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I [ Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH, May 27-Y.. Liar
hat on the Pittiburrh Suck Er.chenge
lilt waek was broader, embracing 33
aaeu.itlev of which 14 !o?.ed at pet
gains, 1614 t net losh and 3 aoro iif.
changed a* coiroarcd Kh tv 1 ;-i
gramas close. Sold foot ui S7.7S3
shares stocks and 11
The price'range w? x: * than for
any weeks pa
gala was $.*,0 a share .a fjr.aa' SisGas,
which advsr.ced irom 1
And closed at *16
was 94 In Uni^n Nu: i?l is, ..
sold at Hl.-rfejW' derajjjd ra-. for
Plttabjrgh Oil r.'ivl" ' .?
of 3,630 shares advanced fro-nfflffcltp |
'g,744 and tIosc^ a'hejMlj .
and gas 1 hare*' <'
actlte and c!o: d ; small n<changes
During the *-e't e oftcia! snh>!("
tnum quotation WJm'u hU t> ..-.in
V force since la.it t.
clal conditions were thrcab'ntnjjw- i!,
removed. but this acim wa? n'n'fo.:'
lowed by any lieu.
\ which bad been und r , r * c
j tipr.a.
1 At Saturd-v'? c* 'V> r.i'l'*',
I trading was
; ' ' '
\ f <4"i
a ft t n
j?\ ivpvjk
X jL X * -s V V JL* 1
p ok
R I **"""** ' ^ ^ ^
I ;/ C
y f/' ^-'"^'7
1 '; :.,
;. - . I
* **
I ; fesft**^
i Hiw i
MM?(hfcji i ?"* i iiirti
If,' ^ M)p p~ . ? ? ' i-..
f '.Ipw :
Summary far 3?tfrd?y.
3tockt? High J.o*
40'Firspnottaf .... 3.M< SVi I
SO I'd&satfer.t Brr*- 2?i titfi
20 L -nr Star Cai.. 156 IS"
25 feel ... .UJ4 RiU !
110 Oklahoma Gas .. 2fh 24li
10(H) Prh'Jitfjir.3 46 45
Ui.Koh iQI! & Oao.. TVi U :
A'Plillo *112 !
r.O X Mr^E 0 Ps!.. 2''J,
- 14*4 IfWl
10.\ J Gar, . lu
coguia "a:?pi,piJ..'.. i m no
^ A;?#' 35 05 j
53 "ir~vr',.f. H!?r-rf|r. 43Vj
IT 03
jks 04?fl
| J:.-?7 Yerk i
4 I
A* rftc t*-*-tour teseibn of Ne"*'
jVoi* .r/jA jmariwr ^on ;
000 .*(. .Ac/ sl .rUa.*(' Rjiuid'U:a?di(1
It v ,?(ift i/j?, airjOH* . ,t,j4 :c; gwjgtr. * HI
.rv c4 ' r?)?i. ' vrt r;
Ini *.u?' to wf rises'tor flllwi of
V .fc:-Sr' n6it%ti 'jfii.
th? * !" ^ir r MT"! t.'?" f
?~~ ? . .?
. i ii ii rr'a'lTlg^
r,0 ail II . w. Jl .Jit t-4 w ~1 jrft'1" I >? ' ^
* .4^ 1 ^
2S?i ? W
cok, the Largest,
! 1 1
?<?<a H t AnHimr
-T "
. , ., ' i: ; *iH_ r
1 .'/{ - '".jj"
dt&'yjf^ V J?f f\
^K^<? v v ji j Mi tfStfy Jm I
^^Wp'Tfc^_^)jJf^'Tl?v iK -ii^ t JM
iP7* * ICs-*>i I
/Y f/thby "rj|* T*^J4(p^jMW^*f f'jik VSJ/MBp I
Bit?'' "^Sjp'^iCj/^Vtv'jBygPSrK J
tfecf teak p^c?. T#j celSJat'
*?? **?#4 entirely ?9oa W*3hi**?3a
MrK** Qa5'tjJS,c3ttrc3amca en the
Probable inereat; in r.tr tries likely
tapoeel py reTleol leiir'rt.M
L?tf* nn there *es a seal recstery
t%? af.Vir* r*flW?S h??4 rs->lt A
x^rr 'tntefMHine feature of the warhot
its atretics of tome of the 1
r? is *hr? industrials were rntler
pjrjatsre. Ne r Haven \ 'M a'
U*t **'n of ooiflia on flies oI 14t*o
??*r?a 'fteadlnj . ;r-M from:
8;i/6 'a tf3.vv?d closed at the tec on
Hair* of -.lO.hvO * hires, t~hcsr.pt ofc?
