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jliyy-' V. ?
?? ? !
Ay Will Clash With the'
Consol. Nine at Traction
\-9Uk" Oqr'i Ptttbonrti Colletfao
^arciMh with til* Conaolidattoa Coal
cfcopanVi baseball team on Sunday ok
Wl> week. The came will be playadat
Tract ton park. v ** *"T?
The Collegian* will arrive ta tki?
^K_ aectlon on Saturday and nil Saturday
I afternoon are scheduled to clash with
the fast baseball nine from Idiynay art
Itamay. Idamay last Sunday defeated'
Grant Town by a 10-0 score. Tliroffbeat
the year the team has been playing
unusually good baseball and are
rare t* give the Collegians a good
Manager MrAleerannounees that he
will hate one of ih" strongest teams
In the field for Sunday's game tha'
has erer been developed In the county
He Is now comoieting his line-up
which will be made of some of the best
baseball players In this section of the
r ?
Baseball at a Glance.
Result* Yesterday.
fCew Vork, 4: Boston, 1
Philadelphia. 3; Brooklyn, 2.
Chicago, 14: St. Louis, 0
Pitufcurgh-Cincinnatl, rein.
Standing of the Cubs.
Cblca-m 3(t 17 .BJ?j
New Vork 37 19 .fill
Bor-ton 29 30 .432
Philadelphia 20 29 .473
Pittsburgh 23 31 .4<0
Grmcs Scheduled Today.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
Nc*. Yor* at P- in
St. Louis a' Chicago.
Remits Ye-tere'sy.
Costnn. 7; *> v To-;.
D'-oii. 4; Chicago,
?'. Lou I - C?o'.rK1, :
C'cwUr.d. 3; St. Louis. 2.
rhJicicioLi'-WnrhLirr ";v
Sieoc-inj of ?he Ciub*.
v.*. I.. r. t i
Be-too "7 C.> i
J* Ken Turk 21 23 .'>8' (" T?
; .id * > ?1 .58:
V.'mhinctoi 22 31 .50
(X' - 27 ?? .1 f
I; E . V - 2R 32 .407' <
rn n- -ill 21 32 .4201 ,
Ffc'iladelpbir. 21 38
Otree 8c!ir-iiiled Tc2*y.
r'jic.-go at n.-tr-.;
Fh sdelpK i ft W. h: e <-n (2).
Cleveland a' f. l.-m. 4Ji.
fostoB al J7sr Tori:. j '
Evening Chat j
Do you kr.ow anyone who manages |
to Kit raor- fun out nf life than the ,
nan or woman who olays just as repu 1 ;
larlves he works? D-d you over watch <
ft woman romp with her children? 11
Did you ever smile in sympathy with ,
the bit man who pot out Into the! r
treet and played hall with his young- i ,
tors ? and inridently somebody j (
elac'a youngsters? Didn't he fairly I
V brim over wi'h fun-the kind of tun'
which is far funnier then a child's fun I
because minglinr with so much ap- Did
wisdom? Take a man who h:v
grappled with a prr.it br-inrss worn
and who has come out ahead, hone i
ly Dcesn't he find life a whole 1 '
funnier than ever a ynunpster cau'.d.
w Can't he play ball witb alt the Joy in;
I the worM!
And doesn't a woman who has
knorn all the ups and downs of life
have a true approbation of real fun :
The thin** *ho thouaht play were far
KW from it and the time* she would have
liked to be play, would not. So ah;
take* out of life the little thin** which
please a child?like listening to a red
bird sing In the early morning Whet
he hears a sudden noise in the ehi!
drenr' room and one of them ru.shin;,
to the window and these words, "Just
look orer there?no. tn the top of that
true?It's a red bird?oh. so red all
prep?and listen?now, it's goin' to
ting again! Keep still. Ben?aw. gei
put of my way!" Instead of turning
peer with the rpntark. "Children, get
back 10 bed.?if I hear another bit of
poise in there, you'll hear from me!"j
vou hop out yourself and join the fun
ad get thi opera glasses to see bet
,?, ter. fighting with the rest of them for j
trv.. lb* bast position. Afterwards, you ;
'' mile all oeer. That was fun! I
Cutting out paper dolls may not be
nrtlcularly grown up but it'a about the
' nickest way to relax that I know.
