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fly uniting ??eland, by ifisbfinf we fall
That /mi in hands, brave Amaicant all,
AS a mult of the meeting Saturday morning of the
committee appointed by J. Walter Bamet, chairman
f tiie Marion county Council of Defense. Fairmont
is assured of a worthy celebration of the anniversary of the
Republic's birthday on Thursday.
The program which will be carried out at Loop Park,
beginning at 2:30 o'clock, is appropriate in every way to
the day. yet contains several features which trill add
The only dung needed to make die occasion a spUndid
success is a large crowd of Fairmont people, and in this
connection every one should bear in mind that it is a patriotic
duty to attend some celebration of the day, and thai
the home celebration has first call.
SOME time since the Senate directed the Federal Tradc
commission to make an investigation into price fixing
as it is practiced in this country, and late Saturday the
commission handed in a report which showed what the
commission calls "inordinate greed and barefaced fraud" i
iMiJkMM I* ike n???nr>ae a/ . n?i/>e fivinn u-kirk ? In
wnum? iu wivm uit vi piav? 11*111^1 muvu i? ?v
cut the price to the consumer down to as small a figure
as is consistent with a reasonable profit for producer and
distributor. It is charged in the report, and the charge is
substantiated by figures, that the worst offenders arc the
meat packers and the flour millers. Ii is furthermore charged
that practically all of them have stooped to the most
contemptible expedients to make dirty money.
Now that the Senate has got this information it will be
interesting to know what it is going to do about it. That
I an effort will be made to use it to prove that price fixing is i
a failure is almost certain. But on the basis of the newspaper
reports of the commission's communication to the
Senate the only failure consists of treating some businesses
as if the men in them were honest when as a matter of fact
they are not and should from the start have been treated !
as liars and thieves.
It is a fine thing for a nation which has a million men
in France fighting for a political ideal to leam that it has
this sort of thing to contend with at home. And having
found it out the proper thing to do is to begin as soon as
possible to make it so hot that the fear of the law and of
public opinion will be burned into the brain of every
crooked business man in the land. The place to begin
is with the heads of the great combinations like the
packers and millers. If what the Federal Track, commission
says is true they have forfeited all right to consideration
and they should be prosecuted to the limit and
then bound down so tight that they never again would |
attempt to practice dishonesty on a large scale.
THE soldier must be in good physical condition to do
the best fighting?he must keep fit.
The general who commands must keep fit?Gen- |
exercises, and the general always is in the "pink of condi- !
The commander-in-chief. President Wilson, keeps fit by 1
giving two hours each day to exercise, in the open air if |
It is just as important that we. back in the home line
trenches, keep fit, for we. too, must carry on day in and 1
day out until the war is won. Ill health and )ost work 1
days are waste, and the nation cannot countenance waste j
during the war. And by keeping fit, we release so many :
more doctors and nurses.
Only die fit man can do his bit?which is his best.
HERBERT HOOVER, Food administrator, the
other day told newspaper men in Washington that
during February and March our allies in Europe
were starving to the point of licking the platter. In London.
in March, there were always 200,000 or more people
In line waiting for a chance to get food supplies. In April
the foods saved by Americans began reaching Europe in
quantity. Says Mr. Hoover:
"The fortunate thing is our food got over there just when :
the great spring offensive of the Germans got under way, '
and just when the morale of the allied peoples was going
down very fast. Our food saved the day, and we never
tould have shipped the amounts we did if it had not been
I 'or the enormous savings voluntarily effected by the Amer- i
can people.
"The American housewife is holding the line by feeding '
^^^hyTrllies until we get an American army over there in
BP^Torce. t If it had not been for her. the war would have been '
I t* Of course this authoritative information is startling and.
sf course, we've all got to go right on conserving food, but
he point we want to make in respect to this matter is that
t is authoritative information as to what the people's saw
ttgs and sacrifices have actually accomplished. It is miermation
a poind of which weighs more than a ton of
froframs, and |jviag such information should in much
v- v. * '. ; >\ ;&
I latpr Am oatar fate fat war aaaoagMoat's pdky. c
Tin ill! iIim dm fiimmg * ftmmiiio [iipli n m I
what Aq'h do* i? inferring * May is patty ad
won out Germany bai our raoaeu. bom that IJ
wn an m k far all we 're worth an d my Uooly bom what
Merumd woomu an but grownup chddresL ^!!drfd '
that it b* dona bit *** and, a nine cam out of ten.
it wiR at once go at doing biggsr things. Mr. Hoover
dedara that wt and Europe faaa collapse last grot'
Vary good. Well put her beyond reach of collapse a ]
long as this war lasts. t!
o .1 i It
THANKS to the activities of aeabert of the Woman's tl
dub Fairmont is to have a Price Interpreting com-!11
mittee working under die jurisdietioB of the County '
Food administrator, and the retail grocers of the city at i?
