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h ' The Hired Han. I
mSBSFtswi*. I
>> ?m*i Mrtoux I
Z ? 3k$ 1U bat **0111
ll II iKe tod call* strvery am
Ml Mmi, advert ipnd, later?ppg
tettoSMm oM an a atr?siQB,> . u
V m*M Mm well tovn < ?
P I&Mki W nQt ?ut to bare to wira
I tortettpeto return fcom tbe rent Dm
doetoigHad oatertd bin to tab*. Ha
I thSISt the torn via being well taker
I Mil Saw waa ha toiknpw that th<
? to had toft la c#W? had font
I fthoat mm giving Blsnrht
ootide ~v> to* u:a^fa?d to keej
I WMLltai m to pieces tor a woe!
I MHa* natlti would not hold out
aha hpew. A *M troth from colled*.
I oaSMpl $wgh It IJke an ordinary
nipUj girt. Tha farm waa a h"bb>
I oC har tetter's aura than anythlnc
I atea. Jaat tla sane. the conntn
I taJd Wl11!
I fttigaa teat yaw. and Blanche *a?n
I tttegta lat It go. to waste just Wcsum
MK Hateg AM not depend upon It. It
I llttgirfll I Maacbe Inserted soothe
Avttttoeaaeut hi the Help Wan'-'
I eateaa Of tie local dally paper ant
want haah to tha larm to await reaulti
"teat lot ana man pat In an appear
I tap aad ha wont tet off this fanr
ante J hare persuaded him to stay.'
aha unclaimed, as she glared at th<
waaAa ta tha plot at the front of th<
I drtra fron tha city had giver
I hag an appetite. Asndden craving foi
hot biscuit took poasesalon of her. an<
V1 tea tew minutes her cares were for
I \ mm ta aha rolled out dough. Rh<
I iltel atop at b'ecnlts. either Th>
ft TOfy artapaat kind of cookies she knev
| ham ta make ware turned out nest *n<
I than Oho trtetf har hand af a cake.
'How, ft there waa only someone t<
I' hate ma ant them," she murmnred. re
frttMby. aa she viewed the ftnlshet
prodaata, eat oat la a row.
I "Whew, thoee small good!"
Blanche timed quickly. There stooi
Aa applicant to her adfer
?aha knew It the minute he
etna lighted apon him. and haatene*
ts corral him. A plan had suggestor
Itself to her.
"Coma right la. she Invited, as shi
threw open the screen door that *?p
are ted tbeta. "Ton are Jnst In tim<
lor sapper."
The young nun was arrayed In I
linen duster from head to foot and wai
daat IggWll. hot Blanche didn't
atlad that |fe looked strong and abl?
to wort; that la what counted with
"it woat take me a mlnnte to p >ar>
a fTaeh egg tor yon, and the tea 1<
brew In* BOW. I am so glad to hart
somebody to help me eat this baklni
ap I hake often. If I had known yot
ware coming ! would hare baked more
I am a dandy at strawberry shortcake
bat wa can have those later on." The
man was. too sarprlsed to speak, but
Blanche would not have given him ar
opportunity to get a word In edge wist
If ho wanted to. Blanche showod binwhere
to wash and placed a chali
at the table tor him. Sha poured hi:
tea aad waited on him. smiling ant
talking as swaetly aa sbo could all the
time. What hungry man wouldn't dc
Justice to that supper? Blanche waiter
until ha flnishad the meal before sh<
mnatteaed the farm. The satisfied
till be gave aa he devoured the tentt
biscuit told her that the time was op
' "Aleut you glad you came to ans
mar my advertisement V she said.
"TenTl really Ilka It hare, tod the
IMIk la light It U merely gardening
yea know. Kven a city man could dc
that The amis you will like. I an
aura. They will ail ha aa nice aa thli
Sane ?many of then nicer. This was
a nice meal, w ain't it?"
"It certainly was," he answered en
tfaneiaetteelly. That was all the ac
ceptaaeo Blanche required.
Than, eema right out and I will
stow you where you aro to sleep. Wc
have a alee room out In the barn for
L our help."
