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^ofanuriwt Dally
Average k aC
I May 1918. .>
A Quality Nawapapar far tha
A \1/\TT1T
AMV1 ac.
or oonir,
Another Marion County Boy
Figures in the Casualty
ima west vmiw
Army List Contains 144
Names and Marine List
(By Associated Tress >
WA8HUWTOX. June 13.-Tbe army
carnally U|t today contained 144
nattta divided as Vllowa: Killed In
action, 2S; died of wonnde, 12; died of
accident or other causes. 3; died in
aeroplane acident, 2; died of diseases.
I: wounded severely, 87; wounded
lightly. 1; missing in action, 1; prisoners,
The llat included: Killed in action
?Lieut. Edward Wilson Flower,
Youngs town, O.; Victor Kolinsky,
Shenandoah, Pa.; Robert V. Winnett,
Spears, Pa.; and Odla Young. Arlee
W. Va.
Died of wounds?Private Orvllle
Bailll. Bradford. Ohio.
Died of disease?Corporal William
W. Carlton, Tallmadgem, Ohio.
Wounded severely?Corporal New
ton Grubb, BhresvtUe, W. Va.; Private
V. Inveuxo Valitto, Pittsburgh. Pa.;
Haory Reed, West Tnlon. W. Va.;
Dean D. Sturgia, Unioutown. Pa.
Oonporal Newton Gnibh. aged about
M yearn, la a resident of Hoodsville
and la well known In that community.
He la the son of Mrs. Coleman Grubb,
who now resides on a farm near
Hoods vine. He has four brother*,
Scott Basil, Jets, and Ernie Grubb, tbe
tatter brother left Mannlngton with a
bounty contingent for a southern cantonment
only a few weeks ago. He
also has two uncles. Ben and NewtJtn
Eddy. woo reside near McCurdysvllle.
Corporal Grubb left with a Marlon
county contingent and la the first National
army man from this county to
ba wounded in action. He went to a
southern cantonment and was there
only a short time until he was sent
abroad and then to the battlefront.
He was raised near Hoodsville,
where many of his former schoolmates
now reside. He Is popular and well
liked by his many friends.
ripe corps casualty lists were Issued
today, containing 134 names divided
M Ibllows: Killed in ac'.on. 3"s died
of wounds, 7; died of disease. 1;
wounded severely, 92. The first list
Included June 16:
Killed in action?Sergeant jarae* A
Patterson. Ripley, W. Va.; Private
Bert 0. Taylor, Malintr, Ohio: George
Kaorr, Youngstown. O.; Clare L. Van
Kman Grove City. Ta.. and Walter L.
Haynes Hamllt. Hamhleton, W. Va
Died of wonnrts?Privates Paul Leber.
Columbia. I'a ; Harry T Hesa,
Altoona. Pa.; Charles H. I'imer, PottsTllle.
Wounded eewerely?Corporal Raymond
E. Dunham Lake wood, Ohio;
William W. Hoppins. Harrison. Ohio;
Carroll Hill. Fairrlew, Ohio; Marlon
Coity. Washington. Pa ; Corporal Herbert
Marrrny Duquesne, Pa.; and Anthony
Boterus. Ranshaw. Pa.
The second Hat inchided Jnne 17th;
Wounded aererely? Prlvatoa Arthur
Oretnlller. Dover. Ohio: Prank Lees,
Gnatonvtlle. Pa.; Ray Harper. Brooktin,
Pa.; Loo M. Sbtrely. Reebrtn*.
O.; John L. Craber, York. Pa., and
(toy Holmes. Syracuse. Ohio
.1 ? ??
R, M. Fortney Dies
Brother's Home
I M. Ftortney. of Oakland Md . dir4
thia morning at the homo of hi*
ft , brother. John H. Fortney. at 1129 l.oH"
veil afreet from tuberc-jlnu*. Mr.
fbrtney came here a few week* ago
I on a elait to hla brother and was tak
M worse while here ao that he could
L bbt he removed to hla home. He was
I aged <1 year* and Is survived bv a
eon. Walter Fortney, of Hanover, Fa..
