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Muiidl Comedy. ,
Hippodrome American Girl i
Photoplays. '
Nelson ......... The Devil Stone 1
Princess ....
t VM-I. .. . i
I I'ijuv in' nimouiit j
Gladys brockwell. ran ai t
waya be depended on to give in- ;
foresting and thrilling entertain- ;
meat to met ion picture giers. In her i >
latent play, 'The Scarle< Fload." the ,
Shows a life that most of us are curl- r
ova about. It it Bohemia and Bobe- i
prions? people who lead carefree and
tpeonventlonal liven. Such people arc , 1
lathered together in every big city. |f
!n New York the colony is extensive I
tad occupies the old Washington
Square section of the lower west tide . I
The attractiveness of this carefree
life has become so glittering in New
York that rents of apartment and
kautes are as high as they are in the
hatter sections of the city And the '
accommodations?the conveniences? j'
are aothing like those of our modern ! ]
Sfartments. But. of course, if they !
ware not unlike them, if the>p were 1
aat unlike what we expect ot expea*
?r?? piacpp, n wouin noi ne uoneraid
The entire play is bid in this curi :
eus section of the city, and the people i ,1
In the play do few things that are re
gSrded as conventional It la this that :
erakes the play different and gUe.
thrill to the story.
? ?
Change at Hippedrcrie Today.
Zarrow'a American Girl company is
pteeenting the final bill of the engage- ;
* mant at the Hippodrome, and as an on
tartainment it measures >:p to the
standard set by the preceding bil's.
There Is an ample amount of comedy \
sad the work of the chorus looms even
larger than in the others. All the!'
principals hare well chosen parts and j
the apeeialty numbers are all pleating
change of the picture program is
alao offered. 1 I
' ? 1
"Th# Oevil Stone" it Nelson.
There is a weird touch of the archaic ,
la "The Devil Stone," at the Nelson. I j
which clasbea curiously with the pres-.
sat and leaves one looking wistfully j
backward. It is a scene of ancient
Bretons on the coast of Brittany, the
oarbaric splendor of their lives against the
rugged grandeur of rock-ribbed ie
shores. Technically and chronolugl-'
cally It is a "flash back,' and provides I'
the picture with its most interesting i f
quality 1
(Seraldine Farm. as Marc ia. playa,
with great earnestness and power.
Wallace Reld is eicollent ss Guy Sterling,
while Hobart Bosworth gives his '
usually forceful performances 3s Jud |
OH. the detective.
? ?
Douglas Fairbanks at Oixla.
in "The Matrimaniac," at the Dixie, t
i we fir 1 D'.ufclas Fairbanks trying to, a
lope and doing it. as lie does every \
thing, in a novel and highly thrilling' t
manner At Jimmie Conroy he foils c
the stern parent in a convulsing scene
dealing with rope ladders and punc '
tared automobile tires, and rushes his'
beloved Mama to the train, only Just' t
missing the pursuing party. At the , 2
first station be has five minutes to s
find s clergyman, and succeed i In j t
snatching the Rev. Tobias Tubbs lrom
his bath, clad only In a bathrobe and
0' monocle. They miss the train, of
cmrae. and then begins a long pursuit t
at the girl, through which Jimmie em- t
ploys every sort of vehicle that he t
finds on the road, from a hand-car to a
balky and ladignant donkey. His protection
of the horrified and bewildered
clergyman on this wild chase Is exceed
my fanny?he shows a paternal care;*
for the helpless old gentleman (whom 1
r be affectionately calls "Tubby") on
their foolhardy adventure and piths '
np stray articles of clothing for him j
en the wav. until the dlenifipH nn?tnr . <
to chastely clad in a tramp's trousers.1
a motorman'a hat. a thug's sweater. I
Ibid hla own clerical monocle. After f
eountles* setbacks and complications. (
amie s bulldog determination at last 1
lores its purpose and he is finally j
married by Tubby to the girl of his f
heart, though the ceremony takes '
place over the telephone while he is ,
clinging to the top of the telephone
pole with his captors waiting below.
