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And Roads Are Having New
Uses for Those They
* Have.
mil tan ua
JTransportation Phase of
Fuel Problem is Not
Much Brighter.
Special Staff Diepatch.
WASHINGTON, June 14. ? Supply
f coal cars to the mines adequate to
prevent famine is hampered not only
by the slowness with which cars are
I moved to and from the mines, but
First?A decrease in the number of
pood cars;
Second?Increased coal burdena
placed npon the railroads In certain
Third?Increased use of open top
eare for other purpose* than transport
Director General MrAdoo some time
beck ordered a big quantity of both
oara and engines But C. R. Gray, hi*
director of transportation, in a report
to Chairman E. D. Smith, of the Senate
committee on interstate commerce,
doee not hold out any brilliant hopes.
He says the fundamental need is for
motive power, and the intention is
therefore to employ the maximum capaclty
of the locomotive plants of the
cdtntry, at present hampered by lack
of steel. The railroads are probably
abort about 4,000 locomotives and 200,000
to 260,000 freight cars.
On January 1 the locomotive plants
had on order 2.448 engine*. In three
months they delivered only 321. This
was dne to shortage of materials, also
because the nation's needs for engine*
In France received first call.
This left the plants with 2.127 engines
till on order, and the railroad
adminietratlon has ordered 1,025 more,
nuking n total of 3,152 for which no
trery epeeay delivery can ne rorecasr.
The average production of freight
Can ia the country for the seven years
ending laat December 31 was 98,215
The addition of these cara only ran
the total number up from 2,195,511 in
19)1 to 2,342.699 on December 31,1916
The esceea of new cara over those re
atBr flMn HL^
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I . Bpweem^ReemeasosgMiiesa
Urad from aarrlee ?h than lata thaa
, 141,000 la alz yaara.
Oa Jaaoary 1 thera wart oa order
42.SH freight cart, of which 11.171
were finished by March SI. Thla left
27,521 atlll to go. and in addition the |
railroad administration piacea urucrs
(or 60,000 bos car*. 46,000 coal cara and
6,000 other cara.
Judging by production in past years,
the government will be lucky It It gets i
the better portion of these cara by the '
late (all. There is no good prospect
from Gray a figures, that any large
portion of tbcte engines and cara will
be ready to carry coal bnore anow
blocks the tracks.
The bulk o( the work will hare to be
accomplished by the cara the roads1
cow have.
The war has placed new burdens
on the railroads. For Instance, oil
I from Mexico and phosphate rock from
Florida and South Carolina used to go
by ocean ateamera. Because of the
great demand (or reseda to carry
troops and supplies to Europe, these
things now travel by rail.
An average of about 33,000,000 tons .
of coal is moved into New England;1
:C,000.000 of this by ships from Newport
News Now most of this has to |
i be moved by rail.
The shipping board la building 260
wooden and concrete barges of 2,500
tons capacity to carry coal by sea to
New Knfdand. First deliveries are,
hoped for by August and all are to be
' rompleted December 1. The present
I' boat menace may interfere with this
sea program.
Opent-op cars, which theoretically
ought now to carry nothing but coai,
arc devoted to many other purposed j
In the fall, many will carry .sugar
beets in Ohio, Michigan and the tar
west and sugar cane and sorghum in|
the south.
Here are other things the railroad
' administration claims open top cars
i instead of box cars must be used for:
Manure for farm fertiliser, scrap iron.
| fluxing stone for blast furnaces, molding
sand, glass sand, long length pipes,
sheet steel, steel plates, long timbers.
for ships.
?? ? ???
Start New Move for
Dry United States
(fly Associated Pressl
WASHINGTON. June 14.?With on j
ly five members present the Senate
agricultural committee today tenta
tively Inserted in the agricultural ap-1
propriafion bill the amendment of
Senator Jones of Washington to pro-(
vide for national prohibition during
the war.
The committee struck out the Ran
dall amendment which would prevent
the expenditure of about $6,000,000 un
der the provision of the bill unless the
President prevents the use of gram '
and food stuff in the manufacture of j
j beer and wine.
Opponents of prohibition announc !
ed that efforts would be made to have '
j the committee reconsider Its action in
i view of the fact that only five sena '
1 tors were present.
Burlejr Toothman, of Fainrlew.!
spent a few days last week with his
brother. Mr. Hugh Toothman.
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Father Boutlou Made Timely
Address at St. Peter's
School Comencement.
Pretty and Interesting exere^os
were held lait erenlng In connection
? lew Alrvatnor r\t _Qt Patur'o narn.
Willi III'- VIUBIU^ wi ?' wn B |>VI V
cbial school and at the exercises diplomas
were presented to Are boys
and girls of the school.
The exercises were held in the aul '
itorlum of the school and were In
charge of the sisters, who conduct
the school.
At the conclusion of the exescises |
Father Boutlou gave a short address
In which he urged the children to
spend the vacation months profitably
and tend their war gardens care\!ly.
He presented diplomas to the following:
Carl Creighton. John AnwyH,1
Carl Grottendick, Lulu Weightnan and
Rosalie Skiles.
The program opened with a choru>
entitled "Welcome Kind Friends"
sung by a number of young girls. Thi>
was followed by a two piano pieie
played by the Misses Madeline Waltz
Mary McAtee. Sophie Doman and
Mary Grottendick. A clever song
The Tall Top Hat" was sung hy a
group of boys led by Meredith Sma.l
who was dressed In a dress suit with
a tall top hat and cane.
Another two piano piece followed i
played by the Misses Margaret Grottendick,
Mildred McKain, Brown! Harrison
and Mary Walter and a Wi.
her of little folks sang prettily a song
entitled "The Little Cooks" in costume.
The second part of the program
consisted of aclever play entitled
"The Roses of St. Dorothy " The best
talent the school affords participate 1;
in this production. The leading roles \
were taken bv the Misses Margaret
Ruddy, and Rosalie Skiles while other
parts were taken hy the Misses LuIjI
Welghman, Helen Brant. Anna Frank. (
Edward Doman, Anna May Orottendick
and John Aowyll, Carl Grottcn j
dick. John Talbott and James Brack 1
The following awards were given1
for proficiency in penmanship, these
awards harirg been gi\en by the A.;
N. Palmer company: Rosalie Sktls.i
Anna Frank. Mer^/rot Ruddy, Margaret
Kane Edvina Doman and Carl
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Shot Fired at Train j
Injured J, J. Lynch
Jess .?. f.ynch. of Bellview. B. and
O. inspector, was painfully but not
seriously injured by flying glass yesterday,
the result of a gun shot fired
at a B and O. train on which he was
riding which shattered the glass. His |
arm and hand were severely cut. He
came on to riarkshurg where his r
wounds were dressed and last night
returned to his home here The affair'
occurred at Salem ar.d as yet no clue
to the party who fired the shot had
been found
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