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AiTiTPn annnv
*Wl Town Facing Wholesale
Change in the Teaching
mimic mini umu
Patrons are Afraid Board's
Policy Will Reduce
David A. Ward, superintendent for
Che last seven years uf the .Mannington
schools, has resigned Prof. Broadwater,
principal for five years, has accepted
a position at the Tyler county
high school at Middleboume and is toBday
packing bis household goods preparatory
to going. In the opinion of
Mannington people the school system
of which they are all proud face:, a
SiiDerlntendent Ward wu reluctant
I to give out information but stated that
bia reasons for resigning were that he
could not conform with the policy of
tbe Board of Education in setting up
a condition in the school which he con
atdered would lower the standard of
the schools.
It was stated on good authority that
the new policy of the board consisted
primarily In placing one man in the
position of two; In combining principal
and superintendent's work. The Intention
of the beard to do this Is causing
much discussion not only In Mannlnston
which is affected the most,
but in neighboring cities, all more or
less interested in e-lucational matters
at the present time. School people in
Manntngton reel tnat me comoineu position
In the school Is an Impossible
one and fear that a school organization
posserslng one of the highest
rtandnrda In the state is about to be
The Mannir.gton public schools are
housed In one large building containing
sixteen grade rooms, two rooms to
a grade. There are four high sell o\
rooms on the third floor, making twenty
rooms to supervise. An auditorium
Is used for mechanical drawing an 1
tcmmerfinl studies. Domestic science
Is tru-ht in two rooms in the basement
Three grcde classes meet In the
c'd Dnp.'st church, part of which ha?
been rrel for coven year*. This buildin''
Tvaa bought by the school author!t!?a
thrco years ago and remodeled.
The Wilson school has four teachers.
Prof. I'roadwater. principal of the entire
school, taught history during the
Imcrnirg hours Desicies his other duties
He is a specialist in history.
School people In Manolngton say
thet the hoard doe: n't distinguish between
business and professional duties;
In the school and that the school
never faced so critical a situation.
That It is a question whether tho
school advances or goes backward, according
to whether the board carries
out or changes its present now policy.
That It has made such conditions with
reference to the administration for
next year fhat no self respecting educator
could accept the double position
open . That If a man should accept
such a double position he would risk
certain failure. That though a single
athonty la maintained in a number
of aehools throughout West Virginia,
the Mannington public aehools Is of
necessity too bis a field for It to be
attempted there.
!The sentiment or the town ts not
represented in the policy ?f tlio board.
One of the citizens said today?"Due
credit oust be riven a minority of the
board, not in favor of the present policy."
When asked why the board deaired
a change, which according to repert
was responsible for over half of
the high school force leaving, and for
about six or eight vacancies In the
grades, the reply was: "The Board of
} location thu.kv merely of the money
v. rdeofit Professor Broadwater wanted
su increase In salary. The superIintendent
would have wanted still
' aore. By cutting the two jobs into
one and reducing the high school
force, the twenty per cent. Increase In
grade teachers' salaries and an increase
to $120 a month for some of the
hlsh school teachers, could he met sat.
Mannlngton citizens fear their
schools will come to be reckoned second
class unless something can be
don*. The high school inspector of
Pittsburgh grades the Mannlngton
schools as of ths best In this part of
the country. At a meeting of high
school principals at Morgantown a few
sooths ago. the Mannlngton schools
as a whole were considered among the
bast organised schools In the state.
A. Duncan Tocum, of the University
of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia,
spaalu very highly of the Mannlngton
public schools. The school as organised
ths last seven years by Superlna..
www a a t\_i_ _j i wa J
Iivnaeni mm uo rriacipai tjrosuwster
has been run successfully on *
unit bail*, a plan which baa been
worked out by the National Educational
Association. Briefly, this plan affords
opportunity for pupils to select
the studies they have a special liking
and talent for. The plan restricts
then to certain fields; they must take
English and one other major and two
minors. In other words they can select
one major and two minors and
eaa take the subjects which belong in
tkoec. This forces a pupil to eon cantract
bis work, preventing a scatter.
lag of subject*. It alto allow* free opportunity
for a boy or girl to aalact bla
owwjtaa of work.
A ' Thar* aro mtm high school taachm
besides the special teacher* at
Kj' - Maonlofton. Out of theao Mlaa Edna
feoft ta to remain and ao la Margaret
? ).f,A . .j.
Mocklar. Mrs. Bomb la to remain
conditionally. According to report today
tba rest are considering other positions.
Out of sixteen grade teachers.
nearly half are looking out for different
positions. Some of them claim !
they may stay but not If they can find
something better. A number of them
complain of a dictatorial policy on the
part of the school board which has persisted
for some time. The bosrd consists
of Oeo. W. Bowers, president; A.
