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I ill's?
Normal Team Leader Piled
Up 28 Points Yester
tThe Hill-Knlght-Moran-Hall quartette
from the local Normal was too
laucb for the twelve man track team
entered by the Salem College In the
dnal' track and field meet' held at
Bouth Side Park yesterday afternoon,
the Normal winning by a 55?13 soore.
Captain Hill of the yellow and white
team was the star performer of the
afternoon getting 28 of the Normal's
55 points, taking everything that looked
like a dash from the 100 yard
iprint to the 880 yard layout, also
bat place in the high jump and third
place In the pole vault, discus apd
put shot. Knight wa second for the
Itmm.I 1Q isnliyitr vAttlna fnrn
IMI/iUiBI n il<u XV CViiHO Qbt,(.iU5 fc?w
. firsts, two seconds, and three thirds.
Ford for Salem was the individual
start for his team getting twelve of
; the teams point and showing good
form In practically every event. He
is a high jumper of unusual ability
and is determined to take this event
in the meet between the two teams
?t Salem Tomorrow.
Moran for the Normal was good in
the one mile run taking this event
with esse. He is equally as good in
the two mile run, because of an accident
some time ago at Salem, the
Balem College school authorities have
ti elimited thi s event from all track
:'y. meet; in which Salenj participates.
' > Hall, the fourth Normal man was
wthere in the Hammer throw, getting
second in this event.
The winners of the various events
100 Yard Dash.
TIM Vrtrmal first* TPrtrfl
H| ' second; Knight, Normal, third. Bond
Kfevi and D. Ogden, of Salem also ran.
Time, 10 4-5 seconds.
*7 - Knight, Normal, first; Ford, Salem,
second; Crisplip, Salem, third. Stew
ELi-i. art, Salem, also entered. Distance
19. feet 7 1-2 inches.
Ford, Salem, first; C. Ogden, Salem,
second, Hill, Normal, third. Moran
fey Normal, also entered. Distance s feet
220 Yard Dash.
Hill, Normal, first; Knight, Normal,
HmSR- second; D. Ogden, Salem third. C. Og.
I den Ashcraft, Salem, also ran. Time,
o 4 One Mile Run.
|V Morran, Normal, first; Barber, Sa|
lea, second; Mcrryman, Salem, finW
lirtilng ^disqualified. C, Ogdeo Salem,
also* ran. Tims 5 minutes 9 2-5 sec*>'
Hill, Normal, first; Ford, Salem,
second; Knight, Normal; third, Coffman
and Barber, Salem, also entered.
. Heighth 5 feet 3 inches.
Bond, Salem, first; Hall, Normal,
second; Ford. Salem, third. Stewart,
Balem, Hill and Knight, Fairmont, alio
entered. Distance, 84 feet 11 inches
440 Yard Dash.
Hill, Fairmont, first; Ford. Salem,
; second; Knight, Fairmont, third. Crist.;
lip and Coffman. Salem, also entered,
ip- Time, 56 seconds.
IH*. Ashcraft. Salem, first; Crlsllp, Salem,
second; .Hill, Fairmont, third.
Hall and Knight, Fairmont, and Stow//
art,/Salem also entered. Distance
84 feet 6 inches.
Klnght, Fairmont, first; Ashcraft,
Salem, second: Hill, Fairmont, third.
Bopd and Coffman, Salem, also enV
, tered. Distance, 89 feet 3 1-2 inches.
?/ Hill,' Fairmont, first Knight, Nor/ v
mal, second; Crislip, Salem, third'.
; Morran, Normal, and Coffman. Ash'.raft,
Salem, also ran. Time, 2 mintee
13 seconds.
^ Baseball at a Glance.
+'V; Results Yesterday.
'.; / New York, 3; Fifsburgh. l
5 /" Cincinnati, 2; Brooklyn, 1.
?'/ Philadelphia, 6; St Louis, !.
Boston. 5: Chiesk?n. 0
8tanding of the Clubs.
Spv- w. L. pet.
IMbTfc faw York 19 3 .864
Cincinnati 13 12 .620
t Philadelphia 9 11 .450
Brooklyn 7 14 .333
St. Louis 7 15 .318
Boston 7 15 ,318
Games Scheduled Today.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
' New York at Cincinnati.
V Philadelphia at Chicago,
w Boston at St. Louis.
Results Yesterday,
.i-'f-. CfleTaland. 4; Washington, 2.
;? Chicago, 3; Philadelphia, 0.
ij| Detroit-New York, rain,
i! 8L Loula-Boston. rain.
Standing of the Clubs.
