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I April 1918.. '
p( ^ | A Qmllty N?wp?p?r ?fcf th?
w mmmmmm m
Examinations Began This
Morning in the Masonic
W. J. Heatherman, New
[k Chief Inspector, Will be
I ?
The examination f>r mine f rraes
lew being held at the Maeon'c Temple
In Fairmont is the large*: eve- held
In the northern part of the 'tate.
The.-e are IS' regi'tered In ir eram
inatwn orr mine foremen ana jn c <
The examination is being held ur lor
TV. j. Heatberman, *h *' of the Pes'
Virginia Mine nep.irtmen'. W B
Rlgxleman. of rairmon" TV H. Sand
ridge of Grafton. Zach Evans, of Han
iiv. s. E. Hvvshaw, of Thoma* and
B"Xi. L Griffith, of Cla-ksburg To^y
Reixer. chief clerk i;. * departmeit
el mines. is in active c ?r*e of P
work ?? ?nderway at F'e.rraont Mr.
Heath'-.' an '.ad no' arrived a' no"n
i' fc-j' |g ?t,' i ".me tine to:'
'fi.c e.'.^n ior j t:e being teld in
rarmif ol the state v H"'ier
came he/a fram f h. rleitop /.are
L there rev '."it &: an r-am'natlnn imld
0 la*'. *?? ' . eat .rocked cr ,ve
receipt t a rat pon a.i./vl
hhere tel. <-.*. - iaith of Miss
Blanc!.? % t't?.. * "erk is is ft
partnieit rf a' ?. > -vto his fcren mfated
Ir eerou- hit 1s of a-s'a v k
far sor.ii yniu
Tim ei.-L.ina'ion hrr* co it ues tnjjfe
til TV'-itla/. occupying tl.r? days
There ate aoitons reining snd affrpoon
of the t.ree da.-a .'0. *T e
results of tLs examination . hi not bcknown
i''t about six roVs at ih?
graders dc not start their work ..a'i!
all the examinations are coi/pieted.
The next examination w|U I- eeld
at Thomas, opening nex* l.esday.
There will be three examination in
point* In the southern part uf the
state and then one at Wheeling July
29. SO, SI in order to take care of
r.en In the Upper Panhandle and
miter* who attend the summer mining
school at the West Virginia University
which opens June 17 and con
tinues until Ji>.- 27. There will be
no examinations at cither Clarksburg
Af rinaftnn
Those taking the examination h?re
Fairmont?Frank Davis, R. r. Willoti,
James Fleming, E. D. Hail-inbarrr.
Henry Mulligan. Otto Hrre, C. L.
. Russell and T. A. Welty.
Monongah?A A. Blocker, .tames
MeOraw, James Bo>dob A Shanda
' larger. Will McDonnell. F N. Gattaln,
A. J. Johnston. H. H Lavne. J W.
tones. Otia Bennett, E. C. MorMe. J.
D. M. Hall and C Spragg.
Earmlngton?Adam Rokwich, J. F.
Pevlne, J. Papp. C. E Phillips. W. A.
Iheen and Fred Herron.
Grant Town?M. E. Horawalt. John
Kin^.id. John J Mavlchek. Walter
(medley, and Frank Brundage.
W Worthington?S A. Rowand Fred
Pitman, and Joe Volue.
j< Carolina?J. W. Muller and R. G
Morgantown?J H Armantrout. M
| T. Welt. C. W. McDonnell. Claude
Iuougnrey. J. F MrGee. M. Davis. H
U Carr, Charles Reese. John McGee.
\ and William Penherthy.
\ Buckhannon?J J Lelaney. Jamaa
\ McKeehan and H B Koozer.
Bellngton?G. L Stalnaker. C. O.
Westfall and V- B Roam.
Moundsville?Chester Deniil. Prank
Haflstoje, Prank Clerk. John Shepherd
and William Hall
Merlden?C. L. Kelley, Walter
Striata, C. L. Stemple and 0. I. Benaett.
t Wellafeurg?Thomas Mitchell. Geo.
Aaderwft and Ancnat Bdhey
Ml Clare?A. W. Simpson. Bruce
B. Stone. C. 8 Holden. Arthur Butphin.
Sanord Henderaon. Henry W
Null. C H. Mclntyre. Joe Romono.
