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She ItW Ijir^inmn
Qjfc ty *""** ' *" t<w w-? " Kireinin's flw* fowspapw
EST\BLISHED 1868. member a'isociateo ?rtu. FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, MONDA1 EVENING, JULY 15,1918. todav? news tooav PRICE THREE CKNT8 I
in m
HnufiL iionu
pwunn ui un
F Fill WES
m Yankees in Counter
I Refio i );jv e off i
I anced Their Owi
L Hundred
I American Machine Gunners
L} Close to Their Positions s
^ * ly Fire Upoi? the
With Ike American Arm) 01: ill
Hi IiikIiIwI fress)?The Hermans a
lent attack Willi! llie American |
napcctally near Vain. Tin- attack
barrtmcot of HIrIi e\|?l<e.he* ami n
|f luniran troopa sought *li
Wkn the infinite) a|>|ici.i?d the
attacker* with a rrln of machine x>
ffca Afgrlr.um nitre R!?* mask* i
MM. An enemy bombardment n
began shortly after (J o'clock a. in.
5:55 a. m.?'The latest re|M>n
tilth' own In the Agiuing, maintain
from German navnl guns ore fa'tini
battle areo. many of these project
Meonx, IS mile* from <1nut(can Tli
Oonnan ahcll Are l? constant, tin |
tech naval gnu*.
1:51 a. m.?At this hour it hit
baft la In the vicinity of Vaux wan
both directions from that town \
f?II. The roar of the cannonad
tekm with a terrlflc din of mnch
Md af the hottest character in Vaui
11:15 a. m. The American fore
tar attach upon the Germans in it
drova od the entmy. It ia reported
ad thatr awn line* a distance of *e
not baa caaflrmed. It is clear tha
ragtoa completely broke down unil
Fatlhtt sharp lighting Is likely to
a their attack no the Marne
bridges across the rlvar. Over f.iec
a withering Ire from the artillery.
Tha Americans and their French
B to Ik* ataost ami are continuing <
11:S0 a. ra.?Word rrrelvrtl li
H ImikM an attark ?<aat of lthclmv
B oa which the Krmrh and Amert::
poaitoas are reported The
let the e?my come clove to their |?
In Ihto the advancing clone fornvi
|. . M
M| Attack at Vaux
Hr Was Big Feint
K'TflE MARNE. July 16.?Report* re
MHlvad here ehortly after eleven a. m
Kjt the fighting to the east of Rheim*
RUM that the enemy up to about an
IgjtMff previously had made no progress '
^^Kitmr there.
* the Conde region, however, before
Uh| inert can counter attack* the
Jknua advance appeared to have
HMwted the river salient.
?. At eleven o'clock this morning the
H^-Mjpg range bombardment was bccoro
i tag more intense The day opened
H^ggMty hat low clouds are now scurL\Mhg
over the hottlefleld threatening
:ll a. n?The operation at Vaux
I nghoared to be a feint, for roon after
jThacM the Germans attacked along
Hft hMma where they were gallantly
Efgoaod by more of the Amertean
traope aad the Frenrli
1 The first croaalng was made at the
I M kof the Mg river bend, the Aracrlfam
machine gunners and infantryyn
fought aad died where they stood
ui mv iuuriitau inn?|is Willi nr
atratcgicalljr a* the enemy at-1
:M from oast of Chateau Thierry
along tht M?.rac eait of Dorniuni
l;luj additional crooilnpr.
Shortly after eleven o'clock on* of
I American infantry recinn nta
MM a counter attack In the re|1M
Of Ccnd<
E Place
in v nnri ha
si r in
? j
Attack in the Vaux
I he Enemy and Adt
Position Several I
I Yards
Let Attacking (iermans (Jet
ind Then Opened a Dead0?se
- Mamo, Jill) 1.1, H: Ml a. m. (I.)
it <l;i)li|tlit loon) Initiolieil a vioKNlim,
III IhnteiUI Tiller l),
rnmr tiflei a ui<?f violent I10.11i?
