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I "lay 1916... 5 ^ T lllnl ^ 1^ t jjt filr (?ni|M M TkufKlf. ^ |
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E8TADL1^HED18^. memberassociated^ess. ~ FAIRMONT. WEST VIRGINIA, WEDNESDAY EVENING^ JUNE 2o. 1918. ~~ today s news today PRICE THREE CEKni
ml women's
i he n
? ?
Women are Waiting for
County Food Controller
Rosier to Return.
' ' J
Meanwhile They are Collecting
Data to be Used in
Women who are behind the movemeat
for fairer prices for food atuffr. 1
in this city, whic h began yesterday, i
pent today making plana for the cam-1
palgn. The most important develop-1
ments of the day arc:
That an effort will be made to enlist '
the support of all the important worn
cn'S organizations In the movement,
including the I>. A. R., ihe V. D. C.,
be PythianSiir.ters, whose district conrention
at Terra Alta on Saturday
adopted resolutions calling for stricter
control over retail prices, and other
lodges and organizations maintained
by women.
That Just as soon as Trot. Joseph 1
Rosier, Marion county Food administrator,
returns home from Charleston, j
where he went to attend a meeting of
the State Board of Regents, a renter-!
nee will be sought with him by a
committee representing the Woman's j
nlssK o # n'hloh tho n-'imnn u - i 11 aoolr In
lihii ji f? uiv u iuc n "?ii< ii tiiii mi n i<?
find out how much control he has over
I the situation and what he can do to
aid their movement.
In the meantime the women who \
Ve Interested in the movement have I
'11^. > h?o making notes about prices audi
i-'f' marketIng conditions and whipping
he information Into such shape that1
li t will be instantly avallible for any
purpose. Along that line. It was anI
eotinced this morning, a check has
been made recently upon the amount
it food that has been permitted to go
to waste In the bands of local mer
9 chapfs who, It Is alleged, preferred to |
permit that to occur rather than sell
the merchandise tinder the price originally
|* Another thing that Is receiving attention
Is the wide variation of prices
for food articles iu the Fairmont
Storee. Everything Is high enough, explained
one woman this morning, but
ome merchants are higher than othera
on some things. The w omen do not
kaow what they can do about such a'
situation, but they are going to try to
find out why it occurs.
Considerable interest has been displayed
In the "Fair Price" lists which
are published each wck In cities all;
orar the country. The "Fair Price"
list at Morgantown for this week is as
I follows:
Wheat Flour?Retailer pays $11.30
to llt.8? a barrel of eight 24 1-2-p-und ;
I - MOM; consumer should par $i.5i to
|Uf tor >4 1-2 pound sack.
Wbeat Flour?In less than mill park- j
KM, consumer should pay 7 rents a
*"5x0 Flour?Retailer pays per,
S 414 pound sack; consumer should
|W |1.76 to $1.80.
Corn Flour ? Retailer pays 7 1-4
Coats S pound; consumer should pa>
8 to 8 3-4 cents a pound.
Cons Meal?Retailer pays 4 7 to 5
(Continued on page three.)
HlffiMS 10
t *
v This and Cash Business To
Be Diseased By
| Grocers.
Br th adoption of a cash system
I believe tflfel they can aell poods cheapm
than Heretofore. At least that Ij
fv MO Impression that developed at a
' meeting of the grocers bureau of the
Business Men's Association
rHaieh bold o meeting last evening at
? M rooms of Attorney Trevey Nutter
Jacobs building. The question
vm dtocaased at some length.
(<>. ' A reeolutlon was pasted by which
l-'th# iMm decided to dtacuai the
P jjeattaniat.lls meeting on Tuesday
r pfdit'oflnext week. Aside from a la?;
bo* aartngv phase the aell cheaper
! plan mar be adopted if the general
, Mblle carry home their own goods.
Mart will be made to hare all the
I grocers and butchers who are also inF
added in the bureau, attend the next
By " ?
me si oi
Operator*? Committee Will
Have Conference With
Fu'l Administration
rami Intra
National Coal Association
Issues Interesting Book
of Newspaper Heads
Itetails of the new system of supplying
railroad fuel are engaging a lot
of th" attention of coal operators in !
this region Just now. and it is felt that
it will he some time before everything
is arranged and running smoothly. To
night a committee of operators will go
cast fot a conference with the Fuel ad-'
ministration and officers of the Haiti
more and Ohio regarding the prepare
tion of fuel for that road and the cost
At present the general plan seem,
to he to let the railroads contract for
all the coal they can. It is not believed
that they will be able to tie up ;
anything near tho amount they need
now that they cannot assign ears to
the mines supplying fuel, so the nest
atop probably will be for the roads to
figure rut how niurb more they need
end a- k the ruol administration to see
that *hey get it.
