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. By A. J. Hemphill, Chairma
WlT anty Trust Company
Hnj??v ; J .
gpCtf?' ..
No more appropriate date could j
B.""\ have bees selected for the: initiation ;
K of the third Liberty Loan than April j
|L .. !S, the anniversary of the entrance of j
Ei - the United States into the wo: Id war. t
r;. And this campaign undoubtedly will i
surpass in energy, scope and effective- ;
I ness any previous effort of the kind, j
r/ Consequently the third loan should, j
B&y, ?nd -will, be a greater success tliau j
Kjv either of its predecessors, which hard-;
If '- ly more than scratched our immense [
v-yi resources of wealth.
The second loan was more, success- ;
P?-. fnl than the first because the first had
p educated the people to the necessity:
I and advantage of lending their money
IE-V to the government. The second loan !
p; has advertised its^successor by prov-1
what our vast means are capable ,
Is?. ' oCand has set the pace fo?r the third
Hv' Furthermore, behind this drive -will
[ be the tremendous motive power of a
& nation thoroughly aroused to the grim
l^.y'task: before it. During the two preI
vious campaigns we were only prepar.
lag *or war. Now we are actually in
E-:; r:It, although we are just beginning to.
r.". fitht In the sturdy, determined. Amen-1
It can. way* But our national temper is
!?; rising with every despatch from France
which tells of our thin line |
fe wmtending bravely and successfullyj
With the enemy, whose atrocities and
bad faith forced ns into the conflict.
Pp.: So, jnst as there was a rush to the
Sin recruiting stations on the day we
learned of the sicking of the transport
ggt Tuscania. there will also b- The- great&
est patriotic response in our Jrstory,
or in that of any other nariorr, to tne
H|. next government loan. There wcrej
fey Bore than 9,400.0)0 subscribers to the;
Rrj- second Liberty Loa-i: it is reasonable;
>?? will 1)0 *? * tpn.CT
1 12,000,^)00 subscribers to the frrthcomlng
issue o? bonds.
The Spirit of the Pcop'e.
The r |"rit of the people has been
striking, v attested ny a noteworthy in-]
cident ill the Middle West. A confer-i
ence was held recently in a state fa-'
JBicns for its poptxlar antliors and prac-,
tical politicians, a? whir.a it was decided
to declare a political trnce during
the drive for the third Liberty;
" Loan.
Daring this conference Mr George
H. Dunscomb, or the Federal Reserve j
Bank of Chicago, remarked:
"This meeting is one which will be
* memorable in the history of the country,
because here the Republican and
Democratic parties have agreed to disregard
all differences, in order that by
united efforts they may obtain the!
greatest measure of co-operation and
nhltv in the richteons cause for which I
R ?Br nation Is fighting.
"A subordination of party alms and
K ambitions at this time is an expression
of the higher patriotism unl a.i e\ iI
-~v dance of the loftiest ideals. With the
K' 'gnat political parties working as a
- tmlt in the Interest ct the Liberty
Lou, far-reaching results will be ob
tabled that otherwise would never be
B-- realized:'*
Worthy the Attention of Everyone
Who Would Avoid Dandruff. Itch
Ing Scalp, Gray Hairs and Baldness.
: "What will atop my hair coming
I^.oitr Reply: Parisian Sage is the
lg'.'- hist remedy for hair end scalp trouK.
We; said to prevent baldness, grayK
ness and dandrnff.
; "Before going to bed, I always rub
Ey-ie little Parisian Sage into thy scalp."
& says a woman whose luxurious, soft
vr* ' #f?t Voir ( tr ranndmf ror^
|C?w*V IIIU ij ?>?" 49 ^icaw.* au?M4A?,u.
I: This stops itching scalps, keeps the
K^Blir from falling out and makes it
^Ssfey to dress attractively.
f W Beautiful soft, glossy, healthy hair
B Zdr those who use Parisian Sage. InH
SdEpensive dad sold by Mountain City
jScSng Co. and good drcggisti. evcry^yg^wiiere,
with guarantee of satisfaction
SaSS^^MSjEi " *' * >* ' >
V .uV;". "fgTrs? /.? > ;.v
thiro i3sos of j
^z^f- oberty ^ondsh;
n of the Board of the Guarr
of New York CityTins
attitude, -which is Keneral, will i
contribute immensely to ine many fac-j
tors that will lessen the strain of the ]
present campaign. Another import-{
ant element is the strong position of j
our banks, -which, of course, reflects j
the sound financial condition of the i
Our Great Financial Strength.
