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: llapiM Competed For
, Meetings to fie HeW
* Here.
Vht Bann Sarvlte di-|??ir.iEeb'. of ike
I American IM I'roM will aj'-J a.cct*
tm M TIm Falnr.aat hotel a: ha .
6 Mai ml Woilof tajr ai.il Tlnr..'!.
. I* which tad ( r*c warden froa all
pSyl fMM af aartkara Watt Virgin a a.e
IkTttad. Mr*. Jiscpli M vi r. r
? ! ->?!??? nf >! !? 'mil., n' iv li.-l
. Pkhrmont chapttr of tit* K"d <>>??,
' Km nnssrsuces of attendance fr.m
! Wheeling. flarktburr. Urartu- Mo;
j gMtown ud Maan'nrtor. .uni the < i!
4mWer Is to hcie sr msiy chapter
; aed ooxiliarte* In noriherc V. ?t \ irJ
ginU represented a* is passible.
, The Horn? Rervlce hrai.< h of the
American Ked Cros;; lea!.3 after the
, depaudcctL of the una in amice aa<l
has ths ee-cporat.00 of Irwjreri;, doc
; tors and other line* %a that It ra.?>i\
, takes the place of the man in the
' ; amir. The work is netv jet in till.
part el W est Vrginla ait'eh make.;
the gather .<ig the tuare Important.
Mrs. Joseph Hosier was appoint*--! io
her present position just last fa!l rr.d
. the depart men: Is doinr re. rice
at Poltroon' but nothing illc ;!?* r.rk
that Is outlined r.ad which it c*p?c.
od to grow from the cooXerenro to he
k#!d ksrs Jcly 17-18.
Tho speakers will Include T. J. Edmeads,
of Wash'mrton. D. . director
of tko Civilian Relief dopa tment of
the Potomac bramh of the American
I Rod Tross; Dr. H. It. IMijiir.
Richmond. Vs.. who is with 'hat bums
at present; Mir. Lyric Unmet, di
factor of Juvenile Red Crons work of
. the POtomac dlvi.simi r.nri R. ('. Stmle
baker. atooc'aie director of that deportment.
Dr R. C. Wtnr -ricr. of
Wheeling, chairman of the c irill. n r<
. HefdeMrtmt.it ot the Wh"?iiug chap
i Icr. will be another rpeikcr
- The meeting at Fa'mont is rsp?-r.
4 to attract Red Cross worker* from
tar aad near anil it I* hi st?-d thr.t
ororyon? interested r.ak- it a point to
attend. Th? program is as follows:
Wedmtd.v Morning.
! I:M lneocntlon ? Rtr. Clan u< e It
M Ret ell.
Vuele-Edna Jacob".
I VileiM ? V.r.- Jo; Rosier.
Chairman Civilian P. el it f.
11:11 Scope of Horn"1 Fe.vire \\ I
Mr. T. J. Edmonds. Dvector Huron*
of Civilian Relief, Potomai
Division. A. It. C
?*:1S What la a Hon: ' s'orvire Case?
Dr. H. H. Hlbh* Jr. Director.
Kchool of Ros ::>l Srrvi" > itn<ll
Public Health. K'chmond, Va
f-S lluaif- Ernest Yost.
Firming tb? Relationship and
the Firft InterTlow?Dr. Chas.l
Wiagerter, Chairman. Horutl
Sorrlee Sertion. Wheeling Chap
s 14 Round Table DUeuatloni- 7 J
Edmonds I
1 I ear.i and Crante.
? ?!' m nis, allow r 's andl
A Adequate Relief I
4 Sources of Information abontl
I Some typical cases.
1.14 Dinner at Country club.
1:44 Music?Cimmunity 8mg Wal l
tor Rr.niia.on, director. I
1:11 Woman'* War Work In West I
Vtmlnta?Mrs. J. A. MeredliU.I
Its Marion count*.
* 9:M Home Service Work. What i*
Hut* to the Amer'ocn Iloiur
Dr. H. n. Hihbc. Jr.. Director
School of Social Service ami
Public Health. Richmond. Va.
Thursday Morning.
