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,1^5,4661' xO|( tw$t tlimmmn " i 3
^ Qm) 'f t?W M W p W COnillSJr nQwwfW? ^j ]
|! , j&tadu5hedis68. ~ mz^n assoc.ATEO pkm. fairmont, west virginia, 1ue>hay evening. julyt6,191a tooav ?iw? tof?^_ price three cents |
I ' J
Drive Germans out
of Positions they !
Seised South
' Marne
Airfcm Machine Gunners
B HiaraDy Mow Down the
J Bevaian Infantry. j
rjz~~^ i
/IffIV* fVMfl 1IVH
Cross Hospital
atfouy Bombed ,
^WP*Hr4BMWIied Fr*?)
I FiUM, Jaly II. ?German ariaa
at eleven o'clock laat night
tad bombs on the American '
a . Red Croaa hospital at Jouy. Two i
enlisted men were killed and among ;
the personnel nine persons were :
iPne Jane Jeffcry. an American
Mid Ones nnrne, woe among those'
woonded though her Injuries are
not eerlons.
(ly Associated Press)
LONDON. My II.?American troops
haws reosp tared Fossoy and Cretanrv.
towns on the sooth bank taken yestierdif
b yths Germans when they crossed
the Maine.
THM MARNB. 10:46 a. m . July It ?
' (By Associated Press.) ? Word received
this morning from the battle
(kant te the east of Rhcims shows
thnt the allied defense Is not only still
hsMtag op the German attempt to artraacs.
hot appears to hare broken
the enemy spirit.
TUB MARNE. July It -(By AssodatR
sd Was.)?At one point or the front J
of the offensive where American'
n ara flphUrF tl.pv orfanl?Pf! n
f vawgpv ?v.,?? -r, ? J- J
:4H)I counter attack late yosterilar on
the flaafc of a salient established by
Stba damans and drove them out in
ilad order
Tlw American troops in this section
oceapled intermediate positions In the
rear of tbo first line. The Germans
SOI allowed to come through but
Wtal they tried to rrose the open
field at a all|ht grade the American
ecfclae gunners and infantry occupylog
exeoflent positions mowed down
the advancing ranks, the rnetnv breaking
and retirir; at many plae*s.
OS THE MARNE. 11:10 a. m. July'
It.?Report* from on* end of the hat
lie line to the other say that except
for a tew minor localities the great!
lermaa offensive so far has been a
f tomplele failure.
Additional German prisoners takon
today aay they are convinced that
(Mr ecmaivoders have been beaten.
American troops today shot down
001 Hi pigeon belongteg to the en
affff eaat of Chateau Thierry It was 1
S* uraiaff inrai i urrmwi ui ,
beadgaartera taring that the;
vu terioae. that tfce Germans
* BO ehanee of making further'
prog rent in the locality of Vang dirt ;
y -"teg.
nyfWMlaMro of the Art Metal
M CMMknetlon Company. Pltubargb.
*na at that circuit rlerk'e oficc la the
cj?rt boat* this afternoon and a "cured
mmmnmmu tot 411 additional filing
f mm. TM| mi dowM* the urgent
oanacltg. Thar trill be received here
wfthtn alety day.i
I | Did You Fail to Ce
1.1./ V'.r -y
fi/f/ 1^-LjgWw '^^u'vrjg.. V J/ "*.'?
^ ^ | ' ^
The 50-mile front between Mai
fjertnany to rapture 1'arls. Meattx i
na*al Run*. The stars show where A
nniorn timr iiinftm
IMtS litf Ijlniltn
11 tUIISlK
Trades and Labor Assembled
Discusses Higl; C /A.
of Living.
The Monongaheln Valley "i
I.abor Assembly discussed I .
orices of foodstuffs at this we. '. :, j
meeting and while the sentiment ofj
'hose present was plainly in favor of
the movement started by the civic dc ;
partment of the Fairmont Womar.'t
Club and other organisations of the
fair sex there was no official action
taken at tftls meeting . The matter I
?u tabled, not with the idea of "hill !
Ing" the proposition of endorrcmeiit
but that further investigation might
be made before the body gave the
proposition official endorsement.
J. P. West, a farmer, residing two
miles from Mannlngton. was one of
the speakers and lie made a comparison
of prices at Clarksburg. Fairmont
and Mannlngton. a! :o comparing tinprices
In the stores with those paid
tc the farmers. lie stated that faim
ers sold appHs at from ?1 to il .'.o a
bushel and that some Clarkshnrg retailers
sold them for titty cents a gel
Ion. which was $4 a htishel. Me fig
ured that the dealers make an enormous
profit on beans. Me cited peas !
an being sold t?y i:u- itimers at twenty-live
cents a gallon anil retailed at
folly cents a aidon. which he thought
might possibly lie considered a rea
.tenable profit.
