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P" Ftttrtnrgh ] 1
TW (rating feature on the Pttti- 1
W| M*(k imm wn* rtifl on
gfitmgk r*rtm?, Whlek rirappU ,<
J . |t cmt t* tl eenta. with morn be-, <
H . M <*|N< ?t the price when the i
?PW eaded. n?i? ?n wrought
Ml It the coming refinancing .
Matter la all ?,MI ihim vara i
PjCbat the Milan outnumbered the I
_TM wtniiat of (ha list w?a lega
%*ftie. V.%. atasl. with MS aharaa 1
M fall efr 14 pointj to i *TS. 1
IV' aPlU Mia Iron advancei 4c to
Of* ?tl MO aharaa Mid.
Ma Mai laaaaa vara aroaa M>na
I Mr aoaa lie to 1 41. and ManufacH
\ taraaa Light and Heat want up \r to
MtMaUoiaMfSat taoietnaolhrdlueu
Ml Oa the othar hand. M aharaa '
|f at fttthsri Coal prof erred, sold off
II a fje. i
Maa H>?h I.n*
I a. w. ffiati pu ? as
I Iff IM. Maw t
MS La MIe Iron 11*4 1134 '
I VLm ftar Las IH 1474
I MMW?.L. AH 49\
M Oklahoma Qaa .. t'\ ft% I'
MPgh. Coatpfd. ... SI ai '
I MM P. I. Caster .40 St
I tl Pgh. Oil * Car . TS 7S 1
saa R. Ear tern Oil .. IS IS.
'? 141 C 8. Steel Uiv l?T'; '
TO Weet. Airbarke ... K'i ?.">4
I? j Mew York
I; NEW TORK. June tl - Tradla* in
I 4 Stock* today larked the breadth and '
IJ - laifeiialtv of the previous session.
The warning of Britain's premier at to j j
I Okie Imminent-* of another German .
drive reamed to offeet the further >,
achievement- of Italy's troops and as-).
I emoted for th* irregular tooa at the
I: r ?toee.
Fenfnoit banking intaresta aal
' doatly attached little slgniflranee toll
I. the nUgrsacas attributed to Oarman>'-<
I taraiga jln mter in which reasons!
l'\ Witty |*r the world ronfllct nil platad
chiefly rpoa Itiirsia. with intima
I Uoaa of a retention of Teutonic con .
II trol over Bolgium.
Y Domest IC n?Tiiop!innt? u?cnc i H-.
I marked lafhience. Hi* severs1 remI
Ur dividend dec'arailone being in
I Itae With general fore- a?-' Hock Is
I |fad railway dire-tor* arc ?*t>ei tod 11
I I make deflnii" dtvidcixl autiounrnnnit
I at tomorrow'* ninet'tig
I A preponderant shore of the da-'I
basinets pg*ln centered lo t'nltoi
I State r.teel. BnbHchem Ru-t. Raid ,
I wla Lceomotlve. .Marine i-raforrel, I
I ails, leather* and tob.r ro. Ralls wr re ' .
I dormant, eiropt for Reading and few
I low grade coalera, mostly at model- j '
I , ate gain*. j J
I r
- 1 Grain and Produce | ?
CHICAGO. Jnue 20--Jndicat'>ns .
that the corn market had became
I greatly oversold brought about a
moderate upturn la price* yettarday.
| emphasized a lutje \>j Intense heat
eter parts of ;he southwest Tho eloae
araa Arm. 1*c to lttc net higher with 1
July 1.4414 to 144i?. and August !
1.4T14- Onts finished at He off to
advance, and previnioni up I7e to
I the. |
Articles? Open Cleae
[ V Core?
Mr 14344 14414
Attg 14? 11714
Julr 71 TI4
Aug 671% 67 V
1 . Fork?
July 4875 4300
j AO? 4334 4330
fe-/[ Oil and Gaa. |
There Is s very llttls difference In
the average site of the wells coming
la. Light pumper* are the rule in all
districts. Near Moscow. Orant district
Hancock eauaty. West Vir \nlt.
the Murray Oil and Oas Company ha*
I completed a second test on the William
Murray firm. It ia a very light
pamper la the Korea grit. Near Holiday's
Core, Cross Creek district.
Brooke coeaty, the Dellanbangh Oil
Compare No 10 on the O C Delleai
V -Wtgh farm le a duster In the same
formation, fa tho samo district the
II a Roektedg* Oil Cop**snv is duo In ths
aaad at a second test on the W
Klrchner farm.
