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MWMBs^P^nfanentt .and one in whielrieoctety]
/*;} ;j?yateng "people, ofthe city lie-re tftraI
/* a deep Interest was.that cl Mies Flor-j
? ence Charlotte Hawker, dattghtennfj
EfciJ"1- hfr. and Airs. Chax. E. Hanker, to Kd-:
'- - -twrnni Cramp, of Chester, Pa., which1
SgJsV- . ?*? solemnized last evening In Christ
*'-' . Episcopal church.
W-?%\_ Attractive decqrations ia palms.
S^E?yl tens and roses adorned the interior
Kit" ;v o? the church, simplicity cbaracterizgjjg..-,
" loathe appointments througaoat.
' Just before tie henr set for the cereSSjf
i. .XBony. Mrs. C. C. Shepherd, of Brfdgefia
- T?1 r r
ifipl Shepherd. of the V. S. Army, now in
r-V'~- Prance, sans the bridal son? "All Joy
Lt," v. Be Thine" to organ accompaniment
tendered by 3IIss Laura Briggg. who
gr,.'.- alsp rendered the wedding ctorufc
?- tpetn Lohengrin to the strains of which
the bridal party catered he church.
.The nahurs. Doyle Campbell, of El
; r "J>aao, Texas, and Win. .x. Ecg*b, or
"tjjjs city, entered first and were fol'
,lpw.ed by Miss Sasan Wat'oa Arnett.
. tnaid of honor. The bride ?tr.tered with
h'er father from the vestibule as the
i .groom and his best ir.an. Lieut. Col.
I;'-; Flank Hyatt> of Chester. Ba . entered
.from a dcor nearer tite altar. 'At the
?ltar the Her. Charles Baird Mitchell.
- rftctorof the church, awaited them and
' "per/onaed the marriage tervice.
gsj?i -.The bride 'wa; attired in a charming
- Tpetliiag gown'of white tulle with trim-il?War
!Mtc veil of
Ol wn c? - ^
Egji'-' "r. telle was fold by orange h>.?rojBF and
Cftf*"! _"* ."ijl11 r 1" i i I a shower bouoeet of bride
F;j^-'jfeees and white oweel peas. Miss
djnett wore a eown of maize crepe
|Rpy~"-' meteor with trimmings in bine and
fcV - . Jrijver . She carried a sho wer of pink
roses. sweet peas and forcrtme-nota.;
^K|p5- .- y ^Hie sjrootn and his best man were .
Kk'-- i hotfcattired rin the regulation military
p,.-, Shit of khaki.
K&&4 ' ^Following the marriage ceremony
BE?'. . njethbers of the wedding party, Miami?
trves and a number of Intimate friends
Bi'i .. otf the bride were entertained at an in-.
HrST. v f^runal reception at The Fairmont
HBpv-i. Fb'ore they remained until Mr. and
!?? ;; ' Mrs. Cramp left for the station where .
K.v.' they took the 3:20 train casl.
hR{.1 v - "-Abswos guests here for the marriage
J last evening -were John Ft Cramp, fathwk?
er- of the groom; Meuteeaat Colonel:
IBKr ' ...yraok X. Kyatt and Mr3. Hyatt, of
I- Chester. Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Doyle
Campbell, of El Paso. Texas; Mrs. C.
C- Shepherd, of Bridgeport. Conn., who
is residing temporarily at Manning-;
ban; Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Hardrsty, Mr.
r and Mrs. Howard Hardest!', of Man- ;
nington; Miss Georgia Andres, of Min|
xieapolis. Mian. Mrs. Hyau and Mrs.'
" ' Campbell are sisters of the groom. Mr.
