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/ 'WDM
)Wn& SC
Kh /TH??OW6??S
? ~ v /.SKIN - 3DT
\ tramp ;
' ig^. ^ 1
I!tbe picture oil all lour sines.
stuDy lold dotted line 1 its
g?h Then dotted line 2 and
odd each, section underneath
r. When completed turn OTer
1 find a surprising result,
W. Va.. rain toll
-light and Sunday, j
fnot much change in.
E.eiaperature. ;
Local Readings j
Temperature at S
_ m. today 52.
Yesterday weath
r clear: tempera-,
ire maximum 62;
-s'nimum 42; prestation
r Flag exercises
Dr. J. C. BroomOMORROW
Order of Railway
30 p. m.
heran church?Annal
meeting after
Deasons and el
Irs 'will be elected.
wfca church?Patriotic meeting at
mils Removed?Three children
^operated on this morning at Cook
ftal -for the removal of tonsils, j
r.-were Fred Bobo, of Sabraton i
ue, Bellview; Francis Talkington, i
Terrence Davis, of Farmington.
Benitha Wilson, of Earrackville,
underwent an operation at the
iboZtoday. Mrs. M. J. Ward, or
otagton was admitted to the hos-yesterday
for teratment.
3C.' Moore Resigns?H. C. Moore,
ids superintendent of the Four
Biahlnes at Annabelle, has resign3a
position and with his afmily
I leave may i.a xor jjenver, coio.,
? le will go into business. Mrs.
?'s ^parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. W.
[stem, formerly of Fairmont, have
residents of Denver for several
Meal Back?R. L. O'Neal accomad
vby Mrs. O'Neal returned to j
most yesterday evening after a
t trip to Huntington. Cincinnati
Lynchburg. Mrs. O'Neal will reto
her home in Lynchburg after
w days visit in this city.
reive Volunteers?The loal draft
re applicants to Charleston for
tal foductions, following the govrent's
call for 12,000 voluntary Inions.
If their -. 3plications are acsd
they will be inducted imedisey
Tn Town?John F. Casey, of
John F. Casey contracting com
of Fittshurgh. Pa., was in Fairtfor'
a short time today conferring
-the City officials and Engineer
lefield of'the New York Concerte
I Engineering company
toed the Fairmont Dental" Club
evening at Ms offices in the Proonal
building. Quite a number
he dentists composing the club
1-present and a pleasant and profe
evening was spent in an informanner.
mely Sermon?Dr. Clarence D.
cell will speak Sunday night on
^Liberty Loan of Christ's KingPrevious
to the evening serMiss
Crigler of Columbus. Ohio,
address the Christian Endeavor
rilgated Four?- At last night's
tog of Dent Hive 733. Ladies of
Maccabees, four candidates were
jated. The Mve is-making plans
mder a play during the early part
urged with Bringing in?Having
n quarts of whiskey in his suit
IvJoha Frivovich today had servpon
a warrant charging him
bringing in intoxicants in exnr
nr?p. onart. Justice Conawav 1
Ie case, and the accused is held
: hearing'. Constable Michael
the arrest Assistant Chief of
y 'Seamon last night found an
imed suit case containing a galATE
BErTRRbNT FARMS?All sizes.
Ides on beautiful river, S-rcom
, bam, 2 poultry houses. Price
cash. 20 acres. Joins town,
house, - bam and outbuildings.
$2300 half cash. 130 acres, new
; house, bain, poultry and hog
i, grand water-front home. Price
Write for details. J. E.
. Princess Anne, Md.
" 4-20-lt-3740.
Strategical location. For sale.
Bathe lease on an attractive cool
Bpa^tbe only outlet for some 1500
^^Kmt has a very low minimum
^^^jro^alty ot 1G cents per ton.
HSflMpEjGace for the erection of plant
HHmh8.- Clean coal and right ci
Wjamlfc and lays to advantage of
BHKIaMge. Address Coal Man,
^pEg^ ^eston. IV. Va, ^ *
MradyW!wte^.-.- g1'.
^ ??fH!3rK*!?.\?!9S?iQS-< '- I '-L?'>- " ' '
Kick. irfl speak fa. "WIBard" BaC oa
ruesday afternoon.