-.lulls thmii|rlitmil tli? niyli'.
ii-lter whenever it via* mallililr,
A me i Iran* inn out ami met tlie
i.? the) lo'ir.lil Ilir allmhint; tierif
towns in {lie rear of th" lino*
say* the Americans are tiol'lli:/;
lii|! their positions. Heavy shells
K in region* far heliinil Ihi* actual
lilts hatinx fallen in tlie city of
i i:-it jr. In many of flic l.mns the
projectlias h.'inx front It) anil I"
itl mil lii'Cn determined how the
pmxivssiiix. The whole liar in
nan dense with smoke ami km
was iiunrluretl in the few it net*
ine Klin anil rifle fire which seemr
es on this front ileliveiTt! a roueir
Vaiix ts'Kion this mm-nlii;; ami
that the Ameiirans hate nil toneteral
hundred yards, hut thi- his
t the tiernian at'ark in the V.uu
er the American rounter attacks,
detelop in this area at any tint.-,
front the fiermans tlir.-u many
a' the t.eimaiis are pa-sinx under
com tades hate resisted the enemy
rharcter tif re-i: tam e.
iere slums that the eneiii) also
, hut on the .sector <>a their iaml
in* pre fighting side by side the
Xiiierimn ma< liit.e gunners here
Mitiiw* and then oik i'?l it deadly
tfnns of
Americans Holding
Ground Tliev Gained
MARXE. July 15.?Report* from Vaux
this afternoon Indicate that the
American* have advanced their lines
in thla region In the fam> of the determined
enemy attacks.
The advance extended a distance ol
approximately 700 yards but the
American* substantially withdrew to
their original line* for Mragetlc rea
- ??
More Men Wanted In
Spruce Production
The local dealt boa id this moruing
received a call for skilcd workmen
trnui Clauses two. three and four.'
i.iiallfied for special or limited service .
to volunteer their service* in the pro- j
duction of spruce for aeroplanes. The
call la for white men only and for
men from one of the three above ,
mentioned deferred classifications. J
Men qualified for the genral logging
superintendents, edgermen. or hook
tup call ror votunteera wll rloae on
Juj I 20. On that nicht the local
Iraft board will telegraph to Charle*.
tfin IhP number of voluntetra and on
July 23 the board will be Informed of
the number of men they will be required
to send In raae then- are not
>'nou*h volunteera .men will be drafted
for the servle . j
an Order tor The E
oppoinN !
British. French and Jap
Ministers at Pekin Unite
in Protest.
l'KKING. Saturday. July 1.1 |B>
Associated I'rcs .? The British/
French ar.d Japanese ministers to
hina have sti itily protested to Gen
eral Harbath. the ant HoVhevlkl mill-1
tary cr.mm.tr It. w'io ha ; iorui'd c.
tiinp.rarv war rmbinet for Siberia. I
asking hint to withdraw his ditstor-j
hip proclamation on the ground thai
it is unwise and untimely.
Al* 1'RIXm. Haiti. July 15. Th
council of sta'e:. acting in acconl
ai.ee with the legislative power Riven,
it under the n-w Haitian constitution I
li.it unanimously vrted the declaration
of war upon Gc-many demanded 1>> th..
president of the republic.
LONIiON". July K> - Ai Tchitchoerin. j
the Russian f >re;?n minister, has ad
decs cd a note t> Great Britain de-1
mandiig hat the British detarhment -'
:irw on the Mu man roast he re-em-,
hariced without tlc'ay. say; it t'entrai ,
News m > age todry tr.,ni Amsterdam (
[laying n M hi.iw dispatch.
!i mm nr.
Dr. C. !.. HoweR Reports a
Lar^e Army Near
- !
This morning The Wert Virginian |
r? >i\ d a letter from Dr. 0. L. How- ,
oil. of Worthiftgton, in which ho reports
tho prc-icucc of nrmv worms
in I.incohi district, th's cnruty. [
I)r. Howell'a letter is as follows:
"There ha* Imrn so tntioh said
about th" army woim ro-'v.My, that
I t hour lit it might he r,r so.ro intoror.f
to those Interested in th-? robjott |
to inform you that about ten days npo
a vast horde of tli? kind of v.orm you .
describe rouM have been seen ernys- j
Inc the county ror.d at the lit: 1- ham- i
let of Festus. on? mile south or Ann:.-.
belD Mine, this county. This occur- j
rerco of the army worm Is the first 1
have over known in till; part of the '
country, although \ory probably I
never happened to be ju.d at the right '
place and time to see the festive
A. t\\, as it did not rover a v< ry wid
strin of ground crossrir * In its westward
Pinch. I at first toa ibir. worm
to bo the young h tor sand le. worm,
hut at forward decided it was not. because
it was much ilatter than the
other. I a.n ir-1! -.ed to think that
from what 1 have road this array
wo; ,n r -j not bo. 11 ' !.o l-r r i tho
\'."el;*?l couaty on?, nlthou in uilk
inn to G. \V. Wright. o?*e of tho rural
farriers out o.' Worihinpton. I re-1
narked that there wore 19 million of:
them, more or Icre. The army was .
observed by ivatiy of th-? AnnabcMe '
P'ople ne I a bo by numerous farmers '
of that co'.iiiiuriiy who v.-Ill verify 1
the truthfnlnc* of theubove account."