Campbell has also recently finished j
the officers' training conrsc *t Camp ;
TO* and Lieutenant Colonel Hyatt is ;
. one of the head members of ihe faeuli;
. * ty 'of the Pennsylvania Military Col> :.
lege .at Chester.
pi... j-hc marriage of Miss Hawker and
Cramp has been of unusuil interi,
. or: .to their friends sines their engageyr.
u was announced several -week*
r The brSde is the only chiid of her
her lather being: a prominent
Kg.' _ <; tporation Is-xyer. She i* a mnsiMptf
" yfilt of ability and has stutifed at The
Kr' ^"est Virginia TfhiTersIty and in this
i City for; several years. She is also a
Sffv..' co-iig. toman of unusual beauty and
BP"' . ? strtonaiity and is a poplar member
|k J. >? the younger society set. Mr. Cramp
' rbo recently resigned a position as
KgfcC v military instructor at Po.m-ylvama
K.V;' Military College at Chester. :o enter
B&"' \ the service of his country, has just
" epmpletcd Tfcj officers' training course
HKgs'V ' at Capip Dix. In accordance rrith the
K*:f < gjjfoxpb.1 ruling: he has r.ot been comBet:!'
' njlssfonetl yet and nil; remain at Camp
fey /Dir. for further orders.
. : A Spiendid Musical.
WSi-'.'- The popular musical wljtch *as s>.
fed. event last evening at the Bast Side
jp': VJ." ^?omsmuEity House was attended by a
Rf1:.' ' large number of people. A splendid
jfg? program -was rendered, a large nuir. i
har rtf tpaIT' Vnflyri n.?rkr?T?> t.tV?ti? t?st1_ i
I- Mrs. James A. Meredith rest! a se-i
? jfeietion by Mary Raymond Shipraanj
jK.',.- Andrew* and musical numbers were j
K"' rendered by Neliie Mclntire. Pore :"tiy j
* - Moore. Mary I^aFollei; e. Tiselraa Feugf:>
aell. Virginia Dausbertr, Mildred and i
~ Margaret' Coo tele. Irene Bsalty. Vir ,
K. " - gisia. Dattgberty. Florence Coojcle.;
m - Katherine Yost. Nettie layman r ro7.
zal solos b-r Mrs. Cecil Jenkins. Grace
?' **'
Prince Sa>? He Wishes He C.-uIo
Ta(<# Every Sufferer to the
Great Laboratory. I ,
"j. wish - people here coald pay a
visit to the -great institution rut in !
| . Bfciyiep, Ohio, -where Tanlac if marie. j j
V t'wish I cotild take every man. -voiran ; r
; V assyi-child who is trouble* witn st:tr.-i?
vv ach.. 'iafJiE&jt:on, constipation. bowel.: J;
Ifidney. liver and ; bladder complaints I i
out to Dayton and let taem s,-c vbe j =
, marvelous- strides that h&?e been
r:; made for treating such troubles,'1 cej
glared T. C. Prince.
"You take the ordinary man or ivcm
. aut and-they are only Iialf eff.denT.
They drag around, hurtling for mnaey,
. jamming food into their stnznarji that
!?y, wfftM rKam -y #-? fAnrf . ? *1! Tho:r eAn.
?5>:. sfTpaticri. indigestion, k.'daey and jjvV
er troubles wo-uid fill a book. and on
g&y.'" i?ttinc up mornings tliey feel n?:ivj?.
:^&ak. nesve:-? anil woraout before J
K|;.'.v tjfedayVwjrle has even started. Their j
^EsV,. tongue is cor ted. breath foul and yet I
IjfiV. 'tlMy rush sri'untS no wouiter tlicy ret
B>.'. sick and have to call a doctor
^ gSv*-'. W.iats ?he Use Ar?y*?v.> ?
??> |i Jt 1* spr.ng tune. T?:3 blood and
Sfer"' system need a tonic. A syetero cleansHkv
or to wash wav the refuse of the winKfrr','.'ter.
Take TanJac and know to: your
what a great medicine, made by !
K.'Vt great institution can do tor you. tkt
a, bottle of the genuine Tanlac. t Be
rare it heats the name T. C. Prince.
