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tad They Are Proving Quite !
' M Brave Under Fire as
K Men.
LONDON. May 4 ? (Correspondence,
HK M The Associated Press)? BritUn . j'
American and French women working
in the War tone have become "a fae j I
tor of Importance in the organization j
of ffctory." writes Sir Harry John
B. aton, in the Evening New.
1 There is no parallel," be says, "in 1
the German army to the women's I
work done with our armi< a The wo
mea in the German Empire are not I
trusted; they are relegated to home
K> life or to home tasks. They are no; I
lighting with the men at tin front, as I
ours are. The German military com
aaadars and the Certnan army are I
afraid of women's Influence.' I
Ona comes well within sight of the|l
Oerman lines .the article state
! fore the Allied women working ! W
I young Men's Christian A
helpers or a* Red Cross nurses art
lost tight of
It Is difficult to be too enthusiastic
OTer "the glorious army of hospital;
nurses," and the writer asks, "Was
ever such devotion shown?" "In the'
hospitals," he goes on, "one may see
acting as mere probationer: the daughters
and granddaughters of gieat I
* and celebrated men. thankful to be [
eaployed in housemaid's work while
qualifying for skilled service. I don't
think. I encountered one -illy woman
la the whole of my recent ejp'-iience
la France "
Another question he propound* is,
"What has become of women's
nerves?" adding: "They seem not'
specially distressed over the drum'
fire that keeps ail but the most tired: |
fighting men awake at night behind
th# lines. They are no more Inclined
to scream oer the dr >ppmg of bombs
than are the men; no more inclined I
to faint at the sight of blood or tor-1
rible wounds, no more dtspo.id toi
leave their post of duty evpn though
death may fly round it and over it?' j |
AH manage, no matter what the
Suture of their work, to keep us m.ai
Utl fildhn at /'Irnum tin/Ae ...vm
aad they "avs wisely cardial of t: <
appearance of nails and knuckle and:
ttttve not discarded all that was good i
|n manicuring." Rut t> only < i.luetics
they use are rain water and fate
creams for chappine and sunburn.
"The mannish clothes nrm* rirv to
to many war a
continue?, "do rot in the least abate;
real femininity: they can he hu-iness ;
like, curtlyrpoken neutrals in r;oik
lime, and most
fleets when off duty
"They are developing .1 hard ride |
they are becoming pitile-i tov; i,j ia. ,
I efficiency, esp*
eo quietly contemptuous regarding
fkar or any display nf nerves that th
check the spread of panic rumors and
constrrii many a natural timid pe:..on
to pretend he is rather amused than;
1 Otherwise in an air ra>d. yet g tv?i I
not accuse them of undue rasline
Where they settle down thov g-nrr
ally contrive a good end practical re I
luge from shell and bomb '
ft'W a . 1
The ahortest term of tho Harrlrm.
county criminal court on record ?jo;
adjourned yesterday by Jud'.-o j.,m.
W. Robinson When the petit Jury)
reported for duty Monday It was evl
dent that there would he no trials
IM practically all of those svho li.nl |
been Indicted appeared and < onf
d. Judge Robinson at once di3Charh
? |d the Juror*, for which he received
'.heir thank*,
p?r ^ ^. v.,
|j?" ' " *'
m ? -
entioa TtMrhnL ^ *,lr ** !
Ths medical exponas ot ths ?7se
I'lrglnla workmen's nsmpenssttof
hind tn tbs month of Mar. paid on.
tor the benefit of Injured workmen.
ras $12,t>87.W>: funeral erpenses for
:he month were $I.'92 40; temporary
Usability compensation was $25.146.55;
and pension* amounted to
152,03141. according to the report of
Commissioner Lee Ott. The tota'
benefit* paid during the month
unountnd to ?92,25's.72
n-om the time the fund was established
to May 31, last, employers of
abor paid in the sum of $7,421,724 41
ind Interest on Investments la that
time has netted the sum of $314.
M4 30. making the total receipts, $7
130.066,71. Total disbursements. In-,
r-ludlnn SS.OItS.Ol$.70 In benefits anil
5277.13? 02 In administrative expense.
tmnuntod to $3.325.173.32.
The total Investment* at present are i
53.550.750, which with $854.143 39 In!
rash, makes a total at $4,410,895 39 to;
the credit of the fund. I
The investments, all of which arc
In count?, municipal and district
bonds nnd United States Liberty
Bonds, are distributed over tha state
as follows: Sraxtoa county, $57,000:
Tabell, $30,000; Greenbrier $30,000;
Hancock. $30,000: Harrison. $200 000;
Kannwha. $566,000; Lincoln. $100.000;
Marion, f300.000; Mason, $40.000;
MrDowetl, $801,500; Minjo. $S5,000;
Mononralia. $150,000; Nicholas.