I and a daughter, Mr* W 8 Martin, of
ft Awfela.4 U4 III. ?.f? I. -U A
VMHMVi !*?? ilia "iir ra l|'-M fl.Tll.
Two brother* A. C Kirtney of Shinn
ton, and John H. Forme?, of thin
e'Jr. nl?o tnrrive. The bodv will bt
teVen to WorthirKton tomorrow at 1
' o'clock for Interment in the Millar
meter?, by I'nderteker R. C Joner
? | There Never Wai
1 ft A TIT
Hi. 8! I
i FAilEM
Basnettville People Carry
Gold Star in Barade
for Haught.
! i
W. J. Wiegel Makes Plea
| for Support of W. S. S. j
An enthusiastic and largely auend ;
j ed patriotic meeting was held la t
! evening at Falrview at which time a
large American flag, two honor tlags,
the Liberty Loan and the Red Cross,
and two service flags, the Falrview
Service flag and the service flag of
the Hope Natural lias company, wort .
raised on a large polo erected tor the
The ceremonies Incident to the flag 1
raising were held in the open air and1
gathered around the flag staff w^re
some four or five hundred patriotic
citizens of the community.
The citizens of Basnettsville march
ed to Falrview for the flag raising and
carried the Basnettsville service flag
bearing a number of stars among
which was a gold star which was
placed there in honor of Arlte Hangntfthr
Marion county young W who
lost his life In fighting for his coun-J
try in France.
W. J. Wifgrl was (he orator f.ir the I
evening and delivered a patriotic addiess
which was greatly enjoyed by
'he large audience assembled. Mr.
Wiegel was frequently applauded during
the address. In his remarks he
paid particular attention to the \Va,-:
Savings Stamps drive and at the con
elusion of the address was given the]
assurance that that community would
go over the top in its \V. S. S. drive.
Rev. Coffman, of Fairvlcw, conductod
the meeting which was held In the
public square and the audience sang
spiritedly several patriotic airs.
The flags were hoisted simultaneously
and cheer after cheer went up from
the assembled people as the flags slowly
swung Into position and wero unfurled
to the breeze.
! JMEfflU Ml
Is Act of War and Lists
Turkey Among Our
WASHINGTON, Juno 13. ? Sacking!
of the American hospital at Tabriz.
Persia and seizure of American and
British consulates there by in'ailing,
Turkish troops was reported to the I
State department today by the Ameri-j
can minister at Teheran
If tho report as it reached the r
ister is officially confirmed the out-1
rages msv he considered an act ofj
war and settle the long pending ques 1
tion of whether the Ottoman allies of
Germany should be formally listed
among America's enemies.
According to today's dispatch the
Turks sacked the hospital over tho
protest of the Spanish consul in charge
as the representative of American in?.W?
In Hnflnnon n# lltn On.nl.k t
lortrnm aim 111 uruniur <>> iiir o|iiiuinn ;
flap flying over the building.
Sugar Must Be
Used Sparingly
Stricter conservation of sugar necessitated
by large losses of sugar
from the sinking of vessels has been
Imposed by the government food administration.
according to orders received
by County Food Administrator
Joseph Roster. From now until
further notice sugar will be sold in
towus in two pound quantities and In
the country in five pound quantities.
Not more than 50 pounds will be Bold
for canning purposes and that to he
sold under signed agreement from
1 the mirrhaaer that tt will he iukSi
Ionly for mnninir nod thut any surplu* 1
will J>? rrlunip'l to the inlrr. [
:a Time When Secor
on com
I mm
Campaign Speakers Clinch
Their Work in That
hihbst wb
Meetings Will be Held at a
Number of Places
The War Savings .Stamps campaign ;
reeelv ed an additional impetus vm,-1
terday when splendid and cnthusias- .
tir meetings v.ere eondurted at va- 1
rious points throughout the county
and were addressed hy representative I
men and women of the community.
\ number of societies were organized
and ussurances Riven that the
communities would ro over the top
when the drive was at its heighth.
Two hundred and fifty people were
present at a meeting held last night
at Catawba and enthusiasm ran high.
The meeting was arranged hy Dr. F.