B The young man tried to offer o
wort Of protest hot blanche was or
W A* way to the ham. He hesitated
hat a mlaute. and then followed.
It took two woake to get the little
(am back la to Its original shape For
a day or two the new nun, who gave
hit name aa Clifford Towers was
rather awkward at the work, but It
IM not take him long to grow into the
way at It It waa a great encourag"
cat for Blanche to get good meals
' ready cat then witch the way Clifford
aajcyet the*. He never failed to com?
? ! tor en thai either. He was
t very plcaeanl blted man to have
VNM and Blanche wondered whatever
ato would do when he left. She
Just wonltat think about It, that was
"If you ran find a weed In that
sarin or a spot that haat either
bea tost ever, or hilled up. Ill work
without wages." Clifford eald as he
MM In for supper two weeka from
the day to hat arrived.
Ife last One,' Blanche told him.
gmtefUlly. 1 believe I could let you
|MM| | holiday.**
1 tent went MC." he leached. "1
wouldUT Mas one of yonr meals for
tto world. Let's go for n walk tonight
lot isn't mind walking with
the hkui font do yon?"
"Ae If that Would make aav differ
Mm!" MaaehO excUlmed, reproach
Mr "We W? go Joat at aoon aa
we fJU* igir*
8 WM a pretty eoaatry, tad they
tool Way thftxt of tatereet on their
"Why, Wore la wJ automobile la
aweu thooe two a roadater!"
fcaiai ?M, aa ahe pointed la the
Wwnllia of % cfauap of baihee.
"Sore enough It to'" Clifford cried
la tarn. They harried to the epot and
MM the ear over. Clifford fieAm
? ? ? _ w ? A ?
Iba, .
^ " IP
Ibis way to the house. and returned
with a pail or water.
"Jump In." he Mid a* be ?tarted the
engine. "We will to for a ride "
"But the owner " Blanche protested.
"Won't know a thing "boat It." Cllfford
aaid with a smile that she couldn't
quite understand. She In the car
aad ha took his p!ad^>t the wheel.
The hired man turfed out to be a
wizard at driving a car. Ha semen
to have perfect control of this one
, After a long spin he drove Into the
. gate at Blanche's farm.
"Ill gat out, and you take tt back."
.Blanche said uneasily. "What it the
' ovn?r find* out?"
I "Ho has found out nojr." Clifford
united. "I am theowner"
"Tjpu Blanche almost <hit*b' 1 with
1 wi>8w\
"Yves, I was stalled out tApre two
; weelis ago add came here water.
.You employed Qe befcre I' had a
chance to explain."
Sffce waa speechless for a mtouto but
at laat Rasped: "If you are nflt a f?rm
hand, what are you'"
"A lawyes," he smtlod nuj|f$jf- en
JoylnR her anrprlte tc the utmo^T
It was some time before im^nche
waa able to think clearly. She wa ?n't
quite sure whether It waa thejMopir
thing for her to faint, or not. hSTwihe
wished she knew how to do
"Yoa will be going away rfMght,
she Mid at lenRth. "The J >ke bee; become
tiresome to you."
"I'm going to stay right here, until
yonr father gets bark I wouldn't mhrs
one of those meals for anything." ho
"If you only would stay til! father
gets bark. I'll do aaythfnit for you."
Blanche said eagerly.
"Will you promi-e to come back to
the city with me?to niarry me?"
"That's a dreadful price you sot on
yojir work," she smiled, but the accom
panylng blush gave him hope.
? ??
A npeelal trench may have to be
dug In Fttince for r.eorge Bell, a
negro at Camp Clayton. If he is retained
by Uncle Sam as a soldier. Bi II
Is 7 feet 11 Inches tall and weights
301 pounds.
- ? * *
Wage Increase* totaling more than
1300.000 have been granted ot the
lower palrl workmen of Hie Dominion
Steel ('(>poration at Ctdaey, Nova .
' Scotia.
"I hare been wondering many times.'I
"dear Mantle, wbv a man can be bo in '
lore with the girl he is going to marry i
that he cannot stay a moment away .
from her and ihat the glory that comes
tc him with possession win evaporate ,
slowly and surely as the days go on
after marriage antII he wakes iijt come
morning thinking that everything with
hit marriage is all wrong, pretty soon
something else comes to take its place :
dear, hut It la always minus thrills. I
hare often asked myself If a woman
misses them. We men always go on
the supposition that she does not.
