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I,y ,
ITthe daily i;
jshort story 1
A Study Monogamy.
(Cc?yrtfht. 1&10. by the McClure
Newspaper Syndicate.)
I I T was Just before Philip I-ewls'i
lMt college varatlon that his eel
| * abetted old uncle. James DevridK*.
I Ml him in his blunt, quaint way that
I ?PhWp 1*as y lazy. loafing. worth
w) hf fillip?was a lazy, loafing, worthI
l?M?eclinen of humanity, and utterly
MtMRkr of being named Jamr-. rev
? bU?*!a_aAlA Vmr - .(!_l. ? |
| !? m nuiv iivm . -
tlnguiehed man'* original Intentions 1
Oil the charge of never having done
anything la life that he had not heen
Mdo to do. Phlllo mentioned the faet.
' Dot at all boaitfully out oniv in - ifdefence,
that he had brought down
various prize* for hi* amateur photography
"Yea, but what value ha* It been
pictare* t pretty girls and horse* or |
Something of that aort." muttered th*
aid eclentlst. "If you mild net photo
gnphe of birde that would do to illustrate
thle book I've been working over,
> thpy Right ount for something '
"Give me a ehanec." rhellene/1 the
" Bf>hew. "What sort of pictur" do you
"Read the manusertpt - ' v l out'
wag the uncle'* ansvrtr "The booki
among the birds of -!--n Vcrth
America. It to not a p pjiar warh at
PH. I doubt if you r .n nnUe head or
? till Of ft. It require* a s> dntiftr point
f view, and that you don't por.#ei
"IH try it," r?.Ill th^ nephew, and
the day tor rark at collect- wa* over ]
he etarted off to a little rabin In the
northern mountain country of N'ev
England. here hlr untie had In rear
pent done consider-hi? oh-ervati n 01
bird life, there to get the photogiapii*
* the ancle had a. .urei h>m l.e rmldu t
get. Phillip us p^rfeeMy nnihlrnl of
hit lenses and hi-, camera and Ins;
photography. The thlnj; thi t troubled .
Ma was knowing whtt rort of pit :
taw. to take. Fcr th" fu st three da t \
of h't stcy In the mods country he (
read ie duplicate manuscript his tindo
had riven him. Frankly he was i. it
tor}' *?ch cneournred.
Than he yearned for n let-up of V;
Mtitado. and with characteristic blunt 00
asked the o!d cmutryman who j
drove the ateye ?h?t passed his door (
twice a day wheth'r there wove nn>
alee rtrls h he r d.Miborhood. "There
l| only one good-liokcr." said the old
MB. T/hJ teemed to have made rare
M ohcervn'lonr. "nnd she's queer.
Ton wouldn't like her end . ho won! ln't
hnwe anything to do with you. either.
'She Urea a!o;:e In th-* summer in a
fhae'.; In th? woods re::t to vurs.'
flhr.'o "tful queer. But she do be good ,
"How's .she queer?" qulo-ed ritillln.
"Powerful queer?that's 1: sr.- qtteo-. |
flhs eomctime i ret- r. whole day at ai
Una under a bur. In the ruUv, and one i
en her setting way up In the ;
tip top of a tree. \v II -lie ". .i- lIt-re ,
When I went down It -h - mirniue und j
*' til tl%A..A T 1..
Iimjjwiim lutitc wuni i ? ;mr m?r:r j'i m * .
?ftTT30ii. Don'-*- know how ehe ~ot
' tlMM. but there he "Ail -be
-COM around with one .1 n'"s?ei. t.i t
H J( lh9 thought thi-rp v. ,| ; 11 -Imw
(Msg on. and *h" rhi?"o-? I'.', I e'lir.
ftps to herself, find?well. there -, no
ImM bat she'i- otieev." e m ''iI thold
nan with a Rlpntfc^nt tncp'nc of
~tha aide of hU own l?-?'id. a i If to Inillcate
where the veuW Inv
Philip needed no further proof. Ho
haltered the old man hart rsastncraied .
tbo mat*;., but ho had n > doubt of the
young woman's dementia. One day?
