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fklWMVtrgtatan BnlMing, Adams I
W. 1, vFiEOSU (MMraTiu
Editor. I Ctrci
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Adrartlatm Mawyr. I
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raagMieaUon of *M now* <tl*WJie? cr?
wpw iwiii vo ino reserren.
TSLSFHONCS-11N. llAW. ?1M. AH d*|
t> rough prt**u Mtaagf.
, M gllW roT*wW> W*W ^WK| I P?
. O'
~vrGMUUSIt?fin PrfirmvaO On*
<1?7 one month. Mc, on* we*
on* mSfctSlity' c3(?r^NE6c!ni?.
>11 aubaertptfon* payaMo In gvarre .
. . ^*'h*n aaktng for charge in addr*** gl
M* aAdrean
Entered gt tkc PoetofOe* at Fairmont,
"wirriRN union."
utanibara on our cam?i mat** fallmi
Vtrytalan any *venln* rfiouM ndll "WE
at*'* the fact and give name ?nd fcaldcnr
w? d?!fw a piper to your door at o
Change to Ui* auhacnbar for thin cervine.
; &
5 J unitmjt 9t stand, by dm Air
Then join in hanas, brave Ami
JUDGING by the li:t f speakers
I nouaced. Friday aftei ion 7 meeting
lb* Fairmont district will be not o lly
gathering of coal producer: ever held 1
Virginia, but one of the nciablc events <
bihimincm aide of the coal hxu .ry.
The men who are coining to i cirmo
aw ike men who have the whole soft cot
hands. They have for some month, rr.a
which coal is produced and distributed,
I;nue la.be in charge of this impcrtant
lv tioaal resources until the beginning of I
at least
Like the good generals that they an
* . MW what will be done under every pc
neat winter when the fuel question will
I ; in the public mind. They cannot be exp
J\ aboil those things, but can tell the opei
N which the operators ought to know and *
Br would put money in their pockets if they
'$ dwNSMlaaccs it ought not to require
ng to make every coal producer in the
auntie* of the Fairmont district ccme h<
r Friday. ,
f* POLITICS may make strange bedf?'
H X u*. tvar sure produces unusual app
Before the war our neighbor t<
grow enough com for chicken feed, and j
II the roasting ear age. The Canadian
I adjust itself to Yankee com meal and
said. ButJWW, something has happened
I wail
K; I . Canada is going on a com ration.
IMVt more of her several hundred miliici I
crop (his fall for her allies and ours wh< I
lo oat or atarve.
N And ao die is going to sit right down I
to breakfasts of cons meal mush and a I
ahe develops a (me taste for com. he, I
double tbeir efforts to produce corn, is I
more flourishing manner in the rhort sul
and Saskatchewan. That will increasl
crop and the fertility of her fields. I
QASTOR EDDY'S quarterly repol
\ achoolr has a sick look. He says ll
which he added ao the bottom of t
asce figures. which were printed yestcrdal
banc been declining rapidly in the past I
idea of what hv happened in that timJ
hp compeling the attendance conditions I
iof October, 1916, with that of June 3J
yaara ago die average total attendance wl
total attoodince for the last Sunday in jl
Hero je a falling of of half a thousai
ir not too much to say that it is startlin
growing a* fait a* this one is. Of course
who waat mto the army were Sunday
aad JgM is net a heavy month in the a
big nevertheless we have here a matter v
serious thought upon the part of those
Fairmont in die future to be just as got
ig and rqar children in as it has been ir
thwaft interested in Sunday school worl
what if die matter with the Sundaj
1'Ruff Stuff |
For an early fall day thia seems to
ill right ' #
Tha ftuya who put ofl buying sum
? gy **"* aattl t*?ey hava thetr third,
Imt uwnj ma paid for seem to hare
* itruek It luekj^ # ^ 1
What they uae of owning aummer
I rigthee when there ian't gona be bp "
|f Mmaterf
* * *
S Breakfast bacon was 60 rent* a 1
pouad all orer town yesterday.
