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KlilS SEC. 1MB
ifeSecretary of War Back
f From Europe Urges Peo
|||&oops Are Well Physically
and in Every Other Way
(By Associated Pressi
WASHINGTON'. April 17. ? Secre^pU'y
Baker back from a seven weeks*
&s~Srfp to Europe today called on the
jj^iAnterican people tor renewed support
the war. The Secretary expect'
' sd to 6ee President Wilson some time
JSiirlug the day to report on his obter,'jratfoM
BSS&rj;. "The American soldier has made
^'v. ygood in France." Secretary Baker tojfejSjay
assured newspaper men who met
gpm.at the War department.
<p?**The French and British authorities
Jr. .khrtir nmisp of the
' UUUV/iui ?u r
jagjpiirage and endurance and soldierly
ppBKpiallties of our men.
jBF- ^The big thing for America to do Is
Bpgjqto* support the war." the Secretary
K^ioatinucd. To support it financially
ffc-^'snd with firm belief. The right arm
gpsjofi America is in France. It is bared
and ready to strike. The rest of the
^^Hsjk|&ody-is hero in the United States and
sjHjfcsjnast support the arm. Tills snp^^^BbS'^POse
should include subscriptions to
psy^fberty loans as well as moral sup^^Mssjgc
port .of high confidence.
BK^vfnic condition of the American
the'secretary said, is excellent.
,clr- They alt are wclh-physicaliy and well
eTery other way. Their spirits are
RS-hiitli, their behavior admirable and
~i-.:Htair relations with the French and
Bg?-->K>3r?tIsh cordial and sympathetic, he
'Vrit of Error Asked of SuHkv
I' preme Court ?Jones*
Bond $7000.
Bs. ' Overruling the motion to grant a
Hew trial to Harry Jones, convictea 01
' larceny. Judge Haymond in the cirjps
cnit ocnrt today sentenced the ac?1
% cased to serve ftiree years in the Sta<.e
K*- penitentiary at Monndsville.
Attorneys L. C. Mnsgrave and
Ernest R. Bell representing the prls'
oner served notice that they would
appeal to the supreme court of appeals
for a writ of error. Judge Haymond
g ander the circumstances allowed a
itay of execution of the sentence or
r .tixty days to enable the supremo court
>f appeals to pass on the matter. The
>'dme allowed expires on June 20.
Vt the same time Judge Haymond in
treased the amount of Jones* bond
42000; it having been raised from
15000 to 57000.
Judge Haymond's oral opinion iu
die case was of considerable length.
<- AQ of the facts submitted in the case
r-V ander the evidence were reviewed.
? . /ones was charged with having entersd
without breaking a freight car of
SV Baltimore & Ohio Raiiriad Com
">any at Worthington on December 24.
; , V 1917, when twenty-three pairs of shoes
T ' were stolen. These shoes retailed at
between 55 and 56 a pair and i\e con? ';
lignment was to Arch Morgan, a merp:.
lhant. of Worthington. James Camp
>ou ana ATtnur uooawm. wou are um
??-; . ncarceratsd in the Ritchie county
Sail at Harrisrille, swore on the v itBf".
:ess stand that Joae* had robbed thct
j ar. Other witnerses for the State
??:.' v.ave testimony in rc;a:d to the car
" oing rebbed.
jb Eigh School Night at
C- ? > s
Sks./" li'sh it h ul nii'.ht :l 'ra "< eentailt
at the
at J-e lrir:: ~l. t". ch'trcb nr. !
B?? special ist Italian . - i
Gp|p>Tq ptiplis Of the h;?b school to Brej:'"'
tend this - en ire r.hVi : :.j
^S^ir '?let to'.urc*'' into c t o;; t I the >:i
|k>" Jor.S. tiev. K X>. FcVers. v.bj is <:-jv
py v. the nocctir.s-; will hare a rood
E?j xcssase to hrinr to the tornc^.-t' >
Bp? '::**? ove::t-"r r.nr! the h"'b"c ift iavlt;;
Es?;to be pre t
A ip'fiJl- service coa-Juvtj :
nisht eyder the direction of the
(^jjgea's Eibla cicstes of the church. ;
: - ;*-< v
a- . y ;- . ; .
iuo. mm
[ran ai com
They Say Monongah DiviaI
ion is Ready to Do Its
m m il TDM
. Mines Report mat Men are
Leaving the Region.
j ?
