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* Lots Island
? Photoelsyi
frjMtoe* wild Youth
The Mad Lorer
Ma Over the Top
letter from a Belgian youth, who
to low a refugee hi England, wai
? reeelred recently by Theda Bara,
the famous screen star.
stJ. "While going to cinemas in En*
' : ! #," the letter said, "I made your
_J^palntance on the screen. Madame,
' and aaa't help letting r?u kHhw una
1 italn your wonderful acting. 1
Molly wonder whether you know ho*
the Belgian people love your actlag?
- They are able to understand the pieces
r M well by year extraordinary expresrtOM
The people hope ever no w? II
w.. that your pictures may be shown l:i
Belgian after the war.''
The letter, which was signed "Jean
OallOTsrt" stated the writer wan
K. atxtoan years old and was staying in
Boaraamouth. England, with his moth
Or and younger sister.
Mario Impress Film Coming
On Friday and Saturday the flrsnd
Win show (ea ture motion pictures, the I
r. bill being heaided by Marie Empri s
b the photoplay acaaattoa "The Girl
Who oDslsn t Know." The "Girl' is
ii typified in thto' pic ture by 1 roe dif- il
IT faront girls in widely different sta- I
tlons of lllo. with their romances clcrI?v
erly Intertwined in a story or absorbtn
gbtaraat. Tet the tragedy of each'a
Ignorance la brought home with added I
lorggca by the clever ye: almost im- I
perceptible comparison of the three.
Everyone must realise that these I
throe girt* might be any girl, and that
* Ferity, baocence and Sweetness can I
' pevar tab# the place of knowledge.
g?". Th comedy feature of the bill will I
consist of a two reel production "R1- I
vela and Revenge." This is an unus- I
nal picture because of the fact thit I
It la played by an all-star cast of I
t UttpuUans.
Prof. Chrlstensen. the mental psy-J
chle. will also appear at the Grand I
Friday and Saturday. In his b m
enal blindfold demonstrations. He will I
answer any questions that persons in I
the audience may ask.
"Over tha Top" Drawing Big Crowd
"Over tha Top" which Is going big I
at the Dixie la a triumph for Empey
for tts producer, aad for Amerlm. I
Olaoaly following tho soul stirring II
latptlrt of tho sergeant's "note hook I
of C Tomasls," there has been woven I
Into the play a strong romantic story. :l
thrilling In dramatic intensity. It is I
F thriving In dramatic Intnsfty. it la I
f n wonderful visualisation of she meth- 'I
m oda of Ightlng as pursued on the west-{I
fS. arn battle front, and yet Is devoid of I
. tho horrors which have sickened the'
S8, haaita pf all civilised beings when 1
<UI *!__ _? .
Iumey rrau 01 inr nmuguter insuiuicu
by the "Kultured* beast of Berlin.
IWf fathar and mother of an American
bay in khaki should see "Over
the Tap." tar It shows them In tr/'lnr ;
reality jtu{t what wo are "up against !
ovar there." and In addition it shows1
that Amaricani can take good care of!
themselves. "Over the Top" Is pro '
thtead in a spectacalar way and is a
treat for every loyal American citizen.
It Will be shown all this week.
"WIW Youth" Has Wide Appeal
"Wild Youth." at the Nelson, pic
< turtaed from the novel of the same
same by Sir Gilbert Parker, tells the
story of youth's call to youth. The
plot is simple and appealing, but It Is
in tha acting that tha picture takes,
hold of the spectator tha strongest.i
Aa tha aenlle old rancher who took j
a simple, confiding child for his wife. I
? Thiddoro Roberts gaTo an unusually i
forceful and vigorous performance. Indead,
hk work dominated throughout
the telling of the atory. As a Chinese
of high rank who finally liberated the
*M. James Crnze presented a pictur-1
oaqne figure and sited simply nnd
convincingly. Louise Huff, as the
pathetic little wife, was genuinely up
PbHtag nnd gave a sincere perforJ.
Stuart Blackton has done good
work In directing the film. The story
! told In a simple, though dramatic
way. At times the action dragged and
from the beginning a happy ending
was aaeared. But these are mln^r
faalts and in general the picture carttoa
n wide appeal.
