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P Another Effort will be Made
Kg to Open Local High
|.;v- Ball Season.
Kjgj?*.- ........ . HliF:
Weather permitting Fairmont high
" will open her baseball season at!
South Side park tomorrow afternoon i
" with the Fairview high school nine.
-. The game was scheduled for last Sat ?1
urday but due to vet grounds was
Bk?3?' postponed. The same is scheduled to
igC: .begin at 3:20 o'clock.
?Sp?' The locals are in the very belt con
Idition and are more lush ansiiua w
t' play their first same. The same toy
morrow afternoon will be the openins
game of the season for Fairview
S which team is equally anxious to get
' into the affray.
" There likely will be a good steedi
s$ crowd out for the game tomorrow due ]
if" to the feet that many tickets have i
J- aeon sold for the five home games at!
p he "fivecent-per-gaine rate."
Jlmn win !
IiViJI Pay One Third to the
Teams That Take Part j
in Track Meet.
& j
Tnstesd of pnyitift the entire ox
parses for tile teem winning Vhe
jf. first annual state track and field
. meet to be held at Morgantown o-i
Htty "SO. the V.'ost Viri'nia Unlvcrv.. > .
management bos announced that ;r;
will pay one third of the travertsj
expenses cf all teams entered. I-it. ;
medals trill be offered in each evert, j
bosides many other pr.zes to bo given i
by citizen?, of klorfczalown r.hj are J
anxious to make tiic track niect a ]
The Fairmont high school team is!
making big plans tor the state meet.'
Tlio team under the direction of i
Coach L. V. Carpenter will practice;
ttt South Side parte this afternoon. j
Baseball at a Glance
Il|,v. Pittnburjh. St. Louis. X.
SpjS'L: ' N?*- York, A; Boston. ;
Circirn?.;;. 2; Cb;<-:to. 2.
PhiJodeipliia. 2: Eroclti-n. 0.
SUnding of the C.jSs. !
riiJladcipsiia 4 I .$00
Ctecinnati z 2 .tosj
Pittsburgh ,5<>0
gpK Cljfc&go 2 2 .r?0?>
Kg,. Boston 1 4 .200
Games Scheduled Today.
Pittsburgh st '. Louis.
Efc'~ Brooklyn ci ; -iolphi-i.
' Boston at Xew York.
Resuits Yesterday.
- I a****! r? n f? C fst T .ftlf'c 1
Big-*:-' Detroit. 7; Oh icrco.
Map;-' - JCetv Tork. 11: Boston. 4
Philadelphia. 5: Washington. 3.
Standing cf the Clubs.
TV'. L. Tct. i
MB&'f.;. fcostotl -3 1 . .S&7 j
fey." .Cleveland 3 I .730 ;
Detroit 1 1 .509 !
Near Tork i 4 .429 ;
K&j'j Washington 2 3 .400 j
3t- Louis 2 3 .400
BBgv Chicago L 2 .333
MgjfcS?'.'. Philadelphia .. : 4 .200
BgiSy. Games scheduled Today.
B|8p-. St. Louis at Cleveland.
1 ' '
Working Boys Reserves
Niunber 273 and All Are
on the Job.
No section of the county has grasped ;
the working boys' reserve movement
with greater enthusiasm than -Fairmont
district has. With a live wire
like Hersbel B. Ice. superintendent of
-^a?a??,? .? in
tHe rainnont u?uiv^ .
charge the work has grown in leaps !
and bounds until fully i"C hoi's are on !
the job living up to the injunction of j
the United States government?"plant I
There are gisiit different companies
in Fairmont district that are at work
at the present time. These companies
range in numerical strength from 15*to
40 boys. At Barrackville there are
two companies of "boys at work. Each
company has forty boys enrolled. At
Jayenne there are two companies of
boys numbering twenty apiece. At
Monumental school there are twentyfour
boys gardening and at Moodys*
ntn fourteen, while at White Kock
there are 13 and at Pine Grove 20.
A community war garden has been ;
laid out at Barrackville on a plot of an '
i acre lying on a hill beyond the school f
house. The land was donated for the j
purpose by George Ice. of Fairmonr. j
This ground has been ploughed up
and limed. Already the plots have!
been laid out. At White Ro<k there;
is a community garden near the school I
house. At Pine Grove the twenty boys !
have individual gardens in the com- j
xnunuy m which uic? atom v.
