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i 1i 0u k aa i j? tiee yj]ib(|!|* i1 t i
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Pj| | *? Qnamy^Ngwtpaper foe tb? Wage ^ ^ * ^.v-3?': f --' ' 'V'0'-'-"^^^; ^K.
. - i . . ? . " ... ' . i . i. i . ... .1 ???ii i ??? ?? ??????i - . !*j
>t*ttt.tgrn5p 186g. member assooated press. fairmont,west virginia, monday evening, april-8,1?& topavs htw* today price three cs&s |
hwi'^^sstdt - - > - _ j^gtggy^iabmm
t^ Xmpartant Concession Made
- at Conference Held
Last Week.
mm oars?the pool!
^m0f?jake ^Season Opened Today
^Rpv. and the Mines Are All
* I
B tb* war program of the govern-'
I- MBt mHi for so much more coal '
hrota tb* Fairmont and Somerset re- ;
?j glona than bss been supplied that a '
mxrrled conference was held at Balti- j
H Bar* Tneidar of last week between :
W. Thompson, rlco preseident of :
|j She Baltimore and Obio. and J. H. j
?? Wheelwright. president of the Con-;
Eg- aoBdatlos coal company, and George ;
CP. Watson, general manager and vice ,
I* : president of the Consolidation, at
DrayW&leh a plan for Increasing the outpr.
' pot of these regions was completed !
which promises to solve In a great<
B y measure one of the most perplexing i
I TV which the government. the;
^ Fnel administration and the Railroad j
If'* : -administration have had to contend j
The conference between Messrs. j
[y. . Thompson. Wheelwright and Watson
If:- rsanlted In s program being outlined ;
which has already gained the approv- <
ml of the Fnel administration and the
Immediate effects of the agreement
Hs** - have been felt when the number of
restricted to shipment east from
the Fairmont district was increased
^^ RSSpgfc-7'00 to SOO today. This is In
IfiflWwtth the new arrangemcn l auu ia
H~ . gratifying here, as it shows a dispoaiH
Hon of the railroads'to put the newest
agreement into immediate effect.
- The arrangement put into effect by
'agreement between railroad, coal op?
y rators and Fuel administration profor
an increase in present loadjui
log in the Fairmont region of SOO to
' 400 cars a day. A- H. Smith, divis:.
Jonal director o? railroads. weDt
|S~. *faead and ordered 2,000 cars from
the pool for the B. & O. lake trade
Riii.'.Md western shipments, presumably
on the strength of the resolutions
- - adopted at the meeting of the Central
West Virginia Coal Operators' asso^^B
station at Fairmont on March 2S.
I;..: 'The Lake trade opens today, acnordlng
to plans laid at a meetin^B'
? held In Cleveland April 4.
^B . J. K. Wheelwright stated that if
m?-:' -the arrangement perfected could be
. e*i 1 Tail out Immediately ft would be
satisfactory to the coal opcartors of
B;:. th* Fairmont region, for whom he
Hi ^^^be^natter was referred to A. W.
6' OaBoway, director of bituminous dis 1
"aitofion of the Fuel administration.
B] and he addressed a letter to Mr.
Kf' Wheelwright. In which he said:
R . ^ *T .am pleased to acknowledge reB
eetpt of a copy of memorandum of
conference between representatives
H mt the Baltimore and Ohio railroad
If . and coal operators on April 2 at
SWhich conference an effort was made
^B| . be establish a schedule that would
permit a heavier movement of eastIE
sound coal on the Fairmont and SomH
ml divisions of th? Baltimore and
B v Ohio. While the aeb duie noted In
H'? the memorandum, both as to producHon
and distribution, does not pro
Irjde aofflstaat cos.I from these aisaMf
to txb Mere of the wj- pro<Continued
on Puce
L*J>o'ct-? 1b ?hipofcj<c department. ;
appowens bottle
machine co.
f notice. }
~ Fairmont Lodge No. 9 Loyal Or- J
ot Moose *-:r . .' : at the 5
Cunningham hal! Ti.-es.ray at 3 P.
SI to attend the funeral of oar late '
JBrotber Ztarld Ellla. ail members
are requested to be present.