AM there was only one kind ob- {*
alaable apparently.
00 much for the new fair prices. i
^te?ethi?g'll hare to be done about
*j Te the tuae of Yankee Doodle.
, t,Whe? tone slink dealer ia caught ti
-* - ; 1 1 ?
*. , !iatl mm& W?Unm
Sunday tcko
5?* or at tcnrt dity won
tad Qnlacy Its. ? there innwthi
m+oi. If the die
B1#W. , .1 -* . -H "J
V. KKDIC. ,Wi|'W*l?riP
pleaic find out? !l
nurmntMdwit day cdiooli get into
IcdVo^iO um for THE
llted to It or not ? i jr- i
pd ?im tk? Imi ' I " nt. cnarge m?
htcfciton of I 1 which ortoui
;?*-r ia (he army r
mrtment, rW<** q( R#puy.
_ highland. who is
mm HiSS
" Out ytv ?:M. soMwr*' votiag la
'JZT'Var *? *"** WKlMPwad att
*'% }'rr Jt At ail evwf thaj
On. month. S*. Highland. wti&i wi
terday. he pamted o
i * old a. w?u aa ably will not have a
' Hon. The men wei
w.VTrirainta^jl hy the draft and in
a* is West Virginia
>en call ^ ! ties would lose in m
8 to rtt Thr W?4f ! ^ v0,e- Neve
?tk?.v i-nio*g| out. the men themi
f ana a n>* ^ ' ^naiH i * l i
r. r. There li ? which ought to be I
1 he speaks when he i
Lenders in all pt
T 10. 1918. this matter so that
~ ~ ougSly for the benel
There are approxii
men in the various
all of them are vott
^ for one elechon in i
: vote two years ago.
j vvere to be elected, i
l|C4 | be made to keep tl
ai^J > commonwealth. V
when Uncle Sam is
of making them re
home u to see to it I
here, but that a wgj
if ?e fj' that right. If the It
tricans at:. inoperative the exn
session of the Legi
EETINC. mitted to stand in tl
that has been an- ? .. ~ ~
, 1 , While the admit
of coal men from . ... ,. t
or its plans, the be
the most important
.. . ornarsm will rail f
in .northern West , mfn u|)(ler i,lltah1<
jf the year for the , ^ ar|vlc(> for the
. their country hark
nt for Inii meeting tjon anr^ economic (
il filiation in then ^ 0rld has heard a
de the poky upon someth,?
new uo
and they will con- were intended to
branch of the na- movement mpan|l j
ihe next coal year an(j Pon8j^era(e W1
; American commerr
t they know right ,tiary, and the Infl
issible contingency i conic. Simitar con
again loom large fidently be expect'
acted to talk much country?provided
ators many thing* ing to be able to cc
rhich. incidentally,
did know. Lnder Substantial pro:
i vary much coax- dustriei of the F?
twelve and a half meeting of manufa
ire for the meeting a movement of th
and It should havi
faeturer in the diat
"?5. . to aerve their cou
llovvi, but, believe : otherwise wo-'ld h
:titcs! # ! subscribe to the vi
0 the north didn't ,
rte no com beyond j When the Klks
appetite wouldn't ' day voted a secom
com bread, they | proved that they i
to that appetite? i their might for the
j yenr were among 1
Canada wants to i to make large exp<
1 bushels of wheal I ond million will s
) must hive wheat eager to follow.
wilh the U. S. A. Argentine ha* ?
)rn cakes. When 1 a loan of J 40,000.<
farmers will re- Pean business had
hirh will grow in that European ca
r.mers of Alberta I South American re
* Canada's meat ventlonal transa-tl
dated without any
iTHY. Dr- R'ehard von
rt for the .Sunday ter- whose ?*refull
himself in the note p,ete fa,,nr* bo,h ?
lie detailed attend- ' 0f course sonie 01
y. that the schools Germanlsts wtll be
two years, and an | ?r hif<b offi
i may be gleaned make "gouts" of tb
for the year end- I .
