets; trim straight-line, fane,
tailored, belted, braid trimmed styles, man
of them with overlay collars of silk.
Serges, Gabardines, Poiret Twills, Tweec
ITricotines. Leading colors and biacK. ~^ize
for misses, average women and extra size.'
$22.50 to $70.
Spring Fashions for Misses
were never more charming than they ar
j ; this year. A splendid collection of the nei
1 styles, now readj" to be viewed on the secon
floor, includes many models that are equall
appropriate for slender women.
, types by" a note oi
S < "differentness*' ?
/'j. Y ' are many- at from
^ 00 hr,
y V/ V-r
The newest hats for dressy wear, fo r
mery note is introduced intransparent br in
white and black and white effects.
The New Millinery, Second Floor, Secc
Show Your Colors?Displav Old Glor
12-inch Cotton Flags 5c
17-inch Cotton Flags 8c
24-inch Cotton Flag- 15c
36-inch Cotton Flags 25c
48-inch Cotton Flags 50c
60-inch Cotton Flags 80c
Made of fast color cotton mounted o:
with gold spear.
7xlO-in. Silk Flags . .30c lS-in. Silk Flags z
4x6 in. Silk Flags . .ISc 24-in. Silk Flags .
6xl0-in. Silk Flags .15c 48-in. Silk Flags
Mounted on staff, gold spear- 12x1
mounted Foreign Flags, 50c each.
Unmounted Sewed Cotton Fl;
3x4 feet S1.00 4x8 feet
4x6 feet $1.50 6x10 feet
Wool Bunting Flags.
$6.00 to $25.00
I Five Flag Automobile Sets.
Bunting 15c to 18c yard.
Brackets and Poles.
Service Flags in Silk. Cotton or Vloo
' Third Floor.
?< Missouri Waltz.
Kiss Me Again, S
records. ?ith Flooi
*-W-^ 1 v - v- . * . *- * *
=Tomorr?w May IB
?ns coming Daily in the appa:
is and Boy s store?all have tl
i, Ribbons and Neckwear in gc
from ordinary \
: originaiity and A\'\(
although there
street year, for sport? wear. A sumis,
flower trimmings, Leghorns, all>nd
"? ' 'ft
To His M
r, ? Th5?
A specialized shop for baby \
ing appropriate clothing for her
Here are the newest styles in
_ Everything for baby to wear. Ga:
>0&6oc touches of hand work and pains
.$1.75 ciate most. Simplicity of desigi
^ - S3.50 the most inexpensive.
Infants Slips?some hand mai
to $-5.00.
White Flannel Gertrude Skirt:
. $2.00 year sizes, $1.25 and $1-50.
$3.50 Outing Gertrude Skirts, shell c
finished edge, sizes to 2 years, 75
Crib Sets, hand embroidered
Embroidered Piquet Carriage
65c to $3-50.
Crih Pillow Slios. 50c. 75c. SI.
j Coats and Capes, $1.50 to $10.
Booties, 25c to 75c.
? /
Basement Si
imtns a
14 Quart 17 Guage Aluznim
jpular Only 25 to offer?no phone
^ ' -"^
! 1 i| |
e Spring Outfitting Day ? jfl
rel Sections, The Women's Store, the |[
leir complete Spring stocks. And all
>od assortments.
silk skirts are the best fi
/ VjVY^^/ V ; >r0of a woman could h\
V/ ll \ / I rant. They are made I
^UHrtA+itrA P^TIAC KMl
\ nil |X ^ V t -v_w>, 'MK-- lj
t ill 2SS! v-hich, coupled with :?
] V/ ? ypllixf* ' are Prett*' jl :
\ j > They are in stripes (1
VJ/ nd plaids, some pleat n -
I 1 . I J ire equally attractive If
^ in ?g??^ ??i II ^||h
'/ Priced S3.7S to S20-00 11
New Footwear Fashions
Modern times demand more diversified styles |fc4j
in Footwear?and smart Footwear of supreme
comfort- These are the attributes we confident- "J
ly claim for every pair of shoes in these splen- m
did Spring stocks.
Our showing is very complete in. variety of jjf ?s|
styles and the range of prices that prevail
The new boots in black, tan, brown and com- )
binations are very attractive in either Louis XV
heels, or the low heel now so much in demam^.
New Oxfords are shown in rich looking, perfect
fitting patterns in patent, black kid, dark
Russia Calf and light grey. y
Smartest New Boots, $5 to $12.
Fashionable New Oxfords and Pumps -^.oO
f&jssty?Tin? ]Ba.fcy I Wm
ie Ad Is JUefficatea
villi ail expert in charge to assist mothers in saIeci- jj
miniature frocks, coats, underwear, head wear. - jT.||
rments are dainty, many are hand made or show ft
faking care in workmanship that mothers appre1
and excellent quality in every garment?even
3e, 75c Children's Dresses, 1 to 6 year si7.es, - lr^||
including hand embroidered and smock jgteJI
s, to 3- e(3 dresses, 65c to $10.00.
Girls Dresses, 6 to 14 year sizes, veal:rochet
es, Nets, Crepe de Chines, Lawns, Gears'
gette Crepes, Ginghams and Linens, at |
, $4.23 $1.50 to $20.00. H
Robes, Silk Dresses for girls 8 to is years,
$12.50 to $1850.
00- Coats for girls 6 to 14 years, $5jQ0 to j
OO. I 5ZZ-DVHand
Smocked Rompers 65c to $&00l
secials For Saturday r^H
an Preservi:._ Kettles. Special $L9&
orders accepted.
* ? -Ji ' ^.

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