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fcr tbo . trlrnimi Prtntlnc end
. Hi WM Vtrglalas Bali?lag. Adam*
W. J 1VIECEL. (Jtneral .V
Efsi* " Editor. 'Mr
Hf'' AJr?.il?tm Managar. I
K TlM A??'cl?i?<l Bum li tarlualvfly ?n
HAubltratlrm nf all f?i dlapafhaa ri
' ?tn?nrla* <r?)lt?U In thN nawipaper
I naoa publtahad htrnn. All rtfbt* nl rrp
I dlaaatcb** hrraln ar? aim mwM.
I TELEPHONE*-110*. 11<X, 1107. All d
through prlvgta kgcbange.
foreign Adva-tlalng Repreaentatlvr. II
IS) fifth Avenu# Now York. I Waba
... ^....
)Y MAIL? (P?y*bl? in advance ' rtlj
Is month* Jl 0?: three month*, tl 50 <
It' ,BT CARRIE* (In Fairmont Or
month*. |3.?h; ana month. (Or. one a
g -- / Three CanM.
BT CARRIER?(Outaid* of Fairmont
S* J ? * waah. JS?. By carrier Three Ont
. * All aubacrlpttnnw payable In advance
When (thing for change In add rear
near addrot*.
Entered at the Poatofttce at Fair trior
ageondjrlaM matte..
Bubscrlbari on our carrier rout- fain
Virginian any rvenlng ahould call "\V
atnta Ut? fact and <jlve name and rceldcj
will deliver a paptr to v.iur duo- ?t
charge to the lubec.rlber for thl* *eri !
u ii i >
fly wuirng we stand, Iy i'nia
Then join m hands, brave Ai
A Ti time like the p.t.cnt when all
retail merchant: cu cl jttilly be
lithe increase in the cut cr l.v
not the high price* that hcv: h.jii inii
f this city, who declare t!it" t' cy arc :
upon the merchants. Th: b e?' th<
ill feeling which ha* *pr:itl th.: ^'i ih
that thg merchants are tck. w too I - rcj
o a a a a
I Mid arc not doing what they eon to !::
Other worth, that they arc peer brr r
became they feel that they can po-s 1,1
ultimate consume: with a r*- -' stiii p
If the merchants arc not m ty of tin
eoma an opportunity to re ... co t
the only certain cure for ci >
are about to encounter, i'. ;!l t
atk for an opportunity to app".. in.'oro
ff the Womani club, if that be. y deci
f of the price question. and lay their side t
before the members of the committer
' committee ought to reek expert tervicc
id petition to mike a just estimate of w
The West Virginian believe* that tf
in the charge that the local deal;. ,
makt all tke effort they rhculc' to 1'
cost* and expenses, and inr'dr>:>''y
charge for their wares. Wc lK. !:
price" litt such as is i -s I >1 V" v'
would have a tencl.ry to h ! \ p. :
to the proper level if tke r ri; as \
Tp Igure price; on t i be i.e.' :\e
doing bus '.ess in th s to i v.-c ' I roi
phase of t!;s price que. lion c*.ir.oi c \
pi two. It will take lime and work on
ad at once. ,
As for the aiirket proposition, whick
It another mean: of holding down pries
well .to bp sure of their farmers an 1 g;
make any extensive commitments alon:
will investigate a bit they probably wi
dncar it not avtrsa to charging high pri
hit run a farmers' market p!ic: woul
influence upon the cost of living in Fai
darted in tha hope that it wiil prove ai
for til) the evils we are opposed to alo
hpMod to he great disappointment.
We rather think that if the women |
hgr organizing an aggressive and iniellig
uimart league and oractice aoins to
ffith a ba-.kct until they get the habit tl
-dief and make possible the ultimate
seupd basis of a pubik market.
p HAT Penntylvania draft beard w
J[ that the work or fight order do
county need* a good stiff injection
H hone sense. But perhaps the real <
dm chamber of commerce which asl
make the ruling?and then in all |
^ rouble to age to it that the board got
hat the business anen have. That vi
here are no munition plants in the com
ill have plenty of help there is no ncc
he order locally.
If every one cooperated with the
eaaner it would not be long before tf
v v mat to smash and the country was ci
- Ruff stuff |
These dusky ladles from AUbam are
are ready user* of their pot set artil
And yeu aevsr can tell when they
re mmflrtag fer fun or shooting u.
I tie Melville Davisi-on Post, a liter
r . ffWHT. OWt Harrison county wa>
f. out lor C W K for senator.