J. Hess and L. J. McMUlen.
The Maonlngton public school has
been a member of the Southern As- ;
sociatlon of Secondary Schools and:
1 Colleges for three or four years. The
' standard of membership requires that
t vro-thirds of a school faculty have col-f
i lege diplomas. Unless changes to the'
contrary are made, two teachers remain.
one with degree. Two have
been selected by the board with no degrees.
One more la needed. It la
necessary to apply every year to the
Southern Association. "If the amount
of teaching is lessened." said one of
U?wiiln?irtti'a walI lrn/MPn mon tr?H?r
.ujlimiijiun m n??i mmw k u imvu wuu; t
; "it *?>11 place the faculty as second j
class." The state lew puts that matI
ter in the hands of the State Board of
i Superintendent Ward says that he
has had no unpleasant relations with
the board and that he is a good friend
of all the members. He feels, however,
that the task which he saw
ahead of him as superintendent, with
inadeuate supply of teachers both as to
uality and quantity, was more than he
! cotild undTtake and maintain the
j standard of the schools. Superintend
. ent Ward spent five years before coming
to Mennington In a military school
In Michigan and two and one-half,
years at Morgan Park Academy, Chi
cago, 111.
Many of Mannlngton's citizens were
; glad to express an opinion of the condition
existing in Mannington. George
W, Bowers, president of the board of'
education, said he would be glad to
give an account of matter:; in a few
days but at the present time refused
, to ?'ve out anything for publication.
Move to Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hersey and
family left Tuesday evening for M ;rgantown
where they will reside. Mr.
iiersey having a position there.
foot Improving.
Bert Christy, who has been on
crutcher for some time, with a badiy
sp/ained ankle which he received in
an auto accident has laid aside the
supports, as the foot has begun to improve
Danes at Park.
An informal dancing party was given
at I.'ureka para last evening, in hon
r?r cf Itay McGee. Joseph Cottrill and
Howard Holiobaugh, who left this
morning for Ithaca, X. Y., to enter the
ll ' '
nf an A
anced, after all
lines of busines
crippled by war cor
ones which face unust
The law of averages i
mestic commerce. I
industry there is mor
in lines of manufactu
materials and product!
bibited list
America's success in v
ured by our ability t
well clothed, well houi
and as happy as the pa
ffriaf and anvipfv w
things must be made,
enjoyed, and business
speeded-up activity in
to equalise the stagiu
ments of the governm
The country's needs
among these needs an
determination, enthusi
Where resources are i
the making of muni tic
I New York
? ? > *
?? a' "=as
U. S. Aero service. The perty retimed'
to the city by Mtoaobilei.
Mevee to Brookside.
J. R. Timmi. cashier of the Bank of
Manr.'.ngton. his purchased the old
Fv.rbee homestead In Brookside, and
after some Improvements hive been
made will occupy the property with
his family.
Guest Honored.
Mrs M. F. Hamilton entertained a
party of young ladles at a luncheon at
her home In Main street yesterday, In
honor of her rueat. Miss Miller, of
Berkeley Springe.
Sell* Property.
C M Lowtber bee sold bis property
In Franklin street where the Lowthers
have resided for several ye.ara past,
to James J. Allen, of this city.
Refused Admission.
Harry Washington has returned
from Camp Lee. Virginia, after having
been refused admission to the U. S
military service on account of having
lost an eye.
War Savings Campaign.
Chairman Guy S. Furbee has an
nounced the meetings to be held in
Mannington district during the War
Savings Stamp campaign which ends
Friday, Jure 28. and also his list of
speakers, which includes both men and
women, all of whom arc capable of the
task asilcned them. Meetings at
Glover Gap. Grangevtlle. Logan port
and Metz were held last evening, those
taking part from this city being 11. E.
Mocklcr. Mrs. F. E. Furbee, B. E
Mitchell, Miss Marlon Shaw, C. E.
Womple, Mrs. Mary Simmons, W. M.
Hess and Mrs. Guy S. Frubee Meetings
will be held on June 20 at Rymer,
K*: ingiown. Peanut and Seven Pine3.
and or. June 28 at Curtlsvllle, Dent s
1m:j. Duncan. Flat Run. Glover Gap,
GiT.ngeville, Logansport, Rymcr. Pea
nut. Strlngtown and Seven Pines.
Munnlngton peop'e will sneak at all
th??a meetings in conjunction with
llic local rooiuiiuces at the places
Mrs Emily llauhe. ot Tarer.tum. Pa .
has arrived here for a visit with ner
two sens. Jesse Hanbo and Alexander
llanbe and tamilles in Je.Tcrson street.
