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K .'clcal Comedy.
"c~i ..... American Beaatics
Iff Phatcpiays.
EjK&T'tra Bih'c Burglar
Ejlfe'ltefe A Soul is Trust
^Pttxicess Weavers of Breams
B&~V VT on the Pacific couast. lust a
Bfeyi few miles outside San PrancisKgtjJT:
co Is a Quaint little settlement
Bbcncrwii as CarvfBe. It is made up of
Sjt coioay of fairly well-to-do people oZ
jp^larger city who hava secured discarded
horse cars, wheeled them to the
beach, and transformed them, into atfigfcacliwo
tnm^Hows. Two of these cars
|||g>nn_th0^nnique settings for "So Long;
Letty", Oliver siorcsco b WO,
IB leal play which comes to the Gram!)
Wednesday April 24. The fl /. set!
gj^Mpwa the exterior ot two of the carr'.
lmngalows and the scenes of the sec
(B ond are placed Jn the interior or one
)!& : - Change at Hipp Tcday.
Both screen and stage attractions
Ki&r..;?t the Hippedrcoe tcday v.iil offer a'
Bggifa'Wmiam S. Kart two reel drama and [
SyS- complete change. The picture trill be
|^^.;_I5et rshcr's American Beauties tvilj j
mggiimtiodcco a new musical comedy.
-'The CAmedy -which ha3 teen the I
Bg^tatrong feature of the tv.-o previous?
jg- hills pat on by this ocmpany tills week i
l&Sfrt-'eattf to bo even more pronounced In {
HBgjj?te?netv o".'.-:!-.-". The choreas which j
teag'has demonstrated its ability to sing!
HEKgjnd dance will be seen hi new cos-J
SSStames and a complete new sot ofj
fiances and song numbers.
JSk" Marjjurite Clark at Nclscn.
f?,y. In. the opening scenes or "Bab's Eur
'""w * " VAIC/%51 t/trlnv T?o c-.Of* LJub !
AC U1C ?vw>. . ? ?
v. glorying in the possesion of a fiance
"jtni a brand-new runabout. The t"ar.piii?
dw had just naturally a ecu ire 3, but
?:'-the car was kont a dark rocret frca
Hs&'-ktha family. She had exhausted her
$faavings hank funds and was seeking
BS'lAo enrich her wordly goods by driving
jK^gtiwensers to and from the station for
Eg "SO cents a head. Her first passenger
Bgj*fc*proTed to be a suspicious charactei
ppr/twho tept tho plans of Cabs home in
Hsji coat pocket. This coat ho had un.fortu|
rately left in Bubs car. so that right.
f?jr - aramd with dad's revolver, she watchpi
ed for the thief to arrive.
>' He did arrive, and quietly he entered
the house. Here Bab fires her rejjyi:,
TOlrer into tho air and awakens the
IaBaooecscasogosgggs axzox
0 ^
Coming Direct from its S:
With the Same Magnifice
OiiYiii [email protected]/i
The Fastest and Funniest
A Big Hw
t ! Angmentr-- C-ehestra
m : ofm
Con:;j any of
150 People.
A Typical %
PRICES?Boxes and Orchestn
Balcony, $1.50. Next three rows $1
Seats Saturday 2:00 A. M.
Cars to Mannlngton, Wo
111M iiife fei
Tko Moment of Victory; "a j
I. ?
A ' teWjCMBlW** >-- ?* ' yC-.
Margurite Clark was a happy choice
for Baft, as she is Ideally salted, to
the part. A finely balanced cast gave
excellent support.
"A Soul *fn Trust* at Dixie.
"A Soul In Trust," is the screen attraction
at the Dixie tc__y. la the
story Dabney Carter and Courtney
ilalt'.and. both of Virgiaia are married
Dabney goes hunting in the mountains
and becomes Involved with Nan Barker
a mountain maid.
Returning home, he is elated to learn
an* heir is expected. His joy ia marred
on his being advised that Nan Barker
is to become a mother. He leaves
for the mountains to repair the wrong
he has dose, but is killed. His widowis
doubly bereaved when her infant
son dies. She adopts Nan's child as
her own for a financial consideration.
Years later Mrs' Carter is engaged
to a Senator Franklin in Washington
To save her son. Nan Barker,
dissapeors. and Mrs Carter marries
the Senator. j
Ry.-alistic Play at Princess.
"Weaver of Drec.n?." will be shown;
at the r.-inecs3 theatre today and to-;
morrow. It is exceptionally well adap-;
ted as a stirring vehicle of winsome!
Viola Dana, who appcara as Judith
Thl3 role is a simple and lovable!
country itirls 11 V; "June" ta Miss j
iiaia's [treat success. "Blue Jeans."' i
and the part is very similtar la Us ap-!
peal ar.d human interest. "Weaver
cf Dreams"' is a story of the heart,
urtd Miss Dana crcclls In her characterization.