840,000; Roane. $203,000; Summers.
$80,000; Wayne. $33,000; Wyoming.
$280,000; and U. 8. Liberty bonds
$311 250
Goernor Cornrvell. who wtll he the
speaker at Clarksburg's celebration o!!
"Flag Day," which take* place at The!
Opera House tonight, I* expected to I
arrive there at 2:15 tbi* afternoon I
and will be entertained at dinner a' j
the Waldo this evening by the Flag'
Day committee of the B P. O. Klksi
and will make a pubt: address at
%:P.O. to which everyone D invited.
Over $19,000 Invested by
Them Uuring the School
The sum of S19.101.I5 has been sub '
rcribed by the school children of
Fairmont Independent school district
in the purchase of Thrift and War
"svlngs Stamps during the school
term which h?? just closed. This
amount is gratifying to tho schoolj
official who feel that the pupils havei
lone splendidly and that the campaign ;
Ma ep.r-<iir;??ril the ChMrea in habits'
af thrift which w:ll cling to them
throughout their lives.
Tho following amounts were suh j
All Sir Knights and members
of the Woman's Benefit Associa- 'j
lion of Maccabees, Marlon Re- ?
v . w No. 1W and l>ent Hive No. I
731'. of the Maccabees are earn- j
ustlv i PfiiiPMtnrl fn nufnt ? TV* 11 a
iard Hall, corner First street J
and Fairmont avenue Sunday !
evening June 16 at 7:30 to at- I
tend memorial services at the
Fi-st M. E church, corner 4th
street and Fairmont avenue.
By Order Committee.
inos, Rlay<
ralking Machines
is to Suit. Gona
rteous Treatm
5t. F. S. BASNE1
{ \<r*.
K HI <jF 1^1
mi mn i fii a
Hl?h MhML Bums
school I7N.7I; Botcher. IUU.N;
Flemtn*. flJM.M; Miller. ft.MS.75;
White. 16,(70.75; Dunbar, 1117.00 mak
im a total of 110.101.25.
Casey Company Officers Are
Here to Remedy
State Fuel Administrator J. Walter
Barnes left last evening for Washington
where he will spend today looking
after matters of importance to the
State Fuel administration.
Water Commissioner Ira L Smith
has wired Assistant State Sanitary Officer
Tiadale at Charleston to come
here or send a representative at the
earliest possible moment to install the
new chlorine plant which the city secured
to replace the o|gl chlorine plant
which has become disabled It is believed
the matter will he attended to
at one*.
Representatives of the John F.'
Casey company, which company Is,
constructing the bridge across Coal
run. were in the city yesterday going
over matters pertaining to the securing
of a supply of sand with which to
complete the structure. Some difficulty
had been experienced by the;
company in securing an adequate sup-:
ply of gravel sand but this matter has 1
been overcome and it Is no* thought
an adequate supply will be forthcom
ing at once.
Sacrificed Toes in
Order to Join Marines
BILLINGS. Mont. June 14.?He was ;
told that he had two too many toes
but William Lundborg, an ofTice manager
of this city, still insisted on foliating
in the Marine Corps.
"Will you accept me with only
ten?" asked Lundborg.
He was given an affirmative answer.
The would be Sea Soldier hurried
to p. surgeon, and spurning an
anaesthetic, calmly watched the amputation.
In a few clays he will be
v.-earing the Marine uniform.
WASHINGTON, June 14 ?The War
Industries board today announced new
maximum retail margins for fair and
southern yellow pine lumber for the
government emergenry lumber re-'
riuirements for the period ending July
21st purchased at the Atlantic seaboard0.
The margins agreed to by the i
price fixing committees the industries
range from $2 a thousand feet to
Mr. Farm Buyer,
Take Notice!
Are you looking tor a bargain
6, acre farm, located less than one
l$ll? from good town? Land gently
rolling, producing double the
average acreage of this section.
Buildings in good condition. House
of nine rooms, two large barns, one <
with warm basement stable. New
beg house and machine shed, hen
bouse and smoke house. Abundance
of the finest varieties of
fruit; good fences and excellent ,
water At house and barn, spring
creek in pasture; price would not
erect the buildings. Only $3,500.
with but $1,000 cash. For immed- j
late rale will include one horse,
buggy, harness, wagon, plow, harhow,
cultivator and sled. Inspect
this property and you will own it.
Conneautvllle. Crawford Co., Pa.
8-15-lt. 4018
1 '
Still More People Ought
to Know the Helplulness
of This Store.