Mrs. Frank W. Bowers left yesterilr
y for a visit with relatives in Wheeling
William Muldrew has returned from
a visit with relatives in Moundsville.
Mrs. H. J. Matthews and daughter.
Miss Mary, are guests of relatives In
William Campbell will leave Saturdaj
to spend a few months at his
home In Masontown. Pa.
S. J. Le;;p;ett was a business visitor
in Fairmont yesterday.
Tho Mlares Hflen Rodraon sud Edna
Scott, t'achers in the local h'gh school
I he past term, left yesterday to spend
the slimmer at their homes, the former
oging to Lancaster. Ohio, and the latpressional
books are bal- ing of ships, i
, as between the ting of our fig
s that have been portation of
iditions and the mands, they n
l? ? t AL. A.
jai opportunities. 'or mc wants
Moreover, It i
it saving our do- ,
, for touching
or every stifled
. , nets, for applv
e than its match . ,
structive adve
im "p,?"???? mind i, topt
i outside the pro- ,
fore. The An
customed to t
rerwiUbemeu- *ho?'11
? keep ?11 fed. n"m
eed. eomferttble, ""t eettil etoel
ng, of individual "?n' "< > ?<?
[11 P _ MM. IS. .?
ui pcnxm. ao, wnue ine ma
and bought, and changed, new i
kept going, with upon the map
certain channels and more will
ition or require- hare never
ent in others. never protect
trueting the <
are first?and national good
e national spirit, should heed a
asm, confidence. accept an opp
lot demanded in present itself
ns, in the build- many years.
4 V"
ooks Building, Chic
ter to Homer City. Pa.
Dr. R. M. Hite be* returned from a
business visit in Wheeling.
? T ? m ts ft l.*^?
i j. i. ivoen ana von. tv d i\oen, wm
business visitors in Fairmont yebterday.
Joseph Schwab left today for Portj
Allegheny, Pa., shere be will spend
the euuiraer. Mr. Schwab haa been
employed at the Marion Window Glass
Mary Howell and son, Robert,
r f Morgan'oun, arc guests of the former's
daughter. Mr*. R M Johnson,
in Sycamore. Mrs. Bucna Beckett, a
sister cf Mrs. Johnson, has returned
to Morgantown after <t visit here.
Barbour County Coal to be
Turned Into Coke and
GilAFTON. June 10.?Tuesday evel
nine's ! sue of The Grafton Sentinel:
] contain M the following story about'
| tlie prn p ctive construction by the
Mope Natural Gas Company lnt<res.of
a huge byproduct coke plant in
i Braxtsn county:
| For several (i. ' The Sentinel har,
been heaving rumors from the M <atsville
section tip the riser that plans
were a foot to build at or near that
little village nn eno<*s\ous coal-coke-,
cas and cheni al plant by the II >pc
Natural Gas Company and that much
land was being bought up fhrau'th
i mai bcciiod ai uie nrsi step in mmr
; threat project. We liave be"a working
: on the matter and recently secured
a definite Idea of the plant that Is
rapidly shaping Itself Into realty.
For several wee'.:;: pa: t agents of
I Pittsburgh cap'ta'lst* have been at
j work t 1 g option., on all farm, from
the nioaih of Raccoon Creek where It
runs Into Trier's Creek two miles
aobro and Fast of Moatsvil'e down
i both st ies of Teter's Creek for a half
| mile hark from the at ream to its
month at th" rivrr at MoaUrllle. The
whole village of Xottnllk and half!
I mile of iv.vr and railroad frontage1
above and below the village were also
| Inrlnded. O.er a thou-and acres of
: land has been optioned in fee on a
; four months option for cash at ar.
average of ISO to ?S5 per a> re. All
: sorts of rumor* have been circulated
to Just T hat the ourpoM of the land
i purchases were being made but if the
[ plant is built?and there now senilis
! to be little doubt of it?it Is to be an
i enormous coal reduction plant to oper1
ate on the great coal tract owned by
the Hope N'atural Gas Company. The
operation however will not bs conducted
by the Hope Company, but will be
tie Mind
n the feeding end outfithting
forces, in the transmaterials
for war's deiust
be used in providing
of the ones at home.
. .
o utvgi v|/pvt iuia itiuo
the national consciousing
the influences of conirtising.
The American
essionable, as never benerican
public is now actusiness
changes. It exle
time is ideal for standifactured
lines, simplify
a, establishing new relatrade
and the public.
p of the world it being
lames are being stamped
of American businessbe.
Manufacturers who
advertised ? who have
ed themselves by con* ,
me impregnable wall of
I will and prestige ?
heartening message and
ortunity which may not
again so favorably for
carried oat by an independent cor
po ration.
