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Cthe daily
k" Some Fall Fishing. .
1 (Copyright, I!?1S. by the McClure
ft". Newspaper syndicate.* I
[tt^HE doctor In the city had told |
I Miss Gertie Ashferd to stay in J
* tile coutnry an lony as she could, I
n account of the state ' her throat,
Id that was why she yet at hir
fandtaother's when September
[It hadn't b en a very lively summer |
Tthe girl. She had taken long walks,
he had fussed with the old-fashioned
.ewers; she had nought in vain to win
ae confidence of the chipmunks and
(tbblts which came about, and she had
unteil for quaiis' nests in the wheat
elds. There was one sport, however,
te had uot participated in. There
as a creek meandering its way over
ifl country and crossing the highway
'few rods below the house, and in
At creek were fish at least as long
i her finger. She knew it. bccati.
ae had seen them, and because a
iighbor's boy twelve years old had
?Id her:
"Why, of course there are fish? [
athers and slathers of 'era, and they
("6 achin' to be cotched. jest as a cat
ihes for cream. Haven't hauled out
hre'n a hundred this summer."
"But I as taught in Sunday school!
tat It wflp wicked to catch fish," was
1 "Humph! Would wc have codfish j
if folks did'nt go a-fish!n'?" j
The boy rigged up a line and polo
2 her, and Miss Gertie went fishing.
Stood on the bank with her for a
fhfle to advise:
"Now, lower your hook!"'
."Now stop wobbling the pole!"
. "Now, don't you (lure breathe!" |
I "Now, shet your eyes and say you
Eyers, for there's a fish as long as a
. comin' for your hook!"
When half an hour had passed and
te fisher hadn't had a nibble yet, the
oy wandeied away in disgust. At
ie end of the second half hour Miss
ertie said to herself:
"I know why I don't have any luck,
t's because the fish can sec inc. I'll
lay a tTick on them."
Thereupon she stuck the end of the
Ole into the bank and left the hook
0 do Its own fishing while she retired
1 the house for a rest. Ferrers Yorke,
le author and artist, was planning n
,#w story. The opening chaptots
ould tell of a meadow, a brook, a
:Idfce and a pretty girl, and the girl
ouid be fishing in thai brook. The
wo a trror. t nn Tnn^l rnl.uu 011 1
'?"?? ?? "U 0>?.UV
e had come out into the country to
Ind the spot that another would have
) imagine. Ha was quite sure that
e could find aPl but die girl with a
hpole in her hands, ana ih-u? was
ne chance in a thousand that he
ould find' her. He had discovered
jroor iree brooks, bridges and muidpro
when his search brought him to
Id willows opposite to where Gevt.,A
rash young man would have
alked out of the bushes with a hello
nd a Wave of his hat, and waded the
rook and asked how many fish had
een caught, and how many had got
way. Mr. Yorko was not rash. He
d not betray his presence among the
iliCws. Not that he was a spy by
Store, but that, having found his
prolne, he must study her a bit.
' The uoromo or a story must luvt
uburri'halr which the sunshine turns
> gold.
She must have a neck like a swan,
lough not as long.
She must have a Grecian nose?not
|r sort you see around the Greek
itt^urants o? New York, but one
lade to order in Athens and sent on
acked in pink cotton.
Her yes must be like stars. The
tiars worn by constables are excludId
from the contest.
;-Her form must bo divine, which
eons it must not be trolded on the
nes of a sack of flour.
Sho must have twinkling feet.
8he rould sing as she fished.
Did the girl cross the crctfk from j
te artist fill the bill? Yes. and morn.
16 was a sylph?a houri?an angel,
'ith her for a heroine that story
folud go like buckwheat cakes on a
'inter's morning. Even when she helame
discouraged about the fish and
ttirned away with a shrug ot iter shoul"ha
WTflft flolicvlliA/l witli li a l*1i I'll ry
Ig MW VT UW UVil()tttVU T* i m VIII"' OUI Ub'
TAh artist and an author has two
iUl8, as we all know. One is a dreamtml
,ond can hear the whispers ol the
ngels with every brcczo that blows
trough a patch ot bull-thistles?the
ther give3 him a proper appetite for
boiled dinner.
tjThen Mr. Vorke had looked upon
JKto with one soul he laid in asldo
look with the other. The girl went
iray, t she. would return. She I
raid confidently exp..ct to find someilng
on her hook. It there was not a
ctim she would he disappointed.