W. Hill, captain, and the speakers
were H. E. Knple and Mrs. .Samuel
I^eper. This meeting was nmeine the j
best held and v- ill be productive of
pond results. A W. S. F. was organized
by electing J. P. Klsner president
and L. M. C. Haffey secretary.
A poed meeting was held at Dakota
Mir"s undnr the elirert'on of
Captain K. n. Beprbower. Addresses
were given by Vice Chairman Otis
G. Wilson and Mrs. J. Walter Barnes,
and Miss Edna Jacobs directed the
singing. The Rev. T. (!. Meredith
presided at tbe meeting. Fifty were
prcsenr. \ \ . r ravines socwy wa organized
with K, B. Beerbouor,
president, and T. G. Meredith, ?ecre-j
A splendid meeting was ronduetod
at. Kldnrn, having been arranged by I
Captain L?. P. Smith. The speaker
for this meet in- v. ere Colonel W. H.
Conawajr and Miss Jennie Fleming.
Chorus singing was lead by Mi s Harriet
Prhroeder. A society was organized
with K. Pale Currey r? president
and Mrs. Alice Frum, secretary*. I
The auto of Sheriff A. M. Gloror con- i
veyed the party to Kldora.
One hundred were present ?t a
tine in?, tine held at Cellar la t evening
which was addressed by M. L.
Sturm and Mrs. Josenh Ro: tea. Music
was furnished hv Misses Mabel
and Ethel Toothnian. The meeting
was in charge of Captain Itussel
Nichols. A society was organized
with Ri .-I Nichol:. president, and
Fred Hawkins, secretary. The auto
or Dr. Hugh H. Carr conveyed the
party to Colfax.
M. C. I.oueh and Mrs. W. H. Conaway
addressed an enthusiastic mooting
at Carolina last right and music
was furnished bv C. If. i!loom Thrr?
wore anproximat"ly 10ft present and
a society was organized.
Appi oximately 40 were pro. ent
at a fin" meeting held at Eureka la t
night. A. J. Kern and Mrs. Richard
Hall were the speakers and music i
was turn hod by Misses Blanche!
Tchinski and Yerna Kcrgen. A feature
of tl ii meeting was a #our minute
talk by Master Hugh Whyeoff, a
ron of Harry Whycofi", of Walnut
avenue, who is only eight years of
The following meetings will he
held tonicht::
Everson?H. E. Fngle, Mrs. Lloyd
Samplp; quota. $1,000.
Festus Trevey Nutter; quota,
Forksburg? Rev. W. P. Rood. Miss
Dorcas I'riehard; quota, Jt.OuO.
Grassy Run lrn I,. Smith, Mrs.
Ira L. Smith; quota, $t.">00.
Gladv Run A. J. K-in, Mr*, i
Ralph I).i>; qunt.i *.'..".on.
Bethlehem?(.'apt. John O'Bierne:
quota, $6,000.
Meetings for Jorr so,
Harter Hill !,. M. David.
Hess?H. H. Rose.
Hutchinson- M. L. Rro-cn, Mrs.
Tusea Morrlg.
Hammftnrt?R. A. Pollack, Mrs. N.
R. C. Morrow.
HicVniun Run?Rev. n. G. Stoetzer,
Mrs. H. G. Stoctzer.
oppress monopoly created under govrrnment
nui-pices must ho dissolved
after the war emergency Is parked under
the provisions of the contrac signed
toda b> representatives of the e*
press company and the railroad administration.
id Hand Articles Wi
A- - V-' - ? jt
Virginia's Best Newsyajw
r r,m9kw*% *
"-VV^ fma? .* .*1/^ *
? Verona ///e i/far,W,fj22;
?o^o. O*
^jLmSi'a9? ~ZCorp?Xr3*.
\^n .? ' c? 9T vs*??"o
t^Sy.fojo/'o |yWt'
. >?^fCaHrano
Marojrica j&asst
iScA/o % ' /
7/1 Wo IJ *>~y ^x,
V? Preyame)
I ^'^}rt
The Austrian* have fluntc thems<
the trap ('rossinas. of the Piave rivet
v.as not able to a'lvance south of the i
"ion included in bracket (at have reta
and 1'iavn rivers. Drobahlv in the re*iot
8KB or COAL '
Judge Robinson and Edwa-d
Page Were Guest
) ' ,
An i.re ling .ind well, attended
meeting of the Coal club was held at
The Fairmont at noon today, at which
lime the present officers. Including A.