-I - .. ._ . I. ti.l .1 . a ! _
mar meeting wraorow nigni win tut up tne question or r.<
putting the trade upon a cadi and cany bam. Between 11
theee two movements there ought to be produced an appreciable
improvement in marketing conditions in this city, p
but it would be unwise to expect that what they will be ?
able to accomplish will act as a cure all. M
The club wemen if they went to make any permanent'
hnp-ovemcnt on an important scale will have to carry on f(
a vigorous campaign lasting throughout the whole summer, ci
And a large part of it ought to be educational, for women
themselves are responsible for a lot of the unsatisfactory ?
conditions that exist m this town. tl
If the dealers in food adopt a cash and carry plan the e
organized women of Fairmont ought to get behind it and
use their influence to make it a success. Hundreds, perhaps
thousands, of dollars will be saved to the housewives of
the city through the general adoption of such a method of
selling food, but any effort to make it a fixture here will 1
prove a failure if women who can best afford to pay cash
insist upon doing business upon the old charge and delivery '
basis. These women control the situation in Fairmont,
and they must be brought into line.
In turning a successful defensive into what appears
to bo an equally successful offensive General Diai has
furnlahed lay observers another surprise. This Is precisely
what tha average man unfamiliar with military
condltoina aa tbey exist In the present war regarded as
the logical outcome of a good defensive campaign; It
was what most people expected would be the course
pursued by General Foch on the west front after he
became commander In chief of all the armies. And Just
when the public got educated up to the point where It
was willing to believe that even If it could be done It
would not be the right thing the Italians proceed to
do It
Advices from American headquartera in France are
to the effect that an Important drive at the American j
front la momentarily exnected. If it cornea It mar he :
regarded as marking the end of the effort of the Oerman c
military authorities to belitle the American force In the
war. e
o I'
According to a summary given out at Washington 1 _
yesterday the American army has lost 1,491 men killed
in action and 479 died of wounds out of 10,383 casualties.
This is a large number, but It Is small compared
with the losses in the first year of the other nations that
are in the war against Germany.
This Is Chautauqua week in Fairmont and it will pay
men and women well to devote a few hours each day to | J|
attending the various sessions. The program is very 1 ^
interstlng in every part.
o I
If the Germans do attack the American army they
will find a foe who never took any stock in the theory
that the German army Is better than any other army.!
' From beginning to end they will have to fight for everything
they get on thnt front. ;
Do your own bit courageously, effectively, patriotic-]
ally well before taking a slam at the other fellow.?
KuiwklNtwt l
o 1
We would hate lo be a farmer five miles out on a bail c
road, but could enjoy being one ten miles out on a good
road.?West Virginia News.
Some time ago Secretary MeAdoo crowded a little
paragraph into his dally publicity columns in advocacy
ot mended trousers as a measure of economy. Recently
lie and his family have been gliding around the country j
in a de luxe private car, after the secretary', as director \
general of the railroads, had forbidden the use of the
nrivntA ratv?>5n*?nr**r Timr?K-Rornn1
The old motto was to watch and pray, which ts an
excellent motto, but there is another which Is not bad !
that goe3, watch and spray if you want tomatoes and
potatoes.? Buckhannon Delta.
Vice Admiral Sims writes to thf sailors: "Keep your
body strong and your mind clear"?advice that is Just
as good for the war workers at home as for the sailors j
at sea.?Charleston Mail.
"Conservation candy" is the latest food wrinkle.
When will some one introduce "Armageddon asparagus."
triumph tomatoes" and "win-thc-war whiskey?" i
l'arkersburg Hill.