"We are so egotistical and selfish.
Margie, that we think wo have all the j
emotions as well as all the brain.
"I have been trying very hard to i
analize Just how a man sizes up a
woman since I begun to write my
manuscript." wrote pick, -amj j have
come to the conclusion that why men
call women mysteries and Insist that
they cannot understand them Is because
they simply ignore the obvious
and Invest them with all the different
and disagreeing characteristics that
each man's different Ideals wish them
to show. The troublo is that a man's
Ideals change as often as his politics.
"Moat men you know, Margie, would
have the woman who interests him a
feminine thing with great capacity for
emotion for him. but he wants her to !
be sexless to all other men.
"He wants her to be reasonable'
. when bringing up hi# children and
most illoRlcally silly when hi* egoi
tUm must be flattered with a sense of
, man's superiority, it takes a clever
i woman to be this, Margie. A man
I wants his wife to be a saint end he
i always i* afraid to let her go where
i she will hare the f'irhtest temptation
for fear that she will prove to be
. human after all. He always seems to
. fcrget that saints are those who have
known tetnptal'on and resisted; not
(Jgly, Unsightly Pii
Arc Si$
Give Heed to the 'Varrnng.
Piiaplst on tbo face and oChnr
carts of the body are warnine* from
that your Hood is Mulish
undffippoverished. Sometimes tney
forahil eczema, boils, blisters, scsly
crbjrfarna and other r.kin disorders
like flames of fire.
fmSr mean that your blood reeds
S. S/o. to purify it and cleanse it of
these impure accumulations that can
caase unlimited trouble. This remedy
is the greatest vegetable blood puri
f ^ / r 7
t |
M| **}?,
Types of Jars for homo canning:
with metal arrow tops, pint size top,
and flat metal spring. 4. Glass jar, gl;
The secret of successful food pack-,
log Is scrupulous cleanliness and flawless
containers. Better an hour of Inspection
of cans and jars BKFORH
canning than days of disappointment
and food loss AFTER the canned food
has spoiled.
In borne canuing 2 types of jars are
in most general use. They vary only
as to lop, being classified as metal j
screw tops and glass and spring tops.
Crockery Jars with spring tops are also :
j often used, and tin cans are popular
containers for vegetables.
To pri pare glass Jars to receive food
they should lie tested, washed and
placed In cool water on tfie stove to
heat. Keep glass jars in the hot water
until ready to pack. To test metal
screw top jars, screw on the metal lid i
WITHOUT a rubber. If the point of a J
knife can be be inserted between lid
and Jar the jar may be judged defeetive.
A second test Is to ndjust rubber
and lid lightly on jar and pull the
rubber out from Its position. If. on
release the rubber returns to Its place
between lid and Jar the lid or jar la
1 out of shape and should not be used.
To test g'a s top jars place the ltd in
position without a rubber. If the
, top rocks on the Jar when pressed with
; the hand it does flat fit and must not
those who have been kept from knowlO!
"A man. my dear. 1* always very
j unhappy if ho think* his wife does
not love him devotedly, hut he really
fines nothing to pay for that love.
Margie d'd you ever think that the
high cost of,loving hail soared with
all the other high cost of living?
"Women aic beginning to understand
that their devotion Is worth
more than man has been paying for
It. for It 1* all nonsense. Margie, that
love Is given.
"Love is bought lust as surely as
every other commodity in the world
is bought.
"The thing that most men do not
seem to understand Is that love and
devotion must he paid for by kindness,
unselfish thought, tolerance ami understanding.
You cannot buy it with
jewels or money.
Margie, dear, even I expected all
your love in return for the empty honor
of my name and a plain gold ring.
"I ought to have seen the writing on
the wall wh*n yon refused to regard
ytur wedding rlr.e as n lag. 1 remember
how shocked 1 was when you took
your wedding ring off and said that
you refused to be tagged.