?', M waa still ronli.it; his uncle'.-. manuj>
aerlpt. hoping t'l i'Lnl : < itn :n ? w hat
Ul photographs rhuiild he - !..< raw
UM stranse young lady, oittlrg not in
the top of one of her own trees, hut
la the top .?( one of the tree* very near
? to his own shark. He looked at her
tnm the aafe?v of hi* jhaek and then
i assuming a perfectly eonfldent air and
^Hurfal whl*t|e. ventured nut ami
began to walk noisily about the tree.
"Oh, pi ear e tread softly." raid the
luniii TU<?"F '?"J- i iiiiiiK iney are
settling hers in this tree. If you diethem
they may no off again.
I Dmn go awtv. w .n"r von"' I'iiilip!
? Withdrew and did not return till later
la the day, when the young lady de
"I think they are located," she told
him. "They are in the next tree?two
I brakes. I watched them in my own
treed and then they came over hete ,
I eta watch them beautifully from
? . this .other tree that I was sitting in. |
i ^ hqipe you don't mind
I "Why, please, were you watching
Jttnt those thrushes?" he asked her.1
and the told him that if he would let |
.-.tar ?tay and eat lunch with him in his ,
thank Instead of having to tramp hark
I IhPhalf mile to her own he would
takn time to tell Mm. It r.as In his
>. little eabln d;nlne-rootn over a rustle
I aort of Inncheon that Philip prepared
I Dp1 Mum?coffer smoky of aroma, hut
k MIOmi to the appetite.sharpened by !
HBpi air, allrcd ham. dry biscuit and ,
[i dkhnph?that the gill explained.
- "Well, you see. I am malting a study
rgtVMOgamr among birds?that is. 1
| want to get a little data that will be
1 of MM value in establishing the fact
flylkl thrushes either are or are not
RjjhlMMgMttOus?that la. that they do or
pHBl mate for life. last year I worked
anmmer. I studied the birds
H||a thO tree tops and from under the
aBhndgaa. No one knows how long I sat !
I UPttr no as to not disturb them ami
some of them long enough to
L (paten little bracelets on their ankles.
Wlowv that If the same birds came I
Mm to these trees this year and
Mrlth the same mates, then I
HHbsise some small fact to rontrlbUkto
this great study. And now two
HlfWW birds with my bracelets have
^ rwi aim i tuing uiey are tno
MKn of laat year. Once they get!
KfiitM for netting I can get closer to
^^ 1 aad And out. You know, James
the greatest of all bird r.tu
1?ta and out of the greatest sceln
Ml Of the day. hat made a special
H? of this. I read everything he
vlMoo, and I beard him lecture once,
kfeaaid that bo didn't have anywhere
^^ft OMagb data oa the subject of
^ payfol that anyone wbo would I
* of*?t M to collect it night
was Making a real eoatrl-1
| adoaea. So 1 nada aa aiitl
D APT? 1
i rwjLj i
i # "
mmm 1
Thirt n ye.?.r.? old and .. . .id. r ca
the courts.
li r. ns elmost Impossible but tlirrt
waa Just what Mis:-, i:m lit' k t
ibiwed New Vcrk lor.ni.i <-itthu. :si>
rhc v-a.i In a recent tournam-mt at ;hc i
Vest Side Tennis of Forest HiPi.
Thp little rirl r;nt through two Tic- i
tortous round.: ami a default ae. ,?st'
som* of tii? best ?? > . ami \ . il
krinM MI7 what she faced M
Holla BJur-iicd, u:".; mat woman champion
in the fourth round.