Brooks Fleming, president; Clarence
l? To lilnoon ??l?o Tteocirlonf lit/1 I
Brooks Hutchinkon. secretary. were
re-elected to serve (or six months longer.
For the purpose of considering Important
coal problems which will he
prcsen'ed to local operators next
week, and which will demand a longer
business session than the regular
weekly business session of the Coal
club, a committee was appointed to
arrange a special meeting for some
night next week at the Country club,
which will take the place of nex; Wednesday's
luncheon. The committee anpointed
by President Brooks Fleming
eon. ists of George DcB.>'? F. D.
Brady and C. H. Jenkins. It -w sug-j
grated by Mr. DcBolt that in the fu-1
ture it might be well to have evening I
meetings from time to time, c vine the i
Mobm t . ttflM to present and!
discuss coal problems which may eomo
.fudge Ira E. Rob'nson of Grafton
was a visitor at today's meeting of
th- Coal club and was the first speaker
to b* called upon. In a b-ief and j
latere tng roancv he cmph: :-ized the |
great resources of the MonongaheY i
Valley and tite Important part the coal I
operators of this region are taking in :
the worid struggle.
Edward Pace, vice president of the j
New England Fuel and Tram porta-1
tion Company, attende*! the meeting)
I id "as called upon to speak. H<
told of the fuel shortage In the New
England states during the past winter.
stating that many schools were
elosed for as long as two months,
stores were elosed early, and of many j
other vital fuel saving necessities. Ho j
nnfnmlnt iruilv nf thd? fnr?1 cnn. i
" ' ? ?
ply for the eomlnc winter, showinp
the gradual Increase in the percentape
of coal received from nlonth to
month. During the month of April
only rixty per cent of their allotment
(Continued on Page Two)
1 _ ? - ? j
Wed 19, 1918
All Cordially Invited.
'.re in Greater'D&ncm
EVENING, JUNE 19,1918.
^ R^ahnn jdorn
^ Cornu&a ' ' ^fck
' W/iajO
LMO1 MonttfrUuaa
l< /.^p?" K>
"SCa^W/Jyf ^*\'*lbn&Mo'i
^S^ZZw*/franco 11 TREVI
ttacfr//a r
?ii A Qfo >d[w?
Ives i'gainst the Allies on the whale
were made at points indicated by t
itrcam. British troops, operating on t
ikon all lost ground. French forces
i Indicated by bracket (B).
nnniitirn nniiT
MIlMti ribnl
Five British and Nineteen
German Machines in
the Action.
LONDON*. Junp 18.?(By Associated
rrcsa)?In I lie fight off tho Dutch
coast on June 4 five British seaplanes
of the largest type fought 19 German
One' of tho enemy machines was
sent down in flumes and another driven
down out of control aeordlng to a
description of tho fight written for
the Associated Picks hv Ensign K. B.
Keves a I'nlte^ States naval aviator.
Previous to (he encounter one of
the British machines had descended
to mat.e repairs and the Germans set
upon the four other machines promoting
the injured one. Ensigi Joseph
Katon. an American aviatof was on
the Injured m;.?hlne and he was subsequently
interred in Holland.
Pittsburgh Aviator
Killed in Accident
(Be Associated Press!
PITTSBURG. June 18.?Lieut. Joseph
Grrham Trees, of Pittsburg, was
kilted in an a*noplane acc'dent in Loudon
on June 13 according to word received
today from the War department
by his frtmr J. c. Trc^s.
Lieutenant Trcc3 Joined the aviation
service before the declaration of
war against German/. He trained ?
Miami, Fla.. a.nd was among the. first
American aviators to reach France.
Recently he m- trr.nsferred to London
lie attended the University of
Pittsburg and Yale and wan well
hnowu it- athletic and social circles.
j Regular meeting I.oeal Union
i No. 9.'9 MM Hall Tuesday June
i iSth at S:Oo T. M.
