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' BT * < ^ f 4% **' ipH
* KaT*m.lgnED ma'. ?1.M?7woa7T?0""ww. FAIRMONT. wfcT VTRGPri/^FIUPAY EVENIKoTjULY 12,191& TOI^HIW. TOOAV PRICE THRBE CENTS 1
- na juwui
[Gathering ?t the Country
\ Chib Today To Be Big:
|?w m m www* ? W W ?
|> ' ? V
Awttion of Mine Labor is
\ Being Taken Up Systematically.
The Distribution department of the I
VW administration at Washington Is
to aortharn We*t Virginia today. The
Ml prominent head* of- the portion '
dt the Vnel administration In which
VMt Virginia la mostly Interested are
pri tor the meeting of coal operator.,
to to told at the Country Club at 2
o'clock this afternoon. The party la
gaged on an Inspection of the Hutchtoeea
power plant of the Consolidn '
tkn Coal Company when this la writ
tee. having arrived at Clarksburg a
% little Ihte and leaving for the tnspcr
Hon tear on s apodal car of the Mo
antigahaU Traction Company leaving
at lf.M.
# The party h composed of J. TV A
' | Mot tew, mho can.* Into national prom
toaaeo aa secretary of the National
Coal Aaooditton and la now right
hand Ptaa to Dr. Oarfleld; 8. L.
Tsrtoa. nealstsnt to Mr. Morrow; A.
V. CnOoway, director of bituminous
fa distribution and n member of the Cen
f ttai Weal Virginia Coal Operators' As
l sectattoa through his former activity
\ tk toad of the Davis Coal ft Coke Co .
ato'l. B. Neale, chief of the produc
tlon department of the Fuel adminls-11
li tratkm, who eame to Clarksburg this I
IV morning (ton Washington; T. I.
Lewis. formerly president of the Unit-, II
ad Mao Workers and now aecretary I
HI tbo Splint and Oaa Coal Association i I
with hoadqnartera at Charleston, who I
L (Ml that point; C. H. Jenkins.
proaMat Of tha Central West Virginia
V Coal Operator]- Aarcrlatlon; E. B
Mr Unbar, praatdaat or the Buckhsnn >u
K iMMtf*-VaPop Coal Operators'
* Le**oe. district
I JHHhni at the Fusi admlnlstraont;
Charles P. Ice. chief
Ef WMW Ar the aame; A. Brooks ,
. preallaiit of the Fairmont
Crab; T. R. Lyon and Roger I
^^ Maad, of the Consolidation; John
^^^WPOOke, superintendent of the
B qmrkaburg region for the Consolida
tWtt Daniel Howard, J. M Orr. E. L.
B Mother, J. Ray Qulnn and Prod How- I
B a|i of Clarksburg; H O. Smith, sur
MlallurtMil ot the Harrison Coal
QRpajr at Rosemont, and Dorsey
LvWpfc general superintendent of the i
< o%aa D. Robinson mine.
H6d Meting at tha Country Club.
' Wdnh la certain to be important.
tw> morning to be rery
Coal Notes.
I ? JoJm A. Clark, Jr., eame In from the
dpi am the eame train with the rle
[ Itora aad la prominent la the InspecB?
tin department.
Two mora coal Inspectors begin
~ work ant week ? June Araette, ot}
Nnmt and C. W. Ferguson, of Phil
I Thar* vfti a meeting of the ope rat
(Oeattnued on page two.)
Sugar Board Will
I! Keep Prices Down
(Bp Associated Press) I
WASHINGTON, July 12 ?Prices of i
gar to the consumer will be equal-;
M tad the distribution bettered, de i
pMa a threatened shortage. Pood ad jalstnlhig
officials predicted today1
bp the operation of the sngar equalizettea
board* ireated by President Wilfcos
npoa TomtnmsndsHoa of a Ami* is.
Iho aow organisation Is also exbeoted
to taoOltate Joint dealing with .
Iho aDIeo ia foreign aagar and aid In
the odjnotaasnt of differentials in over
f- . I -ti i M|aa
PHI mipi mw.
Boys Arrested on
Chares of Burglary
a IhSHf (Sower and Deputy Sheriff
HStt last evening arretted George
' Mgaard at Pnmtytowu. He with
pa ether hoys la charged with breakMMt
the residence of Charles L. i
Meld near the Shaft mine. Off!- J
M gap the boys stole e gold watch,
k JMW. <?#h watoti ohalwo th..?
htiaaaad ether voodi rained in the
llllptt to MO. Leonard had been
ttoe todeotrtaU bona and bad been
H tot to Mfc Mar Grafton. After the
bbtory. I to eta lined, he later retarn
1 to nwtytovn. Juatlre Conaway '
I fin cattoy the caae to the juvenile '
| ftort.
