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yjlt-? . 1 m |
i mmtMm
Mi?* '^^. ?.?>? Y
Fringed Gentian.
br gcttmue ftoBixaow.
(Copyright. 191*. by th? MeClurt
Newspaper Syndicate)
October, and i???? lying t?1
sodden heaps beneath tha
birch** of Tawny Hill. Knee*Mf
la tha ruat-red welter stood
tmairr Daaarel. Behind bar Tawny
Creek curled about tha stepping
pteaea en which tha girl had just i
BMinad. Bofora har was a mn* ot
eblua flower* Tea minute* before
enary. on her war to the Tillage
feg Ball a letter to h*r father, had noticed
the blu* not* Now. her arm*
Tall of the blue-fringed gentian, ahe
ruefully haard fire booming ??rok#?
f the town clerk. The mail would
BJeee la flfteea minute*.
fteeeaary tilted out on the cap
Ml atone* Midway a gu?t of Bind
emote her in the f?re. tore her coil of
geld'hronte hair loo?e *nd whipped
ft in her eye* a **eond ,*nd the girl
had pitched headlong into the creek
Bha struggled up. w?l*t-de*p in thtwirllng
water Slowly, figh'ing the
tug ef the water. *he wa* aucked to-,
ward the d?ep pool that edied under
tha want bank. A* the notion r.rer- !
orbelmed her. her \ oice ahrilled to the
eedow beyond wh*re a yount men
vii ploughing In a mtntue aome j
thing gripped her. gripped her ftnt
by the long hosting rope of hair, thru
br tp ?rm. and drew her forth from
the tucking maelatrom
The moment Poaepurv felt heraeif
dropped 00 the pasture |?rid she a?' ,
up ind hurriedly roiled her dreprhed
Otop of htir in a knot
"Oh!" aho eomplained ' h'jt ?? :
etrlT pulled It off m. heed, I.eattr j
The young man ih'idd'red. "It * a?
the onl- ar.ir. R**em..rv," he pro?e?' d.
"You know I rant aoum a
Itrol.* "
Suddenly remeoihering iter errand,
the g; rl sprang to her te^t nc1 handed
the man the |e(tpr
"Sfcurr to the pn i wh tu - I ??.
ttr." ?he b?iiejjd. Faina. i,u?t. a. ?.
. It tonsoro-."
k Five rc,r.ru*a Irtei hi -jilted tfce
tiz' ts bus in*o the roil ju.U ti j
hi -' 1' re, ra.ee imping along
'Pose jt-ry' r-i- i-y Demure]'"
fgti? an a*;o ind'd vn'r?. in ? t*inkI
l:rg ghe v.v > > .) nj
M w'r. ''..el I'.jr. ' at oreakti." ^
fc'.ilf an ho-.:r Iter R<v|n?r Dti*
d'jofi* *.' writing in -o!-"r oi the
porch for ."oaemar, . H- >a junior
membM of th* I?*v tnn in < .tv*h
Tlrigr.irry'a i. -her ,i ? t-t mset >
bn r. H1 net en^tg' l tu Ttc;e-j
p?*:, . irp i r. - "1 n- i""
i ra f.i? m"i , t vt y h*rn|
Jv/ '!* ?: ; . ? r-.-m :?v rp.-v
fft'i Mr r!l>- t.lfrUteVS'l
V/ov?V tM1" .1 "0'ip'o
CT Iw ? > ?rthf!*fi
.*0:0* h v* ) vr*H"l Mr to ,<',
for tlv* vjmwi; to n*' Mr derision
io. ! c " tin i ;r.uu'v ? kOtic. aid
tfc? t'.'fl. f trell r.? the Jul. kn?<v I
tMf i'.'f ' a- no n?' *r o k?o?v>J?a
Of ftw 0T1 fc*r ;\ r-U !? nuQU.
resoMfl t-ron ? e VrlrlM on ithlt
hrtno th? r'tTs '--1 ins;a
to S fe* ?, ? * i>f* r "t rnri* ' ' *flit
M'tt4 1" tV'Ttth O* n??-> fn-rl)
cioei. A larfortor-f t'rt mtslin tenM
T'i'tl tllO K.ov ol'' r>, h*r h ir,
|f?r tri": e;:t d.-ifinp ?rllh
fjlt'tt.81. ft?? rr!l kne? Mr *-<yj1d*
fcl f.'-nc* (1 i ret ??p:5v? ;f h?r rsCti*t
Afttr dinner P-r'tnary went <lrlv-; I
<A?> n-US Mi? A
...J . I I .. ?. !! < ir-ll-. . !!' W.