American Tropns
In North Eussia
<lty Acm ist- U I'l*1.-- >
LONDON. July 15.?American and
llritish troops have occup'i*! the whole
of Munnen coast in northern Russia,
rays a dispatch from Moscow Central '
News by way nf Amsterdam.
Prosecuting Attorney W. R. HagKcrtv
today announced that he has
postponed the enforcement of the law
In regard to having 1918 licenses until
next aSturday. July 20. The onrush
of licenses has been responsible for
John 1) Stevenson, of Hutchinson,
of the Stevenson Grocery company,
which has a place of business in Fairmont.
will be state chairman of West
Virginia in the V M. C. A. war drive
for $112,000,000 The state's quota Is
a .
HUNTINGTON. W. Va.. July 15 ?
Si* were kil'wl and 14 Injured come
seriotialy. when a locomotive crashed
into three motor rare carrying laborera
on the C. and O. today at Iaiulaa.
Ky.. near here. The motor rare,
which carried .10 men. were demoliehed.
# e
Th infant child of Sebastian Piers
died today at Grant Town and will be
hurled tomorrow by Vndertaker R. L.
Vest Virginian Toda>
ii&sc. 1 ?
4 1Mb III I Vbl bW
ai mi poms
Military Men at Washington
> ot Vet Sure of German
i i
bombardment of Positions
Behind the Line Shows
(H> Associated Prrui
WASlllNCTON. July 15. Tli.' Ormans
have ""elected the r ;ad to Parts
tor renewal of 'heir drive, officer.-,
here believed today judging from ,
early report* on the violent movement
v hirii big.ui at dawn
Whether the efforts ii? design-d actually
to be pres?r.d against the
Pr?nch capital or to close the way
for a local ar -ault north of Amiens 011
the road to the channel parts believed
to be the main objective of thr
whole Herman plan was the uibjcct of
interested speculation.
The new battle line run* clear
aroitud Hhoitns in its 50 mile sweep j
from Chateau Thierry where the first '
and aeeaml American divisions are
known to be in line. American troops
in the Jcurgonno soctftr of fhe Marte.'
east of Chateau Thierry also are in
r.mpioyment or neavy artillery 10
batter towns and communication lines j
.'nr beyond the defense linei Indicate
'hat tho dolayei grand ofefnsivc has
been opened. * I
The object of the bombardment Is to
harrass the movement of supplies and
reinforcements to the danger points 1
and the colossal preparations of the
enemy may mcaa that he is ready to
i;eep up the assault for days or weekin
the effort to drive through. (
It is regarded as possible that the
purpose of the attack Is t > widen s'.ill j
further the Aime salient by the reduc- (
tion of Hheimi and the forcing hack >
of the whole sonthern extremity of the j
1918 battle area.
ill MOT I
m i in
? f
Chairman (ilenn F. Barnes
Much Pleased With
Showing Mrdc.
Final reports in tbe vur savin;;*}
stamp drive f.:r Ma ion county showl
that $1,0%,">97 was pledged, the an j
nouncement being made today. The .
quota apportioned against tbe count;;,
was $1,007,180.
The city of Fairmont raised $356,
298 although the quota asst^ed was
$400,000, which was unusually stiff.
Fairmont district raised $378,828 while
the quota for the district was $419.800.
The city of Mannington pledged
$111,650, Its quota being $110,000.
Mannington district ralsod $204,745.
the amount apportioned against it being
Tbe best showing of tbe districts
was that of Lincoln, where $37,094 was
mir-ru in i-jitm ut iac ijuui*, wnirn
was $156,600. Grant noted Paw Paw
out of second place by a narrow markin.
Grant nut $2?,74i m excess of
the quota apportioned, which 1* $78,000.
Paw Paw ranks thid with $26.070
to the rood, having raised $107,.175.
although It* quota waa $81,500.