Oa White Oak Creek. Walker dU
triet. Wood eoenty ,tho Power Oil
Company has drilled No 99 on the Voleaao
tract Into the salt sand and it is
stowing for a light pumper. The rij
w Mo 19# ca the same tract ha* been
completed. In the same district the
Stockton Oil Company has started to t
SrIU a second test on the W W Bickls '
Jr. farm C W Sees has started to
drill another test on the Amos Georg?
dkm. * j
On Dents Run. Mannlngton district.
Marion county, the Carnogie Natural j
Ban Campani a old No l on tb? Phillips
lot, shot last week, has dropped
back to 100 barrels a day. i:, na*
district. Monongalia emjity, Voja
Natural Oas Company has &)?/ dr.iii-a i
n test on tho W L Tenant fartn
Ohroagh the Bayard sand. It Is a
| lair gasacr.
' On Moneys Creek. Cabin Creek disBt
Wet, Knsawha county, io miles northRjfr
mat Cf the Berea grit field on Cabin
^ Ctook, the Cahtn Creek Oas Company
ta completed No 19 on tho David
^Bnrl tract it is a good gasser in the
rw5r Mad and spraying oil at the
I rata of |ve barrels a day In the
J MM locality tbe Eastern Carbon Com1
pMy drilled No < on tit W M ThumpHt
soo Cam below the depth at which
1 the Weir sand sould have been found.
IV Weir formation was not encounbred
at'thls location.
la tbo easts district tbe Montgoat
?ry Oil and Oas Company has a light
gaaear la tbo Weir seed at a test on
M be Hoary Wherley farm. Oodfrey L
2abet la drilling another teat oa the
K (mo Moore fgna. At Glen JTirrts. on
KHaerb* river, Godfrey L Cabot
arted to drWI a test oa tbe SanNik
Coal Ooeapaay's tract. On
Oraak. Sherman dattrlet, Boone
r, tbe Ohio Clttae Oas Osmpaay
eted a Bsrea grit dastsr en the
pi ' ???J
Hz mile* aonthweat of the aaat* consjany'a
protection oa the Wiilumi
'oal Company* traet the seme com
May 1? d ruling a teat on the Batnutl
etry farm.
On the vaiera of Fall* Creek of
oal Hirer. near tpper Falla. Umeein
aunty. the South Pane Oil Compear
tea rl| materiel e' e ktcatian (or a
ritteat teat ou the W !. Kin* fan.
it Slaaearille. Kaaawha county, the
ina company iiaa the ric co.Tip'cicI
>r a teat on the M A Gibson farm A
oaatderahle amount of the aen wor?
n Kanawha county ia or the expert
tental kind la the older flelda the
Wo Citlea Gaa? ompeny an* the Unite
Fuel One Company are the ?a,>
siost aetlye In development work. The
[)r?t named nns a doseo or mortrlngs
of tools running on the Wl1
'ami Coat Company tract anJ tht last
named flvo on the Imperial Coal Com j
jany's tract.
la Cabin Craak district the South
fenn Oil Company it down 1.575 feet i
it No 3 test on the < oalour; Collier;
moany t tract The Lawtenre 0:11
omneny la drilliag Not 4 and 5 or. |
io Chesapehhs and Ohii Railway,
Ubt-odoray. Oa Falling Rock Creek
district, Kanawha county, tae.
'tiling Rack Carnal Coal Company u '
its io the taad a' .\o ?7 on its ?wa i
oropcrty. Ths O'Cneil Oil Comoair. j
h drilling No 54 on tht Gosborn 750 |
icy# tract.
In the Be-kett pool. Grant distr'"t.,
'ahell county, tti? Har.-l1bn-.-5e Oil
nd Gi.i Company has drilled No 9 0 1
ia E V." Ocr! ett farm hrough thej
"r l.'ino fir-nuHon. It show* for a
Ire or six barrel pumper. The seiiej
mp^'i is No 4 o? the V.f \\~ .
cnurr farm. In Jefferson district, j
,-inav-ha coun;>-J, the Cbarleitoc-Dun-'
>ar Nrtursl Gas Company has a llr.it:
ia't send pumper at s second tail m.
he J \V UtMacll fans. Is Curry di 1
rtrf. F.itnatn county. the W tyland Oil,
nd Cas Company is drilling at 500;
est at a wildest an 'ha Iri Pulle:.
trm. In Uglon district. Clay county, |
lis Upltcd Fuel Gas Company Is d.i"
u ths ssnd at s te't on the S.dney !