. Ion to Mr. and Mr*. Rdgar J. f
totol of Twelfth atreet. a daughter :
H tkleh welched eight and one-half I
B neada. Mother aaA child are doing t
m ^ 1
i Y "* L'JWLi '" 4 fri. ' - ii& i
cm mm
_rnj-|_ru-|_n^nj-^^ -1_n_n_ru-(_nj-^.t^ -n_n_n_i%
Air Bombing
On Nerves Of
Rhine Burgers
GENEVA July 12 ?Ano'iter cam
paign has been undertaken abng
the Rhtne in order to prevent allied
bombardment of Rhine towns.
The Landtag of the Duchy of Ba
den hat been naked to pas* a reaoIntlon
requeuing th? government of
the Grand Ihirhy to exercise it* influence
with the imps-rial authority
to come to an arrangement with
the belligerent* to abandon on both
aide* the aerl.il bombardment of
town* outside the tone of military
H IS 1
They are Planning: Further
Steps Against Old High
They Will Likely Investi
gaie tne question of
Not satisfied with results obtained
?o far in thiir effort* to lower the retail
price of food stuffs in this city,
the Civic department of th? Woman's
club, together with other local *omens'
organization*, will endeavor to
deviea some other mean* whereby the
price* which are believd to be- exorbitant
can be lowered.
A meeting of the I'rlce Fixing committee
will be held on Monday afternoon
of next week at the offices of
C. Walter Corhln, repreentntive of the
committee of the wholesale grocers at
which time it will be the plan If posaible
to seeure a price list to govern
the sale of foodrtuff* which will be
iair to consumer, dealer and proSurer.
With price* prevailing on foodMuff*
in neighboring state* considerably
lower than those ?hown in thi*
state, the women believe there i* "a
nigger in the wood pile" somewhere,
and it will be their endeavor to locate
such a fugitive and bring him to justice.
Just where the blame lies It Is hard
to determine, but women who are
leaders in the matter believe by per'istent
efforts the responsibility will
be fixed.
A fact brought to light by women
n doing their marketing is that pea<
?nd beans, etc., whieti have been O'.
band for several days and have be
come stale bring the same prices n?
those which are frr?.h In the market
thus showing that the price of food
stuffs is not lowered as they deteriot
>te in value.
Retailers contend that their prnli.
In not exceed 20 to 25 per rent, Whllirholeaalera
contend for the w.t.e
joint Just why foodstuffs shm.ld
ost local dealers more than they do
lealers In adjoining states is hard to
enderstand and Just where the trouble
starts will be threshed out by the
It Is claimed also by the women
:hat local producers are overreaching
hemselves also In price fixing and beleve
local producers are as much to
dame for the high prices prevailing
ia are thoee In other states.
The women mean If possible to find
>ut where the trouble exists and to
his end will push forward vigorously
heir project for the lowering of food
ituff prices.
? ?
Italians in Albania
Have Taken Berat
(By Associated Pre*.)
WASHINGTON, July 12?Occupa
ion of Berat and the rapture of qnan
itiea of war material and many prlamen
by the advancing Italian army
n Albania were announced today in
official dlepatch from Rome.
The met sage also told of loasea toileted
upon the Anstrlane In rarprlse
ttttacka at Coirs Yaghi and in Val
VAssa an dof the repulse of enemy at
acka on the southern slope of Soasa
m it Ad Goes Right i
Lieutenant Robe:' K Lee. a grain'
son of the famous Confederate General
I hat- been'Cited for bravery anil award
| ed the Croix de Guerre, according to a .
' message deceived by Mrs. I?e In Chi I
; caco. The decoration was a re :ult of |
a skirmish in which Lieutenant Lea.
and his company captured a German
machine gun.
Iffi Mmi?!
i 1 OFF 1IH
."Vi:ner at Baxter Grateful
i for Service Red Cross
Rendered Him. \
i ? '
In.lena P.,^, L. *1 a_ ? a
, . ninHnw nirarr ?
; at IU*t< r, is today loud In hU praises
ot the Red Cross organize tion as a '
j whole and of the Civilian Relief eot.i1
uiittoe of the local chapter in partic- ] <
j ulcr. sr. through their efforts he has I
; heard from his family located in
llunrary. from whom it had been im- <
possible for a long time to secure <
news. t
The Red Cross organisation Is the |?
only official organization throupn
which information can be obtained *
Irom enemy alien countries from rel- i
olives and it was most gratifying not
only to the Hungarian miner to ae- t
euro news of loved ones in distant (
lands, but was also gratifying to the
Civilian Relief committee of the Red
I Cross through Us chairmen. Airs. Jo- c
! stph Rosier, to bring joy to this t
man's heart end to see the results of ?