I:U Invocation. .Dr. J. H. P.rootu field
Me ate Tl.vrirlt Schrocri?r
:?l Work of Pot- !- Hr-.'.ti, Xnr*.
tat Service.Mr*. TV. T. Hrrtman
Home 8t:rle? and Tnbercitloa!?
..Br. Harriett Jor*. Wheeling.
1#:M Cooperation of oth" Agencit-s
with H->ae Service.
Pear Miunte Speech?#:
1. Wemcn's Club?Vr*. J TV.sl
tor Parne?.
t. County Court--Mr. Walter
S. Woman's Federated Club* of
Wr?; Virginia? Mr*. George
4. Ajc-vlated Cheriricn ? Mr.
Joseph R<?r(er.
5 Dr.r.lo Dr. L. K. Yost.
I. Free? Mr. Joseph Lehman.
Junior Red Croat;. Siiperintendcn*
' O O. Wilton, pretirlir*.
J:te Music?Mr*. Forrest Fankhnuter
J-IJ# Junior Red Ci<?*-. Orjcanlzatf >ti
and AeilvKlet?Mr. J. TV. Studehr.ker.
Associate Director.
American J.inior Red Crocs.
f:M-!:lS Reecbini the Horn* hv
meant of the children?Miss L!
Am W ntMAlAo
? mm am. imitvivi
Red Crt?r*. l>on*i?ec Division,
jge Amtrlctn RrO.
I;U4:H laapert'on of Work Rcinv.
motor ride mrt ?*a.
Mm. C. 0. Hen-- presidine.
|:M MuMc-M: Lamr. H-Kerfi-M
Addret* br member r:f The
Kara teg Bureau. Washington,
1 D. C.
| [_>ik)NONGAH~j
I At Cook Hospital.
Miss LIMhn Waikiin*. the dautthlci
M Bar Watkiae, of Thoburn. ij at
hospital la Palnnoat, where
Week aha wader*eat an (juration .?>;
tabeveeleaia of the glaodr. Uar \\
bin* baa beea la military service for
Km gaac roar an-l uuriug bin ab?i.n<'
bis daagbter s*? been ua>i?g alia
Mr aad Mrs. L'ovd ttatkis*
To Camp Lee.
Hr. aad Mrs. CUyi'.u Cautpb.tM lefi
Maacagfik Ir i night tor ? *<n !.<
Va.. rhere f.? fiwr I* In mi !ttr/
\t aerobe. Mr. Cfmpb* I rr.-'.M ?
Jdeia.ifel jrogfrrdav- and rei'irtid J-.
eornirg with bis wif*.
Children'* Day,
A ' ? i - vi v r?
*' die.--- ice
?????^ ^
( Y CO
[ustcm: r -boN'T f
foe SVajfcPT r ^ JT5
fctTH You r?
Ut aclKJ
LjV :- f cH
YOU'R? A NUT (' /??
A?-c R'C.MT, ) \XI
/mkicj I'M A p _Vf?
zzj?&rr* \^"' [ "i
/I (' ^^til }
(0 JUL" Jy
j- ^32
I .
| Children'* D.iy p,v*ram jirf.r-.tcl h
] hi ni "tiilirrs of ihe K 1". iiuilil)
arhcul. The pr <zr: 'n v?J.< .1 v.:. i. i i?|
M on Saturday i ..i iarr. 1 'm' i i <:
iml and vas hl.rhl\ apprei .tied hy ijo.
' :uany peiple alviitli'.i.
Bey Scotils ' ) Meet.
A !?) lin; 'r the 11. ..i t> >|> <?," U it
' i'i.iiiIs will !>. Ir ;d i:i tiic inVica of!
, .Mayor T. li. Pi ire in! "Vi-nina. hrj;..;
; itita i?l "::!() orl xV Tile S' min vi!l
ir (.rerenii'd with literatim'. nd i^lvci
! further inttru'i.i.n i- t> ?' -!r ii?ite
rr rton'*. I* H It uyiani tlut rll tic j
! (urging to the m>: |? h" f .i n'..
1 Mr anil Mr-. t'.ajhins were
!:i I.uliIm r?:ii .? :i -o.i < Ming i
T* -mis.