'.1 tuple farm.
lis is
I hey Spend Sparc Time Behind
the Trenehes Grow- ;
ing Vegetables.
\H5IY IN FHANHE, May 16 ?(Correpondenct
of Tht Associated Press.I? j
tnierirrn boys in the war tone learn |
ng from British officers ami soldier.- j
that the w.ir has taught in ths way of
inttif tactics pre get tiny nn antidote
or the mtntal ef ects of tlieir f ish'in;;
Why i
I your i
I mone
No, it isn't?n
Not if you fin
vertising i
Not if you an
VMl M*
you down
Not if you fir.i
"in conferi
stitch b;
and there,
to you.
If it had half
has you \
print, "Thi
g Why have yoi
copy thrt i
la it because yc
Because you tl
business, b
Because vou do
I Or is it becau
,iv ?
r 'n
S.icni as** occn piared an the raj. -1 ti
(' New Wit vky.iiparn la w ~.t the
I inhabitant. </ Htir. cii ru.I?' Ail will
bo sounded at once h? tfc operation ,
at ? single sr.'eh pollc^ h?sd"..at-11
I ^ru._.L.j.. __ru____. ^
r 'ucai rn. This Is o" ct by a cjra tl
pound of gar(leL.:C? and pit
"It is not a good thing (or thes? I
boys that their ahrtis be rem rei sole- li
I ly ??n stabbing, shooting and 'nrottlmg. '.
said a young coioael of (lie British
rav to th? correspondent of The As- [
BocieUd Pre s today Thin officer, 1 ]
who von hi promotion at a lit e oter'''
j thirty by gallant conduct at '.o>s and
I other places t here the Black Watch
I cii linrulnheil i self. now mznand - c
one of the British army tcfcooU v.'ic-"
uuskeiry, machine nun fira, the use o' -1;
the b.-nonet and jtujiuu : e ti. ig'i;.
He pointed to an American bay .In n
was iiidu trlously spading a future . '
t.ito pnich. "This is how we,tr) to
lighten ihelr thoughts," he added. j?
A rtw Zoalcad band was play-in? *"
I ,t-!y sir on the grot n. a 1 i11 - of pigs
was sir.ieullng an in couipuniaiciit from
a sty bidden behind a thicket and just
around the cnriar hent were clucking i
ta their broods from an enclosure''
along Ids which was a pes of highly r
hred rabbi is. Meanvhi'o I v. o pet dogs '
does karltod In answer to the rattle o.' ''
inc.chine guns from til# IM|M vhMil J1
newly arri*eil a'lies were trv.nj; their jV
marksmanship j(|
The men who wero not shooting, cul- p,
tis?- m? ind already soy.ii or pre- ij
paring ior briber at king sera trini- aj
mine ihe lawn or lending fl iwer bed" lThere
Is eveiything hoe to suggest 'at
don't you i
y at work
ot if it is merely being spent.
d yourself every little while won
etlly does pay.
e conscious of a little uneasines
Our competitor's advertisement 1
d it necessary to dissect every {
mce" and work in a trifle by Sm
y Jones there, and a patch by R
, and finally cut out whatev<
ity the poor bowel less thing had i
the giddap in it that your slew
vould say every time you saw ;
at has a wallop in it! That will c
i been so willing to spend youi
doesn't make you say that?
m think it's too much to expect?
link it can be done for some c
ut not for yours?
n't believe in your own product?
se you never got acquainted \
in. *. MMrr, PxiiiMt
I 1(0. p. M(TUSI> Vte-Pn***
' ' '*' 1 12 J.
If :ne Germans bombard the. I
. i'v ra -ei a!?na may suf.'jia tj ii
i7C llicm a* ay. I. ndon and Fur.-, .
j wrc mid, 'no type of aim pie
licit i:? c. r.hich hap ine approval olid
i I' : .jn"! ( Bfps. The raea .n..'
La cppof.o of v,-ar. ' f
Tin ccratiau'Jir.. cf . er who l;p t
pus to be cue of jo kit. un Icr whom
ic 'i-fTP.'ci Jubcuy I uc served julil
; little of the v.orit of h'.; pup.U v ith '
bayonet and tUo , ua furthei than
i.;t tbo American bay were keen to'
arn tad quirk to abr no. T'.ic fir; : H
:p ednrsti >n he left to b.U instructors.