$ ?
Thgt ought to fix the high brow elef
. eat.
Bat of eeurss tbe rough necks sliil
> the voting at tbe primaries.
Bet Clem has not forgotten that. ?
Amsterdam haa it that Austria has
Kit utaf another pence move.
VfjHft. be math interest hs that en'
: < s?V.*-y'^ t r-.V '->V
11 III Sill ""] doa net have a do
* ? to say lha; bo ?o*
order ? thuaartic
county. Tlftre ii
and Quincjr Su. are bow work-rig
nag*,. | jumted for produc
s V. KKMC. i liked the prorpect (
o^rST"' h,ve P?f?u??W *
Kuparintcnd'itt. Wlien the rules
to press. General added tl
"M**".,h* "** '"J common senie in i
adn#4 to it or i"ot .
?vi ?i?o th? lam i to know how man]
nbllcatlon of .pr-lal ^ advert|Swl ,he ,
??? .. | brand of common
rpnrlir.anU raaehea . . . . . . _"
frinkiwo ?U.I I ?
? mug wvm
iOBKKT E. WAiiu. i f national scale,
h A??.. chicaco. | bodied men go oti
? r" producer! will giv<
, ) on-- yenr ??.ou, er? and thus inc.es
>n* m*r.tl? 10c. :/ . 1 . ,
y#ir $7 0- , hI\ ' docs not do &|
etk. J-c. hi copy . /\nd if the farn
.) One month, 75c: cannot supply pla
leave non-produar
ttve old as well as far west or south
?? - where they will be
t. West Virginia, as ??
call foreign iv
SteR- T-n-iov* r repel,iion of
ea mid a Bf<ii !iv!r ic jionsiblc ft
;.r - Than to at , ^ [n ,he c
??????? ; wjl'ng to be dccei
Lb ipii. " bsck 'n '^l4
; cat.ng about for
It. :S:. yaal c t>
j to fix t ie blame u]
j dfcerl document;
' p.cmred that the
M ike a; long as i
m-tum were in f
France and then
^1^^ switched back to
, derpene a complet
enl i hat they mean
Cut the record i
nil the proof one
fins me fJl. in ,he
mencans ad. ' ..vinc,nG of thcot
_____ o at toe oi: ore
I. ; Caiman plot it
\MO\T. ii'.er. Shortly afi
I prices are ruins the pl'inuig the poriti
held responsio'e for r8ree to the En"li:'
iiig. However, it is dors, f?r it doubtl
aii 13 the houMwives ,lla'ic defeat, for
going to open a war Balkan in'erest;. si
: d^satisfaction and 'n other words
e city is a suspicion 'cd J"' mto so mi
- ? -I ?r. rrot into one from
- " "V without great lost (
'p n. cei down. In ooon and Au;lna
pv nselves largdy . ^ ^ b
ic cm!" along 10 ,he
-'.t acided. Reports at War
3 l'.:ey o'ig'il to we!- to md'.cate that I
clc-.r. Fi'? :ty i t.-icta Kttiiniont is
fal kitd '"' -'t 1,1 - . tv accural? est
!o well th. ore to i,cea no daily 1"
the C .c lee jtpced campaign, t
das to mak; r>'.t iirue uy a.id one hesiti
?(the matter (rank'y ;t.vlf Justice In a
?. On its part the . di -'t. as it were.
ro that it may he | |-.e appeal of the
hat the food dealers | t0 th;g ,?atior ous
( | by the busin:s r
ic/e if a lot of tiutii [i business s ir-e
-i foe T tuffs do noi un nu) hr.ve an o
ii ( - n their own aaj ntake a thrift
' j c"i fey n'.u t support ol the b'.t
V' a werkly "faif .
7 rl Moraectov.-n , The matter or
rf"l? al l=a*t , bpiow the present
ily arrived r.t. j senate yesterday
r T-'J "*y ?j attempt to push
I 1-'t much. This meet with defeat.