Mr. West iliii not condemn the
stcre keepers b.:t he waj of the <ipini?u
that the cousumi r paid too much.
I* the farmers rottid e!l direct to con
sumer it would mean a great saving,
but he did not think that was practical.
It seems that three or four hand ;
mist handle goods between producer
and consumer. h? pointed out. In dr
fense of the merci.aiU he stated th
they claimed that they must pay ev
cesilve cents and that the conduct of
a bnslners was expensive.
Mr. West had Just come to Fair
mont from a visit to Clarksburg where
prices had interested him. The con
census of opinion was that prices were
li'gher at Fairmont than at Clarksburg j
and in fact higher at Fairmont than
a1 any other point in northern West
Viee-I'resident W. E Herring, who
presided at the meeting in the absence
of W. M Rogers, the president.
?1?? la ??t YVh? nlmtg ahurn th
?? ?* ..
board of wit hem Wen Virginia is
holding a aPeting. introduced the mat
tor of endorsing the wotmns* move
ii,eat to the oioeuii.ition.
Long Range Gun is
Bombarding Paris
P VkIS Jul* 16.?The long range
bombardBent of Parte was resumed
this morning.
ee ?
Tbia afternoon on the court house
atepi Attornev K. T. Martin, of Grafion.
trustee sold lot 9 of the Osdea or
Kiverstde addition, city, to A. Hriro
Jntltff for |416. It eras aohl by virtue
of a deed of trust eiecuted l?y James <
Albert Woody and wi'e ;o the trirtce
/ a Paper Yesterday
. 'l ^ofcsQi'S
L viS^4 ^^Wr^3Uyy^??yi
* &"" v ' *jC~' v-i. ; '-' y^-r rti
" ' #l t^l;y T^y-' '*
ujnp ;.^2;
- '?;;'??X^^|~
8*%" ??w
Wir.^.i *r~y?r"'? '>" * ; \ jA'-urf
1rr?vS**? >>:! ^ ?&?*
~jf7 ^ ' <r '
T ..
' ifot 4 K:*r. ' I ami Chateau Tlii'rry (Fi
I Fig ?. of the principal rtr.?ns!ii>!tl? of
merle*a troops are taking tlielr part i
I? Ti 1
, mag i!
United Mine Workers Orearizir.s
Also Holding:
Many Meetings.
Corporals Bowlby and Walsh arc
r. ry bury making addreraea to the'
i minora in this see; Ion. This afternoon I
| :i! 4 o'clock Corporal Hon!by will ad-!
ilteas a meeting at Viropa, going to,
Owings at 7.20 p m . where hp will 1
Corporal Walrh is scheduled for a '
Corporal aWlsh Is scheduled tor a i
merlins ut Gyp?>- at 7:20 p. m. To-!
morrow at noon the two men will ad- j
dress the Clarksburg Rctary Club at j
Clarksburg. At #!:2n p m. tomorrow i
Corporal Walsh will address a meeting
at Middleton. mr.iing back to Volirngah
where he will make another j
address at 8 o'clock.
Corporal Bowlby is scheduled for!
Glen Falls tomorrow at 3:20 p. ni.. and
| ai Hinnleklnirg at 7:10 p in. Sergeant
i itick arrived In Fairmont today and
(Continued on page four.t
The following p:-r-?s v.-ere regardinterpretation
commit--e at tl mo- I
mini trator Rosier presiding.
Neither the Federal Food Admlni
authority to fix prl-es. hut the inten
a guide and will help determine wha
dlstrihetor and consumer. If your r
tin iiit \l below, report him by letter
of M- rion county, Joseph Rosier.
BACON. Breakfast?
Fancy lb - Medium
Navy tb -
I.i ma tb
Green tb
Creamery tb.
Country tb.
Full American Cream iN Y.t tb.
Full American Cream iwr.i ro. .
Medium lUue Rose lb
Granulated, bulk -
Canteloupe*. California, crate
Watermelons lb ?
Wheat, bbl
Corn lb _ ??
Rice lb
Hurley bbl -
Medium (H-l< average) lb.
Fane jr. smell lb
Pure bulk lb
Regular package lb.
?Better Place a Ret.
*>' ?#3K
ri?;7. VVy. /TTTjSft"'"' ;^1?~ ^
j^Py i- *? ?' fo-ff'*"
?Vv'> 'J Vi
a^wsJk%A^ ,/f-r^
M? ^yA-? . o 11 \>w \
. ivfessss?^-*
Y\ \SlP' , w? /r^Z7 :so^J,
V u*M *?? t'-iisV V'-i'
t . Y--".? mil.
r. ?i ik the urone of the grrate?t battle
the allies h. f.irr I'arlK, In under bimba
n the great battle.
aws10 uses
mm evek
^ome Changes in the Program
for the Home Service
Speaker* at the Ked Croat Home'
Service conference will arrive at 10:10 j
'cmorrow morning; other engagements
making an earlier arrival Impossible.