VT. E. Lowes, of the passenger dej
partment, of' the Baltimore & Ohio
i roudroad. who has been In West Vir|
ginia in the interests of the Third Lihj
erty loan: J. It. Scott, superintendent
; of the West Virginia district, and J.
' W. Dineen. superintendent of the Moncngah
division, -were guests at the
| noon-day luncheon of the Fairmont
Coal club today, which was one of the
. bsr> attended meetings that organiza[
tion has yet had. The timeliness of
; the visit of the railroad men was a
subject of much comment Today is
J the first Wednesday in a long time
. when the Fairmont district has had a
; fairly good car snpply. there being
j 1,033 cars in the region today, due
| probabl yto a strike in the Georges
I Creek field which resulted in cars in.
tended for that region coming on here.
:a conclusion the more reasonable as
i there were only 480 cars in sight lor
! this distritc last evening.
The Baltimore & Ohio representatives
being present at the meeting of
the Fairmont Coal club ami the returned
soldiers being present at last
week's meeting enabled the entertainment
committee to .start off with a batj
ting average of 1.000. Brooks HutchI
inson. of that committee, made a few
remarks asking co-operation today and
was assured by Brooks Fleming. Jr..
president of the club, that their serj
vices weer highly appreciated and
' promise* them on behaif of the clnb
?long tenure of office If they continued
at the gait at which they have started
Off. 9
j J. Walter Barnes. Fuel Administrator
of West Virginia, was also one of
the speakers at today's meeting of the
_ Coal clnb. and he urged coal operators
to advise consumers, especially those
in We6t Virginia, to buy coal early,
emphasising the emphasis given early
buying in the gathering of Fuel Ad.
ministrators of states east of the Miss
issippi at wasnragton last week.
Superintendent J. M. Scott, of the
West Virginia district of the Baltimore
& Ohio, assured th? coal men
i that the Monongab division is in excellent
shape to perform Its duty, that
I the motive power was 70 per cent, in
good shape and good for six months
?to come, that the B. & O. cars were in
fine shape, better than other railroads,
land that while the railroad was crippled
front loss of men through draft
and the better o'.'ers of other line* of
work, still the spirit was in the men
on the Job to put over their share of
the work necessary to win the war.
He expressed his appreciation of the
splendid treatment given him by the
coat operators of the Fairmont district
while he was superintendent of the
Morcngah division arc bejpckv the
same for Mr. Dinen. whom he gua:anteed
a* standing foi the same
straightforward methods and lack of
evasiveness to which his success in
this district had been attributed.
' Mr. Scut announced that since
' Mondar there had bee- an order in
effect to send 175 cars from Holloway
every day for the Fairmont district
whether other regions were served or
not and said he hoped this order
would continue in effcVt until the rej
gional car shortage was cleared up.
He realized that the car shortage of
I mis region wcs an actual rac?, and re|
gretted it.
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! T. W. Fleming Appeals
:From Mayor's Finding
| On a technical charge of disorderly
conduct which grew out of .his calling
Assistant Chief of Police Albert Seaman
a "dirty coward." Thomas W.
5 Fleming was lined $10 by Mayor Bow,
J .. V .. .
J"0-S-vp*: *1 t ^ O- h->
*:;l the ?! " * *" ' ? Cc.v?-r:- * "*
rurt^on h ; *
P?>1 :< (.;? ? n *1 - h *' *
ir".** ,v t >r? *" - y?iTv ?
nn*r*.nrj ?'? " - ?ii?? c!vir^?i T'
v. :> ?j * ' ;*-2 by ?:*jv?r
e:: :?:iU .1 j.
oz: bji'l . . -fit s--td ;*ie a.-? :" >TYIt*1*"
c- c.\ i :---l :a t'i
were Po'ieti."ur .ij;ert l C-5' I.. V
Kel!ey. Jarr.ct L. Hall. IC. C. Bunr.cr
and Thcmas W. Flemlos.