How a farmers casl-oft boot came
> be lying on the further bank in
aln sight is a mystery to be explainI
some other-time. In days gone by a
aar might have overtaken him at
lit spot and devoured everything but
&boot For the two-souled artist to
ip the brook and seize the boot and
pke it fast to the fish-hook and leap
pek among the willows was the work
|The angels cannot look down and
such base tricks and punish
em,-but there is generally ;t small
y around to seo and to give things
Eay. In this case It was the small
ijrwho had left the spot an hour be
He was returning to see
Lit Gertie had had. He came stealthE,
and he saw all, and he said to him "Gee,
but don't I wish 1 "-as as big
HKiiouse, so that I ; - g
He waited in hiding to see what the
n would do when she returned. ?'ie I
me slowly. Sho thought she saw
?<fiah-pole quiver. She seized it and
Kn( the "fish" on to the grass behind
te? She bad just discovered what it
Ijr, and was looking at it in wonder,
Eg? the small boy leit his lur to
Wi njr the guy whr.u he tlouo Hi
"Did some one put tnis old boot 01
my hook?" she asked.
"He did. Miss, and he's right ove
there in the willersl"
Gertie walked down to the bridg
and :ver it anu up the bank to th
cluinp of willows, where the twc
'souled artist crouched. He saw he
coming, but there was no escape fo
him. He straightened up and raise
his hat.
The girl looked him up and dowi
with contempt, and he felt obliged t
'I did it as a joke!"
' Are you what is called a com!
supplement to a Sunday pare ?" wa
"PA"scr y I did it."
"Oh, don't apologize. There are met
of all sorts of calibre, you know!"
"But "
But Gertie had turned her back 01
him and was walking away. Whet
she rejoined the boy, the latter said:
"Say, that guy "3 stopping over a
Farmer Turner's. Do you want me t<
go over there and lick him? You madi
his Knees wobble, but 1 can make hi
hair stand up."
"I guess he g->t enough," was tlr
reply, and yet tho girl did not con
giaiulatc herself upon her victory.
Had it been srch a gtc.it crime afte
Wouldn't almost anyone else hav
taken It as a joke?
Couldn't she have taken It as a jok'
but for the small boy?
The "guy" was good-looking and i
gentleman. A gentleman sometime:
jokes as well as other sorts of men
He had said he was sorry, and wouli
have gone further if she had consent
ed to listen. He had blushed and beei
confused, and had gone away as i
looking lor a hole to hide in.
Miss Gertie had a temper quick ti
flash and quick to cool off again, am
by the next morning she had mad
reasonable excuses for the joker. Si
it was with the small boy. His fathe
had said it was a good joke, and hi
mother had smiled at it, and the lai
had come to feel it a duty to go ove
to Turner's and tell the guy that h
was sorry he had given him away. H
was on his way to Turner's, acros
the fields, when he caught sight o
Gertie on the highway: She was ii
the old buggy and behind the oli
horse which her grandmother hai
owned for nearly twenty years. Sh
was headed for the villago and th
A quarter of a mile beyond the git
was tho "guy." Tie was running dowi
the hill and waving his hat to her.
"Now, then, is that feller crazy,
asked the small boy of himself, as hi
mounted a stump to see them better.
From the brow of the hill the artis
had seen a pair of horses and a wagoi
coming on the dead run. He had it
; sorrw T&SEEVOO
CftWUN y RR, DUF F 1
_ > =
Can you imagine a garb more romantic
For mermaids who dip in the salty
And none could adjudge you precisely
, terrific
' If you woro these for dabbling in
oceans Pacific.
t ' ' *
3 Simplicity Is the keynote of clothes
e this year, bathing suits includod.
