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Piffles in Boots.
y Vtiset.it C. Ptrry.
^vfCopyrlgJit. J91S. by the McCIur' I
Xcurapapei Syndicate )
K.T 1X4 iookaii at thr
I\ ehock ir h-r hand and groaned !
( Throe hundred dollar-- and
hid expected at leaat three thousand
To tM*!; that her h jpta h..-i been ;
dashed o the gr >unu in sttrh a w?y. i
II was unkind of h?r Aunt Matilda to )
I leave taor forme* sv bn hiv li "ul'< 1
nephew and leave soeh a paltry : urn
^^Mo her. her
MM!) notified tbnt she wan one of tha
nflclzrlss of the will ah.*' had park-!
H her things for a varat,on i;.
Ti of hard wo.t were over frr a
Hie. she derided, but now she could
HuothJng bii tre her hut long tedious
1 In <lie offlri-. Seven years r
Hjong to be a stenographer, and
^ama heartily *ick of it. Th" t
Hht of a typewriter made her head j
H If the (,,r< k nad been tor three
Hand she would hare l>-? n able
He a long vars'lon- n year at the I
Htoast. tier aunt could Just an
Hhare left he rthree thousand at
hundrrd from her estate of over
hundred th unhand dollars,
visa had been so eager to see tlip
eck aba hadn't read all the accent I
J*nat totter. When she started to]
Md where aha had left off. she cried
./ act In dtemay: "Tour aunt has be I
' qaaathsd her pet dog. Piffles, to you I
aad aaka la her will that you he kind . I
to Ma." Nina's voice pitched higher
I at each word.
"The very Idea!" Nina eielaimed
aghast "A doc! What ahall I do with
k Salon (he cooM decide upon an an
war to this question a loud rap sound
ad ai bar door, and she heard a bark i
flea tha outside. Piffles had arrived | I
Ntaa aigned for the box before she
hnew what she was doing and the ex
I praaaaan left her alone with the erat
ad dog. One look at the little fellow.
Mttag aagerlv at the slats on top.
hualibod all Nina's fears,
j "Piffles, you rogue!" she eried ss
the hastened to gst a hammer to set
Ma frag. He was the nn:t delighted I
dag to the world when given his free
doa. He danced around hl6 new mis I
trass to glee.
"T?u are the rutcat dog I ever saw," I
ha. told. picking him up a:id hugging
kt? *1 l>?i H 1.1 love Boston ter
Piffles was given Ms sunper and
Nina had her own She rat him up In
a chair lo r'er his god points. "It's
)??t Ilka tin lain tale. 'Puss in '
Boots,'" the IV. 1 i. -n. Inuihlngly. "I'm ,
fust like the iller'j son. whose Inher
Itasca waa re*.!>;ng bt.t a cat and a [
of boots to sp?re. You'll Jus' hare to 1
i fair of boot ', only I haven't cot a pair j
tukp a fortune for inc. eld Pi'les in |
[ toota .to liwc up to tii? reputation of
the original 'Pjss.' " Th- d-n wagged J
^ his stub of a tall to alio* his willing 3
You'll hare to find a rich hu band .
a lw me?that is my only hope for a
r fortune now."
NO aooner aaid, than the little dog'
run to tba door and whined to be lei; Jl
Nina could acarcely believe her eyes
h "Ho reams to ba reatU to start nut <>n
" hla rpisslnn right ana.. M >re in a
I spirit of fun than anything else, she r
opened the door and Piffies raced:
through the corridor, sniffed around '
the bottom of the stairs that led to the I u
Cat above and then bounded up. Nina ' y
whittled and whistled, but he did net t|
com down. She wax Ju.tt about to ti
lUrt up after him, when *he hettrd, i'
someone coming down. It was a man J
?the new tenant of one of the upper ii
apartments, and he was carrying Pif-,
flea. The dog was attempting to lick ' T
hla face and make himself generatly , t
"la this your dog?" the man smiled.!).
aa he placed riffles on the floor. "He ;j
seems to hare taken a fancy to me ." *
"1 Just got aim. Un'i he a dear?"
Nina said, with enthusiasm.
"He la a valuable specimen, too. Do
you take any interest In dogs?"
"Thla la the first one I ever owned, t
(I dent know mnch about them." ti
"Tou must learu the proper method
Of feeding him. These little dogs re- t
quire a apeclal diet 1 can give you h
some pointers." he offered. tl
"Wont you come in and do so'" ?