Mr. Ice in organizing: the boys has
followed out the plans to the letter as
laid down by the government authori
lies. A captain heads each oom party ;
ard he wears a sleeve bc.id vita three j
stars on it surrounded by a border. !
The first lieutenant of the company 1
has a bond with two stars on it and
the second lieutenant with one star
Marshall Was Easy
For Mountaineers
V.'c-t Virginia University defected ;
Marshall College in an easy fashion :
at Morgan town yesterday afternoon
the fine! rcore being 14-4 Daw con
the first m.-n at bet for Vest Vir- :
tinia hit tor three ha cs and was foi ;
lowed by five more consecutive hitrj
by the next rive Mountaineers. The.
lineups and rccre:
W. V.\. UNiV? K. IT. O. A. E.
Rcvsor. e-C 3 2 1 1 0
Dor:-?". rf 1 2 0 0 0
Kiinn. 3b 2 2 I 3 0
Redeem, sr. 3 4 1 3 0
Wilcox, lb 1 3 10 0 0
Harriett. if 1 1 3 0 b
Anvstrcror. if 1 1 ] l 0j
r.at.oy. ~ 1 fit: ,l it
'.yrner p 1 0 2 3 0
C rder. r> 0 0 0 0 0 J
7< " 0 > 0 1
Grce-v, c . 0 0 3 0 <> j
To:-;!-: 1? 17 27 22 2
M NT.-ST'AI.:.? n. IS. A. A. E. :
" Ic1:?j. ?? ......0 0 1 1 Oj
S. Knofie. :;o 0 0 2 2 0;
Ft. Knodf. lb p 1 0 1? 2 " j
Ca7>lc. 2!> 1 0 1 2 0;
Evans. p 1 1 1 ? !
rcltr;-. cf I 2 1 0 Oj
Martin, rr 0 0 1 0 I j
f^edinger. c 0 0 2 0 1
Wasters. If 0 0 2 0 0
Ti" ylor. c -. 0 0 3 0 0 ;
Totals 4 5 24 S 4 j
Two 'on?'> hits?Evar,s 2. Tlodsrrs. j
Fottry. Three base hits?Dawson.:
Stolen bases?Dawson. Dorsey. Armstrong.
Ralley. Latterner, Pettry".
Base on bails?Off Evans 2; off
Knode 1. Hit by pitcher?Laterner
2. Struck out?By Latterner 8: Oarden
3: Evans 3; Knode 2. Passed
balls?Bailey 2. Wild pitch?Latterner.
* Claims
D j.
"Most Miles Per Gallon"
"Most Miles on Tires"
I Motor
J Cars
Touring Car .. S S25
Roadster'. ?25
Touring, with AllWeather
Top.. 935
5-Piss. Sedan . . . 1275
6-Put Totrn Car 1275
All price* f. e. b. Detroit
I Wire *Be*l5 re*olar eqmrmeat
ito Sedan and Town Car
T. L. Cordray
Meredith Street
Phone 485
Are All Ri
Only Proo
Any maker may claim for his product
privilege. He jmay even think his claii
You read the advertisements, so you ki
modest in that regard.
If you believe them all, they all make :
In your experience, that theory dcesn'i
k Maxwell is different.
We never claim anything we cannot pr<
' As a matter of fact we never have clair
not already been proved in public test
Maxwell claims are not therefore claim;
ments of fact?proven facts.
They are, in every case, matters of offic
For example: The famous 22,000-ipil
Maxwell every minute under observatior
That still remains a world's record?th
That particular test proved about all thr
Among other things it still stands the >
Just consider?44 days and nights witi
miles per hour!
And that, not by a $2,000 car, but by a
You will recall perhaps that a famous hi
continental trip made 28 miles average
Now compare those two feate?one of 1<
You know automobiles?which was the
Is there any comparison on grounds eith
Proves you don't need to pay more the
can desire in a motor car ?if you select
For that Maxwell Non-Stop run was i
country roads and through city traffic?
And?listen to this.