A warm fight for cold beer has been started by the I
United States senators.?Unlontown Evening Genius.
o ' | These
latter June days have been decidedly rare, but :
not in the poetical senre. -Wheeling InteUlgwetr. V
O 0
They are coming. Brutal Billyum. 100,000 strong every
seven days.?Connellsvllle Courier. t ~
June Circulation
The circulation of The West Virginian
for the month of June, 1918 was as follows
1 5,392 16 Sunday
2 Sunday 17 5,090
3 6,120 18 5, 381
4 5,480 19 5,318
5 5,457 20 5,470'
6 5,412 21 5.337 i
7 5,562 22 M93!:
8 5,599 23 Sunday li
9 Sunday 24 5,776 I
10 5,460 25 5,428 i
11 5,315 26 5,455 :
12 5,369 27 5,375
13 5.362 28 5,423
14 5,413 29 5,619
15 5,549 I 30 Sunday
Total for 25 days 136,655
Daily Average for June 5,466
Daily Average for May 5,395
Practically all ot this circulation want Into Fairmont and
Ma(ion County bomaa, tha natural Hold for tha Fairmont f
marrbant. I
Ruff stuff]
Kmv that wu coming for Harry
itmM haa baaa tar Hnihaa tnm tba
Lamp ia the Aston Uher thtt.momlag
Sat grocers wtil welcome h'oueet erlttioM
Don't Wow of anything of which
jere is a larger apply a round hart
lan criticism of the croeara.
Impossible to say bow mWh of It
i "honest" bat most of It would not
0 through the mails, or look good In
te columns of a family newspaper.
"Emperor Charles has commanded
rentier ron fJcydler to carry on the
oTernment, but failed to tell him how
1 do It"?Amsterdam dispatch.
e ?
Maybe Seydler could get a few useil
pointers from old friends Trotsky
ad Lenine.
They are about the only guys on
arth who know how to ride on the
?p of a sea of trouble and call It govrnlng.
Ben Tillman ... reported to be dciicrately
ill in Washington.
That's bsd news for the whole couc '
There Isn't a lot of honest to goodies*
Americanism in Congress from
he south and it Pitchfork Ben goes he
rill leave a big hole In that respect
At any rate Dick Guy's ball tosser*
:ad to play like the dickens to win
>oth of those victories they took back
o Pittsburgh.
And when baseball Is coming like'
list It does not matter very much ,
rnicn side wim.
. .
Special from Morgantown says all!
he West Virginia college* will hare
ootball In tho Held thl* fall.
But what the folk* want most to'
now Is whether the little ctara on the
.thletic committees will let them play
gainst each other.
Football Inteiest ie going to take a I
ig slump If all the games are with
ishkosh, Tlmoucloo, red men and
And football goes a long way to
rard being the moal ticket of all ath
sties vfien It Is going good.
? _
What People Say J
? I'-cr-- tl
and Some Side Remarks v
? ii
Ihu community spirit Is developing r
n West Virginia, l.laten to what ll
Charles Smott, of Pnrkersburg. said to n
"he Charleston Gaxette: U
"Charleston's good luck is not
begrudged her by the other cities
of the state for her greatness will p
eflect upon all of them and thai c
section of the state for a hundred ' d
or more miles radius will be al- ii
most. If not as greatly benefited by I tl
the wonderful Improvement as the | d
capital city will. Farker.sburg 1* h
glad to congratulate Charleston s
for we know that we will also d
share In the prosperity which has |]
been brought to tHe state.'' g
W. M. Rogers, president of the West v
firgiiua Federation of Labor, gave an Ii
nlervitw to The Wheeling Majority ; r
if laat week, in which he said: ih
"For*he first time in history, a |s
Furtli of July celebration will be y>
held by union miners at Monon- s
gab These men, just organized, n
plnn a mammoth celebration to be a
helj at Look pork. Several speak- f
cr.t will be secured and a parade
put on as a special feature. Arrangements
had been made to (
have an Italian band located at ,]
Monongah play at the demenstra- v
lion. I asked the leader of the p
hand if the band were union. He v
told ire it was not, and when I told 11
him that a non union band could I _
not play at a celebration by union )'
men he gave mo his application |
for organization. This baud will
be (rganized before July 4 and will
play at the celehratipn."
? >
That M. Z. White, warden of the
fest Virginia penitentiary at Moundsffire
longer than July 31, when his
Instruction by experienced Professor,
late personal assistant to Prof.
Berlitz, Gen. Mgr. of 400 Berlitz
Schools the world over.
You will actually speak French j
from the first on.
Class or Individual Tuition.
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I A ChecL
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aa ta lose.
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drawn, and mcney If lost Is usually
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receipt and record.
Open aa account today and see
| you
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Store. We Believe
at the Minimun
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teacher of Economy this country
hat ever known, and befoTe
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learn more of hit great subjectto
our own benefit.
