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?*?""" 11
' X 3u
?A Present for Stephen
I fOfl light. 1118. by the McClur#
Newspaper Syndicate.)
npKBUMit.jnant picked upa thin tin
pipe out ot the basket and held
** * up with a smile
: T tarat 1MB one since I was ten
Wwn old. It's a bean abootcr. Isn't |
Jui laughed delightedly. "Taa. ft
tf. Da you think a small boy would
"If he doesn't, ho Isn't human I
"There'* only one trouble about that.
.IhMgb." went on Jane more soberly,
nnl never thought until after I had
Woght it, that his mother is In rory
BHift circumstances, and buying
Ba&as for a small boy to shoot Into
M)Is'i eyes might not happen to he
the way she would choose to spend
| They were sitting on a fallen log in
Bb maple grove beside the road Over[Bead
the birds were chirping and flut Bhrtag
la ecstacy. for the day was ane
of nature'* rarest, the kind she flings
MoT the eyes of a winter-worn world
111 Willi die hope and faith in hett
|Bh|? te come. It was early spring.
M already there were signs that on" I
BpMff maa'e fancy had turned lightly ,
I ft thought! or?very great admiration ,
lit least far the girl beside him
IB front of them on the road stood
Hftjmr. Jane'* that had r- .poi'd fit
fwpeir. Just a* It happened, the lieu- i
Qhaant had come alonr: and offered to ;
WW mend the perforated tire.
kBM had ecce7?l"d srr.tcfully and1
^ nr IM car atnod ag in readv for ac
$oa. to esc a Ultsry phrate.
j^fhare waa re: li; u > reason why shI
apmiidn't hin gone oh-sd oa her
tonraau, |>ut when even the hlrd. wen
[fltoaUy choosing their mates and <h''
I Mg day waa theirs, why shouldn t
rt.t n few minutes on the
I Ifi a birthday basket I'm tnhtnr t
lUttlt friend of my mo,if: J.
I agptnlned dumping the things nut on
I to* (round. "I wlrh you knew my
mother," ahe went on. "If you did you
H Wield appreciate there thin:.?. T
I tear cool waa born without any sense
^HHfr/aor at all. and Did . nd 1 nearly
|(W> fit! about her. Kverv May she's
Haen aeading some poor little fellow
|Mt tUa road a birthday present, and
I she always rhcoaea the av.fuler.t
mto thlnga for him. One year it ra ear
MMM and mittens rhe'd got at a sale.,
Hw raid !':i r,
line" H'ir. till the next winter. Anil
? 6} th* r:::i - * kettles of rar.upaEfelb.
fcr oho i.lid ill eb'ldren needed a
I bleed putiilcr In tl 1 spring and no
^^Htotbt bis motu
I bin aay. gho's re- .'cryihin f ri
life of Sit-i.i t>
Hjtame In the readme line, and < ore
urhen bhe couldn't thin;; of anything
^ gdtal for him She rent a bolt of shoot Mgfor
hla mother."
^^BMently she hes n se ise of ml
Hit." laughed the lieutenant.
*TOa're right there" nodded June.
|*Woll. anyway, ahe was too busy to
BptM to It this year with all'her war
^Hjto*. and had a notion to let ft p' hot
I l thought It was a good charee to
^Bpha up to tv > foils v.IKftra
of disr - '- meat, to I offered |
Hto tuka the I) ' rf ahoooina .onil do.
HNrr Oft he uiders. And here I
"Blessed person! And how old Is
"Bless your heart, t don't Know."
I pall lane. "And ! doubt If mother
does, either. The little fellow r.ar a
HmM|I of Aunt Mary, who And
H fit Bb know is that mother was to
IftM A birthday present to Srphen
jtuaptoa every year on the tenth of
I tflt perhap-? " the lieutenant
"You're right. There Isn't a
H Sjl la the world that your visitation
I wttl make np for all bla former trouJ"
"Well. there'* the bean shooter, and
^HkMll B has of marblca?nearly all
too?and a top. and a mouth
b Brian. a baseball and some peanuts
Rnl4uftxiis "
f "Bully for you! He's a funny boy if
have a perpetual birthday all
itimmpr *
Jane pot bar treasures back Into the
I basket. '1 must bo going." she said.
I lM*| fUlckly. "It is getting very late.,
H V bey won't bate any birthday pre.*-:
sot at all If I stay here any Imiger
, ^That's ?o!" he agreed reluctantly.
Bpt wont you let me go with you? '
! Jgaa considered a moment, then
I looks# up Into his steady gray eyes.