The action takes place in
a rural community filled with quaint
types of humanity, where, amid simple
surroundings a drama of the human
heart Is played.
"Ct_OS6 UPS"
?"Over the Top.** 'The Unbeliever"'
and "Kasior. the Beset of Berlin" arc
three l>ig features Manager Linn of
the Dixie has booked for luture showing.
?Richard Carle and Maude Adams'
are amons the stars who will appear;
in next season's bookings at the J
! JoSly Sight ||
uesday, April ? |jj
acond New York Triumph 5 j.
nt Cast and Production!;;
CO Fresgftfej^^ |
? ? Mrmxf nvjp f AR! /ADDOIf i 1
IV/ IV, D/ KBk .snw^ si
Musical Comedy on Earth. 8
ilea! Gem
18 Big |
Song Hits ?!
A California 8
Beauty Chorus 8 j
'c-roscc Cast I
3 $2.00. Cress Circle and 1st row 8
.00. Last six rows 75c. Gallery 50c. fi
rthington and Fafrvlew.
xcog'aooocooooociuuuuui h irmi
I ***** Tl? I
131? ft is waSf s
Ite Clark g
sT / |
RROW . |
daughter of the as. Our Little 8!
BEW0MBaanaHwsBanBi i
on the little downy crown of myj
baby's bead I whispered "Ricjhard
Warerly m.~
I could almost feel the arms of Dick
abcat ne holding us both?his baby
and his wife?close to him.
I kept thinking of things I would,
tell him when he came noiss at night. ;
And even though I repeated to myself
"Dick is dcs?," yet I could not
realize it.
One day I caught a few words between
Moilie and the nurse and *
knew that there was some trouoie i
that they did not want me to know i
about. But I made Mollie tell me.
It seems that the moment I was tak-;
en sick. Mother Trent began to ran
everything and only that morning i
the old housekeeper had told the nurse
that much as she loved me. and slie
was going to tell me as soon as I got
well I must find someone else to take
care of the house as she could not
possibly take orders from Hire. Trent.'
-Now don't worry. Margie." said j
Mollie. "for I am going to take mother;
home with me. Oh. why can't shei
just mind her own business," she
exclaimed despairingly.
The next morning Mother Insisted
upon seeing ma, and as I was regain-1
ing my strength rapidly X told the,
r.urse to let her in. I thought I might'
as well have it over.
The first words Mother Trent said'
were, "Well. Margie, I am glad to see
you look so well. I knew you only
needed time to recover. You will be j
sitting up in a few days and I know;
you YTiU De minting aooui youri
j A handy Calcium cosipotrnd that nofo!
iraarda against chronic luncr and throat
: troubles. A. tonlc-reetorative prepared
without harmful or habJt-formlnjr dmga.
Try thcaa today.
50 cents a. box, including wet
3For sale by aU l>rtuci;.?d? 1
Ecknwa Laboratory. KUlBdclohia
Change Today |
Matinee at 2:45, 15c. j
Nights at 7:30 and 9:00
15c & 25c
__________ I
On the Screen
Wm. S. Hart j
| Two Reel Drama. jjjj
Yoar Opi
j This Favorit
f-Aliimhio (Wfffl!
uuiiuujiu uiiuwr
Including 24 selection:
music on 12
Colombia D?.s!LE Reco
Your own Selections
If you do not ?
of our lit
| Only a few of dies:
this price.
Tii a Kjliaj
414 Main Street .
sKfirfsctory mJae Is aal I hare taken}
the liberty of enlfiwg Madame 1
to cose op bare tomorrow so that yoa j
can order youra."
I was silent a moment. It did sot
seem possible that anyone could do
such a stransa thins. Then 1 said.
"Ton hare indeed takes a. stoat liberty
and yoa may go and "phone madams
that she need cot come."
"Oh Mother Treat said rather blanker.
"you hare already ordered it?"
-I am cot solas to wear mourning."
"Von heard me; I am not going to
Ddsfelos How Enlarged
Veins Can B? Rsaiicso
Often "Tim-s Veirra Burst and Caur?
Sufferlno. Ejcomisc and
Loss of Enrtplcyeme'nt.
Many people have become dsponden;
because they have beben led to belieTe
that there is no remedy that will re
duco swollen veins and benches.
IC vou will gat a two ounce origins'
bottle of Moone's Emerald Oil <fu'
strength) at any first class drug store
and apply it at heme as dire cicd ycr
will trnickly notice an im provernen*
which will continue until the veinnnd
bunches are reduced to normal.