Remember ti
' -j
~ ~HAVE~\
SESS-SSS? *' V".
ninnu nssnmi iirsii <
DAifUi! iMi! WtB |
Succeeds Count Czerninj
Who Succeeded Him in
That Office,
fBy Associated Preset
I AMSTERDAM. April 17. ? Baron '
' Burian has been appointed Austro!
Hungarian foreign minister in succes-j
sion to Count Czernin. according to a;.
Vienna dispatch. i_
Baron Stephen Burian von Kajecz
i was minister or loreign an airs irom
September 15, 1915. to December 20.!
11916. -when he was succeeded by Count!;
(Czernin whose place he now takes. I:
Baron Burian has been Austro-Kungar-1
ian finance minister since Count I j
!Czernin has been in the foreign office.!'
; | Baron Buriai took the place of
' I Cntrrrt Berebtold as foreign minister in' ]
! 1914. and he was the author of the'note
to the United States on the case j'
| of the Italian steamship Ancona sunlt I!
i :t the Mediterranean with the loss of: ,
i American lives in the fall of 1915. j
: !:
W. H. Cave of the Universi-;
ty Produces a Fine Product
There. 1
i t.
I Every stage of butter making from I.
the time the cream is placed In the :
churn until the Finished product is
' turned out, was demonstrated ey T.!
H. Cave, an expert in butter making, i!
! of the West Virginia university. Jlor-',
santown. at a Verv inierenins gather
ing at the line Crovo school. Fairmont
district, yei' rdj.y afternoon.
1 Despite the epidemic >.f measles
'which recently broke out in this com-,
i inanity there were twenty four worn- j
"v and cirls in attendance. As one
. girls v:- Pitching the demon- (
- trc ermjviCr i ; !? ?+*on she i
rids: !. 1: I ~?n!<3 get sixty cents
po-ir'O w-nt' : 10 get into
l?ssi rrr . r - l,
if. :. t- .< ' - -i.
v Mr c . -.5
I u . ^ ... ; \ 'i. :
ft r.rSi t> r J cv 1. vc :
TSXHe'Z it very :.?v,.;r;.iy Mr.
I've v.ee'er ; t ti' "i i."lisllir
C. V."c <r:i,-iv i-ilfy.
who has - her debut ::i tl.o butter
matins: vts.s"i.r_t'ci v.c:'.:rf ' o cujvcniiy
ucU intends foliow.rs it. ;
Boiii H/.ps?If 1
to *
McComas with Messrs. Ezell
and Smith is out Today
... ... on the Job. _ _ .
Circulating among tlie farmers in
tie vicinitv of Mannington and Farmington
today, W E. McComas. the newly
chosen county farm agent of the
Marion County Farm Bureau, inaugurated
his work here. He was accompanied
today by B. B. Ezell. assistant
state agent, of West Virginia University.
Morgan town, and Harry Lott
Smith, former county agent, now farming
at Martinsburg. j
Mr. McComas arrived in Fairmont j
yesterday afternoon ar.d he appears
to be very favorably impressed with
nf the work in this coua-|
ty. He came direct from his home in !
aioiiroe county. Ohio, but nad just completed
five years as director of agriculture
in Dodge county. "Minnesota..
tie is a graduate of Ohio State College.
Dodge county is a community
rhat stands high up in farming pursuits
in the great North-west. Large
Quantities of wheat, potatoes, oats,
com. barley and truck are raised there.
Among the places thar .were visited
today were the farms of J. M. Downs,
president of the Marion County Farm
Bureau: F. R. Heck, secretarv of the
Marion' County Farm Bureau, and other
premises in the community of Farmington.
Mr. Smith will rematn -with
McCorrtas several days and assist him
in getting the work lined up properly.
Mr. McComas win conduct his work
along the same lines as Mr. Smith.
