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Jr ~?7T77I KTL ^ Ytt J. Y| r ?,
iSMi P'K West Unijmmn Pli^g 1
I r<H ri)|IIMI| BM iWI^Mr ?
HnrABUSifED ^j^J^^^F^RM0NT^rESTVTOOT^^^^AY^EVPfDiG^mr2^1^^ "^wwto?? ~~PMCETBPlgg ^ItfTg 3
SnlL \
P*y Funds of Mexican Gulf I
Oil Company Were
? Stolen.
-.JPtlegram to Company's Of.
fice Say Dead Men Were
I , > c S i ON, Texas, July 2.?tou.
I American ctt!^ ns wrr? Ul!' I by MexI
haa bandits n?ar Tain i Hexii '.last
[ tatarday whir carry,ng the payroll
| ?t tha Mexican Gulf Oil Company, athniiag
to aiivce.i to the company's
JBsarsl office* here.
Leslie R. Millard of Beaumont, Tex
aaaiatant cashier, L. A. IV,i. it.
|L Cooper and Alfred E. Eeparcia
Whose home addresses are not known
here were the bandits' victims.
^Private telegrams to Millard, relaIn
today sLuod the four mon wer
* Mlled Instantly.
fro f#DHTH
L\ IIMill I in w
Iffic .Death of Kingwood
wSl an Subject to Sudden
^^^RUulseppl llltassi, UKUCI oh, an Italian
I ftp: the employ of the West Virginia
HBpl nines at Klngmont. was killed
Ok en he ellpped end fell from a set
l^nrtepi leading to the coal tipple The
EHm who was sublect to heart attacks
| and suffered from asthma is thought
no have had an attack which caused
Hk to tall from the steps. Me was
^HBad when picked up by fellow work
the accident happened this morning
the body w'fa brought to the Cun J^Hpkham
morgifc where it was pre
bnrlaj. The funeral will take
|HM Thursday morning from the
Catholic church and Interment
HMl be made la Holy Cross cemetery
London Newspapers Declare
vJ^H&vjfcamAL. /VeAesa ?e?n A WA T\*v_
SLTULiagCB A1C 1^7"
erate Policy.
Associated l'rei<?)
[, July t.?That tha atekiut
hips la a deliberate policy
t of the Germans no# is
md all doubt by the torpc
the British hospital ship
Ca*tle, the newspapers
r editorial comment today
presence of such unspeakf
deliberately repeated"
illy Chronicle" it Is a wastf
0 reiterate the abhorrence
ybody with a spark of civ
1 must feel, but we would
lerman people to ask themt
Is the use of tbelr stateshag
like Foreign Secretary
naan to be credited with
I honor while crimes sc
lonorable and ?yiasham?-d
be carried out by the orIr
se now for the attack on
rery Castle says the Daily
. lie and the Germans offl
d It did not believe it himte
said to the captain 'you
K eight American flight of.
had been a particle ol
is charge, ? the newspaper
submarine captain had onhe
Llandovery Castle seize
tfflcers and take them to
Ei oi aiuea mm in
ps (or transports."
a to be barred hereilted
States mails.
You Read
! iLf,:',, . # :
mqntanaI f
Ftmporary Strjclicx* Being I
Rushed l.p to 1 r*nit
Mine to R n.
toss is iiii wo
rricuon Wheel i 2ved to
Have Start 'ho
the M:noncr.ri5la rc.-a tomorrow
will be 100 jur cent
Thlrtylflve cbouaani dollars Is the
estimated pioperty l< - >f the tire I
which destroy .d the t pp sill)
I tlon. and sinail en^im e and .
tlaliv burned .he paw muse at t
{ Montana mine of tie 1 'nsoiidatlo.j
Caal Company early tl >rniii(t. The i
' Apod hv in. !
I property i?.' ' ,^..w ... j
A frriction ?-'he?l an l? neutli the I
tipple I3 believed to a been the
cause of the Arc whi ??? fir:.t discovered
by a ilalilnv .ir.d Olit" fail-'
road train ere* about 1 JO o'clock (
this niornig. Despl.e heroic eforts on
the part of residents Montana the
flames were not unl r control until
after the tipple, sub tation an 1 rn
gine house had burn ' > the ground
There will not onb he the loss o.
the property out the 1. -s of many
tons of coal. The <h 1 utput of the
1 Montana mine was ah .t 0# tons. Soon
after the flames w e cut this morn
I11K workmen oegan the construction
lot a temporary t.pp'> v'.lrh will he
i rushed to completi 1 to permit tie. '
mine to resum-" ope: ' :t Just a< soon !