In these times when the cost of
so many necessary comovditie:
T?-un iu i/r luir '(PUi'? m iiir inv.
It i? espe iaiiv well to know tint
ther-* l< a bturo in this town rendering
. r lily unique and helpful service.
This store shows merchandise
?s ;o id and line as nine tenths of
the I'a riiio.-t people rare to hate.
Does the above statement surprise?
If so. it's because you're
not acquainted with Jhe constant
progress and betterment that is going
on here. I devote unusual effort
io the securing of merchandise of
correct, smart and tasteful style.
Dependable merchandise of the desirable
sort is sold at the Harrison
store on a price basis which is 15
to 50 per cant under the present
market arid will average materially
leas the year 'round than that of
any other local store handling the
same quality of merchandise.
Vi ?
25 lbs. pure cane granulated sugar
for preserving purposes .$2.20
Or $8.50 per 100 pounds.
Medium brown sugar, Q 1?
par lb Qjv
All well known brands of evaporated
milk, Saturday ?e*
only, 2 cans for
Choice California Evaporated
peac hes, -a ?
per lb I 3C
Large size package Mother>
Oats, with aluminum piece kitchen
utensil, per /flu
package 4vC
MaMMnms rmmzamm m
I)ann< miller's Bulk Boasted cot?' *'
Large size Mars-land packed red
ripe tomatoes Otin
per can fctfS
Xo. 2 size standard ctRis sugar
m per IE*
can I WW
Xo. 2 standard size can^?arly
Iune PMS, IK*
per can I wu
California large size meaty
prunes, 4 rA
per lb I3C
Michigan white soup beans, fine
cookers, 17 lis
per lb I I 2 v
California re-cleaned 4 71 _
lima beans, per lb I I 2?
Blacked eyed Peas 4 A 1 _
per lb IE2W
Pinto or pink beans, 4 r_
per lb I wW
Large size Snnkissed brand lemon
cling peaches, 9fa
per can W?
Large size cans Libby and Me
Neels pineapple. 4(1*
per ran vUC
Yellow split peas. 141a
per lb I 42*
_____ TO ECON
tamstead's Worm Syrup
1 safe Hi tora Bemedy for Worma.
004 tko twt for ao run. IT urn .
1TT.1 To ehlldram It la an aaral of
way. niAUIT TO TAXE WO ' 1
tile baa killed IN worma. All dru#rrta
and fetal atores or by mail;2S?
t-Bat. 0. A. TOO?WBM.im..>bll4>a.
X- -
Timely Savings o
Tomorrow the entire etore will t
There wi I be bargaine galore for th
Mho appreciate the fact that timely *
m? mm a . mmm AAA
new mat Warm wea
^,' if
X,v^ IV i a;7
Priced at $2,
Vaui C?lir RUiih*
njn vim vivun*
Crepe-de-Chine AA AC
and tub silks $*>?9v
Fxerptionallr good values In
these plain tailored or daintily
made waists of pood quality silks
and rrettlly embroidered colors,
white, flpsh. blue, rose end prey.
?\ omen's tr> 50 tov white i anvas
or poplin pumps, high or low heels,
?i? $2.50
Up to $1.25 ehtldrens tan leather
barefoot sandals, sizes 6 to Af|n
3, cfcoict, rer pair OUC
Girls' $2 tub dresses in checks
plaids and plain ginghams, sizes
r.'!.'*"' $1.50
Tot's dresses, made of good qual*
Itjr gingham, Biaea 7C*
2 to ? yean I3C
Child's $1 pnm|ers in striped
devonshlre cloth and plain blue bell
I'hambrav, sizes 7Cm
1 to 8 years I wC
A iwntdy for infect'ora
IV.JU m m of tfi* u no try tract. I
Kfn rtiolw. KfrfOUOMIX I
UIH ITirf ?.lltot ttnrtora <
Rrlitrrainl to5d*jt ij
PWCK $t JO Sold By DrmisJiU i,
TittliN nth etch hof.li or 0.41.0! en mined
haadv nirium compound that mt**
arda agalnat chronic lunar and throat
pubiea. x t ontc-real orativo prepared
ithout harmful or haWt-fonnlnt druva.
# uwn iuuaj
) cents a box, including war tax
. For Mid by all DnitM?
Sckmaa Laboratory. PhLodWpbto
1 tf d I l f if
L L_
in Timely Needs
earn with wa- tlma thrift effarlngt.
s?e thrifty and wide awake peopl#
aving ia true aavlng.
flier is Here ti Stay
Women'* fancy lightly turn*
to thought* of what to choose
for comfort in
She thinks of dresser. waists
nnd hklrts that will stand tubh'
g of --heer voiles, batiste,
and ginghams and tf she is a
thrifty woman she knows that.
