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_ If On Palrmqpt Printing and Publt
[JtMWNtVirginian Building, Adam*
W. J. WliBOEL, nenanfc'M
Editor. Ctr
Advertising |
Tkt Associated Pr?ss;M os^HLJjy *t
^Sfe HBVbtieatlon of all cl
otherwise credited, In,thta|:tSJmUM*r
EL am published herein. Jfi\rWKU <* rep
patches herein" aro.sporWTved
f . TELEPHONES-1105. 11(?01107." All d
fr.' r through prtvata elcbsoge.
Foreign Advertising Representative. H
SB Ptfth Avenue. Mew York. 6 H A" a lie
BY MAIL?(Payable in advance orl>
B months. M M, three months. SI LO. <
BY CARKlEtt?(In Fairmont. I Of
months. tJ CO; one month. Co.-. one w
Tbrea Cent*.
BY CARRIER?(Outside of Fairmont
One week. l*r By carrier Three Out
All subscription* payable In advance
When asking for changu In address
now address
Entered at the Postofflcq at Kalrmon
F .- sscnmtjd*?? J__
Bubscrlbera on our carrier routes fn'll
mj; VlrglnUn any evening should rail ' B
atate the fact and give name and resU'
I., wtll deliver a paper to o?u iheir st
charge to tho eubacrtber for this servlc
I By anting we stand, by Jmd
Tiiai join in hanas, brave At
INHERE was an unusually uupir!
I X of aemes of the mm who went of
The leader wat Wendell Holme
pint have been Oliver Wendell when I
i ?d one of the men was Edv.trd Ever
These are names to conjure with in I
I jr Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote "Old
which is dear to the heart of every 01
history of the Amerran navy, and tl
Everett Hale wrote the "Man Withe
oat impressive argument in favor cf lo;
put in short story form.
?_ o
A T a lime when great empires ai
/\ it is idle to indulge in prophesy.
re going to say that it is among
the announcement that Kerenslcy is in
In the United States will have a largi
future of all Europe than the German s
' front since the latter half of March or t
I in Italy.
It ia admitted all over the world tl
America of a considerate attitude tows
hition was the only thing that prevente
country from being ground between
of a Ismnne invasion undertaken mtei
of Ac nations fighting Germany and a
Ac German occupation of western pi
great empire. But many people in thi
tacally all the influential people in
France have regarded the American f
pee. When President Wilson in his s
[. at the opening of the Red Cross ram
country means to stand by Russia the
of them well to do people and not giv
eehme go," stood up in their seats an
at a baseball game, but most of the t
morning asked Russia to stand up so
by?and the newspaper view of it p
fleeted the popular position on the Ru&
But Kcrensky, in spite of the fact the
j resolution to give the new Russia a bat
thing tangible. We know more about
winch bowled him over than we did wl
[" ha items very much worth while stan
mutative of modem Russia. When he
perhaps plans can be made which will
\ lishment of that east front which mci
say is essential before the Potsdam m
be beaten to its knees. But we shall se
Kerensky once seemed of Napolconii
again appeared upon the scene, perhaps
with better fortune.
IT Is evident that England's customs
J revenue. It is equally evident that o
Thomas O. Marvin, of Boston.
hearing before the Ways and Meani
j> alsa evident, from the attitude assumec
! control of that committee, the chairma
CIatsde Kitchm, that in casting about
tiend revenuewith which to pay for tl
3 ii^niu iiiiciiuuii ui augmenting i
- creasing the customs duties, but that I
to make business "north of the M&so
. fay war costs in the future, as he has fx
of tha past has done.
Mr. Mayin submitted to the comnr
pre die revenue of the United Kingck
^ aaeai yean, the Britsh fiscal year ending
ease one asks why Kerensky Is
; seak| to tkts country.
Wallet you were Kerensky what do
Hp tkU you would want to do It you
?* 1 tafia lucky enough to get away
T froa the blood thirsty Prussian tools
I to Russia?
e e
Tap hot your sweet lite you would.
S And you would not atop very long la
K Leadoc to see the sights either.
* Only going to get three pounds ot
j?i*"r aWBUl ,Iter th? first of the
e e e
tj&" With that order as aa alibi- most
K- Mi *Mht to be able to cut dowu
I #a(r fiMir axpumHtures tally a halt.