Winfield bid strorpg for recognition
and waa close too tor aecond place. It
raised $25,045 over Ita quota. $36,200.
2e amount raised was $01.1145. I'nion
well with $10,376 over Ita quota.
The total amount raised was $44,056.
the quota being $14,580.
Glenn P. Barns, cashier of the National
Bank of Fairmont, the county
chairman of the drive. Is very much
pleased with the splendid showing
made. He was ably assisted during
the drive by Colonel A. Howard Fleming.
who worked out the details for
iContinued on page eight.)
y-Newsdealers are \
OWN 01
rums {mi nun
llll SEE Will
Noise of the ArtHery Kept
the Pa?*isans Out of
I ted.
<b> AsaoriatrJ Preset
PA HI8. July IS.?The inhabitants of.
Paris and the suburbs, says the Matin,
heard violent artillery firints in the
ear) hours today. The sky toward tin _
ea: t v . eon. .auily lit up as if by a I
;;r? at electrical storm.
Those who were on the boulevards
Tter midnight listened to the cannon
. tie. while small groups gathered on
the I. -,h poir; i of the city to watrh
the di- .tot heavens. The noise of the
firing v an particularly loud in south
ern part of the city.
The sector of the battle line n?ar
est Paris is that west of <'bateau '
Thierry about 4.1 lie east ntriheast
of the French rapit.il Anvrica > anil *
Preach troops are barring the German I
way there.
Had Be?n a Resident of That'
Town Practically All
Her Life.
! I
Mi*. Choline Calmer, axed 74. wld-1
ow of Haory C. Calmer, died thin 1
morning at 7:40 o'clrok at the home i
of hrr daughter. Mra. Sad In Shaver,
at Monnngah. after an Illness of a
complication of diseases. Sirs. Calniei
was a pioneer resident of Marion'
county and had been a resident of I
Mononsrh practically her entire life..
She is survived by five sons. John '
P., of New Jrrsce- J. |\, of Pittsburgh;
C. ll.. of Cltitakari; H. si..' .
of Long elJach, Cr.l.. ami W. L.I-. of, 1
Fairnread, Cal., and by or.e daughter,
Mrs. Sadie Shaver, of Monongah. Mr; '
Calmer is a s'ster of J. Z Robinson,
of Uaraekville. I
The decersid wa sa niosl etimabl'
<-oiiian and was greatly loved in th<
rnni'iwnity in which she resided. Sh
was a eonslctert member of the Christian
The bodv was prepared for burial
by Undertaker R. L. Cunningham. No
funeral arangemeni* have treen made,
pending mesages from di.itan*. relative*.
All the children were here
when she died with the exeeptbn of
H. M no I W. 1. . o! t'alilornia, who
were unabie to reach here.
I VII f I 9 mm m www Wf ? m www mm
W. H. Finley Took Charge
at Plant On Hickman
Run Today.
W. II Kinky has been chosen vice |
president and general Manager of the ;
American Valve and Tank company,
assuming complete charge of the oper- ,
ationa of the company today. Mr. Finley
was formerly assistant general |
manager of the Fairmont Mining Machinery
\V. I). Stock ley. general manager of '
the Fairmont Mining Machinery; ,
Fred Hclmlck of the Helick FoundryMachine
company, and W. H. Finley
have each been elected directors of
the American Valve and Tank com
a ?
Building Permits j
Granted By oBard
?? ? !
Two building permits were granted
at the Board of Affairs meeting this ,
morning. K. M. Kelley was given a ,
permit to buihl a cow shed and chicken
house in the rear of Reeves avenue J
Miss Maggie Murphy waa granted a j {
perm I to "remodel a atable and make j
a dwelling house"* at an expense of
52.200. John C. Patterson Is the con
WASHINGTON. July 15? Contracts
for 20 additonal fuel cargo I
ships have been let hjr the Shipping I
boar dto Janpanese yards.
Contracts also bare beea let for
building 20 transports to the Bethle- I
hero Steel company. |<
io Longer Permtted
V Ojk
* v - ' . , .v**/ ?.#
en on
HI uLvulHU!