Bk Douglas Fairbanks as Jimmie Con-;
Ws rap etarta the audience roaring as Ik-'t
f flrat appears on the screen by the i a
sheer force of hit double-barreled grin ! j
epd hla dogged determination to win I,
the pjrl or die in the attempt To this
sad be walks up the sides of buildings I
and wing* from telegraph pole* In a
Miles of acrobatic feat* of which his j
admirers never tire. Constance Tal- i
Badge a* Maraa ajakaa a sweet little !
would-be bride, well worth the trouble
her fiance takes to marry her. Although
the plot or the story is not
triklogly original, the detail* in Its
development are exceedingly clever
ad'mutual, while the action moves
Ipag with the briskness and dash so
BMMMry to tbis type of happy gohielty
Comedy Drama at Princes*.
"With Neatness and Dispatch." a
thorouablv enjoyable feature etarrlne
Frauds X. Bushman and Beverly ;
Bayne at tha Princess today and to- j
The Celebrated Ea
A dramatic story founded on the
breathing with the picturesque life o
A brisk comedy number with Sho
I'tI" ?
% "A Dauihter of Uncle Sam." "He
fWltdr. "The Client* of Aaron Greer
Sweats of Miss Hatfield. 11<
' Milt Hazel HatAeld of Huatlagton p
*ho ha* been the attest of MIn Louie
Betiry of Virginia etreet for lev ^
tril dayi leave* for her home :n F
Huntington todav. She will be sc oinpanied
by Mill Reury and Mist '
'atolyn Ward who will be her guest.\>r
the week-end--Charleston Leader
With Mrs. Hall. e
An interesting meeting o' IV I*a- {rella
Ihoburn ( ircle of the Kir.t M ,
rhi-rth was held last evening at the tome
of Mr*. Richard Hail on Wal- ^
tut avenue Mies Virginia Voeltrodt i s
C>A tKo flat ?i/.i j! - ortf Inn* and . k
,ir (C, , i'iiibi rr i ? IV.C? Mltl
vere read by Mr* C E. Goodwin and ,
diss Blanche Kelllson Readings were A
tlvn by Mi** I.ola Holland and Miss n
Blake Jone* Miss Horis Hall render-'
?d a piano *olo. A aortal hour fol
owed the program
* ' * * I
Patriotic Tea. [
A Patriotic Tea ill bo held tonight ?,
it the First Presbvterian church so ial
room.i by Class N'o. 1 of the Sun
lay school taught by Mi?3 Loul.t>onard
A program will be rendered j
y.aturas of which will be vocal solos ,.
)> Mir* Carol Powell and I.a Mar Sat-1 j
ertield Piano eolo* by the Misses , a
lic-ter Miller and Gertrude Rankin. ,
md violin selection by Miss France., .
Boceram of Dai r, < oL, who 1* the
tuest of Miss Grace Heintzelman '
ll*s Boopram i* . 1 ac ompli'hcd vio- fj
in 1st. A silver offering will be taken.'
ind the public is invited to attend.
. V
Attended Funeral.
Mr and Mrs \\ . .V. \Vledebtt*ch and ' ^
Mr. and Mr* J C. Crawford are "home f
rom Cannon where they attended i 11
be funeral o' Mrs. B E. McC'uakey.'
rife of B F. MeCuskey, cashier of the iJ
Bank of Cameron, and a sister of Mrs. ''
Bradford. Mrr. Hoy McCuakev, of c
A'heeling. a sister of Mr. Wiedebusch.
* a daughrer-in law of the deceased. > '
* ? ' V
With Mrs. Mason.
Members of the Woman's Home and ^
"oreign Missionary society of the First *
'resbyterian church are guests this .
ifternoon of Mrs. John W. Mason at
ler home In Morgantown avenue Mrs.
Mason is hostess at the regular meetng
of the organization.
.... I _
Howe from School.
The Misses Hester and Katharyn fj
filler, who attend Miss Bairds' school !.
it Orange. N J . have arrived home to I.
ipend the vacation with their father, r
Shrewsbury Miller. They are at the
tome 01 Mr. and Mrs. J. Fay Watson jt<
n Locust avenue.
At Highgate.
