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I|P?S III Willi I kkkilllli
fry* ''
W- tad All the Artillerymen
Have Most Excellent
I M us rii it
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Ii More From Charles Brooks
| p ? Smith About Big
CAMP LEE, Va. May 15?There are]
three regiments of West Virginia
here, 313th, 3142th and 315th., all artillery.
But there are hundreds of
our boys scattered about this camp
In other units. Some are in the infantry,
others In the signal corps. They
Xre everywhere. I met a few of them
who are In school for cooks.
The army have cooks and plenty of
them. They must not be indifferent
cooks. They must he expert cooks.
That Is why there Is a culinary col-1
lege attached to this great military
je V establishment.
'AThere Is nothing more important to
hur lighting men than good chow, sermiSt
Ved right, and, coming up regularly, i
||^When a man con cook for a battery
t*: ?r company and get away with it the
' approval of said battery or company.
& It goes without furthur argument that
be is an artist chef and no mistake.
|? Bbould he be less, some sounds very
- like the mutterings of mutiny reach
pi the ears of the officers. The object
of the infant revolution is forthwith
canned, as the slang saying goes, and
fe' ' It is nipped aborning before the necesifr
aity Of sounding the riot call can put
In an appearance. The American solA-".
dier has a very toploftical regard for
f bis stomach. It follows the flag closely
in his effecitonate esteem.
| . Mr. N. Bonaparte, of Corsica, elsewhere,
and ultimately of St. Helena,
early discovered, quickly appreciated.
P.. and comprehendingly admonished
succeeding generations of generals to
?&/. never overlook, the infalliable truth
j?V that a full stomach, when said stomach
belongs to a soldier, is the handmaiden
of victory upon the hardfought
battle-ground. And succeeding
i: - generations of generals, colonels, and
mess sergeants, be is said to their
?p' good sense, never have.
Much has been written, and much
fe^ v
HEp|y> *
I - Dem<
I Admi:
W' " ' i.-,:
more can. and probably will btfnf tba t
soldier's appetite. It la a thins of t
length, breadth circumference tad c
diameter. There la only cne b
time in hla lite when a soldier la not it
ready and willing to eat and that is d
when he is sick in the hospltaL And v
then he must be very, very sick. He s
is fonder of his eats than he is of bis
best girl. o
Perhaps, the ever wakeful hunger l'
of the soldier may be acounted tor by 0
taking a hasty glimpse of what those r
training in camp Lee hare to do their 1;
day's work?every day. We have no 1
Intention of stipulating his multifar- t
tous duties of a day in limits of this 1
article. The limits of this entire *
newspaper Itself would Hardly suffice 0
But between 6:30 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. '
if there Is any living man under tbe I
Flag that does more and works hard- h
er than tbe soldiers in this or any
other training cairp. I've never li
heard of him, nor has anybody else; c
for that man doesn't live. What with p
drills with big guns and little guns, 6
gas masks and grenades, digging t
trenches, tidying quarters, and the b
good Lord knows what else, it isn't to a
wonder at that when the bugle sounds e
for eats, there need be no roll call, 1
They are all there trained to knife- h
edge for tbe cleanup. As they form v
outside mess to march In they af?,
frequently very enthusiastic over ,
what is about to happen.
I heard a battery of our boys lined!
up for chov break out into three
rousing, lusty cheers. {
"Whom arc they cheering for?" I ,
asked MaJ. John L. Kelley. ,
"Nobody," he said. "They are giv
ing three cheers for supper" "Now, ,
what do you think of that? ,
The American soldier is the best '
fed fighting man in the world. That :]
statement hold good over there as
well as here. All the corespondents
with the fighters on the front have z
said so. The families of our JiVest
TTUmImU ts at t '
uujo, it moy uiivr ever nan I
any fears that Bill. Hank or thei: I
Jonny was not getting all be wanted |
to eat, and the best of the kind going
In the season, may brush such
fears away. Bill, Hank and John are
themselves the best evidence of the
amplitude of efficacy of uncle Samuel's
feed bag. But if that is insufficient,
take a batch of daily menus,
as I did, and run back through them
for several months. They show that
our boys get "all the market affords"
?all the delicacies of the season." i
Vegetables from Virginia are com- *
ing to the table now. The other evening
I visited a mess hall just before
the blast was given for the boys to
shove their spirals underneath the 0
pine, some of the things prepared for 8.