Miss Honker was unable t> make,
mind to do it. Thr.t Is much bettor]
than frittTlno one'r. lln a away dancIns
or lo.iiin? at a rummer resort. I've
*et quite a lot of tint: end tome day ,
I'm golnc to take It to Mr. DerridRo I
and tell nlm It Is mj contribution to
"Then?you understand what the old ]
fellow Is pelting at In those books of
"Oh yes Indeed. He's Ju ' finished .
a new book on bird monn3;.mv. 1 ami
so impatient to read it. ' It raurt be I
~ge! a gar
By aifnngemcnt w'th the Interna
Virginian has secured a supply of I
ex pert 3 of that great corporation's <
ten now to start a garden. how to cut
Insect posts and how to meet every <
ing the growing season, and at the e
duce, And throughout the instrt'otio
derstaml by many illustrations and
Invaluable aid to all gardeners, et
will be a veritabe life saver to the 1
useful In connection with the garden
West Virginian. Prepared cud sol
books would cost at leasl 50 cents. J
at the manufacturing cost and vhll<
Grow a Vegetable Garden movement
person upon presentation of the utia
t'pon pre-entation at the pttbll
ly filled out The West Virginian w
(Addrecs) ....
Out ot town raaders may am IN
}$4r MISS TO
T 1 V?U' '^j
70R W
t\rn nv TPV\IS rni dtc '
f JL
~r*^ ?
i !
oh head v. ay . "3 : tV.o Norwegian
I . j. . . in i ra !y '!i sol 0-0; 6-1.
!); i" fact tTint nil" vas able to win
oro game from the Norse flash gives
a:i idea of the high < la is of her Ranie.
In the oorllrr r wnds Miss Hooker
ha 1 ii rv, j Mrs. Lvie E. Mahan anil
Mir.? Gj,' and had taken a came by
default lroni Mrs. Spencer Weaver.
Friends of the ~irl are already predieting
a r nderful tennis future far |
her. l; ~,ani' t. equally good at the.,
line the rat. S.:e combines speed!
and accuracy la her returns and Iter'
volleying Is excellent.
"il'-re :s a bargain." said Tlillip.
draining ilin coffee pit for a last cup.
of ( . to otfer to hi", companion.
"I '1 Ir! y ) i r?ad tha wonderful boqji
if you'll tell me what it Is about." And
that b d very easily to telling the girl
tne predicament he was in.
It was 'n mid-summer that James
Devridgo .".line up to tha mountain
camp to visit iii.i a phew.
"At least you have stayed here." he
said. "I don't know what you have
been doing, but I thought you would
have riven up long before this." Philip
t'onal Harvester eompany The West
tooks on gardening prepared by *ho
extension Uf-pr.rtment These hooks
tivats and rare for it, how to kill the
me of the difficulty that occur durnd
how to gather and store the proins
nre made simple and earv to undiacrams|
These books will be an
en the most experienced, and they
beginners. They will be esspeclally
in;,- articles printed each day in The
ri in the ordinary way these little
Jut the West Virginian recured them
j they last as a contribution to the
one copy will he given free to each
(hod coupon properly tilled out:
-atlon office of this rounon proper
ill give absolutely free una Garden
tli 'm by tending 2e for postage.
?J DO, MISS j?
Tucker. H
'out ro time in showing his uncle what '
he had seen doing. There mere hundreds
of photograph' th?; no eyes save
those of Philip ami AMce Gerry had
?-ver fallen upon bctore. The negatives
had orer. developed and the pictures
had ncen printed In the ahack.
Of this detail of the process I'hlMp was
a past mas.er. What amaied the
uncle was that the pictures were so
? ntirely what he v anted.
"They are the most wonderful pie.
tures I J.ave ever seen ' said the old
ntan tears costing inn his usually
'ard old eves. "It is as if I had suddenly
found you, n.y neph'-w. It has
always been my grief that no one of
my own has been Interested In the
work I do. Hut you must he Interested
or yon. could not have done these pic
lures. 1.13V ."re a* gooa in tngtr way
s anything 1 ever did."
A little later Alice Gerry dressed In
her usual trec-cllmbing attire, slipped
into th? duck and'came straight over
to the old mar. s hide.