! Mr*. Howard Meredith v\..r a calle.
I .o Kaiuion' yciti-r.lay evening.
Duff Mcrri.i was an out of town vl?-1
.tor yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo X. 8#ttcrfle1d m l
fami'v spent yesterday at Valley Fall*.
ICcymonn aud Leo Salvatt wort calling
In Fairmont yesterday.
: *
Mrs. Katie Stursekov Dies
in Fairmont Hospital
As Result of Burns.
Mrs. Kaf* Smrgekov. of >!cG?e. ff.
V? . died at Kairm-jnt liur pit &\ \'j.
yciterday afternoon m the remit n.
burns she wived aersral ilavy ar.o |
when sh" ntt> mp 1 to save lite llfo 1
of her three m irth' old child, which '
reri-hed in tin- ilanu tthlch ilc-itrovsd I
| theit dwelling.
The woman * nl < hiM were alone In
I lli?ir house when five v. , ilisi uvered
j !iv this woman, >h might of which is
, !ic? unknown, and hi attempting to
i rescue the infrnt who was in the part
1 of the house whTr the flrntas origi-!
I titled she was to badly hurnad that
1: t'cli ,.th ensued vt 'rdi.y.
I Shr was brought to Fairmont hor-1
p.ui Saturday . iiTa.H.ii 1:1 a .
| condition, tetanus having dev. loped. J
1 She was ?'< y. ir of age ami is err-j
I viTtil hv her lot.band who arena-,
ipj.iml Iter i'? thr |i >?pjtnl.
: Th? body of the woman is at thr 1
] C'tti. iiuklia nimorgue where is v,a;'
pr. pursd for uurial.
Will Establish
District Office
Th" Western and Southern I.ife
It. i!n.iH? company. of Cincinnati!,
t?. has e.ctublishod a district oftire in
I Fairmont. its hi dtiuwrters being In
the nevenr Building. Branch offices
will he located at Claxkrburg. Mor.
KB n town and Grafton G. K. Wolfe. '
! of l'arl.ersburg. will be the manager
j of th? Fairmont district.
This ai an old rsnabll -.bed romping
whl'h was incorporated under thr
{ L?w? of the State of Ohio in 1SKS, ami ?
wrufi i"au:in;'i iiu oruinary wo
tntiurance. The coutpaay alto ha? of- :
flrv;, in V.'heeilnc. IVrkercbtir*. Huntington
ard t'hrrloslou.
Bastile Day in
Chvirch&s of City;
IT .it* <ii4?iit:nJen<i day c.f Franco
wr* Mi l??!v ob.*r?tl In Ncvorat of
lfc? c ltv r Sinrt li? s yr .terd.ie v .ion the
Flatten I'ati-iual hvnm the SlarMiS
lair- tu ? inr. Mid rHer n <* * ??
mot* from Ih? pupil* to t!te r.a'il ;
*i-v of i'tuT,-" Fourteen > ir.i and
i?n day elapsi-d font th* tinte Amor
lien declared tier Ittdepndanre iindl I
iHHM M llkevri.e. la m my of the |
I riturcjir;. tlie fleft* o' I'rar ? w -re
ituna ' 't th- .'.I.rrl .m It^-a cad rtitr
|r.? lit** rendition ?f tit" MaratilUita
the rudienre stood at a'tentlou. ^
lverett true
ip re erPLflfM THff U)HOt?
. THI^G. INJ a
\ | fyp.
\ W \i
I ItvrV J/rtL
rm;{ >^lqae
iil 2
*. I
'\ ? 1
< V .f
K'v \
Hpv v "
' J '
/i v /^N?I?
^ _ aJMgfc
FAIRMONT, July 1! [Hllor Til
V .-t Virgin iaa | rfcn rcoi-nt advane
in the water r:;'i t in this city h;>
raised a storm of protests and it i'
i. .'taps an opportune tinte to lirin:
up *1 sliiCiS i?l?n 3* in whether or no
i Uiv rai:.o was justified on th
ootids of <';y or expediency.
Perhaps .i v ry *m?li pticenlax.' n
t!ii" water nana in the city ore ro.ivut
sent with the siiua.iou in reieronce t<
our water nipjnv system as it exist.