Rtfalne Hemmeratein at Prlnseas
The apparent object of "The
Lover" at th> Princess is to poilt out I
I ituti numj.i i>; htp mrri
Ma* today is they were when Shakespesre
wrote about them. The author
I of this scenario ha* woven a modern
I story in with the time-honored plot of
I "Othello" but remove* the more painful
aspects from the play by making
I the tragedy "all a dream"?thereby
I Uttering from Shakespeare.
There Is rather an original Idea in
I (hi story which culminates In one reI
ally dramatic scene of Othello at prlI
rate theatrical*, actually smother* hi*
I WMa;ia tha murder scene while the
uMsaed is spplanding his realistic
ImBKllThe plot is a little slow in
IWNloplac and one might wish that
the director had allowed the audience
I Is take for granted the detail* of a
prolonged honeymoon. Once into the
I actios, however the play work* up
I and s resumption of the Interrupted
TPs setting involve* a number of very
kasatlfal woodland scenes through
I Which the hero wanders with hi* dog.
a Sagnlflcent Oreat Dane. Robert
Warwtoh played the pert of the Jealt
*M husband with great reserve and
Hb totosstty sad Blaine Hammer*teln was
B s pretty and kittenish bride.
l Hipp Haijoeod Laugh Shew
Baa Mtehota'and hi* "Nephew* and
* Vetoes of SUcle Sam" opened at the
Btopsdrome yoaterday in a good
Ptth oWt called. "By th* Sad Sea
.wSswa." Thelma Goodwin, Ed T*jut,
4>hs and Don Nichols himself.
HLSmpMtsA by an excellent chorus af-1
I fSriaf a splendid entertainment wht -h
fflHp attend ad by an unusually large
RHHtosaaai Today "Love Island" an-'
^ Bar good maslcal comedy will be i
presented by tha asms company. |
MrtH Qmmi Ot 100
pMMK 9tOtg? Ovtj.
aw ?
|J%J-_n n rtir,,r r WJWJWU^,/'-"<->rij
"CL08E UPS" j
?Quite a peppy and pretty chorus.
Don Nichols is a good picker.
?Tho latest fad created l?y the Dol*
ly sisters for the adornment of clothe
is heavy silk fringe. They used ft on ;
many gowns and hats in the Fcrceu:
Classics. Inc., production. "The Mil-,
lion Dollar Dollies." released by Me.,
tro and now it !s one of the most pop ,
ular of this season's novelties.
A ii 'Z/
0 ?
J \ . >
Prlaoetr Ptleaud.
A young woman giving the name of
I'avne was arrested by Officer Hell as
st-e il,clued from e^^t bound train
No. 4d. Monday evening. T te woman
was carrying a quart of whiskey and
three pints of beer. She war. Imprisoned
until yesterday morntng when.'
on acconnt of her extreme youth. Jus
tice Rarrick released the girl witii.ut
Eighty-five to Camp.
Seventy eight men from Marlon j
county entrained here today on a spe-1
ciai ttain for Camp Roe. Virginia. In
addition to this number, two volunteer*,
Satntn-I F. Rej burn and Clay
Toothm; n both lo men, and five
men from other hoards lull, making a'
lota! o' eighty-five.
Pntlsvlnff Is the nn am f-ir the kix
day Chautauqua which opens in this
city Tuesday, Jrly 9th: Lecturers,
Judge George P. Alden, Serg. George
E. Nightingale, Dean Arthur Holmes,
Dr. S. C. 8chmuc'.{bs, l)r, Harry McKeen:
entertainers, Anna >!ae Conklin,
Avon Flay rs, Edwla Brush. Metropolitan
Trio; musical numbers,
Avon Players, Metropolitan Trio,'
Geltrh Beers company, Bland's orchestra.
Forn Holt CsMUt company, Van
Vllct Mathieson company,
Fred W. Calnes, of Wolland, On-;
tario, Canada, and Miss Bessie Lehr-j
man, of this city, were united In mar-1
riage by Rev. W. M. Jennings nt ths '
Baptist church here Monday afternoon.
The groom is a successflu business
man in his home town, while the
bride is a slstsr of Mrs. Ed. W. Hal*
fast, of Burt street and a popular i
young woman. Mr. and Mrs. Gaines
Jef: Monday evening for their home in
Aviator Visits.
