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WE pcwluhed DAILY kzcktA
to Ik' kAinront Printing ?:td Pi.Jill
*Tb? Weil Virginian B.tll?iinr. Artamr
*\ J. wnm. General All
Mm C. Hi.RBI.: ' I A. RAY ]
KUtOf. Ail'
Pliwm v. I i..
W MMin oJmthe acsqciatiI
TV Aaaaciated Prcr it eacli >lvuy t, I
l?. rasaMtcattdn of 1.1) r.'.w.- diejv nu crl
narvir* e.-eclf-ii In In A new. per I
v, nown nutll.ihi <1 h'ir'ln. All rlrhi* of icpil
dtapntchee her-In are aho rereni<1.
TMJBPHONEft-1 UN. lit;. AU d I
ttoeaah private est Inn|i.
P?> For elan Advcrtl. Irv It pi taenia tlve. It I
1JJ nftk Arinu*. Ni ? York; 1 f Walai I
BY MAlLr?(Tfya ..e lg gi -i. ' >>nl:'l
| tlx month*. U.o>. '.Iim mm.tu II 'A.
~ "ibnin...i? i.-,I , . ,,ni
pomha. J.* one month, So- . one *t
Three Oatitr
t ^Mg CJUtriJER-<r. .lr''V of F.t:r. or.'
One we? k. He. Jty carrier Tioee Cent!
Al! eubr- rtjrtJor.s payable in :4vun J
! When i.e! i.g Tor char.g! In addr ^ i
Imw iMrtn
I Enl? i ,-t ti.? t ,.t l
ae.-oml ' itm mott- r
Suberritien or our carrier rouo fiilii
Virginian any evening fhoclJ > :til ' W;
rate the fjcl and give nanc and r**W.,
rill d'liter a i, -r to vo ir ilre.i nt i
rv.rse to tt< ?e. riber for ~ : 'v.c?
? fiv unilnj; II-1 stand, t'j dn\<'.
Then jom m hands, have An
' o
IT was apparent in what the bis r
administration who canr.c line l.vt
while they were ui the Fairmont
IbuOetms that are beinir : ur<i l orn i
office of the Pror'utlicn cfivnoa of the
that the pesill III ill expects more sup
producers of the country ard that it |
then in all then relations svith the \
operators' astoeiat oir. .
That attitude, which has gone far
plain the! it is a settled policy. Ie?d<
movement which is now on in no, then
draw all the coal operators into mem I
ciaboo. It it certain that this a.ociakn
local cream ration of coal operators ij
membership is no larger than the asso
occupy the field, but the more membe
nearly it comes to covering the disti
more weight it will have when its re
' communication with the Fuel admmrtr
But there will be many r.dvantcgeoperator
ia membership in the North
Coal Operators' association. Inasmuc
is going to do practically all of its con
with representatives of the coal oper
membership in one of them will be th
which to keep posted on what is goir
industry. The man on t'lc out ide, wH
aide because he knows tint :-.riV:is cat
lot give him just as 3c ! treatment
producer gets, might find -.11 h.s plans
mm morning by suddenly being calls
\ trict representative of the Fuel admit
aba re of some movement that he knew
such a case equal treatment might we
ship that would have been avoided .f th
ported and prepared. And there t
!way? m which membership in the oigan
hnmtcial. not the least of which will
the planting for what will happen t<
after peace returns, which will be und
tsoaaJ Coal association in due time.
President wilson has wri
I pink whislcred representative of
of Illinois in the United Slate:
Lmris. imploring him to accept a rcac
tampi lit for reelecticn. And of c
And right gleefully will he exhibit t!
to him in the hope that the voters of II
male, will take it as a token that they
of ail rcqmuib-.l'ty regarding the $eie<
Id the best dressed man in the United S
As a piece of political strategy tii
K but senators and others who think tl
through the rapids of a pchtiral car
maneuver a direct endo: - out o
rurnhig two very grave ri?k\ One <
public asight not take kiiuj'y to this V
la nick and choore csiKcnru . w.
in ma case of Ford, ar.d is no v ?.'cne ii
of Lewis. It is all very well for th<
Congress after it is elected. 1 hat is
?ur politcal traditions, and. the I jar
could not get along without it. But
; ? thing to attempt to say whom the pcop
voters aught to be permitted to have
lime of war.