The regular meeting of the William t
daymond chapter of the Daughters of
he American Revolution is itr session
his afternoon at Highgate. the home
if Mrs. James Edwin Watson. Mrs
las. A. Meredith will have a part on
he program reading an address relalve
to D. A. R. work which was given
it the recent Continental Congress ir.
tfaakington. Election ot officers and
eports of officers and chairmen of ft
ommittees will also be made.
* * * * II
To Meet Tonight. ? I
Women who autlcipate joining the I
"airmont Court of Isabella, the organi- 1
:ation of which will be perfected on I
tunda u art requested t > moot tonight I
it t > at the parochial school. 11
Left for Home. [j
Miss Marearet Rallaeer. of Cnshor. II
on. O.. who hid been here for several H
veeks the guest of Miss Ruth Heintzel- H
nan, left Wednesday for her home. f]
Coming from Sehoot.
Mist Laura Lee Hutchinson who at- I
norrow This five-act production, by I
.Vllllam S. Davis, is a worthy succes- *
or to such brilliant Bushman and "
3ayne pictures as "Red. White and 31ue
Blood." "The Brass Check." and
'Under Suspicion." It is the sort of
day people like, and the sort in which
hese popular co-stars are seen to ex-1
eptional advantage. "With Neatteas
and Dispatch" is a good smash
ng adventure story. Exciting things
tappen. and there is genuine love Inere?-t
?"One of Ui." a play by Jack Lait
ind Jon ph Swerllng. had its premiere I
it the Mo Cisco theatre In Los Angeles
lune 9. On June 17, "The Bohemian." j
ilso from Lait's pen, will be produced.
?Trixie Friganza has signed a long
erm vaudeville contract with the
Ceith Vaudeville Circuit in which she
tipulates that she is free to give her
ervices to all patriotic benefits and
Irives at any and all timer without
jrthcr authorization.
?Harry Bartholow. the moving pic 1
ure operator at the Hippodrome, ves-1
erday suffered a severe laceration of
he face when a hatchet he was using
lew off the handle. Several stitches j
cere required to close the gash made
n his lower Up and chin. Harry'r,
iver smiling countenance has never,
lefore looked like it does now.
SON Today
totlonal Actrest
superstition of the 1 .?; and
( the Briton flshermci:
rt Hamilton in the leading cait.
w it Worked " a Pokes and Jabbs
te" a Wolfrllle story.
*L i" SfrL. \ . . . . * .i ft
?nds Notre Dame school in Phlladel- 1
hia, will arrive home tomorrow to t
pend the vacation with her parent*,
!r and Mr*. M. L. Hutchinson. Mias i i
'lorence Hutchinson, also a student
t Notre I>anie, is the ituest of school <
rlends in the east for several weeks
Elected Officer*.
At a meeting of the Christian Wornn'?
Board of Missions of the Central
hrlstlan church held last e'.entng ati
he home of Mr*. Fred Batterer in
laple avenue, the following officers
,-ere elected: Prerident Mrs T N.
harps; vice president, Mri rrea jenins;
secre'ary. Mr? Frank Dickeron;
treasurer. Mrs. Dale Brownfield
l social hour followed the business
With Miss McKay.
The Hope Mission Baud of the M
Temple will meet tonight with Mies
lorothy McKay at her home in Wa:
on avenue at 7: SO o'clock.
Picnic Today.
The Kinr's Heralds and the Light [
iearers. two missionary organizations j
omposed of children of the Flrrt M
;. church are having a picnic thi?
fternoon at Loop park The party 1
rent to the park at 3 o'clock and will '
ave a picnic supper this evening.
Mr. and Mrs Wilbur Graffus and
aughter. Mi- - Irene, and Miss Lucy
lainev, have returned from a motor
ng trin to Washington. D C.. and
'an.p Meade. Md. At camp they visitd
Mrs. Graffus and Miss Bainey's
rother. William K Bainey, located In
amp there.
Walter Barger has returned to To?do,
O . after a several days' visit
i-ith his family in Chicago street.
Miss Inez Johnson, of the Normal
ehool faculty, has gone to Frostburg,
Id . to spend the summer.
Mrs. Jos. McDonnell and daughter,
lias Mary Katharyn. of Clarksburg,
rho h;.d been the guests of the forler's
sister. Mrs. Lester Sherrard.
