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i*_. Musical Comedy.
iBwotfrome In Mexico
Otela The Midnight Trail
Prtaceia The Wasp
Kelson Ills Mother's Boy
HARLER RAT, the Paramount
t?r who is annwrln" in the
1^^ Thomas H I.;- pr< (!>:' lion "IIMother'*
Boy" at the Nelson theatre
It nuning a grievance. "It seems to
me." he remarlrod recently, "that the
Mthon might show a little more con
alteration for me. Thev pick out the
moat uncomfortable and tin gciatabh
places on the map for me to work in.
1 believe For Instance, In "His Fatli
er*a Son." which waa my laat I'ara
mount release, they gave me a glimpse
of gorgeous apartment, ami when 1
was just beginning to feci at home
there, moved me out to the very worst
little hotel in Montana. In 'His Moth
er'a Boy,' I had to spend most of m>
time in. an atrociously tight suit and
high collar?and. not content with that
In the oil fields of Texas."
All of which Charles Ray remarke I
jertingly, as he is one of the raon
popular and he?t na'ured stars of the
bee-Paramount studios.
? ?
Kitty Qordon in Interesting Vehicle.
"The Wasp," at the Dixie, proves to
he an interesting vehicle for Kitty
Gordon. bnV33C!?i?'. is hardly worthy
# her talent Mhf hestny. (inr of the
Host aerlous faults is that it callUpon
her to play a role for v bich she
la only moderately well suited, a debutante
Just out of colli go. T'10 story
I Itself, while exciting nt liW. is nor
Barked by any distinct novelty.
It tall* of the adventure* of Gran
Culver?known as "The Wa p." ho
cause of hef tlntrtncr remarks?when
he leaves ber home to escape marry
Ins the man her father has picked on*
lor her. She runs away, accompanied
by her maid, tn her own untom >hilo
Which Is driven by a recently employ
ed chauffeur who proves to be vary
familiar with his mistrces. Coincl
donees bring it about that the trio are
able to save old man Culver's muni
tlons factory from being destroyed by
German plotters, and afterwards it
IiriDHpirrs inai me iniperun"iii ? ;;.uu
( ur is a wealthy young gentleman
masquerading in order to win Gran'
Miss Gordon doe* all she ran with n
role that la limited in it* possibilities
Her beauty la a valuable asset. Rook
llffe Fellows overplays the part of the
bold chauffeur. Lionel Belmore, who
also directed the picture, makes a hi'
I land out. Mr. Belmire has chosen
lome particularly plcturesue exterior
settings and the interiors hare h en ar
ranged with care.
? ?
Comedy In Princess Feature.
William Rur.scll has one of the best
opportunities afforded him -ince his
career on the screen began in the of
faring, "The Midnight Troll" at the
Princess today. The story is one of
. nocturnal adventure with a strong
vain of comedy In it which suits the
peculiar genlu* of the yonr.g nctor admirably.
Mr. Russell is featured as n
young New Yorker of wealth who Is
relied with a passion for crime detection,
after reading the most famous
detective stories. A bcautl'ul girl,
Frucella Blllinctnn, in this Instance,
having been robbed of h v jo in
spina young Ja"k Woodford, who is
Mr. Russell, with n desire to salvo ti'.r
I myatory of the roi>bcrjr. When it turi
o?t that lovely Alice Morclanri is a
sleep walker and that aha has nnron
aclouely perpetrated the robbery her
elf. Woodford la hopelessly entail?
fled. The love affair thai result.: ends
la the usual way but with some novel
New BUI at Hipp.
Today, Ktlgore's Tlrsu* and Tidies
| company will present a ?' s
program at the Hippodrome in'roductoff
a number of new apoclaltier.
among which is an act by a Juvenile
performer that has not y< u t
Id thl program so far rrrlrr-d by
this very excellent company. On
Thursday niftlit after the fir..t per
f formance a real wedding will
place on the stage, when tw? m"m
hars of the troupe will be married
The contracting parties are Art NewMi
and Miss Jackie O'Brien, the
musical director of the how. The of
flciatlug clergyman has not yet been
announced. The event will undoubtedly
prove a magnet to attract an tin
usually large crowd, because of the
genuineness of the affair. Mr. Newman
has been railed to the colors and
will shortly leave for one of the can
F tonments.
