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*P A jtXi k '
CmUM Witk Cmn). Tetm
Wag Fine Pitchen'
, A,'? J?'s*tt*? IdHUy Satarsay by
M KM the ' Wck' tfey's Pittsburgh
(MUBlfca |MliliMlU?i><i? defeated
the tnt mul?.llui> Coal cob
fcay baseball mmH?M aeon.
Proa nt bsgleaiag the game ?u a
liKktn' duet batveea John?ou and
Maya*. The farmer wae gteea ragyed
* mport three eoatly errors by Lee
King B slaved, Pauafagtmi tor the rialion
sad feothaaa for Bo ConselidaMoo
teas, wore the shaBi stars o.'
Be day The seere sad lineup:
Paae'r^ter, If I 0 3 2 0 0
ad *, of s i e t o o
Kritf, c 4 i s it o e
?i-tr *b 4 1 1 1 u
Bay, as 4 0 1 1 0 0
ioret. 3* 4 0 0 1 1 1
Miller, lb . 4 0 0 2 J 0
Barrett; r? ... 4 1 0 l 0
Murrv p 3 t 0 0 1 0
totals 37 & 7 37 6 1
COWL? AB. t. H. T. A. E.
H. SpiSflgc. 3b 4 0 | 1 1 1
Partner. 3b 4 l 0 l 0
Vance, e 4 1 1 12 2 0
. Khtg. a 3 1 0 3 6 3
Tootjtmaa, lb .4 I ill 0 e
MBIa. cf 1 0 0 0 0 0
twtf. of . ; z oo o o i
Turisovl-eh, rf 4 1 0 0 0 0
V. Botv.g*?I 0 1 0 0 0
jofcMs.-. f ........ i o e o : o
ToUl?'i....31 ?? 27 1J 6
TWO Mm has. Pert iron. Krl;s,
Tcotbrnaii, Tance. P ?rif!ca hit;.
Jbbseoa. Stslsn barta. ..t'.-i. Mur.y.
|st( i-a bail*, off l?w.tt. 1; ?.i on.
1. fftmc* act. By Mur y. C; i . iso.i.
10 Brraed nt??, off Mur;;\ l; Joanr
..I. i i ?- r?
Watson Defeats
TheAnnabelle Team
, *
Anncte'le was defeated on ths V.'
Mi baseball diamond yesic-iey at.
Boos by Ibo strong Coneotldat ion t ?cl
eomgvty tram from that town, the ft
'.<"!?? btlns !
t Ov4 wo?t by Barns, the Watson
tt aid WtUlaras. the Watson
slirtrtrp ?t tho bat feature! lbs after
nesn eisagement. n. Long. Jxmg
to 4 Higglabatham wero also handling
^ tiqf br to.rdrantago in the stata yes1:e
,'.tBib?re t?3tn tr il. the tr p
lb Vi'.san in a ia.'gt truck. T n tea i
ML ar ofceWfStnfH by rainy Ararbal.o
fiaxter Proved
1, H&rd Nut to Craa:
' AUii-^'h tv' ?"* c tej Bj* .
Vtie'c VSttp t. I"'. ; -Ity a . Mtofi
*. <i"K . i io in ni.
pp%?f...oi tbii i>i> I. dropplat
?3*oir gaae U;- t ic . t.i4 m-irivi
' 7'* eiti? feature o." l\? mme wr
:he< each" rot wor.: o .1::; on the
stand for Bbs^er who i.V.iwed on'y
To h i*. With riytbir.v :c :odsu|>port
tic should have v. on Ills gome,
rreetir.d tar Idaasy also pitched a
Flat gsme.'
("Evening Chat
Wr hoar a groat deal ct discussion
ta'alj sides just host about the sort
tf a job a woman should bare. Bern
the war women began to believe
hat mere housekeeping did not oti'er
fecpe for one or artistic tendencies.
Kaae a woman felt that the routine of
iohte keeping was maddening. There
dere the thousand of times we washst
'those same dishes, the fearfully
pany times we swept and washed and
jroned. But lately a new conviction
g sweeping over the lsnd arong ?jui
m; that however much more monotonia
homekeeplng may seem as comtared
to the broader work of the out -the-world
person, it Is after all just
is worth while and iuot as difficult
0>d fpll of pa many aurpritcs. Before
%e war thing* did run along very
eneh the samp. There was the hreao
10 bake ererv week and the p n and
eokl** a ad rake*. Now we hare very
tar flea, cookie* and cakes?and
read?'he less raid about that the bet
er! Wa theuld like to go berk to the
Td dayi when we think it bread.