[?::If it doesn't it is old stock flooded into
K^y'tbls territory to make room for new
K;lit other territory. The genuine is aold
Bfc. by\the following authorized agent only,
ft -. The genuine Tan lac Is sold in Falrby'Crane's
drug-store, and also
58^biK'< the . following agents in nearby i
Sg^toyns: W. p. Moras. Farnsingtcn, and*
I gwfef - " '
_ , , ^ -rloltn mIm and acccijaqpanlments
by Er?4" ifcildns.iijcmi- .
son Meredith. Eunice- Minor. Katiertae
Moore, Beryl Jenkins. Nettie McIntire.
Florence Coojtle.
* *
To Rehearse -for Community Sins.
Members of the Fairmont Chora! society,
of the High and Norma!
schools, church choirs. erc? arc re
q ucited to meet at the V. II. C. A.
auditorium on Wednesday evening
promptly at 7:15 o"clack to rehesree
for a '~omanin:ty sing to be held tu
the near fa tare.
First Methodist "A'omcn.
Because of rao fact that the Missionary
circle will meet oa Thursday
the ladies of the First M. E. church
a ho usually sew for tne Ksa crosi en
tlxat day will meet at the church for
that purpose on Wednesday-.
m m mm
Visited a*oth?r on Birthday.
Harry B. StilliitRK. o? We-stoit. spent
ihe week end with bis mother. Mrs. '
C. E. Stillings ia Oowns. ceiebrc*r?g
her "Ith'birthday.
10 BU^CBAL in,
Fuel Administrator Barnes
Has Started Campaign to
Encourage Purchases
????? '
The imncrtcrce of buying coal now <
is being? emphasized by J. Waller |
Barnes. Federal Fuel Administrator of
West Virginia, and by the chair-j
man of the county coal comaai'-iees
is the various counties. Mr. Barrc*t
is Impressing the danger of another,
coal famine next -winter on his hear
ers in every public address he maltes '
and that point will be dwelt upon al
a meeting of county fuel administra-'
torn of southeastern West Virginia to
be held at Bluefield Thursday.
Mr. Barnes leaves Fairmont at four
o'clock this afternoon for Clarksburg
and makes the trip via Far keif, burr
and Huntington, returning to Huntington
on Friday when there will be a
meeting of the coal operators of the ,
state. E. E. Meredith will make the I
trip to Bluefield with Mr. Barnee and j
return to Huntington for the Friday J
meeting as representative oZ the West |
The chairman of eonnt-y commit-1
tees in various counties are doing all j
in their power to get people to realize i
that there is necessity for the early
buying of ccal. E. C- Henshaw, iota!
fuel administrator at Mart ins burg. Is
out -with an announcement in which
lie dec'arcs that, the Fhiei Administration
expects "the coal consumers,
continuing their patriotic co-opcra* ion '
with the government in all its warmeasures.
to maintain a steady andj :
T j
? ? ? . i t
\ if
i No Humbug!
j Lift Off Corns j!'.
f ? I.
J Doesn't hurt n bit to lift a com ;
r or callui off with Angers j
...... f .
For a few cents you can . .
s?t a small bottle of rho
f ^ magic drug; freezcne re- ;
> /* ^ cently discovered by a,
1 jf Cincinnati man.
\ / Just ask at any iir.t?
\/ store for a small bottie of
lreezone. Apply a few I ,
f drops upon a tender, act- i.
ing corn and instantly, yes,!
I immediately, all soreness f
disappears and shortly yon' \
^ will find the corn or cal.lua
w sn loose mat you tut it
nvx> foot and all, with the:
C" f lingers.
|S Ji Jast tiiir!k: Not one bit :
or pain before . applying
rreezone or after-wards. It ;
1 J 4r doesn't even irritate the ;
i ! ?r!; urrcandinsr skin.
't& f Hard cores, soft com-?, 5
j- ?3 01 corns betvreia the toe.-. j
also hardened calluses 0:: .
rff bortotn of feet, just seem
J to strive! up'and fall off 3
>L without hurting a particle. ;
It is almost magical. j
LarjiesI Keep a tiny bot- t
le on your dresser and never let a '
orn or callus arhe twice. ' *
- *
? :
Bumstead's Wonu Syrop f
A s?f? sad sr.r? Woinody for W arise.' <
"toefl tiia t?et tor 50 years. IT HI7ST.