3 It would he difficult to imagine anything?ahem!?simpler,
than these re2
cent creations of New York fashion
artists. How well they may be described
by that happy phrase?"short
r and sweet,!"
This year there are no excess
e skirts, no plcatingr, and ruffles, no
sr.shes, no superfluous material of any
2 sort to impcv tlle progress of the
swimmer as she skims through the
1 briyy to?wlprever she intends to go.
3 Silk, satin and Jersey are the fa
vored materials for sea-lips. The cos1
tume at the left Is of gray jersey with
bandings of the plain white self-trim- ,
2 raing. Deep V insets at the side of the
" skirt afford both trimming and free- .
dom of movement. It buttons on the
2 shoulder and is comfort personified.
1 In the center the njermaiden favors a
0 jersey fine striped irf white and bluo
2 with bands of plain white. The divr
ing bello at the right affects a jersey
3 costume of soldat blue (Frenhc blue)
1 with bands of scarlet and a jersey
r sash.
s stunuy reuuezn uuu ine nriver 01 ine
t lighter vehicle would not take the
x alarm until too late. He was within
:1 five rods of her when he recognized
:1 Gertie, nnd as he reached the head
e of the old horse he grasped the bridle
e and fairly dragged the outfit into the
ditch. As it was, a wheel was taken
1 off the old btigy and the girl thrown
l out. She was somewhat bruised and
terribly scared, and of course, Mr.
" Yorkes had to assist her to the house,
e while the small boy remained on the
spat to pick up the pieces and assure
: old Dobbin that he had had the escape
a of his lire.
i- That evening the same small boy
over- I If
> Now -CAPTAIN, -// Soo CAN J
>0 HAVE 5EE VOI> A li Tgmorr<
?-^ co~ J 4LS2
J'i :
If m \
called on Gertie to see it she had any
toes broken and to add:
"Did you give the guy any more j
"XVhy, no," was replied.
"Do you think him nice?"
"I?I think so."
"Is he a hero?"
"He must be."
"Then you'll marry him, of course,
and I'll be left high and dry! Thai's
what a hoy gets for showing a girl
how to go a-fishing and catch an old
U. S. Tested
Food Recipes
County Home Demonstration Agent.
Oatmeal cookies?2V4 c rolled oats,
heated in oven 15 or 20 minutes, % c
Df our, ?4 c molasses, U t salt, \4 t soda
moistened with 2 t sour milk, 2 t
baking powder, 2 eggs well beaten, >4 !
t each of cinnamon, nutmeg and clov j
es, y, c raisins cut fine.
Abbreviations?T. tablespoon; t. tea!
spoon; c. cup; 2T. butter substitute,
It. milk
How Oldest Food Saver
Conserves Her Rhubarb
Recipe Used by Mrs. Rachel Edwards,
Aged 94.
Rhubarb can bo canned with or
without cooking. Some people like It
best when it is not cooked at all but
is just cut up into 2-inch strips or in
lengths to fit the pint or quart jar and
packed in It must be very young and
The cans must be boiled and cooled
before hand. When the rhubarb is
put in it is covered with cold water
which has been boiled. Let it stand
10 minutes, pour off the water, covea
with more fresh cold water and seal
Thro is so much acid in the rhubarb
it kills the bacteria which would spoil
other fruit If sweet rhubarb sauce
is wanted the rhubarb is packed in
Jars as usual and instead of the cold
water a sirup made of 1 part sugar
boiled with 2 parts water is poured
over it. Then the jars are partly
sealed, sterilized in the boiler for 15
minutes and then fully sealed and
So keen has become the competlit
? - -t : - t? t. tii _
uuu iur wouu cuuppuiB iu x'urierviue,
N. D., and so large the wages paid,
that tho Tule Indians, who have a
monopoly on this work at the present
time, are waxing affluent.
I certain lV-waiy,| HI!
i'tuCJET ITpJ 'I' !
ON TIL FOf?" ^0l> J
?1, , 1
-J i
Th consumptive must hare plenty
of fresh air. It is his medicine Just
tho c i m a ab Met otid fr\r\A Put hb
OttiUV no i V0V Hitu iUVU. ??
must be comfortable while he is in
the open air., If he takes his medicine
of nature with too much exertion
and at the expense of becoming
cold or chilled and uncomfortable the
benefit which-he should get from the
fresh air is lost.