Among the first things that Mr. Mc- |
Comas will do will be to organize the
community clubs at Mt. Harmony, j
Banner's Ridge. Pharaoh's run. Hoods- ;
rille. Fairview. Monumental. Bunner's i
Ridge. McClelian. Grangeville and Flat ;
Run. All of the boys- and gir-s Inter- !
estcd are urged to join right in with
the potato, com. pig and poultry clnbs :
soon to be organized by the new agent. :
Marshal Smith to
G-et Two Offices
Arrangements have been made be- j
tween the federal authorities and the:
sounty court to secure two rooms in
the court house as offices for United
v*-?tes Marshal C. E- Smith, who will
?--iove " *- <-??adqnarters from Park;r?btirg
to Filiiucnt.
The ?v.r> offices viifcb 'Marshal
"* trill GCWpy "win ue i:ic ,
-J by Eosiiiasr J. n.'
" i r- r~~tn use J S3"tbe pro;-]
'. - V. T>. Strut-Tit.
1 ........ ; - -5:- r* v?-'-- r~* Tneti-j
Z.*:. 1 r: a nj t':c cc; *.:Z I'Icvr:
. U ? cov.". t he-"-- Zv'o in-to iia*". bva
:* 2; yet fir the rc~3val of tfca oZiico.
to Fairmont. " '
fou Can ? do Any Be
Ik lines
V YET ?^ ^ -
-"I !
<g- ^AT tg-ft'F Qg/frj
greeks getting
With British Force They
Have Crossed the Stru|
_ ma River. j
By Associated Fre?s> ;
! LONDON*. April 17.?The Greek and
! British troops which on hlonda?
1 crossed the Struma river on the eastI
era flank of the Macedonian front, oc
cnpied seven towns,.the War office an1
nounces. j
b/pTiii Tii fin I
; Vl> I bBI ?* bll ? W W |
Will Leave in Five Day Pej
riod Beginning May
i The local draft board has received
; official notice from Charleston that
| the thirteen Fairmont men in the ;
; next call mill leave this city on Fri
day, April 26. They mill leave on a
j special train at 6:23 p. m. and -will go
[ to Camp Meade. Md.
The iocal board has also received,
I official information of the second draft
1 in May. The notice states that the lo- |
| cal board mrill be called upon to fur- j
: nish seven men and that they -will j
I leave this city during a five day period
beginning May 10. The exact date
; and honr of entrapment will be an- j
nounced later. This information has
i not reached the local board as yet.
The contingent to leave during a
1 five day period beginning May 10 will
-* - V.. rr\-.**~\>r\nr.A it
I UU iu t'Vi i. x uumao, n? - i wwaiu * >
; now preparing to fill its quota in the
' two calls.
Patriotic Meeting
at Hickman's Run
In the Hickman's Run school house
on Friday evening a patriotic meeting
will be held. It will also mark the,
commencement exercises of tliCj
scholars of the elementary grades and ,
the school will render appropriate ex
Addresses will be delivered by Mrs.
Jcmcs A. Meredith. Mrs.' P. M. Hoge.
\\\ K. newly selected
a-eat of the Marion County T"rr*n Bu*
: u. ili.s l .vu tua
malting rorlc. West Virginia UalverMorsantown.
and Miss BlancheV.
P \<-C. connty tome demonstration
agent. t
rller Buy Just One $i
British Report Succ<
tacks at Meteren,
TT? A 3 J
itecapiurea, anu
South of Arras the British Drc
British Trench Which 1
' w ^ e
i =
- (By- Associate
LONDON, April 17?Acco
graph dispatch from Paris, tfc
from Wytschaete as far as St. 3
1 the southern slope of Mount K<
| PARIS.. April 17?Heavy
last night on the principal bz
Somme and the Oise, the war c
The statement follows:
On the front between the
was great activity of the artill
encounters occurred. The F
raids especially south west of
gion of Tahure and north of 3
of prisoners. >
On the right bank of the 3\
: of Samogneux was repulsed.
i _ _ LONDON, April 17?The
I Meteren on the northern battle
it is announced officially.
The British positions bef<
! drawn to a new line.