them that I can remember off hand,
were sliced tomatoes, string beans, "
Chicago meats, asparagus, new pota- 81
toes, ice cream and cake, lemonade n
flavored with tea, and a number of a
other articles, you may be sure. It 8
was a good meal, but it wasn't ex- s
pensive. It cost the government exactly
14 cents to the man. Mess Ser- ?
geant Heflin had it all figured out, a
item by item. One thing that a mess c<
sergeant has ts fearn is to bfe able to P<
apply the methods of the modern efficiency
expert to his job. He can toll is
you to a fraction of a cent what it ti
costs. His costs sheet is a marvel of si
its kind. But uncle Sam goes to mar- c<
JC f
1L V.
\ .
ssion Fi
:et with the biggest basket of any In
be. would. . Thereto*. be can buy
beeper than say other. It would
see taken $1.60 at Child's restaurant
s Washington to have duplicated the
tinner servod to tho boys here of
rhJch I am writing. And It, as 1 said,
tood the government lost 14 cents.
In front of regimental headquarters,
n either side of the steps leading up
he Colonel's quarters, stand the colirs,
Old Glory on one side and the
egfment's standard on the other. It
5 the custom to salute the colors, no
natter it you pass them one or a
bousand times a day. It Is one of
he duties ot the orderly stationed
here to see that you do. In the case
>i ignorant civilian guests ot the oficers,
I suspect that the orderly tcmters
mercy with justice and closes
is eyes. I am sure he did in my case.
I felt sure of it when I saw him
iait a major coming out of quarters
n a run. That major had probably
acsed In and out ?t those twin stanlards
one hundred and more times
bat day. But this time ic his haste
ib forgot. The orderly halted him,
n4 he stopped in his haste, straighned
up like a ram rod. and saluted,
"hen he pasted on. I thought he !
aoked rather sheepish. Maybe that
ras only my imagination.
The incident made such an impres- !
on on mo that later on I mentioned
: to Lieut. Col C. J. Ferris. Without
tiyjng a wora, ^ui rerns squaruerea
ver to the orderly. I followed. Col.
7crris Inquired the soldier's name,
fere. I thought, blaming myself. I
iav< got this West Virginia fellowItlzen
of mine Into trouble, by horn1
on something I knew nothing about.
likened my unfortunate self to the
arrot in the old story that talked
do damned much.
"I am glad you reported that to me"
If Ike
this run-down
han vh
tad He Got Back His
Strength and Energy.
Sheboygan, Wis.?"I was all 'fagged
ut,' run down, no appetite, nervous,
leepless nights and drowsy during
he day, and was not fit to work. A
riend told me to take Vinol. I did
o, and can now eat three square
leals a day. I sleep well, am alert,
ctive, strong and well and have
ained eleven pounds."?A. W. Higby,
heboygan, Wis.
This is because Vinol contains the
lements neded to create a healthy
nnetite and restore strength. The
smplete formula is printed on every
ackage. This is your protection.
Crane's drug store, Fairmont. Vinol
i sold in Mannington by tho Prescripon
Pharmacy and at the best drugi
tore in every town and city in the
> TH
'he Subje<
ay 16t
7 Singin
of Red (
1 ?
\ , V -.?
said Col. Fenrte * few mlhutea later.
'It la fnponlblo tor as to ate and
know everything. 1 ihall poet thia
man In orders tor ^trlct attention to
the performances of his duties."
My heart beat gay and troublessly
once more. Instead of getting this
boy shot, I'd helped to get blm some
thing that all good soldiers are always
working for.
I wasn't long in finding an excua>
to speak to that orderly alone.
"What did the C olonel want my
name, sir?" he asked in tones slightly
above a whianar. I told him
His fine boyish face lighted up with I
a smile of Joy'it was a blessing to!
me -o tee.
"I think you. sir," he said.
