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April 1918.. J)-* 1
A Quality Nrwopapor for tho I
ESTABLlSilED~1868. mem
B????. . . i .i . - - ? . >
i n ill
Ven Mi^'nsr From Troop Shi
pany B Fifty Eijjl
SurvivorF Got Off the Sink
Hour?Two Men W
the D
WASHINGTON, May 25 ? The
War department today gave out
the name* of 53 members of Company
, 58th United States infantry,
Foruth division, missing from
the torpedoed British steamer
Among the missing Mere Edwin
L. Clausing, Grafton, W Va ; Lee
Meter, Cedarsville. W. Va.: John
Sehuh, Porthmouth. Ohio: Ray
bwaru. Kieasam run. urns.
(By Associated Pr?s??
LONDON, May 2.">.? I.<ess than a
luarter of an hour after the British
trmed merchant troop ship Moldavia
frith American troops on hoard had
been torpedoed off the southeast coast
Of England on Thursday mornlnc vir
tuallv every man had tone over the
tldta of the vessel into the lifeboats.
Edwin and Clyde Iloslcy. of North
Troy, Vermont, leaped from the deck
tnd were drowned Had it not been
for this the losses, which are given officially
as efi American soldiers, would
have been confined to those killed by
the explosion of the lorpedo. The finely
rrothers were on guard when the
ihip was struck and evidently be'ieved
Ihe was turned over. Search was
II Still ni
Means Reduction of About
Five Per Cent in Fairmont
A redaction of ten cents a ton tn
government fixed prices for blturaInous
coal was announced by the Fuel
Administration in Washington last
night, taking effective today. Advices
to that effect geached C. H Jenkins,
president of the Central West Virginia
Coal Operators' Association today
by long distance phone from
Barnet Gets Word.
J. Walter Barnes. Fuel Administrai
. t.a Ana tl'na, A" _ J 1 _
? y mm iui ""i t iiKiina, irtcnni information
retarding the reduction in
tlM priCJ of coal this afternoon, S3 lol
"Ten cent reduction in mine prices,
determined up< n last night, is effective
todty. It applies to all bituminous
mines, Including ignite, in every state.
Anthracite coal is unaffected. Conlumere
who placed orders but have not
received coal shall be charnged price
permissible on day of delivery. President
Wilson directed that full mine
price be paid for railway fuel here
after and that ral'roads observe ptin'
ciple of equal car distribution. This
will result In a lowering of the general
average of rvi rhead In the bittimlmous
fields and explains reduction.
Detalla later."
There was no change In the policy
Which wae determined recently calli
tag for a discontinuance of assigned
cars. The advice from Washington
ere that the railroads will pay the
fix ad prices for coal and "ahandon
the practice of giving preferential car
ervica to mines furnishing railroad
? 1B? new pi ice applies to snort ">n*
!' the aystem now In vocue In the FairHost
district. The reduction of ten
er)ti ton mean* a reduction of
?1 nt fir* percent _
'Acre la already rumor* of another
review of cost sheet* *o that It 1*
possible that certain mine* are to be
(Urea further advances which offiet
thia cut though nothing Is known positively
at thia time.
Today la Pay Day.
Today 1* pay day in the Fairmont
llatrlct and the pay 1* quite a heavy
, one compared to those of the last
few months. While the car supply
has sot been good It has been some
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j| It you Haoen
p Were all Members of Corn?th
Tniteri Stat">
in? Ship in Quarter of An
ho Jumped Among
made for them but they were not seen
after they Jumped overboard.
Capt. Johnson, an American infantry
otneer, who was ou board the Moldavia
save a Daily Telegraph representative
this accomit of the sinking:
"The ship was struck just forward
of the engines on the port side All
the troops were In their bunks sleep
ing in their uniforms There was a
Irud explosion and then the ship's
whistle was blown This wns a signal
for ever} body to rome on derk. The
men a semloe . perf order. Their
discipline was splendid. The best 1
ever saw
"The Moldavia II ted to port hut
righted herself and ran on for about
U> minutes to avoio ring no again
Then ill" i fan to t- os steadily. Ordor*
were given to lower the boats
ar ! *'0 got off.