\cvk:cl out in a day : terdav it looked >
it ought to be start- , trout 20 to 41
J the lower one is a
i has been suggs-led j
ts. the ladies will do i Today Is the Art
irdeners before ibey }oan troops in Kn
t that line. If they possible to say. thi
II find that the pro- COmptete in every
:C? himself. In the j
'ts own supplies tt
Id ha-e a favorable i jstlc economic orf
rmcnt. but if one is ! that la a m-,rveloi
s immediate remedy military efficiency
ng that line there is I staff did not belh
t , u^uium* aa<i 11
get after the grocer, I n,w recor(l!
emly manned Co.,- wl? be madf
the store themselves
hey Will get quicker Rif?ht now ? d
establishment on a _ .
war, and we probs
I that Uncle Sam Is
T. I It took the L'nl
hich has anneirceJ oul 'hat th^re w
es not apply in its 1 Senator Sutherlan
of eithe; patriotism august body. Uj
offender in the case Chilton contest ne
ted the draft board
orobability took the ar* earned
the same view of it ' 'he military r*
iew is that because "'s no' too soon,
ity and the farmers of 'he war for th
easily for enforcing willing to weaken
in order to help h
government in that
le whole war effort Also we know i
impelled to confess ' Ming to be aftci
{this side of the Atlantic.
Austria Is too much Id the same fix ;
the men was in the song about the!
girl who walled at the church.
She ean't make a real peace move
because Germany won't let her.
And Germany has not been sufficiently
chastened to know how to
mukft rMl npiirA l?rnii
Report going around that there will
be a frost on June 28.
Bet that was started by some German
Anyway It is going some to get a
tip from the frost factory three days
in advance of delivery.
Great feart are felt that Fairmont
ia not doing ita duty In the W 8 9
e e
Does your eonse'enre hurt you whea i
you learn about that! i
1 cm cm from the enforcement of die
ilar county, which, by the way it Canter
much that the men of military age who
it non-productive jobs could do if they
live jobs. But the business people dis>f
the changes that would ensue and they
: board to make its ridiculous ruling.
were announced the Provost Marshal
ie statement that the boards must use
Enforcing them. It would be interesting
r Pennsylvania^ relish having this action
lewspapen as a sample of the Keystone
sense. Center county had better quit
nter county and do a little thinking on
It will then see that making all able
it and hunt jobs which will meke them
i women a chance to become wage earnise
their capacity to help the government
tything else.
.1 .1 t mat r i i
lis or trie outer producing field* of labor
ces for the men who are compelled to
ig jobs they will not have to travel very
before they can get work in the mines,
doing double service for the Republic.
the moth eaten assertion that Russia is
?r the world war will dece ve no one.
iernians themselves, who are more than
ved about a matter of this kind,
when the German foreign office was
a way in which to escape responsibility
- "".'"st civilization an effort was made
pen Ru.:;s, but when the Russian* prowhich
proved that Czar Nicholas had
Ru?*i".n army would not be permitted to
negotiations regarding the Ayr-Irian ultiirog.ess
the Germans switched, first to
to Lngland. Finally lart year they
Ru:*ta. which in the meantiTe hid une
change in government, and it is apparto
stand on that.
s .ir-i'jht. Germany willed the war and
needs to m<".ke that clear can be found
of G~nnan statesman. And the most
r adnr rsiont is that of Herr von Jagow,
!: cf the war. and until the exposure of
i Mexico, was the German foreign minter
hostilities began von Jagow in exon
of Germany said, "We could not
h proposal for a conference of ambassaless
would have led to a serious diploItalv,
too, was pro-Serb, and, with her
tood rather opposed to Austria."
Germany's interminable meddling bad
my false positions that she had at la t
which she felt rhe could not withdraw
of prestige, and so the war was derided
was told to go ahead, although every
ew that war would result.
.Savincs campaign headquarters seem
by comparison with the country disfalling
down. Perhaps this is not a
imate of the situation. There have
nrhes and other features of a high
fill, me num iiufi Ifrril (tump; mi llfiUIites
to believe that Fairmont can do
matter of this kind only under forced
Nevertheless conditions are such that
workers that more attention be paid
ht to be heeded by all, and especially
uon. The Governor's plan of having
ailed for two hours on Fiiday so that
pportunlty to go to the nirss ineetinss
i plodte especially ought to have the
sines* community.
extending the draft ages above and
limits came up for discussion in the
and It was at once apparent that any
them down to 19 years Is certain to
Before the matter was dropped yesery
much as if the new limits would
i, and while the top limit ia too low
,11 right.
it anniversary of the landing of Antcrncs
and within a few weeks it will bo
it we have an army of a million men,
detail, fully rquipped and living on
isre. For a country with an Individualization
and a peace loving Inatinct
is achievement. Germany with all Its
could not have done it. The German
sve we eould do it. But It is only r
we have to stay in this war two more
i for military achievement and might
oes not much matter who atarted the
ibly violate no confidence when we say
i going to end it."