But far kamin to the subject of
rtiatic jeba; it requires tome brain
here daya to combine matorl:!* at1
into meal* of goodness end bsau-'
t. I riilted a bom* yesterday ran by
woman who for many yetr-. ttK ti
I aa office, taking full charge. I b->ete
tt would make many a woman's
oart Jump with entry to aee that home,
a the first place she didn't have much
t the way of furniture, saying aa I entrod.
"Ton won't find the usual
mount of elttor. t am afraid?aome w
I can't get used to being away
-nm the office and all I neded there
a* o desk and a few working tool*. I'
noes I ran my home on the nnc
ale of usefulness."
Truly the did. All I noticed a* I
ntered were a few small ruff* laid
bout few comfortable chair* and a
isgasine rack. Actually I belicre
tat waa all she had in her llrlnff rojm.!
ha had no dininff room at all. saying,
at a huge table In the middle of the
HMO occupied too much apace for the
tree times a day U wis used A bufft?
ta claimed waa oaly a place to col
M^t odd* and eada aad she had none
ehtaA clowet aha abhorred a* a class
lowest* *s? come and see my ml
m." ?b* aaid. I tallowed bahiid uuo
HL ?
IMWn 1 111 _
!?' " "' ? BALL
At Tetd to Paul Pur man bjr
ocv-d ?* Waltar Camp'* aaoratsoa
I taught to the U. S. cabinet and *ow
| in use In tha U. Navy. Another
wilt be grin ted In The West Virginian
The second group of Camp exerciser,
, begin at the first arttb the "cross" position.
i The first of the group, known as the
, "grind" begins with the subject turn
ins the hand-- palms up and the arms
I torcM bark as far as possible.
With tha arms l.t this position the
abject describes circles cf II inches
: in dirmetor with the f'Rjc:- tp-. the
j haads moving fc rri. dor.iwr.-d.
backward and upward. This circular
I movement should be repeal ol 10 tiros.
| while counting slowly. The "err n?i"
; exercise is completed by reversing the
circles and rcner ng 1 0time?. K g tre
5 illustrates this.
1 If there is a leader he should short
' with the order ' palms." follow tim
! with the order "grlcd" and count a'ov|
ly while the circles are b< fng made sr. 1
1 cad with the order "reverse."
I The next exercise of thia grorp is
known as the "grat?."
! Begin with the position ' cross" add
at the order "grate" raise the arms
meantime Inhaling deeoiv end r-i o
: slowly to an elovat'on of dejrev-.
| the body slowly nntii it rests on the
' ball ot the foot as in figure 6 Then
lower the body and the arms and slowly
exhale the air from lungs.
This ezercise should be repeated
r. rcon much larger than the u i.al
litchcn, furnished with a couiiv.iatioa
, >oal and eao rar.se. a ror'; t~.>e in
:be contcr and a ta:i stool beside It.
i w a porcelain o:nk villi por^o.a i
i t'.iirb.ed. I scrv ehc \au ran'Z
t'.rc: kctou one side of ike room.
.1,1 vas all. "But where on e-.rth
> ycu eiiShe i -I a < or d'
. Hi Of (If \ .1 . i 1 :
i . and gasped. t.'o jrattld ycu. It
, xi.e or less t'.trn a in-;. . .
; ii '? Iba e.'so of a.i ordinary dining
intra. On as ids vei open -criaicJ
fw.rd. v \ ftsror Luxes underner.h
I I ifloon.':", jercniuta . r.aaitc.'i'uii
. mi., a'.y >.:u and miga'ua;c
o. Un lite ethor e.ris a folding drop
t-b'e ? ; ? built tr.io tuo v;a'i. vat
'- < > a c llc.ulcce enJ p,;'.c
tl itilej he'd in pla.v by iiua'.v. j. iavj'g't.v
vhe v..nil pV.yei all
i :.i ; .nc.i rb,rt the tin;, r. mi
o wan no thing that couil fc.
> 'it b brc&r .Nat e"ei a
tl' ' jsc.Vc'a. A l.e.tch vltbi. i
" v.. l:n ,i dir.'.; t.-.e i.ltlo
it can scfUia 6r. pi tails, lira*
.1. ' : . lets Cjltll vUl it:.'! x:
)r tapping one ~satly
? . "Van oea." na.d my
. " i i y uco a fcT dishes and
1 p cn r . belf; 'novo my rtik.
e use of iutv.lag to a nitowt
r.r thtm!" She laughed at my
civ : r.L'.n.