Oeorge H. Sgehl, Mc. G McNeamer
and Arch h. Wolford.
Lumberport?J. A. Drummond. Jo aph
Madill, and L. C. McDaniel.
m bhlnnston?Ed Marker. Charles
H Connor. M E Gordon. Frank A BurH
sett. John Null and Arthur French.
Clarksburg?A. W. Riddle and 0.
C. Flaber.
B Gypsy?W E. Dooltttle and V.
Lost Croak?C. J Beabolt, Henry
Thoblaa, and J. H Black.
Enterprise?Richard HawWnherry,
W. H. Hawkins, John Wearer and J.
L. Vanmetre.
Hepelbah?E. H Reppert and M
Qua Holier.
WePklltppl?A. C. Jo)es, William Wat
Etna, Joe Bradley and Bern C. Bhaf
for. -
v ' (Continued on page four)
I ?
Htmi I
in riiciiininTBv!
Fairmont Field Representatives
are Important
1 ?
New Mine Chief Will be the
Gu^st at the Weekly
S ft Coal Mines
Must Make Great
Tonnage Gains
<?Jy A?<oc:*t*4 Pr?>(i
I production of coil in the United |
State* for the yejr beginning April |
1 much re.t< h 733.00o.000 r>?t tons,
J D. A. Morrow, general director
, of .iMnbution of the United States
Fuel sdminisiration 'ud.iy told the
Nation*1 Until as>ouation in convention
This n cans an increase of S3.
wv.ww t'-ns over tiie production i
for the ..ear 1917.
If the war demand* of the roun- i
tr? ere to be met it I; doubtful. Mr.
Morrow laid. if the production of
arthrori'e coal can be Increased
! o??r la*t year's total of R9 000,"00
I gross t?n?. Therefore the entire
Sa.ilC1 '/On ton? inur L Loaia from the
;I bttnminou" mine*.
i foe National Coal Association is'
I holding its annual meeting at the I
, Beiievue Fmtford hotel ? i?lt|1adel |
j Phia today and lone distance telei
nhnne -ommunicatlen frcm that point j
| this afternoon indicates that the gath i
oring is going to prove one of the
moat important jn the history of the 1
oal industry. TV. K Field of the Pitts-!
burgh Coal company and Jere TVhee'-!
wright of the Consolidation are proin
tnent In the meeting. Mr. Wheel-1
wright is looked upon as a local mail1
being president of tho Consolidation
end hartal got nto the coal business
i at Fairmont, coming hers and i;cating
'at Monongnh more than a quarter ot
: a century agi. C. II Jenkins, president
of the Central West Virginia Ccal
Operators' Association are promli cat
in the northern West Virginia .viet
I D. R. Lawsott, Histn-t R^prescrta:
tl\e of the Fuel Ailroinisirall-m whose
office is located at uFirr out, left
Sunday night for %Viihmghm where
he pnrtuipated in a . opf'-'epce ycstci'
day regarding !ak? coal. Charios F
' lee. inspector for the Fairmont dutrict
left Monday .ligut for Washing-,
ton and Joins Mr. Law son jr Jay for an
interview with Charles F Meansil man
ager of inspection department. Mr.
Lawson is expected tc return to his
offi ? here Thursday morninK.
There were 1520 coal cars and 60
coke care n the Fairmont district yes-,
terday hut the supply took a tumble
today when there are only S10 coal
cars and 59 nine coke cars. Commercial
coa! teday (toes to the shrdlu
clal coal today noes only to the lakes
] weet or to Curtis Bay.
Tomorrow's Lunch.
W. J. Heatherman. the new chief of
the West Virginia department of Mines
Is expected to be the guest of
the Fairmont coal clug at It* meeting
tomorrow. Today Henaer. chief clerk
of the department who Is here in con-:
nectlon with the exsminatlon of mine :
foremen and pit bosses has promised
to he present.
Miner* and the Red Cross.