. as possible. t
' The property !<?> ? 1 have been
'much greater had the V intana store
been burned as wit fir anticipated.
It was only with great difficulty Hint
the tire lighters were r.h to save the
1 store building.
Coal Notes
There were 1.074 coal .aid 50 coke
cars In the region todav und while the,
172 mines that r??>rt ? were all run-,
nig the supply of car ras not large,
enough to keen jSem ait running at
full capacity anu 757 m.rots wero idle.
That Involved a lo' production of
6.376 tons.
D. K. Lawson, 1 r, t representa
five of the Fuel 1 nlstratlon got
bvk yesterday 1 n Washington
where he had ueeu 1 inference with
1 Fuel administration officials.
As the wai.cr q n is still gj
most embarrassing tor the hotels'
now that the work right regulation;
lias gone into efect v ? decided not'
to hold a meeting . Coal club*
this week as a w 1 - ,f helping out
The Fairmont whid havlug all It
can do to take c? the guests of
' . W.. K?.. ...
Ill'" IIUU3V
The first step . .?*. uw had to ho
taken against drlt < i in the Fairmont
region was t- ; >day when the
office of the Fuel administration here
ordered D. L. Ha?-tir.s who was loading
a car at Wallwr- ding to unload
, the dirt which it nined. Notice
was served on 0 \gent Anthony
at the same lime': >t . move the car
until further ordf he bad condition
of (he ocaljk.ig into this car
was noticed by 1 Inspector Ice j
yesterday and this a. : jng D. R. I-aw
son. the district t- (>r ntative of the
I Fuel administrati ?i0 a trip to
' see it himself, i The notification to
i shipper and ratlrfa t < pany followed.
? -
; Local Prisoners
Takjen to Elkins
1 United Stales T . r jiMshal John
1 D. Moore, of F i #t. last evening
took three pril lc n , 0m the local
1_H A _ VStl. 1 k. -
jaii w hey will be
tried at this * ? ,n , rtha federal
court, which oc b: t :iy. They are:
Garrett Wolf, w < , trgcd with ma.
> king seditious r: ir? and carrying
1 whiskey Into th . tc Anthony Fred(trick,
charged ' i -itng sedition
remarks, and 1 i urn Sapp. charged
with breaking i a freizht car In
Wetzel county, !( ivrig been lodged
in Jail here. I - tb? government
took orer the i i 1(j this comes under
the federal t . [t
Man Arrlsted For
Carrying Revolver
George Argefti ; \7ateon, wee arrested
last aft by Deputy Sheriff
Barrett and (? -.1,1,. Michael on a
charge of carr# ? 1 r, ,0lrer. The accused
has beef 1 r a hearing before
Justlec <-'< *;? (1 Monday after 1
noon next at V k.
The DwyShortSto
U '^Gengouip^
\ /
,. x , -'"^V "'. -; '
Gcr'Tiiort/i y^ j 'ciMWTtt. "*/
if? .-V2
-v V'tV' Oiwwj 3 %^^7,
oX J ^
ON- ,'r-'^^ OnVTui I turi/av
A t <, (ao" "' "
l.; lie ,:.| map of the vicinity
< . Franco very clearly. Vain, api
twen ill" two points is Mill 201. Tli
the Hermans aitcr a stubborn battle la
'i*' __
Chairman Jones Sends Out'
Special Appeal to the
All hough some will have special
parts, everyone who attends the big
Fourth of July celebration at l.oop
park on the Fourth of July will have
an opportunity to participate in the
Cummunliy singing under the direction
of i'rof. W. I). Harrington will be ,
oue o( the features ui the program and i
all persons will have an opportuhity tftj
unite in singing a few of the more,
popular national ail's.
H. T. Jones. who Is chairman of the
commltteo on fraternal organizations
for the celebration at Loop park, Is
making every eflort to see that every
lodge In lite city tr well represented.
The tollowlng notice, which is selfexplanatory,
has been sent out by Mr.
Jones to the fraternal organizations of
the city:
"All fraternal organizations are pa
trlotlc. There is no class of people in
the country more patriotic than the
lodge people.
