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PpfFvv . - ^pppupp
?fa?- n y ? - ii
I 1
me smm:
Eaaa Will Be Given a Chance
T* See a Geod Ball
Batter feat will hare an opportunity
to aee a gocM tfhaeMl fame tomorrow
afternoon wiaa toe mart In*ton an<l
meter harebell team will olaih in a ,
mm to bo ployed at fexAr. The
MM li pehedwled lor 1:30 p m.
Boater *H Mod H. Hi no* their
tar twlrter. to tb? mound which is
adbjgh to md>M the fan who ha*
oomfHtaee ia that Mannlngton
wo have to earn all the ruoi they get ,
Maanington will have a atmog lineup
ad will coat to Baxter with even'
partition <k wjpntn^,
H ' ' ??
CmI Town Teams Will Play,
Tomorrow Before a Large
Manager Garten of the Annebelle
haeaball team will take hit team to
Kamay tomorrow afternoon, whore a I
game will be played with the Idarnay
team. The game will begin at 3
o'clock and a large crowd is expected
to tarn oat
The Ida may team has boon playing I
aome real baaeball her? o' late a,n<! I
htra Mtttrn trouble in getting a big
crowd oat for their game*. idaniay
Bitl an tha uma linann
gainst Annabelle u defrat?d Watson
Hamay Put It All
Over Watson Friday
The (Ut Idamay baseball team dr 1
ImM !l? Consolidation Coal Com|Uf
taam of Watson at Traction Park
yaatarday by the score of 20-4. Idamay
opened up tha cam* by scoring nine
r??a la tha first Inning.
. Tha game was featured by heavy
hitting. Dawson, the Idamay shortstop, i
fitting three two-base hits, and a trip
pie In tour trips to the plate. Whlteaun
and Oibfl of the same team each
aaneeted tor three safeties,
gfc ?... ss
Baseball at a Glance.
Results Yesterday.
New York-Pittsburgh, raiu.
Brooklyn-Cincinnati, rain.
St. Louis. I; Philadelphia. 2
Chicago, t; Boston. 0.
tanding ef the Clubs.
W. L. Pet.'
Chicago 5.1 2.1 .69? I
New York 46 28 .62:'
Pittsburgh 37 16 .507
Philadelphia 14 18 .472
Cincinnati 11 40 .437
Bontoa 11 41 .414
Brooklyn 10 42 .417
St Louis 31 45 .408
.. Semes Scheduled Today.
New York et Pittsburgh i '
Philadelphia at St. I-ouis .
Brooklyn nt Cincinnati.
Boston at cnicago.
Results Yesterday.
Boston. I; Chicago. 8; called in sevonth.
How York. 8; Cleveland. I.
i St. Louis. 6; Philadelphia. 3.
. Washington. 6; Detroit. 4.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. L. Pet. 11
Boston .' 47 32 .393
York 42 34 .55.3
Cleveland 45 37 549
Washington 42 37 .532
Si. Louis 38 39 .491
Chicago 37 40 .481 j'
Detroit 30 4? .395,
Philadelphia 80 40 .395 [
Games Scheduled Today.
Chicago at Boston.
Cleveland at New York
St. Louis at Philadelphia. ,
Detroit at Washington.
>.* v - ??? (
Two Boys Charged ;
: * With Burglary
flgi- j * 4 - - - Doa
Yost and Jrese aJmison. youn
van, art chrrged heiore Just ice Cona*ar
fith breaking into the resi-!
Senee of Samuel H Hnlr. 4nr> rt-11vfe^
avenue, end stealing an F.lgin
' wntch'of 15 jewels, valued at *10 an<1
an Ivor-Johnson revolver. The mm
plaint was made on the information '
f W. A. Dlgman. a city policeman
Jamison was arrested by Offirer Die-,
nana Inst night and Constable Mich >
nil tenmd the warrant on Yost today ;
frfi- '.*'i
Fairmont People
At Morgantown1
A Bomber of local people are in at
tM^BBce at the convention of the
Monongahela Valley District of Chi. itin
ehurchea which Is In session at
Morgantown. Among the number at
trading the sessions are D. R P. I).