"I also remember that you did this
aim made that remark one day after
I had insulted you by staying out all
night. I knew now what a brute I was
to think you were clolrr. a terrible
thing to take off your wedding ring,
but at the time It seemed to me almost
as though you had done something
that was almost immoral. I did not
stop, my dear, to think of the causes
that led up to that decision.
"There were many moro of these episodes
in our married life, Margie, before
you reeelred Eleanor Falrlnw's
letter which she wrote to me and each
one made the little rift between u.>'
?nals of Bad Blood
ficr known, and contains no minerals
or chemicals to injure the most delicute
Go to your drugstore, and get a
bottle of S. S. S. today, and get rid
of those unsightly atvl disfiguring
pimples, and other skin irritations.
And it will cleanse your blocd thoroughly.
If you wish special medical
rdvlce, you can obtain it without
. barge by writing to Medical Director,
29 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
? 0
m j
!fi?l !
Br ' S Hf v|^|
1 and 2 Quart and pint glasa jars
glass lined. 3 Glass iar, metal top
us top, wire spring bail.
be used. Be sure tbe wire bails (bat
hold glass tops fasten with a anap. Be
careful to tighten such bails every
year before using. Crockery Jars
should be handled tbe tame as glass
spring top jars.
extreme care in the use of rubbers
la essential The safest method Is to
use new rubbers each year. A good
rubber will return to original site after
stretching. It should fit the neck of
the Jar snugly and should be fairly
wide and thick. To test fold the rubber
between first fingers and thumbs.
Press tightly. Turn over and repeat
tho fold in same places. If perfect It
will show no crease or break after two,
or three of such tests.
When food is ready for eanning be
sure the jars arc hot before packing
with hot vegetables. Put rubbers and
tr.ps in place and half seal nntil after
the rooking process. Hot Jars should
he guarded from contact wi'.h raid water.
motel, or draft* or rold sir. Cold
jars should not he put in hot water or
filled whh hot liquids. Tin rans and
tin lids should be carefully washed and
scalded. Enamel lined cans are best
for berries, cherries, pumpkin, squash,
fish and poultry canning To seal use
melted solder with an Iron made for
the purpose, or by pouring melted sealing
wax over tho seams at the closing.
Corn. peas, beans and asparagus,
now ready for canning, are the vegetables
most susceptible to "flat sour"
FOR NtJRSES i? prepared t.? wrommodat* s
Urre clui of t.i'irru for th* cominc Khool
trrm. The nthnol U ?r?il rquippod to rirt s
tlioroagh eouree in the required breaches of
Kuniny, ?ueh a? Modieine. Surgery. Ohetetlin
and Pediatries. A rouisa ia dietetics la
Bi?an under the direction of a OradaaU
I'lctitian. A araduata Nurve I ait motor W
h?? had much touching experience and apMlal
education at Tearhrrt College, Columbia Uab
vTeity, hn cbaraa of tbe various branrhaa In
theory and nunin*. Tbe Haapital furnbha
excellent Laboratory experience ia all departmonk.
Courea ia Chemlitry and BaetenologT
are givn by the Director of the Pathological
laboratory. AU practical aark and deawo trntiona
are euppleiHntad by eqmprrbmelva
Lectu.-a glean by the Hoepiul Btalf of Phraiciana
and Surg cone. A Social Service Departreeat
in connection with the Hospital adds to
the value of the course for those who dalre
!o prepare for Public Health Nuning. Appilcationa
should be made in peraon or by
addressing the Directreen of Nureeae Youngs
towa Hie pita 1, Youngatown, Ohio.
Bat Lydifi L Pinkliam's Vege- >
table Compound Reatcrci Her
Health and Stopped
Her Pains.
Portland, Ind.-"I had a displacement
and suffered so badly from it that
Li ?t times I could not
I be on my feet at all.
J I was all run down
f \ \ _ and i?o weak I could
y 1 J/ptf not do my housensCY
work, was nervous
T'% y iWj and could not lie
n W i-LV down at night 1
".i' t'r TvV" / i from a physician but
they did not help me.
y Aunt recom^\N
g^Mmended Lydia E.