TATtS. To children it la tui antral o? i 2
ixcggssa. go nrrsic wsEcsp. o-r ,*
istfi fisA trmermX *tor*o. or tr tt *11 ?2>o , ?
ot. Eat- C.A. VOORgZSSJCJ.^'Iiita-.P*-; <
a _______
Arrangements hare been made,.
R-he-ebr Termers of The West Virgin- !,
jin ma?. obtain me official careen :.
-a.-ri"n 3d-i
"pTiaivti ^vi. . ..r ^
vice b> add:et-;ns The National War .'
Garden Commission, "Washington. D.:,
C. Entries? two cent stamp for re-:|
turn pt sca?-.- ^ j.
Color;.- rctjcsrcr ccol. rich artri very ]
! moist ienci. I. your backyard hasn't'
: t^at, don't wss'e the t.mc autl labor'
trying to mi-e it. as truck gardeners 1
l can supply ai! ot it you need. Ann it
is one garden crop you can do witit.
out if you have to.
Hovcvcr, some backyards and v?or:nt
lots are ideal for celery proauo
i tion.
I Celery must be star-ed in a seedbed
in February. But gardeners ?:. 1-.
. purchase p : in June or July and
; plant in the jrardsu.
It taken celery about flour norths to
, nature and has to be blanched. That
it done by drawing up earth tu each
r ride of rhj- plant, or placing tile.,'
boards or payer around them
Cele.'v is an Ideal crop !o f ".ox."
Well prepared soil j*
deform beets, carrots, parsnips and inter
you see a carrot perfectly shaped:
dered in natural downward growth Dy
d-'ner left buried a? he spaded.
Says Ee Tried Several Pre pa
Doctors Without Resu
Through E
A "Jeep cough and coM Is a mighty ,
finch thing to carry around these r
"ays. especially -when you car.': seem <
to find anything to relieve it. This
man tried all torts cf prepartions a
r.d three different doctors -without. (
Satijne relief until h.-? learned of a J 2
real -way to set -well. Here's how he; ?
JiU it , i
"I suffered with a deep co'd amd .
teavy cough for about one year. Uitte- e
he average man r.r v.-orcaa I began, ?
ihing all sorts of preprauons ar/J .
.-od three d:f"erer.t doctors to got'
lief but none cf them did ma zuy|c
cod. As a result 1 was growing |
-caieer and more rua (loan every; c
ijy. 1.
" I couched so had at times that it1 .
vcaid wake me up out of a sound !-i
ioep and I would have to get up ; <
nd sit out the coughing spoil. Ko: i,
cnJer I was becoming run down i v
"A very mr?-d neighbor recommend-.i
thar t take Hjtpo-Cod for a? fou- 3
i.'O. Since ice time I commenced
1-ting it I do not. have that svfu! I f
ugh and the asthma with which I!
tves also afflicted is almost gone. Ij C
a :i sleep nights nbw ami do cot ha". s i i
o get up and cough any more. Hypo-! C
V; who was prevented br illness frr.i
meat has recovered and will np?
| Tuisday A
Ct "His lecture "A Yankee ir. t
tensive'y last week will be given
^ thriiliag- descriptions o* bis cxper
* Q||,P ^
| At S;1S
g Cammnsity Singing before s
0 MEE& r^| A IVTTL5 FA9TBI2, V ~
-W S&C2.S5 -Vat'lL- ( J no
MClWE. \ So DCW) 8Y TH* \
s?\f?' a\v?%. wus^t -you )>V *_s
}} CAW brextme <
^ y/
" "|h
* . III
leu imqEggE J.
ime early spring Tegctabje like Tad-.
sites. or. or. sets, spinach or lettuce
13 thct-e will be cat of the -way -when
rou transplant the celery. ;
Plants should be 5 inches high when '
purchased tor transplanting, and.'
ihould be set in rows about two feet 1
apart, the plants bcin; from 5 to If j
inches apart its the rows.