"I've always longed to meet you."
she said with a timidity that indicated
Iter admiration better than any elab^r;.
> compljtnen s she might have expressed
would hare done. "I've been
getting together a few notes to give
you on .ny own observations I hare
a'ways wondc.ed if you would accept
There was hist fl little disappointment
in the old man's face as he took (
the girl', nam's into his. "Then the,
pictures were not my nephew's work?
and you. like the others who under-;
tifmiil mv trfirk will rn fltat fr^m mo
and leave me aloLe. I had hoped my I
nephow took the picture*."
"He .lid take them " the Rirl assured
him. "He took every one and took,
most of them alone I Just showed him
at first and then he became as enthusiastic
as I "
'And anyway." Interrupted the
neohew. who perhaps had never ap
p-eclatci hit eccentric old uncle as
Much before ar he should have. "Aliee
Is Kdi'ie to bo your niece We were
Jit waiting to a i your blessing."
And in trulv patrinrchi&l fashion the
white h.tired old man stood and raised
his hand , in benediction.
Husband in Camp Woman
Protects the Home
% ' j^ *
V* '"im
. .
% ?
A A/. * - '
j If it comes to organizing a "Battalion
ofTJnath," like the Russian women
! had. Mrs. Irvinp Dugan, St. Paul. Minn.,
; would be a pood charter member.
When Mrs. Dugan'a husband went
to Camp Perry. Ohio, where he Is a
lieutenant in the engineering corps. he j
'..ought her a reeolver a nl taught her
how ?o use it with precision,
i This was for protection durinj his
' absence.
Tin other night Mrn. Dugan was
aroused by rounds downstairs. She
, look th? revolver and tiptoed down.
She saw a burly form faintly outlined
in the front room, and fired five
There was a duil thud.
Mrs. Dugan switched on the light.
Lmris Watson, c negro with a polico
record lay dead.
Every shot had taken effect.
Police look Mrs. Dugan in custody.
I nue-ticned her aud promptly released
, her.
What Doctors Use
for Eczema
A combination of oil of THntef
' ' j, Ihymol, i?I other br&liiuc IneixJienM
O. D. D. Pmcriptioa is now i favorite
fruity of tkta apceisliats for oil (kin dnrsaes
It iwnctrstri the pom river intlant rtlitf i
Iroui UHe moot dutream* iltia diseases
lite LiauidWaoh
Mountain City drug store and Han's
j druit store.
SfST welem I wace.
uaSins Vhii ^
- ill
la ii i.i Mk '?% ? ?.
rf. it* 4
Mrn iiiMiMi mbbbmmbm
?== .1 i
S?vln? il.if.i, :ii??n ron-' r
ftikl In aubslltuiinc a different flour la
bread, roll* or parity. Sometimes It
it cheaper and more nnreasent to
pubntitute n (I.Mfrrat dish, to cook
potatoes mall ad ot pancake* for
breakfast, or to ogoit the thickening
from a at ear. Sometimes It la better
to serve.an'otnelet than a wheat break i
fast fowl'with cream . ?*T*
Recipoa fot an omelet, an unthickened
atew and new way* of cajffitna
f ... ? Thev are of forejppj
ouuviy?vev, nu: inc depositors I
have tiillen oft nomethln' fierce since j|
slstei g it engaged. ? Boston Tran U
Oid Lady?Does your father live in
the fear of the Lord?