Mitchell. pasior of the Central Chris
f', tiea chttrrh; Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Jones.
Mr.and Mrs. 8eymour Mrlntire. Mrs.
Vrsak William*. Mrs. Thomas Sliay .
Mrs. Lather Jacobs and Mrs. Leota
Wrick. Dr. Mitchell Is scheduled to
address the sessions today.
llBrry Stsnsbury, atbfetlc director at \
- the West Virginia f'nlversfty. wi? in
fifsa>ort fer a short while yesterday |
I Afte-uC-u. *
n. J
Evening Chat j
One of my neighbor* keep* chickens
and lore* them a>l rer* much. Quite
often ahe telli^me a atory about one
of them and th'wjMiher lateet. Aa tbia
story fa for the children, grown-up*
need net read Ibe "One of my pret
tieat bar-rocks tAjK hi* lea ibe other
day and I fouc<4Kp sitting limply on
hla aide with dNTflbe oth'or chicken*
necking at htm ?ICsatd "Poor little
feHtw," will cuddtafMkun up to my fac?
ind he said "'Wr^Jrweet'' and when
I put iny hand orr^hlm. he began *
little sleepy song -1fr had sung for
me before and knife I liked But It
wasn't bedtime yet njl-I took him into
the house, carrying ifo carefully with
my hand, wtillo I bijflto off some tiny
piece* from a berry nSk and drew out
some white cord frJii a little red
string basket hangingVnear the stove
Then I sat down and holding him on
one side with my eibgu. managed in
spite of hi* determiner hm to stand up.
to hold two splints on either side nt
the broken second Joint of his leg,
which I bound on with cord
"And now be must go to bed. but
not under bis mother's soft wing* for
lie mikht get crowded or even rub
off bis splints .1 gave him my green
waste basket for a bedroom and for
a bed. the red sleeve of an old sweat
er. I gave him for a rover a soft old
storking and I pur the pad of my
rccklpg chair octr the top of the basket
for fear he might waken early in
the morning and hurt his leg trying
to hop out. Then I sat him on the
floor near my bed so if he cried in the
night I might hear him
"Rut he passed a good night and
in the morning I put him in a little
yard by himself and he had breakfast
oat of a pretty pan with a little round
cup to drink from Night after night
he slept In the green basket and day
after day he passed in the little yard
by himself. Most of 'he time he stay
ed on a grain sack but after a while
he began to, hop around, finally he
balanced himself on his broken leg
Then I took off the splints. Nearly
twt weeks had passed and a dreadful
thing had happened All the other bar
recks had forgotten him and they
fot ght him. and even his mother's eye
w?s cold and forbidding. He would
never again dare hang onto her red
wattles, looking so much like a fine
pit ce of meat.
"Oh. well, he preferred my hand
anyway and ne always chirped in a
rcullar "and hurry up. too." way when
'if wanted to go to bed and having
nr thing else to do, he kept early hours.
At ilrst I waited Vi him but as he got
stronger I left hi'u alone to eat and
come to put him to bed when he called
"One night 1 came as usual and
smoothed Ills red sleeve bed in his
? ??? t?.?* ! ** no lencvm Kit* hfl fflliMn'f
fro to sleep. He cried "cheep, eheep,
cheep," over and over attain. When
I tcok him out and held him In mv
hnnd. he cuddled down with a sleepy
little sound hu". as soon as I put him
back he cried out again. At last I
discovered an empty craw. He had
been too lonesome to eat his supper
vid knew he ought not to go to bod
> pan his soft little "die, che. che,"
* it way. Alter 1 had fed him ht
Voh I called Ills sleepy song and he
fnt back to his red bed in his green
li. d room and slept soundly.
"Today this fine young rooster Is as
gi-oo as new. Kor three nights he has
lop! in a bog with a mixed crowd of
new playmates whose mothers have
gone hack into the egg business again,
leaving them to shift for themselves.
Hut every night he gets slpepy before
the others and runs after me roaring,
commanding to be put to bed and not
until dark does he finally decide to
sim in the box bedroom with the oih
In looking over a London paper one
is struck forcibly with different"
v ays of expressing things. A sten"trapher
is a "shorthand typist." A
crvant Is "domesticated help." Movii.g
pictures are "animated picture-."