1 I I - I
?. - X. -J
mm pmni ok receipt
tlnlWI ? thoaa of A* Urn*
homi - "I*4* nc*P*
WOMK and about Sfi.OC
JEW?~ir month. Witt hare
and Qalncy Sta. table show* eustor
a,. ' in Great Britain i
I v. REr.ic, will be noted, our
O^BqUha""' participation in th.
Bu??rtntcn4?nt. ceipts the year in
to prim. war. And Great
? ? frw co"
_ . For Year i;
ep*rtm?nti'rea?l?*4 1914
;OBKHT a. WAJtU, ] '* ] f
..<!! Ave., Ctltci?o. Ill
? I. T , 1918
sa. *ZMte4aa
SStttc?"' publican Cut
i? year, it.Qp; ?u
"k 15c- p,r w -It is estimated
) On# month. 75c; rent li'cal year o\
receipts /rem cur
tu a ?. ?. ii .. !* .i n
?... ? ..... ? iriAung ir.e onus
? about $10 per c
t, w?i Virginia. as duties yielded an
i ry-r ? ? from customs in th
ipbVcXll instead of $I70,(
nir to get The West the present tariff r
n o ?n?i a mt aM'iidsT imports, ana pvisn
r nce. There U ne direct taxes.
' Marvin was sul
===== ging while before
R 57. 191S.^ experience with t!
~ Rainey of Illinois
I about method'. I
, raising racre rever
^ ! protectionism cr.ce
heard anyone asl
which Rainey resj
tinui indefinitely
standpoitn ef the
do you mean." ai
^^1^^ man in New Engl
i ger than rccesary
of Pennsylvania,
., t'lii remark, and tl
.no t?c ,... . claiming intention
ner.com at!, England. Ra.n
however, is purzli
! in the New York
ng ring to that list judgment it will I
f to camp yesterday, largest possible ar
s Hess?it certainly necessary to com,]
tie was christened? i tariff."
ett Hale. I
these patriotic times. I ,
Ironsides." a poem t IMMIE ENC
re familiar with the I faces 0f the su
le original Edward | J them that hi is
ut a Country, the j their experience mt
rally to country ever , thousand, is ;
of the stuff heroes
Jimmie's optimr
our rooting for hn
,a (aaiKi!!- rv( falo ?-?f k #a*a Ua ?imI
IV. iv/vii/uil' VI imv ; VI II.o VUvV lit
but nevertheless we | gaping wounds an
the possibilities that , say-die spirit to ot
l^ondon on his way I Will power is t
tr bearing upon the . It has kept many
uccesses on the west sudden rush of woi
he Austrian disaster | ters which all too
| and it has enabled
lat the adoption by when even his phy
ird the Russian rev- blood the best sta
d the people of that high courage.
the upper millstone
asibly in the interest After July l thi
nether millstone of pounds per capita
irtions of that once i ht,t w'tb proper
s country and prac- I without the least
Great Britain and capita per year a
osition with cynical : sumption in most
peech in New York J
paign said that this | Make It a point
great crowd, most district tomorrow
en to "letting them- campaign. Coo
I cheered like boys oftener than they
tewspapers the next war an<l 'heir per
she could be stood
retty accurately re- ' The committee
>ian question. ?f July celebratlo
he did net have the week 'wm today
It of blood, is some- limited and It
him and the forces planning. Action
ten it occurred, and ?
iing by as a rcpre- ; Statements mac
gets to this country ' c ' March, actini
lead to the reestab- : committee of the
t of military minds i t0 change the dr;
ilitary machine can but 11 ,a apparent
e what we shall see. legislation of this
: fibre and he has ono ,n countr
to play a great part la vi(*.
This Is eertalnl
DRTS. Consumers' leagi
tariff is a tariff for would make It pc
urs is not," declared | "fairs of the hou
Mass., in a recent j .
i Committee. It is | Cnele Sam's c<
I by the majority in Itolnic to be the
n of which is Hon. > ought to make sp
for sources of addi- ! in the Klpl canal
le war, the commit- supposed to be hi
he revenues by in
Kitchin will persist Th,s cool June
n and Dixon line" the war gardens,
tasted his legislation cou raged or pern
j are having troub
ittee a table which thing for th<
>m for the past five West Virginian ga
: March 31. Com- j "king.
Just tell her It Is unpatriotic to ex!
oood this aarisAt vaffnn
Ten communities already over the
top In the W 8 8 drive.