This path ;, prevails at otner B'i:iri<! 3
: l.'tciR of the saws character. Some i
tlie midd ber keeping to their pro- i
rrro. Alt of ihetn have th *.r iwtr, and \
o t of thcra their (tarJe:.-. Al! of t
m will pive their American pcy ::
:uch to rciicv the depressing e if ecu i
t' continual thoujbta of blc Jd3.cd. j
Ion Kills Father To
Protect His Mother
IK. K. Meredith Frees Bureau.)
CLEXNVIM.E. \Y. Va., June 24 ,
>dlt Hcrnor had be'n a.nmn;: Us
ife for jeers, according to rcpo.i: "
\>rd. until his sou purchased the
irn in ordjr to protect bis Mother,
or.ior pr.uiii.ird to leave bis T. ife1
cr.o, but routing home the other (
ight Intos.cctod theratcnc-J to kill
sr. Drawing his revolver, it is supped
with the purpose of r-crying 5
i? threat In'.o execution, he w as br^d :
pon by the sen. who picked up s
lot pun. Tha authorities immedi-1
fly exonerated the con.
*-' :Z^| "
1 is
| !l
set ' I
$ p
, 'i
w 1
' i: *
f r Cl
? a
derins if ad- ! ti
i "
s every time !p
Boldly facing
>iece of copy | n
ith here, and })
obinson here
:r of human
vhen it come
m r
est salesman J
your copy in ; t
lo business!"
r money for ?;
? I n
1 th
>ther line of ,r
A'ith Han ITjDI
f ?
?? ! El
ER \ ?
I ~
t i
-V/ YORil jg
L ?i
t KO
E^B llAi
^ xjB6.
d* bw? "*-#K '
'- - *. . .fiJSJ#.'
'?.'.*r:u a.BtrrttT
. - ph . . r t :!: . L.. A. Aa
- i ung !v. -. i' _r'v?:!:'p When
\ p.rtur? vni I"!:ca a.i airplane uC
;. ily wat. fV:?s n\t head, b'.it H nu"?t
a r.uu o'j out ol cur flyers turn
T." 2J*-j
"Jandy for Central
Kiokci up a E.ovv?
(F E. Meredith Press Euieau i
VU.I.IAMSTOWN, V.. Va.. June
' .ju boxes ol candy for central
ir1 " an Itiui 'n the cap. use account
f J. M. . tudeloiker, mayor of \'"ilcn'rtonn.
haf> excited the attention
th auciit bureau e the state,
iikh a: ;v: thr.tllie amount ought
> t,c i. I jnded. The audit shows the
. .oners ol the town rra m bad coadi.on.
? ?a
About 90 per cant of Norway's dentils
are graduates of American i/ntal
alleges or have taken post graduate
oursea in the United States.
Eleven mdlion *5m?n and girls ara
it work in our industries.
ro-;c*trT3J nizxttn,
Ccj 3x i Gts-'irs t-fires. Ircn aad WmC
C ; -j Trucks, * ? jti isap,
iri.ni ? s ti f '?
:ol r upeclal, 1; ton.rttk Btsn?r
ianssa " I, ten xiiuahost
T... . , . _ j- m? ?
x *-.t 4in???Br?nTc.m :i tcrr.t\
UAzuMsax co, r.uibMtu. r?. I
Ry virtue or a Truat Dead daied on.
iia ?ltli do* of March. 1311. mad* by |
b.vi'.um Pr.edqjnn and Faur.le Friedtan,
ina svifc, to tits undersigned t?
'rurice and recorded in the office of
in Clerk of lb* County Court of Ma-i
ion co-inty. Vest Virginia, in Trail
iiel Hook N*a. 30 at page 113. 1 will'
pll. at public aucttsn. to th* highest
iddcr, on Saturday the 27th ties of
uly. lh"f. commencing at two o'clock'
m , at the front door of the court
ova*, at Fa.rmont. Marion countv. I
r?M Virginia, the foliarlng described '
IJ-.n'tf oercele cf real estate, altn-i
re on Maple orcntie, in the Second
ard of the city ef Fairmont. Me: ion'
mnty. V.'ect Virginia, and bounded!
rid de fnlie.-l as follows:
1st parcel: Beginning at a stake,
srner of Spenre etreet end Maple j
.enue. and run.'Ins with tail Maple
vet' ? in a v-eaterly direction forty,
at ta a stake: running there# with
line p?ra!Icl with sa d Spence etreet
> Link alley, and thence with esld el-!
iy in tin easterly direction forty feet i
> a steke. comer o.' said Link nlley!
ad ppence etreet; thoice with the,
no cf raid Spence atroot in a eoutb
.F'rrly direction one hundred and t
llrty-nine feet to the place of beginInc?
bainr a portion of Lota No?. 145
ad ltd cs shown on the map of 'he
'at of the Arneit Addition to the city
r Fainter'.