Nina invited. "It Is rather chilly in h
thla corridor. He needed no second
Invitation, and even after the "point h
era" had been given he didn't hurry j ,|
away until he had told her his name
I vraa Archie Kelland and had received j p
an Invitation to call again. T
He called often?at first to see how i j
Piffles waa getting on. hut after a few ! ?
calls he didn't need any such excuse.
Ou tha first spring day that arrived h
ha suggested a walk in the park to give 1 <>
tha dog exercise. It was a beautiful j
dcy. so they sat down on a bench to j si
talk ovar the weather and many oilier ti
beautiful things. 8a intent were they ;
upon one another, they did not not lee jthat
the dog bad wandered away.;
When they did discover it. Nina wa < tl
frantic. She knew that Piffles had. *
bsen stolen or run over. Home bir :
brute of a dog had killed him or he
vraa being tortured romewhere hv
some unfeeling foreigner. There;
wasn't n dreadful thing that could
have happened to that dog that she
dldr't think of. Archie finally got her
to listen to reason and persuaded her
that the do* bad can* home. but when I
Uiejr arrived there be ra? not to l>'
found. "I wonder IT be weat to Aunt
Matilda'*. It it three mile* out of
town/* Klae exelalnied. struck with the
thought sutfiei.iy.
"That's la?t where he has gonr ."
Airhla csiured her. "I'll cot a car and
we'll drive right out there "
Xlna wasn't ?nte of the location, but
j after ihc gave Archie r.ouia idea of it
he seemed to know where to go. "Mr
runt did not Uke my mother, that b i
"vhy I never vlalted her," she ex !
flained. (
When the ear drove op to tiir routv )
tr, home that had be! joc 1 to Autit
M Hilda, they heard a familiar cry o '
lilt front varandn.
"It's Piffles!" Nine cried, Joyfully
a. she Jumped from tb* r^r an'!
V ended tawarj tb? tact. "The!
pweet thing!"
iV > ' *
y ...
Both beroming and distinctive
htrely nothinR could be more
I'm going to have a par y. ?i.ir
lie." ?aid Donna ye terdrv, "and 1
iant you to be sure and come.'*
"Oh. Donna." I answered, "you
mow I do not feel like point; to a par
y just row.
"I don't see why, V. rple, veil do r it
et cut more? You cannot alwr.y
erp housed up here in ilii way. He
ides, 1 am only goirg to have a cMI
Iren's party."
"Hut Dicky ts too young to go to
tarties. Donna." I remon.urr' vi.
"You are no:, you queer, childi; h old
roiuan," she answered. ' M rglc,
ometimes ! think you are about 10
ears old and then again you ny
ltir.es whieh make me think you ar
0. I'm going to give a party for Hod'
"!s P.oddy back with you?" f asked
a surprise.
"Yes. he eame borne from Dr. Vint**
bcspital yesterday, lie is at
iraipht as an arrow and he is not
ross eyed any more. You won't ca.il
im usly when you see h'm. dear. Oh,
largie. I am so glad I took him in
tead of any of the gc d-lnnking chilren
over there at the Home You s ?e,
f I had not he would have grown un
'hey found the little dip 'ruddied t?p
i the door rryiup pitiinliy.
"He's homesick." Nino s3fd. with
ears in he' ayes "Piffle.-;. cjm?
ere " But Piffles didn't want to leave
he door. He looked up into their
aces and pleaded with them to !el
im in
"Oh. if only ! had the k<-v to this
ousel" Nina -aid "1 >r little fellow
oesn't know that it Is deserted.''
Archie took a rinir of keys from his
ocket and fitted one in the koy'io'e
ho lock responded and lie pushrd the
cor open. Nina looked at him in
"We'll Ret in trouble " she raid. "A
atcful nephew 01 i..tit's liu-b-nd
wns this house nor.-!"
Archie conld n< la p hack his
mile. Or.e 1 ok at his (ai - told Nina
le truth.
"You are tV repliew." he gasped.
Yon nr-> the ma -: r i f tin li r.i.
"Yes. dorr. : al I r ant y.u to r.aaie
tr d. i.i will become mistress
j C tvrt*
I ^ ?
IF-' ^
iSraS J
< ;. ?? "t; JrS| 11
4* ? < 'V 4fS S '-"
,! w f*mIs
. | f .
i11 -.