Down on the floor deep in the tuns.
Mings of a lot of young puppiea? L
patching tbelr various grotesque anges
and the expressions about lop
mrpd faces just coming to believe in
' blags, nay be a game just for the chil- ,
km; but try It yourself some day and t
MP If you don't learn some new things |
tbout what's funny?and some new
H7i to ml ap. |
' Me but cart on one line jastnow w
| token the arerage pernon tinueulllrf
|vy witted Yesterday the Manning- f
M ear came in a few momen's later
M the Clarkaborg ear mat waiting I
Mi ready toJeare.Naturally the Man |
ttogion ear couldfnot eotne up in front r
< the Trectkm#ofTlce> I tell you erery
Utow Who wanted to ride on that ear
r' Mi to harry;'for wagone and auto- .
toWee Mocfcad the way on both aidet
L nd If he hadn't had an eye open'con '
tonally for tha approach of the car (
Bj tofch etoppedtway hack out of the ,
f : toy, h#j wpaldtjhaT# tbeep left behind '
$ Agists'
' yfS
Fverv now and then during a big
eague baseball season there crnepr
r.to the accounts of the season's ac
ivitiee the subtle, disorganizing inflti
nee, which for want of a better name
ias been labelled u jinx
It may follow -t hall dub. or it mav
iTtst. line the Old Man of the Sea or.
lie shoulders of an individual player
It's dollars to dog biscuits that you
culdn't maka Claude Cooper, star
>uthpaw of the National League, he
iff that hp isn't hrinp pursued by
he king of *11 thp jinxes, and it
vouldn t bp ?n easy mattsr tn roillire
S an CovpIc hip of thp Cltvel. ml
I'th, of thp same thine Eddie ('i<Otto
i :d n similar experience earlier in th
Cooper, for In-'apre. ban hp?n fry*tp
to win a liall Ranie - mc. > May "t'>.
tie's tried pret.y harri. too. One <iaeven
went ou? ;nd pitc hed a opeh'i
fame, hupina tt shake old man j.nx |
If his shou'der?, hut he ?a< heatrn.
Cooper started out in May |>v Inldthe
Ros'in crib to live hds His
.: cloh Rot nine lift Nchf, but fit:s~it
Inst 2 to 1.
to I r next start C" iper apain alwp
l fire h'tr ana net New York, h r
'I only Rave the t'lrfes litre"
I i ooner was heat"n to 0. In an
eer start niafnst New York Cooper
.optiKt arenne to nil-. ** the Clarksbttrc
.ir io::i out he tin I Iter. Paesencrr.i '
rot en mti i like a lot n' children It
-as a rt'-it and a scramble. Howrret
ueh iac ,cie?its ran well he looked n*eea.'iorally
under our ptrreai double
lire rl-cimr-ia:ire?. It requires a
;ne s>: tent to mrtieie at all.
Thi" 's the t n? of the year when
va' if rmini's of ad derrrint'ons
la e bi ' me a matter of fe.et. At f.t
vp noticed every little one because
he vvintpr months are -i silent. When
he first hlrd sanp we feit niueh like
ye did on hearirs our first opera in
t large ciiy. When the windows he
ran to stay open, we hoard th" ehil
:rea's voleea and the hanpinp of doorr
md the parrot across the street?we
teard the piar.os and Vietnlas and
utr neighbors discussir.p thir, and that: '
tnd after a lor.g hhu' lii winter it all
lotimled good Every year w?> grow to
eok forward to the wind in the tree*. {
he rustle of the leave* and the medley t
tf bird songs. There is a particular'
eason for this which perhaps we!
taven't put into word*.