Any gardener -who can net a "low ;
lot," that is. one which will not e plea- ;!
ty of moisture in the summer. can i;
make quit a a bit of prctit b> scv-inc :t |!
all to radishes, spinach or lettuce row ?
and a? ne'sells tne.-e crops in bunches {
to neighbors or at thh corner store, s
plant the lotto cslery. for a late crop. '
Late-a on .i lesson wil toll how eel- :
ery shoal 1 be blanched. |
Celeri to is a member of the ceiery <
family, but here the rcit. a small to j
lier. is ra*cn. ,It row be as a
y, led or an s ecaksd <e??etab;e. This i
'T"~-- .-1 it .'ad les- mois- '
:ar-i than cclerv. Tis roots na-.- be j-j
-tored for winter use. Marty fo.-c:g:i
bora Americans prefer ceieriac tc
celery and insist npon having it in
their gardens.
( ' - '*^r
t/i i\>i - crops, ooua ?i4.u ||
rfere witfc their growth. In tije ecu.
on either side the carrots -were tin jj
clods or other things which the gar ; * J
* 9 *
__ j}
; #
. -i? I t +
rations nr.d Three Different i;
Its but Found Relief
rod has hnilt rae op wonderfully and; j
strengthened me so that I can get j I
:acfe to work again. Hypo-God has. j
~ertainly done wonders for me."; I
iipticd John JIartin. Tiltonvi'ie. Ohio.; I
Just across from Wheeling. W. Va.i, '|
There's no thine so disagreeable as iff
t cocgh or cold. Xo wcndcr tic av- JJ
rrage perron so* troubled grabs s'.Jj
nvthing in an effort to obtain relief JJ
Costrums. balms., inhalers, etc.. w;H.j;
iot bring permanent relio?. Those'!!
ireparatioas merely soothe the :r. ;|
nmicatioa temporarily. The relief"j,
rust come within the system. Ccr,ti
oar blood right and yoar system'j
a good condition and colds ana: I
oryhs will not trouble you.
Eypo-Ccd. the great health builder. |
'causes the system of waste matter; jf
dps make rich pare blood; clears !|{
ho passages of muctxcus accumuia-l;
oris and leaves them free and clear; jti
rentes a hearty appetite and dotbfas ;j;
he strength ia a remarkably little ;i
"nils. ' tjjg
You can set a large bottle of Hypb- :
lod from your ditiscist for on""- :
1.20 which contains enosgh of this, f
plendid tonic to treat the average j
atiiily for weeks. I
Sold by Fairmont Pharmacy, i ;
"rane's Drug Store. Martin's Dr.:/ j
Stoic, H. Sc H. Drug Co., Mountain i j
"i'y Drug Store, Hall's Drug Store. :JOS
? keeping Sis Fairmont engage- x*; ',
ear in JV:
prii 23rd j?
he Trenches" as advertised exand
it will be replete .with ;<
ienee in the trenches. "
; p. m. ?m
peaking. Cars after speaking. ' >
I |L
i A C. > S,:
-Mm?. ; ^-^II
j" S ~ ^ ^
jf The
R A, y '. Sura
I K-^aief cgaL sHry*riv 1
Te=inr tt i The
Today every ship that
leaves our docks for
Franco is loaded to capac- P
ity with supplies for our
fi men?food, cloth . "?