In the Fairmont region the operators
ire pledged to see that the fuel requlsl-,
tlons that are sent here are promptly
honored and D. R. I.awson, the district
rnnrPdiTtalive nf tho Pii?>l .Klminhtrd
finn. I.ns the situation no well In hand
that there will not be the slightest
trouble In this region when the amount
that is needed Is worked out. Lawson
knows exactly what the mines are proluring
from day to day and what their
contracts rail for. Tills makes it possible
for him to keep tenck of the "free
coal," and not only the requisitions f >r ,
railroad fuel but for coal for all other
purposes will be promptly attended to
Production Improving.
Production Is Improving in the Fair- 1
mont field quite noticeahly. Assured
that the ear supply will be better ano
much steadier, men who have been
working at other things for some time
are coming back to the mines and ,
those already there are turning out
more coal.
It I* expected that even better results
will he attained along this line'
as soon as the plans which the Fuel t
administration, the Vnitcd Mine Work-'
ers chiefs, the National Coal associs- j
ion and the Central West Virginia'
Operators' association are now jointly j
working on are perfected. C. H. Jen-11
kins, president of the Central West :
Virginia association, who is a member
of the Production committee of
the National Coal asaociation. Is in j
Washintgon today at a meeting o( that
committee and it is possible that there '
will be some announcement of what tt \
Is intended to do before the end of the
Over a thousand care were loaded at I
the Monongah division mines yester-!
day and the railroad is making good i
progress id naui'np ine mans. f rom
ir.lt t>> 17."> cars of Fairmont roal arc I
(Continued on page three.) j
Disembowled Man
Sure He Will Live
Contending that he will recover dc-1
spite the fact that attending physicians1
believe it will he a miracle if lie
should. Jimmie Enctarmo. an Italian,
who wag disemboweled yesterday
monrng at the Riverdale mine of the
Consolidation Coal company, is doing
splendidly today at Fairmont hospital
where he was taken following the accident
and is in good spirits despite Intense
suffering. The man was disemboweled
when in entering the mine a
hock attached to a chain at one end
and to his belt at the other penetrated
his rbdomcn when the horse hitched
to the pnlley ran away.
Junior Chatauqua
Mppfiner Thmomm!
iuvvMug iviuunun
A meeting of the Junior Chautauqua
department will be held tomorrow afternoon
at 3 o'clock in the Firat Methodist
Episcopal church. Miss Calb- (
arine Moore will have charge of the i
meeting and all boys and girls of the
city from 6 to 14 rear* of age are requested
to be present. Misa Moore will <
outline the Junior work for this year, i
hold election of officers for the Junloi i
Redpath club and hare everything in
routines* for the Chautauqua's story
girl who will arrive the last of the 1
Make Your Prep*
Found Some Hostile Troops
an/! r) ? 5y Cleared Th
ant Action (
June 'n a a a< k on the German f
line* on the Maine (ront last nlgnt, I
the American trop-> extended their i
line-, northwest of Beilcau woods, t'pj r
to 10 o'clock this raornmft 216 prlr.on- i
ers had been captured together with a
number of machine guns and other
booty. Additional prisoners .ute com-' <
The Americans are now in posse*- |
sion of virtually all the valuable tactl-i:
cal pos'tlons In the Belleau woods see-; t
tor. Most of the prisoners taken belong
to '.he 2-tTth German division. 11
O.i Sunday the Germans placed the i
rrark 1'Olst division opposite a portion t
of the \m?rican line. Despite this the r
Ameriacna went through in steam rol- i
!er fashion.
Th" Amoriean artillery again bril- >
liantly carried out Its part in throw- i
ing the entire German line Into con
fusion. Prisoners said that the positions
from which they had been taken <
was like an inferno ur.dcr the Ameri . i
can fire. 11
They were happy to get out alive. ! I
The new sector held by American ' !
troops in Alsace is in the region north- i i
Film 10
Barnesville Woolen Mill Emi
ployes to Raise Flap
n !
r riaay.
Norwood on the Ea?t side came
across today in the WHS catmaign
and thus broke the Ice for the Fairmont
districts. Norwood's quota is
57,500 and the prospects are that before
the end of the drive it will b<way
over the I Another development
of intere ; in the local effort
was the announcement that the em- j
ployes of the llarncsville Woolen mill '
will have a fine raising immediately
afte/ the meet.tig at the Barnesiown
school house Friday afternoon. The
employes of the mill will march to
the meeting in a body and to the mar >
ti:ii atraaa of CommlMloMr Ira
Smith's band. At the flag raising the <
speech wil he made hv Commissions r }
i. Walter Ilarnes.