^MHMber'a very touchy about my talk
lap .to strangers, and the sky's been
ov eaty latroduotion?that and the
Fspf. Sit she's dotty on uniforms?a
r.gaMler to ber is a combination of marI
Ityr BBtf saint?so I guess you may
I mm BBd- see Stephen get his pres
fig. Be you happen to know where
^HBa Baaptons live?"
Is "Tee. m take you there If yon!
pMr dhtt't mind my goln*-" I
Ifiey t?irn?<l into the,
Hhrmv of ? Tory pretentions country [
HSpnae. Jaae *u startled.
I "Wiser* are we going?"
"To the Haaptonr."
W-'MPhj' 1 don't understand. Sur.
to Mt lire here. I thought they
Ipsrs poor."
gAsy Mid to be, but somebody lei,
p Mnse money. But surely tha;
^HmV She he nay difference, does i'
^^Kb|l the same people, not chaugc
boys ore the urns the
HLgn two," answered Jane, a bit
Kdl do think you'll miss some
yon don't know Mrs. Mam'
^F|mi tha fin eat woman l kno?
bpd come to the door
oald Jane, stepping out
^^ j^?*BatIwaathlnkla| of
^H9%4^?Sy*tUdTg room Jars'
^ni dbobeer something. The tuo
lb * sUeer name on the r
HbMo and that of a little boy < n
^^HmaM mora oetdontly the same per^ hmftmioonatortag
Ute eyee or
^^^^PMMeaQaed that he was the
I^KthMlha e??eyed itaeif
^^mkyjrdwihinisi oil
\ K s
r Hlk r
N. C. A. Household Erpert.
NSW YORK. Juno 16 -Mm Oliver
Harrtman'a achem" far savin?. b; >
dehydration. all that ts worn savin? j
of the 1,000 000 pounds rf fr tits ;
vegetables which would otfcerwl:
spoil each lummir month on the pi'' .
of New York, places her first amcuy j
the women food conserve of the nr |
Mrs. Harriman ha?1 established :
big centre! kitchen ;> the r
Lexin#ton-av and 23rd-M i> Scou
organised under the mr < ' < - .r\.
tes. will salvage the ma'c/isb 1
Mrs. H irriman's chemist :> ul a
ants will dry th?m. The pi duct ?
be sold at cost to the persons mo t
in need of It.
This huge and patriotic system of
conserving perishable f > ids is the re- ,
suit of exp'Tlmetits made in Mrs. Har-1
rltnan's Food Rojenrcli Laboratory
which cooper atv.ith tV- NV> York
City. Bureau of Foods and Drugs:
Mrs. Harriman has studied food
conservation ever since the war br ks!
out. She has sent last quantities of
dried vegetable j.-ip to Ettrr.pe'B pr> .
son ramps through the Y. M. C. A i
With shipping space at a pr. mi'fn. j
she believes that only by dehydrating J
perishable foodstufs can America supply
her armies properly and fulfill
her obligations to her allies.
Mrs. Harrfman advocates the coir i
munlty drying pi;,rt as the b st p.,.
:ible vr ct CO!' < V0 every JOU'' ' ?
Ameri' p 'ru produce. Aecar.lir. i
to an ( i,: id her Ink i;
It roa's 4 i J huv tin cans to h Id .
worth of i-.r.ir.toe\ Jlourewlvn h
face tli j particular Item of t ::p
at the begin:, us of the cnnln..
r.cn will 11 uFtlly conolder i'. i
tl >n r.s a r.vl> 'i ite f >r cr. rn'us.
All men cr r it be prr ;d<
v Men rami >t h ;n.e tin i e. i
conserver of the coei.ry? but :
:nan cm cn'ist In the . my or
"avers and serve by drying s i
p:;r:id of fnilu anil vegetable
any one of tiie simple home pracessc.
jf dehydration. |
a fer.rful blunder wan sending the
vcrjr blood to her checks. Mrs. Hampton
rime In. Jane waited (or no
introduction. ''I've made a terrible
mistake,'' she cried, pointing to the
basket. "I've comr to give your little
bc.y Ills birthday present. and even ear
wuffa and narseparllla would be better
than the stuff 1 have brought.''
Then suddenly she laughed uncon
trollably. "Oh. v.nlt till 1 tell Dad,
shooters, marble:;, peanuts! Oh, my! !
For an army office. too!"
"Dearie." na' l Mrs r'mi^on, "don'
"Feel distressed! Oh. goodness! I
hits always kino!" ror;ci<b"rcd Slcv,
but she never rr.me out to see us, and
1 think she lost track of time We j
.-'.ways made good use of the thins !
ho sent, and saw that some one git
them, but wo never liked to hurt her
by explaining."'
