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IT- Pittsburgh \
M' ,'l?I??n '.JI ???J
. PITTSBURGH, May 15.-The Pltts
burg market maintained its sympa- ?
thetfic attitude toward the bullish en- '
thusiasm deaplayed in Wall street. 1
I dealings were light, lees man, l.uu |1
h shares ot the dividend-payers chang-,f
hands, and the price movement:1
was narrow. American Window Glass J 1
; Machine common declined to and 1
closed at 57, while Manufacturers 1
Light & Heat and We:;Unghouse Air i
I.J "Brake each closed M higher. Pitts- (
burg Brewing shares were not affected
by the declaration of dividends on
. the common and preferred stocks, i
pMlulng shares were unusually unim i
; portant. A feature of the bond dei
partment was the sale of $500 Amer- ]
j, lean Sewer Pipes at 85, a now low
jjjp' Record, and a decline of 8 points from
P fhe last previous sale.
' 'Sales. High Low
' "820 A. W. G. Mach. .. 57% 57
50-Ind. Brewing ... 1% IVi '
25 Kennecott Copper 33 35
CO Mfgs. L. & H 51 60Ti <
50 Midvale Steel .... 5194 51',4 <
1500 Jit. Shasta 59 38 .:
5 20 Oklahoma Gas .. 23% 23% j i
r 32 Ohio Cities Gas ... 40 40 j j
i>0 Peoples PIpcage ? 34 31 ]
'0 Pgh. Brewing 2$ 2',i
KTDo preferred 9 0 i (
(O P. J. Copped 4ii 44 ]
10 Ross M. & 11 11 11 i
S3 U. S. Steel 100% 109% ,
10 West. Airbrake 94 931i ;
>0 West Electric .. 42% 42%
50 Sewer Pipe Ga S5 85 ,
tfew low record.
Mew" York ' |;
MEW YORIC. May 15,-Railroad !
ociis had their innings yesterday' i
iking spiritod advances on tire rec-1:
lmemdatlonc that a 25 per cent rate j
sreaae be granted. The movement >.
ibBtaptially benefited tlio entire i
asportation division, in'nor shares'
cording even greater gair.s than j i
acpned or dividend-paying issues. 11
Industrial and equipments were !:
lipesd mopt ot the cession by the <
qtt'jr'y.for rails, but "noteworthy fen-,
iro3 were uot lacking in those i
'Oups. Butte and Suparior added 1
i pints to yesterday's Gpoint gain i
> favorable litigation, American \
igar rose 2 points on unexpeated !
xtra" 'dividends, and shippings, mo-1 <
rs, tobaccos and various matal3 i
are 1 to 4 points higher at times, j
otigh also yielding at the confusing. <
tk e.
I I 'Open a
II Account
I : Besides Yo
Don't buy a suit, c
I ' poat> suit or dress has bee
Come to the PEOI
WM i tffclB B# m
^ Handsome Taffeta
gray, navy and all other c
many effective ways.
, $16.50 to $'
$22.50 to $:
. f.
Coats Redu<
Spring models in coats,
< delhis and velours, in blai
H navy, tan and other sha
BB$ were $25.00. $25.00, were
l|i $1.00 A Week
-$ ffe'., V- -' i'
Grain and Produce I
CHICAGO, May 15?Corn underwent
iharp breaks in value yesterday owng
largely to official announcement
that there was plenty of seed on
land to supply all requirements this
sea-ion. Prices closed unsettled 1%
let lower to %@% advance, with May
>1.27% and July 1.43%@1.43% Oats
Inlshed unchanged to % down, and
provisions off 37 cents to $1.
Articles Open Close
May 1.27% 1.27%
July...; 1.45 1.43%
May 74% 74%
July 66% 66
May 43.25
July 44.80 43.85
i Oil and Gas. |
On Valley Fork, Duval district, Linjoin
county, W. Va., the South Penn
Dil Company has now completed and
iiioi a second test on tne J. u. fc.nur.ue
farm. It is not good for more than
five barrel a day in the Berea grit.