Sounds are aunciated with the past, j
iVhen you walk along a country road!
yU' nam mm
It is wax and oils 4H
Preserves and softens the
leather instead of causing
it to crack.
Gives a brilliant, lasting
ehine, th& doss not A
rob off. A
^**>14.S > * 'lutt-si
- .? ~
A , *? <>
1 v '
ji 1 ,'
jL* //
liolfri t|! s?-ven bnfj'cs .-"nd N-" Y
von ?i*:ain wMe 11?- Pirstc. v ro'.lojtin*
a yitintY of li ; s off Drnit c
( coper then derided to Shn>- ; I:'
i icctivr less end li *!d the H
!yn i !uh to two hits but lost hi game
2 to 'I although (' ' inie-. a'lowed nine
hi' . F.gurlng that it didn't mak :
much diherer.ee how many h.': he al-'
and li :en to th? rp'flity of .enind there
o different from rlty sound
t ulirg "ill to iieer the wind in the
tig "rats and the faint ereak and
nimble oI a wagon coming from f im<
where behind a hill; you hear again
the seme rounds you heard pr/h. |>
i ''t 1 y-\:rs ago in connection with
an incie ri you thourht long forgo'
ten. hut which now ' on remetnber
I' " ; . This as. icli trig the past w 'h
the present through sounds whicli
change rev II' e year h- year, rem.'.ns
en a cf the links til lite especial-j
ly delightful.
Ha phcrric* in Grafton are selling
for .UOo a gallon and am.on a ;i" m are
some irrl onc"=. Inquiry In 1 oirmont
proves that rod rasphcrr i s are i.pe-'
cialiy scarce here, lllr.ek ra.phrrr.e
here sold for eighty rents a gallon on '
the street th?* lirst of the week. Spireme
asking not less thru twenty-five
tents a box. Many peopie say that it 1
is impossible for them to consider put
t.'tg up fruit this year at prices wh I li
have prevailed so far. Unless berries }
go down nearly everyone will get alone :
with an ocrasional box for the table I
and that is all. It is hoped that b!a>k
ft>SU. OWClt kNt)
toucS Ml wtHT S \Y
CUMJXW>0Wk-9UT V j .
SttOUlD VMOQCV^p-^' I r
?uw.*ucwie: ) I ? P
fyr~3%L\ P
~ " "IL L""l
^"jT!F^n?nCf^^7| ^BW
k *4-, i
!nwM In 1 i .? r- .rue (' ?| -r Sot Bos
< i l :i ? 1". ami neoiu lost, although
ftert'Mph all .v I 12 hits himself.
Then Cooper went up acainst hi
h r iiT iltoi. lie hold Philadelphia
ti r, hi! and hi t 1 to o, llogg letting |
the Circles hit tfoiy nine times.
Is there sneh a thing as a baseball
jinN' Ask Coop r, he knows.
berries ssill solve fi ? problem. Near
Jjr evetvope is voting anr.iously for
tliefn. believlns titer, at i is!, will be
ehc.-tp enough to warrant a large can-,
Cherries were offered on the street
here for ninety cents a gallon and no
'uie o?t tine street thu' I know of.!
k.. <nl.t lI'Ltt. I
n .f-tii rt ij. noiio nn nn,i i >nai no* i
i h night fir a pio or doss rt, fo buy
in laiyp quantltis- for panning appears j
r i thp avern-;e housewife a losing pr:>p-|
p.-. ion. ChCITiM v. rh the stones removed
do rot ran very far and it takes
a : umb : of (ti'l'nn to make any showiic.
Cherries rev: to ciuite n littlr
iprr to make th :;i Rood and all ton-1
flared, tltn < o per jar at 00 t?nt-^ a
gallon, maltes tanr.nl < berries an ex ;
pensive fmit. No doubt there are . amr
\ iio will not coun dor the to I. but the j
niaju y of p tple fori that in these:
war libit"-, they prefer to go without.