. iay and a i?r,< f description of tfci
plant iti r'uerul may not he amirs.
The i; t reservoir const, ed of tit
two t.rekl i.tiinr. on the summit of whai
was known a. Hamilton's hill ant
these tank?, with a capacity of abou
I'PP.OOO, settred until tlie procmi rts
fivoir vra; litiiU.
T he main rescm ?lr when cr.iuplet
el hr 1 a cmacky c1 about 21 uiilliot
rdlons anil tlie filter baain ad.urm
it bold ob'jiit oat million gallon?
iiiter ha m has been cleaned cu
.ico ihoir contraction and thue i
- . br.ldy a dr ., > !i of mud, e'.iiutt aut
l, > wr.. ,? ihi: t?.? to a depth of set
jl te>' in (iic bri m of tha mall
n u> tlisi their mm bind capacltie
...Id bo r;>, t native'./ rated a
;>.rjt IS million railcns, or about fon
r.t.d a h :!i" days supply in case of ta
t"! failure at the p.nr.pini, station.
The old pimpine plant in the Kirs
rmH. just across tile riv.-r fr:i:n Tifti
; trcet, wis operated un'i! the lira
1 art of the y~ar 19)2. tt was eauip
tied with old stylo I toilers and v?r:
iiict'flclent pumps which were of ui
rh'-olcte design whej purchared.
Two 12 inch lines led from the ol<
pumping piam to tlie present ro.>ei
voir, one of which was the puwpint
line uu 1 the oihcr ihc supply main f
the city. Uoih of thcan lines aro r.jv
utilised as supply mains, one runn.m
under the river t Fifth street am
tiarten nrenu* and the other to tin
river bridge and along Mvliron street
Thn naw pumping pia-.it was roa
rtrncted in 1911 on Tygartu Valle;
liver about half a inilc above the live
junction and c' liio same time a
inch pumping main was laid from the
new plaut to Hi" reservoir, a diatanci
< f about a mil.* n.'.d ;<i a rise of nsartj
r 10 vet above 'i.e river. The equip
nieiit a' tu!; plant ronslrts of tan 2.V
li. I'. wa'T tun.- boilerj. one trip',
expansion dir set-acting duo!?:: eon
t'.jn?'n"? ant! one cro -compound eo .
den. log fly wheel vamp, earn havir
r eaptiiir of 4 million fallonr p?- :
''-.tirr. Th?- pumpr and holier* v.*eup
to da.c v.ii< n purchased, anil at!!
' is, and he p:ant has proved to hav.
en a very send investment for 'h<!
y. A few mi: ur improvements bev;
ocen made during the past .car o
!vr years and there have been no te
riuua hreak-dot.u'. or sUui-dowus dur
late this perlo!.
Either pump will fumirli eno.itl
r to supply the pi-ne "is ;
n. rmal demanda. bar vrben It Is rv
membered that there is only abon
lour and a half days upply In the res
crvolr when it la full, and it la no
usually fo. ami considering the pro*
p etlve Increase in demand, it is ap
parent that the day Is not far dia
laut when ihp pumping rapacity wll
have to be Inr-eaaed or the consnmp
lion ami wairaifo roaurea.
Addition* n*v?? brfii made to th<
iistrihjtirs mailt* in !hp itfrerts (run
i,hip to tiwp to krpp f?>? with tit
MBaM MM '' ?iiui imt
Muvmio l to >a,?*
r->Rice$ito ?!?! Uy Drvstftis
Tmij w?Ui ocfc l-r"b ur r+i}*d am tm; j ft
For lnfaats and Childrri
In Use For Over 30 Years
Alwri Irrr* ^1
Sigoatirtof CSl&ffl&C&t
It--- 'aa I
' growth of the city aad a few oM lines
| hare bee* renswed. Danger supply
mains (row the reservoir to the wktrains
In the streeta will toon he accessary.