' "Fall distressed! Oh. goodness! 1
don't feel distressed! 1 think It's a
splendid Joke."
Mother and son nodded at each
other and smiled, if there was an>
thing in the wo-ld they admired, it!
was a sense of humor.
"Besides," sold Stephen, "it's the
best birthday I've ever had. I'm going |
to give yoijr mother a special noto of j
thanks for sending me the nicest present
in the world."
And the gray eyes were too full of j
meaning for Jane to rjuestlon what he
"Thai's true dear." said Mrs. Hump j
ton, smiling. "He's carried vour nlc-1
turr since you were a little girl with
curb. He said you looked so Jolly."
Jane smiled gratefully and held out
her hand.
"That's splendid of you. Suppose ;
you go back home with me and show j
By arrangement with the Interna
Virginian hc.s secured a supply of t
experts of that great corporation s c
tell how to start a garden, how to cul
Insect pestf and how to meet every c
lug the growing season, and at the e
duce. And throughout the instructlo
derstand by many lllustraiions and
Invaluable aid to all gardeners, evi
will be a veritabc life saTer'to 'he 1
useful in connection with the garden
West Virginian. Prepared and soli
books would cost at least SO cents I
at the manufacturing cost and while
Grow a Vegetable Garden movement
person upon presentation of the atta
Upon presentation at the publit
ly filled on' 71.0 West Virginian wl
' X&tne)
Ou. . . coders may secure
cuToottme Tom
i taucin6! i'll voi>
neveb take tua1
vou agaih! sti
i jfcjp^^jwalkjfa
' j#.
"r ri~ ii '' 1
* *
* *'' ' '
/ ' >*. ? '
Mi ^
1 -w
i- . v . ,: ..? - * ' & --.
, '' v x
. r *
' N ^
mother how little ytephen has grown
up." she said.
"I'd love to," he answered, "and Incidentally
I'll mention to her a real
birthday present I went sometime.'
But Jane, flushing, had nothing to
luwer to this.
** ~
tP.nOEN LESSON ,.o. <.
The biggest mistakes amateur gar
doners are liable to make are these:
\Y. tering too often and not enough.
Hoeing too little.
'Irving to get along without fertilizing
the soil.
Letting weeds get a start.
One rhould not go* put the garden
hrve until the real dry v.-p, 'her ret
In. watering t oor.fr on a loose, sandy |
soli thaii on a heavy soil. Hut when
von dt start sprinkling the garden, do j
It thoroughly. A little water thrown j
upon the leaves is worse than no
sprinkling. The leaves drn't itced water
upon them Get thl water on the
ground, near the plant's roots. Soak J
thr ground. Do that only a few times
during the summer. In even the hot '
test weather a pardon shouldn't need:
a soaking moro than onto a week. j
Every square foot of the garden surface
should be stirred at least once a
weak, end after every rain and watering.
Keep a layer of du't, an inch or
two thick all over tha surface and ov
erything will grow beter. In hoeing
tioual Harvester company The West
looks on gardening prepared by 'ho j
xtonsion department Thesa books
tlvate and fare fcr It", hew to kill tho
me of tho dliTicultio3 that occur durnd
how to Rather and store tho peons
are nrule simple and easy to undiagrams'
Thi e books will bo an
:n the most experienced, and tlr y
teginners. Tbcy will be esspecielly
ing articles printed each day in Tho
i in the ordinary way there little
tut the West Virginian recured thorn
i they last as a contribution to tho
one copy will bo given free to each
ehrd coupon properly filled out:
atlon ofTice of this coupon proper11
give absolutely free one Uarden
ih'in by sendiug 2c for postage.
? I
,dio lEvcareu ^ j vn
AfctyT TWe 'ELLuW Tli
r Losr oiamowo it
Ctf. PlM OH A 7" ' i CA
HIHti TCIP?- I ^ I un
? '.I.''' ?>. I I I ? II'
' ' '
summer month *
v -,
, ^ v v?? v n.* ':
' * " v < *\ * -mi
mm' I I
. .
"V*_ .
}-IAK I? fMAbi" !
! i
av.d taking try to pu!vr.-,zo the top| ]
noil. Every clod on top is a drainI ]
through which the moisture beneath ,
mpl rates. . !,
livery garden should have a coat of |
manure in the fall, which should be ,
parted or plowed under. Then during; |
the planting season well rotted manure ,
or commercial fertilizer should be
vorked into the soil with a hoe. This
;< especially necessary if you are trying
to grow two or three crops. I
If the hoeing Is begun Just after the t
panting is done, or even before and ,
pt up regularly so that every foot of '
surface is scratched at least once a
week weedr will not get a start. The
verage-sized garden needs an hour
a day. If that is given it crops will be
better and larger. , ,
? ,
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Lough, of Ohio,
r<e visiting his sister, Mrs. Elroy,
Mr. end Mrs. Jesse Arnctt and deugh
er, Thciraa. spent Tuesday evening'
with Mr. and Mrs. James Amott. |
Miss Belle Morgan was shopping at
Fairmont last Tuesday.