All of them but one outalde of the
e e
Some of thore patriots who a month
or two back were weeping over the
backwardnoss of the country district*
ought to take an extra hitch in their
pants and get to work
The apathy Is right here In town
e e e
And It Is time to get rid of It fur
there are a couple of pretty stiff drives
right ahead of us.
One thing la certain.
Whdh A. Kerenaky gets here he
will have plenty to eat, but the guys
In Fatrograd who took his nice Job
i fm carta? of Great Britain with
i State* it i* noted that for 1918 the per
a customs in the United Kingdom averI,
while ours, by the end of the present
averaged about $1.60. The following
ns revenues for the past five fiscal years
ind in this country. Oddly enough, it
customs receipts durng our first year's
e war are slightly less than Britain's reimedulely
preceding her entry into the
Britain has been held up to us all aloag i
ratry. .
Customs receipts s
'ntted KinS'ldm I'nitcd States
17J 2',7,000 $232.129,00 J*
.... 1 Si 7.SJS 7,000 200.268,000
.... 2&M85.000 211,881,000
.... n:4.r2r.:(foi? 2:s.!M2.ono
..... 34 .728.000 170.000,000 est.
1112.000,000 derived from Rey
?'j sr. si ??.t . t .i
, Mia ivir i?iarvin, max lor me cur-;
er SI00,000,000 will be added lo the
toms duties in the United Kingdom." .
h cusiams revenues for 1919 equal t?
spita. "If our revenues from custom*
equal amount per capita the receipts
lis couniry would be $1,050,000,000,"
500.000. But the Democrats insist on
ate averaging less than 6 per cent on all
g the burckns on the north by way of
ijected to a certain amount of bullyragthe
committee. Witnesses who have had
be committee probably recall that Mr. |
is the member most addicted to roustMarvin
was sugegsting the feasibility of
me at the ports, and did not obtmde his
pt to say. "During the war ! have not
. an increase of protective duties," to
jonded. "And if the war condiioins conwe
will have an ideal tariff from the
New England protectionist;." "What
ked Marvin, "by war conditions? No
and wants this war to last a second lonto
vindicate American right:." Moore.j
promptly brought Rainey to book for;
he Illir.oisan subsided with a growl, dis-^
to reflect upon the patriotism of Newj
ey's reception of Marvin's suggestions,
ng in view of the fact that he is quoted
Journal of Comme'rte as saying, "In Wy
he necesary to collect at our ports the
lount of money * * * It may be
*1 each article to yield the maximum
IARNJD. who smiles into !:, e
rgoons at the Fairmont hospital and tells
going to get well in sp.te of the fact that
skes th^m believe he has not one chance'
in humble mir.e worker, but he is made
are made of.
sm may be woefully misplaced, but if
ti has anything to do with the outcome'
II get beautifully over the shock of his
d live to teach the value of the never- \
her workers.
me of the mightiest forces in the world.
a man from ^bing down underneath a
k. or rerjyvnsihility. or the personal disas- j
frequentfy overwhelm weak characters, I
many a sr. am lo get up out of a sick bed
icians had given him up. Next to clean
it ...... ,;-L ... 1 i?- -1
it an/ Viwn Ul HijUltU man ld[) llclVC 15
p official sugar nllnwnnrfl will he three
i per month. That may aouml small,
management we can get along on it;
hardship. It means 36 pounds per
nd that Is above the peace time conEuropean
to attend the W. S. S. meeting In your ,
even If you have signed up In the
d Americans otfght to get together
do for the purpose of dlscucsing the ;
sonal part in It.
to arrange for the Fairmont Fourth
n has been anounccd at last, and one
1s the Fourth. The committee's time
cannot afford to devote much of It to
i is the thing that Is needed now.
le by Secretary of War Baiter and Gen5
chief of staff, to the Military Affairs,
Senate have brought the mot %-nent ;
aft ages to a stop for the time being,
that before the end of the year sonucharacter
will be asked for, and every '
y should arrange his affairs with' this
y the day of collective bargaining. A
le In Fairmont vigorously managed
issible to carry this principle Into the
alebration of the glorious Fourth Is
launching of about 75 ships. That
lash enough to cause a dangerous tide |
wnere ioc uerinan nign #eas iteei is
1 weather has not been very pood for
but the gardeners should not be dianit
their Interst to flag. And If they
les they can not understand, why the
era to do is to come around and get a
rden book. They can be had for the
away from him will be lucky if they
ret enough to keep body and soul toKcthor.