"Destroyers had been circling
around ns all the time and a? soon as
the Moldavia was struck thev dropped
leveral depth charges No second tor
pedo was fired and we aw nothing ol
I the submarine.
"As oon as the men got aboard the
boats they besan laughing and singing
and when the ship sank they gave
! three eheers."
Bullet Discharged by Bo>
Bird Hunter Struck
Mrs. Frank Smith, of Edgemont, wai
painfully though not seriously lnjurec
yesterday shortly before noon wher
she was hit by a bullet fired by Fran
res Rex, a fourteen year old neighboi
boy, who was shooting at birds.
The bullet hit a building near whirl
1 Mrs. Smith was standing and glanc
, ing struck her in the nerk inflicting i
painful wound.
She was taken to Cook hosplta
where her Injuries were dressed am
she was able to be taken to her hotm
today. The boy was shoot'ng a 21
calibre rifle.
I The husband of Mrs. Smith, the vie
| tim of the shooting, is a mail carrici
in the employ of the local postoffice.
The next subject to be discussec
| by the Fairmont Four Minute Men wil
he the "Danger to America." Chair
man Kem la now busy preparing i
schedule for the campaign which wil
begin June 3 and continue for thret
weeks ending June 24
The campaign In the interest of th<
Red Cross will be brought to a closi
this eventng when speakers an
; scheduled for all of the local theatres
The following are scheduled: Dixie
J. Walter Barnes: Nelson. Harp
Shaw; Princess. James A. Meredith
Hippodrome. E. M. Showalter.
For the Red Cross campaign speak
ers were scheduled for six nights pei
week. It is the plan to hare Four Min
ute Men in the theatres four nlghtt
I earn week during the coming cam
! Moose Say All
Aboard for Point
Twenty members of Falrmon
Lodge . Loyal Order of Moose, wtl
leave tomorrow morning at 7J1!
o'clock over The Monongahela rail
road for Point Marion, Pa., when
they will Institute a lodge of Moose
0. M. Doollttle, of this city, wll
organise the lodge.
7 Yet Given to the /
~ West Vi
MB aX'
tions qu.rkly, after i
In France. This photograph was ta^
the battlefront.
Actual Solicitation Will he
Abandoned in Fairmont
This Evening.
: Red Cross Fete
' Will Take Place
in the Armory
Announement was mule nt today's
luncheon that the lu?n fete
schedule dto ta 1:c place at the rf iirience
of Judge William S. ifa"
[ mood would be held in the Armoiy
j tonight, rain or shin.1 Because
of the rains today it was nc"c=rary
to arrange fo- the aJtair within
Work in the Bed Cross drive will
. be wound up this evening and final reports
will be submitted at the luncheon
to be held at the drive headquarters
on Monday at noon. To date the
total amount of money subscribed in
the Fairmont district is $110,049 99.
During today's report Mrs. George
DeBolt stated that Col. ('. \V. Watson
I bad sent a check for $456 21 his first
month's salary as a Colonel In the reserve
corps. Mrs. George Flem:ng
pave $100. Sanderson 6 Torter doj
n&ted $100 and the employes of the
l i Cook hospital gave $150. Prof. Otis
1 G. Wilson reported $500 from the Fair.
| mont State Normal school.
! Hon. William S. Havmond. Judge of
i the Circuit court, was pr- onted by
.1 Henry S. Lively as the "best known
, 1 and most loved man in Fairmont." ]
i The judge in'starting said he did not!
1 know whether his wife would object to
1 1 that last portion of the introduction
? or not. He commented on the good
I feeling that existed nmong the boards
and then swung into an address of a
. | highly patriotic type. "What are you
r i here for? What are you engaged in?"
You are engaged in one of the greatest
enterprises?that of upbuilding and
merciful pursuits, and extending "he
hand of mercy. You are not accuated
by any gain. Here the judge drew
a n-oerl nietiirA rtf Vi? aim r\f A mpfi.
; ran democracy which he raid would
not fo down until lsstinr peace had
been attained. He referred to the
trreat work of mnrcv which the Red
j Cross societv is doine in the foreicn
; countries. In closiny he referred to
President Wilson's remarks: "Give.
' and (five more, and rive more and
'' when 't hurts rive more, for then it is
from 'he heart and success wi'T cr.iwn
I even- movement."