Tanas Oil Fiatda Are Featured.
In "His Mother's Boy" which Is a*
the Nelson today the fortunes of n
Texas oil company play an important
pan, and afford r.n Interesting and
I f?\?s t'sn olnio1
WW !?< ?. * HI u u 11 u IUI I uc nivij,
Charles Ray never has had a better
Chance to display his marked talent:,
as a screen star than in "His Moth
R er-s Boy." The role is that of a younc
r - man brought up in a small New Kag
land town. His dead father had ret
o mm ended the purchase of stock In an
BBp oil company to some of his friends
The venture meets disaster, with the
result that the stockholders blame the
daad man for the finanlral mlsforCharles
Ray. as the son of the mm
I Whose reputation is maligned. declares
he will make good every loss sustained
by his father's friends, and in the ef
fort to lire up t6 his promise he goes
to Toxas, works in the oil fields, and
incidentally discovers why th" oil compasty
In which his father's friends are
^ A~ * hes mnt tullh lotlnro
Victor L. Schertxincer who lm>* horn
oiaocioted with Kay In all of this
TbOBM H. Ince'n atar'a recent erreen
r hcmiiw. directed the production of
L "Hia Motheri Boyv
jLetur* and British War Film*
r "Tlfar Boynton.'* the Genenil of the
S KoaheWers. ? heroic division cf
flhttej furitaof the femou* Fore:.-?
La?lon. vBl torture at th? Grand
- M; cad Saturday. June 31-52.
tstral Boynton la thia laciura oof
trnyg moat TtTitfy the startling valuation
ot this brutal conflict baring
been an active participant In It.'
bloody borrow.
General Boynton In tbla remarkable
lecture Is up-to-the-minute on tbh
most stupendous struggle In all the
world's history, and renders It startllngly
realistic by the colored slldea
and Alms made from actual, thrilling
Photographic scenui from the far
flung battle line of Flanders, official
ly released b;, tic IlittUh Government
for General Boynion a peciai use L
connection with hU lecture.
General Boynton, with his heroli
band of Muskcleeri, has bfpn thru
: more wars than nny other living man
: ? fighting for freedom and rights o.'
man in all the modt m wars. L'nlest
j blood'oss as no oyrter and s-mnelcz-.
, ii* ?* ( I.ui J 'UI u I IWO ^auwiwn iinii
j indignation will be stirred as you Us;
ten to hint.
"CtObfeUPS" ~
--"A Dog's Life," an exceptional
1 Charlie Chaplin crextl n in (.n Its ro?
iond and final ('ay at,the Dixie today.
?Virginia Mayo, who wn? n mfT?
her of fepp'e & Grr.enwald'"All Clrl
Revue," when it played at the Hip;
potlrome, wa:: married last week to a
orominent Iietr t. hu .inc s ni a. Mi. s
.Maye will retire from the hjsinrs.;.
. She wis former! - known In vaudeville
las n ntemher ' he team name of McNeil
and ?la; e.
?Jack Lewis, who is still well remembered
in Ktiruh at fir 'he rear on
of dramatic stock he gav? at th" Hip
p- lrowe, closei a *uce< . aftt! reesoa
..' Strand T -aire, lutaiglt. N C'.. la.week.
? R.-.ys "The N,-w York Clipper:"
E E. I-l'to-jith. forr-er Ch.oa'i the
iitric.il newspaperman, is planning -t
plear-nro tr .i to that eltv. Ho hao
been connected with a dol.y niipt-r In
his hwt tows. Filnwi, W, Va '
? Bobby Cos . ns, minstrel c1 iwn.
has c!o ed with /arrow's 7.?,
Trv.n Girls" tab and will op<-.i Willi
Yogel's Minstrels.