That the "United Slate:: is now the ;
dominant bank.ng power of the world
was shown in the annual report of the
Comptroller o':<C ;rrencv. presented tc
Congress on January 30. The Comptroller
es'.'mated the banking power of
the corn-try at $37,529,000,000. an increase
of more than $14,000,000,000
since 1912. In 1S90 the. banking resources
of the world were computed
as being only Sl",:;5fy)CO,O0O. Thus .
the Increase in the United S'ates during
the last five years nearly equaled
the world's combined banking power
2S years ago. And British financiers
have freely conceded that in the Federal
Reserve System we have the j
strongest and largest banking system [
in the world.
The sound states of tec bank? Is the j
best possible evidence of tne country's !
unparalleled prosperity, -vhich is further
accentuated by the fact that the
general stock of money in the Uflitea
States on March 1, according to estimates
made by the Treasury department.
totaled $6.351.54S.056, as compared
with $5,146.17S,093 a year ago.
Money in circulation on March 1
amounted to $5,092,530,6S2, as qgainst
$4.583,695,S70 a year ago "hat date.
The per capit-l circulation at the
beginning of Mar A was placed at
$48.37. On March 1. 1917, it was
$44.28. Just before the outbreak of
the European war. r,am?ly. July 1.
1914. the per capita, circulation was
The official estimate of the total
wealth of the United States for the
year 1912. the latest available tabulation.
was $187,739,071,090. That we
havo been creating and storing up
great riches since then is well known.
Today our national wealth is estimat- J
ed to be between $223,000,000,000 and i
$250,000,000,000. Our per capita wealth
in 1912 was $1,963, now the average is
considerably in excess of $2,000 for
each individual.
The year 1917 was one of marvelous
expansion industrially and commer- !
cially for the United States. Our ex-;
ports aggregated more tnan $6,000,- j
000.000 and our imports were valued
at $3,000,000,000. The crop yield of all
cereals excepting wheat exceeded all
previous harvests, and was worth $21,000.000,000.
Bank clearings totaled
unprecedented amounts, while both de
posits and loans surpassed all preriTHERE
i i'
When Few Women Used Face Pow-,
i ders, Creams or Cosmetics.
N'ovr. almost every woman use.; <
them?and without concealment. It :
i is conceded that she has the "isht to
| retain her youthful look as Iocs at '
she can. For this reason, many wont
ett of unquestioned refinement now '
1 Unto fnlnr Pootnror tn TP. I 1
tain the youthful beauty of their hair. :
It your hair is gray, streaked wiih <
gray or faded, you. too. can bring back
j all its natural color with this simple, 1
harmless preparation.
Q-ban is not a dye. Yon can prove i
this by trying It on your combings. <
Dyes will color them but Q-ban leaves J
them unchanged. It is a wonderful i
aid delightful toilet requisite which 1
keeps the hair glossy and youthful. 1
Docs not stain the scalp, or wash or
nib off. and does not interfere with <
washing or waving tfc? hair. Removes t
dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy. <
Easily applied. <
Sold by all good d'Uggists everywhere
on Money Back Guarantee 1
Price 754b ' <
V" t"-.
AaO. fortunately, the American peo- e
j>!e as a. whole rtmigpi their moaey g
habits 'fa 1917 by baying bonds an i t
colossal seals The Tretwtmr depart- Is
ment lias learned where std how to tc
find the money It aeeda to finance pgr L
part in the straggle for worM iree&oxn.; w
It has built up, through the splendid j c<
and unstinted cooperation of business [
interests generally, but through bank-iL
ing institutions and bond houses in 15
particular, the greatest bond-selling os J.
ganizction that has ever been knowt:. st
Not only has the public acquired the th
habit of lending but. more important. {a:
that of saving in order that i: may;Si
lend more. im
But if we are to win this war we i _
must realize thoroughly that a slacker j ?
dollar is on a par with a draft dodger j y
or a shirker of work. j
We should remember sn this con-, JJ
section that when we bay Liberty' y
Bonds wc are really allocating a cer-!
tain amount of labor to the country'service.
By purchasing these bwe
are temporarily snrr"?'
the governmen" ir>"-"
cciring cora? "*i?
the as.-sir- - tu the use |y
of tha*. la- ....i t?e restored to us at: N
a specified lime a few years hence. j ?
Every one who appreciates that his ; ^
own seirtsn weuare as wen a? im-1 y
tion's most precious Inter sets are lit- >,
erally at stake in this war nnquestlon-' ?
ably will do his full duty in the third ] 5
Liberty Loan campaign. The Ameri- a
can people understand as never be- ^
fore that this is their war and that ' /
they arc supporting it with taeir lives. J
their fortunes and their honor. The J
complete collapse of the Russians has v
aroused us to a realization of how J)
much depends npon us if the world Is 5
indeed to be made safe'for democracy. \
? !?