.Dale Talkingion, who enlisted In the
Aviat'on Corps of the 1". S. army. Is
home from St. Paul, Minue: jtc, where
he has been stationed, tor a furlough
with relatives.
To Oklahoma,
Harold Halfast left Monday evening
for Oklahoma where ho will join his
father, E. W. Halfast, in the oil ticlds.
Hotel Arrivals.
Bartlelt?P. E. llill, o. B. LouderI?
P l.niH* ('lnrlrfiliiiP!y P i'
Kooniz. H. D. O'Conner. rittsburgh;
O. E. Bethel. Wheling; O. V. Snyder,
Sistersvillc; K. E. l'ope. I'arkersburg;
R. H. Hraham, New Wilmington, I'a.;
S. B. Clem. McWhorter; Joe Beach,
Cincinnati: C. R. I.ott, H. T. Francis,
Chicago; Herbert Steiufclt. Cleveland; i
R. F. Neptune, Cameron; J. L. Hodge,
VJF' Personate,
i V. F. Ciur.j.t and daughter, Mrs.
Orville Ash. and little grandson. Ar-1
thur Ash. left Monday (or a visit with
relatives in New Bethlehem. I'a.
R. U. Howard left yesterday for a
visit with relatives in Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Matoaia Kendall and granddaughter,
Miss Rernice Rice, have returned
from a visit with friends in
Mr. end Mrs. William O. Barhe and
Miss Farah Lough, of Arnettsville,
spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. H. j
F. Bnrhe, tho lormer leaving today for
Camp Lee. Va.
Oliver Cook, of Cameron, was a business
visitor in the city yesterday.
Rev. H. D. Clark left yesterdsy for
B hiioinnca visit in fSrnffon
C. I* Cottrlll has returned from a
visit la Parkersbtinr
Miss Allie Hall, ot Kim Grove, Is the
attest of Miss Mary Lehrnu>n In Burt |
Dr y. W. Vanre and family hare returned
from a visit with relatives at
French creek. Upshur county.
Elmer Ridyely, Ralph Miller, Jame?
Runts and John Jticobs. of Fairmont,
spent Sunday with friends In the city.
Orval Shock, of Clarksbura. spent
tbe week end with his brother, N. CShock,
Miss Heryl Raker has returned from
a visit with friends in Fairmont.
George McCrory apeut the week end
with his parents In FairmonW
1 c'
rannr^ ; i' ''Q^SytfrWrin"
.?_ _ .__l._r_._._;r,_- .^ -Lrnj- Mrs.
S. M Ktilwcll and (laughter
have teturned from a visit with relatives
In Toronto, Ohio.
Dare Leach has returned to his!
home in Grafton after a visit with rela- j
lives hera.
A. W. Prlchard has returned from s
business visit In Wheeling.
William N. Way has returned from
a month's visit at Mount demons.
W. O. Drvis left this morning for a1
business visit in Washington. I). C.
S K. Phillips spent the week end
with relatives in New Martinsville.
Harry Washington returned yesterday
fiom a busines s visit in Pittaburgh,
texas j1eb1
inn tout
There Will Be the Usual
Fight in the Courts Over
the Law.
(By Associated Press)
AUSTIN, Texas, June 25.?Texas berime
officially "dry'' today when a bill
enacted by a special session of the leg
Isl.itnre and which prohibits the manufacture
or sale of intoxicants within
the state became a law. The remaining
saloons?numbering between 300
and 40t). according to records in the
comptroller's office which were out-!
ride the limits prescribed by the 10mile
zone around camps of military instruction,
are thus banished.
Not a saloon, brewery or distillery
remains lawfully in operation in the
Bclh Interstate and Intrastate ship-'
nient.i of liquor are prohibited by another
law enacted by the legislature.
The only way any Texan can get Itquor
Without violating the law is to go out
of the state, purchase it and bring it
bark himself for his personal use.
It is expected that constitutionality
of the law will be tested. But since
the higher courts of the state recess
for their summer varntion the last of
the. present month, and do net convene
;r:ai mintil October, court at'.on designed
to Interrupt enforcement of j
the law may not be taken (or several
Ih.o chief contention against the
law's constitutionality is that it vlo- [
ir.tes that provision which accords lo-i
cal option to counties.