Kid?I reckon he doe*?leastways J
he alius takes a gun with him when ho :
goes out on Sundays.?Gargoyle.
la W'M u '
? bottle of too splendid and time-honored
emedy. Mother'* Friend, thet has aided many i
i woman throuah the trying ordeal, saved
>er from suffering and pain, kept her in
teal!]) of mind and body In sdvanro of
why's coming, and had a most wonderful
nHuenca in developing a healthy, lovely d.s- ?
loslUon In the child. <
Mother'* Friend relieves the pain and discomfort
earned hp the strain on the ligaments,
m.vkee pliable thoee 8'ocr* and muscle*
which natgre la expanding, and toothe* the ,,
inlammatlon of breast glande and other
rareness. The tendency to nervousness and to
morning sickness or nausea is counter- r
acted. s
By regular use during the period the mm- ,
v*y.-?iui wiiii cuso wucn u?uy is unrn,
trnaion I* reduced and the pain and dancer a
at I ho crlaU la naiiuiQr *? I t
Mot bar'* Friend la an external remedy. I (
It abeolutely sale and nondcrfuMv effective, u
It not only alley* dtjtrefi In advance tut "
cfiurej speedy recovery tor the mother. c
Thle rplendld preparation may be had at a
every druc store, and la one of the freate?t i r
idevtine* erer diaeovered for expectant moth-1
tre. Write to. the Bradflcld Reyulator Co.. I
Lamar Bid*., Atlanta. Ca, for their t
"Motherhood Book." ao taluai.le to expectant | a
mothenr, and la the meantime do not fail .
to let a bottle of Motherl Friend at the v
Ira* "tore and thai fortify yourself arainil I c
Mia mad dlecomfort
bttj WILBUR,You ttPrf'T |] How
^^ TOUAW j?i1 \
E& t
/ . mi
origin, bur w*tf ?ent out by sjje fp? si{
enimcnt to pfomle wheat conserve 1]
tion. k..X V* fl
Help the s >vernment?help the ' Jl
lies?by trying thim' S.- .. |
English CoParinnn?This i? -a goqjl 1
way to use up cold potato and -?$<?
cooked raooi^r. Chop up t
and potatoes together, season w?i?'
with salt and pepper. Fry this iaT^a"I
pan with some savory fat or ri-r ppm#?'
tn-t |>rvr on a hot dish. If the o/sn J
is sufficiently hot. the mixture may be,i
baked. Instead of being fried; in thin ;
ta.se. grease a cake tin. sprinkle with '
fine oatmeal, turq t'ae mixture into the ,
tin. and bake lor about 20 minutes.
Italian Mutton Stew?The ingredi j
ents arc: une-halr cupful oil. 1 large
onion. 1 tablespoonfut concentrated <
tomato. r? large potatoes. 1 largp car
rot rut fine. .2 pounds mutton. 1 cup- j
ful chopped olives, mushrooms to flavor.
salt an;l pppci and 1 cupful cau->
ned peas if desired. Put the oil and i
cnion in a smut pan and hrown well.'
Add tho concentrated tomato dissol-|
ved in warm wa'er. Add potatoes cut j
in small yiMM, carrot rut up fir", and !
mix ail together, stirring for 5 min-l
ntes. Cut mutton in strips 2 inches'
long and 1-2 inch wide. Add to mix j
hup aim cover wuu wa'er. t^et on
back of stove to simmer 2 or 2 hour*.'
Arid chopped olives and mushroom*,
ana canned pea* if riealivd.
foliage Che^c Omelet?The Ingredients
ate: Two eggs. 1-4 tea-'
spoonful salt. 3 rounded tablespoonful
cottage c heese, 1 tablespoonful chop- (
perl plmcntaes .2 tablcspoonfuls milk. '
1-8 teaspoonfu' soda.
Beat tne yolks and whifp* Of the
eggn separately. Add to the yolks
the sail, tne milk, and the cheese with
which has been blended the pimento.
Finally fold In the stifly beaten
white*, pour into a hot frying pin in
which has been melted about 1-2 tablespoonfui
fat. Took the omelet I
slowly un'il the egg has set, place in
the oven lor a few mfnates to finish
cooking, tnrii fold in center. Garnish 1
with parsley. Other seasonings may
be used, suen ai chopped parsley, or |
green peppeis.