"Required" is used whore we say
"wanted." "Vouth" is used in place
Df our 'young man." and "lad required"
is used in place of our fami'iar "boy
a . ex- - na nlaaoa/l
warned.- uhp pauuuiai ?*?? >?ir?ocu
me immensely. It road "Lady re
quiied in a?slr,? at service counter."
ties it not sound quaint ant! interesting"
"Lady required to ruporintend
eking" was another alluring ad.
""otor tlrivpr," "chamber (or rent"
and a number of other different expressions
w re very noticeable We
ire ?ai dto l>" lacsing in the Knsiith
dignity. ar.il dignitv it it. but what
mi earth would an Englishman do under
certain \me-ican circumst.inces
without our short, sharp? "all It
American slang, if you will, way of
getting right to the point by means
of a good tense American word.
' can't tell you what life really is.
or death either, can you? Sometimes
I wake up in the morning and ray to
Children Cry
x ruucusi i
/ FIK this oi
|rJ l uo BtTCBE
> LAYS -s? Dj
fc.1 ( tUtBVTU!N
i __ . aak ^
myself: "Now am I really Hvin* or i 1
only dreaming ill tlhs? A Utile boy i
?aid to noe one day : "tt'btt will we
i sit on when wo go to heavenV Im
couldn't tell him. ran you* I started ;
out all right and got as tar as "We, i
won't haye any bodies to sit down | 1
with," but he broke in: ' Well, what
will we haye. ain't we go.n' to have ' t
harps to play on and gold street to i l
walk on* My Sunday school teacher <
said we were, and we'll have w inga,
.cause I've seen pictures of 'em If
we don't have bodies, trhatl! we fas- i
ten 'em to*" i
What would you do In a rase like ,
I that' I once attempted to explain | ?
the whole thin* a* I had heen taught
and iwi children I knew very well lis
tened attentively When I finished' j
one of them turned to me and said (
"Well. I don't belieev It." To say 1 |
was shocked Is putting It mlidlv. ]
f'hildren have no conception of any ]
thing but life and to mv mind the heft 1
way to go about it is Just to show |
them how to live In a healthful, happy
way. Religion must come to them i
gradually and you can't teach them ;
that though you may think you ran
Alter they hive lived eighteen care
free years and go out info the worid ! (
bv themselves the day usually comes g
when they believe easily enough in
the wings without a body; when the
thought of sailing awav bodiless he
comes a fascinating speculation: when ,
an manner of miracles can be belipved ,j
The following is a child's attempt at ,
pcctry: ;
"The sky is gray, today, well say. ,
"\V >n't it. rver be any better? Or, j
wetter? It's . old and dreary, so weary ,
and teary. But not enough for the (
garden, oh. pardon!" A little girl,,
brought It to me with the words "ijf
thought perhaps you might like to put r
it in the paper. When I grow up 1 am |
going to he a regular poet." Please
don't laugh.
1 saw a miserable young robin yes . |
terday morning after the rain He sal ,
on a fence rail with hit feathers stand- j
ing out In all directions, trying in vain
to catch a stray sunbeam to use for
diying purposes He turned flrit one
way and then another and looked up (
at the aky as hough waiting. "You'll ,
wait some time, young robin. If I know ,
anything," I said. "You'd better go i ,
] In search of a dry shampoo!" Hardly ,
' had I got the words out of my mouth ' .
until the robin began a vigorous toilet,
snaking, preening, pirouetting. He
ran along the fence like a tight rope
walker, coming back again to the
place where he started He turned 1
atound several times. Four times he j 1
fiew across the yard and back again ; '
ills made a good electric fan. Ii
wasn't long until all his feathers lay
smooth again and with au unruffled 1
disposition, he began to afng con '
tentedly. "Goodness me." I laughed.
ee 1
I ' ' ii?i II
?? ' ' ?
Children's D?y.