Co 1 parcel: Adioirirg spid first purI
ud land ol .1 a SwigeT, f.-outing
I M pi# avonue. N "0 c. U feet,
ic-r.ce v. ith niil first pircal S lS' j
*. 57 foe: to o r'.a'.e. thcnco N. 17 17.
> flit i J it" place of fcc^lmlag.
Tern-.j of 3?!c: C'ailj on uav r,f tale.
IMS SS T J Truf.ee.
__ |
1 err t car.dldrie for t?<s Republican
ral"a,'on fer I nit* I Str'es Henatar.
'I to the t Ul o: the voters at ttie
imary elect.on to be tcid on Augnsi
e s.xth. [
Your vote ar.d intluenco a lii >e!
oitly ap>rer;>ici.
a-Vsbnrr. W. ya.
litor U'eit Virginian:
Ycj aro authorized to announce that
tv ij Liltins. cf Morgantown. Monoo-;
lie county, a candidate (or noalaa-:
in. by the Republican party, (or the '
lited State* Senate (or West Vlr-1
cia. subject to all the rules of the;
ipubUcan party, end the laws of the
ite governing the primary election i
be held August. Mil.
J. H. lleDLJIM JTT. Chairman.
Korean town. West Virginia. I
O drawer 881. Telephone 110
l'ou ars authorized to announce t
im a candidate (or nomination by
? Republican pe.rty, (or the Untied
ites Senate (or West Virginia, sub:t
to all the rales ot the Repablla
party, and the lave ot the state
rernlni; the primary to be held la
gu:t, 1911
Haauagtoa. W. Va.
I MietNTAWSM " >#* a
LOST?On Mala nrcet b?tw?*n Han-1
1?: i tad Wt:ui knUuics or in.
H&'ilr; ? gtort a D A R. r" 3sni: oa I
!Vn_ Jun? :?tf. 40S1.|
WA> i LP ? >1,f< *:i Mair
I etrcet C-24-tf-4GS4 '
| WANTED? Walter or maUrrr*. Ap
ply Aomil'er Revairras' Vadlsan I
tree;. MH14NL
WANTED? Chambermaid A1 ApplyKe*ya?
hotel. Experienced one pre :
, (erred $ 2C 3t10JJl
WANTED? Waiter or wiltrera. A; 1
ply WhtiP Cioad Reatsarant ,
t Tf-tf 49C.1
WANTED? Experienced men tor tnln* [
offl" vovk. Matt be nKe to cpea'e
tvpewr er. Will p?r the pr.oe f'r
the ight nan Ar?p' In pe-ecn ? As-,
nabcl e M ne Eon,- Sta'C* 0<w! t o.
WertKiojron.'* . V.i tTJ-JC 105'*
tl fs-tr.s ?? Tel a> ti-rr
p op ; narp* : I
' kuo- y;nr nrii. G H. t'jri;Ai-c.-v.
Gene CS:6t. CJ'JS ,
gib VIKG1M \ fiMUi VOk M4UG?a
ctiv teru: :u. .si b-rju;nt : j<
a ore farm, fine o.d colonial home. tear, (
church, eehoo! end n D. at 110 per ,
acre; i-3 rn;h. balance 1. 2. 3 4 and
5 yeir*. Write for catalogue. r>.irae;t i
D. Grejory. Dlllryn. V?. 41<JT4:-3t$7 ,
.ui n. i Jt.
' T'lycsiT-.T.g ?crsTTT
IT f. SALE?Ford roadster AppiJ
a.ier S.39 p w.. 3J7 tatt Paris Ave. i
r:'S3t ?(?., .
Kalrnliiiii Vulcanising Compsny. El |
kins. W. W ?SI3t. 406S. |
OIL ROYALTIES pay bc.t and (nick-.
est leturor. We o.fer Royalty Vuita
In proven oil pool. Send for Maple
I copy Oil Gueher. RlUer and Company,
i :St? Rivay Eiebanje Bldg. SL Louie.j,
| Mo. MIS
' ??i
^efl A itaMrTwIifcr Am~'
Hw llsak-jaia,
PM ?
a CAM\rr or trtlve dt. ]
nKiToiw forge the rou VI
f* I1
I v
ralrmont and Northern i *
Went Virginia are an oprn I'
: book to them. Undoubtedly J
these twelve directors al* '
1 waja ar-iv# at tb?t policy "
which ta beat for Fairmont {
1 and tta financial latorekts.
| Into tho hands of these S
twelve directors and thoir p
' staff of executives Northern I ?