Anyone can be comfortable in the
open air if he uses the right devices
and methods. Probably the best
place for the consumptive to get fresh
air ar.d rest under ideal conditions
is a tuberculosis sanatorium.
There every convenience is provided
for him?sleeping porches, good
comfortable beds, reclining chairs,
nurses and doctors in attendance, and
everything else that makes it easy to
be out of doors day and night.
Xot everyone can go to a sanatorium,however.
Most people who
have consumption must stay at home
and take the cure there because there
are not enough beds in Institutions to
go around.
Tuberculosis may be cured at home
if the patient will follow the adyice
of his doctor and avoid the advice
nP Oil-lobe 1
tutu lUlDgutUCU IIIL'UUS.
Fresh air. rest and good food, the
three things that go to mak* up the
cure, ran bo secured anywhere in the
United States.
Mrs. \V. H. asks. "When is the
best time to have a baby vaccinated?"
During the first year.
Alva B. Moore former wsvrrant
clerk in the state auditing department
has been transferred to the desk formerly
occupied by Charles W. Dering,
chief clerk of the department who resigned
to qualify as Justice of the
peace to succeed P W. Brick, Charles
ton justice who quit his office recently
says the Charleston Gazette. Mr.
Moore is a former Wetzel county
new. paper man.. He is exceedingly
popular with I he patrons of the auditor's
office and with his fellow attaches.
In this week's issue of the Buckhannon
Delta points the following: "On
May 12 Mr. Trapnell, superintendent
of the Coal & Coke railway and his
staff, Mr. Deegan, the B. & 0. trainman,
left Gassaway at 7 a. m. with a
3,000 ton freight train, coming by Adrian.
the cut-ofT by Buckhannon and
arrived at Grafton at 7:30 p. tu. being
but \i\'2 hours making the trip.
These men are testing the run as to
time and load hauled, and if it proves
a success, much of the Coal and Coke
freight will come through this way.
as well as the Richwood traffic, and it
is at least possible that the passenger
traffic from Elkins to Charleston
and return may come by Buckhannon
and Belington. If this is done, the road
from Buckhannon to Weston will likely
be changed to a trolley line.
West Virginia has a grand total of
35,230 automobiles which Is an increase
of 11,571 over that of last year.'
A total of 23,059 machines were li-|
censed in the state in 1917 This is j
considered a splendid showing and;
shows that ine improveu iuhus ?uu t
streets are aiding in boosting the j
business in many ways. The state al-j
so had a grand total of 594 dealers:
or agencies selling automobiles, aijd |
972 selling motorcycles and 3,280
chauffer licenses. The total licenses is |
sued for autos, chauffeurs, motorcycles
and dealers in the state amount
to 39.976 or a gain over 1917 of 12,165
which is some record.
Senator Wells Goodykoontz, chairman
of the Central Legal Advisory
Board of West Virginia has written a
letter to Provost Marshal General
Crowder at Washington, suggesting
that his department issue a distinctive
service button for the use of mem
bers of the legal profession who are
I 1
When Irregular or delayed use Triumph
Pills. Safe and always dependable.
Not sold at drug stores. Refuse
others, save disappointment. Write
for "Relief" and particulars; it's free.
Address: National Medical Institute
Milwaukee, Wis.
/,7?lN IjdlMl A?k jour DrupclU for/A
I'lll?In Rfd'tn.l'oold
? boxes, sealed ?Uh Blue Ribbon. ^7
l-I Tnke no other. Bar oTmr ?
Vy 0 TCtrl known is Eat, Sltat, Ahnys RelUUo
B TTC> i wowoee How m
oh? p
<7 Mot
In New Y<
The I
Let the Preside:
reach clear acr
that from May
ed hundred mil
pledged. Make
given is to the
one dare shirk t
serving the government in connection t
with the seioctive service law. I
Senator Goodykoontz has been ad- ]
vised that the department in charge of i
the administration of the draft law ]
has taken the suggestion under con- s
sideration and he believes it may re- i
ceive favorable action.