The coel miner* and the coal operator*
have made a splendid showing >
in the Second Red Cross War Fund
in Marion county and Harrison and >
probably throughout West Virginia for
the war spirit Is high among the coal
men and there has been disposition to ,
manifest Interest in such movements,
which is unequalled In anv other line
of endeavor of equal Importance. The
Marion County quota of coal compan
let was $15,000 and C H. Jeklns. president
of the Central West Virginia
Coal Operators' association reported
yesterday that more than that amount1
had been contributed or subscribed
and that there were several companies
yet to bear from and mine* at Bethlehem
and Baxter yetehrdluetaolnu
lehem and Baxter where the amount
waa not certain ae yat ae the companies
had agreed to equal the eubacrlp
.a 1 ? - ? ? srk /s ? s* ? ? .
I nous ui u? mm- i no ypiiiuj m?i
Company, a Pittsburg concern, was
mentioned as Indicating the Red'
Croat sentiment. The aseesment of
that eomrany wae $45 |n making up
the $15.00 quota on a percentage ba<
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_ Read the "Contt
*9 Pj
People Are Urged to Go i
to Them And Pray for
- i
All the churches of Fairmont will
hold a special prayer service on Memorial
day in accordance with the proclamation
recently iaaued by President
Wilson asking that prayer services tor
the success of the allied cause in tho
great war.
The Fairmont Ministerial association
yesterday met and took action
on the matter and announce today that
all the churches will co-operate and
that Thursday morning at 10:45
o'clock such services will he conduct-1
ed in each of the city churches and it;
is desired that the people generally \
turn out in large numbers to attend
these services . The churches will be
kept open all during the day and
groups of persons or individuals will
be permuted to visit the churches at
any hour in the day to pray for the
success of the w-ar and its rapid and
permanent end.
At the morning service the Presi-!
dent's proclamation, the Governor's
proclamation and Lincoln's Gettysburg
speech will be read and a few remai ki
will be made by the pastors relative
to the purpose of the service. The
larger portion of the hour will be devoted
however to prayer and supination
to the Almighty in behalf of the
Church going people as well as the
general public, whether church going
people or not. are urged to lay aside ,
other dutiea and make It a point to at-1
tend this service Thursday morning 1
The pastors urge that the people let
noimng lmerrere witn tneir attend- j
a nee at these services as th?re will be j
no better way of showing true patriot-:
ten than by being present and taking
American Airmen
Help the French
FRANCE, May 28. ? A number of
American aeroplanes late this afternoon
assisted the French infantry in
fighting near Pont an Noussonj
Sweeping down over the German tinea '
the Americans poured an avalanche of'
bullets info the enemy's trenches.
More 'Tyros" "ecelved ? Seventy-1
one "tyroa" were Initiated at the cere-1
monlal session held at Phttippl last
evening by Tan Temple, 169. Dramatic
Order of Knighta of Khorassan. The
Fairmont en who were present were:
C. V. Redio. Waiter Layman andj
George Dunham. -
sstonsot a Park den
st Hit
'ginia's Best Newspaper
Declare Non Essential List8 ,
Are Results of Hysteria.
Speaker* at the opening ot the thlrt^oplh
enninl /a*>?-A~?U- ? ?'?
fcwvinu MUUUIVI t-uincilliua DI Iflf?
West Virglnin Retell Jewelers' Asso- |
elation yesterday afternoon at the par- j
lor* of The Kairmont expressed their
views against the government deciar- 1
ine the Jewelry business as non e'sen- 1
HhI during these war times. Col. J. L. 1
Shepherd of New York city in his
retrnrk? --poke alone this line especial!1
lv. He told how business conditions 1
were shattered in Flnglaul because 1
of the non essential list. Ms termed j 1
it ' hysterical." Col. Shepherd in his 1'
remarks also took a fling at the fake '
Jewelry salesmen, who have a harvest''
at the mnM of the inn newt public. 1
People have been defraudd out of mil- 1
Ions of dollars annually declared the : 1
He nalle dthe che\n magazine which
carrier these advertisements and vigorously
advocated the passage of na '
tior.al legislation to place a ban on '
this nefarious business of cheap Jewel
ry and "near diamond" traffic.
Training women for the jewerly bus i
Iness has been advocated by some of t
the speakers 1
Col. Shepherd was formerly of t
r?TV <! la mm an4 la wall !/?* ? to *Vla
wucciiug auu it (w?u luiunu ill luis >
iiectlon of Weit Virginia. Athough i
(Continued on pa^te three.)