j It rcav be ?s:d In passing that onr ,
' per capita rater con* caption 1* up
werd of 27A gallon* each 24 boon
nrhlch i* rerr ntach above the average
of about Itg gallon*. Carelessness and
breakage in re-.ervolr mains and aheer
1 waitcfttlncar account for a rood part
1 of tills t-xiaasivc demand and this
should aot bo tole'aied in these time*
j of 1ar savutx ami shcrtage of fuel 1
Leaky bibcock., and float values la
I tetle' tanks arc rc-p .utble far a good
par! of be wattage Another najustll.aVe
demand comes from Miowirg thr
ster u run (instantly ci-trtng cold.1
weather to prevent irresias due to j
lanl'v p'utuo.. s
Tin- Ir^-.rllaiion o' meters la the an-,
sr. ar ;o ihu (j-.tcs iin cf preventlcg i
c 7ne tr'tfl: city foiratlisionerr
have inatallc I meters at p.act'
ccily rll place; --here titn i >n map .
; tlon is.1 ?r^" at Ic.w rate*, but they
I hsve not at - 1 r.v,' the situs' Ion in re:
gari t - the three thousand or more
j .mail consumers. ,
' "i b in; up to ihc Po'nt o'
iii i",.-c-i??.i)U of ihi' ro-w rat- l wbb.i
c?o -ersr ied 1v a v?r !arS* majority |
oi i >r rtnei as iil.t'u and oinroittn'.,,
iV.a'j ..? ?'imn.l*:.iorcr3 tool;
clia rgi- -.t *> ?.: c.imuicaly and j
Irreiy tone.;*! that the cater supply |
system prodjed s net revenue <>, upp
o.riunte:) fifty tiiocaul dollar* per
' V 1
This tfoui.1 loc't like b::rlrr<<;
j fion: an >. Vi ?y vi ?Tr.aiat :or a p.-:-'
!' ta tauwpri tii ike b.;.t astkarH
ti?s r.: j-il poveratrcn. ?c;ar? j
. i a very ba-i fcaainer?.
Kai'i water consumer and uxoayer j
i.? perforce a stockhoidar in uie mariripnl
wner mirk: icmpaay and ij
r.ti'lel 13 i.II ilie benefits derived I
ibo-errom. \v a i'o not suppor" lor a
mtntiat !i. i an; prMlc fuid here
j ljjr:i .variprisue 1 v.itbou' rfcair to
tlP properly onscHow, thrs. j
i..*; ho on:* I a thin way. Tly? i
| : :.n rou n:.mul no' rove iue fro:? water I
! collection';, as an instanc. I.- d< podted '
in ill" bank ?;r expend' I in ether i's
parucents b ft ?r? 'a severs. 1
: ore und po ice departments, public
building-, etc.
It la true that I he stockholder in the
i water ciop-in;- zero the b? ie3t rf hii
si ire o't'*.* t.f*,00d. but Instead of If
I l> :ng r 'lined to Ilia It is expended
in uepuri rent", which should b" maintained
cnlv bv the dire.-t I . levi-s,
therefore i: i? exact'y . q liralcut to
' (lift miiPu of at. in. r'a.o in h.< taxes,'
tl'OLjh it doesn't sppeir as such on '
0 the hooks.
1 Teat tiiio method cf taxation I; un
' ji'fit will be tueu from ISo loilow.i;
* example: A owns praporiy to the''
amount of $100,000, has three mera-|
' i bcr in bis funiilv anil four water out-'
i li t.* in hie b hup rnd his quarterly .
: wnier bill is JO. H owns propertv j
* j tahtcd at Je.tfO", l.ss :ix meat hers in j
* h:- family ; nil thr: wrier outlets ard
: h:s quarterly water bill i.; J5. lioth A
>' and II therefore pay the same trx 'rom
: J tl> source to the common levy fund
j ailiiou'h A'a a"lufinent hould be
" ' twenty time; that of ft. These rascu
I ' are ucicnl and no' hypotlie'ical, hence
I! the injustice of unduly high water
: i rates. Of course if we wcra sewed j
, by a private company Instead ot by a t
I municipality II would have to pay his >
- bill Just the same as at h;s arocer'a,
i but we hare uc liing to & > with a pri-'
*: rule company in this case end H is a (
. j stockholder In the municipal plant by
t compulsory subscription.