* ? ^ *
'1 % ^ tPl !
* * M
'JVV ^ 'jj
' ?ilc*j? ermine
a littt' hunt, tirrkei rr 1 * ""vcl, i?.i[
iicpp.v i hild "
| ,\ t Do'ir..> In! r >T"' ?-n o.' Reddy
, for n. n.hi 1 va nv.i li etirp.i d a'
. her u
"Tl: he* <1 ; 1' f'd t i me." r intinned
r n n, "the he h -I s'>o:i an
many ; . v. , n t!. t he wanted to
tat 1' ni i nne nun tin ' -.:e and pie;,
nilt oilir i lii'di n M'.il take til. ill 1*.1?
tli -! ] o ri." t <l t i h n 'f that Cod
w; i : ltir.y h..u f -r i <;i i: thlnp.
' " ;i 1 F .i. yen i i?i .1. deer
t.' t ! - liny In ' on ratlins me
F "deari -t." ;i - he < hi.; mother al
my.; re! drunk and b !t.m and he
1 doaaa't like the art .-.i Bother), *i jttr
ad It out v >h 1 I t iid Hlin I
1 dldr't I1 ;nk li. ; ty; IDC a lair
deal. 1 -.v.; nt't ' ' :nt? that civ anther
pot d -mk end ! -i my back, and
I di i h >? vimre I sot piy eyei
; crj. j I Ju*f tuhl H'tn, dearc
the* if 1 h?d t i stay IFto while all
1 tin : - i f the p . ihiidri Ti cot out.
I v.: ' ! Jle w-.ittlJ kiil me right array.
" 'Then, deaie. t. you r.tvo in thai
' day an I I want" I : :t to take nn more
. than any nth-r 1.: v I h id ever aerr.
I kept r.y finger* as vc'.l a; my eyes
erorrcd all the time. I t'l :ght o:irr>
1 I was a yonn- r when t'm matron put
" of It I' i? ynur san''- v 1>. X'na."
i "That is why yc aro a-1:1ns no
You do not love mo
' Oon't 1"" The way ho brought oa:
th >se worlds told l-cr a lot. "I took
' the. flat, over yours to if j could
loom to love yen, and I learned to
pit i ker than anything In my lifo be
"1 hardly know what to say," she
'Sir. ' ly yon wtl! not don* Piffles
' 'he pr vile ' of living hero. H loves
:i. o'd place. Ho ts !:i on itia favorite
, chair notr."
That wan Nina. Thev v., ; happy
three that n:>tw d hack to the city.
t'tr Plff'o*. lie I be n p r*;ta l.'i t > leave
wiih t'. v.. lie .van J to know that it
1 was net f >r long.
I "Yva (i d Rot toe my for'uae. after
I all. rid Piffi' i:i and happiness
with if. too.'* Nina whispered in the
little fellow's etr a Archie and sho
hugged him b iwaen them.
, >n,
^ I?1 1 "i-l KCT J 2
A ; od Pi ' A)
'*M ll ? MyS,Cr $ i i T
C ) ^ V
J? * y
'hat prel'y little girl in your ?nr*. I
v hUpcrdd to her. "Why didn't you tell
t~r to take ire?" and ate ae.td you
would never t^ke a crona-eyed boy?
. p.nd th: it. dPtreet. before I kn-w It. you
| lie.:; ire in your artri and I felt * >meI
thing wet cn my facq as you kiasel !
I '"
I Now l?n't tha' queer. Donna." I ex
i v.i ad i" jrr. at surprite, "that alr.i
: :i baby could :Mak at* Iiia?"
, i ;tr glad, Margie." Heme. inter-.'I
"that I hare nover let you ?ee
li m :ir I ?i : hi? on r to Or Vtrot
V i: til iiSt' ly. and It certainly
In .in<i a Jct'-w.* "itn or -.i yea
..I, t' . -e were ?otuo tiaio.i that l)r
.li t i r: t le* -.1- so, him tor
vi t> > The p n wat *o dreadful, but '
tie wee hitle i in en.I now he i? Juat
plctvJid !i le reap, and ha talka o |
jrroi.n i'P Von see, he had * wanderful
11':. ' ' i has rrown to love him
as nr: it . I do. She fl?el to hii.l
a-; - muld to ? man. a* ah* said he j
w - braver tann ir.es: tnca.''
j non.oa," I sa'd, "we hnrdlv know '
facl' o .er : fter a '. I thwehr yon j
h.id a!mo. I ?ot*e:i the boy. as yon,
i 1 iiothi :c about hirn. rr.d lief yon '
a.i a I ntr.rher love which ouid only i
>ve ni'own to if. ?ap. ty h? r install'
! teht :irrl cere of child."