Children'* Day will be observed at
! tilt Thoburn M. E. church tomorrow
I vlth an appropriate program. Both
; the Baptist and M P. Sunday schools i
VtL Jml
^TVi fQ w *\Wt
When Te
Observation of
lions will help vt
Always call hv
4 J
name. Re ahnumber;
look it
J: r
uirn lur ej
conversation; m
cations brief,
liaten carefully;
unnecessary. ^
telephone have
up so they can
A nahon vori* fiohltnp tor it
lforth nim; for. ft*]/ W. g. g.
Tel. ' jOOO 214 h
* i
-D FENCE ( \ TUISi00?!
ITT Too 3 -- . 5 W
SS* AN' -x % k
r Will BE ^7^
l / f MNT Tl
~ J I OOWM<*'*
_ ^
0 -
Itare already had their Children's Itay
The pr gram a' the V. E church
lorn an w ecenirp will b> as follow*
Anserira hy school: prayer; r . atir?n.
"BV;ob?" 43-garet f'rlsllp;
recitat';>n. "We're Verv Small." Hole.'
Bojdob; Son. "Let them come," hy
wo gtrls; reritttlon. "When ?e grow
big:" recitat.on "Go-l r?Hi the rltll
Iron." Mildred ii'i 1e:i recitation.
What .1 m thlnha." En
eoitation. Anna Rmb; due". "The
?v oot storv." H'anrho anil Ileiilah
ftat.'on: recitation. "When Jo:,us was
1 little rblM " Wlu Martin;Jlower
>*orr;.-.oi hv .wehe cirl?: reoMfatlon.
Children'* rtay," H i'h Koon; solo.
'Rose. Rose. Rone." Stella Nichols:
ecitation. "Apple W? <om atnj?\" Mar
rarot Cochran; dialogue, "Mr offerrg"
Rlaneho Watson nnl Hatha
Temdon: roii?ction: nolo, "t hildren's
liar." Davinna Watson: r?r.:.u?on,
William Nichols; reeiU'.l-.n. "Wo
hank thee. Father." S'eila Nichols;
?ong. "After the war is ever," four
tirls; recitation "Smiling Face." '>p:r'
Morris; recitation. "The Red, *V:t :
ind Blue." Davinna Watson: recitaion.
Mabel Jackson: song. "Ho-aana."
)v school; drill. " Vmeri ans," by ten
;irla; Star Spangled Banner.
Fuel Heads Speak.
.oiononean people ran sn opportun;
if hearing J I) A Morrow. i-onl
llxtrihutor. and J. D. Neale. director
production. two of the biggest men
n the coal business, in font of the
"urrey building yesterday evening.
Uthough arrangements wore made for
he meeting at the last minute, p.
arge crowd was out for the speaking,
rhich becan at 7:30 p m The Groat
>r Fasrmont Hand of F.iirmont came
o Monongah on the *1:22 p pi car and
tarnished music until the speakers ar
ived at 7:22 p m.
Child Buried.
Stanley Bingle. the three months-old
hild of Mr and Mrs John Mingle, oi
Kingn-.ont. w'j.i burled at Monongah
rtsterdav. Vndertakor R I,. Tunning
lam. of Fairmont, being In charge.
Dentist Koon Here.
Wayne Koon. son of Mr and Mrs.
Jeorge Koiii. of near Monongah. has
tompl i ii course of training in
Ifiti m| has returned to Monon:
i - he has opened up an of.
'ii .on is a graduate of a dentis.j
school in Baltimore. Md.
Children's Day.
Tomorrow will be children's day
at the M. E. church, south, and an interesting
program will be carried out
beginning at # o'clock in the evening
D Davis was in Fairmont for a short
while this morning attending to husltess
Miss Ruth I.eason was In Fairmont
rcsterday evgning
Mrs. Harry 8. Honaker has returned
Ftom Akron, O., after spending several
days with her parents.
Mrs. Sue Satterlleld was an out of
town caller yesterday evening.
Miss Ollle Jones was In Fairmont
yesterday evening
Misses Pannie and Sadie Oliker. of
Fairmont, were In Monongah during
he week railing on friends.
?? ? ?? ? _
the following suggea?ur
telephone service:
number; never bv
olutely sure of the
t up in the telephone
liminate unnecessary
ake necessary converSpeak
distinctly and
this makes repetition
X hen you go to the
your thoughts lined
he expressed brief 1 v.