?| Xow It may he maintained that the
1. oatfaurUinnrily hiii'coet of luol, labor
"I and npp'les Je*tWea the recent In
1 j crease in water rcttn. In opposition
' In ihis nlca 1st us fir*' ask what ha".
! became of that $f>0,000 net annual
revenue. It vould rarely ri a loan
y way t > wards moaun.x th? extra co-t I
above noted, in fact it should more j
t than suffice. If the net revenue ties ;
i riir appeared or n?i been much reduced i
t hy what sort of c.anazeaiant lias this
- MM brought ?l. ..it over aud above the
luireaped coat of ici' " a.id material?
' In 1914-1S th-* to' y of operating
i 'he pumping plant cue year was $11,l|
<: 19.71 to which tlierj is to be added
Mtrbead "aJ/sw. rur't at depr-5
ciation, cnrtneerlrig and fixed charges
i approximately SS.IOf. so that the tital
r inuring cxpeti-es were approximately
; $19,953.71.
' In the year Just ended the price o' ;
51 co.-.l Mi-. -, ab ,ut Ihtee times tha* of
I&l4. and the eaglnc>rs. flivaicn ami !
c supplies cast mere so that th" running !
' expenses should have t. :*n apt.roxi- '
r matt iy *2S.S.~>0 a? aR insi Sll.Gfh.71 in
* 1514. No nuch iv.crea'e is chargeable,
however, to overhead expimss :;nd the
' pumping plant should have cost r.pr
proximately ?!17.201 nn?re last vosr j
; than in 1915. 1- ihc same manner the !
?| '
From Suffering by Getting
Her Lydia E. Pinkh&m'c
Vegetable Compound.
, Pittsburgh. Pa.?" For many month*
1 wu not able to do ray work owing to
? weakness wnieh
1 I lllllllillillltllllillill! baekache
I lUflniflhjllli | and headache*. A
' I friend called my
VI I1 attention to one of
"I 1 Waicw^aiilli your newspaper
' I mTJ Tllllll advertisements and
' I IiIhE i immediately my
M husband bought
! I I <flk5?*''i HI II three bottles of
(' ' 'A , i 'I Lydia E. Pinkham'a
i Vegetable Com,
pound for me.
r After taking two
. bottlee 1 felt fine
and my troubles caused by that weakness
are a thing of the past All women
who suffer as I did should try Lydia E.
Pink ham's Vegetable Compound."?
Mrs. J as. Rohxbeko, 620 Knapo St,
N. 8., Pittsburgh. Pa.
Women wbo suffer from any form of
weakness, as indicated by displaceir ents,
' inflammation, ulceration, irregularities,
hacksrhe, headaches, nervocanesa or
"the b!ti?a," should accept Mrs. Hobrberg's
su; gestion and give Lydia L
Pink ham a Vegetable Compound a
thorough trial.
For over forty years K has been
correcting such ailments. If you have
mysterious cnmofications wrte for
advice to l.vdia E. Pinkbam hlsdi&ue
Co., Lynn, Mass. I
KG, JULY 14.1>ML
tott of repairs, xunli ud malnten
uh of tha water main ahonM hate
ccat from 1# to 13 iBousaad dollars
man than ta 1?H. While than A*
met are not taken from the recorda
they are believed to be libera! r.na
would show an approximate lacretee I
M M to ."5 thousand dollars on Ml
woik* expend It tiree iatt year over ;
those of lilt.
Extension* to the ayatem. such as
new water main;, are not property
cLaifteahle to operating casta pa they j
ehould bring a proportionate amourt ;
of new revenue*, otherwise the money
would be wrongly expended.
Storm sewer- are cbv.onsiv no part
of the water works ?y?tem and likeWisa
the sanitary -ewers are no morr
a pari of tho later supply sya.em that,
raixueys on the homes are a pan of'
the gas supply sytten:.
In addition to the depart inents not-j
rj above as being favored b" the
water system and burdening the small
prapettr bolder 'h?ve toother item
of considerable Importance whu h -.as
b:eu overlooked - that of the firo hydran<.?.
Many cities o-vnirg their own ,
water p'ants allow a credit of from.