* <! I ttfltn
Lamp a clipping in the Astonisher
this mornirg from the Charleston Gazette
In which the Charleston paper
stays West Virginia has no United
States senators.
Apparently the Gazette has not been
paying ranch attention to the news
! from Washington lately.
Which' Is a bit unusual in a newspaper
which has two reporters and Its
owner In the cspital most of the time.
But maybe thev are all t >o riuch
interested in pulling wires to psy any
attention to a t'tue tning like the
see ,
How about that W 8 8 pledgt?
Sioux C(ty, lona, has a labor union
nyvr. X
j What People Say
and Some Side Remarks
Percy Byrd, an amateur mlnefrel
cad man of Clarkaburg. *h" made a
b*g personal success in the Elks Minstrel
performance at that place Mod
day and Tueeday nights, defined ,,tamoeraraetjt"
when called upon to relate
In'tdftits In ccnnrctlm with the show
at the men in? of the Clarksburg Rc
tery Hub Wednesday at noon, and
without sc.mini to bo embarrassed
confeosed that it was?
"Something a little wrong with
a fellow."
Mr Byrd admitted that he liked
ahowdom and regre'tted that he could
- ?t. aa . ? ? - l.. .
not get money ror nt* eirorts not in
enlarging on hiii definition of "temper
ament" thought a man must be a
"daued fool" to win fame.
fry ; . 1
The Weston independent each'w.eek|
runs a news department called Hos-,
pltal Not"*, from wb'ich the following
is clipped: "Allen Wise, of Clarke-,
burg, (colorel) who was employed a,
few days ago in the place of two 1
girls to cook in the patients kitchen
has resigned the Job. Wise found it I
no boy's Job to oversee, p ft pa re and i
cook far a thousand hungry souls. To!
get three meals on time Is an item
of Importance too. Reasonably. a'|
good cook of this sort should be an j
experienced hind."*
According to the Parkersburg Sen-1
tinel J. F. Wocdyard. who has been j
in Washington ior the past two weeks,
returned homt in Parkersburg Monday
evening, having remained In the
capital while tlt? propeller wheel fa
which ho has been working for some
years was given a test by officers of
the navy yard. Several tests werbi
made during bis stay, but the report
of the officers on. the result will not I
be made for two weeks. This was tho j
second time that Mr. Woodyard had
been called to Washington /or the'i
test of his wheel. Demonstrations
were also made here in the Ohio river
on several occasions with very satisfactory
results, and the wheel was
. -iked upon by martue men as a dis;
act fifgjisevupcnt over tbpsc now
TtneralrC * uo'o on toa<r htjafs qj-jj ,
'tie In the naval service. >1?. t\'ood-'4
rd lias given long and patient study j
>n aevciopmg me wheel.
Further ass-jiance that the government
v.-ill not. permit the cloning of
the Morgantown aim Klngwood railroad
was received at the local offices
of the railroad TuOesday morning,
says the Morgan town Now Dominion.
It eurac in the form of a telegram from
the Central Iron and Ste?l Com nan/
at Harrisburg. Pa., which has eztcn'
ive mining interests along the id. & .
K . The telegram said. "Washington
plainly advises us that M. and K. will
continue operating."
Those anglers who enjoy fishing
with rod and line, and they are the
real spirts of the fishing fraternity,
arc having their Innings at the present
times, as the fish are rising to
the bait very freely, especially at Dam
IS. says tho Putkersbttrg Sentlnei. At
this favored spot, in tho swirl ot the
backwash from the daui. a number of
white salmon of good site, and some
green bass tar.ve been taken, as well
as numerous white perch. Dr. M MoNeilan.
who is recognised us an artist
with the rod and line, came to
town Monday with a pike, one ot the
gatuesl fish that swims, and a dozen
other good-sized tlsh ot other varieties,
the pike measuring thirty eight
inches in length. Ho was envied by
a number of others of the fraternity,
among them H. W. Russell and Doc
Gaston, who had nothing to show for
their day's work cxcet a twelve pound
German carp. Mr. McNeiian got his
near the mou'h.
Charleston Is growing like the pro
veiuiiu ercin Day tree uuurv me cumulus
of her munitions and armor
plate plants, but she some times has
growing pains as the following from
The Mali indicates;
Tho condition of the pocketbcok of;
i ?---<? /.??.
r T~- ? ' '
? . " '
CVoael: Attention!!! Why dlda
that the eegle Is tba iatlgnia of a coto i
Juix Mth, 1M?. | Ott
Vkit 1
Walk LektHrelj
You'll Find 1
Be Wise
Thrift is two-fold?it is
wise spending and intelligent
saving. The man
who starves that he mav
save is not thrifty: he i?*
foolhardy, for he destroys
his capacity to earn and
hence to save. The thrifty
man or woman spends
wisely and thereby increases
their capacity to
earn?and save!