Gtand Army Me\
Comrades:?Thursday. May 30(h.
the graves of our departed comrades
meet at headquarters at i o'clock a. r
lawn cemetery, where the greatest nt
For this reason the morning exerciai
program Is not lengthy, and as soon i
time for those participating who want
parting before the flower strewing t;
Comrades please don't fail to b?
In which remember and honor the m.
to shoulder with us. and faced danger
numbered daya for us. Let us be tru
ths <lew 1st a a osa^ rom nmVtee nco
liir u?; it* DHvim* * vuivu*ui nuvv.
We most earnestly invite the lad
the Son* of Veterans, the Veterana of
civil societies who decorate on that
brother, ea-Confederate soldier, we e
Comrades:?Don't forget to brlni
at S p. m. Wednesday, the 29th, to pi
comrades. Br order of
eft" They ae Interes
i v ,Vj
V .
:V5NTNG,~MAY 23,1918.
? (
\\est Virginia Congress* '
man Says What He Saw J
Thrilled Him. ?
(Special Dispatch to West Virginian)
WASHINGTON*. D C. Mav 28? c
kfter an absence of a week Inspecting 1
ihip building in eastern yards. Con;res?iran
George M. Bower* Is again
n place in the Houte. He was one *
>f a partv of members of the lower ?
iranch of Congress who, at their own t
>xpense. made this trip seeking flrat- '
land facts about condition* over c
rhich repor's have been far from be
ng in aereement. i
A more enthusiastic man than thisj f
j : * V. ? W- Aitf I ?
?*'UriltMi m> cat maun UIIKIIL ue uiui
ult to find. "What I saw on my visit
to the various great eastern ship
cards have made me prouder and
Madder that I am an American citizen
than ever before. The sights I saw
scenes i was a witness to and the
inheard-of before record of activity,
tave thrilltd me On this trip I saw j
the certain doom of Germany. The1
rvaiser and his crowd are goners. Military
Germany is as certain to be'
rushed out as the sun is sure to set j
today. That's what I saw and felt,!
>.s never before, upon my trip to the
ihip yards. I
"There are hundreds of ships on the
says in all these yards and hundreds
if wo building. As ,-oon as a way
is completed, the keel is laid for a
iliip. I have never seen, heard of nor
magined men working like the thou-.
ands upon thousands of men in these
treat eastern ship building plant. It
nust be seen to have the faintest con-eptlon
of. We read about expert
riveters breaking records, but we
Continued on Page Eight.)
nbers Attention.
Is our dav to decorate with flowers
. Meade Po*' No. 6, G. A. R. will
a. and and 9:.AO will march to Woodimber
of our comrades are resting,
es will he held in Woodlawn. the E
is completed, there will be ample '
to attend church do so so by de
ikes nlnce or during that time.
i In attendance the d?r In each year
emory of those who stood shoulder
s seen and unseen, Is one of the
e and faithful to our trust and hold |
les auxiliaries to the Grand Army,
the Spanish American war, and all i
day to join with us. And to our
ordlally say, come with us.
% flowers. Remember that we meet
ace the flags on the graves of our
A. BILLINGSLEA, Commander. ,
AS. E. WATTS, Acting Adjutant
ting and They Begit
iHHr -T"
wr ^
f vvyg
? " I
II10 WW !
V> UUVIB . ? . .
JloTer ?lap 3*0.00
3ee Gum 20 00
.ogansport 7<V10
leren Pines 123.00
?haffer 315.00
rnlon actiool 21.1
Peanut . 71.15
Grand total 1 2 718.22
Seriously reported 23,130 00
Total 125,887.31
i in This Issue
^ i .
? a
[fthe Attack is a Su
Pay Terrible I
Drive F -nch and British Ba
Hers in Thai Sectorfaclorily
(By Ab*oci<
-British and French trooj
counter attack in Flanders, e
rri- _ _a.A. 1 t- - 1?
i ne anacK oejjan wen.
issault of yesterday a compli
In yesterday's attack in
^oormevetle the Germans a
four di <:?ions on one part o
The enemy troops were
French on the ripht flank di
ers with them.
Furious Fighting
On the Aisne Front
As?oel*tcd Prees)
LONDON. May 28?The Ormana
esterday forced a passage of the
Ucne river weet of the Rritish aeetor
nmnollinp tbft 1 r*fr nf tha Mritiuh lir?A
o fall back the War oflce announces.