5>;D to 130 per vear for each hvirnn?
which tltey would have to pa' any pri
?.;i ' UU|y..;i? . lilt ' 111 l' ail m 'up"K.
tratc; f.r w.'n.vit ed iprir.k
Jlo*r the r??r.fo? ?: 'h ;*p " t >. *
Ii ! ' no return a . r nigh tit<
liave ijv .<< :a<.n ti-: n-i d~i
L'. iu "hese appliances ,)i:u i? pip
n* r.oce: ** ; to c ?im-?t : . : > th'mains.
Water consumers mu p) in audition
to thai (]Ur.r?r'y I ili. . !l * * -.*-? . ;
lor siskin-: the taps t? tne a.ain* i..nl
are required to buv ati m. -cr aed
par lor Inatalioi.- thcni. as wed u.- \
thi ?fir ice piping f-tKi 'or c:i-o b: t
to the meter, ind none o. tu- ii?-g
art exacted by cither th? pa or electrie
companies. It ;hou:d in- I. , no;
ir- mind that the rev. a :os iu 1IIT-11
rhorlti show in lucres-e ov : tin
It* IMS on account <> the adiiith i: <>.
new con--umcrs during the: period
which rrauld go tonrros oit;..:ins !
iiiphcr running espeu? *.
I'por the lw.es of pumping three million
Rsllon.t ea< b "! tou-s th- "otal
liuntpHg" a t'le1 ane -nt ><? 1 l.lil. -it.
% nii'ilon ?Vlon?- t : year v inch 1> a
ru.: ervative -tlynar Wi ? f?
accurate ciarrl'lcttion ''.,e to-al average
amount during the past five 1
years ran bo ne-ounted for a. follows:
I'riTate consumers TOO million gal
Industrials 1M million gallon:-.
Street and fire departments to miij
lion gallons.
Wastage, private, lad mill on gal-{
Wastage, industrial, 3) million gallons.
Loakare from reservoir and mains,!
TO million gallons.
Total, l.loo million gallons.
l.'pon a meter hr.sia the collection'
tr?.t?i nrivntn rnnvimfpn wnii 1J r <2r'i
$25S.0(i4 find from ii>du?trUis at S cent |
Cross receipts per v?ar. With all pa
14,600. mpkini .i total of fCOti/Otit j
tie* or meters It i* probable (hut the I
wastage would ha reduced nt least CO |
per cent rutting down the gross re-j
When bu
at the idee o
"We can
they say. T
vertising is ir
The reel
?to slowly e
of the integrit
of the goods.
Such pre:
It means a si
market is glu
maneree of g
Perhaps 3
doesn't mean
j years from n
when your coi
Iraents to won
ship is ruinou
| " Every bu
' bright or gloo
present day r
In every i
one concern, q
tion for fiitun
its trade marli
dren who are
The Corn
three manufac
but who have
Corman I
19 WEST 4<
Visit Oi
Tomorrow, the Next Di
July Clear
But the sooner you con
You may never have
seove seasonable merchai
tion? of from 23 to 30 i>er ce
the pi'ioe on the uirds indie
real value. Come Tomorn
come, You Will Not Regret
Or.o ra< k full nf Btrwt lio-js? |
r.ntt i><" i'i <ir ? or cmp'tni.
lawn. r? lo, linear nud percale.
Well ti de. all sirce. to >1.8#
value* $V00
Ore r;i k full of nuie a:rr*
aprtrR 'i?l . c turner oats if ml
* >! i - *. Shi-pli r I < k k?
l.atti.tt weave r'M'' r,, . S;v ? Z
13 12 v.tltlf i to I'll .?!? ?* .. $1.53
}"e (all rack of notr. in'.* lart*
and n: 1 in nil wool amHf.mi.
popl n<. : ;il ?t\J <
Vr..i;" to $10. t'bo.i . . **.
tin-. rj. i. f'tii o v :! : -i
v. at! fori, i . Stl ;.,.i
n nine, Mhi|.h?nl Clu".
.i re ts ;o M I ' '
to *? ? Choice ?-2.38
I iAJTOf<f?c
r >ipl* to ......I redo. In* the |
tltiiv rimpaiki' io tvo a-id a huh' rill-1
linn (talloD.'. or <12.. per year /or r.o-h
riu::. women an 1 < hi In in die city an'!'