The other danger concerns the publ
would concern the candidate a whole
opera* am* (hit, and mat is tne
naiJiUl aaght not see his way dea
which is thrust upon his attention. V
addition to being one of the ablest f
Nrt vi aatoUt pinched ever th<
K reek ecd.
/pparcntly moat of them barn learn
fd to be careful even If they hare nol
experienced a change of heart
Orer at Waebinnton 'her are think
L. tag of ratfjn ? tcbien, the papers
Wonder If that m? au* that we II
have to nnotj the stuff evnr ot?c.
piys we know think u tobacco?
e e e
It oertniniy would not he Bikini the
L di
- ~ ?
. * ^ t |*A| ' country tm is
Ulfl(lll~* would ret HeriiVe
^ though.! it v.'ould b
"lQM' " fortunes of Woodn
ar.-i Qntaey 8t;. the tlircw ocami *
Harvey. the editor
1 discovered t'r.e poll
rertlattiC Manager. Prince'on, end Col
'cukitipu >un.r*r. Couner
0 pse&o. Wilson upon tly: pc
i ?^d of;;taH
*iii ain?. th? lo-*. pave t*en all treir
j.i'iilon ?< bp'i lul , unch o, (he ^
^ru?.n?r?a-t^ . lW? rot doing h
pie and he began to
7,iu:?'?**>? Ha.ncyv n
3u Ave . fi ici< place \Miere he Imc
*** heart and soul
On. year lift' . WlitOT j>i?t V.'rCte
,nc month. ?.- hnuified air and a!
* y*ar. ?. 00; nr. 1 ,
><* 15c. l'?r rf. a i.irvcy has bztr. a
1 Ore raor.th. ai,d that i . what he
I ihc While he us# am
[ivt oM a? W'll r. f
; the n
West Vlr*tnl?. j q ppXIFIC den.
tik call | ^ Herding that C
* | : he made in the
K In *ft i 'if1 I. 1 mj-'M f\( Rciclu
ESTEKN I'NION. alii.ee 01 inc 'scicii
. < .-mi ' rr.. a" > we have yet had t
Teutonic conscoufn
Herthng rays t!
13> j.(1^ program regarding I
rauy 24. But tin
rive on the west frc
they were ringing a
which interests the v
W hat :n the fiudi of I
malting the German
intc.ntioa* with reg<
| many. There was
statements that wen
But now that do.
tcrs ^id it eculd bi
talk abou' holding
lions. They Merer
i.g uc fJI. to their senrcs and
lti xcra ail. useless bloodshed t!
the German armies
cor/iTinv an(* Belgium and i
soc/a tion. make a peace by th
nen from the hue! removed.
week had to say
regiou. and tn the The Times sees
ime to time at the ;jV* character of If
Fuel administrat. . liirh was introdu
poit from the cor -(0n the conduct
irefers to deal wit nartnwnt to do
jovtrnment throy ' ;n|r> po.dcl sen
'hat there should
enough to make ihdrav.-al of tral
i impoitance to t' the industries I
a West Virginia to . it it is signifieai
isrship in one a,:c- pn|y braneh o
n will be the larg" ". '!way renin t I
i the country if its ... , t0 <all attentit
ciations which no-* etmnt it it Is a pi
rs it has; the men: :p th-.- v.-hole unra
ict completely, the t. action.
Drescnlatives arc in
l'*>11, .... . Lord Robert Ce<
affairs. announces
em West Virginia : . nationMn the
i as the government i0rmed
an econoni
wltmg and planum- ,.iMy ho,(|s ou, (h
ators organization. Iir f,rawn lt >8 th
e only sure way m of ,hf PniMUn
i? to happen in the ...ain?t ?10 Gern
10 stays or the out- 0. ou?h for G
i be done that dcr it w|? ho
as every ether cor.. lhat lt wl? tal:(, ,,
knocked galley weu ,he fw m>in(llg 0.
id upon by the dr
lift rat ion to do his
... . . | In another rohu
nothing about. In . , , .. .
.. . i prints a letter to
11 cause giea' hare- '
, L I. tion of the t\ater
e operator had been ,, ,
.. | which every taxpa;
ire numerous other I , .......
ij the point that the
izahon would pros e ...
. is not in accordan
be participation in ........ .