W. J. Wiegel Makes Stirring }
Address on German
Atrocities. j \
Starting with a contribution of *650 . ^
for Liberty bonds last night at the ' t
close or a patriotic meeting. Bingamon >
expects to raise at least $2,o00 before ^
the campaign is closed . There are'
several rich farmers in the vicinity 1S
who have expressed themselves n3
willing to invest in bonds and if this :
is accomplished the amount shoul'! \
soar tvell into the thousands. With
the school house willed at BIr.gamon
last night a spirited gathering -was j ^
held. i S
W. J. Wiegel, general manager of; 5
The Fairmont Printing company, de- i ~
iivered a patriotic address in which j f
lie flayed the cruel tao/;s used by the 1 5
Hun. Ia this connection he told of *
some of the horrible reports which the f4
United States minister to Belgium ?
has reported. On one occasion a band V
of German, soldiers called at a home X
in Belgium and asked the women: J
"Where are the men?" When they <!
were summoned they stood them up jj
*v ^ ? </) "hnt ham "This
agaiudt tut? uuuac uuu ouvujvtu. * 0
is not fiction, friends, this is fact," I 3
continued the speaker. Another scene *;
which he mentioned was one in which
a Gennart soldier thrust a bayonet
through a baby and a moment later
killed the mother. "This is not wrr.
this is 3imply brutality." he declared.
Holding; up button distributed to
pnrchasers of the third Liberty bond
issue. Mr. "Wiegel said: "This button
is the badge of loyalty . Everybody
should wear a button like this. Every
man should either be wearing one or
i V
.. . Si
Tryst the People to Find Out nna:
is Good for Them. 2^
All over the country folks are learn- -
ing. that after the' long hard winter's"
pull, lack:- of green food and
fresh air, they are usually run down,
have no appetite, are nervous and
la bad shape generally.
Spring to them is a season to be
dreaded, their thin, watery, poisoned
clogged blood and v.cak nerves robs
them of all ambition or desire to
work and takes the pleasure out of y
life. C
For such men and women doctors a
are recommending Hiosphatcd Iron
which goes to the very root of all f.
blood impurities and nervons trou- bles.
They claim it helps purify the ^
blood by making it over anew, while- y
the way it relieves tired, fagged out *
nerves is almost too good to be true. '<
The confidence that the American y
people and prominent doctors have
shown iu Phosphatcd Iron, while re-; it
markable, is not surprising, as it is. 51
one of those honest preparations that j tj
never disappoints. As a man said j S
in recommending to his neighbor. I
"it's results that couat. and you can '< y
bank on Phosphated Iron it is the j g
'goods*, everyone that tries it i3 a?
booster, it sure did put me on my i y
reet when X was almost down and, 2
out." j *
Every man. woman and "child that Z
has thin, w atery, impure blood, no i 5
strength, or appetite, weak nerves j S
and is all played out generally, can ; 5J
come back strong, be a live oa?-"hce ' y
again, enjoy restful slec-p #and get" up I g
.'acinc the world with a smile if thev i *
grill try Phosphated iron, the red {j
>lood and nerre builder. j S
To insure physicians and their pa-; 3S
Jents getting the genuine Phospha- ^
.ed Iron we have put in capsules only v
io not take pills or tablets; Insist. >
>n capsules.
Mountain City Drug Co.. Hall's V
Oras Store end leading druggist
iverywher% J
. -
' . ' -v. S
edgwiiiuMtmaiif Back <* it |
thb great seal of fko Cnttrd States {
> guarantee Its payment. Wbea the f
Sberty band rose as to be of Tsloe it
SI mean we will hare no beano or ;
>untiy-" i
The meeting was presided orer by t
avnence Sandy, of the First National j
2 nk. Worthlnston . Be Introduced A. i
McOamel. OI ue same mmnn iir > I
itntion. in * erjr able -way explained | j
ie difference, between the registered [ ]
id coupon bond. He stated that Mr. t
andy. who was presiding; over the
eeting, from all indications would be <
I iin
What effe<
ingto know ju
posits in this c
bonds to the e:
Liberty Loans
727,723.06 rnor.
S Libert
^ I lannc
S Libert
| Increa
^ r We have r
5 a community a
business will tx
? the more rapic
^ r The result
2? the Comptrolle
3t has increased t
| creased $18,4SJ
^ have increased
^ * posits in 1917;
<? These figu
S argument or It
S of this eomraui
^ we buy Libert]
z Then let u
< ty dollars put
? bond, start no'
S another. Our
S homes full of
1 Libert)
^ ??
