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?AW> THAT ao?> HOWS." !
W Bw Warworn Prtntiaff and PubUahlne f'omianv
flM Wwt TlrttnUn BmnVuc, Adams and Qulncj Bta.
W. t. WOUL, Ueoeral Mut|>r.
?Mr. I Circulation Mennfer.
dd?aSli? HiH^r | Huperlntende&t.
, i ^ M ' '
himmm or rfta amociatsd pri??.
Tkt AaoMW Prta l> exclusively entitled to the uae for
MM?ttoo of aM new? dlapatchea credited to It or not
(MVtae credited In thle newapaper and alao tlie local
mKmUIiM herein. All rlahta or republication of epeclal
?fclln heVeln are alao reacrved.
^TBLKPHOj? U Millet, 1107. All departments reached
Ji ^BtelZl^kltosrtlaing RepresenUtls*. ROBERT K WAiU).
WWtt AVSWOe. New York. 6 . Wabaali Ave.. Chicago.
BY l^IL?fPayahh In advniloe only.) On* year JJ.OO.
tegioHtbs. Woo, tlw.e month.. 11.lu. one month. too.
wtt eUiianOK-(!r. fltffrrSbnt) On* year. ?7 0". six
atcteha. |S.<0; on* month, <0*, on* wo?k. lie. Per copy
~"BY raBBnSB IQiitilrir of Fairmont) On* month. Tic;
CM Ws?, l(c By carrier Thrr* Cent*.
AO subscriptions payable In advance .
Whan ashing lor chang* In address civ* old a* well as
n*w address.
Entered at th* Hoatofflcc ut Fairmont, West Virginia, as
coM^jastmatter _
Bctwcrlber* on our carrier routes falling to get The West
Ylittelan any evening should call ' WESTERN' CWION."
slat* the fact and glv* name and residence and a mess >nger
Will deliver a paper to your >loor at once. There la nu
charts to th* subscriber for this service.
/ t 1\
By uniling we stand, fcj? dividing we full.
Then join in hands, brave Americans ad,
o '
? dhM* t s .1
NUW that the railroads ot tne country nave gone
through the process which Jerome J. Hrtddox of the
Cuyaa Valley Thunderer calls'being McAdood we ;
hesitate to make any prediction as to the possible outcome j
of tha Morgantown and Kingwood railroad's notice that '
it il going to go out of business on the first of the momh .
hocauee it cannot nyike end:, meet. However, if something
tinged with unpleasant surprise were to happen to the officer*
and directors of the corporation it would be strictly in
fcwpmg with precedent.
The business of being a railroad is not a mere vulgar
aooey making career. Lots of railroads have never made
agy money anyhow, but thft is neither here nor there for
the purposes of the present discussion. T he big idea is
that money making is merely an incident even when money
H made. Railroads exist to give service. They are set
down on the tax books of this and other comonv.ealths as
public service corporations. In order that they may the
batter perform their duty they are given many privileges.
In return they are expected to perform certain functions in
the interest of the whole public. One of these is to haul
goods and passengers at more or lew regular intervals and
with reasonable efficiency.
There never is any confusion about this when railroad: j
are started. Promoters work the field with great skill. >
and while they have no objection to the buyers of stock
CJ:~? 1... ,L- 1 ..ail L. ... U
UCliCUII| UIK tunic Uay UlC lUUU *>U? llica*v ckuu^ii mwnv;
to pay dividends, the main appeal is always that it is r.
duty die prospective stock buyer owes the community. But
a* time goes on the control of samall roads falls into the
hands of a few men and every once in a while the owners
of a little road which is losing money make up their minds |
that they will just "quit cold."
Unless they consult a good railroad lawyer then is when ,
they it their surprise, for under the old di:p:n:aticn the
Interstate Commerce commirsion, in the case of road - that
cross a state line, or the public service commission, if the
road is intrastate, serves warning that the corporation is
not its own boss, but the servant of the great American
public, and that if it lies down on the job pains and penalties
will be sited upnn the owners and managers. In ;
several instances owners have been compelled to run such
roads at a loss and give adequate service for a long time
before they were able to get from under.