I its labors in bis behalf. t
! The committee recently sent Out <
some half dozen letters to enemy t
countries from relatives residing In
i this country, and this Is the first one (
from a which a response has been re- I
The message contained In the com- c
munication transmitted from the lo- B
! eal cominlttee was brief and slated
I hat the sender was well wild wanted j
to know ss to their eondlton. The
! message transmitted to the local
' chapter through the embassy of Sweden
at Venice was to the effect that
tho man's family Is well and glad to t
hear from htm. and also contained :
trie news inai i?? relatives or the e
' ian were slead since he had heard 1
form them. The communication was
made to the man's wife and was sent
i from this city onrlv in June. ,
Germany Demands
Indemnity From Rnss 0
(By Associated Prr?i> ^
j PARIS. July 13.?Germany's claim
for indemnity from Russia amounts to
: the round snm cf seven million rubles,
i according to a report printed In the
Berlin Vossiwhe Zpiiung of the work
; done by the mixed commission named
I to take np consideration of claims .
I growing out of the conclusion of the .
! Brest Litovsk peace.
I Thla commission has concluded Its
sessions during which the German 0
representatives, says the newspaper. *
presented claims aggregating the '3
amount named for star damages Immediate
settlement of the claims Is ?
asked, It la stated.
ee . . "
Belgium's Royal Pair i
m_i m_j_ _ a ? *
lrip in ait 1
PARIS, Julr 11.?(Haras Agency.)?
The Kin* and Queen of Belgium who
hara been visiting England have re- '
turned to Prance by the tame means *
which thay used in creasing the Chan- c
nel to England?through the air. r
The return passage, newspapers say, t
lasted I Omlnutes. The royal couple ?]
said hey were delighted with the as- y
parlances of the aerial voyage. ?
tt/o the Homes no Ma
JKflll I011 f
i. I II
Jritish Successful in Raids
in the SOmme Resion.
I0<i CfflMMflE
' ' ' | '
British Army at France
Now Consists of Two
Million Men.
Austrians in
Serbtia muling
Over Their Food
(By Aworlalcil Pi??l
COKFl*. July 1J.?A serious mu
tiny anions the Antiriati troops in
oue of the occupied districts of
Serbia is announced by the Ser- '
bian press bureau here.
The garrison at Krafmyetati, the
fortnrr Serbian ar;<nal. broke into
rebellion because of bad food, the
statement declare* ami many of
thi> officer* were Lil!e#l
TV mutiny was suppressed aflet
a veritable battle In which machine
nuns and artillery were freely used
???? . i
(By Associated Pre*#) (
r AIMS. July 6.?The village of 1
.ongpolnt. on the Saviere* river east
>t Villers Cotter's, baa been captured
iv the French, say* the official itate- I
nent from the war office today.
The French aleo continued their i
trogres* north of Chavlgny farm and
Jdrtgt farm northeast of Faverollea I
ras alao occupied.
In ratda north of Montdldier and in 1'
Champaigns the French captured 15
)r!seiners. The official text reads:
"Continuing yielr progress north of
"havlgny farms an. (least of Favortiles
last nlgut our troops occupied
he Tillage of Longpont and the Jarige
farm. ,
"Two raids, one north of Montdldier '
int' the other In Champagne, resulted |
i: the capture of 15 prisoners.
The (lerman artillery was rather ac J
ire on ths teft bunk of the Meuse
Verdun region.
LONDON. July 12. -Further raiding
iperatlona were carried out by British '
roops last night, notably in ths Flantor*
area near Merits and Meteres.
be war office announced today, priv '
tners were taken In a patrol encoun- '
tr in the Kemmll sector on this front, i
Another British nartv raided the I
iepnan lines near Haroel south of the j1
iomme. ' j i
A patrol clash in the neighborhood
if Gavrelle northeast of Arras also re-'
ultcd in the 'aking of prisoners.
In their operations in the vicinity of
Jerris the British took 120 prisoners.
TARIft. July 12.?Th? British fight
ng forces in France now aggregate
ao million men. says the Havas corespondent
on the British front. This
quals the number on the front in
LONDON. July 12.?Alrforce coningents
acting with the British navy
ropped a halt ton of bombs upon tbe
ity of Constantinople on July 7, it
ras announced by the admiralty tofast
Virginia Lad
Missing in Action
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. July 12?Tha army
astralty Hat today contains 12 names
ivided as follows: Killed in action.