"Next Thursday Is the Fourth of
July. Our city has rrrar.gcd a progrunt
for l.oop park at 2:30 p. m. All
the member* of fraternal organizations
are especially invited to he present at
ihl.. demonstration. The leaders of all
the organizations should see to it that
their members are notified of this Invitation
It is not asked that lodges
turn out In a body; we Just want every
member present, as far aR It is possible
H. T. JONES, Chairman."
run mis
Ugly Assualt Occurs Among
Foreigners at Grant
Foreigners engaged in * spirited
light *t Grant Town last evening in
which an ax and a club figured. It is
alleged that Victor Kishtner rushed
into the home of Joe Barkovish with
a club and promised to clean things
up. The second time Kishmer attacked
Barkovish, the lvter resorted to an
axe which struck Kishmer with full
force on the top of the head A "nasty
gas was inflicted, but while It Is a
serious wound, it ia not expected that
It will prove fatal
Klshmer was tendered medical attention
and Barkovlsb was arrested by 1
Constable Skinner and brought to
F./rmont afid lodged In Jail. Felony
chargea have been preferred against i
botli men before Justice Musgrove.
The accused bave been held for a
German American
Alliance Must Go;
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, July 2 ?Without a I
word o( disease Ion or a record vote '
the Senate today adopted the resolu- t
tlon of Senator King, of Utah, annulling
the federal charter of the National ]
Qennan American Alliance. The res !
alutton now goee to Mm House. 1
ry?~Copyrighted Fic
S? ^ V
of Chcteau Thierry shows the scene
clleil on the map Vauxe, is a little to tl
e two 1 lack arrows point to Bnileax w
- tine 2<i hours last week.
Fairmont's Fourlh
2:30 P. M.. JULY 4FH
Music. Selection :.
Singing, t
President Wilson's Fourth of July M
[declaration of Independence
President Lincoln's Letter to Mrs. Bi
Music, Selection
Unveiling of Third Liberty Loan Flat
Unveiling of fted Cross Flag
Four Minute Speaking:
1. Mrs. W. H. Conaway
2. Clay D. Amos
Music, Selection
3. J. M. Jacob*
4. Father Maggiore
3.Captain Geo. M. Alexander.
Singing. Star Sp
Encounter Ocured Fourteen
Hundred Miles Off
American Coast.
(By Presi)
WASHINGTON. July 2. ? The Belgian
steamer Chiller was sunk 1.400
miles oil' the Atlantic coast on June 1
21. the Navy department announced today.
Twenty-five survivor^ were picked
up ty a sailing vessel on June 27.
The following statement was issued:
"The Navy department is Informed
that the Belgian steamship Chiller
was sunk by shell firo from a German
submarine about 1.400 miles at sea
from the Atlantic coast on Jnns 21.
Twenty-five survivors were rescued
on June 27 by a sailing vessel. First
information was received laat night.
The Chiller was a ship of 2.900 gross
Rev- Dr. Gladden
Dies at Columbus
(By Associated Pr*st)
COLUMBU8. Oto. July 2 ?Ret. Dr.1
Washington Gladden nationally known
Congregational minister and author,
of this city, died this morning, following
a second etroke of paralysis
suffered last Sunday. Dr. Oladden was
82 yearn of age.
as .
Will Investigate
Negro Murder Case
Tomorrow morning Coroner Lloyd
will bold an Inquest on the death of
Hylreeter Neely, the negro, who Is alleged
to have been fatally shot by Rd
WMterhMd, another negro, on Sunday
afternoon at Riveeville.
The jury named la compoaed 01
Lamar Satterfleld, Lloyd Kelley, Lloyd
Bailey, T. W. Arnett. P. B. Nlchola and
Edward P. Holbert
lion Of First Class
ieonng.ljgjr?' / /lA |
of the latest exploit of the Amert'
ie left of Chateau Thierry and beood
which the American* took from
i ol luiy Program \
. 1918?LOOP PARK.
Greater Fairmont Band | J
America. ,
... Rev. H. Ql Stoetrer I \
essage . Chas. W. Evans
t Singing. . .
.Mrs. Geo. DeBolt > 1
xby Mrs. J. Walter Banes j
Greater Fairmont Band >
S ... M??. J. A. Meredith j
.._ Henry S. >*?dy
ir Singing. '
Great:, i ai.mont Band ,
angled Banner.
Men In Deferred Classes <
Found Not to Be Sup- '
porting Dependents. '
Sonic pc.sous of Uralt age who havo (
a deferred classification because of dependent
relatives will be reclassified
wheu the local tlrnft board begins to '
examine its lists under the new' "work <
or fight" movement. It has developed i
upon investigation t^^Uu^ocil boaru '
that < oitain persona who are enjoying 1
i deferred classlticatlon because of dependents
are not really supporting
such dependents and should be in
Class 1.
in taking time to Investigate the oc- J
rupation of each registrant, the board I
will also Investigate many of the I
claims for exemption.