\r_/?Hlpinkhnm'? VegeA$LK5at,We
Compound. I
tried it and now I
am strong and well
C again anddo my own
L&.tul*IUdt-_ wcrk >nd | ?,y#
Lydia E. Pinkhun'a
Vegetable Compound the credit"
-Mm. Josephine Kimble, 935 West
Race St, Portland, Ind.
Thousands of American women ghre
this famous root and herb remedy tho
credit for health restored as did Mrs.
For helpful suggestions in regard to
such ailments women are asked to write
to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.,
Lynn, Mass. The result of its kmc
experience is at your service.
? 9 " I i n i. .11 I
spoilage. To avoid this trouble can
wry troah vegetables. gathered ooly
Ave or six hour*. Blanch, cold-dip
and pack one Jar at a time aad pack
In cooker. When cooked cool aa
ulckljr aa poealble without4 endanger
tag coatalner.
lllaaea Mary aad Aieey Rudy wore
viittlng at Mr. aad Mrs. Sidney Hen
derson's Sunday.
Those calling oc Mr. aad Mrs. Bea .
Rudy 8atnrday evening were Mr. and
Mr?. 8- N. Linn and chUdrdn, OaH aad ji
Here's "cIhe
of Rosie (
?and every bit as sweet
fore her. A song already n:
just such a dreamy lilt an
namesake famous. Sung by
orchestral accompaniment
weave fascinating strains
through the dominating m
the back, " Bye-and-Bye,
so)? 1 -
~\ 4 ^
'? fc '
Lola. Mr. and Mn. Lelsnd Mm. of
Bocthrllla, Mr. ul Mn. Avtn Henderson
ud Lee Rudy.
Mn. Ids Carpenter, of Fairmont
rpent Saturday and Sunday with bet
ran-her. Mn. Era Williams.
Mr. and Mn. Marion Rudy wen callin*
on rolatina at Fairmont Batarday
Mr. and Mn. Ben Rudy wen call
lag on J. 0. Henderson on Othdy
Creek Sunday. #
am jure uaav, m uwuj uim,
rislttn* bar aanta, Misaos Mary ana
bnray Itady. Sunday nlfht.
Mlaa Eitialicth ttan, dt BootbaaJU*.
rbo baa baan Tithing ratatlraa km
[id-Month List
r ^>twK*Oesl|gB': ?
f/iA\ Jolso
Dixie Hii
W. "Rpek-a-ByeYoin
flHRfft Melody"?that's the
TjUuij, its title, and that's th<
Wfrnm, stands up and applci
WjtehXI hit sweeping North,
as South.
as her mother was
itionally popubr?with
d cadence as made its
Robert Lewis with an
in which (he violins
of the old "Rosie"
elody of the new. On
a beautiful son? of
A2561?75c /
Lli Breeze
Ilk "Cotton P
A new kind of dar
and sparkle an^ th
monster marimba!
neck. Ks for the tur
no introduction to <
Y.M.C. A.Ca
Rk ?iBl media
\ QWAI s
w & tr ^?m'
/Vra> Calumtl* Kaatris tm t
barlioaial'"^ n"ru"'""""
mus Mupni'TlMak ?w M
nut Of bar (Mar, Mr*. Jacob kM
Mr. and Mra. Arta Tliiliwaa, U*
t? and Joic Laka war* nafflug ?a|r. Ajl
and Mra. CiaraMa Nuaua SnaiUr >
Mr. and Mra. Chadaa llai Mao wa
caUinf OB Mr. and Mra. CacM ShuNf'
Is ,
rts highest |
t of'SinbadT
r Baby with a Dixie
line that gives this somj -J
e place the Solid Soutn1
ids. A Winter Garden,
.East and West, as wellk
rial ,
ice music! Full of dash
e wild weird minor! of
3 syncopating neck and
le?this jazz-classic needs
lancers A25M- 75c
lis for 4000 Men
following volunteers warned ?
tte'y for oversea*' service:? 500
less Men; 500 Chaufeen and . '
anics;500 Physical Directart;500
nforn>aiion, w rite E. D. Pouch, *
C.A ,347 Madison Ave.. N Y
ale tka IOik ?d JOtk *f raarf em**
iw yoaa

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