In the same district the Carter Oil
Company is due in the sand at a secmd
test on the E T. Spurlock farm,
n the same district, located on the
r. W. Stephens farm, the South Penn
Cil Company has started to drill No.
On Archer's Fork in the Smithfield
district, Wetzel county, -the South
Penn Oil Company has now drilled
ts No. 60 on the Blackshere-Wells
:ract through the Big Injun sand. It
s showing for an eight barrel pumper
n that formation. On the left fork of
Little Creek, Spencer district, Roane
county, the Carter Oil Company has
:omp!eted in the Berea sand No. 26
sfi the Radcker tract. It is a gasser
tvith a capacity of 7,000,000 cubic feet
i day.
There is still considerable test work
starting !n a number of districts.
On Gray's Run, Booths creek district,
Taylor county, the Hope Natural Gas
Company has made locations for tests
on the Cecil Powell and Helen Cochran
farms. On Crooked Run. Coal
district, Harrison county, the Clarksburg
Light end Heat Company has
mcdoxi location on the Alice Reynolds
farm. On Rock Creek, Harper district
In Roane county, the Jarvis Oil Company
has rebuilt the rig at No. 6 on
the Nancy J. Lowe farm. On Little
Crooked Run. Center district.^Gilmer
county, the Hope Natural Gas Company
is fishing for n bailer at its test
jn the Ella R. Despard farm. On the
right fork of Steer Creek, Birch disnsassessn
A Store of Bepaw
It hp You to
u Lan Have
oat or dress until you see tl
n marked mudh below its res
'LE'S by all means?it mear
and Messaline Dresses in
lesirable shades, trimmed in
18.00 Dresses
27.50 Dresses
:e^ Suits at
p'oplins, t07C
ck, blue, were $2 7.5
ldes' re" Suits in Tan,
$19.75, Grftyand Nayy
s $32.50. sirable models.
People's C
325 Madi
Where Your
< i i i"
' .. . o?
oa Uu Aran4 at<? J
location on the F. V. 8ho&^f|rm; ^s 1
The phrase "City ol: the' Sere* {
Sills" Is generally understood u of- ,
(erring to ancient Rome, though it-1
would fit Constantinople, 'which also
stands on seven hills. .
M *1 i J
, ' -j * =*) i
Big Meeting Tonight. (
Arrangements are being made (or an 1
overflow meeting tonight when a pa- ]
trioUe meeting will be held at the Lyr 1
ic theatre. The Monongah auxiiary j
; of the Red Cross and all ot the Monon l
j gah lodges will attend in a body. Pre- <
i vious to the gathering at th theatre j
; the Monongah Poish band will be out (
i to render muBic. The principal speak ;
| er tor the evening will be Attorney \
James A. Meredith, one of the Fair!,
mont Four Minute men. Should the ;
theatre not be large enough to hold i
the large crowd that will turn out an 1.
overflow meeting will be held in the ,
M. E. church as was the case when tho ,
thre ereturncd soldiers spoke here. ]
Purchased Automobile
I Max Bear is the owner of a seven .
j passenger Hudson Super-Six automo- '
bile, having just recently made the ;
i purchase. Mr. Bear now has his an-;!
1 tomobile in the new Salvati garage in '
, Brookdale.
Returned from Southland. j
Mrs Iner. Thnmas fnrmprlv Miss Tn.. .
- - - ? ? ?
ez Meredith has returned from Hattiesburg.
Miss., where'she has been j
( spending several months with her (
. husband. ; (
Mike Martin was calling on friends ,
in Fairmont yesterday evening.
Arthur Deissing of Wheeling was '
. in Monongah yesterday as a business
Misses Hallie Orr and Kate Price
were in Kilarm yesterday evening at- '
tending the meeting there In the inter ,
st of the Red Cross. Both assisted in
, the music.
Shorty Cole was In Fairmont yester- j
; day evening attending to business.
Mrs. Thomas Everett was in Fair- 1
moat yesterday evening.