Seusand of Them Wanted
at Or.ce for Work
With Amy.
; Or." thmi'ar'I wematt are wanted bv
j th V to pi over ? >>. f.> w.irK
: -:i > the Anrr.ean Expeditionary'
1number should he rent abroad '
hy S p'eaibrr 1. rccartlirj; to Dr John
I!. Molt, general scr.. ?, > , tin ha-,
returned from un extended tour
>f the war fronts'. *
I?r. Molt rep ,its that o? the 40,000
. nor!- r< vith liie 'drltlsh V M ('. A.
in Kre.n-the majority are women i
The' me; r.s an almost equal number'
of n *.i released for military rervfee.
"The wom-t we want must be wll'- ]
ipt to do the tasks assign, d to them," j
eid Mrs. T. I.oui* Flade. head of the
women's nverreas section, today. |
'T' ..? ?>MI >1.1 ?ia ti-illtiifr tn V*A?h
d: l-s r.s to h? made divisional direr'ts
-nw willing. for most of the
worn*'' who tro over for the Y. >!.
A. wil' just warh dirlier. and do thins*
of that kind. V'e want the kind of |
women who will give every effort,
j they here, just as if they w ere sol- i
diors. When they are tired out with |
j long hours of chocolate-making ard i
dish washinc. they must rest b" writ- |
iug letters bark to the parents of the j
men they serve?to keep the home- |
folk cheered."
Women ere needed In rurh num- j
her* that burcrun have been estrhllah-1
c.l in Boston and in Chicago, as well |
as in New York, for cnlisHng women j
i Y. M. C. A. vork. The Chicago of-.
fire Is now clearing 125 women a |
month for this overseas work.
Quantities of the hark of the South
i African w.itila Ircc have been impart,
ed into the I'tilted Kingdom from -Natal
it' rcc?nt years, bnf most of it prior
to the war was exported to Germany
i and Belgium. Since then wattle bar'.has
htv.-ii utiiilized to a lar rre.i>er ca
j 'cat by tanners in this count
! Nutritive
\ Hypophosphites
Nyal's Nutritive HypoPhosohi'.s
it nature's own ti*Sue
builder, flesh maker and health
restorer, feed* the wasted tie- !
i cue, heris the liing?t superior j
for rundown systems, growing [
}j children, the aged and for con. I
I . t-a!3?*?n?e. ?ra? - f Qp rnnnhs ?fl#l '
, coirs. Easy to take. get a bottle
S1 03 p:.- Pint Sottls.
Drug Store
? ??J
AN,TOM, I .SEE AWoTuec. [-T3
lofts TL> KVflK ?M FACtdffiES l"i
^ WHAT PoeS '(HAY MEAN? f m
* -fc- ? _
\.7^l^fc TjNHF'
~Mafr \\ 2 . Milady
with * sa?*l colored rear
jf>tt~ r- ni> combined xrlth n:r,hr '!:
ss.'in msK"s till 'impV cr p>T
drw one of dis'lnt ">r r.r. I a dap nb:h
ty. The only trimmin; I", a bardins
cn the of h?s1 wcrtr ttsge'tive
of the cc n .nial t .of tit? N ith
American Indian A doable ror o.'
this s..rr.> trit'iniii' I. tuj lite bias
satin raffles which i"-m thr skirt.
Co'tapc chee.e, l:ko the moat for
whirh It is sreh er.-?llert sub.ititu.o.
is best served in combination ssifJi
bread ?and by preference the bread
should l?o crusty, rrisp rolls, crisp
crackers, or erisp mart.
One popular cheese and bread c->ni
binati.jti i* the chr .-e rlub sandwich
made by toast ittft it large slice* of
bread on one *idc only. Butter, and
spread 2 of the slice* thickly with
rich cottage cheeae. not tc.i soft, t'ut
the tor.at diagonally before r.prcadin?
with the cheese. If desired plaee crisp
lettuce leave and slices of fresh tomato
and crisp bacon between the
brrad and tbepso layers. Other combinations
in such sandwiches may b^
made with slicd rold ham rnd mustard.
with chopped fruit* and mayonnaise
dress'nf. with Pilt3. olives, mmentoos
or etteumhers or with a aweflt
such as nisins. marmalade, or honey.