The law permits the use of alcoholic
stimulants as medicines "in case of
1 actual sickness" if purchased on written
prescription of a physician. Tse'
of alcohol also is permitted for sacramental,
scientific or mechanical pur-!
poses. ,
Violation of any provision of the act:
constitutes a felony and Involves a
penitentiary sentence of one to five
| Henry Sturm was visiting friends In
Shincton Saturday and Sunday.
f ? ? ??
m mr
WjHeiWv ^ju&SHHlbH |Mj
You can aee him rjii
Friday & Saturday,
June 28 and 29 at * '
7:00 to 11:00
Phaameul Blind
He Will Tell You Whai
Write Your Que
1,,, #
H =5
Advent of By-Product Coke
Oven Hailed as Important
Development. 54
Nowhere Are Miners Retter
Treated Than in This
'The Black Diamond," a Chicago
coal trade Journal, Issued every Saturday,
plays up the Fairmont-Clarksburg
icgian very emphatically In its
last numWr which hears date of Junb
22 and reached Fairmont by mail yesterday
afternoon. There Is a red line
running along the top of the front
page of the magazine reading "Resources
and Development of the Fairmont
Beg.on?Page 52a" and starting
with that page there are 35 pages of
reading mutter regarding this coal region
in addition to display advertising
in various uaris of the paper. There
are traps showing the relation of this
coal district to the Conuellsville region
of Pennsylvania, a view of the Baltimore
and Ohio yards at Fairmont, two
views of the business part of Fairmont,
p (Picture of the Consolidation's
storage plant at Owings in Harrison
county, a view of tho seven hundred
and fifty foot steel retarding conveyor
In use at Calloway and the smaller one
at the No. 2 m'.ne of the Flmpron
Creek Coal company at the same place,
a likeness of Dr. I. C. White and a
statement from him about the qaulity
of the coal in this region, likenesses
of C. H. Jenkins, president, D Howard,
vice president, C. J. llyan, treasurer
and It. B. Isner, member of the ex
ecutlve committee of the Central West
Virginia Coal Oisnisn1 Association,
a picture of the town of Century in
Harbour county with views of the tipples
of Mines both No. 1 nnd No. 2 at
that place, pictures of the exterior and
interior of the Hutchinson gas engine
power plant of the Monongahela Valley
Traction company along with a
picture of the new power station, and
a picture of various types of mining
machinery at work In mines of the district
The first page of the northern West
Virginia issue of The Black Diamond
Is devoted to an advertisement of The
West Virginia Coal and Coke company.
of Elkins. which shows a map of
the state with "Copen" and "Hiawatha"
coal occupying big red spots
where they are produced on the Coal
and Coke. The Alden Coal Mining
company which has operation* at
Johnstown. Pa., Wilkes-Barre. Pa. and
Phlllipsburg. Pa., has an advertisement
on the fourth page and right un
defncaih is ?n advertisement or the
.T Stuart Dlackton has just n
newest picture "Wild Youth". Th
Sir Gilbert Parker's novel of the .
call of youth to youth and the lovi
while h"r old husband?fully old e
and more cnicl with his li-creas
tricably tangled when a quick turr
? while the young lover is accuse
LI Choc, a Chinese servant, confes
to work our their happiness togetb
i tag Margurite Clark.
I -
% ' v
FoW linintritiM
Ik fW '
vai " *
is Photop'ay
t You Want to Know. I
Bti<>n at Home! J
J. K. VMM Jr.. trenwrer, nnd O. K.
PaMteord. imril maaager. TheCoa-'
sottdatlon has a Ml page advertine
Mot In the regular advertising of the |
laaaa bat does not seen to have can :
irlbuted to the showing In the special;
northern West Virginia department.)
The Helmlck Foundry-Machine com :
pan*, of Fairmont, carries a quarter of I
a page advertisement. Among the coa! i
companies having write-ups are the
Cambria Coal company, Fort Clark'
Coal company. J. I txmg Coal < >m
pany. Mt. Clare Colliery company.
Francois Coal and Coke company.
Helen Run Coal company. Thermal
Coal company, nraxton-Plttsburgh;
Coal company, Alden Coal Mining
company. Alex R. Watson company.!
Cortright Coal company. Austen Coal i
and Coke company, Coalcsceni Coal
company. Davis Coal and Coke company.
Abraras Creek Coal and Coke
company. Gorman Coal ar.d Coke com-1
pany, Potomac Valley Coal company.'