E AM) iVhJ.MV:
!K. Loeal Manager.
lonroe 3t-e*t, Falrmor.t, '.V. Va.
r . . ?!" fi \s FAITH IN
IbTvoo T T7
MVttNCc ) J
SSw'tr) r?v -.
?*?>*) tA
NG 0
Sunday School
[ (TV l.\"Y ! li ' TV.. i) iv,
1>avh#r of tutliv i b."j. in tiie lloo<l>'
B?V.c Ir.itltutf of Cklf-a-o I
(Copyright, 1?1*. W>m< ro N rfij ipor
t'nlt .1
ixx^ciui cue tin v it
1 -J _-_l i<
REMWI MI'S W8~0. 4
IJMFON TWIT-PmOtv ?:M1, Acta ?;
I OOI.OES 7BC;-r -Y' Ai J l>r^w the
' < !h. Hi!-] flit truth j t. I tnfc. r v t free ?
Jehu * K
AlAUfti tff-U. MATfiRUT. FuR
TS.A cam ns- Vsi.au f:il, IK*?',; j-i jrorbs
U II. tsi ?'i 55:>-V. Jdhn " ?
Rcmr.us 13 :i.
D'ffV'TSIWAL rjEADIN'J-r.'- m* 11?
?.?, r-"*.
I. Chr.-acteriatlea of Ood'e Wor4
{IV. 19:7-11).
The f'saimist litn sot .'orth el* <1a
ncrlptlve titles ?>f <..>:? '.V -i*. . i.ut?
standing qualities, and sit r< sultant
I cffcci*.
1. Title: "The Law of the Lord"
( . 7).
Fv this Is rreant the fmalutnentnl
principle- wlii'h flod ns n r rrl being
' reveals t? the eonrrlences of men as
i binning upon tin* sunt.
2. Quality: "Perfect" (>*. ).
It Is free from omissions nutl reI
dundnncies. It Is perfect us n moral
ro<le, and It perfectly accomplishes
Iran's salvntioD.
8. Effect: "Converting the 8oul"
(v. 7).
The practical effect of the lnw of
God la to twin men to God himself,
righteousness.and holiness.
1. Title i "The Teetlmeny ef the
Lord" fv 71
B ai
Here is new m
old and new.
all prices higher.
Bui Goodrich Tire
ed least to the rise.
A glance at Goodi
J for nine years rev<
surprise to tire users
Goodrich tires arc
war times, or any otl
J, This year's incrcas
tire prices is far I
J price increases.
? 1
I I G1
! SB
1 he b. f. (
'fe'-War-'M Bittghurgk Branch:
wB $40130
S?b& l&V'
! ^Cvoo JUST LET ir sol
'TILL S\LV? CO.W? uomf f?
CoUfc G5 i "
c*S^Zl\xN~ ' Boot Pixu
"li^i "
? * ^ / v
Tl" <e are the prlnrlplM or oh,;rt >s
w! ii ibe l-< r>l ; *? ? to us nl!, t fit '
i 11* I" rightly pertnrm the duties which !
th? dlPVrent rel lions vof lite make
obligatory upon u*.
2. Quality: "Right" (v. 8). '
They tro from th richtcous G<>d
and aro absolutely Just aril equitable.
3. Effret: "Rejoicing the Heart" (v. '
?>. !'
J The true heart rejoices in Justice
and equity. , I ?
1. Title: "The Commandment of the '
I Lord" (v. R).
Th.s brines Inlo view the personal
God Mho stands hack of his law to en- o J
I force Its demands?to require obedi- U
1 enee to its precepts. ?
2. Quality: "Pure" (v. 8).
It Is free from deceit and error.
3. Effect: "Enlightening the Eyes"
, (v. 8).
The effect of God's law Is to aire ! '
man nhllity, not only to under- '
ntund his love r.ml salvation, hut to be
wise n? to the things about him.
1. Title: "The Fear of tha Lord" (v. '
Rending Go Word of God produces
reverential fear In the heart of th
i render. '
2. Quality: "Clean" (v. 8).
It Is not only clean In itsejf, but | .
| sanctifies the honrt of those who re-I J
| celve It.