Lawnie carpenter was in Fairmont 1
for a short while yesterday evening. !
J. Shackelford was in Fairmont this 1
morning attending to business.
! Between 1878 and 1898, when the (
Spanish-American war broke out, 11
there were only 12 Instances in which ; i
the torpedo had been used In actual :
warfare. The Russo-Japanese war in
1904 afforded many opportunities for .
the use of this deadly weapon of do-; ;
ntruction, and Whitehead's invention |
caused great havoc. The combination i
of the submarine boat and the tor!
pedo had its first real trial In the
present war,
i i nn i b* ll
m\z gfaercnanais?
i Seal With 1
Your Purchases
ie marvelous bargains we have
11 worth.
is a ,aving of DOLLARS.
mmbwmbmbhu ?mam* naaBMBWBBMaiaHalBBIM|a
^ - ? m
$22.50 5lll
0 to $32.50
Copen, Pekin,
Blues, in all depockets
? '
lothing Co. 9
son Street
Credit is Good.
U, ?
jfct May knits. 1918,bald in the of^
of the Clerk of the Circuit Court
if Marion county, and state aforesaid.
^ Monday, the 6th day at May. 1918,
I following order was entered: John
f. Kite, Plaintiff, against Alfred H.
Jonnally; Mary J. Donnelly; William
5. Corn well, trustee; Mary Nicholson,
tdminl3tratrix de bonis non of the peronal
estate of William H. Nicholson,
r- J a. C
ir., UQce?avu, ?mnotu o. iu?t?uiui,
:rustee; John G. Prichard, truatee;
Charles R, Donnally; George G. Amos,
Luther B. Amos and Samuel J. Snyder,
partners doing business under the
irm name and style of George E.
\mos & Company; Francis E. Nichols;
j'ielden R. Cleliand. J. Walter Barnes,
Jharles W. Evans, partners doing business
under the firm name and style
if Marlon Hardware Company; First
Vatlonal Bank of Fairmont, a corporaion;
E. Fay Hartley; J. M. Hartley
fc Son Company, a corporation;
VIedart Patent Pulley Company, a corporation;
G. B. Tiffany and H. E. Vo;ei,
partners doing business under the
lirm name and style of Tiffany-Vogel
company; Fairmont Wall Plaster Comiany,
a corporation; W. A. Wilson, W.
P. Wiison and A. A. Wilson, partners
loing business under the firm name
ind style of W. A. Wilson & Sons;
VIcCoy Coal Company, a corporation;
md The Kelley & Jones Company, a
:orporation, Defendants, in Chancery.
Object of Suit.
The object ot the above entitled suit
s to have the liens against the real
estate owned by the said defendant.
i\!fr.ed H. Donnally, which said real
estate consists of all that certain lot
)r parcel of land situate in the city
if Fairmont, Marion county, West Virginia,
in what is known as the Fair
mont L'eveiopmeni company s aqui!ion
to said city, being the samo real
estate that was conveyed to Alfred H.
Donnally by the Fairmont Development
Company by deed bearing date
the 19tb day of April, 1898, and is of
record in the office of the Clerk of the
County Court of Marion county, West
Virginia, in deed book number 59, at
pago 615, and which said real estate
is more fully described in the bill
filed in this suit, ascertained by reference
of this cause -to one of the Commissioners
in Chancery of said court,
to take and report the liens and their
priorities upon said real estate, and to
obtain a decree of sale, upon the return
and confirmation of said report,
of all of said real estate, and to pay oft
and discharge the various liens thereon.
and especially to enforce the collection
of a debt due and owing the
plaintiff, John Y. Hite, by the said
Alfred.H. Donnally, and the said Mary
,T. Donnally, evidenced by a certain
promissory note, dated September 9,
1911, in the amount of Seven Thousand
Dollars ($7,000.00), with interest
thereon from date, which constitutes a
lien ufron said real estate, and further
to obtain a decree fully releasing a cerCome
in I
and Have |
it Charged |
Charged. |
prepared for you. Every 3$
k Skirts |
$5.90 |
skirts in both plain <3
sd colors1' with fancy *3
ndbelt. 55
! gj
>1.00 A Week ||
Pays The Bill iji
? 1
wtttk to tho said Win bun B. ctnnnu.