(Oontiued on page four)
I was received. In May eighty per cent
I was received. The submarine attacks
' on the coast lias interfered with the
1 percentage of coal reeei' od this
month, due to the fact that about
two-thirds of the coal is shipped by
vessel. Jfe was of the opinion that
i this difficulty would soon come to an
, end and the coal shipments would be
one hundred per cent.
Jenkins on Committee.
C H. Jenkins, president of the Central
West Virginia Coal Operators' As
sociation and one of the directors ot
the National'Coal Association, is on
the Coal Production committee of the
national organization, the appointment
being announced at the meeting of the
board of directors held at Washington
la. t Friday. A. H. Hamilton, pre ii
dent of the II. S. lTnmmil Coal company,
of Pittsburhg, Is chairman oi
that coram'ttee, Jcro 11. Wheelwright,
president of the association, was cm;
powered to name his associates, as
war the method of procedure In the np
i point mom of other commit top*. Tito
directors of the National Coal Association
for West Virginia are:
(' II. Jenkins, vice president HutchI
Inson Coal company of Fairmont.
(Terra expire* 1919.)
Qtiinn Morton, general manager Imperial
Colliery Co.. of Hum ,veil. (Terra
expires 1919.)
I J. J. Tierney, treasurer of JJailonal
; Coal Association, president Powj
hatan Coal ar.d Coko Co., of Philadel:
phla. (Term expires 1920.)
T. II. Davis, president I. land Creek
Coal Co., New York City, Is director
at large and represents West Virginia
thouph not e'.ec-cd in Ihe.t capacity as
does J"re H. Wheelwright, president
'of the Crnsolidatlon CoM C . of Hal
tin-ore, Md.. who r- present.- We t Vir
ginla though named to represent Mary;
Ccsl Pates.
The Francois mi.ie at Norwood, prnc
tleally n part of Clarksburg, Is workjjng
fall t'tne ti ls wk end have bean
making full time right clang recently
'will) me exception or test r riuay ana
Saturday when the mines were "down"
owing to the fart that the submarine
scare interfered with loudfiiK at Curtis
Bay, at Baltimore. The Francois
j is n t'vo t(p;i'.e plant, Puwwn as Nor
wood No. 1 mid No. 2. The capacity Is
j 22 can a day ar 1 rbont 1 ">ti men are
working at pre .eat although thero is
How to Keep Cool
on a Summer
Perspiring hours of hard rubbing and|
K.A>1,iaiM 1 cte Il4 tl jthllAtlaP.
WUI I*. !I1J5 "M 1 ? rnuun i>?3|.wv.v>
aren't a bit necessary in summer. In-'
deed, you can get better results without
boiling and bard rubbing when1
you use a soap lil.e Fels-Xaplha. j
X'scd in coo! or luk-warm water,
|fcls-Naptha gisrs you a *p'ejidid
wash .with little eflnrt and in far lest
time. The powerful cleaning combination
of soap and naptha clcantj
perfectly, and svlthout harming the
clotlics in the least
Here is the cool, easy way to wash)
Nslute clothes. Wet them, rub the;
loap on well, cover them with water,
and let them font: thoroughly. Rub!
lightly, rin.x thoroughly, wring and
pang out. llosv much Letter than
(the old tray.
(Direction* for washing all clothes
are found under the fai.iihar red
I !and green f rapper.
OH'r Felf-Ntprtt* . ,
| ^ 'rem your 0*11 cro?f^> [
G ~k? ??I 1
fr #*"
\ ^
<" >
Special Staff Dispatch.
Schnider. secretary of the Cleveland
j Athletic ( iub, lids bcon < noacn b;
rijotn for many more anrl it la hopei
I that men from other li Ids of ond.~av.ir
will go in the nines this summer In
ftreat nuir.h 'i Kail Garrett is super1
in'emlent of both of the Norwood
, minc.t.
The Helen Run Coal company nt
! I.nWPU'illo \Ii. - '.ifrnlia i.itinlf elnet
f 1 shipping coal Inst v.n The core
| pnny, of which Dick Carter of Clarksi
hurt? is president, a id i: J. Francois,
I of Clarksburg. vUr- president, has
I about oOO acres of coal. It is a tipple
Fuel Regulations.