Russian Let Go?After convincing
the comity officers that did not own
the seized suit cases containing whiskey,
three Russians arrested here
enroute for El kins were discharged
>y the authorities.
Plan State Meet?Tire executive com
mlttee of the West Virginia Funeral
Directors Association held a session
yesterday afternoon at the Watson
1 - ' .. .i-~ nlarig -gpre
notei. AI ,
perfected for the annual meeting of
the association to be held in Terra
Alta on the.second Tuesday in July.
The members of the committee present
were President G. T. Bartlett of
Grafton, Secretary Frank E. Foster of
Wells burg; John A. McCabe of Grafton;
C. G. Fis hof Cameron and I>. C.
Musgrave of this city.
Got His Bride Finally?Coming to
Fairmont to secure his bride, Barbara
Tallerico. Guiseppe Pingnonelle of
Mt. Claire, W. Va.. claims he found
her detained by relatives who had
intended to marry her to an Italian
who 13 55 years old. and one whom
she did not want. The relatives were
thereby to cash in $400. PIngnonelle
who is 40 years old. secured the services
of Constable Robinson, who accompanied
them to the court house
where they procured a marriage lir
ccnse and were later married by an
Italian priest. They left unmolested
for Ct. Clair.
Carriers in Draft?The local post
office wil soon get to add two more
stars to its service flag making eleven
men in military service. Oral Morgan
and John Hanne, two carriers
will be in the next two drafts. Morgan
is a carrier at Monongah and will
go In the next contingent 01 coumy
draftees. Hanne is a carrier on
Route 6 and has been in the employee
of the local office for three years.
Schedule for Draftees?The locai
draft board this omrning received the
schedule for the contingent of men
to leave this city next Thursday for
Camp Meade, Admiral. Md. The men
will eave this city at 6:25 p. m. They
will leave on a special train to be
made up in Wheeling. The county
troops wil entrain at Mannington at
o:40 p_m.
Child Injured?Paul Barrett the
seven-year-old son of James H. Barrett,
of Bell Run, was struck by an
automobile driven by Millard Arcett.
a son of Scott Arnett, of Carleton
street and Short avenue, yesterday afternoon
in front of M. B. Cobun's grocery
store on Locust avenue. The
child sustained a oroKen coiiar uuik
and minor injuries. He was taken
to the office of Dr. C. L. Holland by
Fire Chief O. J. Watkins, who was
on the scene at the time of the accident.
where his injuries were dressed
and he was later removed to his home.
Many Deeds Are
Tiled for Record
These deeds have been filed for record
up until 2 o'clock this afternoon
with A. G. Martin, county clerk: Ernest
McCoy, et ux., to Jacob F.
Straight, lots 12 and 13 in block 3
in the J. Fay Watson addition to the
city of Fairmont, $1; Harry Jay Freeland
to Thomas Freeland, tract of 45
acres of land along the Little Paw
Pa wcreek In Paw Paw district, 31;
Charles W. Robinson to sam k- -\uzum.
lot 5 in block A, fronting on
Willard drive. Third ward, city of
Fairmont, $1000; Dee Freeland et ill.,
to Sarah Edith Freeland .tract of 45
acres alpng the Little Paw Paw creek
in Paw Paw district, $500; Charles R.
Hartley, et ux.. to William E. Hartley
and the one fourth interest in a parcal
of land on Booths Creek in Grant
district, $1,000; Annie M. Martin to
Ulysses G. Bartholow a parcel of land
in the Jackson addition of the city ol
Fairmont, $300; O. I. Moore and wife
to Mary Jiuzum. a parcel of land on
Ruben's Run in Winfield district, $1.
The Air Duel"-?one ot the pain
- V- ?
If Not Sure Whether He
Put His Man Chit or
And That Had Considerable
to Do With the Way It j
American Aviator in the Lafayette
Flying Corps of the French
Foreign Legion.
I (Copyright. 1SI1S, by the Newspaper,
Enterprise Association.)
i Burins the height of the titanic i
j struggle for the Chemin des Dames ]
i I had my first single-handed duel with
} a Boche flyer. j
I had been transferred to Squadron |
65, after the firgt army was wtihdrawn
from Flanders. I was return-1
ins from a patrol. Everybody was I
hungrily looking forward to dejeuner
?I know I was?when we spotted a
single Cerman machine just inside
our lines.