~ |
niUTii uunn niniun '
MAM nflnu mm
Has But $9,000 to Get to
Reach Heavy Quota of
Totals have not ohanged meter tell? 1
in the war savings stamp drive and '
today Olenn F. Barn*, county caiamaq.
was still confident that the codrfty'a 1
quota?>1,007.ISO?would be restated.
During yesterday afternoon the
Sixth ward, Fairmont, reported $S.- '
000 additional m subscriptions, which
ran* the wards total up to fMftfeO. 1
This Is $0,000 oelow tSe quota as- 1
signed. >
Carolina has gone "over the top." <
havidg raised SU.04S, while It* quota <
was placed at fU.OOfe. It gives proas
lib at gStog stMl stWupar.
iagazine Grade In E\
ON ton i
Operation was Part
fort oil Part of th<
prove Their P<*
Marne I
[ierman Raids on the French
With Severe Losses U|
German T
FARIS, July 2,?The village
Merry, and the heights to tl
.ured last night by American
the Marne front carried out i
French, the war office announ*
More than 300 prisoners h
taken in this action.
The success has resulted in s
lines between Hill 204 and the
The French carried out ra
Montdidier and Noyne and eat
prisoners were taken. G.erou
jy the French fire near Belloy
statement reads.
"To the west of Chateau Th
ried out in conjunction with I
French to improve their posil
ill 201. The village of Yaux i
>{ the village were captured
lumber of prisoners taken dui
Including five officers.
"Raiding operations carrie<
ind Novon and to the West
taking of a few prisoners.
"Attempted German raids :
Msuce failed under the Frencl
itrimiT mrm * a %? *-?>
wnn lriCi amEjKH 'MS ft
'July 2,?In a brilixant, (Ojiers
\merican troops on the front
*ge of Vaux together with a la
ivay, west of Chateau Thierry
The Americans took 27c G
five officers and captured a qu
rther equipment.
In the Vaux region the Air
completely by surprise. Most <
3Uf of cellars and dugouts.
<illed of course is unknown, hi
in plain view at various place
Germans Try to Take Back
Territoty Lost to the
dijr Associated Preaa) 1 =
WASHINGTON. *?ly 2. ? Another ~
juiet day alone the American trout |
?as reported vy uen. rersning toaay
in a communique tor yesterday sent
before the successful operation last
light west ot Chateau Thierry, de
icriked In press dispatches. An Amer
ran aviator shot down an enemy ma
thine in the Totri region.
LONDON, July 2 ?German troops ' ~
ast night after a strong bomhsrdment
iltacked to the northwest ot Albert
lorth of the Somas In an attempt to
-egain the positions lost to the lirttsh
on Sunday night. The enemy buc
veded in gaining a footing in one of
he British trenches, the war office an-1
tonnces, bat elsewhere was repulsed
SMh loss. 1 very
Issue Ot The Wi
hu niHfliiurRA
of Successful Ef> ]
s French to Im- 1
toons on the I
Front I
Front Won Thrown Back J
fOn the Pact of the
i Prrnj
of Vamx, woot of Chateau
le west of Vaux wart ot|l I
troopa in an operation on
in conjunction with thai I
led today.
iduding five officers wore |
in improvment in the allied 1
vicinity of Vaux.
ids on the front batmen I
itward of Rheiips in which .1
in raideis^weMMMtmm^fl^H
and in upper Alsace.. The
ierry a local operation car*
the Americans enabled the
ion on the front of Vaux
ind the heights to the west
by American troops. The j |
ing this action exceeds 3(Xi
i out between Montdidier
of Rheims resulted in th *
near Balloy and in upper
ition after hard fighting J
last night captured the vilirge
slice of the Paris high- !
and two patches of wooded
erman prisoners including
anitv of machine guns and \ I
lericans took the Gertnans
if the prisoners were taken
How many Germans wenfc - <1
it from the number of dead |
s the total must have been
Wishes to announce to tho j
public that he has built at>4
equipped a modern machlna
shop in the rear of his residence
at 608 Benoni avenue. All per
xon^ desiring machine work or
parts of machinery made pronv
fitly are invited to gwe mo o
trial. Phone 808 J.
Laborers Wanted
in Shipping Department,
Apply, Owens Bottle
Machine Company.
WANTED: 25 Gil* J
In Manningon Cigar Factory,
Manningon. W. Vs. Can eaatly
ph IS 00 a day in ahort lima. .
?5< Virginian ^ jH

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