i Ortlo-.r.a'a up 2.polnt?, S: pant ifc
and others to :n. 1c'..
HoV^Rtectlfa.the-rails via a'Simpaijci
k.- ru'fittrs'of iwoormv annsuricctSSf.
\.to;fc# made'.the cseing ? ...
PM|ft&:bpr of an increase .a freight
r-?i. .'r-jcr rates.
' -r?~ !
fIf'<2A09. May Vt. ?'Nervousness j
,Gvef ,h?w . regulations in re^uri to
hea#tt.c sales;led to a rapid down;
,turr- Hvcorn pr.ces Saturday notV'l-h.staP'^h?
'I131 prevlou !y the market i
"hktl*"eon,03 the advance. Tho cloao
,w ,<? ttF-avy. 1 to 1' 4 net'lower, v.-,th
ijliV ?l!3G14. aatl'iulr >i 35K to
> 'l Opts .finished uncearged.to |
\'4T.> do'"'1- n.id provisions unchanged
!o'?~>"eertt3 down.
^hieics. Opon, Ocec?
V ?: 57U '
Most Complete
ig More Than C
Songs E<
Jaljr W-?.H l.?*
::*7 '8 ?*
Ju'r M* .?*
?lcy 40 50
Jul7 4P03 40.50
r. . < f a i
Uij nnci ms. |
I>Te'iOin.:r' work in the eastern
fields the c'.cfc of tLs week was
Seas gnlitflag than the earlier part,
when there were a r.umber of credltaMe
producers completed. Horevcr.
the.e were not enoush of goad well*
to in-plre hope for any considerable
increase 1n product'on. What is most
de sired at this time is the discovery
of -one territory the* Is rears profitable
then the kind new under'derelopnent.
The opeca-.n? company that is
n a position to keep l's production
from fho-. inc a decline is most fortunate.
The Carter Oil company met with
the gT<?s:cst disappotn ment of the
k whoa i* drOM its test on the
A. M Giover larm. located on Dent's
un. Mannlagton district. Mar'on county.
W. Va? through the 30-foot sand
a.-.d scored a duster. This test is locn*"d
in iff n that was e^pc-ed to
f. ...sli Rood pr luc-rs. When the
li'-pe Natural Gas company drilled In
it" zur aier-or. :'ic EMs Mlttev farm serra!'monthsrr.co
i gave'the latprcsn
o' an extension 'o4the D'ntWrun
pr.pl. No. " or.'thls feVm, completed
"Ill I ?
and By Far the fl
(neThousand of
/er Written.
TV ' Jill ' ' 1 I >1 ILW
11 ? ,. III
u probaMy UkiilivST'
Thehopea taapmdbf tM tart* producer
mi tii* Kraeay torm I* to ua*
vlth uay occurrence* M ? Ilk* character
in the old producing dlatricta. A
large veil doe* not indicate that another
can be lad la the immediate '
vicinity. Light vumpera or duatera
store frequently occur than large pro- .
For the firat time la many month*, t
Cabell county hat pretented a producer.