D. R Lawson lias been in Washing'
I ton several times recently in conncci
lion vrith working out the railroad fuel
' proposition and expects an apportion
mart to he determined at an early
, date. The board of directors of the
National Coal Association at its re
cenl meeting at Washington discttssed
at some length the methods to bo pur
sued in making effective the new reg
illation?. The board directed the ex
ccutlve committee to bring certain
nrstteti to the attention of the I'nited
j States Fuel Administration at once. A
meeting of the executive committee
'I will bp held this week before calling
on the Fuel Administration.
Mining in the Movies.
A moving picture called "The Romance
of Coal" will ba filmed in We :t
Virginia coal fields the latter part 01
this month, if the announcements of
Miss Caroline Gentry forecasts w hat Is
going to happen. This persistent lady
has gotten the coal associations of
the state to donate certain amounts of
money and the State Council of Detout
NiM more, making <25,000 in
' all with which she intends to produce
a masterpiece of photoplay, something
not finite ro Rood as "The Birth of a
Nation,'' which will he shown in "fortv-fotir
different countries." Carroll
Clemine. formerly at tho New tijirk
Hippodrome, is dlrc< tor in chief for
Miss Gentry In tho film work and K.
Lloyd Sheldon is wrltlns the scenario,
I The forty-four countries In which the
nlm Is to be displaced are not yet an
; EB II g
( J I
Matinees at 2:45. 20c.
! NtgliU at 7:30 and 2, 20c & 30c.
! in lew'
' I.au?h'nK Musical Show a 1th
flood Singers. Rett! Comedians.
Special Scenery, Beautiful Costumes,
Pretty Singing and
Dancing Girls.
| A Real Wedding
jl on the Stage
His Met!
I That versatile TounR star. Cli
til which tl;e upeniux acme > tri> l.i
arc transferred to tlio ruM holds
ind adventure woven tueethur bv
iuteicst you will recall with pleaai
A Modern Murketeer Fea
I ' 1 '* ' . II - * ! -
| Charles Schwab. construction chief of 0
Fuel# Sam's big shipbuilding organi- f!<
! ration, to put "pap" into America's
j rhip riret?rs. 1 jL"
Schwab and Schneider met for the
j flr.t time a few we?ks at;o when the J*
! shipbuilding head visited Cleveland J'1.
t to urge Great flakes shipbuilder* to
speed up. At on of the meetings
I arrainged. Schneider was chosen to I**
| introduce the suext of honor. From i
! part experience, Schwab expected tht | fi
, :.p?ecli of Introduction to be a formal
j rtlff-bosomed. routine and dreary ut-' cj
1 inrmcn I>tv fioSnAiriar itimrlhA l I
iumv . A. j ki k wvuuvauva W '
: mm.
t Speaking with the vigor and empha-j
; si* of Tit'.ly Sunday at hi* b?st, Schne,-!
dcr put enough pun h and *lang ir.tt. "
, his introductory talk to make even1
Schwab *il up and take notice. ' to
i "When the presides' wanted tome-,
i one to line out a home run on our ship;
bulitiint; Job." he declared, "he didn't {in
jo to the bush league* to get him. No!
' siree! Ho went right Into the bur
league* and copped off the most con
I sistcnt pinch hitter Americen bust-!lc
, neon has ever kmwn. He hat* belter
than .50') ail the time end they n?ver V
come too fast or too twisty for him."Ill
And a lot more of the same stuff
Schneider's talk Schwab perceived, w
went over the plate and put the whole N
i crowd up on it* toes.
"I v.er.t that fellow to go out and m
talk "> the men In the yard." the ship- tc
building boss declared.
"He's got more pep and gingc in n
! * minute than any fellow I've heard
j ,u an age. And he g' t* it acros*. j ,?