} this year. Two i SHO)
ras 2,161 and the The German mai
line was 1,663. I a'e and German lio
id less two. and it 'ore.?Conne!lsvlll<
g in a city that is An epldeni!c of .
! many of the men German army on tl
school attendants, the losing of their
(tendance records. anomalous "tatemei
rhich is worthy of Judging br recen
people who want i army over there, t
xl a place to live picture of a retreat
i the past whether .
l ? , Our Scotch frlen
. , . p. . tendency of our li
' schools of Fair- They like the kiltie
iMillinie BAonnA J - -a..as m . . .
??i?u<i Kmu? snin ror nrsi ]
trade price* he'll have to be made to i
lump through a hoop. <
The Astnnisher was bragging about
ita newa this morning.
Scooped all the Pittsburgh bulldogs I
in some New York city Item. <
You bet, the Aatonlaher always
tets it when It happens far away. I
"Gardens at school doing fine In I
That's better than moat of them
ire doing.
But war gardeners should not be- :
ome discouraged.
* I
There'll be lots of good growtag
reather before the frost comes.
BeNvlew's most eaoect war garden* I
ir tells us that he tojgolac to ftant 1
mother crop of potato*. i
Some one ought to serve notice SO j <
Mm southern railroads that they are 11
11 II ?. ? b'"i I r > r> ?
to. It k pomU? that what ? kappeaiple
of widetpread coadit?a> (fit
: radically wrong with San day achaol |
np u local punly. then than n nra
h the local method. Wont tow on
ii rather disquieting to hm the Sunel.
Qic aoianim.
Je at Clarksburg that the Act of 1917
4y provide* a method by which me*
lay have a vote it wortMcm. aad the
:*a National Committeeman Virfii L
cpachdete for the Republican aomiaState*
Senate, that the l agitlatMre he
Mjr mm for the purpose of piwt
w which will werk. piobahly will atentmn
throuqhoet the Male,
r ought to. In rite interview with Mr.
It printed in The Wot Virginian yeaet
that the lost of the soldier vote probny
elect upon the outcome of the alec*
? moat of then drawn ewt of the Male,
i a Mate at evenly balanced politically j
it it a natural assumption that all par- I
tarly equal proportion by the reduction
rthelest. at Mr. Highland alto points
lelvet have tone rights in the matter!
reapected, and it is in their behalf that i
iski for a special setaion.
ilitical parties ought to be sounded on
the matter may be threshed out tlior-'
lit of the Governor, who alone can act.1
nately 25.000 West Virginia young
branches of the service and practically
;rs. The lots of that many votes even
i slate which polled leaa than 300,000
when both a president and a governor
is no small matter. Every effort should
tese young men anchored to the home
ft are going to need them very much J
through with them. One of the ways j
alize that the Mountain state is their
that they not only have the right to vote
' is provided by which they can exercise'
iw as it stands it. as has been charged,
ense and inconvenience that a special
Mature would cost should not be per
f -L I
ic way oi cnanging me system.
lint ration has made no announcement
lief ii growing that the new Russian
or the dispatch of American business
> guard to carry material aid and exRuasian
people in their effort to put
upon It* feet. Of peaceful penetra-,
offensives after the Oerman model the .
lot In the past ten years, but here la'
tier the sun, for while all the others
exploit the country penetrated, this
ust the opposite. Well, being honest
ith the Chinese did more to promote
? In China than all the dollar dlplo- f
uonce of it will be felt for years to
alderation for the Russians may con?d
to have the same efTeet In that
, of rourse, that the Russians are gointrol
the destinies of Russia.
o?? ?
:ress in the mobilization, of the-tnilrmont
sub-region was made at the 1
cturers held here yesterday. This Is
le highest value to the government
? the hearty support of every tnanurlct.