- ^ . ? , inrincrr
mg, meaicine, bandages,
ambulances, rifles, ammu Evi
nition. proved
These are the sinews of j and cot
war that will bring us j in the I
victory. Without them an binatioi
army is powerless. With rarely 1
.them our boys will be well Fca]a:
cared for, well fed, warm, the:
chine in t
victorious. _
Tour Lioerty Bonos pro ~
.vide these. tions. acy
Your share?all in Mossa
which you can possibfy in voue.
vest. I Wliite
More Style Note
<?<[ Introduced i
|#4M4k| [email protected]
SE^ NpSs; ^SSs! Tbe sweater sectio
I \ j hssMB I 5413 array ot new swe
\%?l \ | foTl I 01 sii* *33 tie fevoi
?&3&- r'-kzJ^l*Z<?&ii*i i T?o1 ? 8tyle! **> ne
that they must be ?<
Sleeveless slipover
?>Hars. Pleated style:
-y^-i wherein t&e scarf to
yg?S5V2?E?3vo^^^y vneck sleeveless si
L_ 1 f hand krirtPd styles i
$4.75 to $445.00.
Correct Sumra
7r=3 n _
P ooiwear
Smart women are making
Hartley's their Fashion Rendezvous
for shoes. It is here they
get quality without extravagance.
It is^here where they can
purchase stylish, demure," snug
fitting shoes that will enhance v
the beauty of that summer
frock or gown. All sizes, all .
styles and all colors $4.50 to $12.
* r ?">^ ^fr..* ? ^ ? cii^" y I
- ;f '
f " rV* ' "'**^ ^vS^SisSflcSlS^^^B
BI?* ". * '"*?' '> ? -'"jMMBlBMififll^^B
1 I
* * " " ^1. ' ! /*;
s ^ TmkI? * -
it makes the thoughts of all women"1
:ura to new, bright, lighter weight ck&jj^
ted by Fashion as correct this seasoiL *^I11h
> to put away the heavy ?omber clothes of S
Birds are singing, leaves
1 nature is putting on her new garb
pers will find here a selection of suits^eoafcs H
1 dresses in many new and distinctive'sjtyles jj
md novelty fabrics of beautiful quaUty-and'^l
ist desirable of the new so line colors.'
now \.e .n ate \ our partHJUxaf^.s^B
le stocks are so new and complete. ' -. "
ib a ni Dress Materials^ jj
Is Very Inviting
introduces the widest range of the naost H
ul patterns and colorings that the fabric, f|
v has been 'able to achieve. II
srything that fickle Dame Fashion Ijas
for Spring and Summer -wear in silk,.,wool
ton fabrics awaits your critical judg&fegrt 1
>ress Goods Store. Such truly artistic p?B3h"'::;l
is of colors and in such good taste as has II 119
5een excelled in this or any other
ds jii wanted new designs and colorings. Im liiijlill. nijw. "|1
ny Bros. Taffetas in new and staple colors.. Creps ds
be wanted weights and colorings.
stte crepe in staple colors. -* . "
plaid silks Is a splendid array ot choice color c<agt>f3? K
lines and crepe meteors..
in an endless variety of pretty new designs. g
goods in the tight weave, weight and quality, '
s Have been BwipiB
into the
o is showing s mm 'ffPf Vs
stem is weaves SusSS^HEganft ^ jgy\- \
ed varieties of g >
cc and different 1
sen rather than || I
styles with soft 833 *"
s. scarf effects, 13 "
rrns the collar, Ej , _= . mrl*. .'B
ip-cver effects, ?58 A. OeSDCT B
ind coat style*. jxl Child Csi OpBMtt fl|
o [ 3P^ H A
| AW" Ka n.nQn*
LwE iHS Nt Smyrna hme<i^? E
aT? *fce tbo "" .
M T-rTinrir fij IfViT f H II
? ?lmop FflHUMP LK 11?1
E Wbrfrie (Vrngr '1
?7 1,1 i 8 ftwi'dait fl
|p / ?? arnsdaa.? Pi
H sWeiifcMf tiiBif o?. -D
K I Eg Watflet...ptt rf.'fMC
pi E J* B. .'I
/, V fr iwbhoct ixr cMi B
i9 *? OS ^OBilQATIOX to
*2 rtrtS*t? tdbn^Sm' B
Vp^r S? Atk as tor paetfc?UBM? -
a * Third Floor r7
- y ? *
>T~ Y ^'- rs?ugT?AV.iriff| i^^ai

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