C-C.O for ends a/rrate famliy.
Vfhethc" or rot the collections nave
reached this mm during the paat f.iur!
or five yein thrv would re.-rh It tf
ail water wr-rr :-ie* r? 1 ? xc-tpt >alt*g.and
?ii:t urd l?y tl ii-i ?' nn.-ttcent. j
w I
rlrcn I' but one it If o' tbo four tall t
lion wi'.lar.r pumped dally leathod the j
tommer*' meters the annual collec-1
lion would re clone to t IOM80 whirh
I o < im 'srgely la eject.* of the cor:
liined < iarati.ii. ma'ntenanca at?d |
ovrrh ?d expe-ise-..
In i iber cities the condition* a?dj
eater rater are so variaH'e that it 1*'
diilicult to m.tki comparisons but verv j
ft w of tbein nave flat a id me.er ra:e .
a Barg
siness is rushing, most busine
f advertising.
't fill our orders? why adverti:
hey cling to the fallacy that
leant to increase to-day's sales
function of advertising is to 1
stablish in the public mind a <
y of the trade mark and the ess
stige, once firmly rooted, meai
teady flow of profitable busint
ttcd with unknown goods?it i
ocd will.
you won't need to-day's ad\
p can be bought at a bargain i
mpetitors are too busy about <
y about the future, but the cc
s in dull times.
siness has a future. That fu
my according to the farsight?
industry there is an opportune!
uietly, and at little cost, to lay
e leadership by impressing the
: on the minds of all men, worn
possible users of the goods,
tan Cheltenham Company can
turers who are not necessarily
the irill to leadership.
Cheltenham Compai
if Counsel Adverti*
?!?. *
I jn ira
ur Store I
ly, in Fact Every Day
ance Sale i]
te the better your picking,
another opportunity to j
ndise of merit at rednent.
Yes; in some instanced |C |
ate about on fourth of ite i| *
ow, Tell Your Friandi to
One rack full of woaw*? |k|>
bam rfrcsie* and lii|iiiai
Crepe Kimonaa. Valaea to fl
Choir# iial
On# 'ark fall of romn'i aM
mum' ii-?s?#a of whit a rofl
floir.Ti'd TOllr, pongee. (OtM
ere.l volt*, linen etc., TilnA
ft <t ro /iv
{i. ou I cirr M
<h;e rack fill of
Irisncs of Kinghaaas. Ill
rui'.e* r.sl llrens. Price . ,|H
Oao Ml of rhlldrna'a ifl
mi-j*-- ready in wear bid. VH
uc* 10 ?l >i choice
SGlffi |
wyCoKNB R " \0 J
~ - - ' J
*: hiith or blither than oor?. In Wash- 4
inctnn. iv c . rha rlfr of bleb coats, _j
tli> iMoraiiliiff fiat rstee ara a boat w
ore fou.'lb tboja v;r. are csl'ed epoo
io pay.
A l.t'i* turn of money was uyarflt
some years ar, < In filtration plaaU, al
our si ine tas n reserrolr and the stt'
e? aoar the steel tanks and both warn - I
?im<>it failures from the start. Nearly
i v r ii ,cr will attest to tba teal
; nt t!v quai.i v loaTss a great deal I
. h c kired We should hire bad a J
real filtration plant years age. Th#
filter lutein .it the main tueerrelr Ml 4
recently been rleaned?the flrst aleaa- n|
Ire It lias bad since It was built, bad
[i. ' ipi advisable for oar aara V
p ace of mind not to Inqaire too aloee>
I) In regard to the rondlttoa la Whieb J
it v\>n fottnd. "1
I itV
siin H
58 men lauc^
ic for more?"
to-day's adi.
mild prestige
ential quality
is leadership.
:ss when the
means a per
lav, but that
crtising two
n rush times
ielayed shipst
of leaderture
will be
A wisdom of
y to-day for
the foundameaning
ten andchil
serve two or
leaders now
iy, Inc. jdH
Inf Serrlca
- '

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