K. B. MOORE. Dictator.
rtf . '
K&"-1. - WlilCCS i Ui |
Parisians Will
Joke About That
Terrible Gun I
(By Associated r?ress>
PARIS. April a.?The official |
announcement yesterday that no j
casualties resulted from that day's
bombardment of Paris by ibe Germans.
says the Petit Parisian -was
rot in strict accordance -Kith the
facts. It affirms that there were
victims?eight chickens.
?????????????? j
Women Down There Will
Enlist the Men in the
Winfield district women arc taking)
1 a most lively interest in the move-;
ment to have a rest room for women j
I located on the ground floor of the'
| court house where they can get to it.
easily and watch the coming and go-1
j iug of the interurban cars. This
I morning one of the well known worn- i
: en of that district called up Mrs. C.
I L. Butcher, who is in charge of the
| movement, and said that she thought
it would he a good idea to circulate a
petition an.one the people ot' that d>aj
trict arking the county court to gran'' '
the request of the women in this mat-.
i ter.
| It is altogether probable that this'
j petttiou will start on its rounds w;th
; in a short time and an especial clfo:'
i will be made to get It signed by taxj
payers and property owners. It is sal-l
: that this will not be hard to do a
I the men of the district nave come
| the conclusion that the women of the
! county are entitled to what they ask i
! for. j
j <
i Total Amount Subscribed
Is $63,400 in the Open- ,
ir.g B&y.
i Marion county secured a good start
; in raising its SI.500.000 apportionj
ment on Saturday when, the splendid j
j sum of SSS.400 was registered iD the ,
I third Liberty bond sale. These figures
; were computed at 2:15 o'clock by !
; Glenn F. Barns, casmer or tee
j tional Bank of Fairmont and ch3ir-'
i man of the Marion County Liberty;
j Bond committee.
i All of the bank?; of the city turned !
| over their applications to the -women '
I to lend encouragement to the work in
i which they are so deeply interested, j
[ The bonds sold to women totalled 56.-1
i 500. while those disposed of to men
, were $56,900. Altogether there were
! C39 applications.
The drive will continue until May '
j 4 and if Marion county keeps going at
I this pace its chances are splendid to
' "go over the top." Much hard work.
however, will be entailed in bringing j
this accomplishment about.
i ? |
; Special Judge
Lively Was Busy
j While Attorney Henry S. Lively:
j acted as special judge while Judge
William S. Haymond. of the circuit
j court was put cf town on business.j
I a number of matters were disposed
jot j
I Attorney Kenneth Barnes appeared
j for Emilic Colo?;mo. Peter Ferretti.
! Frank Ftispa and Sam Rigabulto. all j
j charged w;;b operating slot machines!
or punch boards, contrary to law. The j
icases were certified to 'he latermed-l
iate court and will be tried on May |
: 13. each of the accused giving bom"; i
1 i ntiie sum of SSfn.
Attorney Charles Powell, appeared
for John Bossi and Mike Bock, both'
; fHarrnfl with one ratine ouncb boards, i
! Kaeh save bond in-the sntri of SoGv
to appear for fr;.ll in the Intermediate
' court oil May 3 3. |
; In the action of Goidie Macs vs.
Charlie Siiue. charsed wtih a statu-i
'ory o!'f--'ise. the c3se was dismissed. I
oe:re fully *~?t:ej and satisfied. At-J
. rorncy 1'- ' c'.I represented the defeud'
ant. j
b?r That You Can j
Keep Your Ey
It's a Vital Base; Foch Say
Why Allies Are So
>Jpi| _/ A _ rf3^
sT 1^^- ^
CJ^*?. w-"
\ J
~ 4\/^
V. J-?-1C*Cl*V
< -,tt?; j\
"n^irant? <
Besxacp^J fates*
^ PcntGisc Sing
v- - . VERSAl^ESVJ
_ w vw x
m iiie lh parade;
Required 40 Minutes to Pass
and Every One Was
It will-be a long time before people j
who saw it cease to talk about Fair- ;
ninnt's T.ihonv loan narade of Satur- '
day. It was 40 minutes in passing I
a given point and without a doubt it !
was the most interesting parade ever {
held in this city. There was not a
dull spot in it. but of course the out- ;
standing teature was the showing
made by the schools from both sides ;
or the river. It was evident that '
much thought bad been given by the !
teasners to the part the schools were j
to play m the demonstration aud that j
there has been the heartiest co-opera
tiou on the part of the boys and girls, j
It was in this part of the parade that i
the only floats were and there also
were found by far the largesi nussber j
of banners.