One ;.ood . Y like ti- t j3 each yard
'- -n ac- rivsti askh|
1 day oil each Job." i (
; And that'. why Schneider is nowi
I touring ihe shipyards. ||.
nounced. suhjeet. probably to the *uc !
i e s of the kaiaer in the drives .made j r''
-euitiiit civilisation for i! would be fool-1
i: h to try and sell the peoples of the i
! Herman alliance itny coal for We3t Yir-. B
rinia miners would refute to (Hit It and ' _
VVt\-i Virginia operators would refus" .""
to ship it.
Naw Shipping Regulations.
t'mlcf regulations at the Fuel Ad
. mlnistratioa each shipper of coal here
i after will be required to stamp on all
hipping notices or invoices the num
! iter of the producing district in which
! the shipment originates. District Rep
resen'atives of the Fuel Administra
. | Hon have been Instructed to inform'
.shippers that this regulation is effective
a' once and that the required Information
muat he ataraped on tho ini;
voire* and shipping notices. Retail
dealers and consumers will use the
number of the producing district in all
weehly reporta to State Fuel Adminis
- tratora so that these officials ma;
know from what producing districts
eoal is moving to any particular
! Ths producing district numbers and
tho name and address of the official,
i representative for each producing dis
rit t are:
No. 1, Central Pennsylvania, J. P.'
! Cameron. Altoona, Pa.
No. 2. Butler-Mercer Region (West-|
; ern Pennsylvania field, norih of Pitta,
| burgh). F. B. Reimnnn. Butler, Pa.
j No .3, Pittsburgh and Panhandle diri
? !
tp""*'1 ' * ' " ' ' 'Tj
11 A. M. to 11 KM.
Dixie Orche tri
A Dog's Life
, The Biggest and Meet Experv if,
eive Picture Produced by Chci- ||.
4 Months to Product. |j
100 People in Cast
i Kitty Gordon :
An up-to the-mlnute World
atractlon. :
LSON Today 1
tfs Bov
arlee Par. In i Paramount featura
I<1 ia < lii.mii' NVw Kiir.!anil, and later I
of the weat. Ixive.^lhrlll*. intrigue
a master hum) into a burning heart |
turing Douglas Fairbanks.
? i
let*, R. v:. Gardiner, Plttabvsh. Pa.
No. la. Westmoreland refton (Inria, { .
reenaburg Lljtonler, tad Latrobe is
elds). Julian B Huff. Greensburf. Pa. tt
No. 3b. ConrsllsTllle region, C. K p|
snhart. Cnlontonn. Pa.
No. 4? Somerset Meyorodale, rum i~
jrland-Pledmoot. and Vpper Potomac '
"Ids, Johu C. Brvdon, Cumberland '
No R. FRirmont district. D. R. LawIn.
Fairmont, V. Va.
No. S. Northern and Central Ohio
slds, D. F. Hurd, Cleveland. Ohio.
No. 6b. Michigan. Arthur N. Fan
irr, Bay City. M'ch.
No. 7, Southern Ohio.W. D. McKtn!y,
Columbus. Ohio.
No. >a. Bir Sandy-Klkhom fields, C
. ocfcnft. Ashland. Ky.
Sb. Hazanl field, U. A Hord, Lexitig
>n. Ky.
So 9. II *h Volatile 'elds of Southit
\Ve?t Virginia, A. H, Land, HuutiSton.
W. Va.
No. iCa, New H vcr nr;d Winding
u!f fields, W. R. Ltn<morinu:i. ( Uar'.c^
in, W. Va
No. iOb. Pocahontas. Tug River and
irginia Anthracite field', K. J. Howe,
lueileld, W. Va.
No. 11. flint it Valley and Southcsterti
Virginia fields, G. L>. hilgoro,
orton. Va.
No. 1-. Souther. .tern Kentucky, Tencsrea.
and Georgia f.cldr, L. K Clay- ,
m. Knoxv.'lle, Tenn.
No. lit. Alah.'-na. E. A. Holmes irminai.am.
No. 11. Western Kent'.: '.::' C. 1"
eed, Loal vllle, KNo.
Id,I idiu'i: , C G. Hall, Terre
ittuie, Ir.d.
No. lti, Illinois, r C. Honnoirt, Chii;o.
Ill .