FoWow Our Own Boys Into
the Fight!
Buy War Savings Stamps
Provide the money to
back them up against the
Hun?Do it regularly, every
day or every week, until
the war i9 won.
Exchange your change
at This Desk for
w. s. s.
Bathing Suits
Now Await Your Choosing.
If you purchase your
bathing suit here you can
rest asured that onne of
the suits you will see will
, surpass it for stylishness.
We searched till we
found what we believe to
be the most fashionable,
attractive and serviceable
L.iL! fx- x- 1- _ 1 J
Darning suns 10 De naa?.
Then we marked them
with prices that will not
impoverish your purse.
$1.50 up to $7.50.
True Values
the colored laborer In Charleston la
probably better right now than It ever
was before, lie Is Just "n\'ln In coin"
and the feeling la a mighty pleasant
The other day a salaried man. who
baa need to count his money carefully
these days stopped in a local meat,
vegetable and chicken store and !><
gan a dicker for a chicken. He had
a couple of ilaely looking "fi\vs" In
view and the proprietor insisted on
something like $1.50 each for them.
That looked pretty big to the salaried
man and while he was hcaitatlng his
prudence battling with his sense of
taste, a colored citizen stepped up and
said to the seller;
"What did yo'all say was the price
of des birds?"
"One fifty each," was the reply.
"Wrap 'em up, I'll jes take bof."
The salaried man walked out.
Recruiting for the South African
natl" o labor contingent will cease. No!
further contingents of laborers will be
dispatched overseas.
' TVTA rmir PfAHT
i in inri num.
, "V.. <V
* y .
v ' ^ >.v
1 > ;<X '
't you ialate! Haven't yon learned
?. I tot ye |>jd?i. yen ana' fculeetre
^ V ' mmmmmmmmmrn
rhis Store Ever;
y Through Ever
remptiitg Barga
Only A Heart of Ma
More m
r ' ^ f dfcceveiTng
iflr " Jr a* e?w*?wt
moat durafrl
/J||T bcautHktf ie
Pff [g lie fabri
uL^jB irievwW and
W| Iws e**
J ) J, nhbons are ]
{, air?a eertai
actly correct
dead. Another whaliy. sai
fit?always disfcmctdy shapi
"Niagara Maid" unden
shops, because of ita dabit
woman who has once woi
them with happy assurance
as well as they look and feel
in "Niagara Maid Silk Und
Vests?$1.73 to $2.25 B
Camisoles?$1.00 t $2.60
A Waist Or Ti
Will fit nicely into any well
sed woman's wardrobe. He
a host of new creations to <
from. Many of the modeh
ing arrived during the last
New Silk Georgettes?Bloi
a'l tlie wanted coiors and wl
$o.bo, Sb>i5 and 5(.50.
New summer Waists ot
Dimity and Organdy, bei
new styles at
$2.00, $2.50 up to $3.90
? , . ? j?
I used to worry about growing old;
not because 1 (eared age or wrinkles,
but because I always remembered
what Annie raid to me once;
"Miss Margaret do you ever think of
the time when you will be old?"
I lokcd at hJ.r in consternation (or I
was 'hen at the age when to bo thirty
meant to be old enough to die.
"You know sometimes 1 think Miss
Margaret," she continued, "that the
tragedy ot years is that a man's eyes
and a woman's heart never grow old.
"No matter how many wrinkle*
there are about masculine eyes or how
dim they look to anyone, they alwaya
are young inside and see only youth.
The man may he sixty to all intents
and purposes, but his eyes are as blind
to rnything over the mating age as
they were at twenty-six.
"And a woman, too. grows old and
fr 1 nr fhln nn/4 ?vt?fwVt?cl Knt Was* W
?> ? utl't 11 i until >ii UUl UCI tl vBil
still asks for the romance of yonth and
her disappointment always cornea to
her afresh men she lookes into the
dim eyes of igeing men only to toe
them light up at the sight of some
dainty miss of twenty.
"Her young heart Is Imploring the
comfort of another young heart and
his young eyes are looking only for
youthful faces.