Itod State* Senate a long time to find
as nothing to the Chilton contest of
d's right to represent this state In that
> urre in ine ?est Virginia mils (111
iver was regarded seriously.
that it Is too loon to form estimates
"suits of the Austrian defeat in Italy,
however, to know that Austria Is out
e present summer unless Germany Is
her striking power on the west front
>er chief ally.
vhat the German General Staff's alibi
r It is all over?Austrian weakness.
So far as the Austrians are ran|
eemed the worst feature about that
defeat tn Italy Is that the Prussian?
will forever throw It up to them.
But maybe they won't have the
Momaeh to do tt after they get what
is coming to them if they stick in this
war long enough.
This Is the first anniversary of the
landing of American troops in France.
And there ire almost a million of
them there .low.
But It la a safe hot that millions
In Germany and Austria still think wc
are not In the war at all.
Vet the Teu'a think tliey arc a cr i
What a hellotalot there will be f jj
them to learn If they ever ?<> up.
Queen Wllheltniaa of Holland i* ?
practical dairy maid. She can milk a
c i t, churn butter and make excellent!
bread. |
, PAik VJlnJfWT DiSEbD
xmm i w*lw "'iim,
I|' Brrs of
i ? m wmm^mmmmmm m^mmmmmb
! Yesterday'* Wbeelin; InteWitenc
' made the annnuniomen: that tiie 1
! taMUencer Is now comfortably ?tu.
: tered In It* -pielou* new bnildinu
i 1505 Market ?treet. Wheeling In tl
' future all buslre * connected wl
1 the editorial and bunln^rs dcpaittnen
of the p?per wjii be taken care of
I the new buildmc
The officer. arc the rery latest wo
In the r.e - o.-;er ?>, I .i;td everv <
fort ha* been ta?d* to arrange the
?o as to take the best nreof the mat
na T.-'f* nf the ?ccr ami i - tl
moat efficient "efVtea. The b .nc
> of the pro" ' was formerly taken rai
of In the building of the New* I'u
' ltsh<ng romosay ca Man street. whi
i the pcpe.- was also edited in the t
fires of the News A cortiiui invit
tion !i extended to all to visit Ibc ne
home of the ptper.
C M Kittle, who ha? b"?n nami
regional diiortnr a* one of the *
Federal managers for railroads in t'
Komham region is a former c.tiien i
Beverly, W. Va . ?>V" the Martlnsbui
'Journal. Mr. Kltt'e. whose offira w
1 continue In Chicago. will have Juri
diction over all departments of tl
Illinois Control Rai'eoad. th<* Yam
: nd Mississippi Valley rall-oad r.t
the Gulf and F?.o I land rail; cd.
Capt. Will Hutchinson. of Grori
j street. P.rltcrshjix, hr.a n flntk
Liberty bona which rre doing the
hit in laying unusually la-go etga co
talning twn yolks. t'apt. HutcUinss
sent one of there eggs to the H-ntin
,! ofrIce. |t mes'uret elrht in-hes
circumference one way and six lac
'les the othc- Mr. Hutchinson al.
1 has a war ga "den in which he is rai
I. ", a banner ir. p of vegetables ih
. anccn.
Quite naturally lots of people jan
to the cj.ic'.' on this has been tl
c olcat mc-s.:tg of t.prlng Into snt:
ever known, but the records
'l;y Weutu.v Or .-oner George W Va
Motre at "Mi insburg dissipate th
' error. Aecarding to his records
was Just at cool th? night of %'ut
:.;l IN in 1102 as it was last night. wh?
. the tento 'raiuie dropped to 42 d
grees. Ou the 7tli it was as low :
, 45. June 2. 181". the record waa '
i degrees, and on June 2. 1907, it wi
' 41. lfowrv i i th" record of i
' years f ' r- there was but one
an l t- 1902. June 24. when
wr. t so late in June, as wj
tl' 4 c last nigiit. The preccdln
< ..! weather made harvesting mot
ciidureble. many wit > drove hindei
wearing their coats while at work.
Rooming horjci in Wheeling ai
to take the same route as the old te>i
1 crloln. thct has j"st been wipe I or
1 *lt nf thu ?itan/l n?mn * 1?
morning in a statement from Chief c
Police Campbell Henderson for til
eivilian vice committee.