"'i' . r;till you eat a m'sl with
rue r.;.J yau wlil be :cmo convinced.
V. by r.i . I c housework easy? There
, Is r.o ruch thing as a good servant nowadays.
Nut that It is the fr.alt of the
rervarl If 1 were coins to do hou.ot
wrr'f,ati a regular proi'es.-.lon. I should
want far more than anyone is willing
to pav a woman for all ray yac rs' experler.ee
in the various duties of honie'.ceplrg.
Not housekeeping but homekeeping
There Is a diiference. When
r scrvsut can use her brains in the doing
of this sort of v.-ork and can have
any other status than that of servant,
the: home-making a.*a profession will
becon.e a satisfactory one. Until then
we have to do our owu work. Why
not do it so that it doesn't grind the
soul rut o fus!" I waa willing to he
The re v.a? one small rag rug on that
dining sun-porch floor. So that it could
we p'c'ic l up easi'v and put throuyi
the washing machine. Lunch was
served in a very few moments for
everything seemed to be rich' at-hand
to that cifi-e Mtfchw. We M i<en
jrrnpe juice with a slice of lemon perched
o" the edge of the glass. We had
potato salad with pimentos, parsley
i and hard boiled eggs all chopped together.
among the ingredients. A let
! luce leaf -erred as an Individual platter.
My hostess placed all on a plain
white and gold band plate. We had
corn muffins which were delicious and
Iresh currant Jelly. For desert we
had frozen peaches and cream rthlch
mr hostess claimed to have pieced in
... - ?
T;.., croup in ended villi tlio px ?
c're k.iovv.t an she 'dratn." Tii is
ted from Hi? ponitto-i "hr.id' in
croup t. While rounting I nr slowly
I '.) 1 ihr liouy forward iro n tlie walft.
, us .'a;' as po . 'oe (u? f!ju e 7). and
nar nay vr?.. :a irecer just an near
u to I e:- "I cm terry I cv.'t
e you c.- cake but I cxuT i
.iia i:i%r la r. .e It." V. in cxrc.
k an;..ray.' I am cure I did oat. \.'o
drilled a Ions time o*. er tnis rir. >
Ir.ncii (or there was nothing la . ./
about. When ready ta go I I7ar . >
av c!l day?my hoei" ? liJ: ' lv
1 id; wh > come, to i ?e ne taV *
in r'c.ir.ng rr.sy. !ou may ta .. t :a
dishes to the link at.d I will pr tbln^.i
In the refrlgersor.' As Ihote was
OiCli'y II.tic leit for the rc.'r.seratar.
we son pu; ell lite dither c. ey?such
a lot -jut; (-aur piatca, (oar glass-23,
(cur 1 nlvcs f.-.ri.s ?rd apaooal
"If yea don't mind," I asked, "might
I tie just how \ ou mam-re up;tairr.?
! : m aw ully exc.ted over everything!"
W.th irarc lagntor, re static! (or the
i There weie no _U!rs. Whc.e
' a stall* shaudl have Marled wta a
dcor; "d I telt much li!:e Alice In Woni'.e-!cn1
as we cnte-ed. Again an Im
rn:n ." amount o( space met my c- er
;.c. The floor stretched uncovered
nice for two small mgr., me beiorc
ti:a be J, the other bc'oro the dresser.
Some book shrives had been built lu
f,re earner and filled with books. A
.ingle rocker occupied the space next
a large window. There were three i
more windows In the room. Nothing
lucre, 'i have one more room just like
I.," my host.- s said, rradlnu my mind.
Two living rooms, two be;lrc:.mi and
a hall between. One officekitehea
and my bit of a sun-porch dining room.,
' I*nT thrt quite sufficient tor three pco-1
p!c? I thingk it is f. r mere than we
I dc-erve. And I like housekeeping
above all things because i can u:c all
| the hn sir. ear methods I have prove!
practical. And hert of ell I am not
tied down at all but hare plenty of
time for all mauner of interesting wori.
i outride of my home."
! had one lact remark to fling at
: her. "Whet about your washing and
I ironing?" Again she laughed. "1 pay a
; woman what she could earn in an ofi
fie : in the same time to come and take
' It out of my way entirely. She puts
as roach thought in the doing of it as 1
she would put on other work paying no
more. As rhe cannot leave an Invalid
: mr.ih*" she is glad to do it at the price
. I pay ' She has about three small fum;
iiies like mine and that is ail she eau
manage. Fhe rails it her art work
And indeed there was never a picture
painted with any more skill. She put .
much into my fine waists and other
| garments that la not mere physical labor
. And she feels herself occupied
, with lust as worthy a profession as i
! tho :gh she were down town in an of
| fice. In fact aha says she likes it bet!