It will give many men a chance
intry in a very important way who
ave to he content to bny bonds and
irloua funds.
at their grand lodge meeting yesterd
million dollar* for war work they
are behind the government with all
i duration of the war. The Elks last J
the first of the great national bodies
pndltures tor war work and this secet
a pace which the others will be, <
>nt a nilt slon to this country to seek ,
i)00. Much of the hold which Kuro-1
In South America was due to the fact
pitaliRts were the hankns for the;
publics. If this application Is a con- j
Ion Argentine should be accoramo-,
o i Kuhlemann.
German foreign minis-(
Ijr prepared peace feeler was a com-'
it home and abroad, has "resigned.":
her tool of the militarists and Panfound
to take his place, hut this plan
ices with men who are expected to
emselves can't go on forever.
k. like German honor. German.morpes,
is at a lower mark than ever be?
'grip" is reported to have seized the I
he French front?and this following
grip by the Germans appears as an
nt.?Parkeraburg Sentinel.
t samnlt'n wh?n ?? ? ! v-.-i?
a .. v nv ? a* cipi i ?u nrr
he German i* rolne to do a movina i
to the Rhine.?W heeling Telegraph. J
" O 1
da In town are not worried over the '
jarinua damaela to wear 'em high.
a.?Morgantown New Dominion.
killing 'em faat enough in Europe to
remove all danger of the earth becoming
over populated at an early
But he la worried about hia corn,
which ia ao tall that he la afraid if It
blow* down great damage will be
* e
So we have our doubti about the
Why do you hold -him iu such high
regard for truth and veracity?
Well, for one thing. I've known him
tor good many yearn and he never
vet Informed me that he was going
to have new potatoes from his garden
by the Fourth of July.?Browning's.
Twenty Influential trade unions at
IrlMF. Australia. have decided that
thtF are ample any longer to tolerate
Sydney Trades Labor Council be
'luae of "Its aatt-war procllTlties. and
lave proponed to eeLvh!<-b s new labor
sounrtl which will devote Itself to genitne
industrial actfrtttee.
What People Say
and Some Side Remarks
Btahap Doiunae, of Wheeling. wi
the apmker at the mooting of th<
Huntington Ritoty Club thta wook
and uaed on# of tho tbojught* mmth
od at tho mooting of tap AaaoeTMeil
marine* tore in a aMabttr ainereni
connection. observing:
"The word* of thr poet, written
before PjpjptV cemleg and ottered
by the ardSaJlto. had as quick a
reepoB*e'to)f*vae.ea that cl?s*ie
ooeaaloa when iflMMof sixty
thoaaaad auditors MNrwith applaewa
I am a*.man: aSdjal! ttfct
eod<$\a humanity tatmata ajb.
And'ta the front raft stag*) Mb
men of the notary clab* Utrsuftbut
the ttod! Heece I coaat It a
digtiagmlshed honeP to be inn ted
to bniik bread with you "
Prominent Citizen Diet.
Reuben M Barbe. n prominent citl
zen of Mannington for the pant tweiv
year*, died yesterday at Terre Ail a
where Mr. and Mr*. Barhe had gotr
ior the benefit of the former'* health
Mr. Harbe was about 75 rear* of ase
and had been in very poor health f<;i
the past two vearr tie wa* horn in
Monongalia connty. and previous I
coming to Mannington was In busino .
In Newburg for a number of year
Deceased 1* survived by hi* widow
who waa M1?s Ix>u Davis, of Manning
ton. two half orothers. James Ba
01 St George. Tucker county; W r
Barbr. of Hoodsville. and two
sisters, Mrs. T. B Robinson, of \Y.
iiigton county, Ohio, and Mrs. Wili
< arpemer,. or a:urn, narnour co:
Mr?. Verne Floyd a sister of ;
widow, and Mr.--. William Kscheub. .
a nirce. hoih of this city, left for T> .
Mia yestordsv h t faiiej to i
there before the deceased had pa- :< ;
w?jr. Tlir T* ' a were brought he.1
f lay, th? .V fa' services not havir.r
been announced when this was writ
ten. ?
Osbris Cleared.