Straned l.ouch. of Sugar Crave,
"pent Sunday with his sister, Mrs.
Kina Henry.
N. E. Fisher was a business caller
at Morgantown last Saturday.
Mrs. Alma Weiemberger, of Fair-'
mont. was visiting at ("has. Straight'.-:
last Sunday ar.d attended the funeral:
of Llnsy McElroy.
Mins Ilclle Morgan was n business
caller at Morgantown Thur;dr.y.
Mrs Anna Fisher, of Loweavllle. Is
very sick and wo understand an coon
us she gets a little better will be rprrnt"d
i.ii again for the same trouble.
This will be her second operation.
Mr-. F.vah Rniphsnyder is visitingi.
her daughter. Mrs. Anna Rinehart. at
TrMs What to Do to Regain Strength !
After Sickneaa. | ;
New Tork City.?"I am a profes- ^
sisnal nurse?the grip and bronchial .
pneumonia left mo with a cough and !
in a depleted, anaemic condition and ,
no appetite. I cannot take cod liver |
oil In any other form than in VTnol
and in a short time after taking It my
appetit- improved, niv cough left me. j
1 gained strength and weight. That .
is why 1 recommended Vinol to oth- (
MI I E. M. Walker, R. N, 35
w. r.sth st.
It is the Beef and Cod Liver Pep
tones aided by the iron and man- .
le a p iptoMtM and glycerophos- j
phatr contained in Vinol which makes ,
it so wonderfully successful. (
I lanes urug STOie, rairninni; rre- ,
scriritlon I'liurnwy, Mannlngton and |
druggists everywhere.
06 MT A Bki Fouii POOHO &ASSHe
HAT DO SOPPocJE HE I -%?foomd
M Twe
Csssvllle at present.
Mr and Mrs. Lafayettte Ralphsnr
der and daugher, Iris. motored over
and spent laat Sunday with Mr. and :
Mr*. Will Snider.
N. li. Fisher went np laat Friday to J
his son. Mm Fisher who lives a'
Bellrlrw, who was operated on for,
side pleurisy and is seriously ill at the '
hospital. |
Byrl Henry, of Georgetown, and'
Miss Ollle Broek. of Flickerrvillo. mo- J
to red to Morgantown one evening last
Charlie Brock and Miss Hazel Brand. |i
of Flickersville. attended the quarter i
mPAtinw At P.^nr^tnvn I a.At Snmlav I
Helen Straight and son. Claude, of i
Fairmont, were'visiting Mrs Mat Mc-i
Kirov recently and attended the fu-1
neral cf W. 1. McElroy Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. Jarred Lynch attended
the quarterly meeting at Cool Spring
last Sunday.
Mrs Kllen Straight, of Fairmont.!
was visiting Charles Siraight a fevJays
ago and attended the funeral of j
V. L. McEirqy.
Miss lsa Clark entertained Mrs. j
Fisher one afternoon last week.
N. E. Fisher attended the quarterly 1
meeting at Cool Spring last Sunday.
Mils Kaiherine Fanlejr returned to
her home at Fairmont Tuesday after
spending several days visiting her aunt
and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Rose Michael,
at Hagans.
W. Limy McElroy died Thursday
evening. June 13. IMS. at 6 o'clock at!
the hospital at Weston. Mr. McElroy
had been in the hospital about 14
months and had been there several i
times before. He did not seem to rally
over this spell. He was aged about 54
years. Deceased is survived by his!
wife. Mrs. Mat McEiroy. and his moth-'
er. who is in the hospital at Weston
One sister, Mrs. HMa Stewari. of Osgood.
two brolhers. Mr. Will and Co-,
lumhus McElroy at Fairmont. l>e
ceased was well respected by alt who
kntw him. Mr. McElroy was a mer
chant at Georgetown and n good busl-t
noss man when he was in his rational i
trind and a good citizen and a man
that attended to his own business. He
wes brought lo his home on Saturday [
momti.g and funeral services were.
Iield by Rev. Yoak. of Rivesvllle Sunlay
morning at the Georgetown church
it ten o'clock by Rev. Chapman. Interment
ws* made in the Arnettsvllle
cemetery by Undertaker Jenkins and
Brown of Morgar.t own. A very large J
crowd attended the funeral.