In the case of the Morgantcwn and Kingwood there i; '
Dot the slightest chance that the road will be permitted to
nupaad. There are at least ten ccal operations upon it
aow and n time there will be many more. The road has
been in grossly incompetent and none too public spirited t
hands for some time and as a result the service has given (
rise to much complaint, but the chances are that some ,
effort will have to be made to run trains until a remedy can
to worked out
la all seriousness the case may become quite notable in I
he railroad history of the war, for it is likely to bring up
nuarely before the Railroad administration the real problem
of the short line roads of the country. Some time ago
P* announcement was made at the office of the director j
jeneral that the short lines would not be taken over, but !
fiat they would be assisted in various ways. That was a
pant disappointment to the owners of a number of poverty
jtiicken and ran down roads who had hoped that the govSnment
would relieve them of their burdens. The M. 5c
|L is the first road to make the definite announcement that
I cannot go any further and the government will have to
MBwUto some sort of direct aid. If it took the road over
?re would be veritable avalanche of such cases, so there
i little likelihood that will happen. At all events the
MMfMMBt of the Monongalia and Preston road has
Irtsd something the outcome of which will be watched
4 comidereble interest throughout the country.
L . o
IF Austria 2s about to crumple up, a circumstance which
would be certain to put Germany on the defensive and
may be force the German armies on the west front to
M beck to the Rhine, die time is close at hand when the
hmorican people will have to be on their guard against
|w cajolery of a German peace offensive.
When it is no longer possible to fool the German people
jrs of the German people will attempt to deceive the war
! - 1 Real explanation
n. Orr,. not y?t discovered h
rut stuff zzzsksz
If they evei get
tee some oi the deputy sheriffs have dlticulty most of th
tillered their services to the County cautions on railioadi
oi rtl of Defense for farm work dor- can be abandoned.
There are mubllna
Well, II wont hurt thoee guys In,
ie?ii iu Uu at couyiv ?i weuu rriti i aims ik u?r iwn mw
I TiUttoymr. jjr"in *r# wUe they will pr
W ' I cyoMtoe rlgot ewmy.
,Ut> ef tlwrtM H to ?kr til
bek occurred Yuaterteft ?v Hi kowewtree m
id undertaken energetically.
German submarines have blown up another empty
tioop ch'p engaged in transporting American soldiers'
to Europe. Every time this happens it causes unea3i-.
ness. hut the fact that none but iciurning transports
have been molested Indicates that cn the outward trip
they arc too well guarded for safe attack.
At a military conference held at the American head-;
quarters in France in which General Fcch and Premier!
Clemenceau both participated complete agreement was
reached for Franco-American cooperation. Evidently
at the point where the fighting is managed they are
not permitting the events in Italy to slow up the effort
to defeat the foe. There Is a broad hint for the people
her at home in that. The way to win the war is to
win it.
Are you making preparations to do your part on V.'ar
Savings Stamp day? Remember business and manufacturing
establishments have been requested by the
Governor in his proclamation to close from 2 to 4 on
Friday so that every one may have an opporunlty to j
attend the meetings in their respective districts and
make a savings pledge.
a sutp, *adp, s<*nsiuie anu patriotic i-ourin-o-juiy.
That's the btufT! .Spend it either in the harvest or corn
field and then no none will have reason to question your
patriotism?on that day, at leant.?Kanawha News.
And still knit, sisters, knit with care: knit for the
boys who are "over there."?Wheeling Intelligencer.
The President and The Times-Record both advocate
compelling every physically fit man to perform some
useful labor. We have no Idea where one could find
better opinions on the subject.?Spencer Times-Record.
is that they have 1 berries sell at 30 cents a box all the
aw two trains can Huns are not in Germany,
lions on the same
i) same time. Boarding house keepers have organ
* , ted.
arouftd this little '*!' *''' '*
e safety first pre- When the restaurants got together
i and trolley linej rates went up.
* But be an optimist.
I* in the air. , -<.
Maybe it won't happen again. /Jt
apers of (Us town
pare a good safe Maybe the real reason why old
Hlghooat sticks around here is to
kaep the folwa from thinking too mob
V thai vfren nip- about what is golag on in Crrua.
for Germany at the end of a war in which the soulless1
government could not force a military decision to suit itself
even after four decades of careful preparation. This is
the mir. num. France will want Alsace-Lorraine and
ought to have it. Belgium will want an adequate indemnity.
and so will equally heroic lutle Serbia, and both
ought to have ;t. Finally there ought to be the trial before
a h gh international court and conviction of a select let
of German outlaws with suitable punishment for their
ciiir.e.. And as was the case at the end of the FrancoPrussian
war there ought to be a large army of occupation
quartered upon the German people until every last one of,
|eroiia3 e sy 'psoietpsrp ai suo;ieSi|<p Xivjj) ooeod aip
proposition that sort of thing is a high outrage and ought
i.ot to be considered, but in the case of the German people
it will be simply giving them a dose of what they were
i eady and willing to give any of their foes had the issue
gone in their favor.