British Reports Sa
The Situation is R<
Entirely Satisfactc
in is is li
First Attack Was Made in I
Allied Petitions Had
Gas Homba
(By Asuoclat
PAKJS, July 15.?A new
night in the region between
On the front between Chi
de Alasaigeg the Germans atts
office announces. The Frenc
enem v attack with energy ai
The struggle is proccedin
nineties (approximately 50 m
LONDON July, lo.-The
Marne at severa* placet in thei
in/* o.in/iiifli'mr (A BO/IOI
Illji, ?IV VUJ U? CiUTIVv I v\ V I
it is added. seems to be in th<
U> this eirect came to the Cen
Dispatches received rega
slate that the attack began or
Chateau Thierry and Bilgny,
The Germans also attacl
Prunnv and Maison d? Chamj
The feeling ' ? London on the situ
France is th;.1 th? deve'opment* are q
in the new offensive b.?3an in the re*
gas anil high explosive shells, accordin
patty's advices from I'aris.
The American artillery replied *rl
o'clock this morning. the Kxchange Ts
the situation to have he >n he'd in ban
The enemy artillery displayed act
on the Flanders front north of Bethu
The llritish attack in Flanders ye
launched on a front of I.OOh yards In n
liiekebu -cite sector. The attack took
e .sful. all th objectives being gaiae
BeJview Girl Jumps
Into Buffalo Creek
.Miss Delia Hess, need ahntt 17 [
.'.ears, who lives In Bellview. jumped |
off the Barnstown bridge shortly after
It) o'clock last night. Karl Spring who.
with other young folkr. wras with her
st the time, jumped into Buffalo creek
and rescued her before drowning
She tried to tumn off the bridge ser
erni tlmr* before she was sncce.tsful.
Each time one of the other young pople
who were present succeeded in
holding her.
Belieed Rheims Is
Immediate Objective
LONDON', July 15.?The Immediate
objective of the German*, it is c.m
nldered here probably la to detach
Ithelm* by attacking on both aides of
It and capture hills which would protect
their right hand and further advance
Electric locomotives are being in
creaaingly adopted la South Africa for
nderground haulage.
Wanted i
Good boy over 16 year* of age j
to learn trade In printing office.
Permanent for the right man.
and an excellent opportunity to
earn a trade in which employment
la ateady. Ideal working
condition*. Apply to Mr. Mapel, t
The We*t Virginian Office.
to Return Unsold Cc
aiuiit I
1 .. LI m
J 9 HUWCVC1, ilMI 1
garded as Being
>ry all Alon g the a
if in Minis I
the Vicinity of Vaux After . fl
Been Subjected to
I'd Pfiii.)
offensive was begun last
i Rheims and the Argonne
uteau Thierry and the Main I
lekcd this morning, the war h
are meeting the shoek <
nd the battle conttonto.e jtojw
ig on a front o about Stir
Germans have crossed the .
ir offensive begun this mornved
here. The main attack, .J
e Champagne. The advice'.
rding the German offensive
i a front of 30 miles between ;
southwest of Rheims.
;ed east of Rheims between'.
>agne on a front of 25
at'on following the German attaak lR !
u.te aatlafartory. The Otnui *rt*?t
on of Van* a'ter a bombardment tlSH ''
K to the Exchange Telegraph <S6S I
lo a barrage are. Report* *91* It? 1ft jS
tcgraph Company adrleee Oat* akMr>
lTlty In the region tooth of ATM * ?{*"
ne and In the I^ocre gad MthMpwd
ate rday. the ft ate* eat aha**, Wgm
elghhorhood of the Mdf* WMMflh^H|
the enemy by anrprtte and *11 *k3
Cotton Consumptio^^^H
Shows Falling Off^H
(By Aaaoclated Preee) . ? ,
WASHINGTON. July IS. ? Cortna'j
ronaumed during June iboiiM SPan
f>27.?i4 running halea and tor tht dM^S
en mor.tha ending June M. it fli tr 1
d.tS.lt.: malea. the Cenaoa bttrM* mBj
nounced today.
Ijtat year in June 574,11# halegWMi
ronaumed and for the ntgroa maath*'Y|
period ?.250?M bale*. Cotton aa MMnj
June 30, in ronaumiag eetabllahmatt* 'jjflH
wai 1.M1.HI bale*.
Painters Wanted, j
ri"inrn?rr ||M
' Laborers Wanted! '
in Shippinf DepartMat, I
Apply, Owens Bottle *
Machine Company. 'v 1
. _ . .-j.wuiMmw
Consult tM UMM VBnHHH
(or expert deatxl sarvicafc
prices ere reasoniM*. OfltM a* Jj
or McCrory I sad IN stoat. At4*
work KMmtssd.

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