Boston 14 10 .683
Now York 13 10 .665.
^ j Games Scheduled Today.
Cleveland at PhUadolDhla.
I- Chicago at Washington
?p?'.. Funeral aervieea over the body of
B'. "i ICmHenry Sunsaker whose death oo*,
' ewred- yesterday afternoon i
homein High street after a long '*?*
MM are announced to be held on
Thuradajr afternoon at 2:30 o'clocjH
Arom har late residence. Dr. J. Co,
f. ... Iprooofteld of the.M. P. Temple, of
5r>.; MUdrtte deoaaed was a member, wilt
rate# the aerrlcee and the body!will
jbaJtoWfedjIn VWoodlawn cemetery* Itfs
{fodertaha|rff uyravaandBon.1,
I&. laaSvfea^A.A'
Jtfep toi
| BcUirj& Po}
A few days ago Babe Ruth was stationed
at first base for the Boston Red
Sox in the absence of Dick Hoblitzel,
the regular first sacker.
Babe played errorless ball on the
bag, covered fully as much ground as
Hoblitzel can cover and batted for
The next day Babe took his regular
turn in the box, pitched fair ball and
in five trips to the plate made three
doubles, a single and a triple.
The question has arisen in Boston
whether Ruth should not be definitely
transferred to the Initial sack ho the
club can benefit from his batting in a
large percentage of games instead of
only the few he is callod into as a
pitcher or pinch hitter.
The argument in favor of this is j
that Ruth, hitting every day. probably I
would improve his batting and become
one of the greatest swatsmeu of the;
The argument against il is that Ruth '
is capable of winning from 20 to 30 |
games a season and the club cannot;
afford to take him from the bos.
These two argument? are giving i
Manager Ed Barrow a lot of worry
right now.
Thera is one precedent in the league
to go by. When George Staler came
to the Browns three seasons ago ho |
had the earmarks of a wonderful i
This may be a practical joke, but
anyway this is the way the Parkersburg
Sentinel told about it: "Officers
today made a search of the cells in the
county jail, as there was reason to believe
that saws or other articles that
could be used in affecting an escape,
might be secreted somewhere, but so;
far nothing has been located.
"This search was due to the finding j
of a note in a basket. Friends of two j
of the prisoners brought eatables to
the -fail fnr these men nne nf whnm
is in for two months tor selling liquor, j
and another who is there for a graver'
offense. When the boy returned to the
jail later for the basket he picked up
the basket of the other man by mistake.
When this was taken home a
note was found in the bottom, on
which was written, "You will find the
saw in the bottle of milk." The basket
was taken to the home of the rightful
owner and the officers were notified
of the finding of the note, hence the
Given but 24 hours in Which to get
together and reduce their prices on
sugar and flour, the merchants
Princeton, Mercer county, hurriedly
reduced their charges to escape heavy
fines. It was said that Sheriff J. W.
Elliott, food administrator for Mercer
county, warned the merchants through
the Princeton wholesale trrooerv com.
pany, giving them the limited time in
which to correct their charges. It appears
that the county food administrator
had informed himself that the merchants
were charging excessive prices,
as laid down by the government, for
both comomdities.
Followingis from the Mergantown
Post of Monday:
The great -clouds of dense black
smoke that rose from the tank field
and drifted lazily over Mr rgantown
k remedy for Infection!
yK|pjy KM ^ of tha urinary tract.
, M1 Painkaa, ooD-poioonouj
jBBW IT and will not atrictura
Baliereain 1 to S dart.
PWCB $1.20 Sold By Drngglsti
Traatae wnh each bottle or mailad on request.
V c0
(C|haw! J \i
g ffj
IXr jJk?l|
i southpaw pithcer. He c mld also play | <
the outfield in approved style and
showed signs of being a wander on the
first sank.
The Browns were not particularly
loaded with high class pitching that
year and Sisler was used on the slab
in several games . But when Fielder'
Jones took charge of the club he look-,
od Sisler over and decided It would j
be folly to wasic Sister's finding, bat-j
ting and base running ability, regard-1
less of how great a pitcher he might j
be. Sisler was sent to first, where he 1
has since remained.
It was Fielder Jones who recently
declared that Ituth is the g:eaiest of
modern batters. Jones believes Ruth
should be used on first base where his
tremendous clouting will benefit the
this morning started the report that a
large tank was burning and many people
rushed out to the Kingwood pike
to see the sight. Upon imiuiry, however.
it was found that the employee
were burning the oil off the water ai
the dam in the tani; field. In the past
few years the city has :.ren several
tanks burn up, and remembering the
smoke of the previous conflagrations
it. was easy to be'ievo that another of
the large tanks wa; in 'lames. The
oil is burned off the water at the dam
before it can get to the river where
it may do a lot of damage should it
be ignited there.