h*r ?ra P)gh--oitit"l h?r-?. ?-i !t?M i
(ran* an'o^ oia^t rf axerr jo re- '
vailed to tha nit" that r.h* ?a* ouitc
uttodttioo* of hi* poorly < -> 1- i
tttlM dal'tht in b'T rirltr'i rhertvi I
Kk d t'idtit tfctt hit only hop* of *nc?
ttrl fi t*' th? rrl ?*?v frnm I ho "
at?o:phar? ?f h?r honi?>. Dy thr 1
tj|?? they r*turn*rt h? h?1 parsuadod '1
bar to tpead a fortmsht ruh hit Pit- '
tbr tn th*ir rairp in th* Berk ?h I t o?. !
But ha took ?r?nt ?n-?uraa?mant '
(torn h?r eonr?ot to th? trip, (or rh? '
Pfrtoi from th? rarrits- r ith t cry
ft? fin r?rSr<*h ? ermmt
' biu? bowl full Of wonder.'ul blur
ert. blut Oven in th? duak of ih? fall ,
| Hllli
"Mr frinned gentian." aha rriH. I
"LMtbr he* flahed them out of the j
ertfk where I loat them "
Rodney DuQueane. in epite of hia i
parent adventure, left with a *en*e|
Of futility. He, realfred ?he rated
SlOra for the clump of wild flower*
than for the reaea he had tent he:
from the city.
Roaemary waa happy at the ramp,
the wet e girl of the open, and abandoned
htraelf wholeheartedly to the
- joy of mountain climbin*. flahine and
mint alone pleasant country byways. |
She developed an innocent comrad-,'
one wita tot man aimoat too naive to
pleat* him. ?\?rth?le*a, the day!'
Mi?r* her retura he put hi* portion .1
with h?r to the teat. The (rtrl Uaten- '
ed to him quietly.
"6h!" sh# cried remoraefully." I,(
here Juat been thinklnr of you iiiJ
tbed comrade. Let me wait till I am !
home and away from yon. Then
ttne fn mew. rn write to you?
IWWHW night."
The man knew that her worn .in- t
hoed ?U at laat awoke in her aur.
that ahe would dreid*. but how he ]
dared aet think.
The next day Roaetnary went i
Rho 1.1. ?- e - - -
eo? ivu iir?mri7 oiu ana i
troubled. She dreaded writing to tod- 1
MP that evening, for ahe did dot I
know Itf she Ihould writ*. Finally!
lM w?t to tlio woodi to think out I
lor problem. She foiiowod unconoeiouol?
o familiar fragrance. Soon in
Sony corner aha found tho eourre
Of too m?t odor (be bad norer befera
oaeocalted with thla place. Fringod
tontlana wore there, doiaai of
IMS. loldtaf n? their giorloue heodi
iMOOlT U too rieb. damp. BOW aoll
n a flaah too uaderatood. Letter had
trsseUstod thorn tor her. She threw
lOISttf upon the ground and buried
Mr laea in their ewaetnaaa. Then the
tittlkdi fVa^ar aaa fit (hi slivits lav
took?Laattr't sou
? Mb Notody It th# when countryRowiiry
k*?rwjb*i Lwter
Hv INIM All JOT wniLftf ulUfv
"771 ~~^P2
v'- ~
\ \ -f ;
i *
'Jumping Jill,' Pastd by Frlncti ]
Oelbltrrt n .1 Gvrnmfnl C?*in*titi8:*.
A? Amtrica'i Pr?ttl?it G'*l.
Artte'e f!?. S.
fin- < i ) ?'; - ,i rjr:v>' c\;/
ri -, - M i c -. r ; *i ',)?
v n>! p*nn> r. in r nv :-.i
f- !t i .ill r>* h i I ,i i ! ;: l
nil, aud i .* ;!! b*ni! ?'?n >-u v tul
It M.
<_>:'? u: tn" t; m* I do *iih my
io'el M tn p.v- Jfll."
irubbing on h(s t.-.thtrs' otd faint. A ,
relieved rthi'.t v *? crcp a| about the
~i-re:* or Roreman'- truth!? I ;
avu.th Sh* would tt'-.n !.e?t?i hit'
end *1; him t" '.el? her tetri.r
lite '*'1 It *h? en'' e-nt eftl* ,nr '
ht:l.o tei ' -1 i " i. In truth,
her i *m|o iiom in n; p"i p'exitle: all
her !! ' She tan <|orn ih' lane and
iein- T the ron(I tn the pe.'"iO. hb '
KrAw lurt whore rhe * O'lld find LerItr.