WHAT sense is there in American editors discussing
the barring of Germany bom sources of raw ma-1
rial or the crushing of all Germanism, in this country
or any other, when peace comes? Threats have no
effect upon fighting Germans and they sound like whistling
to keep up one's spunk.
If counting chickens before they're hatched is poor pol-(
icy. trying to cel! chickens by weight before they're hatched
is downright idiocy, arid that's about what's attempted in
establishing world policies before it is known how we
arrive a? peace.
If Germany wins this war. Germany will dictate as to
her sources cf supplies and ar to the dissemination of Germanism
throughout the world. If the nations fighting her
win. it will be a barren victory if they do not dictate what j
her commercial, political and military policies shall be. j
Wc are not going to control the mad dog of Europe
until we lick him into complete submission. The only
question worth while, now, is the licking of him.
We'll say one thing for the fleeing Austrians. They
are not calling their retrograde a retreat to victory.
Mention was made In the news columns of The West
Virginian la3t night that Major Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.,
had been cited for conspicuous gallantry In notion at
Cant'gny. More complete dispatches show that 132 >
members of the First division and two entire batteries'
of Field artillery, Battery A of the Seventh and Mattery j
B of the First, were also mentioned for splendid service I
In connection with the American opeartlons at that
point. Cantigny teems to huvc been a pretty hard nui
to crack. ,
At last night's meeting of the County Council of Defense
tho chairman. J. Walter Barnes, was authorised
to appoint a committee to arrange for a Fourth of July
celebration In Fairmont. That is getting to work at
leai. although the action comes so late that the committer
will he seriously handicapped by the lack of time.
However, there is no reason why a celebration worthy
of the ocra3lon and of the city cannot be had if work
muy people of die Entente and of (he United Slate* with J
with the hope of victory by force of arm* the military ma*-1
peace term* that they have not the slightest intention of'
keeping, and in this country ai well a* in Great Britain
and France it will be necessary to be on guard agaurt
this thing.
There roust be no peace until the military power of Germany
is thoroughly destroyed and tine people of that country
are made to understand that war instead of being a
paying business is one of the greatest disasters that can
overtake any nation. After *10 years of systematic education
in'the other direction it is not going to be easy to leech
them this lesron, but it must be taught.
As for the details, they have been laid down with ruffi-'
cient definiteness in the peace terms whrch President Wilson
" L> o -1- ?- - - . JJ. LJ-I II I
oncrci me Vaermans. i o ocijiji wan mc i luncuioucrn:,
must go. or at least they mutt be reduced to the same rela-!
live position the royal family of Britain occupies in a par*!
Iiamentary system ab solutely in control of the people. Both
Germany and Austna must be reduced greatly m political
importance by the self determination of the Poles, the
Bohemians and the secure political independence of the
Balkan states. Bulgaria must gel back behind the lines
that country occupied at the first Balkan war. Germany
must get out of Russia and I-inland and the fate of the
German colonies mast be made to depend upon the determination
of the people who occupy them. Finally the
various governments which will result from such a disposition
of the political side of the peace terms must be required
to join a league for the forcible maintenance of
AnviLno Ia? tlaan tltaf will mpsB n rlinl.tmahr viflorv
8oecJUu* 1 these deputy sherif '
acree'rf ij war* li the harre-t fleid
?wonder they aren't afraid of aetu&s
a troublesome precedent.
First inins you Know me pee-pu.
will be demand.ns that all c-p- work.
And that certainly would be a ct-1
1 amity.
For ths ops. we mean.
With raspberries at 30 cents a box
there will be a noticeable decline in
tha visible -apply of raspberry pie.
And titer ccitaiuly ought to be
something done about that.
? |
What People Say
and Some Side Remarks
Dr. E. R. Vickera, of the West Virginia
Vnlverslty. made an addresa to
War Savings Stamps campaign workers
at Clark-burg last night and de
lined Democracy:
Democracy mean3 that t'i" people
can best do things for litem-' i
selves." i
In referring to the contest for supseraacy
in which the I nited States
is now t-ngagcd. he said:
"Never in history w?3 war halt
to justified "
Mayor Joe CrnddocU. oi Clarksburg.!
was a Fairmont visitor yeotcniuy and
ran into "Mother" Jones in tr >nt cl
the Traction oTii es. She tcuchc;! him
up about playgrounds at Clarksburg
and ha said he was at F.dromnt to
ree the traction people about it but
had postponed his talk on account oi
wreck. Then t hu n.ado a rtrong ple.i i
for the kiddies, ending with?