I West Virdola ha* plaeed tho
' sum of live million dollars. 11 |
la it not a ta*red trust wor. fA \;
thy of tho utkitcd offort bo- ;i !
a ins constantly put forth u !1 !
n tho interests of Fairmont? J
8 . .
a VY fires, whatcoven
B whatsoever developeth
a fires or fire breeding m
a any worth of manhood
you, think of these thinj
Masonic Temple
National T
Every day should be a Thri
for all true patriots, but
I thrift day on which you are aakod
paraiatent practice of ;nrift and occ
tended upon you alone, (ail not in th
Fairmont Trui
CASH FOR aU hlu taatk. Dart
amtaa If fcretan. I par ItM M
III H fir att. i u eaak tor aid goM.
aitm. aUttaajn daaul pM a>4 oM , 4
nM jawaUr um aart aaak ky ?
tura mall art will h?U aaada It dart
for aatidora rpprora! of my prlcaa.
I'aH to I.. Mirar, 1007 8 ith atraaU JM
n. mm im
HEt.P WANTED?Caok and )* ?
tdib ?r keu>?tatt4. Ta'.apfcaM !.
Mr- Op T Wataan
WANTED? Room*r? or light kMM
Uc?p*r?. ArP'j 21J Fh atraat.
H7-K 4?3t.
ron SALE ? S X roc? tfUM mill
aataa row? trick, ?4*t ram trtifc t taaaa
All lerf? IMA L'MM U. OA
linUia c-mmajity. Adlrtu PiA>
pfllo Bag :?1. 4-:tU?l? I
1* E?l ?'?Lara* h?v*k ha??f. bm4 ,jrl
lot. App;- Mrr Waary Mania. 4 Si
WMa i M* t nit-mr
Full FAl.f.?Epr Rh? pua.t ,n good
rr,iS.;:3n. at aacrlhea. 7#| Ki4*alr
: _ COALLftNPa U
FOP. .?ALK ?* atiis coal Uaj tan ?
t.jittr. r?r:Paiblx e; vf.l roJ'JlW
s^ot) r\i"otrnbi>. C'll C? or ^rrlt?
P. P 5ith?o ?2i Et:l Pork Ara. FalN
W v.? ItJt. 4#?4
2C0JT5 TO ?.3!rr
- ? -wy^^
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roomr 525 V.'Jnut Art. JO-tMW*
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I FOR RFNT?Tro Omiihari Toomt fa?
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I ar At* _ . 6-24 St. 40l?.
Iron RENT?FumUbad front toot la
prixata fsaliy. ill Osien Ara.
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Phones 1105,1106,1107. 1 HI
la answering blind Ui la
Hie West Virginian cla tailed
columot. pleat# b# csrefnl ta
aio the precise address glee* M
the adr. Writ# Uo address 4
jitialy. Utters brought to The
West Virginian offlcs iiuti# jflH
julre atuspt. Always Inclose U
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opes. Adrert tsars or others laI'jiring
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must designate ta# ad. aamber
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^ofestional Car di 3m
DR. A. B. SMITH. "| "
o?t?o*athic eMrateiAN
Clessee ot all atada earreetp
ttrd. eaUeiaetna uarpotaed.
Hail Bioui crar tier Una Ursa
B orV
Dr. D. I. L. YOST ] J H
PracUce liaslted to otic# aad
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fls? Les:t.?n SiO Main H
Hour* I a. ?. to I i. ml tolly,
r.od 1 to 4 p. n. Bund*? ity appoint- >*
men pScne?i'ew Directory tfls
Rtjidence Pben* III* J.
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Repairing and ratotldiap antowobtl*
radiator* a bftctaUy. '
O'd Radiator* BoupM. Rate i it
and told.
H. R. ONEY * ] %
Practical Tinner and Iheet
Matji V/crktr. 324 Monroe it
aaaanaat* ??aa?aaaaa?taaaaaaa
eth for safety from
;r preventcth fires,
care in handling
aterials; if there be
or womanhod in
fs-F ire Fact*,
Fairmont, W.Va,
ft Day during thif war, I
to ?lo4?? ycsrsolC HI* it tM |
momy. Aa it your eautnr m
tall 4i?ch*r|j ,( your duty. ,M

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