"It is better to go to Harrison's
first, than wish you had."
Smart Summer Dresses
Prety Ginghams, Voiles and
Batistes in hecks, Plaids and
Choir? of ever so r/iny clever
new models in women's and
misses summer dresses, made
of pretty color effects in printhams,
voiles, batistes and flowered
materials 'in fancy weaves.
Choice of the newest pleated or
tunic skirt styles, with dainty
collars and ruffs of sheer bat\
.50 to $7.95
Mew Silk Skirts
Of Taffeta. Satin, ? At
Serge. Etc. fw?9w
Many clover new summer models.
in stripes and solid color black
and navy, neatly made with patch
pockets, novelty belts and all the
latest style touches.
By autlcipatinir advancing costs i
we hava been abe to save you ronsld
you be'tee qualities than could be ot
Men's Medium ma
Weight Suit9
Worsteds, serges, cassimeres am
Men's Mohair and Genuine Palm
R?ach suits in dark and light
colors, all sizes *A f A
to 44 ^0.3V
T'p to $20 Women's taffeta silk
dresses in all the nsw as ?
summeg shades f I 3
27x54 Smith's axmlnster rugs in
oriental and floral ds- |A It
signs, special -.... .$& I w
Women's mercerized lisle cony
fort or hemmed top, long wear hose
m white, black and colore, CA.
a pair 9U6
Up to $4 00 Women's and Mlsaea
.ill leather shoes, slippers and
pumps, choice. Q1
i pair #I?9I
Up to )5 Mens shoes end oiforde
In button, blucher and lac<?A M
styles, choice fk'OI
ifycorner- \j
i Cash an
I nave tried out this sys
90 days, and find it very s
tomers and myself; in faci
well pleased. Lots of foil
in their automobiles and
pay for their gasoline.
I have also rented a st
Avenue and while it will b
Cormick it will be run jus
I will look after it, and sell
?f ?\A?f /iaoIi nn/1 1
14 juu van \?ay vaon anu i
home. Let the boy use hi:
Come in and compare m
have been paying. I extei
both stores and compare
grocery, whether they del
are marked in plain figure
self. Open evenings.
Getting* & McCorm
P. S?Sugar for Can
per hundred.
leiilifil White Skirts
Fillet Wish & .
#I.9QIU9*.9V *
(hat are really worth / | | r
J1 to $2 more. Ten / I II I j
styles of white sab- f i I I | m
ardine. pique, corde- /' 1 ! / I
line and pure linen, j \ ]> J I
introducing a host of | | ! I I fl
now ideas in the way "~yi| I / fl
of belts and pockets, 7J\T
etc.. in regular and p II
extra sizes. Y\ V
Up to $6 Tots Coats
Of silk poplin and shepherd
checks in cute little hlgh-walsted
styles. 2 tc 6 years.
That formerly sold tor and f6
in novelty checks. 6 ?A ra
to 14 years ffifV
Up to ?4 tot's coats in all wool
-orges. shepherd checks, etc.. 1 to
ti years, choice A4 qq
tomorrow 91 *99
and buying when prices were lowest. m
icrautn?una HI IDO name lime |mii( \
itained In today's market.
2.S0, SIS, Sit Is S2S
1 home-spurs In two or three button
Men's Breete Weave Rulta, bolt*
d or conservative models #1I|
ires 31 to 44 ?>"
resting Aren't They
Men's genuine blue chaabray
shirts, short sleeves and sport col*
lar; sites 7Qp
14 to 18 W
Men's checked nainsook athletle
union suits, elastic closed Aft*
crotch, sites 14 to 46
Boys' SOc rompers or OUter
Twist play flJJ.
Women's $1 Silk Gloves, double
tipped Angers In white, l?.
black and colors
Up to I2.M serpentine crepe
kimonos, light and dark colors,
slightly " as pa
soiled .#l?v"
Up to $2.66 women's yi"gu??
house dresaee, sites A j rsk
36 to 44 ftl.ftU
Women's $1 terpentine crepe
abort kiraonot, kimono W.
sleeve*, itzes .18 to 46 IW I , J
rORE. ' 1
,d Carry I
tem of selling groceries for
atisfactory to both my cust
my customers are all very
<s come get their groceries
claim they save enough to
ore room at 406 Fairmont
e known as Gettings & Mct
the same as my store and
you groceries just as cheap
find some wav to rat them
s wagon or the automobile,
y prices with the prices you
id you an invitation to vlrit
my prices with any other
liver or not. All my goods
8 and you can see for yourt
741 ?
ij rn uimvi RVVi i
iek, 406 Faimtit An. I J
ning and Preserving $8JI I

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