"Are we having winter again?" we*
t The B.
fi Thausat
*? Dwtribut
| The West
O AND ??
= PRESENT r.u^S?f*7ikJ
EE OR MAIL ,bu w"h KK*Greatest
Song 1
SZ The eolosaal task, never before an
? more than a thousand of the worl<
JJJJJJJ and new. has been aceomrlf-hed.
mmmm lftvrr will find hundreds of songs, i
appeal. Beautifully bound in dur
Juu7S ^?evvou(
I towwi**' ^ To,wJ <
fev ) Utt WCUVOTX^'V
Till ?
- mm II I ? ,
1G 0
h?ar cn all aide*. The garden* are
simply er* ting. Many of the bean*
planted haven't feme up Some corn
in city garde* retire 1 liltewlse. Just
a* sure . i e get conceited something
happens an I the.-e hr lven so much
hragrii.g about f r.e trdena that It
look* now th ish we v ere going to
have to pro h:? * colud very
easily 1 ve d> tie?up to a week ag"
Ok, t re get plenty
of sun rr.J v?.-m i;t plenty of time
y> K nj ' - i i.. out of the rity,
many li .ve i ?c1 on field after
field of fin * v v tic corn ,u*t now In
the last three weeks, it ha* grown nut
of ell pmpo * in to the t.rae. A few
davg* *eth may rut do any harm
I! p> dally as lone a we escape that
frcst we've been hearing about.
? ?
i cast qinr
1 iJlLS I?J
Attend Leigcs Rally.
Hairy] Icr PVnil Donh?ra, Misses
Daisy \V.;t\in . G"rtrude Morgan, Dor< :
;ifi and >ir\ Vcrtie Morgan
Shaffer hnve g-ui" 10 Craft?n to atlord
tho Epworth I.oague rally of Moreantov.n
district. Tho parties named
are ali representatives of the Epworth
Lengije of the Diamond street church
Their pastor. Rev. J. K. Wells, is president
of the State Leageu of West Virginia
. .? ? v_
_____ '? r
Here from Miridlebourne.
Mrs Thomas Smith, of "Stonehurst
I-'ann" near Midrib-bourne. la the guest
of h"r daughter, Mrs. J. E. W'ella, at
the parsonage in Market street.
Auxiliary Meets.
The Central auxiliary of the Red
Cross will meet Thursday afternoon
;>t the school building for work. The
members are all asked to be present.
Motored to Logansport.
Mr and Mrs Hovard Pople and
rhildro". J. M. McCuIlough and Mrs
C. K Minor motored to I/>gnnsport
Tur nay and spent the day with Mr.
and Mrs. Hucy.
Missionary Program.
An Inie e firg meeting of the For
i ::,i .\i i- vionarv society will be held
ai th-> First M. P. rhrurh Thursday
ct i ning A splendid program is being
prep, rrd and Rev. J. P. Hmomfield
will deliver an address before the society.
Those ? ho are acquainted wnh
Dr. Rroomfield and his deep Interest
in the mi: ion work of the church
know that the address will be one
yort'j hearing.
Mr1- Howard Rite, of Morjantowr
rvenue, has ben quite 111 thg past fen
days. ^
Jack Realty, little son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Hetty, of Morgantown avenit",
is ill of fever.
Pearl Shaffer, of Morgantown avenue.
went to Meadowhrook Tuesdar
.Mr. pud Mrs. Boyd Cutlip and little
daughter. Vera Lucillia, are visiting
Mr. rmlip's parents at C'utlip. Braxton.
Ati life Itowe. of Maryland avenue,
lis'' bun quite ill the past few rtavr.
Mis* Jcltrts. a trained nursa from
Clarksburg, is in attendance.
Mrs Cora Rager, of Diamond strsst.
has been qtte sick for a few days,
is pratoscd to give London fEnrlMidl
flrv.cn an increase of 15
shillings ($3.75) a week until after the
Dok of a %
id Songs 1
:ed bp Um 'S
^ crrtiorc
> ^ ULi W ?