.. i j . and if that is true I
j the coal industry , .
ertaken by the Na- a frank d,,ca"lon
A Massachusetti
ball 's a non-pro<Ii
look too as If the I
tten a Utter to the He that It is at 1
the sovereign state
s Senate. J. Ham
minaticn and make SHO
I LI ...:ii '
ic President's letter A?? b? ,br ***
. . j / ase? Bulging *
lienors, ?r.cle and ie- ? ieenis to have eivc
have been relieved Dominion.
"t:on of a successor
itaicc Srr.alc. Although Mr. Ci
is IS pretty smooth. ,,I?t he,?? th? a,,r
, i i where intnnatrs t
try tan tide safely lcreM.-HunttncU
ripaign if they can
f the P.erident ere w.. are rontinui
>f these it that the Hand t*<' Russian
H?:le house attempt L-rra' twdentnEdii
done in Michigan ' "ri 1
i Illinois in the case any ,vont ?
t President to boss this time about wh
in acordance with Mali.
d knoivs. Congress
it is quite another abo?t
le sh^ll e'ect The rPClly wi,hout
le snail e.ect. I he , the Cioch-Slovr.ks
some rights even in
Dispatch"* fr<
ic very little, but it j Yanks are takinc
lot if it started to ,f onl>' ll,ey reo,te
possibility that the
r to chalk the hat
, . , Hurley, linker en
/oodrow Wilson m ran ,n hC|p
olitical leaders this ' Wheellne News.
world sate for democracy, or anything
; else, to put ut all on a ration of some
! of these thing? that ret hy the inter*
! not revenue collector us cigarettes.
Wonder who this Miss Ro e Pastor
ts hn h?q inon m.il '??? /i.iilnie
urf of the A'ronlfther. is?
What it wrong with that superman
It seem* to have lost its per
That's one of the drawbacks of the
I superman pose
The people rho take it seriously
cipe< t too much.
I'nlasa the Teuta on the front do.
some thine *000 Teuta at home, J
one of ike mod cold blooded, ard be
lo tern a Democrat down hud if ke1
* fc;"*r for the policies and
iv/ Wilson to do m>. One of tre meet
Is of our recent political history sew
rh.ch Mr. Wilson gave Col. George
of the North American Review, who
U:a! potentialities of the president of
. Henry Wa t -cn. tre editor of the
Journal, who helped Harvey !aur..'i
>!:ticul ai v\ m winch he ubsequer.tly
so fa/. Both Harvey and W'atterson
I've; I,r: Iced up \v;th the Wall street
ocsacy a-.d Wilson got the idea that
irn any good v.ith the mass of the pcoi
get uneasy about the backing he had.
sancvcrcd urtil he had V 'son in a
ight Wi! on would have to 'ay*.that he
for Harvey and all Harvey flood for.
a r.cie wliich had ail the frigidity of
!! the explosive effect loo. Colonel
pol.Pcal Down and Outer ever ire.
il! ror.L' i'ic to he until W!i on !e- *
d gee*, into retirement.
al by Imperial Chancellor Count vsr.
jcrmar.y means to ke p Bc!f;ium, which
1 course cf hiv perch lo the main coir.iag
la. t Thursday. is the be t evidence
hat it i bt< inri.tg to dawn upon the
ess thai German) is whippc J.
:c German government stick' lo ihc
Btlvi'.'.ti which w; laid down on I'chit
was a month before the gr?.at offenint
began. and by the middle of April
nolher song in Lie-din. Il is that too"
vorld the more ju't row, for it is certain
he gains which the German armies were
p- pie told the actuel t'uth about their
ird to Belgium and the foes of G-rno?