Emerald Oil is very concentrate
and a bottle lasts a long time--that'
why it is a mo=t Ineupereive rr<\:
ment. It has brought much comfort t
worried peorle all :>v.-r the countr
and is one of the woitderfal discoverit
of recent years and always bear i'
mind that anyone who is disappoints
with its use can nave their money re
landed. The Fairmont 1'harxnacy ca:
supply you.
A Triangl e Super
I EPS*. m T&g* ^ fgss ;
An astounding story
of Wall street intrigue ;
and political corruption.
Belle Sennett
In Triangle's 7 Reel
Super Production
Vengeance and the
. .J
Lave the cash take
>eral payment plan,
e outfits to offer at
Milk S?. I
Phone 926. !
.... . ..
there, little book. I came to the conclusion
I would never can her mother
again) you woald not speak of Dick as .
'passing oat*?all those subterfuges to
set around the word?the inevitable
and only word which expresses etev
ncl parting?is death.
"My husband is dead," I said sharply.
"And do yon mean you do sot mown
she asked. .
You have no right to ask such a|
Get Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets
That in the Joyful cry of ttaaSSS
since Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets^
the substitute tor calomel.
Dr. Edwards, a practicing physldan tor
17 years and calomel's old-time enemy,
discovered the formula for Olive Tablets
while treating patients far chronic constipation
and torpid livers.
Dr Edwards' Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, bat a healing soothing
vegetable laxative.
No griping is tho "keynote" of these
little sugar-coated, ollve-eoiorert tablets.
Thev cause the bowels and Uvet to act
oormallv They never force diem to
unnatural action.
IS yon have a ""dark brown month* now
and then - a bad breath ? a dulL tired
feeling?sick headache torpid Uver and
are cnnRtjp*. vouTi find cnick. cure md
only oleas^? results from -me or nvo lip
tie Or Edwards' Orb*. Tablets at tedthna.
Thonsands tetce me v two every (tight
Just to teen tight. Try t*m 10c sad
25c per box. Ail druggists.
"Any Old Plac?j_
Gcss,lU Be 1
A charging sorg with ?gh'
St to a warfte tone. P?
Sn facts that
, T> t*
lor -Berlin?ana you 11 ten.
to join in the charging cl
the I"' * ' .ugh-A-Ballah
c .
-%# in=
& *35,
Biay Liberty B
HelpWia The1
Kn buy a be
?> mM bond. B
song in j
g I KmaOohm1
Si*^ ^ 1
"Why, we uriD Joofc ridiculous when}
re go out together." she said, "I In'
dee? mounting Cor vaj husband and
Saving Moi
Buy your merchandi;
get the most value, so yoi
the war with your surplu:
this is the store where the
and the factory stand beh
Queen Quality.
Menz "EA1E'
We have the greatest
in town.
Smiths Si
The plac
WJsk Msry Zentay
jp from "Tales
F For sheer magical h
m is a revelation in vie
9^ inimitably expressed
and cadenex of moo
the gondola's svvayii
sufficiently explain
umphs in Europe aj
Rubinstein's "Melo
the Gang Vjfp
here" 6 jab
ring words ^
torus. On
2514?75c V^
?P[1 "My Su
? by* Sai
sJ J A typically clcvc
jj of one of the mc
0 I On the back, "
^ ??-j marble halls wit
^ & Incidentally, th<
V/ from the unust
Columbia Reco
whirlwind danc
numbers, and in
y be leaving this ,4ijy^S
ext week, every
le. They will be (ijy^n
You can hearten ''If nfj
igs by baying a "M I 1
iond. You should - M
>nd and another *
uy them todayl
uld boy With a Send somen
soldier. The
roar Heart- bo. Grafonol
'C*Ai or Ks
I ambus Hut.
tOth of Entry Month
Colombia Gripbopboee Coops
TMW EVAlCs-JHLir"" .. r'.*2fi!t
|| I
e at the store -where you l
[ can help Uncle Sana win
;. In the line of footwear 1
y sell shoes that the dealer w-si
line of ladies white shoes i If
* ' II
e to buy.
of ^offinann^ 9
sauty this exquisite number
in music the dreaftiy lilt
nlit waves rippling beneath
/eetie" suns*
urael Ash H
r Samuel Ash interpretation "
>st popular songs of the day* %M
I don't care to live in any o i
?e -are only a few samples |
ally complete May list of
rds?55 splendid selections
opular hits, war songs, and
es to opera aire, concert ^
strumental music.
:cordi to toot i /mFk9
re's a Colon*- [Hf B^l ^3 v-v^gg
a in his Y. M. 11 SBm ^5f :"#3r
i^hts of Col- \>fl
ny, New York
r'. r-^gggM
- - iv-^r' .,i

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