The best draft atory has just come
to light, says the Charleston Mall.
In one of the northern counties of
the state, as velv'sfl by the chairman ,
of the local draft board to Captain
Breckinridge Jones at his office here
yesterday, a colored man was arrested
for evading the selective draft act,
and after being held in jail a considerable
period was tried and found
guilty, sentenced to five days more in
jail and was sent to the army at once.
All the time, however, the negro
had protested his innocence, declaring
that he had registered regularly last
June at a little town up In Pennsylvania.
The only trouble was that he
coudn't remember the name of the
town. He was in jail nearly four
months, and all that time he was trying
to remember the name of the
| Pennsylvania town where he said he
Iliad registered. But he couldn't remember
it. i
Finally the day came for his en- .
trainment for camp. He was taken
to the station under guard* and placed
on the train. Three minutes before ]
The only auto and furniture polish
sold in AmericaGUARANTEED
from one application to hold a beautiful
luster for 100 days. Not affected
by Rain, snow, mud or ice. and posi- ;
tively does not collect dust. Will
stand the test of boiling water.
Cleans and polishes to a bright finiBb '
all brass, nickel and silverware. ]
Fairmont Pharmacy, :
Watson Hotel Corner. I
"The Drug Store Ahead." 1
lu. of ft sudde?T~X.
te,-nts uaffltf'hyehft^ jhftr \
hies ftiong art' chases J uftr |
mb- he WUSTAGffry . A- ,.
rfftRTCD 5 MJIES-^ UJ*??
... Rr?Yf
:lub every day.
Ruth is undoubtedly a natural biter.
He swings on the ball somewhat
ifter the fashion of Sam Crawford in
Sam's palmiest days.
There 3 probably no batter in either
eague who takes a hardei. cleaner
irive at the ball. An idea of his trenendous
hitting power is seen in his
matting in the first IX games he ap eared
In this year. He was at bat 32
imes and connected 16 times for an
iverage of .500. Of his 16 hits 10 were
or extra bases, including six doubles.
in? inpie ann tnree nome "uns, a wal
bases in 32 times at bat.
Ruth may be more valuable to his
:lub as a pitcher, but there, are a lot
>f managers a wind the major leagues
vho would enjoy having the benefit
if his war club every day.
:ime for the train to depart, however,
:he negro shouted excitedly to a member
of the' local board who stood on
ihe platform.
"Say boss, say!" he shouted, "Ah
lone remembered de name of dat
town up in Pennsylvania. It was
N'ewell, Pa., yes, sah, Newell, Pa."
Just to satisfy his curiosity, the
member of the board directed a letter
af inquiry to the Newell board regarding
the negro's claims. He was
surprised at the receipt of a letter
trom the local board at Newell giving
complete information of the colored
man's proper registration , But It was
too late, he was already in the army.
1/UL liLIlT VlUltlll
B. & 0. Brakeman W. H.
Goodnight Able to Work
Right Along.
When this statement was mad? Mr.
Goodnight lived at 111 Diamond street
and was a B. & 0. brakeman.
"I purchased two bottle of NervWorth
from Crane's drug store and it
has ENTIRELY CURED ME. The doctors
said I had every indication of appendicitis
for the last 15 years. I
would work a week and lay off a week.
Sot so I could not ride the engine on
account of the pain. I am now working
every day . Have not lost a day
for three months.
111 Diamond Street."
Your dollar back at Crane's drug
store if Nerv-Worthdoes not benefit
Neighboring agents: H. J. Mathews
& Co., Mannington; W. P. Moran,
Fannington; P. J. Yost, Fairview;
Windsor Drug Co., and the Honaker
Pharmacy. Mononeah: Johnson's Phar
nacy, Shinoston; Grant Graham,
Belington; W. 0. Davis, PhllippL
s\ IlaffiM' am' SA\?e iiisr"
( / VJlMO^'CAUSe, fw GOMMA
) VSTAV^CS' enough
\ 7 PROMT 'of'HIM AM' Keep
! 7 V* OM RUMMlM'. "TILL. KV'
--' I'-tesi
Paste Tht?sg in Your Garden
During the
Amount of Seed Required and D|
100 Ft. of Rows. Seed.
Beans 1 qt.
Beets 2 oz.
Brussels Sprouts 1 oz.
Cabbage % oz.
Carrot 1 oz.
Cauliflower oz.
Celery 1-3 oz.