much comfort for Be^-iuin in the
t comi.'g out of Germany a! that lime
ubl that the army can do what its ma?egms
to 'pre.-d. Berlin again returns to
Belgium as a pawn for future negotialevcr
more mistaken. L'nlcss they ccmc
surrender like l.ec did to avoid further
lere will be r.o peace negotiations until
are b"atcn hack out of northern France
all chance for Germany to attempt to
e "on the ba is of the map" formula i*
in a resolution regarding the A<feeit
mail service to ?fie army in Fiance,
r (I by Senator : itherlnnri. an atlaric
of the war. V. hat has the postofflc
with the eoneuet of the war? Tlie
ice o: the country demoralized,
has. b en some trouble is tin to the
led men for inlet in tin tray an-l
that offer higher ray hut natural,
it thr.t the postoiTiee d< partment is
f the government that has made no
Is trouble?. It In time some one bc>n
to this conditoa. and while he was
ty Senator Sutherlcnd did rot bring
itisfi'.etory postal situation tor inveso
til. British under secretary of foreign
in a statement Irjuivt at London that
war agr.in.at the Central powers havo1
Je association. And the longer Gcre
tlthter the economic Idicl-tade will
int Ir.ct which makes the holding out
military pnrty such a great crime
inn people. The situation is had
err.iacs now. but by this time next
ich v orae. So niueli w orse in fact
eraries to r pair the damage done in
added strife.
inn this evening The West Virginian
the editor regarding the administra
department of the city government
rer ought to read. The writer makes
policy behind the Water department
ce with the best municipal practice,
the city government ought to welcome
of condition!
> draft board hes decided that br.seictlve
occupation. It is beginning to
magnate soon vil! be willing to coneast
. what's become of the "wool shortvnrohousrs
and government control
n it the knockout.? Morgantown New
lilton adroitly *rel;? to make it appear
lointcd ot the administration. he nohat
politics has as much as taken a
>n Herald-Dispatch.
tlly reminded that we do not und rpeeple,
hut have lh? Russians any
lg of themselves? Wheeling Intolli- ^
in<lenhurg is not doinc any boasting 1
at he is intending to do.?Charleston
? we ran pronounce Bolshevik! corag
a knot In our tongues, along come
.?I'nlontown Kvening Genius.
atn the American front state that the
to writing poetry. T.r.t's ali right?
it to the enemy. I'arkcrsburg News.
? ' O' 11
s the war will end in 191 it. Schwab,
d many othsrs are doing everything
pro\c the truth of this prophecy.?
t " '
, where they are :,tarving. will think1
i thev have developed a yellow streak.
Which probably will not be far from
I rljht.
Notice that they are comparing C
W. to Rowan, the r.aval guy who "carried
the message to Garcia." I
Bat C. \V wj'jliii'; c? t rnea-'
. rafr?*.
. . .
i He'd Ju t send I'lcir
Who doesn't weigh as much and,
makes loss uol.-e when ho travel*.
. ?
Although, came ta thint of it. C. W.
Isn't exactly what yau would call
| noisy,
- * " * . ? ? ' * "
JULY, 1?18. Court
Commences Tc
From the low prices quote
% here now, you might telieve th?
^ * the old pre-war schedule is con
S iog back. But don't he mislec
$ These selfsame goods are costin
(? ^ more almost by the day, in tli
^ wholesale market. In many ii
stances we could not buy ne'
C^. goods for the prices we're no*
offering them to YOU! We ca
<y almost give you our unqualifie
rKt\ guarantee that practically ever
July Sales offering will be* highe
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for summer, Fall, and as far ir
(an est'ma*e ',our n^ds!
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les, correct to the
smallest stitch. Even C(
though you have sevoral,
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Easily afforded, too.
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these. r
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r V i n fir iiilif tii ^Hi t r ii
B lilfflliiaHldb
' > I
iteys* Store News
>morrow at Ei
Here is Our
i! Answer to the
? Rising Costs
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kV the store has many offerIV
ings to contribute to this
n drive against rising prices.
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"t A-ytJi?# ght
o'Clock |
Undoubtedly the most important
July Sales we have ever held/j
begins here tomorrow morningM
at S A. M. Merchandise is scarc^
wholesale prices are steadily ria
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i z 1 i r*
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Sale price M
un / $2.90
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Lot No. 5?
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Approval RiW)on for H?ir
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the Past j Special Sale Price I ^
There is always an occasion I J
A Dressy Skirt I J
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Kimonas _
of cotton crepe, sometbinc that la ihMJl
I'seful Rose. Pink, Copen and Pale Staa.
Roth plain end toured. Formerly anil
-t it so in On account of betas i
rUghtly rolled?Now ^ M
Millinery?The Last Call!
Hera la one table of Hate thai mmg |
wornon will find good aerrlcothlo *MA I
in. To coee them oat, we an afcaaat
giving them away at
>i i tfrT'i
108-110 Main M M
| H
ln? fcS *il

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