A* the conference la scheduled
to open at 9:30, Sergeant Walsh,
ore of the Canadian soldiers here fori
the Fuel administration. will address I
the auilience during the interval be-'
fore the arrival of T. J. Kdmonda and
A telegram received by Mra. Rosier
this morning also announced the arrival
of Mi** Mac.Murry, representing
the public nursing bureau, at 4.02 p.
in. tomorrow evening, end requesting I
that Miss Mai-Murry be permitted to
make her address to the nurses and
phegirians that same evening as her
presence in Washington was impure
This will he arranged, and the
Thursday ev ning los.nlon probably j
abandoned. this aession being an ad i
dition to the regular conference res-'
r.lonr. and planned specially to empha
ize the call for nurses and doc i
d Isir nnd reasonable b;. the price
ting held yesterday, with Food Ad
strr.tor nor the local committee has
itlon is that till.'- publication will be
t is fair and reasonable to producer,
ctailer chargrs mere than the nriceu
to tne Federal Food Administrator
Retailer Pays Consumer Pa>3
.44 .85
...- c' .38 .45
? 13\-14>* 17-17
.It. .JO
4-r. 7-8 i
.35 .45
29-30 38-40
.55 ,
4 4'4\ 6
11% .16
I 8.10-1 8 31 9-9'i I
3-5 5-8
8 4 50 15 or 2 for 26
.42 .50
3 4
....311.40-112.15 Mek II 40-11.70
?4 8
... 311.50-312.50 ;?s-8
30-31 r-8-33
33-34 :;-40 !
_ 27 4-29 4 .36 I
11-114 .16
4 4 6
jular Order New Go
)F WWh
, hVSy
^irj^vWrt J> V-'.vjTT
, hr-At,
'V1.-rvx ri^-~'.7^V'. l??*i.Jff
,? *E*J "Vr^>r;^l
^4??i2a^til ;
of the war ;he supreme effort of
rdment by the German longringa
Hardly Any Difference Between
Foes on General
(Cv AHMK'lalCtl
AMSTKHDAM July 16 Damn von
Hurtaa. the Austin-Hungarian foreign
minister. in a note addressed to the
Austrian and Hungarian premiers ia
quoted in a dispatch from Vienna as
"There is hardly any difference between
the general principles enunciated
by the statesmen of both belligerent*.
President Wileon'a four new
rolnts of July 4 shall, not apart from
eeriain exaggeration*, arouse our opposition."
Continuing the Aurtro-liungarian
foreign niiuis'er said:
"The enemy obstiuancy recording j
historical demands concerning Alsace
Imrraine. Tries!. Trent ico and the
liettnan colonies appears to be insurmountable."
In his reference to President Wilson's
four new points in his July 4
pueth li.mui Hunan said he was
able to approve of them h*'ai:ily and!
'.hat to a great extent 'nobody would i
refuse homage to ihit genius and no-:
l-ody would refit e his c.irraboration."
licron Bur'an said none of the beh
! gersnt slates need ever come into
:e position reached by Russia, and
Rumania as "we ever ar?- ready to en- j
ter into peace negotiationa with all:
our opponents."
Continuing the Foreign Minister of
Austro-Hungary said: "If our enemies
continuously demand atonement forj
wrong done and restitution, then this
ia a claim which we could urge with
no justification against them because
we have been attacked and the wrong
done to us mutt be redressed "
Farmington to Have
Old Fashioned Social
The Farmington Red Cross auxtl
inry will hold an "Old Fashioned So-,
rial" on Thursday evening of thi*
week at which time a free will offering
will be taken which will be devot
ed to the Comfort Kit fnnd of the Red
Crnes. Elaborate plans are In the
making for the event which promises
to be Interesting and to be largely attended.
Attorney Carl E. Frame and
Mrs. J. A. Meredith, of this city, will
be present and give brief addresses.
The general public Is Invited to attend
the entertairment. Refreshment booths
will be maintained during the evening.
3W.000.00 OSheets of Letter Paper.
Ir. the first mne months of the United
States' entrance into the war the
army T. M. C. A. gave away HO.000,000
sheets of wfltlng paper to enlisted
men and officers.
<vt. Ruling Prevents
Ml 1HT
A : 1 W
American ana rrer
Attacking Ma*
Taking Man)
the Mar
Advuvs Received at London
?( hange in the Situ.
Thrown Six Bi idg<
" *" (Ity Associated Press)
PARIS. July 16 ? The battle con
tinues violently. especially south of
the Marne and in the region of t'hapilon.
Except for ane sector south
of the Marne there is no change in the
American and French troop* are
counter attacking magnificently and
are taking many prisoner* according
to the statement issued by the Wat
office today.