? Contribut<
i Th
: . 'jvfj*' ?SK-'* .- -r^, " .
.o. . - _ _ f
BectHW Its asked Leo Balton. man- <
iges of fhe icatearam at the Bl A i
>. shop* to come oat*: t? of the res
aarsst to settle s dispoc, Say Melrin.
l brakeman for the Baltimore and
)Uo railroad was arretted at 3j
>*c3ock this nooning and brooslrt to
he city Jan. The arrest was made by
J. & 0. Officer c. H. Hazelwood upon
be complain of Dai ton.
At the 9 o'clock session of police
^i?_?-- ? *<' .
xrarc U29 oiuiiuiis uiv v . j 4
With ?
it does tlie Liberty Bond salt
st what effect the sale of Lib<
itv. It could hardly be expe<
stent of $2,904,550 and not f <
have been subscribed and pai
e on deposit than before the
tits March 4, 1918 a
:y Bonds had been s<
its May 1,1917 Bel
y Bonds Had Been I
ise In Deposits .
aore -working capital than b<
ire its working capital. The
e, the more people there will
fly will business expand.
;s have been general Fair]
;r of the Currency show tn;
>1,430,589,000 since the first li
1,000, in North Carolina $31,
$336,350,000 since the war 1
ilone was $1,000,000,000.
res ougnt to encourage usu
>gic that the buying of Libert
lity- We know positively thi
j Bonds, comes right back to
s buy bonds eagerly and abui
it in a Liberty Bond. If you
(v, and buy one on the install
own boys will be coming bad
Liberty Bonds,
' Bonds Speak
id to the winning- of this war
ie Osage G
And The W&
. -
. ' ; r-f.
rti A ~ *1
I? ^ : ^ _'. Tit'
AJSKABELL^ JQprfr 3S5? F#Co*i4
tbg_pgtrtoqcBNM<tac-,<rt}?s*_ ^ree>
Jn "| w SOB i mm uirkj
toad are swsQtns *? that Annabelle
aspects, "to go over tha top** lor J15.900
balDw the < aaupalgn closes on
May 4. Fully SS9J0Aimabelle's
jnota, has beat raised already- The
rut Jiiajwfty of tbto aaaoont goes
through the regular channels of tha
First National Bank, of Werthington.
Aitnabell has done rery well, almost
quadrupling to date the subscription
of $5600 which was raised the first
right. '
its Inert
!ab nf
rwiv vi
t v
? ^
g Have on Hank depositors?
grty Loan Bonds is having c
2ted that the eity of Fairnr
gel a shrinkage in deposits,
id for, the six banks of Fair
bonds were sold. Here are
fter two
>!d. . . $8,534,7
'ore Any
Sold . $5,807,0
. * . $2,727,7
;fore the bond issues. The b
greater the working capit.
be working, the nigJier wa?
nont Is not the exception,
it the total deposits of the I
berty loan. In Virginia tl
000,000. In Canada the Sa
jegan, and in England, the
> buy bonds. Time has prov
ry Bonds will not take the re
it the money we loan the go>
us, and more too.
idantly. Let every man wh<
have not saved enough mi
nent plan. If you have be
c some day. Let them find
Loader Than
Dal Compa
rt Virginian
is here on/? vMfcti^\n V
lbs. & a. Sbootxsr, on First if iiMja
and Gaston areou. i - ' > '*' :s?^
Mrs.- Maude Johnson and -daothter?/.-.:
Miss Norine Johnson. of efrai3eatoitfcg|
tore gone to Florida to visit reUttriagsj
for several months.
^llM_lj?a_Hesri? has been
grip for several days at her
Maple avenue.
Henrv Mulligan and daughter. Miat !S
Mary Mulligan are ill of grip at theft 8
home on Boydston street. j "_'v'^e
It is interest- S H
n the bank d,elont
could buy
Yet, after two
mont have $2,- 0
the actual ftg2^2
ank deposits of 35 %
il the better
f/SP TTrill l\n Or?/-?
jto >? xxx wj uiiu , Js'm?<?
The reports of
National Banks
le deposits invings
increase in de'MemW
% Ja
en better than
adw rrtnnoir ftnf
rernment when
3 has saved Sf- /Ja|
oney to buy a
rught one, buy
Marion county
?i Si 1
**- * jUc I
^Bc I
y?M?y?wi[ Mt>flW>Q>0>flHW
. . - VW* - ifijfr~".^? .p^" > V* ^^??*>3*3

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