"You see. Miss Margaret because a
woman's heart and a man's eyes never
grow old consequently they take the
ageing bodies belonging to them Into
oarae queer places." When I feel old
my etfll young heart seek* out your
manuscript dear Dick.
"1 wish, dear Margie, that you will
not try to read what 1 have written
to you In this manuscript all at one
"Is sitting." I read yesterday. "I am
selfish enough to hope that you will
come to it when ail the world?yes,
even Richard Wavcrly 111?has tailed
to satisfy yon.
"When you want again to feel me
near you. I shall always be near to
you Margie, as you read this manyscript.
If it U possible for me to be
What was it little book, that famous
psychologist aaid to me the
other day when we were discussing
the "hope of life everlaetlng?*'
"Hope," he said, "hclde both desire
and expectation. Yon can desire
things yon do not expect end expect
| A Checl
' l< ruler to carry than mooey and
K as*3 lo??.
Checks are of no rains excet
J | drawn, and money If lost Is usuallj
Paying by check adds dimity
S! receipt and record.
Open an account today and set
j you.
| The Peoples N
ins Aplenty! : I
trMeCmrid Resist"
ifsra Maid"
; Underwear
id more wise women art \
that Silk Underwear it d
investment and that the
* as well as the moat
'Niagara Maid**
Hk Underwear I
ic is pare gfcm silk?kut- w
siiperhkr strong.
(uisite embroidery and J
put on with just the rifht %
m assurance of being ea- .
. which is very smart inbiefymg
feature is their
?K- but comfortably am*
rear is irroeistable in thai
mess and style, aad the
*n these garments baps 1
that they wash aad wear
. There is Economy Real
lerwear. I
loeiaevs?4150 sad 9Mt
Teds?$340 ta *41
ro That's New I
lutiful ^ fl
a , i
lW-Ht'ltaia St
": .n'J
Mnia you do not deriro. tat wjMI^W
lope for things yen both doom ?nd
xpcrt them.' J
Dick knew me so well thai tata?? M
hat I would do jnot tho Tory thtaf
10 hopod I would la rofard la M V
nanuscrlpt. ^
Sometimes. little boc|i, I almost
hlnk that when I have ftalshed Vs fl
nanuscrlpt and sold ay say to yoa
iboot It. I will not write any more on
nilo wklt* ?? >*?
im nun
Which clerar histoid aa *u It that
aid something to tha effect that con*
ented countrtaa, Ilka happy woman,
lava no htatonaa? I expect that gu<>atlon
la not lltaral, hut you know,
lttla book. I am Uka tha old Seat* j
soman on whom tha dominla tjttf. j
arly ona Monday morning. Ha found
tar out on tha green whera aim bad
ipread tha Ho on that aha had Jagt
t-oven to bleach under Mm Mn|B| wj
un. She waa delighted to aaa the mlnater
and began at once to tall htm
low much good tha aermon ha had
ireached the day before hid dMgSfB m
)f courts tha clergyman waa flattered V
nd ha Immediately waa ted to know
rhat part of the aermon planned her 1
noat After a little qneeUopM ML
Iscorered that ahc could rag ant nothng
of it; not aren the tost '
"My good woman," he noM, MMahat
acrlmoulonaly. 'J can hardly
onceira how my aermon can be of
ny great aerrtca to yon, what yon
mnnot remember a word of it"
The woman went cn pouring wntgW
er the lengths of llntn apread eat
n the grass. When aba hpd UNMMf,
he place of cloth nearaat tha MMM . ;
ad already dried- "There." aba eaid
m ?li, l? It- M*** ; '
" J""""" ?
xop of wator on that llnaa, hat IIMl , v;
one it* work and Uia cloth la wMtjr
ban befi/e I pouriil It on." "7" ' JgH
The mutator bad nothtag mora la <
I ester an abl? to quota b?i #
Urortta authori perfectly, hfMjW
aaaalaga ot tkatr taaptrad worfa aq*
rith mo always aad arc a sowgeo of ilaHvro
and holp -1
An ant hill two foot la halgM OJ|i
aiua about 11.000 aata, aMfMWf
to oboerratkma aad maw Ma; dNKJ;
ng over two yaan, carrtoi odlMM
rcll-known natural lat.
yoo aro tho mm daaf^tj^h^^l
to tho poraoa |a whooo favor j
' gona totom.
to tho traoaacttoa aad gfoaa yd*J
i what a lallafoottaa It vtt

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