I* Is the Harshbarger OH ane
0?? company'* No. 9 ca ihe E. W.,
Hackett farm, estimated to b? good
for 7 barrels a day in the Bit Lime
formation On Browns creek. Jeffar- j
foo district, Kanawha county, the
Charleston-Dunbar Natural Om company
has completed a second teat on
I the J. W. Russell farm and It ia show-,
ir.tr tor a two-barrel pumper In the salt \
aand. In Cabin creek district, the
Lawrence Oil company has completed
its No. 1 on the Chesapeake and Ohio
, Railroad right of way and has a SO-i
barrel producer In the Berea grit. In
the same district, the United Fuel Oas
company's No. 12 on the Imperial Coal
company's tract.
In Greenbrier district. Doddridge
] county. Ernest Randolph gaTi fade test |
on the Lucy Eddr fa-m a shot in the,
Gordon rand, increasing its production :
from 20 to 25 bsrrels a day.
In Church district. Wetsel county.
tha Manufactures' Light and Heat'
company has drilled a test on the Rob
erti'hetrs' ferm into the Gond^n sand
(Cont nued'on page 10 )
vlost Economical
the Most Popul;
THE purpose of this n<
to assemble within ii
every song, old anc
reason of its merit d<
:he hearts of music lovers,
)ne thousand songs which
Deen selected with the
amount of careful discrimii
Greatest Soi
in theW
anew 'w mm ? v
The most casual glanc
intents list given below \
the assertion that this is
dinary collection of popul
ever published.
121 Hom? Songs 121
45 Snood Songs 51
74 Southern Songs 82
9 Rounds 72
226 Sentimental Songs 3(
99 Hymns 61
Songs of Today, ol
of Yesteryt
\rh in frV?in
I k/V/V<? IflltVil)
hundred and thirty-five pa
the hand of memory, carrie
youth, recalls old scenes
brings back, in vivid outlin
to you.
1000 Song* For Less 1
a Cent Apiece.
The West V
has arranged ?o place the
thousand songs, all of the
the homes of its readers, at
Clip anil Present 3 Coup
of Different Date From 1
WANTED?At oae* experienced sale*
lady tor women's ready-to-wear d*
pertinent. Apply HarrisM's Dept
8 tore. 61S-U.n:i
fcANTEIV-taundrese. Apply Cook'i
Hotpiul. SPtf-3S6!
WANTED?Experienced ledy book
keeper, flood salary and chant*
for advancement. Imperial let
Cream Co. Fairmont. il.Vtf 19?!
MEN wanted. Steady mployruciit
Helmlck Foundry Machine Co
Ml-tt 3?o.
WANTED ? On* farm hand. On<
witnout home preferred. Goorhenre
'Phone 7101R1 or Box 391!
Weat Virginian. l tMt-391!
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rood pay. free traMfertatloe. Ap
ply Mpnoojjjheie Valley Trartioi
Cotppany. rim atreat HHf-391'
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steady work, good pay. free trans
partition. Apply Mononyahala Val
ley Traction Co., First'atreet.
. S-3M2139H
WANTCD^Day coojt. Man or woman
B. 4 O. Beat House. Phone 49
5 24 tf S93I
- '
Song Book
ir Standard
ew book has been
ts covers virtually
1 new, which by
eserves a place in
The more than
i it contains have
greatest possible
nrr RaaIt
ug AJwn
e at the condensed
vill fully vindicate
the most extraorar
standard songs *
I Children's Songs
I Patriotic Songs
! Operatic Songs
' Collage Songs
) Sea Songs
I National Songs
F Yesterday,
mbing over its five
iges, takes you by
s you back to your
that are sacred,
i* ?
e, lineaments dear
rhan One Tenth of
se more than one ;
m set to music, in
: nominal cost
itoo ewyoa for mto.
4i^^c*Jlw!ci!?| I
houses rot sub
rOR CALK ? SU'tooa firuM MM
ren room brick, eight mm brick
hoci*. All large lota. CIom it D*
alrabla community. Addreaa Foe*
oWlca Boa 550. ^ *?Mjgg
FoagALi m
BANDLESS filing envelopea. Conren-,
lent. durable and attractlre. For
tale by Fairmont Printing A PubUahlag
Co. 4 S5 tMTI7. ;<?