Five former Muh chimp ens hav;
been aopointed paid leaders In boys',
, and girls' club work in the co-operative
| extension of the Department of A<n
I culture and the State agriculture col l
leges in the North and Wast.
-TUE*T \ fit
ItlWkNTSJr-' ^r^v/
t .
* fl
a ul'Purman
/4' ...
.1. to up ''lit in ti "> a-" : tbct
roar.. >r: this try bending bark
| as far : - px I> j and returning to up
right. Trite cat ^ tii.t thr.-o motions
p.t* riEte'neil fln,] not ior'.j.
The movement ehould be repeated
, ?;>e time*.
W orthington |
Campion Claccd.
The War hiv.'3 Ftomp campaign
do'ed In W il lnin ,t \ on Friday ev
ning with a iBtfiiii" of lb? c'.Fxens in
obfdierro h he pnclatnation ol if "
Pit Iderf and Oovrncr at the I-yrl'
Theater from :OT o'clock p. m. Mayo:
I J. I.ane Parri.-h delivered an address
bristling with patrio\ ni end the audionco
enthusiastic?'.!;.' anplaudcd tats
While from the reports It would
sctra that Worthin;;>cn lacked a few
dollars of rea'.nius the son I yet, cor.
' r.ldering the handhap p'aco.d upon u.v
o ere satisfied with our contribution.
We have alvvya c juddered our apoitior.iuent
unfair as a largo number of
our citizens Including some of the officials
work at pl'i'.ts outside our territory
and ate praitienlly impelled to
make their contributions inerc. Dueiu;;
this drive ahiut |MM t as p..id
in by them for v.iiicli th'.? town sots
no credit. If that ate juut had been
paid in where it naturally belong.; wc
would have fine over the top by a
I: rje nij-g.n. |i aportlor.tEont, made
I hereafter we nipc this matter will be
iakcn nitj coiir-ideration.
Arrived 3s"c'y i:i F_an:e.
Mrs. liarhel Gaines received a card
from her son. Howard L. Gaines, 0:1
Friday notifying her that ho had arrived
ecioly m France. Ho was a
member of the fortucr First West Virginia
He'j.uient and had been located
at limp Shelby. Hatliesburg, Miss.,
during me training nwon.
i rtau.r nocaa.
Willi ilic c.o?e of the mow on Situi.ay
n'?ht list the Lyric 'i heater, the
I on.y mov.ag pictuie house iu tov.n,
closed its doors. The proprietors
1 Paul K. i etrlcii and Archie G. nlursan
| claim that under present conditions
there was no oroul in the buaincsa,
| a.id 1 he:etuie prefer to let it remain
Large Sale of W. s. 3.
Saturday was a very' ha , day at
tile local post oli.ee in t iiw bitiii Ol
War Savings Stamps. About ootiUUOC
worth were iiapostd ot daring the
or.. end the oaployis were aep. very
busy in supplying tuj aubacrioers.
Mr? tler.y .. llMiltou and daugu
,U i, oi Fairmont, were calling on
; .ri-;n!o h-.csoa Saturday.
Hev. Ciaie.ics D. Mitchell, of Fairmont.
was a caller here on Friday.
a. p. Jones, of Fairmont, w as calling
ou friend.* here o: S.inday.
Leo Salvati, of Mononsaa. was call<
ing on friends acre ou Ssturdav after;
D. J. Smith, of Mononguii, was vis
itin? relativa here on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jacob., ie.'t on
iTiCEDXtiW AT 1 35
blsah: UO*
CH AO* TttBVlj
[cWgJAj jPjff?
:-: 0
Su.urdag morning for a visit w.tli r?\!
ativg dear Rymer, in Mannington du
Mrs T F XtolU, of Hutchinson
was rbepping in town on Saturdaj a,"
Mr. and Mr*. A. J. MrPaa; d^wer
in Fairmont on tfcindiy attending '..o
I funrral~oi VViil Araett.
Mr and Mri. Red C. Cunningham,
of Bargain >n. were ri inr Jlr.. <\i
; ntgbam'r. parent-. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
1 M B.lllngsW taat wee,.
I Thou. K. niraitli came up from Vai
Vorli! on Satui day to tpt-nd the week
rnd with his l u-iiy.