The ruins o' lve Bl'chshere build
Iny In ,?et. which wa-. de
itroy I ">. ow ircnthr. ago, ha .c
i t" i and all debris hnvlsi
. way. T place new makes a fat
uiu.v ^.j^entable apov.-ance.
Laying Cererete.
A new concrete sidewalk Is bdnr
'aid in front of the Imperial Resist!.'
t and the Potters' cinb in Kailrcid
licet. The old walk, which was of
he-same material, having been in a
sunken condition for many months
allowing seven or eight inches of waiei
tc accumulate after each rain, with
10 outl?t
It Is rumored that Mannington is
to have a public rnnrk- t with stalls
for producers, which would enable
the latter to sell their farm products
direct to the consumers of same. It
is not known at this time whether or
not the plans will materialize. but a
market for Manning'on won'tl most
assuredly be, a good thing. Other
towns are getting back to the market
system .and there is no reason why
Mannington should be an exception.
Entertains for Goer.t.
Mrs. A. C. Perry eutertalned at a
tunciieon today at her home at Beatty
avenue for her niece. Miss Margaret
Egbert, of Franklin. Pa.
To Sail Scon.
Mr and Mr* B. F. Beer and son
El win. of Moundavillc. are guests ol
Mr. .'nd Mrs. Edwa*d E. Hamilicn !n
Jefforeoa street. Edwin, who ia in
the I'. S. army service, is on leave of
absence for a few days prior to sail
inf for overseas service.
Hotel Arrivals.
Bartlett: R. R. Stoward. T. S
.'arman. Pittsburgh; W. M. Workman,
I'cirmont; B. H. Post, W. A. Kurhe ,
II. L. Owens, B. G. Wrigbt, ClarkaOUTBURSTS
H/eu., 1 I
rz?1 RYC
THen u/?TH YOUR vm
/ .-.iii&ys
i july ioui ma co
j In Time Tim
I When your government
needs all you can spare,
this store comes forward
with a revision of profits
and sells for lefes. Carry
ing by far the largest
stocks in its history, this
policy affords the women
of fcjie community this opportunity
of obtaining
the needed apparel at prices
less than they would
| naturally expect to have
, to pay.
Prove this to your own
satisfaction before anothi
er day goes by.
Tailored Blouses
In Keeping With the Time*
of dainty dimity and batiste. trimmod
with colortd vest effect* and
inen and pique collar*, cuff* and
pocket* Both high and low neck*.
iVote the little we are asking for
$1.50 to $3.75
True Values
.! ??
burg; F. Starr. New York; Carl II
Spencer. West Union; 1*. (5. Decker,
; Philadelphia; C. B. Woodruff. Mounds'
ytlle; R. A. Clreer, Carl Smith. Wheeling
John A Ford. Columbus. O; N H.
lit anion, Ja/ksonburg; G. Joel.
Rochester, N. Y.
Well*; J F Utt, Bridgeport; C. J.
McCue, L. B Smith, Clarksburg; b. H
McConneM, Idetz; C. G Travis, Fait
' u.ont; G. B Brwin. Weston; John
Msor?. Burton; J. B. Grantham. Line.
Ci'.au . Chicago; A. W. Pott*. Wells
, i burg; W. K. Mason, Moundsville, U.
1 B. Wallace, Morgantown.
Maum to Maraaotowun.
' Mr and Mm. William Ruahford an-l '
j children are moving to Morgantown i
I and will reside there, Mr. Rushford
' h iving arcep'ed a position in that city.
Parse nala.
Charles Ha.tleib has returned from
Wheeling alter spending a few day., j
with relatives there.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Mason. Mr. and i
. Mrs. Leslie Mills and daughter, MiSu
1'hyllie, spent Sunday with friends In
Kiias Matthews, of Farmlngton. was
a business visitor in th city yester
1?. A. Fitzgerald and daughter. Miss
Kntherlrin, left this morning for a
visit with the former's mother, Mrs.
Dennis Fitzgerald, at Maysvllle, Ky.