II W J. Wlerel, campalrn tnanacrer.
- ! stated that these towns have rone
| "over the top" today: Thohurn. Worth!t
inrton. Winfield. Bunner's Rldce, Par
' rackville and Pnwns At Bnrrarkvllle
! a twelve rear old hor wo?ked a dar?
, the first In his life?and rave *1 of the
I $1 OS he made toward the Red Cross
' i fund.
; Officer's Shot Stops
Auto Booze Cargo
Beeause they refused to rive their
names after their machine hart collided
wl?h trolley car Policeman Disman,
who happened to he a passenger
on it, became suspicious and af'
ter the two men endeavored to e*cape
ha fired a shot at them, whereupon
they etqpped and J 44 pints of whiskey
t were aeited. The men have their
1 names as Sara Rigalbuta, owner of the
5 car. and hU companion. Pe*e Coops.
I- both of Four States. Arrangements
I bare been made by which Rigalbnta
i. will give bond In the sum of $300 for
1 a hearing before Justice Conaway later
in the day.
ltdCrqfsTake Yoyr
reinia's Best Newsztaner
? ?? ?
g.ven t'.jf Ked Cros *
en at .!iian. Italy, just as a consign r
First Ward $ 374.61
Second Ward 425.00
Third Ward 120.00
*? t ' 1 a m s* ?
lourth warn
Seventh Ward 1.004.00
Eighth Ward ..._ 434.50
Colored People 222.00
Schools _ 728.00
Total for day . $ 3.743 42
Fir*' Day $ 8.397.23
Second Day 7,261.01
Third Day 4.501.22
Fourth Day 6,147.07
Fifth Day 3,743.42
Grand Total $30 049.99
it Rua $ 100.00
Grangeville 298.25
Logansport 125.00
Peanut 55.00
Oil & Gas Co. 50.00
Fraternal Organization 100.00
Mm 25.00
Total for day 753.25
Previously reported 16,683.39
Grand Total $17,436.64
d r rv~- I
i\cu v-it'ss Lyiivc
Headquarters Says:
Davies Run?A. L. Lehman
Sunday at 3 p. m.
Glady Run?H. H. Rose.
Hopewell?M. L. Brown
Springer?J. M. Jacobs, (Walnut
Grove Church.)
Benton's Ferry?W. R Hnggertv.
Hickman Run?E B. Carskadon.
Colfax?James A Meredith.
Forkshurg?Harry Shaw.
Moran?Rev. H. G. Stoetier.
Mt. N'cbo? E. C. Frame.
Shaw?Hon. R. A. Pollock.
Mt. Clare?J. Walter Barnes.
Winfield?Henry S. Lively.
An excellent Red Cross meeting
was held last evening at Springer and
i he sum of 1109 was secured. There
were sixty people present. M. C.
' Lough made the address of the even;ng
Mr. and Mrs. Minor Dunham fur,
nished the mufic.
C. W. Evans and A. J. Kern adJ
A . n fl. A
(irvnneti a uiccuufs ai uio u. c \J.
i shop* ywUttoy *t noon. There was
a :irg* turnout of the employees.
By the recent dance and card party
' St. Annie Guild, an auxiliary at St.
Peter's Catholic church. raised
i $.122.80. This is halved between the
local Red Cross fund and the war
j camp fund of the Knights of ColumI
i At Norwood last evening a patriotic
rally and boj social was heJd L.. W.
| Ilunner presided. One hundred and
thirty dollars were collected and 970
1 was raised by selling lunch boxes,
! which aggregated $200 for the night
, J A. I.atidis acted as auctioneer. AdI
dresses were made by Albert J. Kern
I and Harry Shaw. Mrs Anthony Bow.
i en was in charge of the ladles' committee
and Attorney James A. Meredith
of the man's committee. An auxiliary
of the Red Cross was formed
and the first meeting wiil he held at
the home of Mrs. J. A. Meredith, next
j week.
The Gas department of the Monongahela
Valley Traction Company haa
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Contributions to Ha
mil'.*- -
t /IT
r ?s w.
^NING MAY 25, 1918.