?* would he prnerdln? to tpade'
tp the elodi in the old mud-bit orr.nSf.ry
hoc In reilitv he ?-e-tld he
itintMnt it ecrap of vet - in lit* buty
iita'n. Sh" *mtle?l wMntr>all; n
W.-neif tn eho teeienibeietl the tun
hf friend"- ere a'.v ; ? fit. tie n'
:h * wft.tld-be fertnrr run cf their old 1
f'o'iite, c't'i'ie }\ot dh?r.i. The;theusiu
of hl.it > . it-" K mailcthnj
rho pieced put a prtcarlmia II-, ,nt on ,
lie old form. Nobody d;earned that
lie pi ired the countt n la tummei 1
for \ erv lot * of tho neat-to-natur?
life. Roaemary had not e;en told
Rodney tho truth about hurt She r?tolted
to take Rodney onf 0[ ],ea-(
r*t>' nnr ri' fit" next win'er. How
tntazed he would be;
An then suddenly. In the utld*t of
n?r mtisina*. Rosemary stood still in !
the rorky pativ If she married Rod '
n*y, her newly awakened womanhood |
told her. her old comradeship with
Lester would he Impossible. And, at-]
ter all. could Rodaey DuQutame po?-;
lihlv mean as mueh to h?r as this
iesr fellowship? She set down in the
path and buried her fare in hev.
hands She began to realize whatj
Iter old comrade meant to her. had i
meant to her all her unthinkina life:
?nd must mean all the vest of her,
lays If she were to be happy.
If?and then she knew the enulO
aavsr ask him tha (jnastion sha had'
maant to Sha did not naad to, in |
truth. It had answarad liaalf. Praa-1
sntly soma on* cam* stamping up the;
rorky way.
"Bias* utr Vhat'e all thll?" atoinv
id an amazad voica flha waa ron-,
iclous that I.?atar Fordham was
Hlttst^tuve BBCM MM
UP 60LP.30 I BOt
Soo Tki3 ?rr or a
I ??
70R W
v. -><? ? ? L^J-|
-* /
I \
/ '
[ /
' T *
i Tt b??in? in tbt n'uril Mil ur*'
.?i? ? - p)?fr on. except tjj?t.
j in hold ilit tv?l etrstched tn reur!
'i?f? liany.ne flo-n in (run:. ?J >ou|
-mi'd hoj.; t and
Giv? a VIif* '"up tft itrid# po?i-'
: i ^ .rthe f*?' end ratiint]
' ' arm* a th? ??? iniant. Rtturu
> T'' .31 r.Ith Jump
.:??? ? thi? m-v "?iem i .imdl P?J
ten v > "?d It ' ilr.e t.
,< irralatlfln wh?n ihlfly and will in-|
T?t -pir-'inn in :i m.nue or t*o !
'i'l-rrfore It ?>ould be a fine iltsh
oendlnp over her. 'See h*re." ho
wi* demanding. "what i* the matter?
\Yh? Mdn't you call ma? Vi u
Knew I would he?i jue jou hurt?"'
Rotemary cuttkM hi* hand and 1
pv.ll'd hftraclf to 1*1 feet. "H?rS,"
*'i l.virheo. "lure ? your little book, j
1 \v*? bringing It to ou when II
thoi.?ht ?" i lie hcrlut'd.
"Thought piompted Letter.!
' Thought what'" *>? repeated, at
Rosemary etood tonguMted. bluth.r-:
I thouaht." ?he ?t*mm*r#d. wine-1
ir.R Ifocafh ih* mau'r mutuant late
how perfectly ewtul?it would b*? J
ii 1 were coi.ic to marry Rodney Du-j
l^ater Fordham caught her teutly
by her dowoeact chin and vptllted her
tare r?tti her hone*t. brown eyes'
I ok>d into hi*.
"Roaemary Damarel. tell roe tV>1
truth, would if be perfectly awful ? i.
you were going to daarry mo?"
"You'll have to find that out for j
vourielf." challenged the girl, her ???
:ranre let irning. ' only-1 know]
I'm never golna to hurry any body
else in the world."
National War Garden Cemmitaion
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