Corn, sweet % pt.
Cucumber 1 oz.
a Knhlrnhi 1.5 n?
Lettuce hi oz.
Muskineloti 1 oz.
Onion sets ; 2-3 qt.
Onion seed Vi oz.
Parsley 3/4 oz.
Parsnips ** oz.
Peas pt.
Pumpkin % oz.
Radish 1 oz.
Salsify 1 oz.
Spinach 1 oz.
Squash, late Vi oz.
Tomato % oz.
Turnip % oz.
1 Watermelon % oz.
Three Pitchers From Down 1
the River Were Freelv
Rivesville High. eve. with Teter doing
the twirling, was easy picking for
Coach Carpenter's High school nine
in a game played at South Side park
late yesterday af'=rnoon. Three pitch. 1
I ers were used by Rivesville, none cf
[ them being able to hold the locals.
The final score was 14-2. Tin .ine-upSummer
Comfortable Summer
ami other popular styles, v
Combination Garments; S
of Madras, Nainsook, silk i
$1.00 to $6.01
The Straw Hat seasc
min wore straw hats Sui
while selection is best. All
and panamas at $2.00 to $6
If you haven't boughl
right away and you know 1
Concentrating a great volume o:
tag?Kuppenheimer and Fashion Pai
clothing to produce suits of extraodl
$25.00 to $35.00.
We Sell good suits at!
Low J
Prepared Men?
All the best styles are a
able shoes showing superic
ship. . $5.00 to
Men's Sto
>1 /HO1. HA Hiti; > } "wupl
Jl *&*~~
Scrap Book For Reference
i Season.
istance Apart of Plants and Rows.
Dlst. Apart Plants In
Plants. of Row. the Row.
1% feet 4 inches
1 foot 4 inches
SO 1 % feet 15 inches'
55 feet 15 inches!
15 inches 4 inches |
50-65 2 feet 2 feet |
200 2 feet 6 inches
C'i feet 1 foot
4 feet 2-4 feet
100 iu feet 1 foot
125-200 15 inches 610 inches
5 feet 3-6 feet
15 inches 2-3 inches
15 inches 2-,'> inches
15 inches 4 inches
I'i feet 4 inches 1
2 feet. 4 inches1
4 feet 4 feet
l\b feet 1-2 inches
lVs feet 2 inches
1 foot 2 inches
5 feet 2-6 feet
35-50 2 feet 2-4 feet
15 inches 3 inches
6 feet 3-8 feet
Post, ss 5 0 1 1 0 1
reter. p 4 0 3 1 3 0
Hayhurst. 3b-p .... 4 0 3 1 4 0
Weber, lb 5 0 1 6 0 1
Stewart, c 4 1 0 13 0 01
Straight, rf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Spencer, 2b 4 0 2 1 0 2
Bowman, cf 4 0 1 0 0 0
West. If 5 1 2 0 0 1
Larue, p-3b 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 39 2 13 24 7 11
rurkovich, 3b 5 3 2 1 2 0
Brown, 2b 4 2 2 4 0 1
Mills, ss 4 2 0 2 6 0
D. Curtis, p 6 1 1 1 6 0
Hess. If 4 2 0 0 0 0
Hamilton, lb 5 2 1 10 0 1
H. Curtis, c 5 0 1 8 1 0
Sarsfield, cf 3 1 2 1 0 1
Knight, rf 3 1 0 0 0 0
Totals 38 14 9 27 14 3
Rivesville 0 010 0 0 0 1 0?? 2
eds of Men
Underwear in Athletic
/ell made properly fitting
leevless and Knee-length
ind Mercerized materials I
} the Suit.
in is open?hundreds of*
iday?get yours at once
the new shapes in straws
r Suits
t yours you will want it
the reputation of Hartley
f business on two grades of cloth k?has
enabled the makers ot this
nary merit at the popular figures,
$20. and the finest at $40.
hown here?good depend>r
quality and workman$10.00.
re Annex.
, i
t?" +**: S,
-..' '^ ^ l..,y *''' '
Fairmont .....SOOlOOM'-rM W
Two base hits, Tatar, Turkovlch, H.