: died of wounds; 7; died of disease,
illaA eeuelena seeMeei. . Jl 1
r accident* and other causes, 4; 1
rounded severely. It; wounded slightr.
1; wounded decree undetermined,
; missing la actios, t. The llat inladed:
Wounded merely?Private Blair L.
lenard, Keewaydin, Pa.
Mlaalng in action ? Private Harry
trietlaa, Bilbert. W. Va.; Tnodore
Irlmee. Sprtaffleld. O.; Charles W.
"ronton, Wynneweod, Pa.
W. B. Michael, acting county auprIntendent
of schools. today rece|red
letter from Ball Toothman. forlerly
of Fnirvlew. who la now at
'amy Johnston, Jacksonville, Pin.
le is connected with the motor
raasportaUoa service. According to
'oothman's latter be likes the series.
Ho Undo it vey warm in that
action, however.
flier What the Weat
\ '* T*} fj*I
SB vfcx.
Allied forre* in the Balkan*, coraj
siarted a new <iff?ni>ive again*! the J
ot the fr int. in ihr ma' in of Albania.
n _ n i?
some ouggesiu
In Rubber Sta
There continue* to be considerable
talk about the plan proposed in a let
ter to The West Virginian to bave
Fairmont people rubber stamp patriotic
sentiments upon all the mail matter
Ihejr send out but not many hare actMi
upon the request for suggestions of
expressions suitable for this purpose.
Perhaps most of them are too busy doing
war work of otbor kinds to find
lime for a little thing like that. Howtrer
a few suggestions hare come In.
as follows:
111! Ml
Matter Has Been Under
Discussion for Some
8treet car employes of Fairmont.
Clarksburg and Parkersburg hare united
in asking the Mnnongahela Valley
Traction company for higher wage*.
K series of conferences between tracLion
officials and committees from the
recently organised employes' unions
have been held, but as yet the officials
and employes have reached no
agreement. .
The street car men are now getting
from thirty-two to thirty-eight cents
per hour for a nine hour day, men in
the employ ten years or more getting
the maximum salary. They asked the
compiny for an increase so that their
salaries would range from forty-six to
flftv-four centa per hour, the maximum
salary to be given after two
rears of service.
Committees from the labor unions
rent before the traction officials in
this city and presented their contract
rhe company agreed to a salary of
from thirty-five to forty-five cents per,
tour with the maximum salary at the
ind of five years of service.
At the last meetings of the labor nnons
the proposed salaries offered by
be company were rejected. For a
a a a. ? - *
ompromise me employes nave onerwu
o accept from forty to fifty cent* per
\mr with a fire year maximum, which
taa been refuted by the company,
"ommlttees from the unlona and trueion
official! are atill in conference in
in effort to reach an agreement
The different locale hare their or
tanlzatlon at arranged that one local
rill not sign up without the content
>f the other.
keeping Track of
Board Transactions
Liberty Loan bonda ahonld not be
tffered in exchange for aecurttlee or
nerchandlae and J. alVlter Barnes,
hairman of the Marion County Coun:il
of eDfenae, haa been notified that
t will be the duty of the county detente
organisation to follow up and
report all specific cases. The report
?f all serious caaea will be made to
Lhe director of war loan organization.
treasury department, Washington.
D. C.
In the letter to Chairman Barnes
It la carefully pointed ont that ex
ibaage of securities for Liberty Bonds
aot only Impedes the government's
Unsocial program and the mere fact
that any security offered In this unpatriotic
way Justifies asnplclou and
aa Investigation of its hcaracter.
Iter; // it fc Printed i
>o*ed of French and Italian unit*, have 1
tustroBulgar force* on the west cntl
. Indicated hy the two arrows j
m For Use
mp Propaganda
"Production shall not fall."?W.
H. Flnley, of the Fairmont Mining
Machinery company.
"We are. fighting, not for material
gain, but for the perpetaatioa
of righteous principles, and we
will fight until they prevail. If
we do less, America has failed, and
Ameriae can not fall."- ? Anonymous.
"Amrlean*! Forward march.
On to Berlin. Down with the
Kaiser."?W. C. P. Hall.
ufim ta nn to una
nHnl IU DU IU Willi
Very Small Percentage
Among Them Ask for Deferred
Qn< ..:lrmnalros undeOr the second i
registration show a change of aentlmetit
toward the selective servlre reg
ulatlons. only a very small percentage
asking (or deterred classifications. A
review of theh questionnaires Just returned
show that less than twenty-live
per cent of the men registered have
asked the draft board to give them a
deferred classification becaaso of dopendent*.