Mill add for poita?e witk- ?
I'lAIL u> 190 ailra, 10c; 400 JJJJJ
ORDFR^ ,5f: ?
vAUCIViJ distance ask post mil
tcr rate for J lbs.
3ook Ever Made
fempted, of placing under one eorer ??
i'l nv>.t popular atandatd srngs. 4M ?
In Ihu prat collection ercrj mune JJJ
>11 act to mu?i', thai make a peraonal ?
able cloik Sue 75a * 10 inchea.
( isitott D?D"
? xs\ COM* too
>-*'TUSK AiCMJiil
\<$)x ^
to th* c*n*ral it*ck la Stirapa, Ul I
materially h*lp*4 to tolr* th* ml
prchlrm on tilt* M4? lit tun the
wheel* fottiR r*nl*rly a(*l*.
Th* Acutllt b?n**>
i..?ner-Which 1* th? BMt <?tV
eat* of th* ?cn*M*
Scholar?Th* touch. When yot tit
on a pin you can't * it. yoa tu'l
hoar it. you can't u?t* It, but H'a
there.?Pearton"*. ,
Fuel Situation in ^ j
Italy Much Better
VERONA, italy, May S5 ?That
] America n economic help to Bnrope W
'beginning to count. la ahown by thcj
fart that coal ha* herom* relatively'
less scarce again after a long period
of stringency and railway train* are
again ahi* to run sharply on time on
the trunk line* arm** northern Italy,
i Thl* Is a moat favsgnhle tnrn of the
?csle? on a oroduct^vltal to Italian
transportation and mduatry.
Producing no coal, at home, Italy'a
stock In the oast ha* been drawn
from England* and France, but wtth
the French and Banian coal field* invaded
hy the enemy, and the difficulties
of transoortatlon. roal has been
soaring steadily until it wag practii
rally out of use fbr domestic purpo
'os, and all the wheel* of industry1
and transpor.ailon. were alackened.
Railwavs have felt the stringency severely,
with trains delayed from lack
of fuel. All this'has been materially
improved of late British and Erencn.
mat has been 'ha main source of relief
order the liberal plan of ntttnal
distribution among the allies, hut the'
large contribution of American roal'
With i
nAl U DC
r/iL|YI UL
Made To
The United Wo
! Monday, J
j t<
i Monday,
. .ii? tale it put on i
the hot tummer teat
people to order
fabrict in time to f
of cool tummer gar
I attitt our goyeran
the wool ttoqc of tj
By ordering a boa
troutert of the tarn
practically getting
price of one.
A- *+
, jprmOUSERS, :
. 'TiiFirm?rn*Wri
?% 14JJ W ? ' A A rr w
Main Street, Corner
(At the I
j?.rr>/. ?St/^
i i.fjiyia:uri- 01 tnra^-ioarrna or
All tha Stata* i Sit i. whathtr wat or
dry. nuat ratify tha prohibition
amandmant hcioro It ran h aroma a
part of tha OV>n>tlttitlon It will than,
of rouraa. ha hlndinR on all tha Statai,
tho.ia tha* h??? not ratlflad aa mall
aa thoaa that hara.
For Infanta and ChJMrta
In IIm For 0v?r30Yanm
Order By
olen Mills Cc\ k
dw Pmidml
lune 17th
3 '''if* ^
I 1 *
juiy i si
it the beginning o>
ion to influence the .
these satisfactory
pet the full benefit '
ment* and thereby
tent in conMNrymc
lie country. Ijgm*...
t and two pair of
e material you are
two suits for the
" ' I
JIS,$11 AND$12.
HSJtND $21 JO.
\nrrM TTrrrc TR
Vl^JUi ? irtiiitw yyj
Cleveland Avenit
/ ""N ^nun *
^116 TIM ?-??.r^ir
- .Mffflm
" T" ~~

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