Curtis; sacrifica bit. Brown; stolon
bases. West, Turkovich. Brown, I;
Mills 2. O. Curtis 2. Heis,' Hhmlltoh,
Sarafleld 2. Knight; double' plays,
Mills to Brown. Turkovich to Ham|l- H
ton: hit by pitcher, Hayhurst; latt
on bases. Rlvesv|Ue 10. Fairmont, 4;
first base on balls, off Teter'2, Oft
Larue 1. off Hayhurst 1; struck Oijt, ?
by Teter 9. by Larue 1. by Haybqrst
2; wild pitch. Teter: passed ball, Stewart;
umpires. Miller and McGtnnis;
time. 2:05. - H
Class fi of the First M. P. church
will hold a box supper or social Tbursday
evening of this week to which
the public is cordially invited. A Jolly V
time is assuror!?Artr H
Pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
Court of Marlon county, West Virginia,
entered on the 20th day of October,
1917, the undersigned Special' Com*
mlssioner will, on the 25th day of Ma)r,
1918, at one o'clock p. m.. offer for sale
and sell at public auction, at the front \#
door of the Court House of Marlon
county, West Virginia, upon the tens*
hereinafter set out and subject to .the
conditions hereinafter stated, that certain
parcel of land situate in tip city
of Fairmont, in said county, being part
of Lot No. 61 on the plat of the town
of Fairmont, bounded as fellows:,
Beginning at the southwest corner
of said lot and running thenco with
the eastern line of Madifoh street
62% feet to a stake, thtfnce parallel
to Adams street 25 feet to a stake,
thence parallel to Madison street 63%
feet to a stake in the northern line qf
Adams street, and thence with the
line of Adams street 25 feet to. the
beginning;, and being the same parcel
conveyed to Ellis A. BiUlngslet-by
H. C. Ogden and wife by dqid dated
November 1,1901, and of rscprdln the
Clerk's office of the County Court ol
said county, in Deed Book 113, Pt|?
335, but subject to a certain leaps t
dated the 26th day of October,' 13j$,
made by said Ellis A. Billingplpa aqd
wife to J. H. Beckmau, running for a ?,
period of five yr^rs from the ' VI
day of December, 1915, the purchaser, w
however, to hive all the rentals arising
under the sa|d lease; the said
property is known as the "BUIlpfSlea
Drug Store Building," and ia-now. o'er
cupied by J. H. Beckmau Store.
The sale to be made upon the M
lowing terms: ?
One-third of the purchase price *0 I
as much more thereof as-il?'pu?*bMsr
may elect to pay, cash in hawj on day
of sale, and the resldue'to be pptdin
two equal payments, payable lo ope
and two years from day of sale, with
interest thereon from day of sale, apd
for the deferred paymeota tha purchaser
will be required-to
notes in favor of said Special Cowmis- .
sloner, with good perponal ieettmty-fp
be approved by than, payable witjh
interest as aforesaid, and si a further
security a vendor's iiftf win-be 1
retained upon said property ift n^Pfdl
to be made therefor to luch pufohMtr.
I, Clarence Curry, Olei* of-the Girsuit
Court of Marion county, West Virginia,
hereby certify that tha above
named Special Commiatlownr bap executed
bond before me in ihe .ftftialty
of 330,000.00 with surety appraqid^by $
me as sufficient, ccndtUow-^CcSrilhug
to the requirements of fbe decpee
above referred to and otherwise con
ditioned according to law. V
. Cjr^^pc.
Notice to HoldAps of Series - *j? \M
1902, Water and Sewerage 90pds, of d
the City of Fairmont, called for l*< J
demption. - >' -V'-' :^'g|
Notice is hereby given that by an A
order entered by the Bonrd'olAffaue
of the City of Fairmont, W?$t V$F* I
glnia, on the 19th day of October,
1917, the desire to redeem alj the outstanding
bonds of the lsei)e-.liero(nafter
described -was expressed, and I
the option of said City ot/ltyrfl|l9it
-was exercised to redeem
being of the bond issno of said Oifer, I
known as and called City of fwmoab t
Series "A," 1902, Water end Sewerage
Bonds, of the Issue of July 1,1903. .
Therefore notice is hereby giyen to
the holders of the above bondsjjfrtl^e
issue aforesaid, that-said bonds aya
called for redemption, ahft-tte holdera
thereof are hereby notified ito,pxa?
sent said bonds tor payment Of the
prlnolpal thereof and all. aceruedim
terest thereon at the' office' of the I
City Cleric of the City of'Fait^ont,
West Virginia, at t^e next meeting
time or period named in thecoupjifli
of said bonds for the payment of in- I
terest (to-wtt July 1, 1918); and t$e j
iiuiViciB w^oroot oto uofeoy
notlfled that interest on .recfc bonde ' / I
will thereafter cease. :' ? ' *
^ghliihed lor the first .tiitelbr.S, - J
City Clerk of Ctty of Ve0lMB% 'I
Weet Virginia. ; ' /. /
May 8-1S-22-29.
^ I

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