It seemed a crime to attack the
Boche with such overwhelming cclds
in our favor, but war is war, and it
was our duty to surround and anni-1
kilate liim.
Before concentrating on the Job II
took the usual precautionary survey i
above, below, and in front, in order
to be sure that no other enemy planes,
were in sight, ready to surprise me at
work. **
If I had not .this tale most likely
would not have been written. I was
up 4000 meters. Under my tail, at
the 3200 meter level. I saw two biplanes
with the tell-tale black maltese
crosses on their wings.
So there were two Jobs to be done.
I left the lone boche to the rest of
the patrol.
"Me for one of these other guys,"
I said to myself.
It was bitterly cold. As I vol-!
planed down, the icy blast chiiiea my
Hispana-Suizza motor. The gauge
was steadily creeping down to the
danyer point. Keeping one eye dodging
between the motor temperature
indicator and the air pressure gauge
of the essence tank, I continued on
my dizzy dive, letting "two or three";
out of my Vickcrs gun through the]
propeller, en route, to be sure it was
all right.
I foolishly put my head over the
sido of the nacelle for a second, and
peered below to \>& sure just where I
was?and nearly had my head blown
Down I "picqued"?almost vertically?at
200 miles an hour, and down
my motor temperature went too. Six'
hundred yards from the nearest boche
and it had dropped to 35 degrees centi
J" ?e> trt "b>a fV? O
^ I tlU C. JC lit* ^'5 vy wu -II- 1 - -W
"dead line." Below that the motor
might stall when I threw on the juice
again, and then me tor the Karlsruhe
concentration camp and paper pants!
There was nothing else to do but
flatten out my "cuckoo," put on full
motor and let her warm up a bit This
I did, and then returned to the attack.
But the boches had seen my predicament'
and had shoved off for
their own lines. The maneuver
brought both equidistant from me.
Then I saw a French Spad making
for the one nearest our lines. It was 1
piloted, I later learned, by Mv'or Luf
f oerrv 01 me ***c,
| only American "ace" now alive. I
lings by Lieutenant Henri Farre, Frea c.
\ 5fUUOR??* is \
^ ( -tESaweue. WV*?GER-y
P OUS? VM ?HUH ' j
on the patrol of as adjoining sector.
Sometimes, of course, we cannot resist
the temptation to do' a little
trespassing if the prospects of a successful
encounter look too inviting to
resist. In such a case, if we bring
a boche 'down the fellows of the other
squadron have to blow us to a champagne
supper the next time we are
-- enmo j-.-vrtr litfla rgndez
vous is the rear. At these parties we
could always trust Le Boucher, our
pet humorist, to keep things lively.
Poor de Boucher, he's now "missing"
?a prisoner, I hope, but I'm afraid
Well, tn "continue. Foiled of one
boche. I for his friend. I followed
h.. . . : some miles, got behind
and above, his stall, and let fly with a
whole "belt." He went down in the
steepest picque I have ever seen.
My motor was again shivering
around 30 degrees, and as I was two
miles from home. I climbed back to
the right air level, rejoined the patfol,
and returned to camp.
I didn't have time to follow the
boche's coarse to the ground to see
whether he smashed np or not. 1
j know he didn't go down in flames.
I I reported a boche "shot down," but
| as the incident was never confirmed
by any observation posts or balloons,
! the rules of the game made it impos|
sible ofr me to claim credit. But?
Well, my time would come!
11Y OF ceo?
' Clyde Morris Will See That
Retailers Keep in the
Right Track.
Households are bott limited in the
purchase ot wheat flour to one and
one-halt pounds per person, in the
household, per week, according to instructions
received by Clyde Morris,
the recently appointed retail grocery
representative for Marion county. Mr.
Morris will represent the grocers of
Marion county and it will be his duty
to see that they are posted on all
new food rulings as well as to investigate
and report violations.
Mr. Morris has willingly acceted his
appointment and is taking up his work
with much interest. He will co-operate
with the Marion county grocers in
and way possible and will be glad to
lend his services or give any advise.
He will cooperate with the local grocers
by working through the grocers'
bureau of the Fairmont Business
Men's Association.