The understanding we gatheT of the
matter l- that the operating company 1
prop > i bui'.d a JI.MMlpV plan; I
i*u miles East of Moatavillc on thej,
J. O. Freeraau farm at the mouth ol I
Raccaon t reek for the purpo e c.'i
mining and reducing coal. There will ]
oc bo coai scnmcat in tn.\ usuai rr.. .
canttle fo: i. bm .ill tbe coal go ln.j
retort for re J action to produce cok \ j
gas. taw an. iia and the inr.unterah!
by-product of real and then other department*
of the great plant will car
ry on :He further manufacturing of
these raw % lal products Into the
myriads of chemical of which re
coal Is the base.
The property which the Moatsvllle
op-ration will work will be part ?>.
the great Hope Natural Gas Co . fi-'d
'i Kai tern Barbour r^intv compri r .
t.ObO acres ot girally taken up h
.' M. G.tf.ey and a -n- .> ? i?* i;- |
years as > and eft: . '.nr. o I
by the Hope G.i* On npany. Th! 1
enormous iract of coal tuns all the j
v.ay from lower t I).strict of Bar f
bmr county through the whole Ej-i t
11c of Barbour to nr r Bcllng'.on i I
the south) rn end of the county an 1 f
rum the river East to the slope., of
P.'rh mountain.
Th~ < al it. 1 dnl tit compri e much '
it ar.v surfai e and none al ail v. it i
the prop.) ed i g u>c:.*ing plant ncui J
Moa villc tl Ogned to Ij'-t . llon< '
flrat no<A.\. ur> move v . to seen tii
required Mir'.ace for i tprra'.lo:
A brani'h : : iroul v. 1 le c r true
ed front the n itii I.. of the 11 C- o.
to Bcliti \ i: . :i:l 1. in ;.t >1 .at lilc
up Tctc. a truck to t to t,.; of tl. t'lanutactu'iP.K
r'ant at tho mouih c ,
Raccoon 'h t wo :. a distant. '
Here tint piniit will be elected on the
fieeland firm. which Las been bought
for that purpo e.
Mrs. Alio It. Mii cr, Mr Knisl t.
Mrs. V.crrirn ;> a ;rt M.-.s M. a L ;.n
attend-:i tba i'ytii, n s .er con-entiou
;.t Ti rn Alt:. t'Jt'.uv.
Metropolitan Opei
Makes Records ]
for Colum
The enlistment of this
ization under the Colur
the best proof of how hi
l.ij aiu:. c..i _
19 11C1U* AI1U UI19 111 91 g
Faust's famous Ballet
promise of what is to con
Amparito Farr
The Columbia (
This brilliant young Ai
makes a particularly ha
record including "Swe<
"Mighty Lak' a Rose."
songs both, enriched b]
diant loveliness.
"i i
Ttw OvwkMi
Toum bar* ot work or Debt, TU?u?.
Dey'? can't touch me, sah, le dc
nanager ob a laundry.
What'a the name of the laundry?
Martha?Boston Traaacript.
| Axpaster
Size 27x52 in.
AH woal pile face. Orirntal.
ftor'l or animal pattern*. Vmr
chccf, ;p:c<al at
I A Jm
:l Buy War Sa
| Oi...... ..or.o AMU LLAOfcRS
r July Numb
a Orchestra
bia 4
i historic organ- fAf
nbia standard is jfflh,
gh that standard It
lorious record of W
Music is only a ' uf/j,
uc. A6041?$1.50 W i
ar Joins Mm
nerican soprano
ppy debut *vith a
:t and Low" and lffk
Rarely beautiful "/Urn
/ a voice of raA2535?tl.00
New York Philh
Victor Herberts A
, American war songs in a thi
fairly Barnes with patriotism,
plains why this great symph
\ such thunderous applause i
| concerts.
39 other Splendid Selects
f Send some records to your soldier,
la hi* Y. M. C. A. or Knights ol Colui
New Columbia Record* en ssfe
at every moot
EVENING, JUNE 90,1918. *'
- . rtr
Excuse roe, madam, but here 1* a
I ihoujht I *""11 2 ctran.
No, madam, v i were hanging on,a r
l| mr Km n i f It) J >urrul. I
?gs|y II
S'ze In.
H nun:roi? d'sijn-.. light J '
d"rk pattern-; buy thrm no*
vh:le they Irst
fl ?E
viisgs Stamps |
ers of
| 1J .
uli. 9
armonic Plays
merican Fantasia
'illing medky that .
A record that exony
orchestra won
n its cantonment IIII^V]
mis in July List I
There's a Orstonola
a? ioth ud 30th cj
K *L !

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