trustee, in tract to Meow *?d
b&rmleca William H. Nicholson. Jr.,
and others, a* endorsers on sins certain
promissory notes, folly mentioned
and described in said deed of tract,
dated January 8,1907, and of record in
the office of the Clerk of the County
Court of Marlon county, West Virginia,
In Trust Deed Book No. 22, at pake 289,
I and which is unreleased of record as
j to the said William H. Nicholson, Jr..
aud for such othar, further and general
relief aa the court may aae fit to
And it appearing by affidavit filed
in this course that Mary Nicholson, administratrix
da bonis non of the personal
estate of William H. Nicholson,
Jr., deceased; The Kelley & Jones
Company, a corporation; Medart Patent
Pulley Company, a corporation;
G. B. Tiffany and H. E. Vogel, partners
doing business under the firm
name and style of TofTany-Vogel Company,
and William B. Cornwall, trustee,
defendants in the above styled
suit, are each non-residents of the
state of West Virginia, it ia ordered
that the said Mary Nicholson, admin-1
istratrix de bonis non of the personal
estate of William H. Nicholson, Jr.,
deceased; The Kelley & Jones Company,
a corporation; Medart Patent
Pulley Company, a corporation; 0. B.
Tiffany and H. E. Vogel, partners doing
] business under the firm name and style
! of Tlffany-Vogel Company, and Wili
liam B. Cornwell, trustee, do appear
| within one month after the date of th?
I first publication hereof, In the Clerk's
; office or said conrt, at Hulas to be
| holden therefor, and do what is necessary
to protect their interests,
i It is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published and posted, as
required by law.
Given under my hand this 6th da* of
May, 1918.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
This order is published for the first
fime May 8th, 1918, and is to he pub-1
lished once a week for four successive
Notice to Holders of Series "B"
IQflO XX7of*? nr^-v- ?** ~
? v-t *T?*b?i truma ailU rveiUTldlllg
Bonds, of the City of Fairmont, called
for redemption.
Notice Is hereby given that by an
order entered by the Board of Affairs
of the City of Fairmont, West Virginia,
on the 19th day of October 1917.
the desire to redeem all the outstanding
bonds of the issue hereinafter described
was expressed, and the opinion
of said City of Fairmont was exercised
to redeem said bonds, being of the
bond issue of said City, known as and
called City of Fairmont, Series "8,"
1902, Water Works and Refunding
Bonds, of the issue of July, 1902.
Therefore notice is hereby given to
the holders of the above bonds of the
issue aforesaid, that said bonds are
called for redemption, and the holders
thereof are hereby notified to present
said bonds for payment of thej
principal thereof and all accrued interest
thereon at the office of the
City Clerk of the City of Fairmont,
West Virginia, at the next succeeding
time or period named in the coupons
of said bonds for the payment of in
terest (to-wit July 1, 1918); and the
holders thereof are hereby further notified
that Interest on such bands will
thereafter cease.
Published for the first time May 8,
City Clerk of the City of Fairmont,
West Virginia. ; , s nt-;
May 8-15-22-29. :
AMOS announce that they have
formed a partnership for the practice
of law with offices in the Haymond
building on Jefferson street, where Mr.
Haymond formerly had his offices.
During Mr. Haymond's absence in military
service Mr. Amos will look after j
Mr. Haymond's and the partnership's
legal business.
Not an Idle Boast 1]
But a Fact
As investments are ottered f|
t| to you with alluring promises r'jS
of returns, ask yourself this |:I
jljl! question?"How much of this {'H
||| is idle boast, over-enthusi- jj!2
B: asm, mere possibility?how f:?