The following new rulings and
amendments to the present food regulations
are announced by Mr. Morris:
Limitation on Amount Sold:?Dealers
and millers shall not 'sell and deliver
to individual consumers residing
in towns more than 24 1-2 pounds of
wheat Hour, or sell and deliver to
individual consumers in the country
more than 49 pounds and In no case
shall they sell and deliver more .flour
than is reasonably required by the
purchaser for his household or establishment
during the next thirty days.
Appeal to Farmers:?In order that
me may comply with the Allies
for urgent demand of the
wheat, and at the same time take
care of our domestic needs we must
have this year an earlier and more
complete marketing of the wheat in
farmers' hands than usual.' Appeal
to the farmers of your County to
bring all of their wheat to market before
May first. This is a war call
and a service for our Country in its
struggle for its very life.
Conservation Program for Households:?Households
are now limited
li army, no-vy on exhibition in this
* i*
/ . ?; * *
' -. -' ;v -..: c r'
ins the new requirement of only 1
1-2 pounds per person, per wnaV.
Exchange Milling:?The role governing
the exchange of -wheat for
floor at the mill has been amended.
Small Tnfiu are sow under the same
limitation as large, in that they may
give a farmer In exchange for wheat
grown by himself .a supply of floor
that will reasonably meet the requirements
of his household or establishment
during the next thirty daps.
The amount taken in exchange is now
limited to lorty-nine pounds.
Substitutes:?Hominy Is listed as
a substitute, but this does not include
canned hominy. Hominy grits and
tapioca- flour are now substitutes lor
bakers engaged In the business of
baking bread and rolls
Conservation Program for Public
' ? ^i..i -r>..vi;^
Mung ridges \/AIIU ruwuv.
eating places and clubs are required
to observe two wheat!ess days each
week, and one wheatless meal on each
of the remaining five days, as at present.
They must not serve to any one
guest at any one meal, bread, rolls,
biscuits, macaroni, crackers, pastry,
pies, cakes and breakfast foods containing
either singly or in the aggregate,
more than two ounces of wheat
flour. Morover, they most not serve
any wheat products unless specially
ordered. They must not buy more
than six pounds of wheat products for
each ninety meals served. That is
to say, the wheat flour in the products
must not weigh in the aggregate
more than six pounds for each
ninety meals. On wheatless days and
at wheatless meals no wheat flonr
may be served in any food except in.
Victory Bread.
(Continued from Page One.)
ing to information received by Mr*.
J. A. Meredith, chairman of the Marion
county Women's Liberty Loan
committee, from Mrs. George Poftenberger,
of Pt Pleasant, state Liberty
Loan chairman Marion county has
disposed of $1,500,000 of the bonds,
of a total sold in the district. West
Virginia -women in this district have
disposed of $1.S00,000 o fthe bonds,
$251,750 of. -which has been sold by
Marion county women.
The following women bad charge of
the booths today:
National Bank of Fairmont?Mrs.
Glenn F. Barns, Mrs. Ralph Regan.^
Trust Company Bank?Mrs. F. B.
Home Savings Bank?Mrs T I. Brett
Peoples National Bank?Mrs. O. F.
Lonerh. Mrs. H. C. McKay.
Fairmont State Bank?Mrs. W. J.
Professional Building?Mrs. M. A.
Hartley's Store?Mrs. Edwin Forrest
Fairmont Hotel?Mrs. W. D. Stockley.
Mt. City Drug Store?Mrs. Henry S.
Postoftice?Miss Goldie Conklln.
Manley Hotel?Mrs. Vaughn Jolliffe.
Osgood's?Mrs. J. C. Miller.
Mesdames W. S. Haymond. George
M. Alexander, W. T. Hartman .and L.
D. Howard were to have been in
charge of the Court house booth.
Alleged Wife Beater
Is Sent to Jail
Charged with striking his wife, "William
Welling, of Bethlehem, was today
hned $25 and costs imposed upon
him by Justice Conaway. Unable to
pay up. the accused was sent to jail to
serve out the fine and costs Assault
and batterly was the charge preferred.