Peerless Musical Comedy
In New Program
Change of Picture on
the Screen Also.
?.!!., * 9- ag, 9Aa. H
wannw w?n 7 ?? > __
Night at 7:30 and 9:00. 1]
20c and 30c. |j
Coming entire week 1
of June 24th, Sergeant
Arthur Guy Empey i
(himself) in
A picturization of his
world famous book
11 A. M. to 11 P. M.
Dixie Orchestra tonight
hniinhc Fairhankc
vvuj/iuu luiivuiinu
"The Hatrimaniac" 1
Also Latest Current
Next Tuesday and
In hie flr?t Million Dollar picture.
A Dog's Life
This U tha moat expenilre
and biggest picture the great j
comedian haa yet produced. 100
people in the caat. Pour montha
to produce.
Mn 8. W*'Grimaa an* eon. Mm. |
nn retained troa Perkersberg
irher* they netted the former's per- !
mtp. Mr. and Mn. L. W. Knotts and I
bar aUtar. Mn. H. A. Langfut, wlta of
the county superintendent of schools.1
Mr*. Charles L. Watkins want to
;he St. Man's hospital in Clarksburg I
Tuesday and on Wednesday morning'
?h* underwent an operation from!
which she rallied nicely and is report?d
as resting easy this morning ?,
Shinnston News.
Resolutions Adopted Warmly
Commend Presiding
Elder Pollitt.
The Fifty-first meeting of "the Fair- :
mont District Conference of the M. E.
church, south, closed a successful session
at Rivesville yesterday the work
having been in charge of Presiding
Cider F S. Pollitt, of this city Re
growth along all lines among the vari- 1
jus churches which compose the conference.
The district parsonage debt
)f $2,600 has been wiped out during |
Y<>u can buy War
Thrift Stamps at this s
Buy one every dayweek,
but regularly.
The Jui
Starting the Secc
New Co
Shoes foi
A. Andt
For hot iumm?f day* you w
Oxford*. th*y are *o airy, cool
round *ervice. The** wetiave ii
For thoie who prefer Tan*,
complete stock offer* moat aati
ords or pumps.
Lace and Button Boota $5.0
Oxfords and Pumps, $4.00 t<
Best oosslble value* for thi
Map Your He?d Down, Frltii# B
Good By? Broadway, Hallo Fran<
I May ba Gona for a Long, Lang
Over There
Put cn Your BlipPera and Fill I
I'd Feal at Home if They'd Let ft
Somewhere in Franca la Daddy
The Laddiea Who Fought and tft
Aloha Oa
Chiming Ball
God be With Our Boya Tonight .
For Si
Ritter Ice Cream
Simple, light, sanitary.
Tba closing lenoi of the confer- o
port* sabmitted (bowed substantial 1t
ence *11 delivered by Rev. A. E. 0
O'Dell, of Webster Springe Tbe fifty
(econd session of tbe conference will n
be held nest year In Parson*, W. Va g
Tbe following resoluttona were n
adopted by tbe conference: ' r
"Whereas, By tbe law of our church. v
tbe time of our Presiding Elder. Rev.
V. S. Pollitt, will expire with bit conference
year. >
Therefore, Resolved by the district'
conference of the Fairmont District
Conference, Western Virginia Conference.
M. E. church, south;
Fiyit?That we enter upon our records
on expression of our sincere ap-;
preclatlon of the earnest and success- 3
ful work rendered during tbe past T
quadrennium by our esteemed presid- ;
ing elder; I
a ? - - l 1
second?Tiiat we nerenv nfcur*
that no man has ever served this district
with more zeal and fidelity, nor
has there been a more successful term
of service
Third?We especially commend the
I Dancing Instruction, g,
Dancing Lessons Dailv at the 5
Old Elks Hall Trof C William O
ffloaaaoaapgpqqga^^ _
-or every
ne Sale of
>nd Day With Libera
tton and Silk Underg<
of Surpassing Beauty
Because of <
able to start ofl
sale with assort
and varied as w
IThe garmen
made and fully u
, quality we main
. A*/A. The trimmii
I ST*} li V S^eer an^ ^auti
Ml 1 of taste and refi
iljjj undergarments.