South of Arras the Gernia
ish trenches into which they he
this morning the German art
south of the Somme.
The British made a succei
neighborhood of Wypschaete.
Repeated German attacks
pulsed, the Germans suffering'
The statement follows: . r
I "Yesterday evening we delivered a!|
1 successful counter attack in the neigh-! I
borhood of Wypscliaete. At Meteren ! *
also our counter attacks restored the ;
situation and the village remained in j
our hands. Throughout the atferr.oon j
and evening yesterday repeated ho.-:-.
tile attack3 north of Bailleul were re ;
pulsed with loss to the enemy.
Bodies of German infantry advanc <
ing in close formation were caught j i
i under the fire of our troops at short
j range and suffer?d heavy casualties.
"The enemy also endeavored to de
velop an attack yesterday atfernoor.
east of Rohecq following the bom
bardrant already reported but bis ad
vance was broken up by our artillery ;
fire. | n
"In consequence of the progress | F
made by the eneaay on the Lys front;d
! our troops holding our forward posi-1 o
tlon east of Ypres have beet with- J b
! drawn to a new line. Tester after- t
noon parties of his troops advancing ! a
over our old position were caught bv j t
I the fire of our outposts and destroyed, i
"On the battle front south of Arras j o
parties of German infantry who had | A
entered our trenches opposite Boyel-! it
les were driven out- yesterday after- j c
noon with the loss of several prison-' it
ers. Our lines in this locality has been j j
completely restored. jg
Church Drops Use l
of Grerman Language. 1'
fBy Associated Press)
ST. LOUIS. April lT.-Trinity F
Evangalical Lutheran church fonnded o
Vtpro 7A sr-jore o <rr\ tft fllSPAn.
tlnue the use of the German language. _
At once fifty men to learn clay
casting trade. Piece work basis.
Any Intelligent man should make
from $4 to ?5.50 per day within
!; three or four months besides learn
irr * useful trade. Apply
Manning tan W. Va.
>0 Lib2riy Bond
*ssful Counter At-iSm
Which Has Been :
at Wypsceaete ;
T 0 SO
>vc theGermans Out of the
Tiey Took Earlier in 4
ek. * v
1 - .t
?1 Prcrc.)
rding to an Exchange Te* |jj|
le Germans have advanced 74M
Eloi and also have a grip oir
artillery fighting occurred ;/^|||
ittle fronts between
ey on both sides and
rench carried out sevegMg
Butte du Mesnil in the/r^p
leuse a German attack east;It
i British have recaptured
i front by a counter attack,
)i*e {Ypres have been
ns were driven out of Brit-- '^^
id forced their way. Earfyr^||
illnwr m*-? VMAMA ?-^3S
.iiiuxjr ucv.diiic iiiUIC
ssful counter attack in the^i
- - '
north of Bailleul were
''J ' s '
< Fajrmontcrs
will have an opport?~V?s
ity this even ins to hear CSeromffl
Idward Ward, another retorsedv ?jtegjsS
ier who has seen actual experience^--#
n the western front. Th^lectarecwl&.^g
e given at the Presbyterian chorct^
his evening at S: 15 o'clock nnderjtfet}.!
uspices of the Marion connty Ubertj
nnn committee
Captain Ward has had three veai^
t experience on the Flanders
,t rhe time the war broke oat ha was
i England, where he enlisted
ha plain. Following his engagement.'.^
i this city, he will go to Btdbdo?
where his next address win 4m*s]9
Tli is afternoon at two o'clock Cg^j
tin Ward delivered an address Lto ax-JM
ndicnce at Mannington and at BOOBtps
;irorrow ho will talk to an andlenOB^
t Moaongali.
Courtneys Drive Against Rising
'rices is plainly evident In this sale j
t waists.?Advt.
" . . .
Laborers at South Side i
Bridge. Steady work 'aH^?
- / '. - ?*-'' ^f^r* ~i4*Z ^-*HA&?i)3SSS33^l
?- : !. -V:
^>Vf :- -V -> -' *.' ?*??? i vbSi^[email protected]

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