I Mr3. John C. tir.npp. of Amabel!*
was a caller here on Saturday even
?? ?
Tea Tall for Marines :
But Got in Anyway
BALTIMORE. Mil. July 1.?Uncle 1
Si m row h is six feel five and a half
inchfi of real 1" S. Marines. He i \
'arroll William Hogeit. 2.1 veers old. |
a ran'l clerk of this city. Hoggett ha
' ju t h >corae a Marine, but lie bad a !
'rather d'ffiutlt t "ie b:P'' ing in
Winn the 77'; incliea of hunianit; ,
strolled into the local roi niitiug str i
tion, the officers in charge had the j
shctk ot thrlr young livci.
After rome little difficulties, which '
Included hnrnpng h > h' id on the e:r
trie 111iit fivaire in the ceihig. the
lengthy called me. urged to get down
i*t'o a chilr.
Upon c\ mlnrthn, he vai told hwa*
t irre and one half in'hr too t !!
and !i pounds underweight. So Dog
gett got busy and af.cr much war : and
worry arranged for a waivor from
i Washington. He is the tallest ir. i In
the Marino Corps.
Thev were only dot.n in the country
for a day, and had managed to get int
1 envemtlor with old Farmer Tope ire.
The two London?r?i jaz>d long at the
i-onniryjtue. ar I our exclaitrel
What fire air you've got out hero?
, so much fresher then in l,ind>nf
; Jest so' replied Popcorn. That's
vhct t vns a-iaying to the wife today,
i Why ain't Ml them hit; titles built oui
in the t ourtry??Idea?;.
President KVinte of Provn Pnlver 1
.' sily Mjra lliat tre rrue'tle-. of BabjllWI J
j v e-e pithing <>rr>a 'red with tiip set# i
| tttc nth'; .? MlitttMN" of Ger
J man w irafre.
' '
FamiTy Tonic Overcomes
Her Nervousness and
rf.s the following signed statement
! shows this e.'.e .? icep-r. otej. )!?'.
two bottles of Nerr-Worth drove the
1 sufferer's Ills from their trcneiiea
"I can say I nave Ik it very mucft
.benefitted by Nrrv-Worth. I was
i treraely nervojs and aufftved so much
from indigc&iiou. until I liad taken
"I hare taaeu two battles of this
wonderful medicine. and my heahb k
, greatly improved.
(Mrs.) E. I I.F.MING.
1' 42 White Ave., Morgantowa, \V. Vs.,
now of Fairmont.
Nerv-Worth calms the nerves, whets
1 the appetite, aii.s i.igestiou. rouses tiio
I liver. regulates the bowels, restores
] restful sleep. banishes sic!; and nor
I Tons headaches and othei ac, *? and
i pains; adds flech, builds up run-down
; ayrtains.
I Your doilai back at Crenc's drug
store if Nerv-Worth does not benefit
: voi
I Neighboring -g^ati: H.J Mathe.vs
1 It Co.. Munnii)g:->u; . 1" Motan.
! Farm i.if ton; F. J. Yost. Fslrvtev.;
! Windsor Drui t ami the llmiuker
Pharmacy. Monogah; John on's Fhav
I mscy. Shinuston; Grant Graham. Be.iBgl
n; W. O. UavSs. Pfcftlppl
?| / UO\N mocu Aw \
I CfcAC'rfiD ES6? J ""
V^OIBN-ByTwr ) A
A?MTGor #04Vr' 4?m
n & 4 f
E-. , <* MmF?
v.;.'."-- - fl
r 'v rm!, I m i" in' ir- t> . 1 vt warn frMCii bMln|| 11
b'n *n :V Iff?.
A Free Bulletin IS
Every Housewife Needs (I
It explain; the reliable methods of food commit .J
?<?* xeKfis&dS^
'. Wp-Gtura^jwl OuAodB*. '.
I ' '
- * JweJfcl '- ;j('?"' 'inf*2C? i^l
Fuwsw' QuaovflH
sr?uo?p?Hc..-.re:-4fnL<4^r |
| 1 '
To ? th:: bulletin, clip, fill oat, tad tend this coupes, .!
I tVp*hlnfff?n, D. C.
I pi-?f ---) I -rm-r'3 Bulletin f .3 to
> - ?:??. 1*1
ctr'At or P. F. D. N'aubrr
i . City and State ','
1 ' ? Th.j rpace is contributed by Tbo Wert Vlr(ltlo% 1

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