The day was perfect for parading.
Just warm enough to make it pleasant |
[for the people who lined the side-!
walks to see the marchers go by, and 1
not too warm to make those in the r
procession feel uncomfortable. The !
result was that no one was tirod out:
at the end of the demonstration, not <
! even the little ones who trudged over
I from the East side and then trudged
back again after it was all over. The
crowd was one of the largest that ever
assembled in the streets of the city.
; From noon until Tout o'clock business
( was suspended entirely so that every
| one was able either to march or look
| on. There were spectators along
j every foot of the long route but the
i largest number of course was in the
i center of the city where the people
i who flocked in from other towns and .
' the surrouriBing country congregated. !
i It is estimates mat -u.wv fwyic m.-- .
> nessed the spectacle and that 3,000
! took part in it.
i The American flap was verr mach
in evidence during the day. Most of |
[ the houses along the route of the pa-1
; rade displayed it and It was carried ,
by hundreds of the paraders. In tbe
center of the city many of the business i
buildings were quite elaborately deck- '
ed out in the national colors. The'
Hartley store which had a large flag i
at every it In do ,v made an especially!
attractive appearance.
There was not enough music for so j
(long a procession hut the committee '
in charge or this feature did the beet i
that it could. However ths two bauds ;
1 that n ere in lino, the Greater Fairmont ,
band which led tbe line and tho Italian ;
band, did what they conld to make tip '
[' (Continued on Page (4) 3
Buy a Liberty Bond
e oil Amiens
s It Shall Not Fall; Here's '
Determined About
Into It.
gifeaai '
JlajresZ Jeers
^er^V ?Hralers f i
:~pf ^Faard '
V*. Ca^braie Sa}m",
Sr*#* , I
/ /eCs&gcf
, jCari/et ;4*237w ^
^rqnnl^^ '
XaesrT^^y j
^ L?ON
'yicrienc Soissori;,.
*>VdItrs-Ccila*ti. ' i
?JV |
z&ft* \ TbftEr^*'*^ s j
y gC^u3omrniers*?-g?>. j
Once There They Could
Make Trouble for English
Washington:. April s.?why is i
the aim of the great German drive j
Amiens and not Paris, which fact is i
clearly indicated by their strategy? J
As alrcadv stated. Amiens is the!
great railroad center of the English [
army, connecting by direct, straight i
railroad line with the French ports of
Calais and Boulogne. Amiens taken.
tins main rauroaa couiu awi uc uaca j
and the English would be compelled j
to use a more roundabout route, also
making use of the ports of Havre and
Dieppe, which, in some wars, would
be a deadly blow.
The English Channel is narrowest ]
at the Straits of Dover, between Cal- j
ais and Boulogne, on the French |
side and Dower and Folkestone on the j
English side. This CI-mile stretch i
can be crossed by swift boats In an i
hour. The British are able to stretch ]
a protective net of destroyers and J
submarine chasers .so they can rapidly j
shoot across much needed reserve:
troops and supplies.
Make Calais and Boulogne untenable.
and Havre and Dieppe become
the neit best possible ports. But.
these are nearly three times as far
from England, and the stretch of water
is many times harder to guard ;
against submarines.
Tremendous work would bare to
be done to make Havre and Dieppe
as efficient military ports as Calais
and Boulogne, where the English '
have expended millions on harbor facilities.
But once in Amiens. Hindenburg j
would do more than merely slow op j
the movement of British forces and
supplies. He would be in a position. J
by the sacrifice of troops, to march I
towards the channel shores, so as to J
cut off Calais and Boulogne and so :
achieve the kaiser's great object? j
possession of those ports.
In no time Calais and Boulogne ;
would be converted into nests for !
submarines, just as Ostend and Zee
brucge are. From here they could !
sally out and prove a most danger- I
ous menace to English troop and sup- j
ply ships. Also the Germans would !
be able to achieve their heart's desire {
?bombardment of English cities'by j
long-distance guns.