: much is fact?" [a
? ^
Every' dollar placed in the c!'>:
'National Bank of Fairmont" ft
; brings you a fixed and cer- f'S
? tain interest retnrn, the prlnclpal
secured by ample as- lis
,1 sets of the highest charac- [J
ter. You enter into a savings >?M
account investment here
Pij when you will and quit when tal
jKiv you will. Jfl
? p | / i~
/ ZVM^irtGreetsalX \
J J 1 j \ \
I SfyWeirtfltttymart j
\\pkpirtt5 dmI J'J
: vi - '-* ' ' ^ -'"V >' '- -* :
J rj j\SS!FIED A
rxfre^pry p^pry^r^f ;arafc: ;
tot money ud valuable papers, with
nam* of loser . Return to Woet Virtin
ten and reaeite reward. B4MH881
WANTED?At oooe experienced ealee*
lady tor woman'* ready4o-w*ar department.
Apply Harrison'* Dept.
Store. 843-tf-8rs
WANTED ? Girl for tenaral housewortr.
No laundry. 600 Benonl Ave.
' 5-U-tf-38T0
WANTED?Laundress. Apply Cook's
Hospltsl. 5->-tt-38t9
LABORERS WANTED?(or concrete
work 42 1-te per hour. Carpenters
70c per hour. Apply at Nicola Bulla- '
tng Company, Hutchinson Power
Plant. 4-18-tf-8749.
WANTED ? salesman and collector.
Man between Si and 40 preferred.
James H. Farley, 311 Cleveland Ave.
WANTED?Miners wanted who are
studying (or examinations, to get
the beet mining book published. "Mining
in a Nutshell," by James Ward law,
Scottdale. Pa. Price 8135. 80-26t-8377.
- house by June 1. Can give references.
Call 1291-J.
FOR RENT ? Furnished house (or
June, July and August. Inquire 305
East Park. 5-15-4t-3885
WANTED?To rent house, 8 In family.
Frtnces McQuillon. M. V. T.
Co.. City. 5-15-31-8883
FOR SALE?1817-model Buick Roadster.
First class condition. H. L.
Flowers, Stevenson Co. 6*7-tM847.
FOR SALE ? 430 acres, 812,000 In
eluding 4 mules, mare, Guernsey
bull. 5 cows, 8 heifers, boat and farm
implements; located on Ctinooteague
Bay. 1 1-2 miles on same; elegant
boating, fishing and gunning. 150
acres cultivated, 150 acres pasture,
balance pine and oak timber. 4 miles
station, 8-room bouse, new barn,
buildings of all description. Good
business proposition as well as for
sports. Immediate possession. A. 0.
Heald & Son, Land Specialists. West
Chester, Pa. 4-10-6t-3862.
PGR RENT?Furnished room for one
or two gentlemen. 1047-R. 5-144t
FOR RENT?Warehouse building occupied
by the Famous Biscuit company,
174-176 Cleveland Ave. Four
floors with elevator. Possession after
June first Apply C. W. Corbin, phone
259. 6-14-tf-3880
! am a candidate for the Republican
nomination for United States Senator,
subject to the will of the voters at the
primary election to be held on August
the sixth.
Your vote and influence will be
greatly appreciated.
/M V??
^larKBDurg. vv. va.
Editor West Virginian:
You are authorized to announce that
Davis Elkins, of Morgantown, Mdnougalla
county, a candidate for nomination,
by the Republican party, fx the
United States Senate for West Virginia,
subject to all the rules of the
Republican party, and the laws of the
state governing the primary election
to be held August, r.918,
J. H McDERMOTT, Chairman.
Morgantown, West Virginia.
P. 0. drawer 881. Telephone 100.
Ymi ATA AllthnrizflA tA nnnnnnr?
I am a candidate for nomination by
the Republic? party, for the United
States Senate for West Virginia, subject
to all the rales of the Republican
party, and the laws of the state
governing the primary to be held in
August, 1918.
Huntington. W. Va.