"* . *<?,.# i
. i.i i.r .. i>|i.t.?l and dr? -iu^ -iaw
iil buy more of them for our boyg
cent of new ambulances started for
orrv w^m
ide hi in
1 ib hon
British Government Issues
Statement on Sinn Fein
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, Mir 25.?Germany's un-;
j tirelng effort? to foment revolution in
i Ireland with the aid of the Sinn Kei.t
are laid bare in a sta'ement from the
official pre?s bureau reviewing this
phase of the Irish political situation
since the beginninp of the war.
After the abortive rebbellion of
Easter week 1916, plans were made
for a revolt in 1917. but this miscarried
because of America's entry Into
the war and Germany's inability to
tend troops to Ireland
An uprising in Ireland was planned
i for this year after the German offen-1
.1^ i _ . i. a U.j i _ _ ......... r..l
sivf' in HIP '?i ii."i iippn "'r 'piiim
i and when Great Britain presumably
would he stripped of troops.
| One phase of every plan palled for j
j 'he establishment of submirine bases
j in Ireland. In the present clrcnro
stances, it is added, no other eour.se
was opened to the Government if useless
bloodshed v.-a sto be avoided and
its duties to its allies fulfilled, but to
Intern the authors and abettors of this i
criminal lntripne
WASHINGTON*. May 25 -More evidence
than that diselosed in the
i British statement o fthe close con:
nectlon between the llrish Sinn Fein
1 end German influence is in the hands
! of the British and American g/Verni
ment. it was stated officially here today.
Arrests are to be made soon in
this country and possibly additional
! arrests tn Ireland .
; A number of prominent Irish AmerI
icans, including: several hcretotfre
! known as Irish patriots are under surveillance.
In most cases, it was said,
arrests will he made on technical
charges of seditious u'teranees with
most of the facts concealed until the
~ |
Annual Sermon at |
? Fairview Tomorrow
The annual commencement of FairI
view High school will be preached in
! ihe Methodist Kpiscopal church, Fairview,
tomorrow morning at 10:30
o'clock by the Rev. C. E. Goodwin,
pastor of First M. E. church.
The program will be as follows tomorrow:
God of Our Fathers, Known
ot Old. chorus and audience; invora.
tion. Rev. T. B l^awler; Holy. Holy.
, Holy, chorus and audience; reading of
the Scripture. Rev. C. N. Coffman;
Work for the Night Is Coming, chorus
, and audience; America, audience; ben!
edition. Rev C. N. Coffman.
Departing Soldiers
Are Given Send Off
A rousing meeting was held at Watson
last night under the auspices of
the Knights of T'ythias as h farewell
to fourteen ycung men from Wat
son and Klngmont who are leaving
Sunday afternoon for Camp Lee. Va.
Addresses were made by Hon. O P.
McKtnney, Rev. C. C. I^awgon. Rev. j
Milton Steele, and C W. Evans.
The men In whose honor the affair
was given are: H. a. jnnin, u.. m.
Vincent, William Biarkmore, Fra.ik
Dieste, John Sheets. N*d Carnuchlo,
Ward Greoyze, Glrzo Salvator. John
Defile, Saivatore Zamgrifio. A. P.
Valzo. Auraldo Bard, Vetro Tanne,;
Walker Welling.
idgugrters in the Fieri
f yjr probJ
Rioai n'UTir *
uiarLiMUib i;
ujciicfl Ji
Actual Reason For I
Positively Vet B
tiling to do With
American Government Has 1
Up But Must Await La
? (Bv Associated Tress) t
MEXICO CITY. May 115 ? Mex!. o
has sevcAd diplomatic relations with
i.una. mis was learned out* tali* law
today after a report that the Mexican
charge d'affaires at Havana and the
Cuban minister had be* n r^callo i frota
their respective posts had been con
firmed at the foreign office.
The Cuban minister to Mex!> \ Dr
Krequiel Garcia Ensenat. has not yet
arrived in Mexico City, having been
appointed only recent!* During lh<
interval Dr. Luis Santamaris Y. Cairo
has been acting as chary* The
recall of the Mexican r* presents ,
tives to Cuba and the susp n ling for
an indefinite time of the sending of a
new representative is explained officially
as due to the fact that because
of the war in which Cuba is involved
that government has been obliged to
dltcate measures that effect the inferests
of the Mexican government in
many Instances.