U'wat Vlrvini, Ca,I aaJ Ca1.a 1
I" *'"? ? P>'?MU x uoi mm vunr vviii^aii < , |
Central Fairmont Coal company. Fair-,
mont Bic Vein Coal company, Valley
Fall* Fuel company, I'ool-Townshend
I Coal company. Pleasant Valley Coal
Mining company. Corona Coal com i
pany. Jamison Coal and Coke company, I
, Davis Colliery company, Haymond'
| Coal company, Moreland Coke com
; pany. Wyau-Bingaraon C03I company
YV. H. Green ,Coal company, Marion |
Gas Coal company, Ferguson Coal and 1
Coke company. Century Coal company, j
Fairmont and Cleveland Con! company,
West Y'irginia Fuel company.
Antler Coal company, Brazell Coal j
company. Darby Coal company, Osage:
Coal company, Monongalia Coal com
pany, Virginia and Pittsburgh Coal
company land Morgan mine). Simp
sen Creak Coal company, Hutchinson
Coal company, Fairmont ar.d Clarks-j
burg Fuel company, Initial Fuel com-j
pany. Independence Coal company. Da-1
ris Coal company, Bethlehem Coal j
company and sis companies under one|
management?the Mr.deira-llill-Clark, j
John A. Clark, Sr.. Harry B Coal com j
pany, Harry B. Coal and Coke com-|
pany. Car-Dill SmoFclc.-.s Coal com
pany and the Salvatore Coal company.
There Is one feature of the artlcl"
which is emphasized a much as type
and style permit. It is headed?"Fairmont
Coal Rich in Possibilities," and :
"The most significant statement
from any coal field since the war began
wan made recently about the Fairmont
region It was?UNDER THE
will not only yield quantities of excellen
gas but other needed by-products
and coke. This will be the first battery
of by-product ovens in tho old
beehive oven district."
Other statements emphasized are:
"Ordinarily, Fairmont coal Is so:
clean, as mined, there is no need for 1
special preparation except to divide j
the ronl Into sizes. Where veins are
worked ihat have partings. spTial ma- j
chinerr is provided to extract the im
purities "
"In no mining field Is the worker
better housed than in the Fairmont region.
The town sites are all large
enough to allow both a liberal build
in* brnppom and irivinv In thn minnrn
B B""'B lv/ i
garden plots. The growing of Harden*
| fca* become a feature and thl* ha* add-:
i ed to the Interest of the miner In hi*
' work and to hi* steadiness in the
1 mine*. It has all had a direct influ-,
LSON Today
ompleted hi* very heat work In the
ie atory, which I* an adaption from
same name, deal* with the age-old
of a young girl-wife for a neighbor
nough to be her father?grows mora
tng Jealously. Matters seem inexi
of fate leaves Louise a widow. For
d of the murder of her husband, but
*cs and the two youngsters are free
jjnma !
The Photopla
"The Girt Who
| (Sto Mijll
Featuring Marie Empre
An Exceptional 1
I "Rivals am
. With and All-Sti
Professor i
Will appear at the Grand
ll phenomenal blindfold de
II what you want to know.
J PRICES:?Adult*
Merchandise of ever:
before it will so Lower. ]
$1M buy* Woman'* Serpentine
Crepe Kitnona* In light and
dark flowered pattern* and
sol'd color*, value* to 12.S".
(1.50 bora Women's percale,
ftinghatn and lawn house
dre.-ses In Hah anil dark colO^.
value* to $2.50.
$12.50 buy* Women'* and Mi**e*
taffi-'a silk dre?*e* In
copi'ii navy anil gray, value*.
$15 to $18.
SI -98 buy* Women'* white anil
plaid R.irhadine wash skirts
values to $2 00. All *lies.
$6.95 buy* Women's all wool
value $10.
69c buy* Women's high. medium
or low bust corsets
mad* of whitP cutlle. 4 hose
eupportcra, all sizes, value
a ON
ence upon the prod?rtion and proba
bly h?tps to account for the rapi
Ktridp" made by the region In the pr.
auction department."
Mrs. r?^lia Morris'.o ??' vi-ilin
her parents ai Annabcllc Saturday an
Frank Kins and family were vlsltln
at K S. rarrsh Sunday.