"The trojble is that dollars
have been regarded as more sacred
than the nation's future.''
Monongalia Musings
We don't know who put the ham
:n Hamburg but the conviction fortes j
itself uoon us that t!|j "kultured" i
Kaiser put the dam in Potsdam.
Frederick the Great in a letter
to Voltaire onee used this lanauar.
"Whatever reputation you have, my
dear Voltaire, think not that the Aujtrlan
hussars know your writings. I
tan assure >ou that they are better
judges of brandy than of betutifnl
verses." Evidently tliey have uol
cuangad In a hundred yeari.
It lias been said of Charles Dar
w:n that he was as "free from prejuuice
us a Mariner's compass." How
lonesome he must have been.
Those who appreciate the sublime
in literature will enjoy th. se ve.'ses
written by Kobert C. lngersoli
while standing hi tiie little clay house
where Burns was born:
'Though Scotland boasts a thousand
Of patriot, king and peer.
The noblest, grandest of them all,
Was loved and cradled here.
Hero lived the gentle peasant prince
The laving < otter-king.
Compared with whom the greatest
Is but a titled thing.
'Tis but a cot roofed in with straw,
A hove! made of clay.
One door sinus out tha storm ami
Ona window greets the day:
And yet t stand within this room,
And hold nil throneo In scorn;
For hero beneath this lowly thatch,
Love's sweetest bard was bora,
V/ithln this hallowed hut I feel
Like one who clasps a shrine,
When tho glad Hps at la.i, have
The something deemed divine.
And her* the world through all the
At long a3 day returns.
The tribute of us love and tears,
Will pay to Robert lim ns.''
EHlKtf, juwc 88,191&
June 25th, 1918. | COI
Vacation Day
Ar* You Prepared to E
Proper Apparel is the
things yon need tj ni? :e yoi
? j . i __ * / .
rest, ii?;?cr worK lcr inc
Prices you know have
pone uj)?yet we have
shaved off our own profits
more than ever, in order
to give ovr patrons the opportunity
to purchase ,.33
close 10 former year's prices
as possible.
Comparison of our prices
will tell tha story.
Thus we carry on our
Drive Against Rising
A Sale of
Women's Suits
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soect lh:m?With the
Promise of Real Economy
These are such well
made becomingly styled
suits that women
will take delight in finding
opportunities of
wearing them. There
are many occasions
when othinging but a
suit will do.
It is necessary at this
time of the year to reduce
stocks, so these
must go regardless of
their actual worth
and you will find here
an opportunity too good
to mi's!
Come today cr ton-orj
True Values
' At a contrast to the jm> >ve ten
us notice tho v.itty. if not altagatfccr |
accurate ostlmate of tlJmuud ilm'kc by
Olive:' Goldsmith:
"Hero lies otir ffat Edmund whoso
genius was suoh. j
Wo scarcely c-.i praise it, or blame
it too much;
Who bom for the universe, narrowed J
kit !; i I, I
And to pa.-iy gave up what was !
meant 01 mankind.
a. r. wrsonave.
state news |;
The Charleston Gazette, in its stateliou.
0 notes, says:
1'. 11. Conley, district shcool super
visor for Lincoln district, Marion coun-!
ty ha* re. igned ills place to engage in
tied Cross activities, lie will work
everett tiff
? I
k|a ill note?
imlmf !i! w* -mires wen
j ' isur tvc*6tt/
Jul t
s Are Callin
Will Soon Be
njoy Them With 103 per c
first requisite?we ccn h<
ir vacation the success it
j government, during this
Chic Dresses
Beauty, Style,
Value, Smartness
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all eml died in 1
otlr showing of ^
Summer Dresses
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misses. / /
r tons t>f women art? \l
cor in:- ?i 1 every da;
trying than on and e:i I j
Joying to tlio utmc t ^
the | tul I
choc*lnx t;.p one t'oev Ji'
iike est. /,?
Let Ua Siicw Vou Your ,
Dress To-dsy. f C
I 1
Wash Voiles, ^ i
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and $19.75.