> Nomination of officers and 1mi
portant business. Charter closes
! July 1st. having been open 1 year.
| Initiation Per J25.00 thereafter.
| Wanted at Once
Wanted boy aged 1* to 19 years
for shipping clerk. Position open
only to young man who wishes
permanent position. Ask for Mr.
I Fairmont Printing
! & Publishing Co
? -3 ??
Corner Quincy and Adams Sts.
Machine Operators
Owens Bottle Machine Co.
> .
ill '
5 ar
u ni
t-,A>waO > 'g.^y *i mm,
rvW^'7 ) .5^
" HA*'*-*
:J-r Venice'
front Indicated by the black line on
he three lower arrows, but the enemy
he Italian mountain front In the rei
are in action between the Brenta
m pniiimuiTirp
iu bummuiwicdi
Sunday School Children
May be Asked to Attend i,
in Fairmont.
Patriotic meetings over the county
on the Fourth of July arc entirely In
the hands of the community councils
of defense and it will be the duty of
j the chairmen of the various comrnu- ,
nity organizations to get busy and see j,
that their respective communities do
not fall behind with the program outlined
by the Marion County Council
of Dofenr.e.
In Fairmont the celebration will be i
held at Loop park and will be in i
charge of (he local committee of the
County Council of Defense. No meeting
for arrangements has been held as
jet by the local committees, but a
1 meeting is now being arranged by i
' Chairman J. Walter Barne?, at which |
time all of the plans for the local cele- .
Ibrat on Will be outlined. Several sug >
I geationi have already hern made as
'to the meeting here. It has been sug j
I gostpd that it would be veil to ha\f
all ot the Sunday schools meet cm the
(Continued on page four.)
1 . .
WANTED ? At OnceOne
first class R'acksmith.
Apply Owens
Bottle Machine Cor. pany
The West >
New I
The editorial rooms ai
West Virginian and the bv
Fairmont Printing and Pul
located in The West Vircir
of Main and Quincy streetf
Telephones 1105, 1106,
Notice to Suba
County's Coi
Cross W;
Payment to the fund can he m:
Fourth floor nt the Professional Itu
<hould he matted to the uiuier?Kne<i
installments are now dne. and part
-- WrnSeU
taiilftit; Thuraday Hair and
Attack on Rheimi I?HAH4'
A4- AltA
r i uiu r aiis at tuc
Very Onset 1
BRITISH Id lines
Pershing Reports Artillery
Fighting Along the
(By Associated Preea)
PARIS. June 19 ?The German# last
nlfbt after a violent preparatory two
bardment began an attack oil the ^
Rheims front between Vrigny and U>
Tom pel le, the War office annotUKia#
The French are mtsttaf th# M ' "
man blow with entire succaaa. . a
On the western front of tha litartj
the enemy was not airte avao to ranch M
ihe French lines. In the center to .
fore the city the German* ware coaw
pletely repulsed and suffered heavy
lessee. East of Rhelma, the Fr?Ch
wore equally successful.
LONDON, June 1#.?British troope
last night successfully raided tha Oaf"
man lines in the region to the south of
Hebutcrne, north of Albert, the Way IS
office announced today. A British
lost recently taken by tha OfflMH
near Vieux Berquln on tha northern
side of the Lys salient was racspfral.
Borne prisoners and two machine COM
being taken In the operation.
WASHINGTON. June 1?.? Conttn*
ued artillery fighting in tha radon af i
I'hstesu Thierry and along tha Mama j
Is noted in General Pershing's (an<
inunioiK for yesterday which raacheA
the War department today. American
patrols have crossed tha Mama aad
token prisoners. J
| Members of the Electrical
I Workers Union No. 756
; will meet every Fd'hy
I evening at 7:30 'o'clock at
j the old Moose Home, Jef!
ferson St.
i j
/irginian In . :jB
nd business office of The
isiness department of the
dishing company are now
tan building at the corner ^
cribers, Marion, Jfl
mbined Red :j
ula in peraon at Routn 415 em
iltliuK. Fairmont. W. Va Cheokf
I at the abore address. Tht JoM
n?nt la requested.
XNINGHAM, Treas. ,
rou Do Not Need

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