Mis: Beryl Melntvre. of Kliarm, Is
tlci guest of her grandparents. Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Shaw, at Urangeville.
('. L. Cottrill ljas returned from a
husinca visit in New Martinsville. J
K. Jos?pli and l?aae Peters, former
I resident* of Mnnuingtuu. hut now of
tihinu i'.on, were here on business yesterday.
Jacob Shrlver and daughter. Miss
Nora, have returned from a few i
weeks' visit with relatives ill Monon
galia county.
Mrs. Lou W. Rice and children re
turned yesterday after a visit with
relatives In Kast Liverpool. Ohb.
Silas Hendrlckson, of Mount Morris.
Pa., a former Manniugt m rc.-.ldent,
i.? He - o for a visit with relatives.
Sirs. A. steel, or t ameron. is tne.
I guest o( Mi's. A. Wilkins in .Marshal!
; stieet.
Michael Hamilton, who with his
ro TA|<?
1 OH J ?
5 ! 1 MNT TO ?VJX I
H Ave- IFO^
* * < Vvf.JT u~*jf : ^ . r "*? '. if-? i'
Dictates Prices In
i of Hixk C?U; In These V
Chic Dresses for
And you
need ?? eevera
I uess. Goodness
I7]! shovirg here,
daily cnjoyinf
choosing the o
I / If \ tlca1,y every i
tf\l IP\i cou'a possibly
i&'jjja hero. All the
far-\W latest ideas ir
trimmed most
P (/ ing colors wit
^ stft hing and I
importance, are the prices$4
50 up lo
A Lovely Skirt of Silk or Sa
Are > iiose white Skirt* cf your*
need them? Then one ot these will
Our styles are beautiful?fancv glrdel
rone d? chine, foulard, baronet etain.
Let the price* tell thr story of eo
$5.75 to {
family moved to MrKce* Rock*, Pa.. I
a tew month* ago. is visiting rela t
tirer here.
Mr*. H. C. Ferrell. of Metz, wa* the i
guest of friends here yesterday. i
Mr*. F. O. Barlow end children are
home from a visit with relative* in I
' Oakland, Hi i
Miss Irene Ford hs* relumed to her
| Uou.e in Fairmont after having given ]
up her position here
Miss Iteba Marr has returned from I
a visit with friemi* at Rural Valley, i
I'a. She waa accompanied by Mis* |
.Marian llelliwell for a visit here. i
W. (J. Rjrmer, or Berkeley .spring*,
is here for a few days visit with relative*.
Mia* Hazel Connelly Is home from
Akron, Ohio, for a visit, being accompanied
by Miss Lillian Smith, of that
city. '
Miss Emma Bartlett has returned afI
trr a month'* visit with friend* in
Mr. and Mr* Robert Buriey. of New
Ftetport, Ph.. spent Sunday with the
latter'* parents, Mr. and Mr*. David
Weed, in Main street.
Mis* Margaret Egbert, of Franklin.
Pa ia the guest of Mrs. A. C. Perry
in lieatty avenue.
Mis* Ella Anderson returned yesterua>
front a visit with friend* in
Mr. and Mr*. J. R. Burt have re
turned from a visit with friend* iu
Pittsburgh. Pa.
Mis* Gladys Ward, of Weston, la.
l ore for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. I
Oscar Hayes in Main *trcet.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vlbbard have j
gene to Olcsn, N. Y? for a visit with
the tonnw's parents.
Kill* Harvey ha* returned after j
spending a few day* at hi* home in ]
Miss I.yde Hupp, of Parkersburg, la
the guest of Or. and Mr*. W. L. j
Mitchell in Main street.
Mm. Una Johnson and two children ,
were visiting Mr*. Mary William* laat
Luther Fletcher took hi* aon. Lea- j
tor. to Fairmont again last Saturday j
to see the doctor. He has catarrh of
the stomach.
Those who were visiting at Lather
Fletcher's last Saturday night were
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Kobe and family. J
Lloyd Shumaa and family, Samnel I
a** AwasSrlwIsMisM
IBllw ??m?