?????? 9
All records of grain handling were '
broken br the srovemaient eievaiors j
at Port Coibome. Ontario, -when 404.- i
000 bushels of -wheat were discharged I
la eight hotfrs. '
' at Any Bank and
Car Plunged Down 15 Foot
Bank Wrhen the Wheels ;
Mrs. Eleanor Hess, of Ciarksbur*.
was seriously injured on the fairmontFairriew
road yesterday evening when
an automobile in which she was riding: |
skidded and went ore* a twenty-five I
foot embankment. Both of her tees i
were badly ldcerated. Immediately
after the accident occurred a physician
was called and she was later
taken to Cook hospital in this city.
Two or three other Clark sharkers I
were in the car but none of them were !
The accident occurred about B,
o'clock yesterday evening near the
end of the paved road betwen Fairmont
and Fairvfew. The party was
enroute to this city. Failing to make
tie turn at tie end of the pavement
due to the slippery condition of the
road, the car'went over the embankment
and turned completely over.
Mrs. Hess was caught by the wind
shield and severely cut. After considerable
effort to stop the How of
blood she was taken to the hospital
in this city, where she is now receiv- <
ing treatment.
a little exerciseTt'ITH
France. April T.?On the front northwest
of Toul Friday night Ger
mans attempted two raids, but botn |
were repulsed. I
American infantrymen -went out ofj
their treu'hes on the second occasion )
and abased the German: from the;
German first line trenches into tho
1 support trenches. I
Details of tic action were made'
; public in rho fo'Iow-ing official report
, issued tonight.
"The enemy raided oug trenches at
[ two points. "ISe first attack was re-'
[ pulsed easily. In the second the ene-j
I my was allowed to reach our wire cp!
tanglements. Then our fire opened
j and a moment later, the American inI
fantrymen rushed out in attack, driv!
ing back the foe. The pursuit was
| continued until the first enemy trencb;
"5 were emptied and the Germans
I hare been driven back to their snport
! trenches.
! "Enemy artillery activity was fol-'
towed by extremely active shellingi
artillery which silenced two enemy
Last week when \Y. II. i'a-.i-uiltl.
j president and genera! manager oi the
ilId-West Box company was in Fa:ri
roont he announced that the contract
for the plant which the company will j
erect this year in- this city has been j
let to David Eshelman and Son of An- j
J *?j 0.1 Tn*r^T*l;iIs 1
tieiaou. JUU.. cuiu -
for tbe work bare been purchased.?
' It is expected that the actual cos-1
s(.ruction work trill begin beiore voir
; long- 1
Night Attacks! Bayonet,C
Hrafc : naj i
Boflp * ' -149WT j
Hear them tell about German si
Land.' Five boors its a dug out. Fi
polling Turkish attacks! Fighting
Scott and Beck Trill address Co.
Tuesday night, at Weston "WedTies
on Weekly Paymen
' '' '
Spirit That Saved Verdun An.
man Commanders RosI
at m Mai
men sameTi
French 75Ts Tear Great Gaps
But German Command*
Men to th
FRANCE: April S.?Twen f-five diris-j'
ions haTe.been used br tie Germans ;1
in the last tour days in efforts to
break through the Frsneh lines ana
reach the raiiroad running south from
Amiens. All attacks ka-re been
checked by the -vonderful resistance
of the French, seme of shorn were
'.brown into the line a? soon as they;
:-! on the battle field.
Tl.a Germans are obtaining only in
sigrifigant result* in their attempts'
10 advance, considering the number j
of troops engaged as the Gtrxan force
is at least three times as great as the 1
number of French defenders.
The chenriii'oess and confidence
witt the French troops go into cc-:o..
is remark-hie. Tbey fee! they are:
better than the enemy and taakc;
light of th? German superiority in j
numbers. The French command ccs
tinues to work on the principle of u.?- ;
ing tbe smallest possible number of]
troops to stay the German rush thu3 J
retaining the reserves for possible attacks,
some place else.