In purchasing things here. It has
been and always will bs. onr aln
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quality that It will prove In service
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in at mean* economy to you. w#
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True Values
omlnal term will expire, is attested !
y the fact that he has announced his
undidaey for the Republican nominaon
for state senator Ih the Sixth disrlct,
composed of the counties of i
'.'ayne, Mingo, McDowell, and Wyom- 1
it-, end made Known his decision to
e-eatabliah his home at Williamson
he Mingo county capital, within the
ext two wcks, says the Wheeling InHlfffencer.
During hi* hurry In changing the
egleter on an O. V. E. H'y car reently,
say* the Ceredo Advance, Con-1
uctor Charles Hatfield placed a dime ,
i his mouth and during the contor
Ions necessary in manipulating the inIcator
that tells how many nickels
avr been rollected, he accidentally
wallowed the dime, or rather he accicntally
attempted to do so. Hut In
his the dime rebelled and Instead of
olng clear down Into Mr. Hatfield's
lunrh basket" sought refuge in his
t'lndpipe. Ar the coin refused to
mire, the conductor gave it no mosent.
However, about thirty-six
ours later old Nature asserted herflf.
when the conductor was seized
rith a violet cough, and about the
econd rough up camo the dime,
either Mr. Hat field nor the metallic
ubstnnco being much the worse off
or the experience.
According to the Aldorson Adveriscr
W. Ij. Boyd, of Eagle Branch, one
lay last week had a very exciting adenture
with a copperhead snake. Mr.
loyd was plowing corn on his farm
rtth a young horse, when he saw a
oad hop rapidly along ahead of the
Accidents of
the 4th?
Will they
Burnt linger* and shatcred
nerves on the ,'4th." Are you |
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wn* the Pf?1!0" Every Art!
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f summer i
Thai are
ries find ei
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ffj\\ /jk street wear,
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/ A (A ' 1,18 -lbey an
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believe lhat
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* louder than
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horse. In investigating to ascertain a
the cause of tlv toad's alarm he saw to
a large cnpperfiead snake following trl
after it. The riake, instead nf chang on
ing its course to pass in front of the: lo'
horse, crawled undor the animal and I ye
Mr. Boyd. who was hanging onto the | r!<
lines to prevent the colt from hreaklng ve
away, was pulled over the snake, which re
wrapped Itnelf around his leg but was mi
brushed off by him before it could loi
strike. The reptile showed fight and do
Mr. Kojrd ran nhd got his bee aqd dls- ho
patched it. He says the snake was ho
about four feet long. fo
Forator H. S. White, of Matewan, nt
Mingo county, seised with an attack of
appendicitis wh^Ic turlng the northern CI
part <4 the static last week, and was j <ti
rallied to a hospital in Baltimore, Md.. th
for an operation, says the Mingo Re- j on
publican. Mrs. White left for Baltimore
immediately upon receipt of the | rh
telegram announcing the illness of ber i or
husband. Mr. White is seventy-eight! tc
years of age and his general health has ]
btwn good during the past few years.; ilk
His s needy recovery is hoped for by a 1 frl
legion of friends in this section ; M
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108-110 Main 8t 1
' 9 '*"9 1
me up Saturday did graal damans I
the farming section la Valtoy dll? ;
c or two o'clock and Um atom MM
iveft tba old trail of hurrtoaas twaamU
ivcr fields potato flalda la (Mti9
potation In the path of this
dented hall storm, wan damaged tmM
rh an aslant that It la sampM ed^H
:al love to many ( ths hurmsra. Wj^H
w lights wsrs brskaa ostafitdBi
lists. Roofs wart riddled fall ef Jj
und to be sis lachaa deep and was ?
tiierad up daring Satarday hy ths &
All tba way from Rlaehart la Lovstt 1
mpel in Valley district tha atom din
i worst. Some damage was doma to
e gardens In Bsllngton hat only tha 4
iter edge of Its path was IhltNE^^H^H
A. T ThornhUI, Heary Sagland. Mor
i Bolton, Heary Day sad many Mh I
s In the Coacord section hare ? ? 1
rod great loseaa.
All day Saturday and Sasday It fait .
;o the whole valley here was a n- 9
gcrator, so low waa tha tamperataf*. M
any people donned thalr winter cloth* j
ir tor the two or threa data follaw- ]
cation turn
ind muslins, girit
I you, poor moo?
juKht jlongs now I
(Qvet\ I
)ES | II
t J- MO IMnaL I
They don't cmear
complexion tfaet
Orer white heiie I
; com pre wed air I
be entail deeply VI
>ur veeatioa.
fr.Mtia. Win if 1
w I
jM ftp*
X i I

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