Rdamia I to 5 dare
pnick$i.SO MABylXwcgtst*
TiWm with awb hettl. or naiM oa nqwwt
Sell Your Si
The Baltimore and
Will pay 2i
for nicking
I coed
At Gilbert, Viropa,
and Meadowbrook. Anyc
should write Hugh Wilson
Send Your(
*? When yon want to aend mono:
0 ypnient way to do it Is to aend a <
'At tiv mail you Inaure yourealt aaalt
m oat-puvment on It ran b? stopped
jS sued. You loae nothing
SjP We offer vou the best of facll
w account. You money ia absolutely
Sg js in your own pocket.
V We invite you to open a chat
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Vmt Time*.
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Summer Time
will surely l ave ample
1 During inc uext cuupife .j I
iy, Style, Value, Smart- L|
> are all embodied in. the f I
Dozens of women arc [ ,j
; the pleasant task of M
nes they like best. Prac>
n vie and color that yw desire,
will be found
newest styles in all the \< |
i colorful materials and
charmingly in contrast- ' I
h collars, buttons, fancy
braids. And not least in J
$1?.3S I
tin Never Cones Amies
sometime* aoilod jupt when ftf
meet ill Rummer requirement*.
f drapery and pocket* Made of H
Satin. Titatn in plain v-t ntaM I
51 SAO.
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in^Hattla T^,l,y' Un-r ^
N'elaon Robe and aon, UOfC, Wen
it Fairmont Friday to aoo tin doctor I
There I* plenty of whopping .Mom
n our aettlement now aif Mo htff* I
i rhanre for the chiekonpoa t I
Mrs Pnllv Uonn VSR ?Ufa*
Mrs. Jane S.tevana om day laat weafc. fl
Moat of the people aautoaf here have
heir buckwheat towed, Sdfee few SB
ire not done plowing yet Oftrn la I
he beat It haa been tor yearn, bef- B
rift and fruit are a failure en tow V
{round on account of late (mat
Laura and Nettle Haua em Vtoto I
ua Huth Fletcner the fourth, t V.1*
Mra. Prahkte Smyth waa. viatt|tt|9
lira. Jane Sterena on# day Mat waato
Mra. Jenny Mua|rore and aon. 1
rommy. paaaed through hate etolH B
aat week.
Mita Mary Daurety, of ffhinMaiti 9
i&s been vlaltiag Mra. Teba Banner |
'or the peat several daya. 'v
Lloyd Wllliama. of Fatnnout. la etor^l
tiua home folks at tkla wrtttnf: T B
8elva Bunner waa at Fairmont Ual 1
Luther flefcher and aon. Laatar,
arere calling on J. C. Fletcher while I
n Fairmont Saturday. ^ 2
Lester Fletcher waa eall.n* on Car.
?ev (tarlow laat Sunday. B
Dr. W. C. onden wen seen on Bern ||
tera Ridge laat Saturday.
Crane'a Pink "C" TableU wlB 1
undoubtedly give Qui<<U*r and II
better and more poptied ptffM B
than anrthia* elae w# can offer II
you. V
Nyal'a Toothache Dmpi are 1
specially deal (lied for ttilCMlJ I
reief of toothache aalMtimgNI J I
to the gumi. Price 15e.
Nyal'e^MacbaSSi H 7 mm ii
that dietreastnf eera?h4,r!S68h I
eni the wax Md
hearing clear. Priae 25c.
Nyal'a com remedy takee eat I
the pain at onoe and the earn M
soon after. CeeeBaUd tor re- II
elite. Prlca the.
I Ohio Railroad I i I
Hutchinson, RivmflEj
me desiring to coiffnK
Supt Grafton W. ml
r to distant points the mMt
hek. Whoa you oonS sMBn
t loos* because If the cbsoBM^
ot the bank and a dupqgMpBH
ities for handliac Toar dUfiji^H
safe and still just ad atalH
king acooaat with ah . j ?
(200,000.00 ^X-Lf|
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