Those Connected with the
Railway Department
to Organize.
Employes of The Monongahela Valley
Traction company assigned to th" .
railway department will meet to form (
a union on Sunday evening at mid-1
night after the men come off their runs
for the day.
The session will be held in Willard
hall, according to the notices posted
for the meeting this afternoon. There
are aproximately 100 men in Fair-,
mont who will at'end the meeting. The j
union has hen sanctioned by the officials
of the company. The organization
will be in charge of \V. M. Rog
urs, pii'MMuni ui i ue v?esi \ lrmni.i
Federation of Labor.
Tho company will run a special car
after the meeting on Sunday at mid
night in order to take the men back to ;
their homes.
Last night the employes of the Mo
nongahela Valley Traction company nr
Clarksburg were organized a1 i largely
attended meeting which was h Id
at Carpenters' hall. The new union
starts off with 61 members The or-1
ganiaztion was in charge of W. M
Rogers, of Fairmont, state pre?ile.it
of the Federation of Labor. He was
assisted by C. E. Bartlebaugh the.
fourth vice president of the organization.
The officers of the new lcer.1
are: C. B. Wyckoff, president; I. A.
Flaherty, secretary; H. W. B-.voter,
recording secretary; L. F. Gil c
The Red Cross Lawn nartv <
which was to have been held at ;
shadyside. will be held at the armory
thla evenlnp. Refreshments
of all kinds. Hayden's orchestra ?
Machine Operators
Owens Bottle Machine Co.
* S a wwww.. > .
ning Building?Prim
*t [ \ A'. * T'
* 'il ']
tly claudy tonl(ht: Sunday
ibly showers.
. : j
iliulsi I
oak Not Known
ut it Has Some- I
the Great War ^9
[leen Informed of the Flari
ter Dispatches For the
nation, I
V. HTW.TnV \tnv **?Th? m
- ' * ? WMtVl
fed information I
vii sources that the Meileaa
il [i! malic representative at HartM
In In . a withdrawn by Mexico but DO
. n in the dispatch- I
13. Further advices were expected
during the day.
May tr Hi Ileal
udden and unexpected suspenalon of
dipinn ill a I ons with Cuba la look- jg|
ed on i<:i .1; nn indication of a move Jj
1 is which poe- I
hi.,- ni-v f.trchado# a breaking of
r< in-, with this country. The on wiving
cause for Mexico's action, It ^
was a recent inci- I
dent in which Senor Fabela, her minister
to rgentina, while on hie way to
buenos Aires was held nn In Hanntar 1
v as searched by on I
official, supposed'* a Cuban (natome
inspector who it Is reported found
anion the minister's effecta certain
Mem j
usee Dm I
iritir Tnnnnnniii
mi lUmUtltlun I
Special Regulations Han
Been Issued by the Draft
The largest crowd that hM ltd
assembled at the local Baltimore SBd
Ohio railroad station la expect*! to
be thei? at 1:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon
when fifty-nine of tho aolcet
men of Fairmont entrain for C*n?P 1
Lee. Vc The contingent wlU bo tfc*
n has fumishod at say |fl
one time since the Selective Service
regulations went into effect. It botag*
Sunday hundreds who have been unable
to see previous contingents de- -J|
par', will have an ooportunlty to set
the beys off tomorrow.
Tt re is doubtless not a person to
Falrn: nt who does not hnve eithat
a fri< :id or relative In the list < ' *3
f n.: rcpr'tentative Fairmont**
v.ho dcpart tomorrow. They are;
133?David Ouy Prunty.
391?Carmine Vetere.
97?Rus?ell E. Vanatk
409?Abe Pilling.
415?Sam Maiolo.
419?Albert Arthur Wro*.
433?Cordon Wayne Haller.
435?Edward C. Metis.
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Hauling and delivery of all ktafe.
Call Bell MS J.
Saturday morning. Ford towtac
rar. black, with initial "D", licenaa
No 17.107. Car No 2.478.S46. Hof ,
in good condition. Tire holder oe
back of car. Anyone furnlehlng
information Wdfng to Ita rettua jM
will be paid 825.00.
Enterprise, W. Tfc IS
<!a IH
' ~i
? is Still on

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