Joseph Martin was calling at W. (
Basnett Sunday evenintt.
Kay Aahrraft was visiting his p:
rents. Mr. and Mrs J. H. Ashcraf
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. end Mrs. W. r Basnett. Mlsse
Sal'e and lufv Telrick. Lillian Pa
rUh, Sallte and Benlah Basnett, Henr
Glover. Joseph Martin. Marshall Pa
ri.-h and Arthur Ar.heraft attended th
party at Ktchard Starh's Monday nigh
in honor of Fred Staeh who leave
Monday for camp.
H. E. Dunlap. patent lawyer, ?
Wheeling. W. Va.. reports that th
Three Shows
| Matinee at 2:4S. 20c: nighta at
7:30 and 9, 20e and 30c.
Change of Bill today
Don Nlchol'e "Nephewe and
Neicea of Uncle Sam." In
big Chorua of Pretty Glrle.
Cub Comedy on tha acreen
featuring George Ovey In delightful
acreen aklt.
JUNE 28 and 29
7:00 to 11:00 Continuous
y Sensation
Doesn't Know"
Bt Aiy Girl)
as and an All-Star Cast.
'wo-Reel Comedy.
I Revenge"
ir Cast of Midgets : m
these two days only in his
mOnstrations. Ask him
15c; Children 10c. t l
1 il
f description will go ffilM
Buy now and sare money.
>3.90 buy* Women* Oeoftette
end *tlk crepe de chine
went* in nil the new wnn>
ted .bade* b t utlfully Bide
Value* to >5.00
/sc i>u?a v omen s i naap an*
gloves. double tipped (legem
till shade*, value $1.M.
79c bar* Men'* blue chaabrag I
short sleeve work ahtrta,
valua 11 00. J
J9? buy* Children'* romper* ar
play auita, valua 69e.
69c buy* Women'* mualln pettt- I
rout* rimmed drawer*, copset
cover* and bloomer* I
29c yard for large aeleetlon of
fanry draparle* In dark and
light color*.
69c for Men's atblertlr *tyl* I
rherkod nainsook, closed
crotch union aulta.
?/* yCoRNEfp Vr
i 1 Patent Office records show th* reonl
d issue or prtent* to W>*t Virginia In
j- v en tors as follow*: Harlan L. Baa,
Salem, ilust-collector; Harvey O,
nrogniez, assignor of one-half ta H. I*
White, Wheeling. fuol-dUtrlbattnc
i hanic* for carburetors; John A-Hyleton.
aisicnor of one-half to V, 1
' White, Hatcher, clothea-driar; Jordan
M. Love, Watson, wrap-holder lor tke
later-chairs; Warren J. Parson*, Huet[
ington. combined lawn-trimmer and
, ; >od-cutter; B. Y. Phllllpo, Cairo, itH
- brace.
T T " I ?
' The mound bird of Australia I* k>
' ted for It* inimenta neots, which an
I the largest made by any bird. Boat
4 of the mounds It ronstraeCa are fhltp
r" J 30 feet In r'rcumferenee, and Ik tM
y renter it hnrle* its eggs two foat deep,
r' leaving them to be hatched by Ifef
e sun.
I Hundreds Have Bmi I
StrsMt Arthir | I
I Guy Eapy's
The Tep"
* At the
The Last Two Days
Still More Hundreds
tOk? Will Go |
"Over The Tep"
With EMPEY today
and every day this week
Lauded from Coast to
Coast as the Greatest
* * If - ^1 A. _ ^
I [j Filmed, and showing I
: R Battle Scenes of the I
I] most sensational nature, I
|| Super. Production, Ear *
|j pey's "Over the Top* I
II Now Showing at the I
1 Dixie Stands Without a I
H Peer in the World today f
If you fail to see this I
M picture now, showing I
n as it does scenes such as I
H your own boy or your I
D neighbor's boy may be I
J| placed at any time, yen 1
[j will long regret your I
j action. . !
I Special Music at Every I
Performance bf I
j Augmented Ordmtn I
Performances Every I
yrtwo nours, Mgami?
I 11:30, 1:30, 3*0, 5*0,1
D 7:30 and 9:30.
fi Come in Afterntms to I
Avoid Night Crowds.!
II Price*: Adults 30b; 1
Children 20c, php |
[J war tax. A mH I

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