' rOR SAI-E?Refrigerator. Call 1IT4 I
R. 531-5t t>l^
1 FOR RENT?Two roome for light I
housekeeping. Apply ill Walnut I
! Ave. ' 5S7-3t3?34 1
WANTED?lientlfaien roomers. Ahply
215 Marie Ave. l'lioue 466-W. H
| s-ti-gt-sm
FOR RENT?Nice bright furnlined
room. 394 Qulacy ?treat. Phono
I 368-W. 5-tMtu?;tl
?? '.r": "" T 'Bass?
WANTED?Two furnished room* fW
light housekeeping roome. Add rasa
E. J Box 3936 Wait Virginian or call
1106 and leave home number.
1 FOR RENT?Four rooms sad bath. ' a I
Inquire 202 Diamond atraat. 1 .'1
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I FOR SALE ? Flratcleae mlUinar'a I
I store in an up-to-data town abort
I distance from Fairmont Dolnf good I
I business, but must sail aa partlaa aim I
I moving away. Will give poaa?los I
now or at any time before first Of Ap>
rust Address Milliner, Bos MS, '19
I West Vi-rtnian. 6-25-St-MS- .
FOR RENT?Warehouse* building 0O>
I cupled by the Famons Blsaott (NO I
I pany. 174-176 Cleveland Ara. Four I
floors with slevator. Possessloa aftar
June first Apply C. W. Corbht?toNeg
I FOR 9ALE?150 trra farm, Ad?i I
9 Co , O. 1 12 mllas from aaart
9 house on good pike, seven room
house, barn, corn crib, graaary ?A
poultry house. No waata or II1IF 19
land. Pries 150.00 par acra. A. A jffiM
Best WesM^22^2=a^em*imm
9 1 am a candidate for tSe RapebUeaa
nomination for United States Saaattr, **'
9 subject to the win of the yotars at tbi 2 I
primary election to be held as Aagne4
I tha sixth. I
I Tour vote and Influence mil PS , j
9 greatly appreciated.
| Clarksburg, W. Vs. |
Editor West Virginian: *'* J & 9^H
Tou ara authorised to ammiMM 9
Davis Elklna. of Morgan town. MQp* ; 99
mm* tvtuii.j, ? cuttiaiw nr KWM>
tlon. by the Republican party. tor tkl
United State* Senate tor Watt Virginia,
iubject to all the rnlea of tea
Republican party, and the hpra of tpa
atate governing the primary a^iatiai
to be held Auguat. /ill
J. H. UcDERMOTT, Chairman, .
Morgan town, Weat Virginia, *! ''I
P. 0. drawer 881, Telephone 100.
Ton are authorlied to announce
I am a candidate for noatnattea by
the Republican party, for the United
State* Senate tor WeefVlrgtala, jabJect
to all the rnlaa of the Rapmhttcan
party, an| the lawa of the atate
governing the primary to b* bald la
Auguat, 1918. "teb.
JAS. A. Huon,^| n
Huntington. W. Va. ^ I
' 'vV
Professional Cardij
? 11 1 ? IV
1 a. a scott,
experleoco. Glutei runJSed'* I* 1
oca boar. WtUi ? ,p/j^|fry > ? - .
A. a Scott & Qomtnf, i
JCWILERb. ' 'W ?
r .r"'H } i
Qlaaeea oI all tindt ccrncilT
fitted. SatUiactlon swuambml
HaU Block erar kUrtta'a One
j Dr. D. L. L. YOST ! I
Practice Halted to oflce ail
Ne* Location 110 Main OL | j
I Houra ? a. m. to ? j . m. dally, I
and 1 to 4 y. a. Bunday by ilptfel |
ueni poont??\#w uukuw7 M| m
; Retldaac* Pbon* 12M J. -.,1
lf|* fl
Repairing and /abaildlnf ad- I
'tomobUe radlatoai j 13a
Old Radiator* MfeMl J
H :'
Practical Tinner 1 ?|
.( Matal Woatof. MWM*|ye it

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