Belgian linked Po'atoes?Wash,
pare and cut in pieces as for French
fried pota'ot*. Lay potatoes on an
oiled pan, season with sail and pepper
and bake in a fairly hot oven until;
puficu, golden brown and mealy.
Neighbor?Got much money in your
bank. Hubby?
t>i. i .. n f i. J
,! !
3E HQ]
Announce the d?
medium pr
53 Cloth
a Q^io?
? A. UU1V
Tuesday and
Wednesday only
they offer for q uick
selling 53 Coats
from their good
guaranteed stock
which were marked
to sell from
$18 to $27.50
At One Price
The Materials include
Wool Sen?e, Burella and
best styles of the season a
shades. Kindly Rememt
day only, no appi'ovalsChildren
_ _
Gu and Gaaclina Fns>n?*. iroa and Waed
WorVtaa TiolJ.
Canr Tracks, i to tons.
iTlUa " ji?j i
poller ipecltl, ton, with St.rur
Peseta " V? ton aaoostx.nt j
Trorktof all kind* far anr kind of wrrica. (
BJJKD KACHINKST CO, nttiboreb. fa. I
Wonds.-ful Combination of Matt,j
Iron, Wine, Wild Cherry Bark
Cod Liver Extractive*.
"Here Is a g>od reputable tonir we
11 of us ought to take now and then.
<o one has excuse for feeling weak.,
undown, nervous and aneamlc. Thou-;
ands of women w,th pallid complex!
ons, weakened itupoveri lied blood i
ind lacking strength to do their du-|
ies havo bloa'omoa out In two to'
hree week.* feeling perhaps a hun-j
Ired per cent stronger and more en j
rgotic anl even their friends could
or the vast taproveaeat in their apicaranc?
and (om^Uxlon.
At a dance, outing or wherever you
to health is essential for popularity
nd mighty few afo the weak, ner
our, anemic women who attract oikrs
or enloy Tmch of the Joy in life.
Our doctors for years have nrescrlb ME)?BY
|L vecs fink votce
gu jl I
ipoaal of all their I
iced Coete
and Silk I 9
e all Wool Poplins, alf ||
fine soft velours, in the
II full length and all good
>er Tuesday and Wednes*
-Alterations Charged.
- - - ?
rr.-y Im4 to ehrorta tun* trouMa, ?*
mean tint the chronic atoca aii-tady , -vj
If naehii. In either Cafe tfT
Thif tonlt ar.1 tlaauft-rtpalref ?(
rli?? the atkn>w!?d*ol bmaflta of Cat*
ilum ti.atrrnnt without Uliturbtax the
Hume cli. roatolna no AVobeh Nil* - -V
cotro or Habit-t'ormla* Drue;
$2 lira, sow $1.51 $1 tin, M* Nt
Trio# Include, wot tax. All d-nfdat*
^^CJrmiu^lAbeTatoryrphlleMg^^^ *, j|j
ed Iron, yine. Malt, Wild Cherry Bark
ami the extractives of fresh cod liver*
and now thai tho nasty nauteatlBB
taste and .smell has been removed Ik |
Hypo-Cod there Isn't a man, woimb fa
or child who will not be delighted to
take it.
Some of us wer.r a shirt waist lOtlt 3
It is In r,breads. Some of us to nitdl "p
our shoes look frightful but the lO 9
absolutely no srnsc in putting ofl takin*
a good iiosithy sensible tonic now
and then, wnen we need it for health
13 most previous of all our earthly b^
lonRing-.i; may i?o a utile IftOMO
to remember Hypo-Cod '.he next ttaM
you prrs a drug store but stop lad
think a minute. t *n you afford sot
to invest a dollar or two now Md
then for rood health?
In Fairo'ont Hypo Cod Is sold by
Fairmont Pharmacy. Crane's DfUg'iij
Store. Martin s Drug Stone. H-H Drug ,
Company. Mountain City Drug Con> J
pany, and Hall's Drug Company.
l-jtfcATSOj' WeUSHtfi
' oucwr T<? GET A JOB C

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