South of the Marne the German*
hare uot been able to advance theii
lines beyond St. Agnan. I .a t'hapelle,
Monthodon, I.isierea and south of the
Forest of Rouqigny. The French in
this region have taken a thousand
On the front east of Rheiroa in spite
of terrific fighting during the past
day and night the enemy has not been
able to penetrate the French sone ot
The German loss In prisoners during
the first day of the batttle was extremely
LONDON. July 16.?Advices received
in Ixinaou up to noon today said that
little change in the situation hail been
"rented by the German offensive. The
attacks which continued throughout
WAafAe.-lt.ts swawa . .tn.lool.ul k? t lio
/*-??*-! ua j ?nr < uiimiii ?? ??iw:
forces of Gen. Ton liclow and Gen
von Ilohm, who are directing the oper
at ions of the two armies on the left
City Health Officer Heard
of Eleven New Cases
Last Week.
Eleven cases of typhoid fever were
reported to City Health Physician H.
L. Crlsa tut week, making a total of
about forty-five cases reported within
the last four weeks.
City Health Physician Cris* who
has been experiencing some little trouble
in getting the local physicians to
report their typhoid fever cases
promptly, statted this morning that he
lielieved every case of typhoid fever
now existing within the city limits had
been reported to him. Some of the
cases reported last week had been
contracted more than three week* ago.
One new case of trphold fever has
been reported thla week, thin being
\ Irginla Dare Lilly, aged tlx veara. of
813 Ogden avenue
H \V Cava, of the extension depart
ment. Wert Virginia rnlreraity. Mor
gantown, arrived In Fairmont thla afternoon
en route to Huntington. He
conferred with Kits Blanche E. Price,
farm home demonstration agent, in re
gard to butter making. There are a
number of girls In the butter club work
in this county.
290 V. M. C. A. HUTS 0E8TR0YE0.
It is estimated that at least one
fourth of neariy 1,000 Y M. C. A. huts
erected for French and American
troops have bpen destroyed In the re
cent German offensive.
More Than Needed
?? ???
illlfllSl 1
i nn j
ich Troops Counter
rnificently and
r Prisoners on
ne Front {M
. fl
Say That There Has Bees
Ktion?Germans Have
s Across the Marne.
win* of the German Crows Pi ISO's
grour. *
Great nnmbora of OerUMS OMfOOS
are hanging on tho tangle of bathed
wire in front of the French pooMosA I
nuit are all the report! atste that IM
losses of the Germane isaet hove bees
xcee?li:i*ljr heavy.
The main attack to the aset of .
Kheim i continued up to 7 o'clock laid '
nlrht. The fighting waa uitrMSOp
\ere in the vicinity of lossMj| I
\ fruaan where tbbtNMlr
a wood aoutb of the Mlljh>
howerer, waa an escaptlML
man attack alaewhera kelBf SMH
with heavy loaaea.
The French llnea of roeletSSQi tel
muineil practically Intact evoryWhMSi''. I
LONDON. July M.?The OeriNSiS
il.ia morning continued their attsgfr.^
.ipainst the French line is psHiMpK
nt their offenalre. according
mat ion that has reached hats.
, The information received ladlestee I
1 that the offenaive remains held SgkH
! The atttark up to this manMlK hBH
K<>on .?fl. svArvwIlSM I..?
heavy louse*.
We*t of Hhelm* the eneny ittaeM J
In very considerable strength It W<B
place* by waj* of the MlIM legonjfjj
and in the country aouth of OonMNM
; In thin neighborhood they hHM9|
In throwing *lx bridges MTOM thSj
Marne between Reullly and OMMbD
but at no point on thle tt-mhe MglH
[ ha* the enemy penetrated ante thflfl
Tour mile* into the French poefttstT^
CountyBoardto 19
Classyfying Men fl
Today the ronnty draft board
in i'ni at Mannington daasfytng
the new registrants who ragMand 1K?
Mannington on June 5, Inst AfrMg>j|
rent* are being made by thecsmd
draft hoard to call he Class 1 aghl
for physical examination aoOMtttMM
thin week It is the coaly bsSftfwjS
, |dan to send out the notice of dnH
| flication and the call for pkyatest dnS
' amlnatlon at the same tine.
t'huirman Bowers of the C0nMjn|
draft hoard haa naked The Wdrt^HB
ginian to announce that the MfMl
board a* well aa the locA heard In
the city of Fairmont has Wihrf fldH
two call* for skilled wottam^^H
Jnnel 8 and June W rttpetta
Sklled workmen nay rohntnag I
making application at the aAfcn
the county draft board hi MaanthMi^H
? ?*
The Karkor Medical SooMy^^^H
, not meet on Tbaraday
cause of the com inanity MfH
Laborers Wanted, ,
in Shipping DepiHMifl
i AddIv. Oweas MM
from BeingPrMt^M

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