N'o. IT, Iowa. Mi our. Kansas. Aran:.is,
Oklahoma and Tcxa."., H. N".
nylor. Kansas City. Mo. I
No. IV. I.ako I>ji V.'. 11. Grove:
irn, Minneapolis Mlna.
No. 15, .
No. .'0. Wr.shlr on t .o of', P. C.;
Kjttiii'-. S -attic, W;. h.
|used J
1 ?nnrl 91
In the Siege of |
Troy?1184 B.C.
Judgment caused
the huge, hollow
Wooden Horse to be
built. Then be filled
it with his soldiers.
The Trojans hauled
the horse tri umphantly
into their city. At
night the Ureeics got i
out of the horse and
the Siege of Troy
was over.
Today Good Judg- ?
ment is making an increasing
number of
Tom Keene Cigars,
i Good Judgment selects
the leaf, ages it,
blends it?watches it
through the eyes of
ripe experience. 1
And more aud more
men of Good Judgment
are pointing to ; i
the Tom Keene boxes ?
in their dealer's c;i1 c<s.
IYourownGoodJ- .!?j- II
m?nt?why not i t it l
guide you to (Tom I
j| The Ggar made with to
S goodJudgment /,
Unclr S?m promuri r'ompt d?- II i
livrry tolulboyl. I?'?C x>d Jude- II
meal luirntfthrm Ton kernel. II 1
L. Go'dsnit ||
Epo. i: Co.
Vladivostok la tho ehfef town et
it Siberia iH ku bcon tka Boat
portant eeat of Russian Influence in
ie Fir .?ast. The chief value of the
ace lies in Its eicelleut h?W.
TV rul.vkf tkea
A U I/Cii^Ub U1E
of the Summer
and June Bri
Thc.e surprising envelope chemise
otinsook lace trimmed about the
blue or pink ribbon. The shoulder
this also. Si*e?
?4 to 45. Special
Or.e of the prettiest envelope chn
flirt1!, is of fine while uainrook t
crcd orRcndie medallions set in e
an I lace adding to its bauty The
orctely trimmed as r ell as the fror
Sizes Oil to 45. Spec ial
Japanese -ilk sod creie de chine c
' i - ih miaes flesh color, lace trim
hoc 1 embroider d a id on? Matty 1
otitis .!. sfttrs Cfi to 44.
Special at V 11
Pink Ratiste right gowns daintily n:
squar or V shaped r?>'.:k. lace trim;
run v'th Hue cr pink ribbon. Si/-nml
Special Vl
Japanes satin and crepe de chine r
soles and corset covers, lace and
embroidered. One Myie made with
Special ^ 9
:Z7. rjARm
TODAY. * ?* *CCotoo*
and >
Pf See
f r 1
'v Support!
I ?At rrn
I T01
Right it 1:30. Mitine
Official British W?
(General of th
Oie of the Heroi
A Thrilling Recital of His
Has Heen to "fi
Prices: Nii>ht, Adult
Matinee, Adults 2
Official mom aMi kr mm* *? K
tiosal toaka hi tha North waat to the H
Comptroller of to* Cimacr lit* that ifl
many bank 4tractor* to that Mellon
cannot writ* toatr nan* tad to na i
murk. V
nuslins 1
Heart I
* arc rf floe If It fl
top run with ' I I \l fl
oiraps are of Rj I^B H
il $
iRTHf pfor^ Buy 1
Sflht \ w.s.s.
.,co,J*J Today.
He went
"Over the Top " ^B|
He's going ft
again? I
m I
<ou eon go untn nun i
Sergt Arthur Guy
td by Lois Meredith, Taiss I'
lorraon end aa ilUtv I
i Entire Week
Commencing: '
Monday* June 24th.
I Prices 20c and 30c.
I- V*
0J^9h V
JUNE 21-22 I
Sitariiy Oily U Ml I
cd With V
r Slidu ud Filfr
e Musketeers) 1
? of tti Mini lp|
Exnerionwo lw fW '
ell and Back."
s 50c; Children 25c.
5c; Children 15c. Jg. ^fl
OTAMpa * * * fcJMB

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