Silk Foulard Dresses, 1
* Anc
. I I cood i
* T?J7V / ^ c '
mCM *
? . . .1 'Nl'V
the rij
suit o
m?if?i government supcrvuion. X
'nnley la one of a number of West V
tlnla tchool men who have Union
led themselvei with war activities
eceni weeks, llis rcslngation was i
ported to the sate department
ichoola yesterday.
Prisoners from the jail at work i
he roads went on a strike a few da
tgo and refused to work unless t
e.acklcs were removed says the Fa
!tte Couttty Tribune. They we
jroui'nt back to jail and Sheriff M
draw explained that no credit v.oe
>e given them on their sentences ti
e?s they worked. Furthermore the
lie' was to eoftnict of bread and wat
:o long they remained In their re
By refusing to work they were vlo
ins 'lie vagrancy law and were Hal
oamw sentence for this offense. Ti
How to Keep Summer
Clothes Looking New
All Summer ^
Washday ha* a great deal to do with
the length of time white clothes retain
their freshness and newne-s.
Clothes that are constantly boiled will
have the fibres weakened and quickly
take on a "boiled out," thoroughly
worn appearance.
Hard rubbing, too, shortens the life
of dainty apparel, iiut neither hard
rubbing nor boiling is necessary.
The Lest way to v.-asli summer clothes
is to use Fels-Naptha in cool or lukest
orm svit?r 'I lirro'e ttrt Ivttlind
necessary, and only the slightest bit
of rubbing. You'll be surprised how
long your clothes retain their freshness
when you wash them the
l cls-Naptl.a way.
Directions for washing are simple
and are printed inside the Jamiliaf
led and greca wrapper. &>.
Your grocer has Fels-N'aptha.
1 A Chei
a > la cailer to curry than money
k J aa to loss.
Checka art of no value at
2; drawn, and mcney it loat la ui
Paying by check add* dl|
$ receipt and record.
E? Open an account today u
M you.
ITS | Keliable Advertiaihf |
I l
ent Efficiency?
:lp you secure many of the
deserves to be, whether y?
specially allotted time.
Excellent Quality, Special at
ashions Newest Gloves.
1 you never found gloves as
is the se priced moderately. I
3c, $1.00. *1.25 and $1.50. I
v Glove styles that give just
ght effect of smartness to the I
r dress.
? 41
Main St
ir. next morning the strike was over and
ir- all returned to work as usual. j
in The Kanawha News in its last ItSM
e- mado mention of this of the tact that
of Stanford Thompson Pomrojr, or Pals#- I
tine who enlisted in the Regular Army .
Kifl'l Artiiley branch, on May Slst. H
3n igi7, and who has been "Over there*
y? most cl the time since and who hah
ho been on the firing line much, has ri> H
iy- ceivcri three promotions since he tailsre
ted. First ho was made a Corporal} ,'j
lc- second, a Sergeant and. Just recently,
id was promoted to Regimental Color 0av?
in- geant. which carries with It aa is* *
)lr croaso of pay from 140 to til per
er month. A fine record, sure, and wa art -
lls .ill proud of It." . 2m|H
In- '
'1? Acccring to the Bartinsvllla Journal*?
h? plana are materializing for the oose |
? struciion in that vicinity of a flJSOO,. |
? 000 cement plant, chelfly for gove* *
ment work. Wilmington and PhilaSat* 9
' ; phia captalists are interested aaShOhM
of the biggest financial interests are ,j
bacl: of the movement. Details caM^D H
public at present, but it unofficially fcjH
timatod that it will be one of tha larp- |
est pUnts of its kind in tha
Control of some 180 seres, situated 5
along the Baltimore and Ohio, has beta 1
acquired and in the tracts
not only deposit* suitable for earnest 9
ir*?v h'tt sHuIa nrniltlAt
i wSO F 1^1<G. SI
M li llMuatly Mftimf. It k M W-IMlti I
."i Hair c>r?iU| ( tweeter writ It MM*K
M Ml Mr turn |H| |M MMl MB
ItrklM MMp, rteWreC m4M*w WT
I Sent tor M CENTS br MJ
H ? Aimi aiiM-WiM Me MM J
ck Book ,
and yon are not in the nai danger m|
;c#t to tha peraon in whoae i&r ?
ualljr gone forever.
nitjr to the tranaaction and givee yet&j
d see what a aa 11*taction it wlH ctfd I
National Bank.
Ll 1200 000 00 6

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