It wan tUa decision that womc
caught in the rooming hoti-.es (rot
now on. will be held at police her
quarters without bond for trial, nc
. correct names must be given. If th
' women a-e convicted in police cour
: tiiey will be given a sentence in th
workhouse sufficiently long to p
mil cf the me.iKxl committee of C
Ohio County Medici society to n*-1'*
an examination. If the report recon
nicnd.o treatment, the girls will t
rc it t> hospitals for Imt?t Jo
as fou'.toe.i girls tram the red ligi
w.ra w'.ten that district wai closei
The girls caught in ra!:l.; in ajdltio
C> being rsgliUrt.d, and subjected t
Hits program wit) likely also ho r
quired to provide tue police with
photograph for bll.rg witn their r<..
I "
The war savings meeting at TTou1
. hturch la :t nipi i was t troll a
! tended. The speakers v.ere Mr. Dui
lap of the West Virginian and Mi.
l>Bolt. A savings society war orgat
ized with Jps. I). Bowman as pros
("out anil Mm. Nellie Hrrr ao seen
tary. A feature of the meting wa
the community rinsing led by M
It'tchie of the Times.
Mrs. Fiorcnce Wilson, of Forest, 0
' Is visiting reintlves here.
Mint ITavnl P >m m-in otil litflo
cr. Welter, went to Little Falls th
. morning to vwt their graadmothe
; Mr*. E. J. Bowmnn.
Robert Levory and Anna McElfrei
Tommy tank canju. . os op
| ay good follow, 'Ua jolly wtU fiao,
Laik. r c few-,
I] June &8th. 1918, | a
I WalkLeisurel
i You'll Find'
J Be Wise
Thrift is two-fold?it is
^ wise spending and inielre
ligent saving. The man
? who starves that he may
,r. save is not thrifty: he i*
1 foolhardy, for he destroys
his capacity to earn and
hence to save. The thriftv
maw nr u*nman snpnHa
i* -v w- ~r"* ?
^ wisely and thereby in%
creases their capacity to
>" earn?and save:
M>, -
Follow Our Own Boys Into
the Fight!
" Buy War Savings Stamps
ir Provide the money to
* back them up against the
pi Hun?Do it regularly, ev?
e' y day or every week, un>
til the war is won.
Exchange your chajige
at This Desk for
>P w. s. s.
Bathing Suits
, Now Await Your Choose-i
If you purchase' your
bathing suit here you can
rest asured that onne of
jj- the suits you will see will
i' surpass it for stylishness.
'* We searched till we
r? found what we lielieve to
be the most fashionable,
c attractive and serviceable
bathing suits to be hadThen
we marked them
with prices that will not
| impoverish your purse,
"i $1.50 up to $7.50.
t, True Values
r> ??? i ?i ?
j. :.nd Ellen llolbcrt motored v Gns'.ien.
te 1 Monogalia candy, Sunday evening to I
;t i attend ch'ldren's rervicen there,
t j Mrs. Edna llmTntan and two c>ll-;
3-1 dren were wte'i-end v'sHars of Mr.
a | and Mrs. Edd. Canteol n' Fairmont.
0 j Mi s. Clarence Burtoft and children.
0- of Fairmont. were the guests of Mr.
a and Mrs. C. W Keller Sunday.
> Born. Sunday, June 23. to Mr. and
Mrs. Liston Burr.worth, a daughter.
Miss Bertha B. wmr.n entertained a '
number of her friends Saturday even- j
Inc. The evening was spent with mu-1
sic and gair.rs and all repa. a good
It time. Those present were: Mr. and
t- Mrs. S. J. Sntiib. Mrs. Earl Holbert |
1-! and four drughiers, Ellen. Margaret,
?. j Jocep'iin" and Oeraldlne, Mrs. Nellie
it- Harr ar.1 two daughters, Ruth and
,i-' Edith, Mist Ernia Watkin*, Amanda
t-1 and Anna McKlfresh and Marjorto
i Iiouit. Messrs. Carl Dawson, Tommy
' Bowers. Ks'.on and Hustead lleiskell, I
i Omar Burnworth, Leroy McElfresb, i
'.. | Ralph Hoult, Mr. Carpenter und Mr.
Hdtktll, and Mr. and Mrs. Jas. D.
1- 1 Bowman and family.
1 | Dora Hoult and Mr. sad Mrs B'm.
r, i H. Hall was at t'fTinjt::: last Sunday
; attending the funeral of Mi j. Amanda
h ^ King.
, sssssi
p er deck of fifth it km: Ab, I ear.
I'm ft?Un right *t homa. do* eta* kaow.
This Store Everj
y Through Ever;
tempting Barga
Only A Heart of Ma
l Silk
i More an
'?>, J discovering
'. /v y it x
an excellent,
I[T:\ I most durable
M"Vl beautiful is
6 ir s?