Williams Jubilee Singers at the
First M. E. Church, Wednesday evening
April 24. 8:15. Advt
Watch this ney
James H
Professional Buildii
j /ff'-vwr
\ l V -MEKE^OO ) . ^
> 1
\bot~--_y ^ /
I v?t
ltWfiv>. 'izl %>-'
Mrs. JamesA. MerecBft Addresses
200 People on
War Issues.
* f - i
With 200 people in tteodar.ee c
very enthusiastic patriotic meeting
whs be'4 last evening at Hickman's
Ann school hopse. 'The chief address
was made by Mrs. James A. Herodith.
of this city. She discussed the
war isseas at considerable length ana
was roiioirea by tee closest bucu^uj ;
on the part of fcer bearers. Tie audience
was greatly enthused.
The opening number on the program
was the singing of "America."
which was followed by these recitations.
"What They Teach Us At
School." Bruce Bartbolow; "Barilla's
Sister." Catherine Baxthalaw and
"Why Was I to Blame?" Lawrence
Wendal. The boys sang the selection.
"The Soldier Boys" and the girls
Artillery Recrvitir
Many New Men
Corpora] John A. Nichols, United
States, artillery, of the army recruiting
station in Roanoke, is daily gathering
recruits to the aid oi General Pershing,
and is load in his praise of the
patriotic spirit of the young men of
this city, so many of irhom have volunteered
their services without waiting
"to be drafted.
Corporal Nichols is again in the
pink of condition, and hopes soon to
be sent oversea. He yesterday saidr
**I am feeling fine again. I was suffering
from general debility and was
badly run down. I had no appetite,
my blood was in poor condition, I
was as nervous as could be and could
not rest well at night
"Fortunately a druggist friend of
mine recommended that I take A-I-M,
and consequently I am today as flit
as ever, and have the same odd "pep'
tr? m-v Rten.
"I take pleasure in m?trtng this Information
public for the good of the
service?In that it may be the means
rspaper for announcement of
I. Farley, Ne
Ready-to-Wear Cloth
. I-* 2L.'A!
Laents Fuinismiigs
lg 311
/ - -4
/ ' ?
vine/- u r.
[ n .. .
Wg*-** PK '""" .
F^A'f' ?>r- ' " '~ -"-"I' V
b*? lStr J?
[TT. i? 3SKCe~~:,
fri-rg: i "?r :ir'":i . -'3?*iwHHI
Eci C.-css caec:l~j v..: ; i: ;.j'j
.the rchcoj toes: cu Tc:-::y s :.~cr "
ooa at 2 o'cioch. A war &p&? corn
castration wiH be heid la the sr.ir*
school house ccrt tVodriesdry alter ?| *3
inooau 2 o'deeS. it -wUi be 09mtact Sag
ed by JiiS3 Prico, the county horn* -/ :"A'
demoastratioa a3cut. Mrs. P. If. Hose
will deliver a patriotic addross.
Jailed for Beating Wife?Hike Las V
Tick was yesterday fined $50 and had
costs imposed upon him for beetlnf '
'his -wife In addition to hetor given ?
tea day Jail s$qtence ?y Justice Ba*
iff Officer Gets
During Past Week
of qualifying w?jr young men wh_ ;dj
are anxious to do their bit. but wht 2 f
are at present unfit physlciaHy.
"Acid Iron Mineral is a wond<dktf
tonic. I began to Increase In ?elga
and strength almost Immediately, and
it has pat good color back' into my
cheeks Again."
Corporal Nichols* statement Is 5I9flar
to that of thousands of other people
-throughout the country, who, during
the past thirty years, bare testified
to the merits of this natural min- J
era! iron. ' '
If you are ran down, anaemic, worn
oat, lack bodily vigor, sleep poorly,have
no appetite or lack Weight1?go . -3j|
to your regular druggist and' get a
bottle of Ackl Iron Mineral. Try It . is
week or two. Then, if it hasn't made
a new man. of you return the bottle
and your money will be promply re[
Or, better yet, ask the advice of
your family physician. See what he
has to say of A-I-M. and beguided
by his judgement.?Adv.
the Opening of __ ; ',-jj
;w Store # ; |
ing and
Cleveland Avenue j J|
^ I |
Cg ||m
^Zcjz' -s>-''" ^*-V"v ', *-. .-,\-jf'*.

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