So certain were we of the condition of
feat, we announced that at the stroke c
would stop in front of the City Hall, Lc
Five seconds after he had palled the swit
44 days and nights continuous running
thousand mile jaunt to visit various M;
How is that for precision?certainty of a
of applause from the assembled thousan
Hill climbing??this Maxwell holds pract
especially in the West where the read hill
The Mount Wilson record?nine and on
taken by a stock MaxwellTwo
months ago a 12-cylinder car beat 1
Then?three days later?a stock Maxwe
record by thirty seconds! Pretty close
climb?wasn't it?
So Maxwell still holds the Mount Wilsoi
Ready to defend it against all comers too
any stock or special chassis.
Economy?also a matter of official recor
Others may claim?Maxwell proves.
Tii/-?fieoT-?/-?c r\f MaTrowll owners throuehoi
averaged 29.4 miles per gallon of gasoKi
Not dealers or factory experts, mind yc
driving their own Maxwells.
Nor were they new Maxwells?the contes
many of which had seen tens of thousan*
Nor could they choose their own road <
encountered in the various sections of t]
Good roads and bad?level country and
sunshine and rain?asphalt and mud.
And the average was 29.4 miles per gallc
There's economy for you. ^ And uzyderj
laboratory test
But that isnt all.
The greatest achievement 6f this MaxwH
bility and economy all in the same run.
T? ^^ "NTr*n.r
JL11 Uifll "TT UdJ d-CUM-MglibO k/bwr- '
either speed or" economy, it still remains a
averaged 22 miles per gallon and 25 miles;
Now you know that speed costs?and tb
slow-speed?closed-throttle, thin-mixture
You know too that you can obtain ecoru
for that one condition.
Speed you can get by building for speed. *
But to obtain that combination of _spe<
reliability shown in that 44-days Non-Sto
igtt- j
fs Count I
14;' j-M
all the qualities there are. That is bis I
ns are justified. #
iow that makers, a^a rule, are not over
niper-cars. '
t hold. - -
we. ^ . ft' ' *
ned anything for this Maxwell that has
and under official observation- M
3 in the ordinary sense?they are state- I
ial record attested under oath.
e Non-Stop run was made with the *.
1 of the A. A. A. officials. -I
c world's record of reliability. A i
it anyone cou]''-.-sx: or desire of a motorA* A
m I
world's long distance speed record- . a
lout a stop, at in average speed of 25 A ' ?
stock model Maxcell listing at $825.* Jv a
tgh powered, high priced six in a trans- . I
over a period of five days and eleven |i
sss than six days, the other of 44 days. II
greater test? . iff
ler of speed or endurance? > [1 - .vl
. -w II |
m $825 to obtain all the qualities youajK f a ' 'tM
a Maxwell ' "4SJ If
made, not on a track but over rough tl
-average of all kinds of going. t Jfi
the Maxwell at the end of that great If J
if eleven on a certain morning, the car IK
>s Angeles, for the Mayor to break the . II' I
?'? affar ffia * -''vj
Ui pxu^ CUiUdLUp^A.U UX& JUUVVVA H?bW %.MV |H . |
I, she was started again and off on a w J
axwell dealers. -
iction? That incident brought a storm ?
ically every record worth mentioning?
te-half miles, 6,000 feet elevation I?-was 1 / ^
chat record by two minutes. : I
:11 went out and beat that 12-eylinder
going for aach a distance and audi a f - - I
2 honors. I-.,* * | : j
, at any time?a* stock Maxwell against II - .
it the United States on the atme
>u, but owners?thousands of them-p" ^-11; ; I
t was made by 1915,16, and 17 modelsT || ; I
is miles of service?three years' see. . JJ
? weather conditiani-^H Hnd. ?~
tie country. ?*??? were - if. .
i wasin its saowmjs ui a?mcm nuu uwr : .. t;a
up, though no. thought was given to .
fact of official record that the Maxwell 1
per boar.
iat economy tests are usually made at MA V
xny of fuel by buikbiig and adjusting K ii
sd and ^economy with wowforfji ?
. ~~ -.. "
i. - 'fT - ' J
- -v" :* ..":
v ~ -- '- * : & ->< .t . ^N^?)5gH0M
7 v.' H

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