Powerful trench motors have made J
their appearance behind the Gcra an
infantry but up to this time have had j
not influenced the s'f uatio-.. to any (
extent and in -some" piaces ti e runs
hare been unable to approach -within :
an effective range. On the other j
hand ar. enormous number of machine |
guns pour an intense barrage into the i
French line and at the same time]
the German infantry attempts under;
cover of this fire to get close to rite
French lines in small groups and cs- .
tablish pockets from which to leap '
forward at the proper moment. This j
proceedut? was quickly neutralized
by the French and the Germans are j
now resuming massed attack in which ,
thoir men come under the direct fire :
of French machine, guns, rifles, grenades
and 73s which inflict terrible
losses. The 75s do terrific execution. |
cutting wide lanes through the enemy
The enemy commander appeared to lay
little attention to this slaughter,
their aim being to reach the objective
whatever the cost, late last nigat the
annnm-*' ? *Wf3 ST> 11t'ftP *
of Gridesnes bat* were repulsed sail-!
guinaorily and forced back ;o their!
owu lines with greatly diminished'
Further south in the vicinity of |
Koyon they at first succeeded in en
Charges! Barbed Wire Entan
**> Will Speak at the 7~
TONIGHT at 7:30 (
A war talk, Tor coal, oil I
and gas men. "
Australian and New Zealand
Army Corps
dmission by ticket. Tickets
can bo obtained without
charge from th? office of the
West Virginia Natural Gas Aa
sociation. th? Central Vest
Virginia Coal Operators Association
or of C. W. Evan*.
County Fuel Administrator.
First Canadian Division
(An American Boy) ' j
01 tba Federal Fuel Adminstration.
Under the direction of
.the Fuel Administration.
tells dancing around their ears' Abot
rst attacfc of the Juries on the Suez ca
on the Sahara deseert!
il. Oil and Gaa men at Clarksburg CWi
day. Shinnston on Thursday; Monongi
Is It You Want it '
* * : " ^
, " ' ' ' "'I ' ' ^
[mates the Gauls As theGet* Vf
h Forward Their Men
; in the Attacking Germans fUS
?rs Continue to Order
e Front.
tering the Fr?-.cb position*, later. a> :
ter th-j most severe flshtfac. the?
were compelled to retreat leaving thi
situation unchanged.
G-ermans Getting Big,
Guns Up to Front m
? .
(By Associated Press)
LONDON. Apr.! S.?On the south,rn
bank e?' .be Somme. th* British
las: night rondo a small xlv&iice, it Is '
announced officially. The statement *v
"We advanced curTines aiiihtlv dnr- .
ing the nigl.i on the south bask of y.?j3
the Sorutr.e east of Diare-Sous-Corbie.
"North o-' the Somme afaw prison- ..
ero and a u. - hine gtn> were captured. . V'?Sw|
pv us :n the ne.ghncrhood of Neu
Tille. "
"The eneui;- a.t'llery has shewn ic- ':y:jig
creased activity. During the night on ggH
the whole Bri;-.=h battle '.yozii heavy, -'.xJs
hoeiiie srs theilinjc has taken place,. - ATBSBj
also between Lens and Labasr-c cliaanci
and e*.at of Armcntieries"."
PAIU3. April S.?Vio!oat .artillery ?'318
ecgac^Tont- occurred last nisbt ?s- pccia1.:/
on the left bank of tie Olae ; ->?sg
river, says todays" official report.-.No jmSBU
i-tart rv acti.^r. oa the principal . bat- - t'e
front are reported. The statement . "".rf5|
follows: .'vjVja^H
' The ni?ht wac marked by violent.aritilo-iv
- lie.-, especially on tlje loft
bank of the Gise. .
"French patrol:; were very active *^$^8
brinfrint; in rrisorrrs. .
"On the lefi hank of tbe Mease te '
the A r yen re. German raids were
"Every vhcu else- the night passed '"
in qui-ii "
-r _ - '7?<S
Alleged Pickpocket
Locked Up Saturday .' Jgjj
James Brown, colored, an nlleced ; "p=js
pickpocket, was arrested on Satnrda? . ..^3
afternoon and broujtnt tc tbe crty jail '
where he sp?nt the afternoon and :'c^
night. He was released Sunday.
Brown is wpH known among the
Fsirmont police and is said- to b< s *
professional Pickpocket. Fltrine "sate-' '
tv fiist" he was arrested and placed' vlzla
in jail until after the Liberty Loan
crowd had thinned down. H
.glements! Heroism of the I
Bj^SagW^EBSr :. jgs
^Hp* - ifii? - <^sa
> - -SHM
' ' ' ' ~H<1
:t pampInK across No SUa'sh ij
nil; scaling the great cliffs and re- 1 g
Lahington Irving High School) S:00 - i\ 3
ih Friday. Mannington Saturday.
That Way j
' -" 'Y ifi Viir^irtifliH

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