//Am This is a sale
: ty, achieved thrc
Its economie
Impoanble to dee
moot a. Come and tea
tor many a day,
r Summer
he Service Will
: End There
fill be interested in White these or
looktno end so comfortable for all
it kid. linen, canvas, etc.
Browne. Greya or Plain Black, our
(factory choice in either ahoet. ox*
9 to $12.00.
> $8.80.
i arise.
oy Quartet
is Quartet
Time Quartet
No^a Bayee
Ip You# Pipe Ada Jones
le Join the Army Murray
ron Harry Laudar
n r a? a a
rreezerior *i.iy |
?Basement. I
i * -,* - ** 43 .. ' . l ? t . *r'
wk dene ta H7k| the Mt er ew' t
iitflct parsonage, Thick *u accotn a
liahed entirely by the initiative el a
or presiding elder, and hie unusual a
access In enlisting the cooperation y
( onr mtttber* and friend*
Fourth?That we unanimously com-, '
lend Brother Pollltt ler his lntelllent
and careful conduct of the bust
ess of the district, and our genuine
uret that he must sever his relations
ith the district at the end of the year
rs r> cvtTTW
Thrift Stamp Tournament.
At the Country Club?t:>raorrow after
ooa a "Thrift Stami" tournament
rill be an event which will be partic
On Sunday, June 16,
Monumental Lodge No.
207 K. of P. of Barrack*
ville Will Observe Memorial
It la the order of the Chancellor
Commander that all Knlfhts
assemble in the lodje room at
5:00 o'clock P. M at which time
the lodge will march In a body
to the Christian church where
a memorial address will be delivered.
P a??????
White I
I V V u UU V3 NC:
I Assortments of f
irmentr 1
our preparations we are
f the second day of the
:ments almost as broad
hen it began.
ts are dainty and well <
p to the high standard of ^
ngs and materials are i
ful and just what women h
inement demand in their
i of helpfulness and beau- g
>ugh simplicity. "
>s are many and real
eribe here the thousands of gar- ^
them. Prices will not be as low |
Arrived and R<
Captivating Colorei
White Wash Dres
Dresses of the tasteful an<i
able sort are spic, span and i
es, organdies and tissue gi
Rumors about the surpassin;
of these new dresses long ]
their coming, and now they
and they are among the smi
Summer Frocks.
k Prices Range $6.75 to $1
A 1
K Fir
yvM'/v n?w t
///Ml // becomint
f' are in de:
/ needs of
. braid an
g egb, styles,
??? ??
iitw of tko dak. Tko toara* 1
Mat Mil bogia aroaiptly at I o'clock
tad all abort of tk* dak oro la I
lted to attaad tad participate.
Resinoll i
easily heals
skintroohjcs 1
The moment uut Resinol Ob*- I
ment touches itching (Idn the bdb>
ing usually itope andbealing begins.
That it why doctor* prescribe *BO
successfully even in aevere cjmo(
eciema, ringworm, rashes,and many
other tormenting, disfiguring skin
diseases. Aided by warm bate
with Resirvol Soap, Resinol Ointment
mak*s a sick skin or scalp healthy,
quickly, easily and at little cost.* ' ?
Raaiaot OinOwat ind loir tt *11
Ail Kinds and Sizea ?'
ru: i
liui u r ii;ui ;
Millinery I
"ashions m
or Summer -fl
iVear II
Stylish trimmed hati
o wear at home, at the j
eashore, in the mounains
or in the country,
ere in abundant varie- J
jr in Milan and other
ashionable straws.
The shapes are the
ery newest and most
raceful, and the trimling
is what Dame
'ashion most approves.
$5.00 to $10.00.
Trimmed Hats for for
lal dress wear.
$7.50 to $10.00
iady I
1 and I !
l service- || J
new voilg
beauty |jpjj|i I
artest of II
For The * |M
st Plunsre
hat the call of water it
j insistent, bathing suits I
mand. We are unusually
lipped to supply the II
women for suits of the I
uits are all wool in wery
I colorings and combte?
Some are trimmed with
d silks, some have tu*
rs and sashes. Very ehie
$6.00 to $12.50. '
:on and Part WooI,
13.00 to 15.00
B s ii

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