A corporation In Denmark makes a I
msinesn of cleaning an d disinfecting
Skin trouble costs i
many a man his job
No matter bow efficient a man may
be, if he has an ugly skin-erup'.icn,
there are petitions in which he cannot
be tolerated. He may know that it is
not in the least contagious, but ether
people are afraid, theyavoidhim, and be
must make way for a man with a dear,
healthy skin. Why run this risk, when
Ointment and Reainol Soap stop itching i
and clear sway eczema and similar ,
humors, so quickly and easily ?
Don't make the fatal mistake of neglecting
what may seem to be a "simple
little backache." There Isn't any
such thing. It may be Jhe first warning
tbat your kidneys are not working
properly, and throwing off the poisons
as they should. If this Is the case, go
after the cause of tfcat backache and
do it quickly, or you may find yourself
in th? grip of an incurable disease.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules will give almost immediate re
liet from kidney and bladder troubles,
which may be the unsuspected cause
of genera lill health. GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules arc Imported direct
from the laboratories in Holland.
They are prepared in correct quantity
and convenient for mto take, and are!
positively guaranteed to give prompt
relief or your money will be refunded.;
Get them at any drug store, but. be i
sure to Insist on the GOLD MEDAL j
brand, and take no other. In boxes, J
three sizes. J
l suppose. Ma L
too hi D THE
THAmomD PM? -
II ? -I
Announce the d
medium p
53 Cloth
I A Sale!
Tuesday and
Wednesday only
they offer for quick
selling 53 Coats
from their good
guaranteed stock
which were marked
to sell from
$18 to $27.50
At One Price
' The materials incluc
Wool Serge, Burella am
best styles of the season
shades. Kindly Remcm
day only, no approvals
mm -
Coptryu mum m?tb r.Huctd piicei, 4176,50
op. C ud Auio Trai!?ri.
On accooot of tret ve k??e to move our mkL
}|5FL-?t Aiaoao. Fuubmgh. Po.
Froa Three Tears' Suffering. Sara
Cardri Made Her WeiL
Texu City, Tex.-In an interesting
statement, Mrs. 0. H. Schill, of this town,
lays: "For three years I suffered untold
igony with my head. I was unable to
do any of my work.
t l..o* .it on it m
i juai wonicu io siccp nu mc time, roc
that was the only ease 1 could get, when
I was asleep. I became a nervous wreck
|ust from the awful suffering with my
1 wa so nervous that the least noise
would make me Jump out of my bed. I
had no energy, and was unable to do
anything. My son, a young boy, had ta
So all my household duties.
I was not able to do anything until 1
look Cardui. I took three bottles in all,
and it surely cured me of those awful
headaches. That has been three years
tgo, and 1 know the cure is permanent,
lor I have never had any headache since
taking Cardui...
Nothing relieved me until 1 took Cardui.
It did wonders for me."
Try Cardui for your troubles-made
Irom medicinal ingretifarts recommended
in medical books as being of benefit in
female trouble*, and 40 years of use has
proven that the books are right. Begin
taking Cardui today. NC-134
I i I . "1?
I ?\
3 V4'
-? O o a ' '
if - fiiflHl
isposal of aH their
?riced Coats |H
i -*r\A c#,,% 1
i dllU OfliC J|
TS j
' I
* ?l it' *. - - I 1
ic an n o?i ropnns, air
[1 fine* soft velours, in the I
all full length and all good
iber Tuesday and Wednes?Alterations
Strands of Gray Hair May
Be Removed.
Strand" of gray hair are nnattrafr
live and very unnecessary and accel*
1 prate the appearance of approaching I
age. Why not rerooee all traaos ol
eray In tlie hair and possess an evan
"hade of beautiful dark hair In boas
| ;<*ouk quantities by the use of "La
Creole" Hair Dressing* Used by
| thousands of people every day?everywhere?with
perfect satisfaction. No
lone need be anoved with gray hair?
' hair streaked with gray, diseased . !
cslp or d.tndruff when offered eadi
t preparation as "La Creole" Hair ^
: Dressing. Apply It freely to scaly
; and hair, rubbing It In well, and attar
j r. few implications you will be delight Vg
: fully surprised with the results.
j for gray and faded hair and ratals
.the appearance of youth, tfbed by
| gentlemen in every walk of life te
' rertore an eren dark color to their
{gray halt', beard or mustache.
Sold and recommended by Craart
! Drug Store. Fairmont, W. Va. Mall !
: onlera promptly filled upon receipt at
regular price, $1.20. "La Creole" Hair *? M
I Dressing Is sold upon a money haak
LMAN. " jj^H

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