The enemy maintained the pressure
ill day yesterday ag.iinst the British
in the Alsne front. Severe fighting
lontinue* today.
In Flanders on the Lys front local
ightlne was resumed this morning
The Germans are developing attack?
if great strength along the entire
llsne front.
The announcement follow?:
"Continuous pressure was maintaind
by the enemy all day yesterday
[gainst the British troops engaged on
he Aisne front and sevrrr flcht.ng Is
till talcing place on the whole f- nt
if the British sector.
"Totvard the end of the day the
veight of the enemy's attacks carried
lis troops across the river Alsne to
he weat of the British rector and com?el!ed
the left of our line to fall back.
"On the remainder of the British
ront, a number of prisoners have
icen taken by our troops, in success
til raids carried out at different poii.'
luring the night, and the artillery
tas been active on both sider.
FRANCE. May 28.?(By Associated
5ress.)?Whether the German attuck
torth of the Aisne Is merelv a demon
itration in force with the object of
Irawing the allied reserve* can not
>e gathered from the opening stage
>f the fighting.
Both the French and British troop*
ire figh'ing with the cr< Itl it r
ind bravery, the officers and men
Forking together in absolute harnony.
The allied commanders have the sittatlon
well In hand and had prepared
o meet an attack In this region. The
lilies hold a aeries of commanding
tills and the western flank la very
jllly with deep valleys.
? ?? -
Manningtcns B... C.
Total Now $25,887
Report from Mannlngton.
Today Mannlngton headquarters
ent in the following additional report u
lil and Gas i 100.00
Manufacturing concerns.... .'OOOo
Banking tnctitutions 100 00
?hurchea 009.
Second ward. Mannlngton... 4r>t0
Ifannlnotnt. /.hnnta ?tl ?t
? - r~T vf . w
tbably eleutfy taalfM; W#
lay fpobab'y ahawtra.
MMaaaMBMMBHaaaaMaaHMBi ...
liciiur nr mr H
iMdrmt I
mm I
mmm I
? i
ccess Teutons Will 9
>i ice for Their g9
of Monday I
????? " /"tB
ck by Sheer Weight of Num* H
-Battle Going Satis?the
11-) 1 . ?W AWtv* ?' ?'? ?
>.-! vnia muiJIlIlg IdUIlLTieU A
of Dickebusche lake. I
v ' make the enemy I
pte and costly failure.
Flanders between Locre and ;
re believed to have employed
?f the front measuring 6,000
punished so severely that the
d not even get to close quarGEHMANS
Btfil I
ncu IDES I
They Suffered Heavily htfcd I
Hand to Hand Fight* I
!"lti:.M H FRONT, May M.?< ? Am* . I
I ciatcd rr'-ss.)?In tha rfanltMMW .. I
! attack of three German raidiaf paittM
against the American poaitloaa fa
Pltardy today, the enemy imidlM
' ..n French Una to a faffa ' I
!M ynrda. H
I Tha Germans suffered heavily It tba
flahMnc which was of a hand to fafal 1
Several priaonera ware taken by th?
I Americans.
a several day* tha H
1 lory bombardment In Plcardy kM bf
come more Intense on both atdoe. Tba
<;<minns are throwing many gaa aMfafg-a H
into th? American lines. Tba Amerl- I
can gunners however are returning tba
i, v ' rt two fold.
ii ii
Yanks at Luneville I
Have Sarp Fight I
V ,T" \Mnt:c.vv ARMY IN M
. RANCE. May 28.?iBy Associated a
Fr;s)?German raiding troops attacked
the American In tba Loan
villa sector this morning ia abarp
:'m ?: the raiders lost flro men.
s-iir. rM "ijre casualties. H
Italians Raid Foes ' I
Lines 011 Piave Front I
(By Araoctated Pre**)
ROME. May 28.?Italian troop# pa
Monday ni?M broke into tb# JUf^H H
German detetucs at Capo Sll# on IM '1
t o'.' to a depth tt 7M H
yards. The Italians captured 432 7
. .'nrssrz-1 I
neat. intelligent colored ***'f a H
.< ply at once, 308-310 Maaonc Tan- ^jfl
i _i
Machine Operators
Owens Bottle Machine Co.,

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