In the city proper the Second ward j
is leading. ' l/an night afother town <
secured its quota it being Ncbo. It i
has subscribed to 54JCO while its quota
Is fiiOOO.
It was announced today that all
speakers and singers not assigned for
any particular meeting should attend
the gathering in their own ward. They '
are urged to go there participle a
In the exercises. All of the store* i
will he closed in Fairmont and in fact
all over the iand 011 Friday afternoon
between i and 4 o'clock. The request
is made by the government and will
be observed to the letter.
Greater interest must be taken In
the war savings stamp campaign by
the business men of Fairmont if the
movement is to be a success was the
statement made by Glenn F. Barn.,
county chairman, today. Thcl- appears
to he an Indifference on the subject
that must be overcome. With only
a few days yet to "put across" the '
drive Falfmont's business people will i
have to get busy and do their might!
on the proposition. The campaign ]
p!rit of the past Is not manifest in
this particular drive. Rural sections
us a whole are doing very well on the
tamp campaign, but there is apathy
in Fairmont.
Interest continues in the rural meetings
that are now being held. lu
nearly every instance the attendance
has been very gratifying., Robinson's
Run has gone "over the top" hv subscribing
$3600 although its quota Is 1
Italians of Chlefton hold a meeting
in their church In that town last eve- <
nlng. One hundred and fifty people <
were present. Father Maggiore, of 1
Monongah. delivered a stirring speech '
in the Italian language. It bristled 1
with interest and his remarks were in- '
terrupted by applause a number of 1
times. City Commissioner Ira L.
Smith was the other speaker and ue 1
delivered an excellent address. '
Mt. Harmony held a good sized meet- (
ing last evening when addresses were 1
made by Attorney Albert J Kern and 1
Miss IX)ra Lee Newman. The music *
was in charge of Messrs. C. H. Bloom 1
ind Oeorge H. Brobst. The town has 1
a quota of $1000 and will go "over the '
top." A. war savings society was formed
wife these officers: President. 1
I'hertes B. Jones; secretary. Miss An- '
na Mbrrlfield. C. B. Jonas is the dls- 1
trict captain. '
A great meettng waa held at Murray (
laat evening when addresses were 1
made by Prqf. W. A. Hnstead and 1
(Coattneet on pege four.) t
irations Today Fot 1
?TURE 216 ;
Lurking in Bcileau Wood
lem Out?No iron
vest of Gebweiler. i i jr is not1
ar fiom the famous Hunmausweiler-1
Cops, the scene of so much hard right-;
iiK the past. The Americans are
10 v lioldin gac onsiderah]^ front in
hree different sectors in Aisace.
PARIS. June 26.?American troops
arried out a brilliant attack near Beleau
Wood last night capturing 150
jrisoncrs, one of whom was a captain,
iccording to the statement issued by
he War office today.
The French carried out a number of'
'aids during the night, the statement
olds in the region of Mailly Raineval
in the Somme sector! Melicoq (westi
> fthe Olsei. Vinly (north of the Cllg-j
ion river and nortnwest of Chateau
ritierry), and at Mont Carnillet (east
T Rhlmes), cautring prisoners and ma-1
liine guns.
LONDON, June 26.?German prison?rs
an<l machine guns were taken by
he British lart night on the Picardy
ind Flanders battle fields says the of-,
Nrial statement from Field Marshal
llalg today. On these two fronts the j
?nemy artillery fire has been active.
Kerensky is in
London on His
Way to the US.
LONDON, June 26?Alexander
Kereuswy, former provisional pre
mier -of Rns.vta, baa arrived in
Krenaky is oft his way to Amer
Well Known Attorney Hadj
Long Been III in Hospital.
R. Leigh Fleming, aged 52. a well
rnown attorney and a highly respected
nan of this icty. died this morning
it 9:30 o'clock at Cook hospital after
in illness of several months duration
>f a complication of diseases. Mr.
Firming hud been in failing health for
tome time and in April of this year
s-as taken to Cook hospital. Since
\pril his health had declined rapidly
ind it had been known for some time
hat he could survive but a short
He was born near Cassville. Monongalia
county and was the son of Mr.
ind Mrs. W. T. Fleming His mother
mrvlven him and is a resident of this
itv. Mr. Fleming's wife who wrs be'ore
her marriage Miss Laura Hayltund
died in August 1917. He is surrived
by two children. Mrs. Goft t'unlinKhutn.
formerly Miss Clyde Flemng.
and Bernard Lee Fleming, both
if this city. Three sisters. Mrs. Kate
Jrand of Maryland avenue. Mrs. J. 0.