Served for lunch or supper with a
ereatn soup, tea or rofloe. and fntit,
the.no sandwirhe* form a complete
mea'. Brown b-ead and oatrr.eil bread,
untoasted. lend themrelves well to
eheexo sandwiches.
PTand Berries
"Some food for a
wheatless meal
I w
The Fuel Admir.-str
I The Press, and
The McCoy Coal Ct
all Warn you to fill
lest ye be COLD n<
We now have teams
When cold weather
Take advantage of
For your own comf<
ITJoaru*rir ?
TSC tibVCMKICMr 13 60iM '
7= 30CH HM AS flHOf CieOW, \
4N0 fvr "OWM IM fACTOt
*ip aaops o* war xece.
Vir.rc lot
week's rush. (!
irtr have apsir
j I
and Thereby st<
Heip Win the
! War tT!
Most Cc
Another good supper dish In cailc
by spreading slices of stale bread
thickly r iih cot'aj" cheese in which
in mixed chopped nuts and a few raisins,
d'ppilig the slice* In beaten egg
and inilk and frying in ba-on or vegetable
A cottage rhsese tart ?s a favorite.
To moke .-otto-.i 1 c-pftl's of cot
; tage chcce with 3 tcblespoonfula of
sweet milk. Whip 1-3 cupful of ri< h
I cream until stiff, and add part of the
] c:eam to the cltor-e. Add slowly 2{
traspoonfnl* of strain"'.! lemon juice,
and a liitie grated rind. Heat in 1-31
; cupful of .suear, and fold in the whites
of 2 egg;, beaten very stiff Have
ready delicately browned pastry cases
made by baking pic-crust in muffin
The Itching and Sti
of Blazi
Seems Like the Skin Is on Fire. <
There is a harrassinfj discomfort i
caused by Eczema that almost be- >
comes a torture. The itching is al- <
most unbearable, and the skin seems '
on fire with the burninp irritation, t
A cure from local applications of I
calves r.r.d ointments is impossible, I
hecaure such treatment can only al- j
'ay the pain temporarily. The disease I
ran only be reached by going deep t
down to its source. <
The source of Eczema is in the :
your bins with COAL now
?\t winter
* and Jp.bor sufkient to supply
conies it will I My be direr;
last winters ex lerioice and b;
>rt order your coa! now
l y ~ "T^S A Sf
FJfl lis
~ K ; ^ ^1^
friiHifrdliir - n _ . J . -
" *
:s From Our i
learance Sale
s Here depleted during last
he limited quantities remain*
. I A ?_ !
; r?ec:i cui in price.
It is. a? usual, our object
c'ear the s'orc cf all Sum;r
'lerchandise, before the
tl? jfoods fceifin to arrive, hj
crel'ore?a trip to thia
>re now is profitable to the
iman who wishes to re- M
a'er.i !i her wardrobe for
c balance of the seaaoit.
>nspicuous Are the
Bargains I
Coats Dresses
ists Skirt |
Millinery |
1 tins Fill the tarts with the aheeee,
mliture, rover with whipped ereaa, . j
and pnnil?h wl>h fresh fruit. If de- I
tired are the filling for 1 large pip
eras! Instead of for tart*
One pound of rottege rheeee equals
In food nd rneiKy vshie: I
h 1-3 os. clrloln strsk.
U oz. rib beef.
10 o*. fowl.
3 oz. smoked ham.
I d oi. pork.
Kit cottage choose to tart mot for
11 ?
A mantel clock and carton teak
are now combined.
ing, Fiery Eczema. 1
lood, the di-case being eaoaad by ta
infection which breaks est throack
he skin. That is whv the most taut*
Factory treatment for all soeaBat
?kin diseases is S. S. S, for *his ram*
?<!y so thoroughly cleanaaa th* Weed .
that no impurities can rsmafah Oat a
jot tic to-day at any dragster^ and
(tcu will see rcsulta from Dm right.
treatment. Write for expart madaml
advice, which yon .an f.t withant
rost, by addressing Med lad Ptucf,
it Swift laboratory, Atlanta, Ok _
c. . jh
your needs
i prepared
t ^miu

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