And he touched the rim of his hat i
to me.
In tho beginning of this article I
stated that there were three regiments
of artillery here composed entirely
of West Virginians. In the next
article I purpose to write of them,
and particularly of their officers. For
these are the men who will be not
only officers of these boys over there,
but they will be fathers to them, and
comrades of them.
It has been broug
Company's notice ths
person is selling Watc!
attached to telephones
In view of the fa
Company is in positioi
tional equipment nece
ficient telephone serv
mit the use of any fori
All Foreign Equi
be disconnected.
[R R
k A A
:t of an /
, Tom
h, at ?
g by ,Co
5 AND (
Zross Wo
V '
' ~ * '
Big Dance Will be Staged
at the Armory
Tonight. I
With the finishing touches put to :
the arrangements the members ot
Fairmont Lodge 9, Loyal Order of
Moose, are in readiness for the big
dance to be staged thi3 evening in the .
armor}*. Money made by the benefit
over and above expenses will be forwarded
to the National War Fund j
Commission of the Moose, which has
Ite headquarters in Pittsburgh.
The dance w;ll start at J o'clock f
sharp aud Vincent's orehet ra tf five
pieces will furnish the music. Kd
Slack, the chairman o! the dance committee,
will act as master of ceremonies
on the dance floor. He will be
tfit to the Telephone
it some unauthorized
h Case Receivers to be :
ct that the Telephone
a to furnish any addiissary
to maintain efice,
they cannot pereign
pment attached will
LIN i A.
ED <
address bj
J o'Cloc
?i_ l_. n _
>i*k py i\.e(
ssrr*""!TT ^ . -
assisted by a number of "Howdy
Papa" The due* poena will bo
composed of eighteen numbers.
Up to lost evening Ray D. Harden,
secretary of tha local Moose lodge, estimated
that fully g.500 tickets had
>en sold for the event. Thousands of
tickets will be purchased from the
Are Yoi
Bear It in Mind That W
Lowest Pri<
Our Stock Consists o
Axminster, V<
Fibre, Grass
we also offer you so
rugs of Axminister Tape:
Stenciled Matting.
9x12 Tapestry Rugs, onlj
to Sell for Only
lJ'.i'j, VL* I. .. ..
. . ____
By anaugement with the Intemt
Virginian has secured a supply of :
experts of that great corporation's
tell how to start a garden, how to cu
muwi i?cpio mi\i uun ivi uicvi every
ing the growing season, and at the (
duce. Ami throughout the instructs
derstand by many illustrations and
invaluable aid to all gardeners, ev
will be a verltabe life saver to the
useful in connection with the garder
West Virginian. Pl-epared and sol
books would cost at least 50 cents. 1
it the manufacturing cost and whil
Grow a Vegetable Garden movement
person upon presentation of the .itt?
Upon presentation at the publi
ly filled out The West Virginian w
(Address) ....
Out of town readers may, secure
r ii
v Eve
A Cross f
aody Ir
' '" ^^8
Hwn te orderto help along the iood j?
work without imr Tlcw of i'fhe them. Li
The Swedish State Railways hare
contracted with German eteel cq$i?
panics for S0,000 tons of rails at a 9
cost of $6,500,000, the reQuirements
of the railways for three years.
i Buying 1
G S?
re are Headquarters for 1
:es on Rugs I
if Room-Size Rugs in | , J
jlvet, Tapestry 1
and Matting
lendid values in small size
'try, Grass and Woven or
4Left 11.98
fiairsssnem *,
itional Harvester company The West
books on gardening prepared by the j
extension department These books
Itivate and care for it. how to kill the
one of the difficulties that occur dursnd
how to gather and store the proins
are made simple and easy to tindiagrams!
These books will be an J
en the most experienced, and they ^
beginners. They will be esspecially U W
ling articles printed each day in The
Id in the ordinary way these little*
But the West Virginian secured them \
e they last as a contribution to the
one copy will be given free to each
iched coupon properly filled out: "
cation office of this coupon proper- J
ill give absolutely free one Garden
thsm by sending 2c for postage.
.' H
i s!
t*s J ||
ft J*n B

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