Under the first registration
there were less than twenty-fiv per
cent who waived exemption claims.
The task of actually classifying the
new registrants has now begun. While
It is Impossible to foretell how many
of the new registrants will be placed
lu t'laas i, a general review of the
questionnaires indicates that about
one hundred of the one hundred and
thirty-nine registrant* or about seven
ty-flre per cent will be placed la Class
ready for immediate military service.
About forty per cent of the tlrst registration
weer placed in Class 1 by the
I local board.
Just aa soon aa the draft board Is
[ clUlf IU uianu mo vimpi ituwuun, iw i
i tires will be sent oat to the registrants |
informing them of their classification i
At a date In the near future the new I
Class 1 men will be called up for phys- j
[ leal examination. New registrants !
will have an opportunity to appeal
from the decision of the* local board
lust as was toe case in the first regls,
Consult the Union Dentists
for expert dental services. Our i
prices are reasonable. Offices or
sr McCrpry I and 10c slurs All
work guaranteed.
First class machinists, !
blacksmiths, blacksmiths'
helpers, air hammer man,
ana layer out Good wages,
steady employment.
Fairmont Mining
Machine Co.
n The West Virginic
VI * -d " * ' "Sr*'
fit -' tw
m 01 \
_ J fOnfl
Military Experts BeKere It
May Be Made a Vital
Allies Believe to Have a MO*
lion Men in BaU
surcrsjful military drift 111 fill far- j
via along thu hunt of tha Albanian . A
and Macedonian front* deal a pilllM ?
ing hi?w to tha Quadruple AlliaMet
bring :>oumaaia back ialo tha war,
open u pa new road to Haaala aid farther
hi rungla the Austro-HuafarlaMf /
These are queattoaa wbieh have
l>eeu raised in Washington alia* tha
r?ae?al of millUry operation tl Ah '?
bania and auccasslfa retlreaaala at
tne Austrian force*. Aid It ia fafte
easy for the "map strategista* MB*
4,000 in Ilea away Iron tha mom at
action to answar than, bat tha ml - j
trat? gists of this war, tha ahMji .<9
whom sit avery day aid atary iiffSt -j
around the Inter-allied War Onaatfcr
table, have not nndartakaa la lireclose
argument upon any of thm 'Even
*o, tha heat Infomed IMIhW '
authorities hare agree that the Mi '
donian front offers the *MWt oppar- ,
tunltles for a decisive victory of tha ^
theatres of tho tear. And IMMMM I
tory there would ha all miSmmWm
ibllitles. To donjMhUk UmM|
Austria urBiipris
eally divorced. The
OOBBMlCtttaH betweedS^^^^^H
he through the eom?{|^H
Ron man la. Bat ehoeld an
marrh to the the PWMhO a|^^H
at Roumaala'a door, It la aai^^^H
an eren chance that the
rollered Ronmaaiaa Pe<VhW|fHB
to that amy aa a dehNM-I^H
enter the war. Thia won* thdMMB
the whole Blaek Bad n?M?H
again to Anted oampilff ere. " <
But the campaign that lge'.\B|H
been nndertakaa la no new IdeiiH
far more thaa a year leading atjMn
gist* and military erittce la |M
hare urged that Jaat each aaj^HB
aire be launched. They havg-l^^H
that Bulgaria la nick of the
ahe la In bitter coatiwrenr With ll
key over the Ronmaaiaa m|y|
there la ao hope that ahe wBEljl*
warded erea If the OahpnH
win the war aad that her aM^^H
been decimated by whatoMa^SRH
tlona. It haa Beamed. ther*M?[^H
with Greece among the dUlM^H
her army la the field, B ?eaMj
simple thing to load a hiear
In the face of Bulgaria. ,'13
A marked change has.taftpfci||^^H
(Continued on fagaJM#V
Wanted Machtalata aad >i|l
Workere to attend a bmoIMU^H
by Fairmont Lodge No lltl gdnHH
Moose home oa Jefferson MH
Sunday, July 14 at 3 p. a. i
h w inwiaa flldiHH
I '
Take^uj) ^
uate, and come wM^B
expectation of
Apply to AdvertisugB
L. .jBIM
Laborers WnMl|
in Shippfaif DcpttbMfl
Apply, Owe* Brtfig
Machine Copjpi^
l&L. ill
f\? t ,.'Z'' - J- A. C*

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