Its fabric
\) '? > :riously and i
J\JA: , The exqi
i. s* . i ribbons are p
air?a certaii
aetly correct,
deed. Another wholly, sat
lit?always distinctly shape
"Niagara Maid" underw
shops, because of its dainti
woman who has once won
them with happy assurance t
as well as they look and feel,
in "Niagara Maid Silk Und<
Vests?$1.75 to $2.25 B!
Camisoles?$1.00 I $2-60
A Waist Or Tw
Will fit nicely into any wellsed
woman's wardrobe. Her
a host of new creations to cl
fiom. Many of the models
ng arrived during the last
da vs.
New Silk Georgettes?Blou:
a'l the wanted colors and whi
$5.65, $6. (o and $ i .50.
New summer Waists of 1
Dimity and Organdy, beai
new styles at
#2.00, $2.50 up to $3.50.
lira Villi Hartley snd children "
v.ero \ .suing friends at HouM a f?wi?'
d.iys fM enilv.
Mrs. J. J. Harris spent Sunday with1
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hull McBee in Mononjalia
county. ,
* Miss May Titcher was visiting Miss
Edna Dcvanlt ct Ml. Harmony Sunday. ,t
George Nuiuni. of Winiieid, was a _
business caller at tjiis plana Monday. ~
Mr. ei d Mr. Hugh Harris, of Fair- 7"
mont, were calling on Mr. and Mrs. I
Frank Davis Monday evening.
Miss Ethel Harris is attending
school at Morzantown. 11
Mr. aid Mrs. E. E. Harris were callins:
un Mr Md Mrs. W. 0. De vault |
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis and chil
i dren spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
' Clarence Harris at Meadowdale. |
HIlliu Curry has purchaied a new
I Virtroia. I
The saw mill at this place has shut \
' dow nou account of the scarcity o( wa-!
tcr. I
Preserves, Concerves 1
Eggs are cheaper In the summer
time tahn they are in the
Fall and Winter, so If you will
just buy a lot of eggs now. and
lay them down in In Embassy
Egg Preserver you will have
fresh eggs for cooking purposes ,
all winter long, and with the
knowledge that you save a
great deal of money by having !
them this way. Purity, quality
Water Glass, one bottle
makes gallons of solutions. <
Lays down twelve dozens of
eggs. Price 50c.
Drug Store
i A Check
CS l<i ?<aiier to carry than money and :
ft as ti Ion.
Checks are of no value erect 1
drr*n. and nicncy If lost Is usually
Paying by check adds dignity I
?? receipt and record.
CL Cpcn an account today and see
ft you.
k The Peoples N
1 rnrnrnrnfnfnfnMm^
| Reliable Advertising lj
y Department 1
ins Aplenty! , |
rble Could Resist I
igara Maid" I
Underwear I
d more wise women are I
that Silk Underwear U
investment and that the fl
1 as well as the most
Viagara Maid"
k Underwear
L is pure glove silk?luxsuperbly
jisito embroidery and
ut on with just the right
n assurance of being ex* I
which is very smart inisfving
feature is their
ly but comfortably amear
is irresistable in the
ness and style, and the
11 these garments buys I
hat they wash an& wear
There is Economy Real
nomers?$ 2.50 and 9M0
Teds?$3.00 to f&M
o That's New I
?? ... - | , , ,
108.110 Main St. I
She (with ncn-spaper)?I ate that
ic commander o( K(?rr?> reciaant '
i he front write* that "African golf
is b- sn Introduced ever here hit the ;
rench *oldler* like it. tVhal't Afri*
in *ur I
He?cr?p?.? ao*too Tiiuw#
(.'onirpMtnan Kolau of CaHfeftla la
molder by trade.
TSe Shoe Of I
The Day . I
ThU la the BWfal.
ii stylish shoe* (or etraot or taw*
wear these war time*. It hat
low. serviceable heel, * mart toe.
a burring arrh and a top that fits.
Made In hl*h shoot and oxfords
?colored and black liathee also .
white duck.
a ?HOt of >Mf OAV'POIf
the WOMkN op thb hour
Prices, $4.00 to $8,00 I
&Wdftn| I
z Book j 1 I
ron not w the mm Oomt ]
:o the hereon ts wfcoot |kffw]
gone (orerefto
the tranaecliwi Md ?tTM|flB|
what utiothetlo* K
ational Bank fl|

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