Irand of Laurel Point, and Miss Helen
Fleming of this city survive him. as
lo also two brothers, Herbert Flemng.
who resides on the old home
dace at Cassville and M. '/ Fleming
if San Diego. C'al.
Mr. Fleming came to this city a
lumber of years ago and had estabished
a lucrative law practice. He
"-?/ed Fairntaat d/irloa for sli years
is Justice of the Peace and had been
Kherwise extensively identified with
be business Intents of the communty.
He was a member of the Pre?tyterian
church and was also a memit-r
of the Knights of Pythias and
Woodmen lodges.
Mr. Fleming graduated from the
West Virginia University being a
nember of one of the early classes
if that institution and was always a
lalthful attendant at the commence
nent exercises and the alumni reun
ons. He was a member of the Phi
(appa Psi fraternity and waa alao an
ictive member of the Marion County
Jar asociatlon.
The funeral will take place rrlday
ifternoon at 2:30 o'clock from
he residence of his mother. Mrs. W.
r. Fleming at 422 Walnut avenue and
nterment will be made In Woodlawn
emetery by Undertaker R. L. Cum
ilngham. Services will be conducted
ly the Rev. H. 0. Stoetaer, pastor of
he Presbyterian church.
W. S. S. Pledge Day
aw ?
Wendell Holmes Hess Wu
Placed in Command of
OILY Oin&lip
Board Establishes New Re
cord for Putting Man
In Ranks.
Forty-six more National army men
all of Fairmont, and four others tram
fetred to the local board, entrained a
the local Baltimore and OtiU> ratlroa<
s'atton at 1:45 p. ra. this afternoon
representing Fairmont's quota in th
June draft . The contingent will go t
Camp Lee. Va, where most of the otti
er Fairmont draftees have gone, arrh
ing at that ramp at 5:45 o'clock M
morrow morning.
Wendell Holmes Hess was leader o
the contingent leaving today with fou
assistant leaders as followa: Clyd
Blair Morgan, first assistant leader
Kdward Kverett Hale, second assistan
leader; Harry Dillow. third assistan
leader and Frank Bernardo, fourth as
sistant leader.
The men who left are; '
Order No.
450a William M Welling.
?79 William Andrew Bowman (en
trained at Knoxville, Tenn |,
894 Frank Patton.
904) Bert R. Heston.
917 Steve Sampson.
922 I'errv Frank Sapp.
9.(0 Berevly Brock Garrett.
Pit William A. 0. Byer.
947 Harold McKlnley Gaskins.
959 Alpha A. Turner.
9G4 Ezra Balchowsky.
972 Ray Hutson.
995 Lawrence Earl Ballengee .
999 John Edward Harker.
1002 Pasquale Cantarelli.
1012 Clyde Blair Morgan.
1015 Cabastino Coato.
1023 Lulgi Mainelli.
1031 Joseph Earl Dunham
1032 Wendell Holmes He>
1048 James Otis Reed.
1051 Harry Dillow.
1057 Cosmo Xotte.
1058 Frank Delligattl.
1065 Annunziato Coclaro.
1066 Ale* Hunter Cooper.
1068 Archie T. Vaughan.
1075 Kdward Everett Hale.
1076 Antonio Nerl.
1079 Bruce P. Buugard.
1083 James Felt*.
1092 George Edgar Henderson.
1095 Angelo Cappabianca.
1118 Amalio Meale.
1123 Luigi 011verio.
1128 Horsey Herbert Love.
1137 Frank Bernardo.
1154 William Henry Lytton.
1156, Giorgie Martuccio.
1162 Charles Fox.
116.% William Brcnson Sine.
1175 Frank B. Gregory.
US*) Marshall Merle Hamilton
1151 Roland Belt.
1190 Norval Lewis Parker.
1114 Henry Cei:! Miller.
1516 Loren Vane Summers.
H. Glen l^ke. captain.
John Haddi
Herbert G. J. Boyre.
' Antonio Goneno.
All of the men reported at the offin
of th" local draft board this momlni
at 10 o'clock to receive their prelimi
nary instruction* with the exceptioi
of Charles Fox and Naxiareno Afficanl
Fox had ben In Clarksburg and hat
missed hi* 10 o'clock car making it im
possible for him to be here on time
leaving Afficanl aa the only del in
qent. He will be classified as a de
serter unless he has a good excuse fo
his ab*ence.