3. Effect: "Enduring Foreuer" (v.?>. |.i
The life and relationship founded 1
upon Ills law ahlde forever.
1. Title: "The Judgments of tha *
fire Pric(
ttle War C
it on tire price*, You can huy <
War has sent tent less than yc
years ago.
shave respond- And rememl
prices you get I
... , service of G(
rich tire prices VALUE TIR.iS.
.its a pleasing
u That is, the m
not costly for "g comfort, gas
Iter time. prolonged mile.
your car and on
io of Goodrich
>e';-v general It is good wa
sssje tire
114 N. Craig St.,
rsh. Pa.
$3!.9? !9I^|!Tk n
$26.051'915 LI
, WvWVS^V*^W*^v<v?AA>^,w?>A^^A^A
Ti u?ou<
' m j _ ~ ^ ! UBAP**
S- \,TVUYUfc'
/ - ' ''
't m2BI< - 1 * *v .
' li^XA 'ttfflfiiif <1iniitii' . J-?j
H tUtl
] It !* the tvitners which Ocd bears a#
i to ir- Vtributes, und stalest man's 1
It !rt ji'n ri and Infallible. We can
j ref?o? la It ojr Interests for time sud 1
I eternity. ;
| 3. Effect: 'Making Wiie ths Sim. '
I) pi#" <v. 7), i
j. Tiic sir til > nr^ those who have hutnJ
Me. upon and teachable r inds. '
Til iltn OROT'I'?
1. Title: -The Statute* cf the Lord" 1
I (v 8). '
Hjr I hit U Brant tW> MNMM M
aotinreO hr tiAr*"WaM!
2. Quality: "Trtia and RlgMaaBB
TV prnultloa proapetbed hy Qb
ii* trao. oonforinrtblp to' hm lltliM I
moral srner of man.
3. Ei'oet: "darva aa Warnlnft MB
lrir.f Reward" (y. 11).
If the wiirr.tuflB ho hooded. H
oroSwt upon' liro*! it will bo
rotrd. ISreides God
'or (Jx-iltonco to hie U*n>. GtdlMHl
T'ldMhlo unto nil. hating ^
>f th. lift* that new ie.'and'tbot'wWH
II. A Notable tinwpla of MM
Study (AftSVaiWW).
1. Wfie' N W.h (v.,27).
Hie"; Ethiopian i'umoNi. a atan-41
treat uinjejllf Up "m.tko?ytaiw
if {the tr.Aaai7.of the HthionJBlnwg
IhVmaeM ' Bud hoot' mcn*aJmw?d|
>f the Msi^fcllive1 been r*?jf*aat aS
l?tit?Tof! tlVniate^aiid hin'tNhlil m
o'lts.liexufy iSljjKtJr. I
Z. The' Clrtumetan'eaa af (r. 28). \g |
m ??.' while fi?*?'itna tbat tmi
treat umu jvm* rt'lllyi^l jit* BMt' A
l'hh? le s aJ.it pijjyrtlfcrjfto
>rovo momma's ^UH'^on 'aTpirney. fl
3. Doing* Peraanal WoHptT 1&87. V
nil lip was tnk'en from Y? gnSB M|
\ nugpllstl'- ,no?k In Saiaart and d? '
to.so to tlt .doSwt. elL.' Rpiin t?
IIred<*ii\ Cliiiip to Join IM.' tonSf
Hari.it ta wffirh the 'flHBan nj
nirTiinp. Pluiip ran Inmmn M
hp Spirtie roiiimaad. Onelaaonld Iff
ilprt:for the SpliVa <MrBMoa~ll M
ho Individual with whom'to da jw
:?nnl work. The punnch waa tnqafifl
nt nftpr tho wee of life. But still
le needed the help Ot a SpirtHMBM
Mo, __ j\^u(
5s - n
osts ;:?|
Goodrich tires35
u paid tor tijret nino
" i J J
* if A \A
>cr with Goodrich
the sore, lull value
' ^
. * . ;
nvimum of etay ridr>line
economy, and
i4e ? in tervfet on
the road.
r economy to buy
F0 JJ^
0 AKEtf TMM' pUs -J
ma iB??M9pr" J|
* M

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