IV* fires, whatsovt
whatsoever developed
fires or fire breeding
any worth of manhm
you, think of these th:
F. E. NI<
Masonic TempleYour
may come today?are yoi
Can you'place your Y
i Opportunity makes tl
, e-3 the opportunity!
Our 4 per cent interei
(money at our Sayings De
Fairmont Tn
KIR SAt&^Wfi acres lTwwportTftw Afi|l
tain. railroad drift coal. JJM - M
BottotS/M box l*SX Plttrtm^g.
44-lWpl ^ ;'
Q4T^ At> LLLi :-0mm
orchard, fifty acres on 160A tract, , :*|l|
Doddridge bounty. Address fot II
West Onion. W. Va. 448 ?tl?l
FOR 8ALB 0* LUtB-nAtKBtt'"'ft
seres of oil and gas land In COM
gas location 2 1-2 miles south of Was- ;>|1
ton. and one mile north of a large AjSs
gasoline plant.' P. 3. Dyer, 14$ Main .
Ave.. Weston. W. Va. 5-10-8864.
FOR SALE ? An np-to-date 7-room
house, hard wood with hath; finish- "4
ed attic; baeement; hall; garage; a
tine view; tear minutes' walk from
Watson hotel. At a bargain. 648 Pierpont
avenue. 5-l5-3t-JM8
FOR SALE ? Six-room frame house,
seven room brick, eight room hrick "35
bouse. All large lota Close in. t)s>
sirable community. Address PostOtace
Box 260. 4-?tf-8S43
FOR SALE?1 cottage, 304 Highland
Ave., Bellview. 4 rooms and bath,
lot 40x120. 1 house 109 Howard St.,
6 rooms and bath, lot 45x36. Reasonable
prices. Leaving city reason tor
selling. Apply st 109 Howard It,
phono 924-'W, A C. Clossen.
448-3314746 . ''SH
FOR SALE)?Team, wagon aid bar
ness. Apply 316 Newton street.
FOr,v settee, njusrw.
Phone 764-R. MWttTS
FOR SALE?One her hone eight - 'm
years old. Weight about MM Hi.
One road -wagon In good eoodftfen.
T*o sets work harness. Must be gelt. ".'is!!
at once. H. J. Connor, Snpt., Norway , -m
Mine. 6404t Ml.
BANDLESS tiling envelopes. Conae* "?}M
lent, durable and attractive. Tut '.-J
sale by Fairmont Printing A PubUib- . -2||
ing Co. *-B6-tf-J787.
WANTED?Liberty Loan bonds pi Ifl
first issue. A. Hirscb. 311 Madi ;i
son street. t a5-tt-37M. Sj|
wanted?Girl's second hand tryolot* ? -v'^
in good condition. 16 or IMnofc |
frame. Phone 401-W. 6154t?8t
"" 1 ? <"* "? V'- V1^
Professional Cards
...... ...... I .-L.WXM ? '-|S
Optometrist and |4
26 tmti practical ".si
experience. Qiaases furnished Is *
om boor. With <it? ?? i
A.&SSttAC?mP,nr. ?
1 ' ?????
' Oj2
ostep?a'thic physician m
Glasses ot all klnda correctly. : 'a|
OttfiL &Mtefactt3n guaranteed.
Hall Block'ever Martin'* Dm*
Made, ^v.'v
Dr. D. L. L. YOST 1
Practice limited to office and .|.-5
New Location 310 Main St.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. daily,
--a ? x. a - ? ? J ' ? '
> nnu i w i p. in. ounaay Dy appointment
phone?New Directory 273; Sm
Residence Phone 1295 J.
0 - ?, . 111
Repairing and rebuilding a? 1
tomobile radiators a specialty. .
Old Radiators Bought, Rebuilt
and Sold.
Practical Tinner and Sheet
Metalworker. 3287Wonroe St ... 31
- - - ' .i >
mterials; if there ^ ^ 1
i ready for it?
and on $2QQ0 or $5000? I
le man, but money mak- f
at is ready to add to your pff

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