Because of the voluntary Induction'
of Edgar R. Worthlngton, Charles Wat
kins. George E. Miller and others i
was necessary to call upon six alter
nates to go to camp this afternoon iti
follows: William Branson Sine
Frank B. Gregory. Marshall Merb
Hamilton. Roland Belt, Norval Lewli
Henry Cecil Miller. Order Kumbe
lilt Mid taren V. Bummers. Orde
Number 1516 were not drafted thli
time but asked that they be taken ou
of their order, which request wai
William Andrew Bowman, one of th<
men who was supposed to leave wltl
the local contingent, is in Knoxvllla
Tone., and Is leaving that city todaj
(Continued on Page Four)
Frank Robinson (colored), for i
number of years sorter at the Manic:
hotel, died laet evening nt hi* homi
n High street from a eomplicatioi
of dleeaees. No funeral arrangement!
have been made.
Which Is From 2
Details Which Hai
[ Come in Indicate
Came Just Afte
I. _
11 Vi)? r .
c' v * y
fegg^^a j j f~g
'Wif<w\ /Z'v'mL ^
^ JStaie O^M'1**' ^jfl
Rmo', Ju"e 20.?Italian troopa en
the aoutharn part of the Piava
front have not only compltely re- I
occupied the Capo bridge head
but have extended it and held th*
gains aginst Austrian counter attacks.
The extension was affected
During the fighting nearly 400
prisoners were taken, the War
office made this announcement
Italian' Army headquarters,
' Tuesday 2o.?(By Associated Press)?
jUnder the (Ire of the Italian machine
I puns and artillery which were brought
; up rapidly the Austrian withdrawal
: across the Piavo soon became a d?*
! orderly rout. It is estimated the Aua1
trian losses total more than 290.000.
I It was a teirible sight as the mad
aened Austrians fled under the deluge
of Italian bullets and shells. They
leaped into the river and grabbed
pieces of wood or any thine they
thought would aid them. They tied
themselves to mules and horses, hut
their efforts were In vain lor as Hit
enemy troops reached the opposite
bank they were again caught by the;
' fire of Italian guns which had bcr.t
' trained accurately on the eastern
bank for some days.
1 A single episode shows how and
why the retreat started. On Saturday
1 the Austrian command sent the first
Scueten brigade composed of re&lV
mcnts Nos. 31 and 32 with orders to
r widen the Austrian breach at Lampol
an dto do this at all hazards. The
r brigade attempted to carry out this
order and fought like wild men but
i the Italian pressure was so terrific
that they were unable to accomplish'
t their object which was to succor the 1
.. Austrian dlvis'on already nmilM
, In this section.
After six attacks v//ili continued
^ Saturday night and Sunday morning,
, there remained at 1 o'clock Monday
afternoon only M mn of this brigade.
r 1
r ------------j r.-_- -i_ri_r -,i . _-u j
| Notice to Tax-Payers. !
, All pertona who have not paid
their taxes for the year 1117 must
do so on or before June 30th or I
will have to retnrn your property
delinquent. The new county salary >
law compela me to return dnlin- '
lut-ui an uifi noi paia at that
date. Now if you have not paid
your taxes In full please do not fail
10 come and aettle same thereby
sarins additional costs and embarrassment
to yourself and me us
A. M GLOVER. Sheriff
Marlon County. W. Va.
1' i
To 4 On Friday
<Jp ' -jj
re Just Started to ?
t That the Break j .a
>r Noon Sunday
e or i in
The other* were either prieonen *
wounded or dead. The coBUMailM ?j
officer then committd suicide sad tM
90 surrendered.
- j**
Monday. June 24.?(By Associated
Press) -Te Duke of Aosta's third "J
army continued today to advaMf
along the i'iave iront in tho OUpt t
region cleaning the poaitlon abandon*
ed by Austrian*, picking up tho dbnnfjcfa
oncd war materials burying tho MUfe Q
es of desd and reorganising l?|
tire defense ostein which hM bMH
badly kept up during tho loot toa M
Men who ate familiar WUJ
Yprcs and other sectors In Plunder*
and likewise with the swamp* on thp
Russian front state that nothing mH
in the way of death, destruction and
confusion had ever been wltaooOHr^j
there than in the river region* MB
northeastern Italy. The PteT* river S
situation now is 39 it was befor v ?
Austrian offensive began on JMnJBI
except that the Itallana are making P
progress in extending tnelr brldgcheam- '
at Ccposilc.
=? MB
To advertise the SentRM
Out of THE FASHION, jj
322 Main Street
* ?
One First Class Black-'
smith. Apply
Owens Bottle Machine Co. I
Waiter and Waitmaci
Fairmont Restaurant Co. {!
Main Street
First Class lath* hand. #pj? 1
lunliy to learn tool making ImH
Amarica* Valvt and Tank Ofcf?
^ I J

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