Senator Goodykoontz holds that in
view of the work of the lawyers in |
rendering distinguished service with i
out charge this would be a fine thing ]
for the government to do. The lawyers,
he believes would take great pride
in wearing an emblem of this
D. A. R, Thanks Class.
Mrs. S. D. Brady, secretary of the
William Hayraond hapter of the
Daughters of the Revolution, has on ;
behalf of the chapter written to Miss t
Dora Lee Newman thanking her and 1
the A. B. Fleming class of 1917, Fairmont
High school, for the Marion
Stats of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney tnakoa oath that ho
Is senior partner of tho firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business-in the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said Arm will pay the sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot ba
cured by the use of HALL'8 CATARRH
Sworn to before me and subscribed in ]
my presence, this 6th day of December, .
A. D. 1886. A. W. GLEABON,
(Seal) Notary Public. I
Mall's Catarrh Medicine is taken tn> c
ternally and acts through the Blood on ,
the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, free. >
P. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo. O. :
Sold by all druggists, 75c. >
Ball's Family Pills for constipation,
^-0 - "FEEL
Noxeima Is o non-soiling, antlsept
ss, Faccspots, Bad Hands and Feet,
cause it is readily absorbed into the i
Its antiseptio and germicidal qualitle
teria, thus destroying them and givln
Get a 25c jar today from Crane's
pany or postpaid by the Noxzcma <
Ccharles street, Baltimore.
__ g
u fips-,-|ra 0 that
2 111 ? tlifil if r the
?h IV.A lili ril lI o you
? mmmJ.!m o prov
rh ^hlif 53 men
i &j$| ?
I llOif?
d s ?""
:k.)-by allman.
m I 1^9
^ -711 n 1 "
lent Wilson ;||j
)rk Opens The Big *d9
1,000 Drive For jj
?ed Cross i
nt's message delivered there
oss the country, to the end
20th to May 27th the^ieedllion
will be heavily over
: certain that your amount
limit of your resources- No .JM
County Museum which was recently
presented the hapter by the class. The
letter stated that the members of the
[ hapter deem the gift a "trust" and
liope to be able to increase Its value
ind perpetuate the work you have so
IVTicc Onrlnna Waflrino nf MnnAn.
vu I iiiiiw Kiiiniuoi Ul *<*v#M\S?a'
sail, lias returned home from Grafton
where she had spent several days with
Few folks suffering from kidney
ind bladder troubles ever think that
he meals which they are taking are
tastening their death. Every morsel
>f food taken gives up Its quantity of
trie acid. This poison is taken Into
ho system through a diseased condlion
of the kidnoys and bladder. In
he healthy man nature provides an
nitlot. for this poison. Those In 111?
inalth must take a medicinal help to
lrivo this death-dealing poison from VV?
he system. For ovqr 200 years GOLD
VIEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules have .
teen doing this work. They effect
jrompt relief in all diseases arising
;rom kidney and bladder troubles.
Don't put off this vital matter of atending
to your health until It is time J|
.0 mako your funeral arrangements.
let a box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Dil capsules today. Look for the gentine.
Your druggist sells them. They rfg
tre guaranteed or money refunded. i ;.J?1
nsist on GOLD MEDAL brand.
. Hn
!c cream and cures Exzeina, RashBurns
and all skin abrasions, beleep
layers of the skin, depositing ' .Vv$f?
s In direct contact with the baog
the skin a chance to heal.
Drug stor, or, H. & H. Drug Com- - ^
Chemical Company, 1817 North
mm ???
when In need of Dental service^ >4'!
Union Dentists are ready to give
the benefits of all the late im- N 'JM
ements at a nominal cost to you.
93 88, guaranteed 10 years. Reber,
gold crowns and bridgework
be had for only $5 a tooth, and , "
anteed 10 years. Teeth extracted ' -iffl
;e over McCrory's 5 and 10c 8tore
Opposite Court House
> V'iaffiaHB

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